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"david ellensburg" Discussed on How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made?

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"david ellensburg" Discussed on How Did This Get Made?

"The story was by adam dilip pena and david ellensburg and yet the g show and the man show that other crew some of their credit six story behind this movie is i will say there's something about it that's kind of original which is it's not just mean girl right it's not the idea as a basic premise is that in high school year divided into these groups and so nobody can ever fully be themselves because what it is to be themselves is to be more than one thing which heist the high school hierarchy in structure does not allow because they're running this high school at a prison which is set up by jon voight announced hilarious effect that those jon voight kept a low in my mind when he was voting at the end his iit yeah he's off jon voight by the way in a big fake news yes any irs and you yes nose and years fake he it was interesting because watching this movie in the beginning when you see the names pop up a mic this is a movie came out in two thousand and seven i'm like you should recognize incidents have yeah she's like recognize a name or something and the all the first and only name really i recognize was jon voight and then later condemn harrison who was on different world but that's even a deep paul but i mean i didn't recognize an and still don't recognize the they didn't i dunno i didn't this is like a movie.

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