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"david domfront britain" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Hundred thousand uk customers stranded abroad want more details from david domfront britain civil aviation authorities said that monarch airlines had been placed into immediate administration the largest uk based airline ever to face such a demonized the government says it will help to secure a fleet of thirty aircraft flying q dozens of mediterranean resorts to bring an estimated one hundred thousand stranded passengers home three hundred thousand future bookings have also been canceled the collapse of monnet come shortly after europe's biggest airline ryanair was forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to a shortage of pilots world news from the bbc a new financial service in japan has concluded that confidence among the country's manufacturers has jumped to its highest level in a decade the bank of japan's quartely survey of more than ten thousand companies showed up to me is the man business conditions were improving on the back of strong exports the report port come three weeks before the japanese general elections the president of cameroon paul biya has said he condemns violence and all sides after police shot dead at least eight people during protests by englishspeaking secessionists the unrest came on the fifty six dan the verse three of the incorporation of the anger glen phone region into cameroon james kopp no reports activists had called for the release of prisoners who had been arrested in a series of protests over the last year the mayor of komo told the bbc the protest as raise the flag of a secessionist movement in symbolic places in colombo including at the king's palace what started as a movement for greater ride it's has turned into a mole fullthroated demand for independence something the cameroonian government will not accept police in canada's say the man they have arrested on suspicion of starting a police officer and injuring four pedestrians and edmond to now berretta was known to them for believing in extremist ideology they say this on spanked a somali refugee who was most likely working alone the man drove a car at a police officer and then attacked him with a knife later a van hit four people a sikh politician jagmeet singh has been elected leader.

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