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"david di amato" Discussed on The Film Vault

"These are things that happened in when we get to see them in todd salons lit up world because he lights is sets like it's a sitcom to which kind of makes it even more awkward but I also autozone. I think he might have been called hoping this joy close very close. Yeah that's where my brain makes a confusion but the very end scene. I believe it's the last thing we see is the dog slurping the semen. It was just too much for me like I didn't need that the movie so well crafted with the uncomfortable and awkward construct. I didn't need a dog licking semen. I it just dumped it way to fuck down right there at the end and I know morphine number one for me. I kind of gave in <hes> there is there are crimes happen here but no one's being killed like <hes> in some of my <hes> former picks but as far as deviant behavior there's there's no getting around Frank Booze now and the number one. He could have been a on on many lists but I put them number one here because I think he's a lot of things but frank booth from blue velvet is well. I'll just let him talk. Here's him having having his way with his with his lady friend being the nitrous Isabella Rossellini and since they're on the chair. Dan Wants to look at me mm-hmm but she likes to so she's also she's implicated as this goes on this quite a bit of this. He's he's the deviant but she's yeah I thought number on the ships Greg and he wants to be called. Maybe it's almost like he wants to go back in you know he wants to be more. I think he wants to get out of this world and back up inside the hoste fandango movie clip Frank Booth <hes> he's just one of those characters as he can be on so many different lists that we've done. I if I better <hes> better organized I tell you I removed ah every every list that he's been on. He's been on a few. I'll bet but yeah so that's my number. One breakfast kind of was indulgent there but I'm sure it's tough five speaking of wish we hear those five all right yeah so thanks so once again to Chad Yuki. I think we're going on close to fifteen weeks now. He's been helping us out here. Don't like US number five for the listeners is Dennis Hopper as Frank bolting frame both Blue Blue Velvet. I don't not familiar without the catch up. David Dad D. Mato temperature this be on your list David Di Amato as himself in tickled. is He really into that. He's doing this people now. He's in okay. He's in no no get into a documentary. Listen number three Peter Greene said and Stephen Hibbert as the IRS Stephon Stephan and pulp fiction twain whittaker or as Maynard really needs to be up there is he's involved in the kidnapping and raping. We don't do this often but a bit of a Lifetime Achievement Award here for James spader multiple movies China Mr Gray and Secretary Graham in sex lies and videotape shape altron altron James Ballard and crash as well as multiple lifetime achievement <hes> votes number one is this is a good one going Chris Bauer as machine in eight millimeter machine. That's right machine in eight. Millimeter is a sexual deviant. He is the <hes> The gamp essentially the realize the fleshed out the game set free in the wild listen to also Rans Johnsboro big lebowski buffalo bills limbs the hillbillies and deliverance all good choices the doctor and the evil government dude in Serbian film and <hes> Toronto and groupers which is just unfair. I don't think the people that awesome to that yeah seeing the film yet to make disparaging a vote cast that disparaging vote also runs for Uber Buck from Kill Bill..

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