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"david ogden" Discussed on BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast

"God just make rose courts like ten times more sasser and not needing a man and then you get that but also like i don't know if i could ever have a conversation with her because road squirts. Did some really fucked up shit. Yes she did. Is she really fucked up chip. Not susan egan's fault though but we also have David ogden stiers who plays he plays the old man thing. What's the old manson called the little spider nude who were spider to. I don't know his name. His name is not the rats spirit aka best character He come on. Where's his flipping name. It was right here. it was right here The commodity he plays they're go. You played commodity. He was best known and being in mash from nineteen. Seventy seven and nine hundred eighty three All of you probably know him. Better as cogs worth aka the narrator impeding the bee's nineteen ninety-one he also was governor ratcliffe in nineteen ninety five oklahoma's and he is jumba. Juki bah in lee low and stitch a might favorite mad scientists in the disney universe. I wanna to be jubba. I wanted to be just as bad as a kid. I just wanted to go around and laugh and make monsters. That's fun but yeah so. He plays commodity. We also have lauren. holly Who plays the character of mother She is best known for being dumb. And dumber might any four. Picket fence isn't from nine. Hundred ninety two to nineteen ninety. Six dragon the bruce lee story and mentioned ninety three and the. I'm sure this holds up so well as well. The mel gibson. Helen hunt vehicle. What women want from two thousand people like mel gibson was also in pocahontas with david ogden. Stiers was john. Yeah i was really. Yeah i cannot believe it..

susan egan sasser David ogden stiers governor ratcliffe jumba manson oklahoma disney lauren holly mel gibson bruce lee Helen hunt Stiers pocahontas john
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Everything You Never Needed to Know About Movies, Music & Theater

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"david ogden" Discussed on Everything You Never Needed to Know About Movies, Music & Theater

"Choose one who was saying. You know what we used to do this. We used to do that. And some that are that sounds harvest says it was how on earth i loved it. Oh yes that's very wicker's that is is a brilliant brilliant actress wonderful david ogden stiers is the archdeacon who is pretty much in every district movie this up to the commodity after watching the mainly in preparation for this. I'm like why are not realize that he's this. Not voice bounce one business with he's in everything and it just a wonderful wonderful Voice acting the animation. We should talk about that. Because i always figured sometimes we'll be talking about animated movies. It's not just the actors. The writers composers the animation of this movie is amazing. I think it's one of the not want it. Let's one of the first times. Maybe not the first step of one of the first times they use computers to digital copy characters in the crowd because they had so many crowd things now nowadays. You can see it because you see one character just waving his arms the same way constantly. It's a little bit more noticeable major. Because i see those kinds of things but at the time it was revolutionary to have that big a crowd watching as you know the topsy-turvy singing or quasi modal flying saving esmerelda and then flying back onto the cathedral in. And what have you but the images the hall from a so so so beautiful there. Absolutely amazing What are your thoughts on the animation in the style of the animation in this particular movie. I mean it is. I don't know if i can get justice with words i'm not. I'm not a visual artist. Really even though. I can't appreciate visual art Considering how big the real life cathedral is and how they went to attention to detail to capture on screen and then quasimodo is climbing. He's kind of rolled called him an acrobat..

david ogden stiers
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"david ogden" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

"Going. How many live shows did you end up doing with with that band? You personally, we did an English tour. Yeah. And which was extremely strenuous acceptable was really really good. We Dade one-two-three both that's eight from England all the way up to Scotland. And then well, we didn't touch. It was an accident accident ban. I mean, it was so hard. Yeah. And yeah. Eight eight shows. We got replaced because basically I Ozzy Shiming was taking over the the ban because David Ogden couldn't run us. He found me about too strong to knowledgeable. We've been in the business then right in the twenty twenty year. Right. So when you everything was going on, and what was good what was bad. So we we weren't to rolled over. Here's your contract the size of the buddy bible in getting his bottle that sake. I said, no, I don't wanna come on signing that. So let it crap. Yeah. And in the end Charon came over and started cannot this and she was sweet hottest always really really doubly. And she just got together. And she said, right. This is going to go to America. I was happy. Jeff today. And as he said. She said you have to do two shows nine this hot with and I'll g looked to their anyway, any wet food to one side. In the ball away from the bind. Due to shows the account to account to shows you what were they doing like a matinee and a late two shows back toback literally from seven thirty to nine and then for nine hundred my gosh. Wow. I done it. I've done a few times your age. To get the popularity keep going and. Didn't worry me so much couldn't do voice. He wouldn't take it. So you to say going to Sharon Sharon, do it. So said okay used 'em by me all of that state. Spokesman I went Shannon's at set. Sharon. I'm sorry live. There's no way he's gonna do you won't do it. And that's we know pointing that's doing two shows if we come across someone show, what's the point of being. At you say. When I say shit, you come the shovel. I take that way. When be shown, and that's what we end up being prince document. So he dispatched you to tell and then. And then then everything about it. Bless him. We got our own back. We were walking we were doing walls just to get from the studio, and it was driving his man, and we walk in the fields, and bow Renton a son which would sues nuclear will on our new rule. Wait now an. Well. Any panic, and he just coming up to what what will what will what will what's? I don't affront. And you we it may not be true. He was so scared you vote enough trying to flight to anywhere because he thought there was a nuclear wait. Hit. We sent him out rotten so many. Listen, I only keep a couple more minutes. But I wanted to I would be remiss if I didn't talk about all the years in Alabama you made with your eye heap. Aban that in in the US never quite got. I think as far as you got in in England. They certainly had your fans and your chores bigger in America than England really actually see mega in America. We really we had kissed support us foreign support. It's impossible to really year you talking ninety seventy two seventy three see I was too young to have known then. So I wouldn't have I wouldn't have that was we had that hurt so early seventies doing arenas in the US. We started the two supporting people within six months, don't earn arenas. And we were doing ten fifteen thousand everywhere you went. At every unit. How big it was with radio shows. Yeah. Are you.

Ozzy Shiming Shannon Sharon Sharon England America Jeff US Dade Scotland David Ogden Alabama Renton twenty twenty year six months
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Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

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"david ogden" Discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

"Oh my God. Jerry Van Dyke started as a stand up comic bit parts in films, and my mother that car mother the car was turning point because he turned down the part of Gilligan in Gilligan's island to do. My mother the car not taking that was much more respectable show. Mother dies and becomes a car ship. He comes. She becomes a porter. Yes. Yes. A nineteen twenty eight. Remember, the saw, of course, he was he was the sleepwalking brother on the Dick Van Dyke show. Stacey he was Dick Van Dyke brother and coach he was coach was was a big career comeback. Right. And in some way, turn that roll down. And then he missed remembering them. That's interesting heard that he and great t Nelson didn't get along. Really? Yes. Unfortunate trusting I prefer that to the Jerry marinade. Chrissy, Nelson would be a good guest. Craig t Nelson is a good idea. Yeah. Gino's him from the incredible 's alternate try that. Yeah. He also crazy Nelson. Had he was in that comedy group that that law thing with John s Asha matter. Barry Levinson, you work with Barry Levinson, matter of fact, I worked with old three of them. You did. Yeah. Host of Manhattan failed pilot the head writer was Rudy DeLuca. Right. And doing a guest appearance was Craig t Nelson and it was being directed by Dr Levinson. Yeah. Needs to be a cable channel of just these pilots that were never picked up. Oh, all the time. We're going to do we're going to do a future mini episode forgotten about loss while the round a TV special the show clips, but there should be a channel and just show these law. They used to do a thing LA in Largo. They used to do this thing. Oh, what was the name of that? Cabaret Beth Lopez Kabri, and they used to they used to bring people on they bring Robert smuggle on talk about look. Well, right. Which was that Adam west pilot, and they would show them the one with Stiller the one that Stiller Jack black did. Yeah vision. And Jack never see that thing. I have Jerry Van Dyke after my mother the car, and then he failed in a second sitcom called accidental family, which nobody remembers. I mean, this guy grant grinded out a living and show business. Yeah. Lay boy clubs. He did. He went back to stand up did Vegas. He did game shows and coach was a resurgence for him. I love this quote. He said listen, God knows I tried to make it earlier in life. But with all due respect to myself nothing. I was in was any good. At least you knew I love that David Ogden stiers from mesh major wind. We had Alan here. A couple of weeks ago nine Broadway shows. A lot of movies. I mean, people know him really from Winchester, but he was in the XFL tourist doc Hollywood. And and used them a lot and my connection with him was a horrible Rudny Dangerfield. But we both as Wally sparks yet. Oh my God. Yep. Oh my God. He did a lot of voice overs. He did a lot of PBS stuff and Ken burns stuff. Right. He played Martian manhunter and a bad Justice league series. Speaking of Blas pilots and law series. He didn't drive he wrote a scooter all around, Los Angeles. He didn't he never drivers. And our friend Ken LeVine who were who was show runner at mash described him as a wonderful, gentle soul you work with him. No. I never had a new senior them. How about Bill Daley for my dream of Jeannie and the Bob Newhart show..

Jerry Van Dyke Craig t Nelson Rudny Dangerfield Dick Van Dyke Barry Levinson Stiller Jack black Alan Gilligan Bill Daley Gino Beth Lopez Kabri Stacey David Ogden Ken LeVine mash Ken burns Blas Rudy DeLuca Los Angeles Wally sparks
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"Court. Sam LeVine is voting rights reporter at huffpost. Sam thanks so much. Thank you. Pacific Gas and electric the northern California. Power company known as PG, and he is preparing to file for chapter eleven bankruptcy. That announcement came Monday after two years of deadly wildfires that have killed dozens and burn thousands of homes to the ground. And it's the latest in a troubled history for the company which stretches back decades. Joining me now is Judy Lynn economy reporter at Cal matters, a nonprofit news organization that focuses on state, politics and policy. Judy nice to have you on the takeaway here. So like, we said PG, and he has a long history of bad behavior. If you will what are they in trouble for right now? Yeah, they've had back to back years of deadly devastating wildfires right now, there's cost estimates that the liability could top thirty billion dollars California's unusual in that it holds utilities liable. Even if his just negligent in not clearing up brush. Around its equipment. So that's essentially, the mounting, debt and liability. That's stacked up against PGN. And I'm wondering what would a chapter eleven bankruptcy. Look like for PG any at this point. It would be going to court seeking protection from all of these debts, including victims of wildfires trying to get money for their claims against PG any and it would trigger a months-long if not a year of negotiations and arbitration by a judge to figure out how much everyone could be paid likely pennies on the dollar Judy. This is not the first time that PG has filed for bankruptcy, right? Yes. Yes. In two thousand one during a market price manipulation you'll remember Enron having role. PG he filed for bankruptcy protection. Because it couldn't pay the rate that was being charged and couldn't charge its customers as much. So it had a rough. Roughly twelve billion dollars in debt, then and so strategically made the decision to file for chapter eleven as a result. It took years to pay off that debt and customers throughout northern California in the central valley ended up paying between thirteen hundred to seventeen hundred dollars more in addition to their rates already just to pay off that debt. So it's a costly decision. Where consumers the hardest hit by that. California's consumers in terms of who ends up paying. Yes, they they pay higher rates and shareholders, and you know, not getting dividends. And obviously the stock prices drop bondholders and banks creditors. They would have to take a hit to wondering what given everything we've just talked about what the public sentiment is about the company, and I'm gonna play a call for you from one of our listeners. This is David Ogden from walnut creek, California decades ago. PG was a blue ribbon company-wide. Wli respected by customers. Corporate greed, apparently resulted in cutting critical maintenance operations leaving the scores of deaths from natural gas explosions and wildfires in which PG news been implicated or workers are neighbors and friends. It's the leadership that has to go is David comment. Reflective of what you're hearing from folks in California right now, consumers in particular pretty much. There is a lot of anger directed at PG any leadership you'll note that the CEO geisha Williams stepped off just right before the bankruptcy announcement came out. She of course, left with a severance package of two point three million dollars. So that doesn't help the public image. And there were also reports there that the company PG also had a toxic corporate culture. Can you talk to us a little bit about that? Because I'm wondering this company just doesn't seem to be getting it right publicly or internally. Yeah. I mean, they've been found negligent, and basically criminally liable in a gas line explosion out in San Bruno a few years back. And then even after that their record respondents is that came to light that indicated they were not fixing the problems they were supposed to fix. So again, this speaks to the fact that lawmakers state leaders here in Sacramento believed, they're not they haven't been a trusted partner. Judy Lynn is an economy reporter at Cal matters.

PG California Judy Lynn reporter Sam LeVine David Ogden Pacific Gas Enron partner San Bruno geisha Williams Sacramento Cal CEO
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The Eddie Trunk Podcast

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"david ogden" Discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast

"And I went. Up to housing staff it in the Midland's. And he had these two other guys this drummer and gets our us then and we had a play together though, annoy school is a decent players. But I went out to the kitchen with these house. And I said, we'll if you wanna get serious about this to be honest with you, then I is they play on. I said I don't think they will cost though, he said gonna minute he walked away. Anyway, he's lighting pack up fellas and go it's not working out. And that was the end of them. You know, all you know, I agreed that we got on well together, and that we could work together. And and make something of and that's when he told me said, look, I met this other guitars LA, you know, couple a months back. He said, he's name's Randy Rhoads and these guitar teacher. Well, you know, we we sort of searched around in England and. Approached various guitarists about, you know, maybe joining me and Ozzy to film a ban. But nobody seemed that interesting. So it was kind of as a last resort. Also, you know, I went to David Ogden. It was done some and and running the day-to-day stuff jet records for Z. And we said today it out and can we fly? This this young that are these saying in LA of flame over him. David and didn't really wanna do it. And I wanted to keep the band is in English based band, but you know, David Auden's were David Auden's woods. Against my better judgment. I flew this young unknown kids over to London. And and that's when I met Randy in the office with with all the and the three of us went up back to our house on a China. And when we got to these place, we had a play together ause he had a friend that just sort of keeping beat on a drum kit. I called Spencer just so that we could have knocked together. And and and Randy was staying in a hotel in London. So the next day, which we stated are these that not in the next day. We went back to London together because I lived in under Randy was staying in a hotel in London. And as we were standing on the station in Stafford waiting for the China. It was just main Randy. And I had this thing come into my head this this sort of failing or a voice or a message or whatever said one day people. Will repeatedly ask you. What was it like to play with Randy Rhoads, and that was sort of a premonition that I had and as it developed it, you know, I began to understand why that message come into my head because he was such a great player, and he was he was breaking new ground and blowing the doors awfully world of guitar playing. You know, so you know, that had been Eddie van Halen, but you say van Halen as aband- when more commercial they will do more radio friendly sort of pop Popper stuff about with us. Randy had a different influence in a different environment to be and to really develop his playing into more of a, you know, heavy heavy rock guitar player 'cause he would come from Sabbath. I'd just come from rainbow because like come from right hape. So that was a good environment for Randy to develop for that version of music because he comes from quiet riot. And they were sort of. Glam rock to even the Randy was a great player at it. Didn't quite take off because it was just the wrong environment for him. I'm curious last thing, do you. Remember who the two people were that were there before riding? No, No, I I know. know it it could have been two guys that you see Ozzy left black Sabbath in I think nineteen seventy eight the year before and and he had a band that was going to be cold the blizzard of os. And he had a couple of guys in that band. It could've been those too. But I don't know..

Randy Rhoads David Ogden Ozzy London LA China Eddie van Halen England Midland David Auden David Stafford Spencer one day
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ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"david ogden" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"With this was victory for him. And for ourselves teammates. Salaam, displeasant situation right now. This question is for Dwayne first of all congratulations on the win. When you were walking back to the tunnel. There were a lot of fans saying one more year one more year. What does that mean? So you just to hear those type of comments, and what does that signify for your career? Well, nationalism. And I love that was eight nine ten years old. And so on. To receive that ovation from them to know how much they value me as a player, and to know that how much work I put in be in the spot. Go to school here. I'm really blessed for the guys that are right for treating me, and I really can national more. Whether or not Dwayne Haskins is their next season urban Meyer won't be and when the dust settles in history looks back on urban Meyer. What will be said he SPN analyst David Pollock is one of the best coaches of all time are reminders that was a guy that's had complete tunnel vision. He's a guy that's been one of the best motivators were the best psychologist. I've ever been around. Just an innovator of football. You talk about some of the stuff he was doing with Tim tebow. When he came into the SEC that wasn't vogue, and you can't run your quarterback. And you can't do that cute stuff that you can do in other conferences, come in. And have a lot of success. So one of the winningest coaches of all time, one of the best coaches of all time one of the best motivators of all time. What are the best big game coaches of all time? And I think everybody's also gotta remember the end at Florida and the ended Ohio State, and that's part of your legacy. But there's no denying on the field what he's been able to accomplish. And it's been really special David Ogden field. What does it tell you that he continuously said this week as we see his exit now? And if I didn't have somebody like Ryan day, you bet your bottom dollar. I'd be back in Columbus. Well, I I compare this situation very favorably to Bob stoops a couple of years ago with Lincoln Riley. I think he knows what he has in Ryan day. Ryan had an opportunity a year ago to go take another college opportunity to go be an to coordinator with the Tennessee titans. He had those opportunities. He knows what listen urban Meyer is not lying when he talks about Ohio State, and what this program means to him. And what is meant to him over the years? I think he wanted to lead this program in great shape by picking Ryan day as the successor and understanding what he's gonna do. He leaves the program in great hands. And he knows this program is going to be very successful that he talks about a lot that he loves a lot that grew up idolizing and wanting to be on this stage coaching that team. So I think that he'd left it as good as he wanted. He wanted to leave it better than he found it. And I think he's doing that. No question. David Furner kid from ashville Ohio for your last game to be a Rose Bowl win. That's gonna meet something being from the midwest here in Georgia. Boy. So let's bet a coke on this. He says he's not coming back Damon. But in your opinion, given watching this for a long time. Do you truly believe? He has coached his final game at any level of the sport. I think he believes he's coached his last game. I think he understands that his health is a priority. Urban Meyer has always been a tunnel.

Ryan day Urban Meyer Meyer Dwayne Haskins Tim tebow David Ogden field Ohio State Damon Bob stoops David Furner David Pollock Columbus Lincoln Riley football analyst Tennessee titans Ohio SEC Georgia
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600 WREC

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"Love atop believing. Happy new year. Andrew Levin Clark. She knew sitting in for Mr. Ferguson. We'll be back tomorrow. Talking about anger. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm angry. My wife's angry and folks angry. I am angry at these Democrats. Yeah. That's what I call them. They're about to be in power on the third though. We'll have control of the house and given the way a system works. They're going to have to negotiate with Trump and the Senate and no one group runs everything. But I was reading, ladies and gentlemen in trying to understand how this works. I don't know. How many of you know, what the Pew Research Center is they do polls every year. And they did a poll six months ago, which says many of us are angry were here. I could've told him Ned. Let me go to the phone and talk with Aaron Aaron welcome to the Ferguson program. Although Andrew, how are you? I'm doing good. What's what's on your mind? Well, I take an issue to what you said about Mike Pence being guy. Yeah. You know, he was one of the ones dip received one of those mysterious. Envelope funeral also. What what funeral g George H W Bush is general, okay? He received an envelope. In this first, I'm hearing of it. He received. Envelope. But you haven't seen the thing about the mysterious little envelopes. No by the pamphlets. No. But I'll check it out. Check it out and he received one also Hillary Clinton ROY lead backup us you. Tell you telling me that pinch. Received an envelope from Hillary. No, no, no. It was in the pamphlet. You'll have to watch the whole video. I will I will. But anyway, supposedly, he turned a blind eye just some things if we're going on he was governor. Involving pedophilia and stuff like that. According to where are you getting this from I got this from from q? Yes. From Pugh Q the letter. Okay. Okay. I know about Cuba. But how do we know? This is true. I say that's what I just said that supposedly he hit turned a blind eye. Why he received an envelope because supposedly they were indictments. But I don't believe they were indict much because they weren't in a legal size envelope. Like an indictment. Would-be can also an indictment has to be. By process, sir. Yes, sir. Does beat something that somebody six and a athlete, and they opened it up there. It is. That's that's gotta be legally served. So you're right about that. Exactly. So I don't believe it was an indictment that he received, and I don't believe Hillary now, they're meter, but a lot of shock looks on their face it. What was on the envelope? And it was only the Democrats and Mike Pence it received one and Jimmy Carter didn't get one. The obamas. Got one Clinton's got one Biden got one. Trump Al Gore got one and. Got one. And was real peculiar the looks on their faces, including George H W Bush and Laura got one well, everything that I know about Mike Pence in the research at did. Into his background has shown him to be a very creditable. Man. I got friends that live in Indiana. They have told me and that liberals, but they have told me the man practically walks on water. And they said he was a very good governor. And I was proud of him as vice president. So I don't know. But but I will check it out. It's really interesting. Yeah. But but I think what I do know about pants verifiable. Is he loves his wife? He's a good Christian. I have never known him to be dishonest. At least nothing that. I can find publicly. Do you think he'd be a good president? I question that he does have some liberal leaning. What liberal leanings pins have? Well, he's he's he's more calm place it toward them. Like you're much. He's not stand up fight against God. That Trump is. That's what I don't believe about it. I don't know. What I do know about Pence Pence will fight, but he's gonna do it behind the scenes got you. He's not been is not the type you're not gonna come out. Elite. When mort Walker the cartoonist. He passed a couple of months ago. He ru he wrote Andro. Well, drew. Beato bail any also did. Hi and Lois. They had a bunch of kids. We lost Dennis Edwards. Former singer. Well, he was in sort of an assistant lead singer with the temptations Dennis Edwards. We lost a dad in coach. Remember, the dad and coach John Mahoney. We last victim we launched a great, man. Billy Graham, a great woman and Fabri. And you probably would if you Sonanat February. She was one of those character actors lot of westerns, you know, her when you saw her bridge e Kathy. Black guy. He was a character. Actor in a lotta shows he passed I've got too many to go through all of them. And I gave you Billy Graham. And David Ogden steers. He played major Charles Emerson Winchester in mash. He was seventy five. Problem with his bladder. And that of cancer. Just a lot of these folks. So we need to pray for them and pray for you, and me, I should have plans you're sitting in Mr. Ferguson, he'll be back with you tomorrow. I'm wondering, courage you. Join us every Saturday from noon to two. We didn't have shows in December because we had a lot of football and.

Mike Pence George H W Bush Hillary Clinton Billy Graham Trump Andrew Levin Clark Mr. Ferguson Dennis Edwards Pew Research Center David Ogden Al Gore Indiana Aaron Aaron mort Walker Cuba Jimmy Carter Charles Emerson Winchester Ned John Mahoney
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"Lewis Gilbert, directed Alfie and Bernardo Bertolucci who directed last Tango. In paris. Stephen Bochco created the TV cop show. Classic hillstreet blues. Charlotte Rae was much loved as EDNA Garrett on both different strokes and the facts of life. I think it's time to call a professional Plummer. Before. I remember how much they charge an hour. Jerry Van Dyke from coach. Comes out of this chat ever. He says. David Ogden stiers major Winchester from mash, you'll can talk to me with thrice daily swill. But you break the spirit of a wing, Chester, Harry Anderson from night court mind now, oh, come on get real guys. Star Trek is a TV show for crime any sakes, John Mahoney. Frazier's dad, I think you can do anything you put your mind to Frazier. You always have Ken berry from Mayberry r f d and f troop just a little higher. Duffy. We wanna make sure those horns amount of pass level. Bill daily comic sidekick on I dream of Jeannie and the Bob Newhart show. Rob. Got back. Okay. We envied the over the top wealth put on display by Robin Leach, lavish lifestyle, would you lead? If you were the richest man on earth Dorothy Malone Constance MacKenzie on Peyton place. Accuracy. Rachel. Reg, e Kathy won an EMMY for his work on house of cards, really? Do you want me to cook Risley? Well, sure, there's like old times what's wrong with that. I'm just a hill. Allen O'Neill sons of anarchy. I was told if I want to sit down to.

Frazier Stephen Bochco Kathy Jerry Van Dyke Bernardo Bertolucci Dorothy Malone Constance MacKe Lewis Gilbert Charlotte Rae David Ogden Robin Leach Ken berry Harry Anderson EDNA Garrett paris Allen O'Neill Plummer John Mahoney Bob Newhart EMMY Alfie
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"david ogden" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Okay. And you know, even those greatest show on turf numbers. I saw there's a CIA who's gonna have the most yards per play. The chiefs are passing that greatest show on turf. Even that doesn't look as impressive. When you look at. Today's numbers Mahomes has got what forty one touchdown passes that sound right efforting. And what's he got? Five or four more games left. Games left. Forty one touchdown passes ten interceptions in twelve starts. So he's got an outside chance at Payton's record. I think he's on pace for fifty five fifty five. It's about the team though, not about of individual compliment. Thank you, Patrick. And Ryan was chasing. Matt Ryan could've gotten payment Harding director until I yesterday. Yeah. He got shut down. Patrick. What did you think of the raiders defense? Seen better. I don't want to disrespect anybody, but silver and black of the seventy s with a lot tougher back then, but it's all about that. I just want to get team to the playoffs. And once we're in see where things go if he played for the Broncos. Would you be making fun of him? Never. You would not you not market. Patrick, what do you think of Todd Fritz of the Dan Patrick show making fun of you? That's right. You know, karma's it'd be optional. See what happens when the Broncos throwing tailing off and start losing teams that they should be beating and could have to worry about that torture game last game of the year voices changed like your it's like three different impressions there, by the way. I would you rate that sweater that you have on today. Love it. I was searching high and low for a Hanukkah related. Broncos sweater and everything pointed to this one item got stars David Ogden and drills, and it's very bright. And I got to excel. I, thankfully, a could've fit in the next thing. It's very big army. But I love it. Okay. It is this sense. Is there a sensitivity to this? Like a rabbi disrespect to Jewish yet. Let's say Notre Dame had crosses in rosaries. And you know, what would the Catholic church have a problem with that? I don't think so of being Jewish. I can't speak for you know, that side of the fence if you will that I don't think would I don't think this is a this was you don't think you're rabbi would have a problem with that. I don't know if you'd let me into the synagogue for services usually supposed to be a little more dressed up. But it's it's got drills and Jewish zone on its ugly sweater time of the year, and it's pretty harmless. There's no nothing that religious about it except for the Jewish stars that people wear crossing cure stars on clothes and jewelry all the time. Malan his Hanukkah. We have like ugly Christmas sweaters aren't offensive by hannukah's. Just a.

Dan Patrick Broncos Matt Ryan chiefs Payton CIA Mahomes raiders Malan Catholic church director Harding David Ogden Todd Fritz
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"david ogden" Discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

"And I'm sure people talk to you about this Innovest you about it a million times. But Abyssinia Henry you were the only actor that Gelbart gave the last page of of of script. Oh that knew that that the that Henry is going to be killed off on the show. Yeah. And yet, you know, I I watch it today. And it's still. It's very that scene that you were talking about where we're in the operating Yemen and all the characters in the scene here that Henry's plane went down and he's dead. It was very emotional for everybody. Because nobody knew what the lines were that we're going to come out. And until the camera was rolling. And it was very powerful. And then we found out that the shot wasn't going to work. There was something wrong with the camera or something like that. We had to do it again. Unbelievable. And was just as powerful. But you're the whole story is about how nobody knew until they were on camera. But by the by the time, you see it on the air. You're seeing it after everybody does know. Oh, wow. This allusion. Talk about some people gone for mashed like, Wayne Rogers, Wayne, and I were very close. It's funny. He when he left the show he was replaced by Mike Farrell, and we became very close. I think there was something about the character relationship, drew both of us all of his together. But. Yes. People have have left, Harry Morgan, Harry, Morgan hair. We just loved Harry McLean. Stevenson, played that similar position of the Colonel had us laughing all day long, cause he would improvise crazy crazy monologues. And you just fall down at them. Harry Morgan had his laughing all day long, cause he just had the ability to look at you in the funny way. Didn't have anything to do with word. David Ogden steers his tires. He is. How to say this name, right? Yeah. He was he was so good. And so such a everybody was a good companion. In know, we were together, sometimes sixteen hours a day, maybe more and. We we were like a family in the sense that you know, how close you are. And you also yell at each other. You know, I mean, we were we were very very close. We talk in the book about how you guys would all form a circle and make each other laugh between takes as opposed to some movie some shows where people retire trailer. Most of my experience on a movie said is all the actors breaking after every shot and going to their dressing room, unless you're out on location, and there's no place to go, but a circle of chairs, but we we chose to sit in the circle of chairs most of the time and just made fun of one another made each other laugh play games together. And that kept us that kept us connected. It's what we've been talking about on and off all during the conversation. This connection that actors can have which is really the bay. Basis of people relating to one another in a positive way. Whether it's the family. Or a company people you work for people who work for you. Is this an obvious question? But did the closeness of the cast? Factor into making the show better making the I think it's one of the elements that made it successful because that's one element and other very important..

Harry Morgan Henry David Ogden Wayne Rogers Harry McLean Mike Farrell Gelbart Yemen Stevenson Morgan hair Harry sixteen hours
"david  ogden" Discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

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"david ogden" Discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

"How many episodes of after mash aired? Actually it got renewed for a second season. I think probably thirty right? Yeah. Something like that. So it was it was William Christopher Harun. Jamie are in Harry mortgage, Amy, and you and and David and and Larry, and I assume a couple of other behind the Seattle Dennis Koenig that was going writer, and it was. Yeah. That was that was pretty much it. Yeah. We had J lovely guy. We pretty much destroyed the leg three. Well, you know with all the reboots that are happening. Can I think it's time to reboot after mash? I mean, just the premise the premise they go back to the United States, and they work in a veterans hospital. And I was always kidding that you know, we're gonna make our money on the merchandise. We're gonna make the merchandise on all these patient action figures. That Twentieth Century Fox could sell. Yeah. That was not a great career move. We had Alan here. Just last week. I guess I told you on Email that he was coming. And just eat a what a presence. I mean. It's not often we've had two hundred and fifty guests in here. Big people. And it's not often that Gilbert an I feel any kind of intimidation. Oh, yeah. But we we both found ourselves, and he's a lovely guy. And sure not an any way not trying to be intimidating in any any manner. But there's something about the man in his presence. You know, I sense that you guys are little timid ated by me. It's a little bit. Okay. Okay. I'm getting that vibe. You don't have to be. Okay. I'm just I'm just a regular guy. We're hoping you wouldn't pick up on it. Of course with me. I have to remind me who you are. And then I get intimidate. But we asked them Samari Morgan stuff and some David Ogden stiers stories, and then he gave a list of how many actresses she's kissed. He was in his book was in his first book. I don't have the list with me. But when we have Alan back. We'll certainly we'll certainly bring that up to him. But you wrote a couple of classic episodes you, and you and David how many did you write we wrote nineteen episodes, and we were involved with sixty episodes. That's a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And POV. Yeah. Now now, how many different episodes how many different versions of mash sequels have there been they was that one after mash. There was also a pilot called Walter. Yeah. Radar thing. And that didn't go anywhere. That was just a pilot that never made it to air. Right. Yeah. But tell us about Gilbert since you've since you bring them up, and there's that great story on your blog about the the Stanley dawn and movie, which blew me away. Yeah. Larry Gelbart was well, first of all he was like Mozart. Okay. I mean, this guy was amazing. And at one point I'd mentioned that there was a particular episode of mash that he had written that was my favorite and Larry used to write all of his scripts in longhand on legal pads. So the next day he had made a Xerox copy of his first draft of that script for me, which was incredibly nice. And I'm looking and he wrote it in sharpie and they were like no cross outs. No lines and stuff like that. And I said, well, wait a minute. I don't understand. So you write it in long hand. And then you clean it up. Up and write a second version, and he goes, no, there's no second version. That's that's it. So it's like Mozart, you know, where you know. He would just write the notes and that was it. Gilbert was so funny. We were working one day with him. And we were dictating scene to a secretary. And it was a long speech. Somebody had a long speech and Larry is just going off. So funny so fast and the secretary is like trying to take it down. And she was pretty good. But Larry was going so fast. And she said, wait, wait stop. I I can't get all of this Larry said just get half and kept going..

Larry Gelbart Gilbert David Ogden Alan Mozart William Christopher Harun Twentieth Century Fox Seattle United States secretary Dennis Koenig Jamie Amy writer Xerox Samari Morgan one day
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Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

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"david ogden" Discussed on Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

"Maintains is a feature segment of the pilot show podcast, find us today line pilot over here Or area. it. Okay. Nick, really in need to stop talking. Thank you. No, maybe I can have something to do with over here. Yeah, I'm trying to shut up. Just come. Anyway, that is very interesting stuff, and very sad stuff. As many people said in the chat room, it's hard to hard to hear Al. Talk about his experience with a an airline that was such a great airline that and just just failed. Oh, absolutely. That the the next half of the is the real killer. Side to. So what side we both became quite emotional Tokyo about it, sadly the side, but is the is just as Ripi. So again, I apologize. This story is great. I wouldn't worry about that. It doesn't take. It's all content and I agree, and she joined with the story. Hopefully ILD you'll forget about the fact that I'll don't stuck in the toilet, but eventually housekeeping came around. We mashed for him, but. But we were just I had the microphone pressed up against the dole. And then again at flash. So in by couldn't even tell that you wearing a mask. Professional. I mean. That's a trick to get into ram one of those things. And I love the very uplifting music that. Background there. Uplifting. Sorry. Playing something perky, but. Would not match anyway. So I'm looking at the clock here in the in the time just filtering away flittering away. Right. Let's hear what David Ogden Satis. us. Captain Jeff, and the crew is David from Houston area. I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts on in Sophy back from episode three, thirty, nine. First of all, I heard the pilot claiming that he had a problem with his flex capacitor doing skydive operations and non airplane part. But I would encourage you to go to arrive auto parts of their website and look up part number one to one Gulf. You might get a good chuckle out of that. Actually, you were talking about the girl scouts program and addressing the pilot shortage and their new merit badge that they have. I'd like to point you to some of the great things civil air patrol is doing to help out and address the issues that we're facing with the pilot shortage of first of all of our cadets. All almost twenty twenty five thousand cadets that we have in civil air patrol are offered orientation flights. They're given five front-seat flights and a powered airplane in five, five glider flights at the controls of the aircraft. And then as many backseat rides as they can handle. So they get a lot of flight time being civil patrol cadet. In addition to that, we also do orientational flights for air force ROTC and air force Jero TC cadets. Just wanted to share that with you guys. In addition, all of the organization flights that we do in civil air patrol. We also have powered in glider flight academies that we do during the summer where those could go from zero flight hours to hopefully solo in about a week time. So there's a lot of flying. A lot of learning that goes on in a week. Sometimes the gliders were not able to get them through solo in in one week, but we try hardest to do that. And then a new program that we just started is a program to take those cadets who have graduated from our flight academies and take them all the way through their private pilot's license at a very minimal cost. So just couple of the great things civil air patrol is doing anyways. Keep up the great work. Absolutely love the podcast and and look forward to hearing all of the future episodes. Thank you so much David for that. It was again nice meeting David. I think it was last maybe earlier last year. I don't remember exactly when it was. We had Houston meet up and I met David Ogden there, Greg guy, and thank you so much for that. Most multifaceted feedback..

David Houston David Ogden Satis. Nick David Ogden Ripi Sophy Tokyo Captain Jeff Greg guy one week
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"david ogden" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

"It's just that's not their audience. That's not their thing that would be a DNC gathering, not a net roots nation. You wrote a piece that's up Democrats dot com called Republicans think they're smearing Dem's by calling Cossio Cortez their new standard bearer. They're using it like, that's like an insult. Yeah, you know, I was watching CNN the other day and just for kicks. And I was watching. The quo sham and he had on van Jones. And this other guy, he's always on their white talking head, forgetting David Ogden yet the guy. So he, you know that that Republican through down the idea that like you know, KC co tells the new standard beard for your party and he threw it at van Jones. Like it was a slur and I'm watching thinking, yeah, that, yes, we would like that she is calling for Medicaid for all Medicare for all. Exactly. Yeah. So the problem that I saw with that was the van Jones basically rolled his eyes right? And I'm like, no van Jones. No, no van Jones. Van Jones is one of the he. He would hang with a third way crowd. He would hang with the new Dem's and the blue dogs. Van Jones is one of those both side or 'isms. He tries to make peace with the Trump ease and you know, he doesn't want to offend anyone. That's my problem with van Jones. You know, maybe he just started hanging up with hanging out with us also that you know he could. He could swirl in the message of the left along with the other messages that he's going up, but that I roll and the fact that he's the one who is standing up and supposedly speaking for, it's like a right wing guy attacking. A left guy who's really in the center right rain. And this is the part that I thought was really funny. So they're basically saying, oh, Casio protests. She's a socialist. She's a communist and the left, you know, don't vote with them because it's communism on the one hand. And on the other hand, they're, they're talking about how she's okay. Maybe we should hang out with Russia Russia's probably I don't know. Republicans can make these points without. I guess because no one's listening, you know, they're not paying attention. They're not. They're not drawing that parallel that that's, you know, those two things are fan. I don't matter and Republican world facts don't. That's all God in your world. They make shit up and the facts facts. Just don't matter. It's it's the post truth era. I mean, you read the things about how many times a day Trump lies. I think he's he's stayed out of the the public eye while he's been at his Bedminster golf course for the last ten days or so t to bring down the average of how many times a day he's lying. That's funny. Thank you. That's probably just came up with that. Yes, he's he's trying to bring the average down because it was up to seven point six times a day or something like that. I'm sure you talk to this woman on your show, but I was able to talk to lowering wallet from for global trade from Public Citizen global trade. It is great. Oh boy, she can really put complicated complicated, have located thing into simple terms..

van Jones Trump CNN Dem DNC Cossio Cortez David Ogden Russia Medicaid Bedminster one hand ten days
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"Backs in college football right now yeah the you know sometimes we'll click on stuff like that and i i'm i'm gonna say as guilty of it but i just think it just it it's very appealing at this time and i'm glad it's worked out the way it has all right so we've to to wrap up we've already thrown a couple of promo codes out you today for citizen razors but i got one more for you for premier college football writing and not just college football you get access to the whole athletic this is the best deal going right now if you go to the athletic dot com slash all american expansion like get it like conference expansion all american expansion forty percent off the first year bruce that is two ninety nine a month think about that two ninety nine a month for our double digit now growing roster college football writers but also seth davis and his great college basketball writing staff ken rosenthal jayson stark all those warriors writers you talked about whatever city you're listening to us in right now check and see we've probably at this point have if there's a pro sports team in that market we probably have somebody covering it will very soon so all athletic dot com slash all american expansion two ninety nine a month and i'd say can't wait to get started but i think you already did you already have your first thing out i do yeah and again it just kind of goes back to look in and see the people who you have you know already had you know even though he's not checking on your headcount bryan hamilton i was like you know the work he does whatever he does is tremendous but then just seeing while you got some numbers to go while you got earn suttles you're going to get david david ogden to to cover college football you know it it was it was just a lot of people beyond just you know my you know me having my less you know personal favourite like john walters you know on his voice on over the weekends but it's really the people who are who you need to read i mean if you're an alabama fan you need to read iran if you're a georgia phang certainly need to read seth i mean these are.

football bruce seth davis jayson stark bryan hamilton david david ogden john walters ken rosenthal alabama iran georgia forty percent
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"david ogden" Discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast

"Oof spoiler by the way i talked about the malapropisms of sandra bullock earlier and she reminds me in those are very cute to me and i almost wish that there were more of those throughout the movie but she always reminds me of the white cop from sanford and son do you guys remember that guy where he would be like right off and his partner or i guess like david ogden steers in better off dead lane mellow off i mean it's a brand new year understand his news eve dance at your school you kids love this disco thing you are really bringing me over man lower you mentioned judge dredd and the rob steiner connection and as i'm watching this movie and they start to thaw all the other criminals especially towards the end i'm totally thinking of the new judges that they're making in that his brother is making in judge dredd and i think between that and rob schneider my mom's third husband he used to always get judge dredd and demolition man mixed up and i was very personally affronted by that and he we would start to talk about something it'd be like oh yeah judged right that'd be like no no no demolition man and then you know i'd say something else and be like yeah yeah just like demolition it'd be like no no that's judge dredd so much to the point where i actually bought him both of those movies as a christmas gift once like one of the most smart ass christmas gifts that he didn't know was the smartest christmas gift so then he got that and then he said end to the story he passed away good end to the story i inherited his dvd's so now.

sandra bullock sanford partner dredd rob schneider david ogden rob steiner
David Ogden Stiers, "M*A*S*H" star, dead at 75

Generation Bold

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David Ogden Stiers, "M*A*S*H" star, dead at 75

"At a tense winter storm with hurricaneforce winds claiming the lives of nine people that agents northeast there are still hundreds of thousands of people without power across twelve states and many roads are still closed because of fallen trees and debris best known for play major charles efforts winchester the third other classic tv series match david ogden steers had a long resume and tv also appearing in some movies 80s team movie fans will remember him as the father to john hughes axe character in there is any better off dead you borrowed two hundred dollars from me to purchase the car mainly because your girlfriend death said it was i believe the term was tasty since then that ec car has slept in an auto cocoon on life trump lawn also would accomplished classical musician and can dr david ogden's has died yesterday at his oregon home after battling bladder cancer he was seventy five and you're listening to usa radio news hi i'm is other rooms on.

Bladder Cancer David Ogden John Hughes Dr David Ogden Oregon USA Two Hundred Dollars
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"david ogden" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

"Before he was put to death while good suggestion teddy for those so good to survive while let's the strong woman her gears who sharp arms who have below the elbow regrettably crews i know right and she managed to climb thirty feet up yeah well clotting i guess amazing okay so another suggestions from julie king is odri marie hillary who was married to a guy named frank hilly and they had two children make an carol and he had a tough married life they spent more money than the earned it seems that poetry audrey marie gaillot additional money by sleeping with her blesses so prostituting herself she apparently is poisoning our family with a heavy metal the sun was hospitalized for symptoms the persisted until he went off to college than they disappeared the husband died and look like he had hepatitis the daughter i guess did not die but was hospitalized in suspected of heavy metal poisoning in this was found to be the case and so she was tried and convicted of murdering her husband yet to the daughter testify against her because that sounds familiar i believe so because it's a movie was made in 1991 uh called wife mother murderer starring judith light as a really interesting and with public and david ogden steers were in it so that's i i like poisoning so certainly always interesting him give make interesting cases than i like the madefortv movies i must say yes so we'll look at that okay so ms fix sixty six has a case suggestion i'll mention joy lawyer again is a good one for you to the movie is on youtube in there an episode of dominic done called deception in dallas the movie is called telling secrets with civil shepherd as joy there was an idea show about the case too and i think it was scorned but not certain it is a crazy case i also recommend t colin davis so joy lower and a fall afternoon in 1983 in.

julie king marie hillary heavy metal judith light youtube frank hilly david ogden dominic colin davis thirty feet