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10-14-2020 Sports Talk

Lance McAlister

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10-14-2020 Sports Talk

"Hey Lance McAlister here, I'd like to thank Phillips Jewelers for sponsoring the podcast Richter and Phillips has the largest in shop collection of loose diamonds in the tri-state. That's a big deal because most places need to order a man lot of jewelers request of posits to view diamonds, which is a big red flag trapping you into purchasing one of the diamonds they ordered instead of allowing you to view a wider range of diamonds and here's a tip for you right now, if you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance, you'll get a fifty percent off code again, visit RICHTERPHILLIPS DOT com slash. For fifty percents off. Casts and. Following takes place between six PM and seven PM. You. Want. Answers. Title. Can't handle the truth. True. berlet's do this six, O Eight, seven, hundred, wwl W it's Arnelle carriers sports dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet here for three hours tonight just like we like it a lot to get to between now and then headlined by the Bengals and headlined by our first guest he covers the Bengals for local twelve dot com. I would highly recommend his day after ornate of because usually it's posted by Sunday night, the fifth quarter which I find not. Just because he's about to come on I, think it's the best recap offered by anybody in town of Bengal's game I also appreciate and enjoy his podcast. Let's welcome in the built up. Now he has to deliver it would be from local twelve dot com Richard Skinner. Late in. Fatal fumble this away man don't do that and then don't run don't run the wrong the other way like away from it if you fumble it or That's a perfect segue. What how would you describe the current status right now of Aj Green for this week. Well he did practice today on a limited basis after like he's going to get a day off and and and that's unusual he. got a day off today. 'cause I've got a day off some veterans or? Veterans get days off. But you'd practice on a limited basis So I guess that hamstring quote unquote injuries is feeling better I can sit before the. Today was feeling good is asked about where he is mentally and he said he's in a great place. He's obviously still been very terse with his answers toward that I think he's trying to to save a lot of face here. So I think it's a good step in the right direction trying to salvage whatever they are trying to salvage out of the relationship from. But we'll see as a week progresses and come Sunday. You know it's funny I had written before you've been said I wrote the words Salvageable and the next question was going to be over the eleven remaining weeks. Do you think this thing is salvageable between both sides? It is I think I think you'll boroughs a great facilitator. Because he's called a little bit in the middle of all of this in a line of questioning today about about Joe at too. Joann disaster trying to develop some chemistry between the two of them and Joe talked about, yeah. We talk after practices we talk about certain rows we talk about certain things. Trying to do some of that as well So yeah, is it salvageable? Yes. A lot of it depends on is AJ still good enough to do this lance and that's the question I. Think it really is the crux of this is he capable enough? I think Sunday was. was him feeling sorry for himself they I you know I I have no doubt in my mind. It's just my opinion. I have no doubt that he tapped out. Ordinary got hurt. And I think sometimes as an athlete, you get to that point of me. I can't do this anymore and the frustration boils over. You think it's it's everybody's fault in you just can't put the finger at the time to that doesn't sound right but he doesn't look right he hasn't looked right and Sunday was a combination of all of that. Is it salvageable? Sure. But I think a lot of it is is age as health enough to make it salvageable skinny what should we make if anything of the over the last calendar year plus of the whatever level of angst or drama or frustration from veterans like cordy Glenn Carlos Dunlap. Aj Green Gino Atkins. Names like that. Is there anything to be made of that or not? I think there has to be a common thread you know I it feels like a lot of veterans who've gotten paid getting paid. testing a young coast to some degree cordy Glenn clearly last year I mean. They they really he. You know sit him to some degree because he he tapped out to try to tap out as long as he possibly could and so they finally got to the point listen. This is the thirteenth opinion you got on this and they're all saying you're good to go and obviously it's spillovers. You were calling it the one practice where he was just in coast is believed to be Jim. Turner gotTa do an altercation. They had enough of it. You Know Carlos Dunlap I thought tapped out at one point in camp this year where he get having day after day after day off and maybe now in retrospect we look back and he maybe he was told that he gonNA probably get benched at some point this year and if they wanted to go with somebody younger guys and so he got Palley about it and obviously building last week but you know I I there was an Interesting answer from Zach yesterday where you asked about Willis sat count increase. This was Monday. Excuse me with snap count increase. He said we'll see good to have their back after his time off I. didn't sound like a guy coming off an injury. That's a guy that he thought took time off now maybe I'm looking into some antics maybe I'm reading more into it than I should but it was an answer to it then yeah. When we saw Aj Sunday I think again we. Know specifically what he said no, but we all certainly can can pretty much gauge it and I think we all believe he tapped out and I do I think there is a common theme Lance. Guys have gotten paid and it's it's you know, Hey, I'm getting mine and I'm not GonNa get myself process. Here's another thing. I. Don't get I. Get a a young coach having vision in a plan from what he's learned over the years when it comes to offensive play calling. I it drives me crazy that if you didn't know better watching Sunday's game, the number of times Joe took a deep drop or it gave the appearance of this play calls going to need some time for receiver to get down the field, the line to hold their blocks and Joe to have some time and yet it doesn't. It doesn't appear as though Zach is willing to acknowledge that his play calling is it matching the lack of talent on his offensive line? Am I wrong? Calling dramatic. It's man, maybe a combination of the two. No I approaching the pudding you know. The funny part is we all know the offensive line had its issues, but there are some pretty good skill players on its roster and they still have a hard time against good teams moving the ball and scoring points and yeah, you could argue is a little reaction to Sunday just because it looks so darn ugly and Joe made the point does today of you know? I'm not panicking because the three games before that I threw for three hundred dollars each game. Okay. I'll give you know give you the Baltimore really really good. But at some point, you look at what happened Sunday you go that that was so far away from this team competing against even close to the upper echelon I mean right now, if you look at the two years, they've big one games they beat a woeful jets team they beat the Cleveland team that had clearly quit when they came and they beat a bad Jacksonville. Apologize for those wins but that's what you got chauffeur now twenty. Twenty one games. Goes play caller so. To me in that, he was Tony Pike we talked about this. A little bit to. Do maybe at the by we really have to take a long look in the mirror and say I gotta give the play calling reigns to somebody else because I would say the Checkoff Zach Taylor if he wasn't polite caller and they're still struggle at the by week, would tell whoever the play caller is. Hey, it's somebody else's turn to try this. This is not working and I think he may have either same. He is Richard Skinner local twelve dot com. He's on twitter at local twelve skinny highly recommending his fifth quarter along with his daily coverage of the bengals the podcast you're a good man I the time hoping again soon, you bet thanks getting Richard, skinner local twelve dot com. There's stuff we can chew on and kind of develop into topics. Tonight, Kazak Taylor is going to be our early on topic tonight from the standpoint of I've heard to the two H words attached Zach, a lot since Sunday. I want to get into the level of confidence you have in Zach Twenty, one games into this tenure. Caught up on headlines we're going to need some time. There's like headlines all over the place I got to pages, headlines, we'll get into that. Then we'll set up that Zach Taylor bengals topic is we continue we're up and running tonight. Thanks for being a part of the show. It's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Six twenty three on the no seven hundred wwl delegates, ardell carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Here are your headlines Ready Brace yourself there's a lot we start with the bengals they started preparation for the colts today Joe stressing a no panic ma, mantra saying everyone outside the building is overreacting a little bit right. Now, we'll hear more from JOE coming up in a big Zach Taylor is Guinea alluded to says Aj Green is feeling good after the apparent hamstring flare up on Sunday he was limited today expected to be go tomorrow Taylor ads they'll start working Mackenzie Alexander back into the mix after. Missing two games in the secondary and Auden Tate is day to day with a shoulder. The NFL announcing today the pro bowl has been canceled. They will still vote and pick a team baseball playoffs braves dodgers are underway in game three with Atlanta up two games to none the action on Fox sports thirteen sixty in the American league, the raise will try to eliminate dusty Baker and the Astros leading their series three games to none with action tonight catch the game on ESPN fifteen thirty Trevor Bauer, a finalist. For the MLB Players Association Outstanding Pitcher Award for Twenty Twenty College basketball after much debate and back and forth between the two schools. The Skyline Chili crosstown shootout is on. You See we'll Jose Xavier on Sunday December six fifth arena bearcats were looking at scenarios where they play the rivalry game and big revenue game at home in front of no or maybe few fans this year they had presented options to Xavier that according to UC coach John Brennan were rejected Xavier Coach Travis stealing telling the enquirer the. Game needs to be played every year scheduled for fifth third this year, and that's where it'll be played. We'll get into that a little bit later on tonight the Dayton flyers will play in the bad boy mowers crossover classic. The bad boy mowers crossover classic. He said to help open up the college basketball season. The eighteen field includes CREIGHTON MEMPHIS Ohio state Texas. Am Utah West Virginia Wichita State along with the flyers. The event is a new three game three day bracket tournament that will begin Wednesday November twenty. And we'll be played in Sioux falls south, Dakota? Dayton will play Wichita state at nine thirty. In the first round Dayton will host the first four of the NCAA tournament through the year twenty, twenty, six according to our report today Thomas more women are ranked preseason tied for fourteenth in the. Na preseason top twenty, five poll the Thomas more men receiving votes in the men's top twenty five preseason poll. You see football's Jakaria Robinson has been named the Remington Award List for the second consecutive season, the award is presented to the top center each year in College Football Saturdays Lsu at Florida game has been postponed covid nineteen testing. The tentative rescheduled date is December twelfth that would be a week prior to. The SEC championship game this is the second SEC game postponed this week joining Vandy Missouri, but the big news today in college football within the Hour Alabama has announced that football coach, Nick Sabin and Alabama's athletic director. Both have tested positive for Covid Nineteen Sabin conducted practice today remotely from his home soccer tonight at Nipper FC Cincinnati hosting the Columbus crew trying to snap a four match losing skid and score in the. Process of C. C., hasn't scored in the last four matches. They've netted just who goals in ten matches since leaving the bubble in Orlando yet, just five points out of a playoff spot and FC. Cincinnati today signing goalkeeper Beckham Sunderland the first FC Cincinnati, Academy product they've produced. He has seventeen years old. He's been added to their roster and his available for the remainder of the season he trained has trained. With the team since the bubble for everything else you've missed it a do this go to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred wwl W DOT com. The log is presented by me. It's got reds it's got bengals. It's got college basketball. It's got your podcast all in one spot seven hundred wwl W dot com. All right. Let's begin here tonight. Here's our first diabetic and this is where you come in. And we'll open up the lines after the bottom they are news the bengals are one three and one their twenty one games into the Zach Taylor era. They've won three games out of twenty, one, three of twenty-one under Zach Taylor I heard to the h words a lot this week already. Honeymoon. And hotseat. Honeymoon. And hotseat. Now Sunday was ultimately should not have been a shock a surprise bengals started what the last week is a two touchdown underdog that dropped a little bit in the eyes of Vegas, but they were not expected to beat the Baltimore Ravens not. Yet there's the loss and the look. Of the loss. It was viewed by most we talked about this topic is kind of a measuring stick game barometer game for after beating Jack Jackson's Jacksonville a Baltimore Baltimore. Let's see how they stack up and they were they were outclassed. Outclassed today where the Ravens I think if they were being honest would tell you especially with a compromise clearly compromise Lamar Jackson probably turned in a C. Plus B. Minus type performance and owned the bengals seven to three. They got outclassed. Here's what I want to get into tonight. In the theme of Honeymoon and hotseat. I'd like to know in this will not be about the off season or next season or scouting or drafting. About, it's going to be about coaching. Let's get into a little bit of how comfortable how confident you feel with what Zach Taylor is doing with this football team. Twenty one games in. I will admit I have melting questions. I have a lot of questions. And I'm not fighting a whole lot of answers. I would say questions and concerns. There was a line in a in a piece from ESPN I read this week. Detailing why Kevin Stefanski the head coach of the Cleveland Browns might be considered the front runner to win the NFL coach of the year. I'm going to apply the line. I read as it relates to Kevin Stansky to Zach Taylor when we come back. I thought skinny had some really really interesting observations on this team and Zach Taylor and what's going on around this team. I think think I have some interesting observations I'd like to share with you. And I'll pull you into this and we'll together discuss level of confidence. In what Zach Taylor is doing right now Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound seven, hundred at and T. I. Think we're set that'll be our topic tonight. Let's go arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet. On seven hundred WWL W. Holy Jumpstart. Batman. The La dodgers have jumped on the braves for eleven runs in the first inning. Max Muncie, just hit Grand Slam eleven runs in the first the most scored in any inning of any postseason game in the history of baseball the braids entered the game up two games to none safe to say, they're going to exit this game up two games to one. Kyle right to start the braves went when they can start Max free to. Ian. Anderson unbeatable. Pitch somebody else it was tonight who didn't get out of the I gave up seven got two outs they yanked him went to the pen. The pen gives up four more. So. In that inning, the braves gave up more runs than they had given up in the first sixty, four innings of the postseason six six going into this game to give up eleven in the first inning baseball as they say someone once said is a funny funny game. I'm curious what we're. GonNa. Get Out. Of. This. I I look forward to Wednesday's because for more or less. It's my first to really do a bengals topic of the we can take calls Monday night. He's bengals line. It's not a call in show a guest interviewed driven show. Tuesday we tried to after the the intensive three hours of bengals try to deviate from the script and do some other things. So Wednesday leading into the roundtable tomorrow night is the first chance to really do bengals stuff and do it in the form of a topic to get you involved and the topic to get you involved is Zach Taylor and I say it's interesting because this isn't about the owner or the front office or the scouting. This is about the coaching. And how you feel about Zach Taylor Twenty one games into his runners coach and I'll tell you what I ask skinny about and I'm GonNa tied in with a allied and ESPN about Kevin, Stansky the browns who was being touted by some as early candidate for coach of the year the browns are four and one in this line. From Espn one of the many things Cleveland liked about Stansky is he has worked in so many different offensive systems that they believed. He could meld his experiences together and be willing to find different ways to win as circumstances dictated. He could find different ways to win as circumstances dictated. Here's why bring that up. It is maddening to me. Going back and watching Sunday's game specifically bengals offensive place. And Watch JOE BOROUGH DROPPED BACK Now did you hold the ball too long at times trying to do too much absolutely. To be expected at times out of a rookie. But the number of times I watched them make Joe, take a drop. and. The expectation that the receivers would have time to get out into their routes that the offensive line would in fact, block block long enough for the Plato unfold. And in fact, did not it blew up and I found myself screaming saying. You may think you're offensive line is good. You may think you're offensive line is capable. You have got to adjust your play calling in your formations or you are going to kill your quarterback. And I look Zach I wonder did he learn it one way or is he so stubborn to one way that what what did they say about coaches the best thing? One of the things you ask a coach, put your players in the best position to succeed look at what you have and adapt to what you have coaches will come in whether it's college or pro, and you walk into you assess your talent. You say, you know I have my system but if I don't have my guys to do what I WanNa do, I'm going to have to make some adjustments if you didn't. Know any better. Zach Taylor says here's what I WANNA do. I like going five wide like getting all the receivers out there spreading things out. I saw the JOE liked it at lsu offense of I'd be damned. We're just GONNA do this. We're going to do it until we have to peel our quarterback off the field that's what I don't get I. Don't get the number of plays that are called if you watch them That require Joe drop drop? Receivers to get out of the battered, and before any of that takes place that offensive line is being consumed. I don't get it. I don't get the ability and I don't know if it's inability or stubborn, which read your I. Guess I'd rather have it stubbornness in ability means you got no hope whatsoever stubbornness would at least be knowledge that I don't have the offensive line to be doing this or maybe should do some different I'm just not going to do it because I'm GONNA hold true my system His system doesn't work under these conditions on off especially under the mantra of protecting the investment. I just don't I go back and look yesterday the number of times on first down, they've gone eleven personnel one, hundred eighteen snaps this year only eighteen snaps. I in ten head too tight ends in the game I don't get it. I don't get not making the concession. It'd be one thing I'm not even saying concede to the defense. You know they are. You know we're going to do it and we're GONNA make them adjust I'm saying concede to the health of your quarterback. Joe Boroughs been hit over fifty times. Just. Don't understand not going out and saying guys until we figure this out at a different, what we're going to do this and we'll work from here but this is going to be too tight ends in the game. Hell, it may be too I. Make if I have to run one wide receiver the pattern to protect my quarterback, I'll go to do it at this point. I don't understand one hundred eighteen snaps on I intent of eleven personnel to get three wide receivers. You can do it. You can do it in terms of the play calling you can do it in terms of the formation or you can do it neither one. Heck with all that dates mine way spread out what Joe feel like. He did at Lsu I guarantee you joe didn't feel like he's feeling right now at lsu maybe a pain in the ribs a pain in the back a pain in the lower leg a ringing in the years. I just I. Think it's malpractice. I don't understand why somebody can't get get him and shake him and say son. You may be new at this twenty, one games in as the head coach in the NFL, and you may have a vision in a way of doing things and I certainly appreciate that as you've learned the way you've learned over the years, but I'd like to introduce you to this young man. He is in all likelihood going to be here longer than you're going to be here he is the he is the biggest investment for this franchise in terms of tied to the future success of this franchise that we've had in a long time. Your number one priority. Is to protect this young man named Joe Berle. That may not be through the formations and play calling that you're used to. And if that's the case, then you better spend some long hours with Brian. Callaghan and. and. figure out what because I know this? There is a better chance or an opportunity for you to figure out different play calls in formations than there is for you to figure out how this offensive line is going to be better. Because this offensive line is what it is. You can talk all you want about getting guys off the street Clinton somebody off the waiver wire that will do it that'll do the trick. The offensive line is present and accounted for. What has to be done done now is an adjustment in play calling in formations to admit as you look in the mirror. I can't do what I WANNA do with this offensive line. If I, continue to force it. Square peg round hole. I'm going to be looking at calling these plays for Ryan Finley at some point. Because I'm going to lose my quarterback. Now. I don't know of anybody else agrees or not. Were around Paul Brown stadium is no reason to panic. I'M NOT GONNA call it, panic I'M GONNA, call it out and out frustration of what I'm watching. Anybody. Anybody else. Five three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, win and pounds seven, hundred on at and T. protect the investment. was that line again about Kevin's defence with the browns are happy they hired. He could build his experiences together and be willing to find different ways to win as circumstances dictate. Drives me crazy arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Hey. Lance McAlister here. I'd like to thank Richter and Phillips Jewelers for sponsoring the podcast Richter and Phillips has the largest in shop collection of loose diamonds in the tri-state. That's a big deal because most places need to order 'em in lot of jewelers, request deposits to view diamonds, which is a big red flag trapping you into purchasing one of the diamonds they ordered instead of allowing you to view wider range of diamonds and here's a tip for you right now, if you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance, you'll get a fifty percent off code again, visit richterphillips Dot com slash lance for fifty percents off. You've worked so hard for all the things have. The salary, the status, the success. And with that image, there's a drink. Wine to loosen up, want to take the edge off. How do you? WanNa, drink is more than just a drink. We get it we can help. Karen grandview program has been helping accomplish people just like you regain their lives talk to us. Visit Karen Dot org slash cramped view. Another thing. I'm all worked up. I'm all. The last play I ever called was in Madden. I will concede that but. I. Am I am I the one that's nuts for saying, you know, hey, maybe a slant screen, a wide receiver screen, wide receiver bubble. How about a hitch mix in a hitch a slant something quick short quick easy. Instead everything is. Going to take some time out. Go to the phones Indian hill the first APP Steve Welcome to sportstalk. Land Save. Did you hear the post game interview with Joe Borough. Yes. I he sounded to me like a person who was in shock. which he probably was. I think he seeing a whole lot of things now that he didn't didn't come close to seeing Lsu no question. Watching the bengals way excited it couldn't get any worse. But now watching them means we have to watch this. Really really great young man. Getting killed literally killed out there. Yeah. It's fun to see. Yeah, I agree with you. There Steve Thank you. That's the frustrating thing. He is the he's the investment that must be protected and it it looks as though their approach is. That's beside the point we have a system to run date and we go hi Dave. Land. Four words for coach Taylor in over his head. you know ESPN had the running gag with Sean, McVeigh And all of his coaching staff. You know when he had that spectacular year that you know the breathe getting you know head coaching offers and and all that stuff and you know and I don't regret him for purrs selling himself to the bengals and the and the you know the next genius you know. Coast like Sean mcvay but But you know Mike Brown bought it and and you know. Again I I like you the first game I call or play. I call it would be my first but I, mean I assume just run like the jailbreak let blitz breakout and just throw a little dump over the top so we can get some. But Then, Joe Borough. For All these dropbox and just before he gets even turn where up guys face. I mean I I begged and I call and I beat this drum over and over and everyone's sick of it probably. But I mean the Guy Right up the road to super bowl ring that wanted to be a bangle group, Bengal Fan and no lineman. David data that's an. Figuring I got. I. Got You Day. That's another I don't want to stray off the topic to free agents and drafting in the front office and the owner and everything else. The focus tonight is actually this what I find. Interesting. There is so much angst build up for all the peripherals and very fair reasons. I'm always curious when I bring up about the coach how much of the focus will actually be on the coach and what he's doing what? He can control you know he can't control the front office and the scouting what they've already drafted or what they do next year. That's why I always find it a challenge in this case to make the topic specifically about the coach of the bengals because there's so much that comes with being the coach of the bengals. I'm asking you to simply tell me your confidence in what the head coach is doing with what he's been handed and I think he's I don't I. Don't think he's maximizing and putting to the best use in the best position what he has that's that's where I'm coming from from the discussion. Zach Taylor is there another area of Zach that you like to discuss? We can certainly do that in Bethel? What do you say Tom? Tony, how are you? Tony Talking to somebody else. Let's go to Tom and Beth what do you say Tom? Lance man you're so dead on it last week I think it was last week's game the announced that they did a five spread and it goes on TV said this is what Joe Bar life and I yelled at the TV then do it. You know what I mean well. That's. That's part of the problem Joe. Read a lot of the five wide open up the offense that's eight Lsu, and that's fine. You can't open it up wide empty the backfield in exposing Mike that on this level because they don't have the players on the offensive I to do that to protect them. Well. The only thing lance if you've got that five spread and they're running out taking more guys from the back bill and Joe Smart. Well, let me ask you this. How has that worked to this point? He's fifty times. But he has I'm saying they haven't spread that out like that and then opens up. Got Topic what the coach I agree man he's. It's not it's not gelling man how many how many more dame's it? There's no way they're gonNA keep next year. If it keeps going like this, we'll see. Thanks. I. Don't I don't want to next season I'm worried about this season right now in Joe Borough I understand what Joe is used to what jobs comfortable with I understand. I. Think at least understand what Zack's intent is an idea and visions in his head is. The problem is what I'm looking at from an offensive line standpoint. Doesn't match up. In terms of calling. Or formations. It's I it's like I want to shake everybody. Are you watching this offensive line? Are you sure you want to run that formation and that play call versus with this offensive line? I if they don't make that concession Joe Boroughs Not GonNa, make it through the season. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Hey Lions mcallister. Here I like to Richter and Phillips Jewelers for sponsoring the PODCAST. Richter and Phillips has the largest in shop collection of loose diamonds in the tri-state. That's a big deal because most places need to Orem in lot of jewelers, request deposits of diamonds, which is a big red flag trapping into purchasing one of the diamonds they ordered instead of allowing you to view a wider range of diamonds. It here's a tip for you right now, if you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance, you'll get a fifty percent off code again, visit richterphillips dot com slash lance for fifty percents off. You've worked so hard for all the things have. The salary, the status, the success. And with that image, there's a drink. One wide one to loosen up wanted to take the edge off. How do you know what a drink is more than just a drink? We get it we can help. Karen's grandview program has been helping accomplish people just like you regain their lives. Talk to us. Visit Karen Dot, Org Slash grandview. The following takes place between seven, PM and eight. PM. Very, let's keep it rolling seven zero eight seven hundred wwl W L. carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Homeland mcallister one hour in a spirited first hour two hours to go than it's Gary Jeff. Walker serves up the nightcap from nine to midnight tonight it is quite possible that I am doing exactly what Zach and Joe said we should not be doing. Panicking. That was the word used by Zach after the game there's no panic here. That was the word used by Joe Borough. You here here here in a second. Nobody's panicking. It was the ravens the ravens were expected to win. As I said earlier though I think there's the loss and there's the luck of the loss. Jacksonville Jacksonville they. Be Jacksonville. They got outclassed by Baltimore. Indy. Fall somewhere in between there. But I think where I would find my consistency for this is I've seen nothing to indicate through the first five weeks and Joe Borough being hit over fifty times that Zach Taylor is willing to. Accept that what he wants to do. Ultimately. Can't be accomplished with this group this year right now. Now. That doesn't mean it can't be next year or in two years the rest of his coaching career, but part of coaching is looking at what you have. Thinking about your system in saying do I have? Do do what I have in my hands right here to work with. Does that work? Can I apply it to what I want to do? You tell me after watching Sunday I realized Baltimore Blitz fifty nine percent of the time above their league-leading average. Now, the bengals looked in no way shape or form prepared for any of that. That's a whole nother story. But. Does the play calling and the formations? Match the abilities of this team. How often have they run two tight ends? How often have you seen a slant, a screen, a hitch something quick something short quick busy. Versus what I saw so much Sunday one of the throw remote the TV. Joe Dropping waiting receivers getting here comes the pressure down goes Joe. Boom, boom POW. Can't do it all the time But you know what? You can't do all the time either asking your quarterback to drop receivers to get out into routes and your offensive line this offensive line to block while all of that happens. My word we'll continue to be malpractice. I had two words that consistently applied to to football and the case bengals offensive I protect the investment and the malpractice of what is being done. This is Joe Freakin borough. This guy is the franchise quarterback for the next decade plus unless. Unless Zach, Taylor keeps running the plays in the formations he's running and calling. Such a little bit from Zach and Joe then I'll hear from US Zach earlier today ask about is everybody anticipated. The first question was about the status of wide receiver AJ Green. He'll take today off. which is usually on scheduled to take off anyway and expect him to practice tomorrow but he's feeling good. Feel like Aj's that mentally as heading into this week is a great place. Important is maybe finding some extra effort with developing the chemistry between Joe Age I mean, Joe is your Saint Saint. Guys really need to work at right now, and that's obvious. How can you do that? You know of the obvious of more game raps I think as we get going through these weeks now, we we certainly felt like offensively were on an upward trend there and and just. Hard. Even say setback we know the things correctable last week but again, you play sixteen games that's going to be a blip on the radar of the day. We still have confidence gotTa Lotta Confidence in the chemistry that group feel like that's really coming along and so you know it's one of those things you don't. You don't want to force it comes naturally Zach Taylor earlier today Zach was also asked about frustration frustration of one three and one frustration of of players and that coming out. It's okay for guys to get frustrated throughout the team coaching when you don't win that expectation but where a place this team where we can, we can move past at stuff and still be a strong unit and be able to put that one quickly behind us and move forward to what's important next week and I, think that's just that's the growth we're seeing on this team over a two year process Zach Taylor earlier today let's hear from Cuba one quickly. Then some more your call Joe, borough kind of the talking points that have come out of Sunday. No time to panic. You know I think. Everyone's overreacting a little bit right now. We just got off three straight weeks of three hundred yards passing. You've been within the ball up and down the field and we had. A bad game. That's going to happen in the NFL. But on you have, you have a short memory is as an offense and as a quarterback and you're going to go out there next the next week you know the mindset that we had after the game I thought was positive. You know nobody was panicking obviously we're frustrated with our way but. There is nobody hanging their heads thrown in the towel. We were ready to go back to. Joe Borough earlier today, and he was asked about the chemistry getting on the same page developing that chemistry with Aj Green. You know. I'm GonNa throw the ball where the defense dictates near throat. Aj is a great player and I'm going to try to while on. We need to get him going. He's a big part of this offense and. Get going or in some better industry do. Have you guys talked on the side about it or you know worked after our before practice to Kinda get your chemistry better. We've put a lot of work together here fourteen fifteen hours a day. So we're putting the working to get things, right? Joe Borough earlier today meeting with the media by Zoom of course Let me give you one more and I think this is interesting from the standpoint of the relationship he has with the manning family. I went to the manning quarterback camp years ago still stays in contact with. But other. Noted NFL quarterback here's jober on that. You know that families a great family, Archie text me every week win or lose. You know last video texts me head up he told me that allies you're played the ravens and yet 0.00 Qbr. So. Archer texting every week that means a lot to not only me but my family as well. It's it's refreshing me in engraved for me to have a guy like Peyton, and some other veteran quarterbacks that played a long time or in the hall of fame guys like Kurt Warner he takes me every week as well On. Those guys WanNa help in in you'd be dom not take advantage of those opportunities. Joe Borough. So let's get into this The initial topic tonight was we are twenty one games into the Taylor era. How much confidence do you have in what you are seeing? Twenty one games in three wins in the twenty one games I've given you my thoughts on what I've seen, and maybe as as Joelu maybe I'm guilty of over. It wouldn't be the first time of reacted according to some. But there is a a rising level of frustration with me watching quarterback get sacked as much as he's been sacked hit as much as he's been hit over fifty times on pace for record breaking territory. It will be one thing. If. They were doing what I believe could be done to. Better protect him. In terms of the plays being called in the formations they are coming from. That seems simplistic to me. And I'll go back to the two words either the. Just. Not. Being. Not being aware of it not being too stubborn to concede it maybe. Maybe. Unwilling. Maybe, unable to change. Now, this is my system I've waited my whole life to be a head coach. I'm implementing my system consequences be damned. Or maybe it's no no no I see what's happening. I see my quarterback getting hit. Knocked into next week but I believe in my system. And I'M GONNA prove to you. It works. Now. Somebody. Appeal. Mike quarterback off the ground again. Go back to the phones Chad's on a cell and he is on seven hundred. The way there is on seven hundred wwl Chad. is on this this is not this is not that Keller being stubborn he has he does not have the ability to change. We saw this with the University of Cincinnati One, hundred, twenty, eight teams. There's offense one, hundred, twenty third and everything said, well, he he does partner well, he didn't change the game off season. Any good coach would look at this offensive line and said, look I understand what my quarterback eggshells at. But with this offensive line and our personnel, we cannot do this. This is not gonNA work. We need to change implement what does well, we need to implement stop. Thinking, where have you call? It trains whatever and he doesn't to do that unless you know you. Gain after the defensive was on the field on time. What does he do? He goes five light again, Lou takes off the seconds off the clock. And it criminal criminally doing Joe Borough unless an awesome. Team Joe Mission. To him, how about at the end game you clearly threw in the towel why did you decide to run him ten times? Output in Perry P. Reiner, you know another backup law why he does not have the ability to change. Now I'm not saying I'm like I said I've never been football coach, but I moved down well when you're you're getting like that strange, you gotta get quick there's offensive line cannot hold up to five lines and everyone knows that and Zach does not want to change not because I don't think it's taboo. I think that he doesn't know any other way but the USA system, he can't adapt and that's just the. That because like I said. That at the end when you he just wants to you know. Nor the fact that he goes ahead and let's you know Joe Mixing get beat up by you don't need to do that. He doesn't want to change and you know the numbers are what they are. There's there's no proof is about painting and the numbers with the university says through this eight, his system and I'm not saying it doesn't work I'm same for for what the Bengals have a good coach. We'll look at that. They should have known that during training camp or whatever. Yeah. Look at this and said, Hey, this, we can't do this. You know we can't have you been five. We don't have horses for that. Doesn't WANNA do that matches shank hatred. Thanks Buddy. Good here for me. Appreciate your ticket and again I I looked up yesterday they on on first downs this year one, hundred sixteen snaps on first and ten. They've got eleven personnel, which is three wide receivers. One tight running back only eighteen times on first down this year if they had two tight ends in the game. And here's what really bugs me they. They had the test and they had the answers last week going into the Ravens game it was no secret what the ravens were going to do. The Ravens. Blitz more than anybody in the league and what are the Ravens do on Sunday they blood David more than they usually do fifty nine percent of the time they blitzed. Did. It look like they were prepared for it from their work during the week did it look like they were able to make adjustments in the game? I would offer no in each of those. No they weren't prepared for it or to if they were prepared, they weren't able to adjust when their preparation wasn't good enough. Drives me crazy. Arnelle. Carriers sports docked by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty seven seven hundred wwl Wjr now, carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm I'm all kinds of fired up tonight If you didn't know any better, you would think Zach Taylor is lighting up and calling plays as if he has the likes of Munos and Montoya in Kozerski and Walter and others. Do you see that talent on this offensive line I'm GONNA go ahead and say no for you. So wire formations in play calls not adjusted to this offensive line short quick easy get the ball out of his hands. Two more questions repeated. Did it look to you on? Sunday like they were prepared for the Ravens. and to did it look like they were able to adjust to what the ravens were throwing at them? I guess I rest my case Wilmington we go. Henry welcome to sportstalk. Glance I've always appreciated your comments disagree with you Sam, but the same you hit the nail on the head and I can't even spell disappointed right now but I have I'm. I'm like to quit quickcam answered. Yes. Appointment and comment then I'm going to hang up 'cause I can't take. My first disappointment, Mike Brown and Snack. Tater weren't standing in front of you when you made your little talk. Disappointing number to Atlanta was the first to let go the head coach and should have been Cincinnati. So my finance. Taylor isn't in control of anything forget about the the by calling and. Anything he doesn't know what he is doing. He has no game plan. So that's obvious to. A Novice Fan, he doesn't know. What to do? He can't make change he doesn't know what to do. Chess. Is Making a career ending injury. Possibility. Borough jets, hempel. In Go. I sense your frustration I really appreciate your listening in calling hope you'll do it again some time. Thank you land goody. Thank you for what you do. Thank you. That's very kind of you. That made my night what I love what I do, and a there's there's occasion where get worked up tonight I'm worked up I just don't think it's fair. It is I think one it's not fair. To Joe Borough. But in the bigger picture, it just points to a real concern of if something is obvious as if I if I see this dome me by see this if if I took the time to sit there and watch play after play on on replay again on Sunday and watch every time Joe Borough dropped back and I'm screaming my TV, he doesn't have time to be doing this. I just I don't know how at first time head coach who's been gifted Joe Borough doesn't say guys we got a scrap everything we know and everything we've learned our first priority is protecting this young man it may take two tight ends. It may take a lot of play it may take flipping this playbook is I've put it together all my life but the most important thing going forward is not my system working. It is my quarterback surviving. We've reached the midway point of the show still had more of your reaction and you're going to hear from John Brennan on the cross down shoot. Out. All that is ahead after a check on news Arnaud carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl wliw. Seven, thirty, seven, seven, hundred wwl w. it's our carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Thanks for being along for the ride tonight take until nine hand dropped to Gary. Jeff. Walker who serves up the nightcap thanks rather tweets tonight as well. WHO TWITTER FEED BURN UP I'm on twitter Atlanta's mcallister twitter feed is presented by corns. They have three locations in northern. Kentucky got fantastic Patios at each of those stop by check it out Join. US ATLANTA mcallister were up to some seventy thousand four, hundred thirty seven who are able to to add input and follow along with this show. We'd love to make you seventy thousand four, three eight at Lance McAlister so if you missed it earlier and we'll go back to the bengals conversation here in a second skyline Chili crosstown shootout on it has been been saved so to speak, they will play Sunday December sixth. Ask Fifth Third. Arena. Now, there has been a back and forth there has been angst. There has been a sense that it was not going to happen for the first time in a long time. There would be no shootout for multiple reasons centered around Kobe nineteen. The fact that there's going to be there no fans or very few fans in the stands. and. The beauty of this is I know exactly the argument that each side made the argument I would have made depending on which side of the fence I was on I can see why both coaches were presenting in saying what they were saying ultimately, it's going to be played where it was scheduled to be played. At fifth third arena. John. Brennan, went to twitter earlier today taking a page out of Chris Mac and offered up this in a two minute twitter video on the shootout. They have packed fifth third arena to the brim of this is a huge rivalry. It is raise. It is Yankees Red Sox for years. The. Cheetah. Kidding me man never missed one of those when I was a kid. Nineteen ninety-two senior you nothing guaranteed a victory I know how happy about that? We weren't going away found fourteen then a few years later, husband Gillan when shake hands after the game mad with the greatest I had settled down. Then, if you use that one Cincinnati bearcats Lenny Brad that none of the disease. Has a great meant for them. Lamb governor the house offer nothing. Two Thousand One and Got Kids School telling my daughter's was full of across town. Judah Weiss's all twitter. It's been crazy few weeks. Xavier call. They said they understood it wasn't equitable that was eternally used. Like we could work something out. So we I offered mutual may come August twenty one. I think they a lot of the twenty one could do. So then we came back here. We'll go to your place this year. That's two straight years with the center. But maybe that would break up the sketching twenty million. Thought for sure will new to this year and go to cross touch nothing to save. As lot of stories. In Meeting Then the last one. Less real. Mutual that since She years to renew. It must have football now they said way with us. Good. Stinson has been buried. So. We'll go to seventy, six, two, thousand, twenty sitting third arena. Go cats. Beautiful. Now, let me explain the backstory to this and I think you'll understand why each coach was planning their flag on on the hill they were planning on The game was Symtas last year loud raucous homecourt advantage big revenue game for Xavier. The game next year, we'll be at Cintas homecourt court advantage, big revenue game homecourt advantage for savior. This year it's scheduled to be at fifth third. Where there will be no fans in all likelihood or. A handful of fans. So in essence, what happens you see has to play a rivalry game. Without its home crowd in a sellout raucous environment. And won't real in the revenue, their biggest revenue game of the year. So if you're John Brennan, what would your reaction be? Well, this blows I don't WanNa do this. Let's come up with something else. Let's go neutral site. When what would you say? What would you say if you're travesty? Sorry. That's them's the breaks schedule says we're playing it your place this year. Let's go, which is obviously. If you're thinking, we get to play you see at fifth third in front of family and friends maybe perhaps nobody sure would you rather play in a hostile environment against the bearcats or played a very quiet, basically empty fifth third so you can understand what Xavier was saying. The things that? John. UCR offered. Think of what he said there he said, let's go neutral court this year. And then played at next year it just kind of pick up where we left off next year. Okay let's play your place this year and will play at our place next year is we're not going to do that. Why? Why why would we bring the the rivalry game to our place with no crowder very little crowd in no revenue when it's your game and so then the third offer was all right. Let's go neutral this year. Will play at UC next year and will play Xavier the next year think he was offering and think of the he was offering to crosstown shootouts in two thousand and twenty one. Uc said, let's play neutral this year and make up for all this it's going on. Let's play our place and your place in twenty twenty one, a double shot of the shootout. Can you imagine? and. Then finally, John UC offered. Alright alright. Play a neutral court this year. Will play at your place next year as scheduled. But, will play at our place the next two years to make up for this. IS ABC? So. What are they GONNA do they'll play as on the docket this year fifth third Sunday December the sixth. Travis steel telling the inquirer today. The following the game needs to be played like it's supposed to be played every single year in contract. It's supposed to be played at fifth third, and that's where we're playing. Video of that message delivered by coach Brandon on his twitter feed today. Little juice little spice to the rivalry. And then a Sunday game Sunday December six big Dave. Look Up I. Forget the look to look up December sixth the bengals are. Not that I would assume it's one o'clock game. So you would you would like to think Sunday if that's ESPN controlled. That's a home game. So it should one Miami Yeah you would. You would think that would be put. Let's see. It'd be a UC game who it's ESPN controlled. So you would think at least later on in the afternoon, I can't be imagined to be a Sunday night but could it be a Sunday four o'clock or you know what? Though watch him stick it at noon on that Sunday? That would blow. Back, to the phones. No let's do this. Let's take a timeout and then we'll grab up Paul and Mike Mark Jeff and eight o'clock hour I have something that Mike. Course. He wrote our Guy, senior college basketball writer, and Hall of fame writer for the Sporting News. He wrote something about the city of Cincinnati. And I bookmarked and I saved it and I said that's going to be a topic at some point and I wanted some time to pass because it's a very emotional topic and I, think I may roll it out in the eight o'clock air but your calls next Arnold Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl. 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Karen's grandview program has been helping accomplish just like you regain their lives. Talk to. visit. Karen Dot Org. Slash rant few. Seven, fifty to seven hundred wwl W Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet there in the third. and. There in the third, the dodgers lead the braves fifteen to one. In the last six innings. The dodgers have scored twenty two runs twenty two runs in the last six innings of baseball. For the dodgers. Fifth teen to one in eight eleven run first inning tonight braves starter Kyle right lasted two thirds of an inning giving up seven Max Muncie than added a grand slam eleven run first inning tonight for the dodgers. All right back to the phones and how about well, let's go here. Mike. Welcome to sports talk hey land pay doing I'm all worked up tonight Mike help me. That's why I like your work up the. Own Old. That keilor's making Don Shula. Look like Vince. Lombardi. Incredible Mean David. Shula David. Chiu. Like. I tell you what it looks like Joe Boroughs already been paying allies I mean he just said that glazed look after that game is it's like you know. Making, playoffs for a while with this coach and with this team because I mean God forbid Clayton's got their act together. It looks like in. Baltimore it's just like you know where's the hope here man? It's like now bingles games again to watch us. Yeah. They're going GONNA lose again. Mike drives me crazy would seem so simple to me if you get gifted if the God's drop Joe Out of the sky into your lap, the first thing I'm GonNa do when he lanes on my lap, I'm going to I'm going to hug him I'm going to hold him and I'm going to protect him and they seemingly are content with just letting them and get the hell beat out of him so far this season. I know it's incredible and what really my ass really is like at the end of the game me to go to throw in the towel. Down on the ball why risk anybody getting hurt at that point Amir. First of all, you're all sorts alliance terrible anyway why worry about them having knee injury running back into knee injury and your quarterback killed I mean I think watching the coach give up on a game like that she should not have been made it on the plate is the head coaching. Fired right. Right away. I mean it's just unacceptable to throw in the towel at that level and that Peop- into the game I mean it was just it was terrible. The fact that they're putting on the field and it's just amazing that they're going to run this kid out there day and just let them lose that confidence after coming. Look what just neighbor Herbert's doing out in la I mean the kid wasn't supposed to be playing and he's lighting it up. It's amazing what you can do give a little bit of protection. It's just turning well for him is up football quarterback NFL. I mean I I don't see. Any Confidence Mrs from Hey Mike. Thanks Buddy. No problem. Have a good night I hear the frustration in his voice. I don't know when Joe when I was talking about this with lap. Ever played the quarterback position, but it would be one thing if if lap or rocky were sitting directly across from me. And they lunged at me and tackled me I'd at least like see it coming baby sitting right in front of me. I'm like, Oh, man how many times did Joe into some of this is on him a break out of the pocket on the run turn try to create, try to extend and turn. A blindside and man it's one thing if lab Iraqi luncheon me and they're looking right at me if I'm like walking out of the studio and I get hit. You know what? It's one thing that brace for something like. This is GonNa hurt. The hits he took. The water he took where he turned with sitting sitting on the ground and reached for his elbow. I just. I, it drives me crazy. Every conversation I have with my dad begins with related to the Bengals is always. Just hope he doesn't get hurt and it's every single time. That's what he says like one stop saying that it's like you're wishing it. It's like the more you talk about it the more it's going to happen but can you imagine? If that were to happen. I would think the evidence, the physical evidence of fifty plus beatings already administered would cause you to shudder as a coach and say, my goodness I've been raised on this philosophy and I've learned this philosophy football I am with her I like it or not. I am going to have to adjust what I call in the formations I call it from. Going forward. I'm not. GonNa. Have this guy around. He's on a cell and he's on seven hundred WWL W. Hey mark. Hey. How'd you land turned Am I making any level of all tonight? Well Yeah I think you are I mean a couple of things You know why? Why? Not? Why not throw the ball out in the flat or Al.. latu mixing or Bernard occasionally and whatnot I mean, you're line can't obviously block the run very well. Or other quick slant screen hitched. A quick easy short, easy quick you. Can't do it on every play, but I'd like to see a little short easy quick for Joe for the reason that he won't get beat up on the play. Well, here's here's me. Is here the two big questions one. I'm not sure from what I've seen the last four years of this offensive line and it can really block any play. And number two I I mean unfortunately, we may be starting to watch the re the reinvention of David Klingler. I'm very I'm very worried. That's exactly what's going to happen to this kid. I don't get it. Why why do you draft a quarterback first round very first pick in the draft who a franchise player paying thirty six million dollars and put them behind a line like that. And Invest Forty eight million you're running back as well. I don't get it. I really believe that the mindset of this ownership is is that they can go out and they think they can find anybody. An offensive lineman growing on a tree and make an NFL lyman out of them and you know the the money in the skill players we seen that over and over and over here and it never ends. It's regards who the coaches that just seems to be the underlying theory what they do here. Very. Frustrating, very, very frustrating. Thanks. Have a great night and it's easy. It's easy to say it's frustrating. How'd you like to be on the receiving end of the result or what's making us frustrated? That would be Joe Borough picking himself up off the ground again. My Butler Mathur five games in a third to about a third of the season he's fifty, fifty, five times. Let's go fifty times. Three that's setting up for one hundred and fifty hits. And that's setting up for in the neighborhood of what seventy sacks. Lord help Joe. Berle. When we come back, more have thoughts on on this and I want to add this aligned Mike McCarthy wrote in the sporting news last week it said Reds Offensive Meltdown in play offs suggest curse of Being Cincinnati sports fan might never relent. and. He said consider how much has gone wrong and how it has gone wrong over the past quarter century. I looked at that list. And I get very sad. More as we continue straight up top of the hour that would be news time Arnaud Carriers Sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Seven, hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM nine PM. Let's keep rolling no reason to slow down now it's already eight Oh eight. L., we're GONNA do this. I've already pushed other topics off to the side in an effort to move things along we we we've been flying, but we've been flight on one topic so are. Blown out some other stuff I do have something new in this hour, and we'll grab some more conversations about the the original conversation at at six after talking with skinny from local twelve rigid skinner was twenty one games in your level of confidence was Zach Taylor I. Always found it interesting. How so much of the bengals conversation the default position is the owner, the front office. The scouts free agency the draft and said I wanNA to know in the middle of the season. Twenty, one games in what is your level of confidence with what Zach Taylor's doing. I said I've heard a lot and read a lot of the two h words this week the honeymoon is. Over hotseat how hot is the hot seat if tot for Zach? Taylor. So I thought. Let's do a topic about Zach and. What you make of what he's done to this point that led to utter frustration and a Boeing of gasket in the fiery of my pacemaker and the late stages of the six o'clock hour on calling and formations, and and just to me going back and watching the game again on Sunday thinking, why are these plays? These formations being this offensive line can't hold up long enough for those plays to forget about work they can't block long enough for the place to even unfold to see if they're going to work. And that ties in with what I think is just inexcusable. That concessions have been made to this offensive line and saying we have to do more to protect Joe Borough. If that means changing our system, our belief system are our playbook. My philosophy is the first time coach. What I believe in I'm gonNA instead of taking a hammer to impounding square peg into a round hole I gotta make some concessions I gotta I. GotTa Run more tight ends I gotta run less eleven, personnel I can't empty it like Joe did it Lsu I know he likes that and I know we can on occasion take advantage of of matchups and spread it out but. The results that everything traces back to is Joe's getting hit too much. So whether it's too tight ends more whether it's. Quick Short quick easy slant screens, wide receiver screens, bubble screens, hitch hugh name it pick one pick any. Then I'll add this and this hour. From Mike Decor, see my guy, he was my guy until he wrote this kidding. But he wrote this is someone who lived in this city Mike lived here for almost two decades. So he speaks from experience in he wrote this right after the reds playoff loss exit and I saved it I said, there'll be a spot for this and I said, I'm not I'm not ready to do with this now two weeks ago I said I need a little bit of time to. Separate. And then I said, well, let's try tonight because I'm curious. How will you would answer this Mike Headline in the sporting news sporting news dot com was reds offensive meltdown in playoffs suggest curse of being Cincinnati sports fans might never relent. Any reference Joe Joey votto. Famous I think we're an f. a nightmare and Mike road. He was only stating the obvious those who grew up there. Cincinnati live there or chose to adapt the IT's teams through some bizarre sense of masochism understand understood how this flirtation with glory would end in the playoffs for the reds in horrific grotesque heartbreaking. Because it's the only way. He writes Cincinnati is afflicted in pretty much everything it plays. Consider how much has gone wrong and how it's gone wrong over the past quarter century. And Mike proceeded to write a column for the Sporting. News about all the moments. And his trace back, not quite a quarter of a century he traces back to the allied or game at damage later. September and October of Nineteen, ninety. Nine. And what happened. But man reading the instances, the Games, the moment, the hurt break the failures. It is. It's hard to comprehended happening to the same city. This many different times with this many different teams in this many different ways. Mike's words it's the only way it could have ended. Because Cincinnati's afflicted in pretty much everything it plays. Stop and think about what he wrote consider how much has gone wrong how it's gone wrong. Over the past quarter century so I've asked you this. If you consider how much has gone wrong and how it's gone. Wrong. which is the one. Mike writes about this being a curse. The curse of being a Cincinnati sports fan might never relent. To me and I. I've lived I've used as topics I know all the talking points for all these instances you wrote in fact, there's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen different instances he wrote about the one I would be for mine. Is January Twenty Sixteen Paul Brown. Stadium. Bengals steelers game. Because of what was at stake in what they were so close to ninety seconds. Ninety seconds away from changing everybody's narrative and talking point about the bengals. They would've not just ended the playoff drought and what a playoff game for the first time since nineteen ninety. They would have also ended the Pittsburgh steelers season. And done it in comeback. Fashion. With Aj McCarron has the quarterback. Down fifteen nothing they rallied they lead. And then the whole sequence, I'm not even sure I. Can I can do it again, the whole sequence of Jeremy Hill and von perfect running off the field and up the tunnel and celebration and the the double personal fouls and who is the steeler coach then came on the field of that Damn Grin on his face and Adam Jones Tasr perfect and and I just I it's hard to process all of that happening. In that Short amount of time, there have been other moments I can give you reds moments two, thousand twelve to me that was long and slow and drawn out. That wasn't one moment that was a game three and then a game four. And then game five and there was at least one off-day between all of that. That was that was drawn out. Twenty sixteen of January and Paul. Brown. State and that was golf club to the growing that was instant. That wasn't like the band aid being pure of a little bit of after after. Out. This was. That moment. Boom. and. It's the one for me. And it's not the one because of what they could have done. Even going back if you if you want to quote the Kenyon. Martin. Everybody will use that as a default Momeni will use that as a fault. The great debate is they would have gone on to win the national championship I believe. Okay. That was the opening that was that was the conference tournament. There's a lot that could have happened. My thing for the moment of December of January two, thousand sixteen was not not what they might do winning the next game or winning the Super Bowl. It's what they were going to do in that very moment. They were going to win a playoff game. And the rest of the country was going have to burn their talking points about the Bengals not having won a playoff game since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. Think, of what I would have done for Andy think of what would've done for Marvan. Would have done for the organization and Mike Brown. That's the moment for me. When might of course he writes in a in a national column for the Sporting News about the curse of being Cincinnati sports fan might never relent. That's my moment. That's the one that I that I pray is never topped because I can't imagine something being worse than that night at Paul Brown stadium. I flashed so many things I flash to BAN BEING CARTED OFF. The. Field. I. Flashed a him being pelted with beer cans. Flashed to him coming out of the tunnel in his shoulder is like. Barely attached. It's like fallen off. They've taped it back on. And Ben leads them down the field with an arm that is duct tape to shoulder unable to throw the ball down the field and they still marched down the field. Which one for you? It's the only way. Rights might decor? heartbreak grotesque. Horrific. The way ends in this city. We'll do that and your calls as we continue our carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Eight hundred eighty, three, seven, hundred wliw aren't L. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kilson Chevrolet. Go back to the phones by the way if you missed a if you missed last night's Joe Morgan tribute show man the stuff that that that pete had and Johnny and in your memories and my memories and in Joe's hall of fame speech in a clip from Joe's last time on on Sportstalk if you missed all that remember. 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See here in Westchester what are you say? Jeff. How. Are you? I'm a little bit worked up tonight Jeff I need some help I can tell you. One thing out of the way we are very fortunate here. INSENSATE we get you. We've got Dan we've got checked and you guys are absolutely three Oh. Thanks. Thank you I'm very fortunate I have the listeners I do and I don't. I keep that in mind and I very much appreciate you say thank you. Keep. US guessing. here's here's my take and I'm probably GONNA get run out of town this but You remember last pre-draft everybody was on Joe Hand. You and I talked about the draft and I was one of the very few people. Talked about taking the picks. And this is nothing against Joe whatsoever he is going to be a tremendous football player. But my point was this. This team was so bad. There's still so bad. One person is not gonNA, make a difference. When you stand back and looked at it. Played Out and they would've taken herber or maybe to And they picked up another first round pick and maybe not a second round pick. How would this team with another first round offensive linemen? And the second round linebacker or a second round defensive line Halloween look today. Well, you'd be obviously, you'd be trusting them to hit on those picks. I just didn't who I just I believe he is such a a special talent you're going to. You're going to need one eventually and I I just I see where you're coming from the with the bulk rather than one I. Just I would not have taken a lesser quarterback I like it being incumbent on them. They got a special talent now build around him and. We're going to find out if they can do that or not. But. I understand that the bulk approach get as many pictures you can. polling about. That was a good thing. Making bags. Back on topic I think the I think the honeymoon is over I think and this is nothing against Iraq. I'm sure he's a fine young man and and a great guy, but unfortunately, they're getting out coach. Game in game out and. It's funny. You say that because as I was watching Sunday it was I felt like wink Martindale the defensive coordinator the Ravens was playing chess. Zach the offensive coordinator was playing checkers I right I. thought he was completely outgunned outmanned out coach I just I felt like he was playing a different game than the opposing coaches he we and you know maybe maybe he's a couple years away from. That position, there's a lot of pressure on their those guys work sixty, seventy, eighty hours a week and. Man Oh man but I think unfortunately I think it's time to make a move. I appreciate your call and thank you for the kind words take. You as well. Thanks for checking in how `Bout here in Liberty Jim Welcome. sportstalk. Hey. What's going on her just hanging out trying to sort through this Jim? What do you make of all of it? I. Know you've heard it thousand times since the season started or even since the draft why would you not? Go Out and get free agent Lyman and there was two or three that was really good. He got picked up they spent the money that way. And Joe Borough would be scoring points instead of taking his rear end up all the turf. I mean think of it in their biggest off season spending spree ever they loaded up on the defense now obviously, the defense was bad last year but think of all the money that was spent on defense and the I, guess the just the assumption well, we've got the quarterback will figure it out after that he. said it or think of the they invest in in Joe Burl They invest money in Joe Mixing and yet for either one to succeed, they have to have a much better offense. Do they don't Yeah I don't just. I kill can't. You know I I've been a Bagel fan for since since. Two the first super bowl. Band I've seen a lot of bad things and a lot of good things, and this is awful I mean they can't even create plays. He can roll out and throw the ball of keeping from getting killed. He Ain't GonNa make it through the cities and They don't start doing something different. I think. Go ahead I'm sorry. Go ahead. Things needed to go. I don't I. Don't think that's happening but he certainly has to make some adjust at least not now but he he's got to adjust her job rose in some trouble jimmy joy this. Let's do it again some time. Sheriff. Thank. Thank you as well. Again I I. Don't I'm probably sums in. Last play you called in the NFL I've never called a play in the NFL. But just do me a favor go back and watch Sunday specifically the plays for Joe Borough, the passing place, and you tell me if the formations and the play calls. Are. Conducive. To that offense of lying and that specifically on Sunday that bullets pressure now you know what? I'll I'll say what I said earlier maybe maybe Zach Joe Borough are correct when they said today, there's no reason to panic. And I will concede the ravens are a really really good team. I don't think we're realistically even the diehard diehard thought the was we're GonNa win on Sunday. But my point from jump early on in the show tonight was it wasn't so much the loss it was how they looked in losing. Jacksonville on one end of the spectrum. Baltimore on the other end of the spectrum indies going drop somewhere closer to the middle this weekend maybe they beat indie maybe they don't. I, just know this. The. Franchise. Is Getting the crap beat out of him. And I said at the start of the season, I'll say it now and I'll say at the end of the season. The single most important thing. Is Protecting the franchise. Eight thirty one sports talk seven, hundred wwl view. Eight thirty, eight, seven, hundred wliw, this would be arnold carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet there. In the six, the dodgers after scoring eleven runs in the first inning. That's right. Eleven runs. In the first inning, they lead the braves fifteen to one This would move the series to a game four with the braves up two games to one, the rays will try to seal the. And head of the world series. Tonight I had a couple of topics every this I tweeted this earlier. This is the first time that a bengals topic has run the table. I've three hours of sports talk in a long time this blue rate through the crosstown shootout topic I set up it blew right through Cincinnati occurs topic I said in his blown through everything and I had a couple of baseball topics I had planned to set up as well I don't remember. A night where caller setup topic. has run the table like this bengals topic has certainly the reds had I don't know the last time. A bengals topic has run the table for three hours sports talk I'm working on a couple of different things. I don't know if I can fit him in on Friday night. We've got the roundtable tomorrow night. I'm with Rock, in studio from six tonight, we're going to get into Aj Green tomorrow night by the way because I can't be the only one. I should stand back when I say this. I can't be the only one when the news came out of the jets last night cutting bait with. Bell deciding. It wasn't worth the drama anymore. I can't be the only one who thought what if the bengals did that with Aj Green Now, there's a lot of ramifications to that and it's not apples to apples. But I can't be the only one who had that thought what what, what would happen if the bengals just said the drama of Aj Green over the last? Year, plus just is no longer worth it. There's there's not enough production to supersede the drama. And I WANNA tied in with on curious of Rockies thought tomorrow night having played on different teams in different situations with coaches. It's why ask skinny this earlier in the show. When you're a new coach and you come in. What what are you want? You want your guys. Who Deliver your message? What are the first Guy Marvin brought in? Was John Thornton The outsider, the pro set an example. When you're the new coach you you want to evaluate what you have, discard what you're not going to be able to use keep what you think you can work with, but you immediately want to start adding your guys sexton that now two drafts plus the biggest off season in the history of the franchise to get his guys. I S skinny this we'll get into it tomorrow night. If there's any reason to connect. To to any extent the DOTS? Between. The older guys. That were Zach guys. meaning. The cordy Glenn thing last. Year. The AJ green circumstances of last season in the back half of the season Aj. Kind of packet it in got no reason to play now to the mystery surrounding this year and when did he injured the hamstring on Sunday nobody saw it to Gino Atkins mysterious delayed arrival in the season never put him on. I. R. To Carlos dunlap being unhappy voicing that unhappiness publicly. That that, tracing of all those older guys who aren't Zack's guys I wonder if there is any legitimacy to are those names in in various individual instances. Or are those in any way shape or form dots to be connected to say what is going on here? Is it simply coach? Doing, something that the older guys aren't buying into, is it something that individually those guys? For whatever reason don't WanNa? Be a part of and yet linger here, and then you have to think what influenced do they have on others who watch how they behave and carry things out I do I'm just curious why skinny and I'll ask Rocky Tomorrow Night Zach has a has certainly used the words of culture and character and accountability and staying connected think of the drama. Over the last year, we've had with those older veterans to varying degrees. Go back to the phones. How `Bout here in Washington. Mary Welcome sportstalk mainland longtime I'm trying to say very calm tonight. I was not very good at staying calm earlier. Mary. Talk. For a while and you know what? It's it's it's a tough season. affected. I know but I didn't expect as tough. Yes. Yes. You having said that watch they'll go to India and they'll beat the colts and we'll all be jumping up and down and celebrating thinking they're they're back. They may very well do that. Maybe I'll. Be Silenced. I'm from Indiana and I I was just in Mindy last weekend and I tried to. Hook up with some of my relatives and seen if anybody had any chicken. Who did you work at it? I like it dialogue it. But my point is is. We haven't had no line since they let Zeitler and go. And you know my love and admiration for Andy. But. I'll tell you joe borough. I mean I really like Andy Dalton as. I think he's a class act. Borough is really specially talent. Yes. You're we can't say that. I had to drop I drop. Pacemaker fired. There's there's a list of words you can't say that would be on the list of things you can't see and I I have to I have to drop. To Reset Mary I'm, sorry? I I appreciate your your spirit and your enthusiasm. I know you did not say it in a in a militias wages a frustrated way, but you can't. You can't say that word. Go back to the phones. A reds note I I forgot to mention this earlier. The reds have removed four players from their forty man roster Mat Davidson. Travis Jankowski Jesse biddle and Matt Bowman. I'm pretty sure each of those guys would have been eligible for arbitration. You're going to see a lot of that this season a guys the term is like non tender candidates where you're having a good arbitration with them and give them a raise to any extent you'll just move on with Adam in this case, they create some openings on the forty man. The other reality is if the reds are going to be any good or if you're moving in the right direction. you're you're not relying on to any extent, Mat Davidson Travis, Jankowski Jesse biddle or Matt Poelman notice respect to any of those guys. But they're all fringe foray guys retreads. And another reality and all this is if this red system was better stocked that greater depth. You'd have you'd have better options than having to add. Pieces like Travis Jankowski and Mad Davidson Jesse biddle and Matt Bowman. Go to Milford, Vince, welcome, sportstalk oil, and sal on. I. Don't know. I think I'm doing. All right. Don't hang in there. So your question was when when did we lose confidence Taylor? You. You've changed my question I said, what is your level of confidence? Oh my level of competence. Okay. well, my level of confidence went from pretty high when they announced him getting hired to almost nothing after they announced that they're letting go of Frank Pollack and bringing Jim Turner. So it's been a while and I've been wanting to give Zach do yeah. He's a young coach but at the same time if they were gonNA, follow them McVeigh system. They were going to need to bring in. A experienced. Unquote Wade Phillips tight coach agrees help him yes that. Yes. You know maybe it was The Jacksonville. Del Rio Yeah Jack del Rio was supposed to be that Guy Maybe Jack Rio said I wanted to have a head coaching and see down the road I don't WanNa deal with this I don't know what the problem really was, but they never did that I kind of let it go and figuring that maybe. This year at the end during offseason, they would fix that is bringing in Bill Callahan Ryan Bother. With that and getting rid of Jim turn and they let him go to. CLEVELAND. So. I have no confidence back. If he's the head coach, he needs to let his offensive coordinator call the plays otherwise why did we have offense coordinator agreed I really I'm really impressed by Brian Callaghan I would love to see Zach simply say you know what? Let's. Let's try something different and see how it looks that doesn't mean he can't be in Brian's. On on the headset where they met doesn't mean they can't put the game plan together I just liked me br I think Brian's going to be a head coach. Someday I just like for the sake of seeing how would look say let's let you call the place for this game. I. Agree I, mean that Zach he's not Andy Reid. Let's not get confused. Out there calling place, Andy Reid has a as a as a fine pedigree you know. He's not Andy Reid. So he just needs to be going to hire a offense a quarter. Let offense coordinator do his job if you're GONNA hire. A subpar offensive line coach you better try and find somebody who's gonNA fill their shoes. It's going to do a better job by Frank Pollack. Bill. Callahan whoever somebody? But. That's all events. Thanks Buddy. Appreciate it. I have a good night You guys are on your gain tonight. Loved the input even these spirited Mary. By the way speaking of the Browns, there is a piece and. The risk of depressing you. If you subscribe to pro football focus, there's a piece. By Mike Renner today I'm going to reference it when we have more time with Rocky Tomorrow Night headline, the three headed monster at the forefront of the browns turnaround. In the three headed monster is the GM they hired. The offensive line coach they hired. And the coach they hired the head coach Kevin too fancy the head coach Bill Callahan the offense coordinator Andrew Berry the general manager and his I referenced Sterler Bring Up Stansky Peace and ESPN touting him as early front runner for coach of the year and this jumped out to me. It's why I tied in. So easily Zakat said in the piece one of the many things Cleveland. Liked about Stefanski he'd worked in so many different offensive systems that the browns believed he could meld his experiences together and be willing to find different ways to win as circumstances dictated. I, ask you the jury. Does it appear to you that Zach Taylor. Has the ability to Meld his experiences together and is willing to find or capable perhaps different ways to win as circumstances dictate. Like A subpar offensive line. Eight fifty one sports talk seven hundred WWL W. HALONS mcallister here I'd like to thank Raker and Phillips Jewelers for sponsoring the PODCAST. Richter and Phillips has the largest in shop collection of loose diamonds in the tri-state. That's a big deal because most places need to order a man lot of jewelers request deposits to view diamonds, which is a big red flag trapping you into purchasing one of the diamonds they ordered instead of allowing you to view a wider range of diamonds and here's a tip for you right now, if you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance, you'll get a fifty percent off code again, visit richterphillips DOT com slash. For fifty percents off. Down the stretch we go holy outburst a nipper tonight FC Cincinnati has scored twice they've taken the lead my guide nick haggling the local product has delivered the go-ahead they lead to one in their match verses. The Columbus Crew Perspective in the ten matches coming out of the bubble they had scored two goals, two goals in their last ten matches leaving Orlando. They have scored two goals tonight. They had not scored in their last four matches going tonight and they have to tonight. All right. Let's hustle. Let's see what we can do here in Mount Airy Gregg Welcome to sports talk I last. I am so glad he took out my team I call chicken Tim Sunday man I'm. Out of you know watching empty backfield Richmond. Everybody. Is David Blitz on scene? No quick routes no. No strain. Draw playing. Bengals. On to draw. It just I just the more I watched it when I went back and watched it again I'm like, why am I doing this? It just causing me to be more frustrated. Why is he running these plays in these formations we've gotta get. Our caller by borough killed man. Yes. Scare was when they hired this kid would be Dave Shula two point. I do I opened my last year Kyrie lost the locker room. We got. Five Games. I've seen enough matter if we. Ruins Oh Berle Zach gotta go. I if you're to ride out the season at the very least I guess adjust ray tyler him whatever they tall the play. Got A bad three obvious to me. To coach a better game plan what he had done it was really and not to be mean but it it was shocking to me to to see what they you know what they rolled out but there want their inability to adjust and I kept thinking what the hell they do all week. It's not like the Ravens created a new game plan on the fly now. I know part of the magic of the Ravens is disguising their blitzes and you never know quite know when they're gonNA come but you know they're coming in there was no recognition and then no adjustment to any that it's like they showed up and said, oh we have to play the Ravens. Well, we don't know what to do in that that can't happen in the NFL Funny last was ever five hundred beginning. I don't know what they saw. Chain, attack didn't have any. You know. quarterbacks coast to a head coach. Luis. The only quarterback coach year to NFL so. Much. spanking. Funny, ruin it's More. Ruins over hey, greg I enjoyed it call again buddy. Bob. Have a great night. All right. We did it. We ran the table with this I think I'd have to go back and check I. think the last time really a caller presented topic around the bengals. Ran. The table for three hours is probably when Marvin left. I very much appreciate your input. Tonight I. It was it was a bit of a struggle early to Kinda separate. owner. Front office, draft free, and everything else from the coach. But I, think we got a solid conversation of in season the coaching, the XS and os the game planning the adjustments, the schemes what do you think? What's your confidence in? Zach Taylor. Good stuff tonight alright. Gary Jeff Walker has prepared three hours. He will deliver and serve up the nightcap immediately after the news that his next. Thanks for being a part of this tonight arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven, hundred W W.

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