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"david bess" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

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"david bess" Discussed on Thoth-Hermes Podcast

"Liuyang by Haitian singer and songwriter. Weena very strongly influenced by the music of her homeland. You can tell that great music. I think so here we come to the interview and now I I have to tell you. Of course those who have listened to to show last week and to F listens rights to the end where I always announce the next show. I told you if all goes well Tobias Churton will be on this show and our guest well unfortunately not all went well and that is due to flooding steady going on at the south east of England and unfortunately friend Tobias has been suffering from dead quiet debate and we wish him oldest so we were unable to do that recording last week. But we will do that into you tobias and I are both wanting to do it and I'm sure you are all looking forward to hear about Elyssa cruelly in India at some later point having said that. I'm extremely happy to welcome today. Our guest showed David Best. There is and I have wanted to do such into you for quite some time. Also we don't live that far apart from each other he lives in Munich and I- near Vienna. We all have already imagine to that interview. Maybe at something even live with sitting next to each other but now this time he was available this week to Be With me and I'm extremely happy that we could do this interview and this is also some very special moment. I think for all of you because actually this is the first podcast interview. David is giving after eleven years. Believe it or not it has been eleven years. He has decided to take a break in being that kind of public figure apart from his own readings and lectures of course but he'd never went onto another podcast since he has done his last interview. With my friend Greg Kaminsky on of cult of personality in January. Two Thousand Nine. Believe it or not so. We are really extremely happy to have him here with us today. David Bess. Who is has been one of the leading figures of the SOCI- would stick by Mike. Mike Do Virtue. And he has since then created his own movements cosmic noces which has given the name to disorder subtitled. Today's show and well. There's lots of things to talk about with him today and I won't keep you longer just to tell you that as usual of course at the middle of the interview will come back and he'll listen to a little piece of music again it will be adapted to what we're going to talk about and the middle of the NGO. This time is a little bit later than usual. It's about thirty nine forty minutes because we spoke maybe ten minutes longer than usual. David and high on this show but it was really worth it without further ado. Let's go to the south of Munich and talk to David. Beth here comes the interview. It is a great pleasure for me today.

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