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"david awasa" Discussed on SRB Media Podcasts

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"david awasa" Discussed on SRB Media Podcasts

"Anyway there were three a full of the big guys. Yeah who in the london press. David awasa would get the guidelines in the papers yet. Where it is locally you know ron ron idle the local press. You know said you. Rob brownies fingered. In a way. I loved him no because he was he wasn't the dow pay. You know some people use save was especially when these people you know we had to send to you. I'm sure i'm sure many is pressure mason's show that everyone went away so pleased around what did and and the way drawn approached it you know and so there is this thing going on rayleigh with the press. They win for aston villa. The london price they before they reached town and they wanted to switch to win the league. So you know i think. From ron point of view. Yeah he he was to overcome things as well. You know from the point of view credibility and 'unity you know a last game losing twice which which you know in the league of people sought while you lose twice the outcome you leak well. We won't all the others simply been a few years ago. I got A a phone call from a journalist in its geneva's writes in a book about year about this ritchie and he asked me to make a comment. Yeah in the book. So i i did the cover. The guy sent me a copy of the everything. So it's all the place talking about their experiences. Obviously they went onto win the iota. Pink fish through the great achievement for all of in the end. Yeah because you know they had such a a an eventual season. But it was interesting because when you read what everyone says you know. Everyone's we'd probably be the same what we should have won the league. We should've only you know. But but he didn't you know so. Little bit of narrative tried to put the thing right..

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