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"david allison john" Discussed on KYW Newsradio 1060

"News time eight o six president trump will address the nation tonight and outlined his plans for afghanistan after sixteen years of combat closer to deliver on evening address on the afghan war from fort myer in virginia just outside washington after on afghantistan related meeting with commanders and military planners last week camp david allison john's lows executive director of the iraq and afghanistan veterans association any of the current white by ghana where he more than one you really need clarity nrc mandarin here that the burden of air continuing to carry a worthy on cbs news has learned that the president plans to deploy four thousand more troops to afghanistan an try pressuring pakistan to stop providing safe haven for terrorists tom foty cbs news washington kyw news time eight seven it's time for the eyewitness weather five day forecast cbs three meteorologist katie fehlinger joining us this morning were off to a pretty nice star for a clip stay here cain yes definitely i think it'll generally to stay that way carol for the most part you know i think we will see kotla patchy clouds during the actual heating of the clips which again takes place from 121 max at to forty four and then wraps up at 401 all pm today and we'll we'll see more some anything throughout that time sprang now as the declinces wrapping up there is pretty to chance at parts of the area radar satellite up with a couple of showers or a localised thunderstorm all very spotty by worth a mention is hype pressure is making its exit that is something that will have to dodge in a couple of spots perhaps for the evening drive.

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