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"davey conception" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"davey conception" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"When you do let me know. 5137491 7800 big ones and pounds 700 on a TNT. Doug's in a million on 700 wlw. Hey, Doug. Hey, I was doing land. I'm frustrated tonight. Yeah, Yeah, well, would you put it, you know, 16 losing seasons over the last 20. It's kind of hard to overcome that number. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's just hard believe that we've been losing for that long. You know, But when you think about ST Louis in the fact that they were willing to cut loose the NFL team And, uh, you know, but we've just settled in this city for what we get, you know, with professional sports. And it's It's really been sad that we haven't had More of a winning tradition here in Cincinnati and what 34 decades. Yeah, it's zit. Uh, it's tough to stomach. Yeah, well, would you said that there? You know this really where they just picked up, you know, and it was worth the 1.5 million. You know to me? It just amazes me that you know, we're paying that kind of money for an average major league pitcher. You know, in comparison to somebody like, you know, um Getting 40 million. Yeah, that's a bargain. I mean, that's a huge bargain. Um, but, yeah, the Reds Reds have a long way to go. You know, I still think there's a lot of what if, um, you know, with the cove it and what did what the season gonna look like. You know, and if they ran the table, they went to the World Series. You know, if you don't have fans in the stands, what's it going to mean the Cincinnati anyway? Well, I wouldn't would. I would certainly take it. I would take a world championship fans in the stands or not, but that Z putting the card in front of the horse at this point. Right. Was it this time last year that we get twigs last year, the year before that was two years ago. Last year was the Mike Moustakas and Nick Castano's and show Go. Akiyama and Wade Miley off season. Okay, Because I was remembering because, twig I mean, that was a big signing, and that was really blown up. And then we traded him halfway through the season and you know it. Uh, yeah, You're right. I don't think I don't think the Reds of honesty trust with the with the fan base. That's a good way to put it, Doug. Thank you for calling. Thank you for listening. Thank you. All right. Appreciate you check in and see that I am E get. I get worked up about this stuff because I just I am Those words from Bob Nightingale, the team's image and the narrative of its owner. Those two lines. They're gonna hang with me for a while in relation to what the reds images and what the narrative of the owner is. Homewood Place and Tracy. Welcome to sports talk. Great show has always wanted. I think Cincinnati fans want players that can rally around. We're tired of getting all these different players from year to year in year year. Um, you know, Davey Conception came up and he hit 209. But he played some damn good D and we stuck around with him and look what happened. You know what? Let's pick some guys and looks build around it. And let's keep a team together for about 10 years and let's win a championship. We're better than ST Louis. Hey, we got Bob House and from ST Louis, I think, didn't we? Well, but we're not. But I mean, I don't know what barometer says we're better than ST Louis. What? What Veronica, would you be now? But I will say, I think you're bigger point there is is you have picked a direction you don't want to go in this front office and ownership group has never picked one spot and stuck with it. And when stuff like that, the longer this offseason rides The more I find myself thinking. I know exactly what Dick Williams was thinking. And why he got the hell out of dodge after dealing with right? Who was the young shortstop You were talking about last week that you meet on the Reds. No. The prospect God be with the Indians. I made Rosario Okay, well, bring somebody like that up. Tell the place and good D tell him to move the players over. Play the small ball and let's get back to Reds baseball. I'm gonna hang up and listen the rest your show, but I love it. Thank you very kind of, you know, he got another point, if you would, if you would pick one philosophy, stick with the philosophy and let's just say, for argument's sake, it was something is wild and kooky and crazy as Scout draft and develop well and maybe we will begin to see the fruits of that labor since they turned over so much of the organization down below. In the last year and a half. There wasn't a minor league season last year, but my frame of reference would be this. I don't need to go back to the seventies with the prospects that were homegrown. When the Reds last were relevant, the 2010 12 13 playoffs They made the playoffs. 2010 12 13 think of some of the players that were on that team..

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