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"dave navarro navarro" Discussed on My Brother, My Brother And Me

"Ooh. I I am. You didn't clarify what kind of artist. I'm just gonna soom your film director or director, photography or something. So all these kids can have a place in your film. You know, you can ask for headshots tell them look for a bad. Boy, if you find the bad, boy, I out great. But if not then you just find another place to fold them into their give it off kind of a Wimpy non energy. Maybe they're like behind the bar by the cool kid eventually find and they pull over the bar and like shadows a beer bottle on their face or something like that. Oh, there's a part for every kid in your film there me. Yeah. I'm just saying if they're wearing a Darth maul T shirt, you might be red neck. But if you're wearing a t shirt with a bad ass picture Dave Navarro on it. What if you're wearing a Darth maul t shirt, but darlas dressed like Dave Navarro Navarro if you're wearing ball t shirt, and you are Dave Davar out. I'm short-circuiting over here voice. We should at least should make a dark Navarro t shirt and see who Susan's because I am curious. Would get there. I I got a Yahoo can read it. This one sent by Austin Austin. It's a non-issue who answers user who I'm going to call Dave who asks. How do I make? It seem like I need protein powder for school. My dad gave me his credit card and told me to order school supplies. I accidentally ordered over a gallon of protein powder because I had put it in my shopping cart as a joke. Mutt? School related thing. Can I tell my dad it's four it was seventy dollars hooves. Listen to this funny fucking joke. I was somebody watching you order school supplies on Amazon because that's a weird show for them to be taking in or was it just a little what if I dig it yoked is going to add it as a little goof for myself, then we I think we all know that you wanted to get completely jacked up ripped up and yoked and there's no shame in that. But don't call it a joke. Call it a secret. Per team powders expensive, especially gangs, impure dope. Kita friendly shift the real dope fucking shit. That's not just ground up Turkey because a lot of protein powders these days or dried up ground. And they'll play her it would chocolate or villa? But I know the truth that are no Turkey. I want the ones with weird mushrooms in and that's gonna freak my muscles out as I Sulaiman. Right. Yeah. Thank you wanted to get really crazy in there. I saw fucking Roblo hawking Adkins, and he was like on a street corner on a commercially. Like, this is the shit that works for me. And it's like, I have basically rob lived in your guest house for the past twenty five years of your life. You've never needed this. You cannot keep anything from me. I followed you from the west way, the doctor Vegas and back like you. Do you have never needed this program?.

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