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"dave mcpeek" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

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"dave mcpeek" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

"It's kind of a dream Sinophile. The Adnan Virk movie podcast. Yes. Why was it? I still recording. That would have been gold run the. The scale feels vast spirit. Joyce is if everyone had set up to make the best movie ever, which is exactly what they've done Joe mortgage through the Wall Street Journal, how about this too from Brian gale Matt about movies podcast, beautifully structure, beautifully told and beautifully rendered on screen, and this is one of the decade's greater accomplishments of filmmaking. That's Spiderman into the spider verse one of the films of reviewing this Thomason about as always checking us out. We appreciate you. And as always go to items give it some love. I rank my movies at a former police she ranked the podcast out of five stars liba comment forest. Subscribe rate review. Tell granny tell grandpa give us a little yuletide spirit and give some love, and we appreciate that. So much more last podcasts are viewed seven movies. This got six movies. We do have our guest RIC flair Atkins back by popular demand. She was so great last in the stump. She'll be reviewing Mary Queen of Scots starring searching Ronin and Margot Robbie I'll be talking, but a bevy films only spider man, but a couple of foreign films, Cold War and burning destroyer. Nicole Kidman and Roma. Getting a lot of buzz small or call a marry Poppins returns, which had the pleasure of watching last week with these wonderful screeners, the BFCE, I'll tell you all about it for we get to that though, Dan. How did we do with regards to the quiz? Did we get ten winners who got brand new Sinophile hats? We're going to have to defer to Ricky here. I know I have mailed out five hats, and I have two more to do today. It was very clever quiz. Rick was the audience equipped enough to get all ten. So we have seven official winners. Dave mcpeek. Matt Searle's Chris Garcia, Jeffrey coots, Joe. Sharon, Bach bread. Baker and Kyle pop all answered correctly. Wow. How ever there were few answers that came in were either off on one question or off onto questions were very adamant that they had it, but they didn't. So we still have three open spots. Listen to last week's episode tweet us at Sinophile ESPN. You still got a chance to win a hat three spots left. A love it feels like keep. Peaks gotten them. All right to every quiz. We do. I think he's like a fourth member of staff without question. Mcpeek started his own movie podcast. Check it out. So follow Dave mcpeek. You can find easily on Twitter. He has started his own movie podcast. So inspired by Sinophile dance. Raise avid listener as his bread Baker. He tweets mealtime, both those guys not surprised Kyle Popper. Sure. That name sense familiar. So thank you guys at. Thanks, everybody for supporting the podcast. You're Sinophile hat perfect for the holiday season. I watched first reform for the second time after Dan's, scathing review, still love it. I watched it last night. Maybe I was running this movie's outstanding like we're gonna have just this is this is that demarcation line Stanton versus Virk. Now. This is a hell of a movie man, we can discuss it more another time. I don't think the audience really wants to hear. But it's although it's funny. Eight twenty four so good at tweeting. They tweeted, you know, first four those of is the name of the church. Ethan Hawke works at so the signs they put will God. Forgive us. If Paul Schrader isn't nominated eight twenty four doing some great stuff, Rick. How good is their social media campaign? They're tremendous. They're one of the top social media production companies out there. I mean, everyone else does kind of like the bigger companies. Just they'll tweet a picture do their little ad campaign. Eight twenty fours on it. They get some great stuff out there. So follow at eight twenty four. If you wanna see some good, independent filmmaking marketing ploys, they're great and being a member of the semi fun stuff. So I got a little bit small, and I caught a little shot a whiskey for those who've seen the movie as Dana's chortling, very clever. Very well, done spiritual anguish soul-crushing, I I'm not having seen it again..

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