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"dave little creek elementary" Discussed on The Wilderness

"Support for this podcast and the following message come from comedy central. If there's one thing the world needs now it's more podcasts. And the daily show is proud to present the daily show. podcast universe a five episode episode miniseries. Parodying all your favorite podcasts including your friends at Pod Save America search for the daily show podcast universe on apple podcast to listen to all five episodes is featuring trevor the correspondents and special guests. That includes me you are on. They're all great short. America was so fun very very funny. It was called pod Save Dave Little Creek Elementary and includes an appearance by Tom Sawyer. Because because that's what we need with that we all needed. We just talked about how Democrats can overcome some of the many obstacles that stand in the way of delivering a compelling message to the voters who need to hear it but what should that message be. What's the most defective way to persuade the persuadable 's and inspire people who don't usually turn out and how does it campaign even begin to crack that Code David axelrod? Who is the architect of the message? For Barack Obama's winning presidential campaigns breaks it down for us. Yeah well first of all when you're constructing a message you know the story WanNa tell is a comparative story. That is going to be most salient to particularly the voters. You're trying to influence and sway. So you have have to kind of you have to be aware on three different levels. You have to be aware of your story. You have to create a narrative that weaves your opponent into the story either infrared or directly and it has to be something that will motivate the people who are going to decide the election so those are the three elements. You've got candidate candidate be in the voter. But it's Dan pfeiffer reminds us here in the middle of the Democratic primary. We're still missing one of those elements. I mean some of this is so candidate independent because message is much more about the Messenger. The message which is a thing that democratic consultants need to realize the message is always the best story that the nominee can tell and that's gonna be different with wrestles with Warner binder judge or injured gang or whoever else. Yeah Yeah until we have a nominee there will always be missing element of the democratic message. The story the candidate tells about themselves and why they should be president at this particular moment. Of course there's plenty to talk about when it comes to the other candidate in the race but that also presents a challenge for Democrats. Trump is a liar a racist sexual Predator under a con man a moron. The list goes on and on but a good message requires discipline and discipline requires choice when I worked on John Kerry's campaign. It seemed seems like every other week we had an entirely different critique of George W Bush and Matt didn't go too. Well so what Democrats say about Donald Trump David axelrod. Rod has developed a theory about this that. He's used to describe why Barack Obama was elected after George Bush. Voters never choose the replica of what they have. They always choose the remedy. They they choose someone who fills in those things that they think are missing in the incumbent and the question is what is it that people are trying to remedy with Donald Trump. I think that it's important to link trump's character and style to the chaos that Raines around and I think people are so exhausted of waking up every day to the tweets and the tantrums which even his own supporters acknowledged makes them uncomfortable. Uncomfortable this gratuitous fights this punching down this waste of time you know every single day because someone affronted him and what it adds up to is an inability to ever get to the things that really matter to people that's never the focus so there is a tangible cost of trump's antics beyond the fact that they're offensive they're also destructive to the ability to actually solve problems and get to the larger Asia questions have people are concerned about. I would encourage candidates to make that entire argument. Can we really do this for four more years Dan Pfeiffer and political oh strategist. Heather mcghee agree and expand on access. Chaos theory we've seen some of our media chasers. Polling trump is so focused on himself that he's not focused on you and so he democratic candidate can say what if we had a president who every day and thought about you. Who everyday thing? They're gonNA fight for you not get these petty twitter fights or yell at the media but who's going to spend every waking minute fighting for you. There's a corruption and Iraq and the soul of America America right now under Donald Trump's leadership. We've seen this country do things that even the rest of states right now are not approving of in terms of the treatment of migrant families and children at the border and we've seen him willing to bend and break every rule to line and his own pockets and pursue his own political game that corruption of American values that corruption to line. His own pockets is what Americans need to stand up against to protect everything we hold. Dear stand up for our neighbors to stand up for the idea of America. Think about the two most common complaints we heard from voters in all four states. The I was about the chaos around Donald trump the tweeting the fighting the childishness the erratic doc outbursts the impulsive decisions and the second was about how voters feel deeply cynical about a political system. That isn't focused on what they really care about. The cost passive healthcare and education and housing the epidemic of school shootings the threats from climate. Change foreign dictators. Democrats should combine these concerns into a narrative about trump as someone who's too self absorbed to ever be ineffective president he's tweeting while your premiums arising he's yelling about CNN n n while another city was just terrorized by mass shooting or devastated by a wildfire. Remember trump's pitch basically. I may be an asshole but at least I'm I'm shaking up Washington and getting things done. Our job is to remind people that know. He hasn't drain the swamp and he hasn't actually focused on fixing any of the problems that most Americans care about still as Dan pfeiffer and almost everyone else I spoke to agreed we have to remember that our critique of Donald Trump is only one one part of the message and it may be a small part most of trump's flaws are priced into the baseline. If he's been all of our time trying to just tell people things they already know about. Why right trump's bad burglary miss an opportunity to tell people about why are candidate is better stacey? Abrams agrees what I believe is most effective is not the comfortable but well warn you know degradation conversation. This is a terrible person. He is done these terrible things. We know that the live with every single day. But if all you offers darkness than people don't know where you're going they can't see anything. Explain what the darkness is but then offer for what the light should be. I Want Democrats to talk about why we win. America is what People WanNa hear is not how bad things are they WANNA in.

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