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"dave incas" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

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"dave incas" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

"Kirk simplisafe dot com slash k. Her okay so there you go. What else going on with. I didn't know if we're going to replay our secret guests. That's not so secret anymore. Today we could play today or wednesday. I the end of either show. It's on with me either way. It was gilbert. Godfrey was great. I thought i had a great time. I thought you almost cut it off. I felt that you could have done another. I during this time. I don't wanna give the guy you know. That guy. he seems. Join it though. Yeah it was kind of a week. Move by you. Why i think that was. You had gilbert godfrey talk for a long time in our super funny. Why wouldn't you just keep going with your kirkman. Because he has things to do. He's a human being is that i don't think he's dying correct. We asked him. he's the guest. We didn't give a good job you. We had no idea how long was supposed to be you. Ask that. Because i want him to go for an hour. If i say how long you want to be he's gonna make twenty minutes and for dick battle about well to be fair to dave. I don't think it would be gilbert. Saying i have twenty minutes publicist and then you go but then they when you say that then go for about forty minutes or thirty five minutes. Yeah i didn't want to a twenty minutes. Did get the vibe. During that interview that he was ready to cut it off. I thought we were kind of coming to the end. I think we've asked like i didn't think it was much less. Ask and the only reason. I thought you ended. It was because like the stern stuff he didn't have like they have a lot of saying give. Fuck where he was great. We had fun. Well i mean there wasn't like an hour. I didn't think it was an hour. There necessarily know he's having fun. It was cool. Just here. Think dave incas year fucking idiot. You'll have to do this. Is he had a good time. Yup and then while he's having a good time you end it so the next time you talk to him he might say. Oh yeah the good time with those guys. I'll do it again versus. Oh jesus those guys had me on for ninety minutes before asked about aladdin. it's a savvy. Play a savvy point. So which one is it dave. I like i like your route. Okay thank you didn't like your route. But he was. It was fun. I i was just at the beginning. He's like hello. And you get the real gilbert second yard of yeah and then and then he was great. I sent them up. They gave him this whole thing. We'll we'll play. There are a couple of days. It's get much of a difference as just lays just waking up for his documents but it was fun. Yeah it was good job. Dave who else whether it guests you have lines up in mind like what's what's roundtable. I reached out to colin quinn. He's a good. I don't like them. I reached out to some well. No i didn't reach out. I'm around people by you now seem to those texts last night. You showed them well. I responded quickly to said no with who julie. What's with your story anymore. Yeah well she get Each up to colin quinn told me that okay Nope nope. I reached out to a guy that works at a kind of went on the comedian circuit over the weekend. Get sense yeah. Like crista steffano and so. I don't think you'll like you know. I know but i just i kind of just doing a volume play in that. If kirk says yes say volume play of one person. I'm just trying to think off the email. I just say you've reached a coupla guys. Would you even want someone like tim. Dillon or something reached out to not. Even someone like that. Who i think would be like a good guest the best you like. I've hurt like we're gonna talk about like we could talk about like what's he gonna really add right and would you like a fan but yeah i'm a massive fan of his. No i want to have on like Let me see who can they who can get on next. Kevin nealon was somebody reached out to him. I like kevin on kevin nealon. I like him Who else might like to have martin. Sheen martin sheen. Yeah well yeah. I come in wall street on martin sheen kevin nealon A couple of rain people safety of can book to two guests todd bridges. We try to would book todd bridges. That'd be a big fucking thursdays with todd. Todd takes yeah. Bridges would be good to dream yesterday. I got brandy right. That didn't end so well for us. It was your fault the actions. That was bizarre. What you unlike the delivery route summer when we were trying to do the instagram thing right. How's that going instagram's grow pizza's good engagement on instagram. Who was the other. Dream gust gilbert. That's well yes. You guys were talking about two years ago. So that's a shot at steve. Right there no even just say timing thing. I don't think people live that one. Mean he was never in the area gilbert. Gilbert's here this week to discuss timeline. Yeah july eighteenth seven thirty pm providence. Y'all mike i'm not a Sunday night so it'd be here the next day. It is funny in his bio here. It says a mentioned the cosby show is one of the dammit. I forgot to ask bill cosby but she has stories. Hey would at least have a true so we can do that either to that whatever. We'll see how we're doing. What else is going on. I wanna play. Do we have that. Is that greg thing as good as the guy center. No i got. I don't know. I want to see what your take is to it. Because he the guy had wrong numbers. He said they donate two thousand dollars. Greg held showed up with a five thousand dollar check. It's worth playing. It doesn't bail them out. It's weird to do like. Hey guess what. Look what. I'm giving you because it now. It's not gonna build these restaurants of ruin right. It's almost like having a video where you you know. If you're on like barstool you have somebody on from a restaurant telling me in the save their lives and video the whole thing. Is that what you're saying. I suppose it's like i don't know what you're referring to. Of course there literally saving those companies. But i would think it's a little more hesitant to rip greg on this show. Yeah.

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