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Best Of Channel 85 Week 15 - Dave Vents To Chicago, Willie Responds To Dave's EPC & KB's Goblin Journal

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Best Of Channel 85 Week 15 - Dave Vents To Chicago, Willie Responds To Dave's EPC & KB's Goblin Journal

"All. Sports will be relocating to Manhattan. We WanNA. Take it to the world, but we're trying to take the site and cranked. They've conquered. What An. Boris tool takes over the Sirius Xm airways. What. Real the things club the SCUMBAG, you, cue. To the shelters some the Dick. Tra- I hear. I believe we're funnier smarter better prettier than everybody else. Who stealing our stick on the Internet by the comment? For the common man. Emergency press conference time so like two days ago, I did another mercy press conference basically on cancellation culture and I ranted and raved because some twitter account had dug up three videos that were like four to five years old. With very questionable jokes jokes that clearly have made today would be like. How could you fucking say that this racist city to say it now? Nobody really brought any attention to five years ago and I viewed it the people who dug this up. They send it to. Everybody fucking hates me. Hey, sparce, so they reach. We didn't get it going and I really viewed it as pure barstool haters I didn't look at is like Oh this is about a specific issue is more about how much they fucking. fucking hate me and it's the same thing they've been doing for two decades porn through. Everything I've ever written, said done to try to bring me down and I wasn't GonNa Apologize Because I knew I was trying to be funny. I wasn't trying to offend. The intent is just to make people laugh so busy like fuck you all right knocking to apologize. Here's what's happened. unbeknownst to me and I didn't plan on doing. I alienated a lot of the people who worked for me. Now and one of the great things that parcel has done over the years more minorities more women. We have a bunch of African American employees now and all their followers like fucking. You work this guy this I won't even admit he did anything wrong. Races asshole. t today wrote. An article is like our black employs should not have to. or speak for Dave or defend why they work here and they're absolutely right, so I did a very poor job in that first video making it clear who I believed, I was responding to which is just pure barstool. Haters anything we do say whatever they're gonNA. fucking hate charter. Cancel US and I have no patience with those people and I still say to those people fuck you. I don't care what people don't know me. Think about me. I care very much about people who do know me and work at Barstool and if they're bringing up concerns and issues I'll always fucking listen. In they have been bringing up the issues, you omit this fucking wrong now. Some of the issues like. I still was obviously trying to be funny, and like wallowing Gilly will be like. Yes, you can say a white person can say the n word when singing like a pop song. But Willy and tyler absolutely fucking not and guess what I'm listening to. What everybody in the room is saying is one of the great developments of Barcelo. Unlike when I started I have enough dissenting voices. Now Ryan Listen. And listening to these guys I want to have their fucking back and we'll learn. I WANNA. Be fucking better. I'll never fucking do that again. I wasn't trust me. I wasn't GonNa do it again before talking to them. But. I didn't realize how much it affected them me doing that ramp because it hung up them out to dry a little bit, and that's not what I want to do. I won't have everybody's back. Who Works for me all right I? Honestly my heart of hearts, things parcel is the best place to work doesn't matter what color skin you are male female like this. What other place! I sent an email three days ago. and. It's like hey. If you disagree with me, you can say. Right whatever you want, you'll never be held fucking account I want you to use the platform. I built to help fuck in. Say whatever you want to say. Get your message across. What other place actually does that from the top down? We do, but it's not enough. I have to have their backs into like yeah. I'm listening and I WANNA. Get better and I want the next fucking. Hilarious african-american. Be a yeah. I WANNA go to fucking Barzel because they let you. You Fuck fucking sling it. Do your thing in that trying to be funny in the trying to get bet, and that's what we're fucking trying to do. So I should've had their back from the beginning Yup I wish fucking say that Shit I'm sorry I said it I'm sorry to offend people just trying to be fucking funny. I can't apologize for my existence, but I can be better and I'm going to be better for those guys and maybe a better with jokes. But better when Shit hits, the fan, be like hey, guys. What do you think you would like I want? Everyone's because I'm fucking white guy. Maybe sometimes in my bowl. Things like Oh, I don't I. Don't get your perspective. Will now as a grown I can get their perspective. So. To all the guys who worked for me. I want you to know. I have you back and I. Want this to be a place that you fucking can be proud of and if you're not second. We'll get there. Move fucking. Get there because. That's who I fucking am. And that's what Barstool sports should fucking big. And there you go, that's L Pez report Story all stemmed from a video that came out and there's the name of a guest sites called re resist program right so they came up with this viral video of debuts in multiple times and talking. About cabinet in a derogatory manner whatever to that goes out. That happens then Monday me and Dave. Talk. We have an honest conversation. It wasn't Dave like screaming at me or saying. No, no, no, he listened, he did, he did listen, and we chopped it up and he defended what he was saying. He has willy. This is four years ago. This seems out of context. Obviously, this is somebody coming up the barstool coming after me, the Castro culture who hates me. Yada Yada Yada House like Dave I. Get all that. But. They're still has to be a tone. You said you have to set the mind and we talked and student. We went on about it. And he goes I. Hear You Willie. I'm listening, but I'm just not apologize. It's now something I'm doing. You. Know it's it's not towards you toward the Canseco. And I was upset because I told Dave when we first started that conversation I was like man I'm offended by this and I told him why I was like because every time. I wear a Boston shirt in. Put Your name next Barstool. Things like this. Come out and then people in my community back. They look at me like hey. How are you working for the door? You'd desperate for check and I've been called since then and continue to get called Koon Tom All the derogatory stuff you can come up with. So then me and brandon. We have a podcast. Go to podcasts and we're dressing We felt like we had to get a get it out, so we decided to use the platform that Dave. Erica has allowed us to do so what that set? As we're going on. I, call up. Shanley Letham Tyler. Liz And I was like man I know everybody has something to say about this, but as a united front I think we'd be a minority Bar Sam and we have a great discussion. We get into we unraveling. And afterwards We didn't have a name for the title. The title me and Brandon was like man. This has to be something to gain Dave's attention. Just kidding, because listen to. Four hundred dollars. We're not a big PODCAST. We only have eight episodes. We've we've cracked? We've cracked the top two hundred a couple times, but we're. We're babies. We're not. We're not as big as others out there. So we picked inward, right, barstool. And I stand on the premise, so let me so two things happen I have to Josh Desire I have to apologize to Liz. I have to tyler and I apologize to Sean Letham interim because they weren't. They were unaware of the title before the interview and I didn't give them the to say. Hey, this is what we're going to name it. Do you. Are you still not give option? So from the bottom of my heart I apologize because I. Do own apology with that with that said we picked the word. Because I knew was going to be decisive there was gonna be ugly. You'll be via or not going to be discussing our news going to be everything it intended to be and it was. It was a fucking new. People came from my head people. I mean as much as I drove through the coastal brandon and so dilemmas and trail and everybody that was a part of it, and it's not fair to them because they weren't aware of it. But I was and so was brandon. And we stood by because we had we had our goal was not to. Throw rocks and we. We didn't want to throw. We don't want to the Rock and throw it at Barstool. If change is going to happen, it has to happen within and we had to let him know. We had to force Dave understand that starts with him. was just like when you Steve Barstool. You see dave. There has to be the there has to be. A stigma has to be a race with supporting Barstool, because just like people are dragging. I about anybody, said Dave Bendini on all that bullshit essay, egotistic narcissistic bullshit, because when it comes down to when you every man, every man should know when you know you're wrong. You feel like you're offended. Somebody and I get. There's a million people. It's going to be offended by everything. But if you realize you offend somebody and they're telling you are explaining it, and that's called growth, and so I support David Net. And with with moving forward. NYPD felt like it was a reach. A lot of people fell. He's extremely out of balance, extremely inappropriate Willie. You did the worst possible here. But then result. Is Dave growing from an Dave apologizing? And I knew the word I want to tell you story law so I have One of my frat brothers. Name is Ron I. Won't say his last name Arte. Respect for him so Ryan grew up in deep South and one day. I'm in the Frat House. I'm letting go to work recklessly. Saying just talking like if I was talking to anybody and I can remember is in in his seventies, Ronald, guy me, and he had like a little bit of a deficit like it like his face was coming down. I was like what's your. Happened? He was scenarios I I'm just watching. US This word and I kiss. This is just this is a you know. There's just a lot for me to take in, and I was just nothing by discount speaking wildly peos will let me tell you stewart. Went on to tell me story because he went to school in exhibited down in New Orleans and he went on to tell me how. He had a talk one of his best friends off a tree from from a mob lynching. And how the whole time in the process! While he's fighting his mom to save his best friend, how this modest yelling out in die in were die this ripping it out, and how is it took him like they almost killed him in the process, but he's able to save his friend's life. And he also, he also went on to say like man my generation. This word never to be used in inning setting. Any way possible. And so. I've always stomach it. I've only because I. realized that I was recklessly as I was saying I was also disappointed. Ron because he had fought someone. She's an activist. He had did so many. Many things to kind of propel our people. And so during this whole process, a lot of people's like well. The messages loss. Once you got once you once. You do the name out there. And my theory I'm late. Listen if you don't change the dial when this do rap songs if you don't change of you, don't lead the conversation when there's a million people in room, saying it. The you should've gave the initially gave the discussion try. And because that's what it was, and a lot of people saying well, you're doubling down. Dislike dislike Dave I'm not. I'm not doubling down I'm trying to bring you where that if you're going to listen to Barstool and the stigma that comes with glistening and this is this really bothered me about? Dave I was like there's people dave. Who wants you to say the word? Who Know you can get away with. Who feel like because who you are and what you represent you saying you're untouchable. And how's? That can't that can't go has to be a level of accountability. No check is worth my dignity or my soul. And so I went into it, and it's been an a couple of days, and and yesterday Dave was You know he has listened. You've got people coming for me for something you did. This is your pie. People coming for me because it's something you did. Now I've had people come for me for something you said. So who bears responsibility I was like I'm not here. I'm not here to drag you through the coals I'm not here to drag Dave to any tolls like a game of thrones fucking wasn't name Sir. She had to get name. Shea, I'm not I'm not trying to do this what I'm trying to tell us that everybody that works here. There has to be a line, but you can have content. You could be funny I'm not I get? Dave wants to slinging fucking. Let's do it, but there has to be in line. And so, that's what I and that's. That was my intentions and. been lost along long short. But I also WanNa feel like just like. I'm proud to tell. My son played enough. Nfl I wanNA tell myself proud work barstool. and. That's what that's what I want to get accomplished and Dave said at the end his. Presser he's like. Hey, we want to fucking get there and I WANNA help Dave. Get there and I want to get there as a people and I want people to look. Nat, some Friday preservative, rich white boy, all that bullshit, everybody. That barstools for everybody and I feel like. If I was going to stand here, continue to to work with you who I consider. My brother will I love who we talk and we talk honestly and openly about a lot things well, then just like. I. Know you see me? Large Barshop has to see us in here. They have to see me to have to seize. The trail. They have to see everybody because just like I know fact, largely notice because the castle cultures. Files to sit up here and sling, a million say wild things about Jews or whatever, and and say well. It was content. They will be coming from my ass and I told Davis Day there's nothing they would come from are so good. You protect me even if you wanted to. They would they will. You gotta get the Fuck Outta here with that. And so this is where we wanna again I apologize to lives, trill and Zaire Ebola because they weren't aware of. It was me and I'll stand on my outstanding my manhood and take it on the chin. Change has to happen and it starts from the top, and I don't want people to look at Boston. I don't want people to look at Dave and that light, but I had to show Dave. This is real that word that dislike his base and his fan. His people turn on him. Oh my phone's been blowing up for the last six days. People have been disgusted women upset. But then there are those in which wild about it. Those who you think would have you back turn. Those who I would never expect to have my back been the first one to call me. And so there's no appease everybody because everybody has something to say somebody's offended I think some people take a back seat to it like I I don't know. There's some places where. Some I, put my place to say anything right Well, you do have great I mean. Everybody's opinion. Against Me Yeah we have the. We have the luxury of being able to talk about it for two hours five days a week. Yes, right, so so that's that's always good. So for people at home will have questions about it. Let's say the Dave who is a big ego. Your Davis Big Ego Guide is so to get a sorry out of him I got one out of him once when he thought that I. I was here for more than a year at the dunkin' awards. Remember that off the biggest newcomer, so he gave me the award. The next day I was like. Oh my God, he just admit he's I realized that on a public persona of a guy like that public apologies probably damages at at least in his mind. What if it was like one of those things? Where right away he's like? Listen I can't I can't. I can't. He's sorry, but well I'm sorry. You're right and I'm asking this question. Thirty thousand feet one intimate might as well get intimate with sure. We talked he. He said he was listened. I'm I'm my middle fingers up at the cancer culture, not you now. It's like Okay I. Get that, but you're still turn your back on us, and he uses like well I just. Can't you know he's like? I'M NOT GONNA. Say sorry for the second SAR. He's like I'm not that sorry does do anything right and I was just like okay an then he. said this on a podcast. Listen the based Puteh follow me that support me helped me write your check. I'm beginning. You have a big following. Now's. Nobody's following the matter when it comes to this topic in particular and I. Did it and I understand days? Might Dave's are Catherine? He's his show. This is his ship. I'm extremely thankful, being here and even with me, saying that people are like Oh. Will you just doing damage control? No I'm just being honest and being a man especially famous, because like everybody feels like this is unhealthy place. There's some people that feel like this isn't. This is a perfect place to be a mixed bag. And so I will in your heart that he's a racist. Do I feel in? My heart is racist. I think at this point. No I don't think days are racist, but I do think he has to be. He asked to understand tone more than anybody. He has to understand line more than anybody. And if we keep correcting that, we keep coming to have to run to that defense, then it's it's easy how people can feel how he's racist, but and then I think that's a very important. Nuance. Right like I've worked for some of the most despicable people you can imagine the. That He. David Long. On an on adds something I just. A lot of people I mean life. Life is complicated man. A lot of people want life to be black and white. It's not as easy as that. There's a lot of factors a lot of push and pull factors that go into one decision going. One decision that can make so a lot of things will, and that's. Why would someone like Dave people that are commenting only get to see the things that he puts out they they don't know the man himself behind, and all that and I'm not here calling someone this. At I'm just saying you know there's there's a lot of a lot of things that go into life it's it's not easy. It's not easy making a decision and just wanted to add that. And I know that day was instrumental in getting you in the country and stuff. So there's this tremendous amount that you. You see what I mean when we're talking factors push pull factors. There's a lot a lot, but I mean so people that's. Not a racist thing, right? You know like that's not something that a racist person necessarily does like I'm just putting trying to put stuff in columns. So they could go back to it like I've worked with people. That Avin hurt my culture. But. I've still stayed with them and I've known that they were fundamentally bad I think that if you thought that he was fundamentally bed, that'd be chance that you wouldn't be here anymore I think there's some belief that he's not I. think There's a part of me who feels like I can't. I can't expect everybody to understand the black spirits but if you turn your ear off, and you turn your mind off, and I'm knocking on the door, and you ignore it for the sake of China, defend a kick your fucking ass culture like my attitude, like well if you WanNa, fuck the cancer closer. Let me get my gun, too. Because I want to ignore I want to raise. Raise the stigma. That black black folks in minorities can't work here, so allow me to help you with that, but I can't i. can't I couldn't walk in here every day and feel like well, my word or who would I represent? It just didn't matter because the the bottom line is that it's all about the dollar. That's not healthy. What are we gonNA do when they come for us. You see that came from me this morning. No out of prison. But like like now it's one of those things where hey listen. We've had a lot of airtime. We've got a lot of airtime and people know that when you're trying to talk for two hours a day. Put Listen I. Know when I working outdoors again. You say stuff. Sure I say stop. We spoke set, and you say stuff that you regret and you write stuff as a blogger. You regret your record stuff that you regret. So when they do find it like people point to a joke. I made about Mexicans couple of years ago when it splash them with waters. I was driving down the block. And people bring that up all the time, so I said Yeah. That was tasteless apologised. For it, but is that enough like I can't erase stuff? I don't know what we said like. If someone came in and been like large, remember this. Italian joke you made, but this is some point. If you, if Sean Lethal calls, your appointees now fucked up largely yesterday. Listen Sean will mean you. I Apologize, but out there I can't see well. Those are the WHO had to go out and support Barstool to. You know what I mean like I have to go out and bring people to. Barstool here's to bill. Bill content. Get money for the content. Build a company up well if I'm if I'm going into my if I'm going to the Bronx and Ebony talked I'm going into the Bronx and I'm going to his name WHO's Baio checkout suits, the wave and everybody's like all right well. Who's who's what's going on I point point night and videos and coming out like. You. So, it's a disconnect, and that's what I'm trying to bring him like when they come for us, though like when they do and they will you know like the next shoe to drop these because they're going through the support of US everything, anyone here is said over the past fifteen years. Is it going to be enough to just say listen before this shit starts. We've said something in different environments that we wouldn't say today for anyone. Take offence to it. We probably apologize then we apologize now. Let's move on. Is that enough because I? Know I'm going to have to say that at some point I. Know I'm GonNa. Have to say, but but we should say this whole time. But we will, but we're not saying we're not saying we're not to say it. Because of cancer culture ended Canseco's cancer. You with you whether you do something right or not, but if we're down and we're trying to. We're trying to be a united front if I offended you I'm GonNa. Buy Dog my bed, and that's all the matters right and then you. You're rebuttal shouldn't be like well. I just got a because. There's people who follow Dave that love the fact that he said in. We're got away with it. And he did on his platform, and then he and then it was just done with, and that he was no rocks thrown at them, and there's for us that do care about the word like me and trail and Brandon, who just like man? That's that's not it and valley. He admitted to all of us. It was a bad joke that didn't win. It happened years ago and here I'm trying to make the right now and he and at first. I don't consider Dave's apology. A Win like I'm not taking it in. My. Thing is like let's if Dave serious about it and he wants. Let's take action. That's the win. Win is when we start moving towards progressing the winners and we used to start when we start seeing more people like me as When the streets we walk around represent a representative embarrassing. That's the win I'm not I'm happy Dave analysis, but like I said as much apology, I saw a man who grew so there's positively at the end of it. I took from it. And I'm not trying to. And I'm not trying to sit here and listen dislike Dave. Drag I'm getting dragged to rain is getting dragged, Brennan we. I had somebody had to call Sol's take. Brandon's phone on his head because we're emotional about it, because our blackest mirrors, Israeli we wanted to be real here in Barstool, and we shouldn't be overlooked or the shadow because we don't. We're not up in the rankings as a KFC, your big cat. Guys that shouldn't happen. No It so. So moving forward. We waited till the end of the show not to not give it enough time, but that's when most people start to listen. especially in the show like this like what's what's the conclusion here like the Dave and you're good. Ryan Dave. Dave I have more conversations about me. Him and Erica come up with a plan. Come up what it looks like logistically. UNLESS, continue to build and grow was far as building out content higher representations, everything on and on and on so the conversation has ended but I'm I'm on I'm on I'm on the fence of saying like listen I. Believe Bars in Boston because exist for everybody and to everybody who wants to put the stigma next to it. I'm here the recent. Bottom line. I mean you know the I applaud that I think that Dave shown a little bit growth and Erica had mentioned something in an email that she'd sent out. What do we go from here? And she'd mentioned some of the steps taken with a couple of different agencies and whatnot. I think that's. That's incremental. Right I mean you can you can. You can measure that as being a positive so it throughout all this kind of Shit, I know. Trolls can get to you. CHOSE LISTEN I've been to work I just turn it off and you don't do it I. Don't turn it off. I just turn off I. Step Away and watch it. I'll watch it I digest it and use it as fuel because that's that's just how I'm bill. You can't. If we're going to be in this game, you got to be in the game. and. That's how away from. lot of Shit. We covered today we had to and this and I'm glad to be back huge brother Yeah. It's going to be good, so we're We're GONNA be here all Goddamn week unless they fire us like. They could take. The fuck out so that could definitely happen and. I'll just be Mubarak in. Please still do that, I'll be there. I'm not putting out a card, but Yeah, we can talk about this as much you want. We did a lot of talk about what it's going on race relations. You know throughout the quarantine. We're GONNA. Continue to do that, so like I, said my apology to the guys to the minority report. But me and Brandon, I think we felt like we may decision. Some people may hate it and not agree with it, but It's about our whole person. Purpose was for change most so. There you go. All right so barstool four players teamed up with Owens to create the perfect transfusion mix, and it is absolutely delicious. The foreplay guys been promoting it Frankie Rigs Trent. They did that Oscar Award winning acting in that commercial and you know what the drink is even better than the commercial. It's delicious. It's a perfect transfusion. Mix delivers a crisp refreshing flavour combination of real juice and Ginger Ale. It is a golf course. Classic made even better. I'm not even a Golfer and I'm drinking. 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I can confirm that Nixon because I saw both here key play a Song Koby while we wait for them. Any Song. Any random song. May How are they late? Yeah they we go. Three months. We're back in studio. Radio, Early and they just decided not to show up to the show. All right so they have joined us. Thank you for being on time it. Three months to to be here had a choreographed walk down the hallway. Like the bash brothers row the insane. We're back. The whole crew is back. Caleb Roan Myself. Brandon Nick KB Stephen Shay's not so it's not the whole crew Kobe's in his absence Maybe wally pipped situation. We are back Welcome back. Boys good to see everyone. The last week has been a little crazy. I think we're GONNA. Probably address off the top a little bit, so let's just dive into. It KB. Do you WANNA gainer right into it? Yeah, do you want to actually have a you? WanNa talk about on a log prepared. The tweets that you deleted this past week. I. Also ahead of that curve, we all saw them so yeah, which against Albania? Anyway, What was the one about being bored? Oh You tweeted Alvin. Wavering awake board like an extreme water. I was awake suits. You guys were late Rone Brandon Kelvin. I all talked about it like. Should we address the tweets KB has. I feel like they're making a joke about it. Yeah, I don't know. It doesn't seem like a joke, so you WanNa talk about okay. Go ahead and back to square one. I don't know how to act or talk on live radio. Never been off for so long. Yeah, so all right so we are back, but seriously about the tweets you deleted. The ones from twenty fifteen saying that gives lane maxwell was thickest. I did say that any pictures with her. I wish. EMT. Those people take so many fucking pictures. It's insane. How many pictures those pedophile take? Picture Yeah like our picture of the extra endorphins. You gotta be their worst. Lucky to not be on. Yeah, all right so for real though this past week was crazy. Everyone saw going on. I, don't I don't really want to go into like I've I've done this talk in my head about a million times in the past week and what I keep coming back to his. If I sit here and try to explain every situation, someone will take. A, moment and be like well. This is him trying to explain away. It's not worth it. There's winning this. Comedy is moving very fast. Five years ago is a long time ago. I know people don't think it is i. think that watching those videos was cringe-worthy I said that in the blog I personally am trying to do better, and I'm like I know people say. Oh, don't apologize cats. Culture I'm not apologizing to cancel culture. I'm apologizing to people who listen to me and support me. Who are you know? minorities people anyone who sees that and they're like damn. He let us down and my co workers, and that was the people I care about and I think there's a disingenuous bad faith argument that goes online where people. Are trying to cancel Barstool for no other reason than you just have like a head on the wall. They don't actually want to have a discussion. They don't want to actually have progress. They don't actually want to see any change. They just WANNA. Say Bad guys gone so I. Don't and people saying well Dave is a racist I think. Dave is a narcissist I. think he thinks about himself. I do not think he's racist. I think he's said things in the past that are like Ooh, that's bad. But I also know Dave well enough that he t in talking to him this past week. He did have some contrition and was like we gotta do better, so that's kind of it i. don't really know unless you guys have anything else you want to add. I think people know in deep down. I am a person that cares a lot probably too much. Sometimes, what other people think and I have not really changed in the last ten years of doing this and I have. A moral foundation that I keep going with that. If you disagree with that, then you'll never like me, but if you know me as a person, you know all my content. You know like what I've been trying to do and that. I don't ever want to hurt someone. Intentionally? I'm trying to make people laugh if it ever comes across trying to. Damage someone that's never my intention, and that I'll fix so that's it. Anything else. Anything else kind of awkward start. I feel like they had to at least get that out to get that there and it'd be stupid to not talk about it like it would be disingenuous to like. A show and not talk about everything that's been going on because I think we owe it to. The people that are listening are like. What do you guys think about what's been happening out? Really think fair to like hold people responsible for what other people do at a company, but at the same time we are all the same company and I think that we just have to like look forward. Have a good planted just like get better. Think about the little things that maybe we're going to do to make this better and like just grow as human be and I'm not going to expo- I'm not going to defend. The clips we saw last week. That were like I, said cringe-worthy, but I will say overall. We've been doing this very long time. We've been taped every single day for last ten years. Our job is to try to make people laugh. Comedy pushes the limit sometimes, and sometimes or Mrs, and that's just kinda how it goes, so if you WANNA go comb through every single thing that's been said and take it. To today's standards with no context. Of course you can find something. Be Like Holy Shit. These guys suck I. Think People Who Know Me people who've been following me for a really long time. No, that's not my intention, and that's kind of where I've left it where it's like I'm not going to try to get in fights on twitter and explain away if people. Hate us to continue to hate us and I think that's bad faith. Because if you actually want change, you would have a dialogue and a conversation about it and try to get change instead of just being like fuck. These guys they're out. That's it. If you WANNA call in I, we will take calls about anything eight three eight five stool. If you have a question about anything, we will obviously do that. How? Let's go around the room those. How was everyone's three month break well? I actually should start rolling. Don't you think it's a little weird that no one has brought us and. Say, thank you for keeping the AC alive. Just keeping show. Data for half the lower half a brandon, his shiny knees. Do you think there's? A missed by you guys to not be like hey. Ronin, big cat thanks for doing two hours radio every day. Can I ask three months? Can I just say that I suggested to? Came through with. With the blank hardiness tardiness. We're glossing over something pretty important. What oh your new shirt debris walkers rainwater Rudolf et brand new shirt. We've taken up witchcraft or I asked you guys to bring in a box. Of A GIF for Ronin big cat since they carried the show, and I did half of it, and that is for them to use their own guys brought was a doll with my face on it and pin sticking out. What what type of doll? With mule hair, that's a creepy fucking Voodoo doll, dude, wise it, and that's a really creepy one. Well we were I was GONNA go to a metaphysical boutique in Yonkers at the last minute, but said Nick suspiciously was adamant about making it himself really. Is that your hair? Leftover mule hair from. That's how you make doodle shoplifted. Italian cream blouse from targets. What have you guys been doing? Italian questions Italian cream color general great job. Guys keeping US afloat. You did well. I've been bettering myself. I just finished taking a masterclass in. Pick up artistry Oh from Dream Yeah Mystery! He's he's the guy sounds like is never going to get laid. Yeah, he's got the. Here pick me US up. Well, the thing is I. It's more geared towards women. But I know okay so pigtails women. down. And turn around. All Right Pixel. It's okay, so I would do is the one thing also women haven't called look at. The back of his heads and Pick up the back of chaos, classes been preparing me for this. is also women. Off Hot woman. Sniff his hair. Here with carry Mace, and they feel protected, and that should be my job, so what I do is when I came. Across from the bar. And before I even say anything to I look right at her mace and I say give me that. because she won't be needing. You're going to protect. The like. Is that Mace bottle bothering? You give me that there's some there's some models. Now that you can just gang, they'll come right off the. Highly specific models! I did the research. Yes, yes, so. Yeah, so I've been I can't wait to open back up. I'm going to be getting a lot of pussies. What about you? What are you getting, I don't know three months in West Virginia. We did a lot of cemetery game. Yes, I bought the inventory. What's you're about every sleazy on space? Dust at the marathon gas station, okay? On space does it's like disgusting? High Percent Ip. anthropomorphic hop on the bottle. No one in West Virginia has ever bought one but me. You've also gained a ton of weight against. They can probably hear that in your voice. Gum Chewing Gum mercilessly icy that come in there unless you just have a rogue tooth in your mouth, but I'm about to lose the weight because I, I walk hard and fast. Access to your your angry. That's absolutely is like a yeah like GTE. What drugs have you been taken in? West Virginia on Jenkins non. What what's Janko? That's fermented human feces. Nice. Coming back with a bunch of words. We look I've doubled up. He learned all new words Caleb. You We're talking briefly before the show, but. Your Golf career. On A. Temporary pause right now. because I've been getting a lot of injuries in I'm still injured right now. About a lot of overuse, injuries had tendinitis I've had some flare ups, and at one point I thought I had arthritis because. What happened. Was I thought I had arthritis because I hurt my toe, wha, sleeping, and so I woke up the next morning I, typed it on whether the like I had an injury on my toe while sleep. Everything say was arthritis, and so then I. was like well must have arthritis, and I started feeling in my fingers. I was like Oh, I do have arthritis right? But then I realized I got my diagnosis and I know you actually. got turf toe while you were sleeping. Wow, but then I still felt the thing in my fingers so I have arthritis as well, and I just got lucky on diagnosing it maybe turf fingers. Now I think it's like when you go into you go into the doctor. t about something else and they do. You have cancer. But it's. Just identical. Yeah, so I have anyways I just been. I'm still dreams. Alive was going through going through it right now. You've got injured in your sleep. Look, I'm not kidding. I literally got turf. While he was sleeping. He Got Turkey. Stomach issue we don't have any scares with vomiting. No, no scares. Okay so it's going to the rest of your body. Yeah I! I think it's just because I haven't been around. Anybody have been like. Just lonely alone. That's bad for your health. Yeah, yeah, absolutely being alone and I think that ostracising people is bad for people's brains to. Kick people out of society. If we canceled people too hard, we're going to have some bad misfits, some social lepers, but say why that you got turf toe when you were sleeping. Oh, so I was I went out for the weekend and I came home. My mom had done my bed because I haven't. I wasn't like rotating the laundry on my bed, and so my mom did my bed like at a whole. You know, go to a hotel talking real tight. Really Yeah, so she talked so tight I took. I took Melatonin right before like fifteen minutes four, and went to bed, and so when I got in bed, just passed out, and I woke up and I don't know what time it was. It was the middle of the night in my my toes were back. At, the foot of my bed because. She's so tight and I woke up and I I literally have I thought it was a cramp or something and then, but it wasn't. I gave myself turf toe. Do you think your mom might be getting paid off by like certain PGA golfers that are worried about taking? The progress you've been making I. Hope Not Dude, but that would be worse. CASE SCENARIO, yeah. The intimate portrayal. Getting paid. Are you giving me some suggestions how I could retire I'm not at that point yet. I thought it would be funny. If you had like a big retirement announcement, you could always come back. Breath far just. Coming back from retirement I'm actually going to meet my coaches afternoon Oh. Really Yeah, my New, York coaches and No. I can't do anything right now, but you. You've been reading the golf. BOOKS OF MARINA BUNCH OF GOLF books which have and then I'm GonNa go this afternoon and there's these guys who are GonNa. Take under of their wing. One of them's GonNa make sure I don't get injured. He's going to be my physical coach. Okay and other one's GonNa be my swing coach mental coach. Did you get the bag that we sent? Not you're GONNA have to. We have to reroute it to hear Oh. Yeah, we send it to. Your arrives I think you guys got my dress. Confirmation to the UBS. Backup to me perfect I, don't want you guys to pay two times shipping okay. We could do that. No, don't worry about I'll give my mom. And then brandon half of you. Because half of you is on the AC. Right, but I I was. I was in Seattle City last week I don't care about. The other half in the last three months the half that you wouldn't I gain I okay, so here's the thing. I'm now wearing a normal shirt because. I can't wear. My graphic t-shirts is elected over the last couple of months because I've gained too much weight, Eddie's and too many titty show. Yeah, they're too small so I have about three weeks I need to go without my t shirts. What you should do is. About twenty pounds. You should wear t shirts with normal size. people on them in. The face stretches out over the titty. You could just say like some kind of ninety s where they had big heads and everything remember when I got under to sixty, and it was a big deal. Deal Ever No. I'm trying to seventy four to seventy four. Four that's. Accident. heavyweight class in college wrestling. Really you'RE A. College wrestler. People? Let's say that. No. Tallin college wrestling is like six foot even for any way class Dainty Little Dudes I. Do know what you're saying with the shirt, so that's a very relatable thing like i. if I went through all my shirts, I could tell you what we I have to be. You lost or gained weight or you just constantly. Yeah or You gain lost about every time I look at it. Looks vastly different over. Here, we take! Take off he's got to. Sell your waterway. You still got some pounds. Ought Damn that hurts. Naked. How do I look now? Good good? Water came back to the good thing about being called a racist online for an entire week. 'cause you don't really have an appetite. Yeah no called you a racist 'cause he deleted. Everything also shutout Kaby knickers having my back then line. Show. Good because like when you're when you're deep in a ditch like you look to your left and right scene which friends are going to? Be Heading tweeted in for my nothing. I have no grounds to backups an accusation like that he didn't know. Why you've never been racist in front of me, but I never really see what makes sense racist. I think. It all. Is that you guys being racist and all that last week was it took a wait? Let's preface everything by saying that it took away from my heroine. Stand to get the Mississippi flagging. Relations to me because that happened true job grandstand, but I did that. They could end up making. I wanted so I got it. She wanted to change the full confederate. I gotTA check. Why are we pussyfooting around? Soon as I did it the next day, you guys went viral for something else. Took that away. The real tragedy you know. Why don't you say something to be like? Hey, look at me. I'm saying something now. Why don't you what I disavow? I'm saying something now little late, yeah! It was ridiculous how it all turned into a clip from five years ago, then turned into like Dave, said this like two days ago because the Internet just doesn't about anything like that, it's just a clip and then Yup. This is what we're saying. Hey, Kobe's the phone lines working I've no cost. Maybe no one knows how. Obese nobody's listening house. The agent who? He's he's going to get married the. House engagement is such a loaded question like he's still going to do this go. Back through. A long ways. Yeah, the divorce rate is skyrocketing right now. Imagine the Fiat, the engagement divorce rate is as well. You into Magin if Kobe well now this is bad to say, but if he just didn't go through the wedding and he just called himself divorcee of fiance. Let's push back two years just to be safe and he didn't bring it up until Katie said something right now. You just outed him as a divorce. Say Face it and we out of the closet. Bad, we don't. Four calls close out the software and then reopened I. Don't know what the fuck that means Gonzo. Like it. Kobe Kobe walking trim though Kobe look. He's the Jack of all of us. We hit us with the Honk Brandon go back and. You look thinner except for. You Got Fatter. Your legs skinnier somehow. Like a water tower. Shining these right here. I prayed. Really bad habits are going to keep. No I didn't make any habits over quarantine. I didn't already have I just. Did it more often I just ate. More drank more slept. More more did everything else. That's good for you less Brandon I. Don't know if you guys have seen this, but he's got the greatest hack going in terms of. People being like dude, you even sleep. He stays up till three Am and then sleeps to like noon, but at three am. Everyone's like to do you even sleep like years always working I think. That's an automated tweet. Schedule the we lost. Kareem always marvel at. It's so smart of you. 'cause like people were like dude. You just grind. To Sleep till, noon? What are you doing for your heart? Though brain is doing anything good for your heart, I don't think so really. We're getting to that age although I haven't been eating Bacon so. I've taken a couple of months off the Bacon I. Don't believe who's eating your baking now i. Still want. Regardless this. Was the first morning and my wife has made me Bacon in a long time. I didn't even eat it I. Just walked out. And walked out. Let's. WHAT THE MAKE! I wanted the becker, but eat the bet. She probably thinks something's wrong I. Thought the Bacon was not the problem. It was like when we get chick-fil-a and you have seven sandwiches. No, you buy too much and I have to eat it true. Out By the way I don't know if you guys know this Ronin I have officially brought on a wrestler to our management company. You brought on me and I brought on a wrestler. Winning, I, wrestling Martinsburg, West, Virginia me in big trouble in Bishop, making our debut Brandon Brandon. No and remorseless real, but his name's terrible, but he was not terrible it. Rains managing a wrestler, so then Ronin I-, strong-armed him, and we now are managing brandon. All five place damages five chick-fil-a sandwiches. To the other day. Okay, they'll get you the ones on now. I can't watch him. Lock o'clock, going to tell you I can't fuck with the clock to tell you. something. It's twelve. Said, yes, I mentally budgeted myself to eat at two o'clock so I'm like. Why can't eat them? Intermittent fasting no I this morning, but I'm just saying I. my mind I'm eating at two o'clock I'm with you. I'm with you on that Brandon strong but I think they K. B is is threatened by bringing another wrestler in the midst again. You're doing what you're talking about. entertainment Rosenthal Jaffa Tall. Pounds Yeah Hey. Whip your ass, He would cut you down like a tree. You think I I would blog about the only reason. He wasn't a college wrestlers because he didn't go to call. Toll Branding watery. That is be great if you were Pasco. Boss who Tall Brandon Walker and you just come in and you start tripping over yourself as your entrance. You can't get underneath the ropes again. Every single time you're like to tolerate and Walker all it takes a little wrestler, and just take you out of your hands. Club feeder you want. How's your returns and saw Never Mind Mississippi? It was really good like the Prodigal. CMEC coach Leach. On the AC. Coach Lee Person Yes hopefully this weekend. Are you going back. I gotta go get my dog. That's right should have a rescue. Ship Bird. Why is a recipe for disaster? You have a track record. Yeah I. One dog died the mighty ducks for killing Donna. Impending, doom, you are known as the Dog Kill I. I've gotten pictures of her. Beautiful puppies have grown up into magnificent beasts today. Wait so the person who you're getting. The dog from was able to actually keep the mother live this time I. Don't know about their mother now. Okay, I, don't know, but I am going. It's in. Tennessee and I'm going against this weekend and driving it back up. I don't know why I got it in Tennessee. Why are you going to Mississippi? Fly Into Mississippi. Okay, do a couple of things. Drive up Tennessee and come to those things. A couple of things I gotta make coach each. To go back to Anthony's get get another five pounds on that frame. Food stuff rebinding. That frame could take another twenty pounds I. Do have a frame for a lot of way. Yes, you absolutely do. How is the general populations response to you coming back prison? What what? Like, the average person like seeing brandon, Walker comeback better or worse than Starkville, it was great all college kids love me and West Point. They don't give a fuck. Tango and back to Portland Maine. Stephen King's an author of books Brandon. Books are kindles with words. into. Your good trip though I had a great trip to Mississippi and I had a great trip to New Jersey last week I. had to vacations in two weeks three weeks and everyone recognize you in Seattle I'm curious about your trip to see. Those are my stomping. Rose and see. How can we play Brandon's voicemail that he left me? I tweeted it. We play that it was such a great. I don't know if I was A. voicemail that was fantastic wine ice cream place, and I looked down, and my phone was forty five seconds into a conversation, but big gap I thought he called me. Strawberry milkshake and a banana split that day. Was Delicious. Did you you on the alcohol this week? No no, not at odds with the family. Shame Oh. That's why you're going. BACK DOWN TO MISSISSIPPI. To some alcohol a couple days alcohol, I don't do a lot of alcohol, but yeah. Probably we'll do little alcohol. You've been on alcohol tranquil. Yeah! bigtime thought you could be on. The alcohol trained I got my stomach surgery and I can. Party I. Don't get, but you can't vomit. Kamat so. Much party. One of those situations. How'd you govern? How do you got? I call. Hello Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. That lasts. Just looked at my phone is like why Brandon. Leave me voice. Shot! Like yesteryear. But, how do you make sure you don't drink too much? How do you know? What, I'M GONNA throw up or like. How do you know why have medicine had to carry with me at all times and I just feel like I'm gonNA throw by the medicines. I stopped. DRINK EPI pen. It's called Zo Franson. Wait. Could anyone take that? Yeah, so like if I'd tickets killer shot boom. Yeah I think I think so, but then you can't drink after that. No, you could. You don't mess with. Yes. Kind of like this idea though we should all do that, we should all. I told me about this has been around the whole time. Yeah, take the morning after two. If you're really drunk and then morning after Queasy, it makes you feel. Knock queasy immediately and I'll think it has any side effects. It probably does, but I don't. They didn't tell me about. We should do that as a competition I think we should. How much can we? We drink a cup of I. wanted to Puke. Everyone takes o Fran and I have unlimited. They're like the rest of your life. You can get as many refills as you want. It doesn't matter like I could take ten of them today. Go Get a new prescription tomorrow and then the next day. Get a new one. That's like that's like having the worst. Superpower like I can get any pill. Ever Free Prescriptions I'm GONNA have the Anti Up. I would rather have that than adderall I. Feel Your talked rigs is going to spike your truly with EPA CAC in your. Your Golf careers done. was their new drink that they're making he's GonNa transgender. EPA Cat. Guys Yes for tasted. What did you think about Brian de Shambo from A to Umbro? He's fantastic. You light his, so the cameraman thing you see what happened to the cameraman Oh he he got. Hit a bad shot the cameraman. Did his job and videotaped him and followed him, and then he just flipped out and was like get up, get away from Dude, and said afterwards that he doesn't think the camera should like. Follow you after a bad shock could be bad for your brand. said bad for the brand. That's like. That's actually why people like watch golf as to watch people, meltdown or watch anything he watchdogs. Reality Television. Anybody succeeded any. Yeah, it's off socks. That's the only. Stipulation, that's why sports are so good, because twenty, nine of the teams are losers at the end of the year What do you mean stipulation I don't know what's your which comments or name by the way? would. You Bucks grunk now sure. What is he saying? What's GRUNK or sixty nine, a fucking thorn in my side. He's a Dick. How do you? How do you see them I? It's hard now pinpoint meteorologist Eboni. Yeah, the I rare especially the people who've been around when not lately heating for. Since the beginning, poop stinks, and there's booby stinks now to. Copycat. Excited to be lsu Yeah Hell Yeah. Way Bitcoin had some great names Rhone. You got three names on the two little. John the block. That's my quarterback's name. It'll John. Camp Sandwich. What are you going to do without your your top your lead adviser? Oh! There's a coaching staff change. You want to be part of the offensive staff non too busy. Okay all right. I think I'll be okay. I'm out. Yeah, I think. Billy's ready. So what has billy's contributions? Mostly just annoying me, yeah! Pretty much annoying. I didn't wear deodorant. One game not sucked. He smelled so bad airing it out is. Way More interesting more also one day we came in, and he brought his puppy, and then he went into the part of my take studio, and left his puppy in his puppy shit and pissed everywhere at Geoff Diehl had cleaned up No spider cleaned shefty low claim that he flew nothing's yeah, so I told billy that he owes spider three favors doesn't matter how big or small and spider can ask whenever he wants. It was a cute puppy, but the third was so gigantic turn. It was a big old turn. It was like a full foot long wrapped around and. It's the classic. There are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners that would that would be the case here. and the dog pissed like three separate times. He was only forty five minutes. Good hydration, DUDE! You should think about it. I hope. I got a I got a dehydration migraines just the other day. Really Yeah. Like gravy. Unhealthy. Easily and I don't know why. Did, you have any heat stroke problems. Did you did? What happened or Sunday I was just hilarious concept. The man from Mississippi can't deal with the heat. I know it's bad, but I I've I've googled it finally and I. my Doctor Mississippi. Told me some things. Some water tablets Mississippi doc water. Off. Prescription Gatorade. I I I'm GonNa work on it. Yeah, what happened? I took the kids out on a big day and we were at the beach three hours, son directly on my head, and then we went speedboat writing and it was. It was rough and we've got back. The hotel is just I couldn't I couldn't cool off and I ended up vomiting everywhere. migraine. It's not funny is for me. My entire life funny. Come on. That's funny to squeeze the Piazza Your Dick. Like a tube of toothpaste. The. Wrong way like. Starts coming out of his mouth. I didn't realize you. Did your Damsel in distress. Vacation. For vomiting. And not drinking. Had A great time in Seattle. There's this one day that I passed out in front of my kids and started puking everywhere. You go on. It was eighty degrees. View until they went to bed I saved, but Dad moved one show the weakness. Weakness Imagine being in their shoes washing that pathetic spectacle. Rocking. Yearning, Seeing the Sun Up Sky Been Like Dad. Maybe we shouldn't. The son's back again. Here's what speedboat is there and see how. It wasn't it was an ocean city? Would okay wages rent it or you're? Just one of these go out in the ocean, a lot of seats in there one of those things but Tommy had never been on one. And he said I WanNa going to speedboat dad, so we did it and. Tommy's birthday soon. What are we getting? Bring in Guys Miss Tommy, Walker. Zo France so. He can help you. Don't have bear. Tommy. Walker Day was awesome. He had held day just started fake punching Shit Ruins apartment. It was exactly how you expected it. What was his game that he invented? Oh yeah, what was. Came slapped. Brock. Dare. SLAPPER DARE DASH had to dis right Goldie. Chime in his slapper. Dare I wasn't slap dare. It was what do you? Have to call him and ask him Aiono. 'cause he was thrown stuff at us if we got something wrong. Maybe that wasn't part of the game. Greg game strong game. What was it I don't know now. It's bothering me. Dang it there or Tail Dare Airedale that Dad or dad had. Damn and dare. A. I'm welcome back texting. The water. Like denounce fixing told we'll be back appointed August. That'll be happening. Know exactly which day, but it will be back in August. As sports trickles back into our lives. Yes, I spent last week with my kids. Tommy Walker I'm about to reach out to him to find out if it was. Dasher dare. No. Dip Dip. Dodgers there, it was done. Through something at. Dodger debts right and we're all. We're sitting down, so dodging wasn't really an option, so we were in the apartment to. Just ahead here. That's solely how we interact with throwing me catching them, yeah! Some of them might have a nine year old. I love. What was that noise? The minor you mentioned? Actually, Tommy Long I was not balancing, he's. There's bags. She's bad parents. Where'd you get that shirt? Kaby you order that online shopping? I'm afraid to shop inside of store. Pre Corona viruses well. That's not a corona virus thing. Had you know pre because I hate when they approach you and ask you, you just run out the door tria. It's terrible. Why would you know that you can just say like I? I know. When they catch you looking at a specific item, they try to elicit open ended conversation than I sweat in ended up buying something I don't want. To Stop the conversation just like I'm good target. Do and he bought a basketball. Weep. It's still in the box. Disheartening target even have sales. People like that pressure. Can I help you find anything. No, we're good. She was flirting with me. She was like. Chest shows a basketball. I was wearing my view disruptors. Good Basketball Shoe Shit I let's do a couple of calls. Let's see what we got ooh Okay Brendan in Pennsylvania had Brennan. Going on, guys I I say. Did Mike Leach assert his dominance over link. Kevin Brandon in that video of him, Mike Lee. PULLING DOWN LINK To that sort of dominance, sorts absolutely made him as bitch. Yeah, you're percent, totally bitch. That's already happened. Cool Mike Leach in Lane Kevin used to be the cool one you got. About it. was like in the cool when he was, he was a cool might lead snapped his mask. Now you little bit stuff he he's. Yeah Lane Kiffin as and I had to delete any memes is a train. Has Lost. Any recruiters live on the edge. Chelsea lost any recruit. He's. I don't know I. Don't keep up with other teams. That's such a lie. It's s using live all the time I. don't keep up with old MRS doing. You're on the forum after their name next. Oh, yeah, aren't they? The land sharks no miss why I'm just getting rid of that name what? What he wanted to be called. Yeah. It's offensive I don't know if. I'm GONNA, say. Ole Miss. That's true. Yeah, What do you want it to be new miss? Future Miss Shepherds After Bird Lange's MRS fields after your dog, your pet. I can't name it ship bird. Should. Be Alive for very long. It doesn't matter if you don't you even. It will be even funnier in the pet cemetery when ship bird. July fourteenth to September sixth. This one lives like twenty years to run the average out to ten years, not going to happen it could. Talk last week whenever the other racist stuff was happening. We should have put out. A. Follow I forget what it's called, but it's whenever you put out your own story. That's more remarkable and be like we have a guy that works at bar so from Mississippi. WHO's not a racist? OJ Been Race. Man, I'm having about the flag. I am two. Things. Mississippi, who can't be in the sun and kills dogs, but he doesn't like. Have you designed submission for it yet. I've not I'm sure that you'll be working on. Future. Hasn't actually I have a powerpoint. Funny You bring that up. What should we name the Redskins? Great Question. That's all you asking the right guy. This is your alley I don't know I, think I want a team name. That doesn't end an s I like that I. Mean I think the team. That's good I do. As, little high when I came up with that one. Made me laugh, really good teeth, yeah! Teeth that is funny. To. Kick him out about. That's Washington teeth. Coral without s right. Yeah I I have a tooth. I haven't thought about anything. Think about ever ever. It's great. all right, let's do. Elias in Syracuse, Elias. Hey how's it going? What's up, man? so I'm finally happy that somebody deactivated. Danny boy canes twitter account, because whoever the fuck who was running. It really needs to dine old. Because the men contracted swine flu and was attacked by. He's a real dow was the real Danny Boy Kane. I won't take this slender. You guys probably don't even know or care, but Danny? Boy came deactivated his twitter finally. What was the reason he said? said he just was sick with WHO's sick with the twitter which I actually don't blame them, but the best part, the most Danny boy, cain part of it was, he announced four days beforehand that he was going to deactivate his twitter at midnight on Sunday, so it's a bit like gave everyone a chance to say goodbye. You have any other tweets throughout the week. Yeah, he was treated like normal. You Miami recruits and everything think thoughts are going now. He has a notebook he. He sent me the new. Website he was on his called MIND DOT COM mind I'll tell you actually might not be able to be deactivated his twitter. Yeah it's. It's sad to see. Legend Go, yeah, MINE'S DOT COM. Mimes minds mind. It's probably one of those websites like feel to the speech, and then quickly just all the Nazis online there. Yeah, he's tweet. He's tweeting from their tweeting from. Whatever? Minds the Methadone of tweeting. He's like he's picking it up like it's. We need someone to make Danny Boy Cain aggregate. And yet on good good morning. Today is the beginning of a new era. May twitter account that just publishes his mind's Yeah Right. What's the equivalent of re tweet on mind? looks like they are actually a re tweets and remind yes. Reminders? Yeah mind! Wow, this is a wild website. He get paid to be on their. Oh, here! We go also who is Danny Board Game? Cowboy. Am I WANNA ask. pull up the video so daybreak Kane is is essentially. Everything I love about the Internet he is a mess. He's a diehard Miami Hurricanes Fan who is deepen the message boards on. Miami hurricane does the breaking news about recruits and all that stuff. Brandon, you can speak to like how crazy those worlds are and fucking worst. And then he was probably like years ago, released a video because there were some people in the message board, namely big POPPA, Kane Hokkien EAC and Sebastian Ninety one who were claiming the Danny boy, Cain had died. From swine flu and had been attacked by a bear, so we did a press conference where he addressed all the rumors, and it's maybe my favorite video like if you had to take one video from the Internet to a deserted island, I think it would be this. Message. Message for Guy I. Former here, good morning. For the last two years I have patents have been going to a hell of a nightmare canes time, and the retains sight it seems. Regarding my supported debt. Let me address matters right now this issue I want to address. Number One. As you can plainly see I am very much alive and well. Attacked by a bear. Will I want to address it right now. At, no point at no point was ever attacked by. Let alone encounter one. Now if I ever encountered a bear, believe me. I would I would hide tailored either so fast. You know I like called Louis. Okay so. For people that keeps keep really believing just by. Being like heard you died. Depressed back to the matter. Is that was nowhere hack and there was not even an encounter. Over bear number two by me, okay? Now. There's another issue. I want to address the swine flu issue. There are people out that really think I died of the swing. The fact of the matter is I never had the swine flu not once. Now why? Okay. No Point and let me address very clearly. No Point was I ever diagnosed with the swine flu not once. But yet for this rumor to keep going, and and for me to have to keep addressing it. It's total garbage and it's not true. There was no swine flu on me. I am perfectly helping Miam- alive and well I think there's. Now. Going around. Dining bore Louise Rivera. Personally I hope they I take this. Photo going around and rip off report yesterday I'll give you the link for that. Use alias Danny Rivera. Now! Yes, there are a lot of Dan Danny Daniel Ribeiro's out there. Okay but I can tell you a couple of points one. I hope they catch the son of a bitch because this guy has not paid his child support. He, has not paid his child support. For pulses case time to. To to sink Edwards. minute. Let me taking. Six minutes long. Is just people. It's like Detroit. It's like the trolls in my twitch chat being if I did a press conference being like I like my sound is on stop saying my sounds, not on which I guess I kind of do so. I am no different than anybody and I. Just Love Him. He's just he gets. Everyone pumped up at the end of the people who are are people messing with him or do they really think dollar messing with? Any Internet like forum. One person says something, and then if you react, it's identical to the twitch stream. They're responding to his posts in saying you're dead. Yeah, like this isn't real. Danny boy, Kate. He died from a baritone. If there's ever a rumor that attacked by a bear owning up to that, yeah, what a mistake instance! Do, you have the last minute and for people to believe that guys like the ninety one. Every bit popper and Else. On case on the really think I was attacked by a pair. And at the flying and thank all of this. That doesn't pay child support. It absolute garbage and it's rubbish and it's not true. And I'm sick and tired of IT Jeremy One of my bell canes. Heart sick and tired of me having regressive crap for two years. The is going to stop immediately. Sick of it and my fellow canes orth well. This shit's going to stop the I'm addressing it I'm addressing right now. For the last time. It's. True and total garbage so get worse immediately i. he still talking about yeah, he's like he wants two hundred dollars. He actually is like very in tune with like Miami and follows everything, and then he'd just block people who said like Oh. You got attack by bear, but he came on the Yak. Like three weeks ago, to talk about the recruits and how Miami's looking and Just said we're losing a great guy on twitter. He thinks that Michigan State game is the key this year up? It is there might not be fans so upset at set sad night to see Danny boy came. I guess. It's one of those you know better. Burn out than fade away. JOIN MINES DOT com. Yeah, my join minds might have to make a minds account. Yeah, actually you should get a good handle before they're all gone. Just don't troll, please, we need. Then you ask. For Big Proper Cane Hokkien EAC Nick ninety-one. Boxing bulldog Brandon. A suit. To come more calls Chris in New York go ahead. Can you hear me Yep? right right so I just wanted to calm. I know that bar. Or not coming off like that at all, except for kb with those tweets but Anyway I WANNA speak on basically when when Dave came out with that I rant about with the protest and whatnot. And then he had Josh Tweet Adam. Say Your comments pretty much missed the mark and double that he came back and apologize for that now he comes through with this What is tweet and whatnot going at Brandon? Attain Brandon Hey. You've been here for a cup of coffee comes carrying weight well newsflash. All your black employees have been there for a cup of coffee. So how does he say that? There's going to be changed Barstool, but then when it's. been haven't been here long enough to talk to me the way you happen, I wanNA know where the change is going to be and how you plan on taking that action for it. Yes thanks Chris so I do think that Dave absolutely cares deeply what tyler and Willie guys who've been here for a little bit longer i. think the Brandon thing I dave. Doing it publicly. Get how people are like. Wow, dude, just contrary to everything you said on Thursdays. Video saying. Have you guys back? I understand where day was coming from. Though because Brandon Neuman calling moods irreplaceable was maybe the most ludicrous thing I've ever seen and I like Dave should have done it on twitter, but you merged quitting after he's been here for like six months and. You? Know like being like it was just a ridiculous like you need to have a contract, so he made it seem a lot bigger than what it was, and then saying it's irreplaceable and I think Dave is getting to the point where he's reaching a tipping point where yeah, there's some bad videos. Yeah there's some things that I wish I could take back as well, but to insinuate that like the entire culture. A BARSTOOL is rotten to its core especially from someone who maybe has been here for like three months in there. I don't know how long. Nine months and path of it's been the pandemic. That's probably why they've got pissed off and I understand why he's like. Why is everyone saying that everything needs to change? When that's not the case I? He probably shouldn't have done it online but I also think that if nate had tweeted that, he probably would have gone after eight to native been like Moody's irreplaceable, you would have been like the fucking ridiculous thing to say so I kinda get where Dave's coming. From. Maybe the avenue. He used not the best, but. Like you can't call someone irreplaceable. WHO's barely been here? And it was here for like a second and who is like? He wasn't I, think he? I think he actually started doing content in like March. He never contract and then he made. It seem like it. Was this big like you know I'm walking away from Barstool. Didn't have a contract I. Don't have anything like personally against Mooch. I mentored him I felt a little betrayed that he like. Did it the fashion where he basically said if you. If you stay parcel, you promote racism. I think that's unfair. So I had a problem with that message part of the message, but he's got he's got to do. I don't hold it against them. I just don't think he was irreplaceable. Only anyone's ear replaceable one thing I'll say about the mood situation is I think that he's in a position where he has to answer to people who don't necessarily know Dave and they see like probably black people and they're like what's up with your boy like. Why is he saying stuff like that and from his point of view, I. I could see how uncomfortable situation because I'm in the same situation. I'm coming from a battle rap world where people don't really know Dave. They see a variety article in there like what's up with this and like he is in a delicate situation where he has to answer for that, and so he felt like he had to do what he had to do, but one thing I will say that he and I had had conversations about like ways to make the ways to make barstool like a more inclusive place and ways to make barstool like better. This is like things that we sat down and talked about and it's like. There was like there was room for that, and it seems like disappointing that like you can't just follow through on those kinds of right right so you know like I said I'm not GonNa wish ill will on mood. I just think that the way he framed it. Was Unfair to pretty much everyone who works here, but that is what it is, and that's the beauty of the Internet. You can do whatever you want free. Will you know he? He probably will go on and be successful whatever he does, but yeah irreplaceable again anyway I replace, but like I i. Am you know eight? I'm replaceable. Everyone's played irreplaceable. Everyone is replaceable like that's unfortunately, it's actually the old tyler tweet like they're just going to keep the world just GonNa. Keep going on without you like. Yeah, that's what's going to happen. Let's not like pretend that we're you know bigger than we are. In our day to day existence, the world is going to keep on spinning all right. That was our one of the AC our to after this break. We'll be back right after this. Episode is brought to you by our friends. At Hawthorn, look, you've heard US talk about Hawthorne for a while now and that's for good reason that's because it's just awesome. My entire shower caddy thing and like my closet is just filled with hawthorn products I got their shampoo conditioner body wash body, sprayed yoder and face lotion products. I wasn't even I wasn't using a face lotion. Three months ago on Hawthorne scented now I'm using it everything they have. It smells great personalized premium plotting ingredients. 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The microphone full House. Packed House feels good feels great. Did everyone bring their? Goblin Journal get forgot mine. I got to dude. What sounds so? Is this a reference. To My Goblin Journal. Why does he have it? Have the same journal. Deal this from my house. So good on Goblin journal Dave, the only one who brought in Goblin Journal Maccabee you have Golf Journal to. What I'm trying to think what's in there? Well let's find out. Started on a very monumental. Yeah, that's the. Only thing I know September tenth two thousand one. Today's going to be a great. Here journal The sun is Shining. It's easy to get on an airplane. Never lived through any. Events. Without the. Journal. Teacher. Was Ugly. My sister has practice for the school play. She is going to be a Danson Unicorn I thought this was funny because she's very shy, her name is. That redacted redacted. I mean this is just a full full Goblin. A peruse in my favorite part about the Goblin. Journalists that you created fake wrestling brackets. How old were you when you made this I did that incessantly and you? Every piece also would lose in the second round. How old were you when you made this Goblin Journal? Two thousand one so eight. Is there a quote on that page as well February nineteenth, two thousand and three ten am. Quote Life is short for people who believe life is long for people who don't. Buy cursive Kyle Bauer McCormack. That's pretty I, said it. Life. We gotta find the part that really creeped me out Katie and I i. mean look at Your Goblin. I'm not trying to. I would never criticize another man's Goblin journals. Put, the priests part. Priests Part. In the. For Life what does it say smart. Oh, my God these are. This is incredible. Dear Journal today. I have a baseball game I play shortstop or S, s normal boy. Practice I got a home run in two singles. We one nine seven. I got a home. Run A double. Then Shelton Cameron. WHO's that? Sounds like two separate people? They gotta find the fucking. It's called. Never say never. It's done in green. I'm read front to back, did you? Did you do a bunch of what we're all like the numbers? Where there was like it seemed like there was a tournament of like brackets, but like there was always an odd number of. Of Team, so someone's always gotta buy to the finals or something like that, or were you doing in addition or something like that or what? What was that I, wasn't I stuck to the sixteen or thirty two man traditionally never say no to a homemade Brownie. Okay, so it's never say never. A bird has a nest. We have a home. What about you well? This is how any holes how old. Nine Seven eight nine, yeah. Rules for life. Sing in the shower. Never say no to a homemade browning. GET HELP get ready for local festival. Watch two cartoons day. Smile when a priest looks at you. M. Grooming you? Say. A false smile when a priest looks at you. Gaba Journal. I will say though that the the ink on this is conspicuously not faded, so I don't know if B and Nick I'm just conditioned to be a little bit suspicious of anything. That's too good to be true. That comes across your desk. You know how sacred a Goblin journalist. This isn't something you fake. It would be the ultimate. Sacrosanct Act fake a Goblin Journal, Kale. What are you? What are you? What have you found? Lausanne creeped out by me. Don't make. Alley. June? Nine Class Looking at me, stop. Go to confession every day I, would you? Through the screen. Here you smiling. Kale doesn't look real or no. I think this is real. It's got some weight to it. Listen to the trump from April twenty, seventh, two, thousand and two. I just got up from sleeping over at Shelton's house when I got home I passed baseball with Derrick. Derrick left I watched Billy Madison. With Brandon and Dylan Mangino. Drops. They're gonNA live two years old. They were the older boys. Gather sticks from the tree. Well! Standard stuff go on there. That was cut down. And then. More with Derek. Then, I went to a baseball game. We played shortstop second. And either. They didn't keep track of the score, but I pitched really good. I struck out corey. That easily actually. Shot them out. Wait now, this seems. And now seems fazed. The fact that nick was the one who is like offering it up so willingly to us like hey got. Cut Goblin Journal. It's an incredibly if it's a fake, it's an incredible. Harmless. Passages invisible ink. Journal The first page has a vampire story unless we're want to save that for a journal Brandon? Do you WanNa? Take a look at it and try and test the veracity of this journal. Your name dropped in this and he did say Brandon was one of the older boys. You were twenty two at a time older, not altar boys. Handwriting kind of change to. PART OF GROWTH! Here's an N. word. Is. Come to the. Journal. The page. Fuck Yeah All right so. That was a good start. The show you WANNA I mean. It's Goblin Journal. Let's just refer couple hours. See what? See what sticks. You WanNa talk about tiktok drama. Store. Not GonNa. Talk about the vampire store you talk about the story. You. Yeah I'm just going to go back to my desk and delete my eight thousand word blog no I. Don't think she'll eat it I think this is a great record of can read the Vampire Story. You wrote a blog about it or when you call kb the lost blogs, okay? Brandon! So He. This is not vampire store. He has a record of when he was hacky sacking. told, you about this eighty six. Yeah, with bare feet, and he wrote down how many times he hacky. BASSAC It does that looks like some advanced math? Though how many did it come out to? His average was twenty nine barefoot. He he did it five times. He got to one, hundred, forty, seven total, and his high was thirty two. Hockey. Town fair funds, but he also has socks there. He did one their eight and one was sox and his average was. Oh you were better, bare feet than sake. I had like a showed like foot were. girth easier than it was long. But once you put shoes on, you went up to forty one. Not Really. forty-one hacks half. Sack, of the sack. You gotta just put this into. Some kind of data like a chart that people can digest easily because I feel like it's too hard to understand the so. Did you make up the names of the wrestling tournament? Guys, or were they friends of yours? I think they're all made of Derek. Vinci. He's completely fake. You have such an interesting brain. Aaron Felix fake? John Actually started. This nick told us about this because. Kevin, WHO's a new new guy? Here introduced himself to nick and we're like. Hey, wait till you talked to Kyle. Here's some tips on like how to talk to them. Like what we would do is like. Don't make eye contact. and. Maybe just keep it to like Tiktok like irony, poisoning and and dragon journals, and yeah, and and we're world's capital. Express, you think. You've heard fresh. Are you now a truth? Yeah? FRESH INK OF CRIME LAB. Sometimes I mean marker fades over the years. Magic Marker that is candidates integrity like that since o-on. Nineteen years of Magic Marker, and it doesn't Fade it all. I may counterfeits before. Interesting. What kind of counterfeit? Bills! Believe what you want. I know the truth. We know you do this goblins. Goddamn Goblin, Journal. I love it. It's fascinating Brandon's go. Brand is just like leafing through it. Just he's. He's trying to find any or the Copyright of the Journal Two Thousand and I saw thousand. So that's that stands works works out. In. Did he write anything after September? Eleventh happened Oh yeah, most most of what I'm saying like Right Act. There was a severe tonal shift what we had to look for. was scared I mean at that age. You really don't know what cultural references whatsoever either way. Either saying like this happened. Like this, this big thing happened in my life. Like the fucking reds won a game or would. You would put cultural references in their right. TIMESTAMPS like. If I was faking it I would do a nine eleven pack passage with my left hand and just like. Period. Never. GonNa WanNa title that Lebron James. Doesn't have. Lacks the clutch gene. Already okay, yeah, can you tell us about the TIKTOK stuff? I'm going to blog about it. It's I. Don't know I just. That tweet that notes statement respectable. I loved it. Yeah, we'll have read it. Let's read. You read it you. Who's WHO's it from? Is You know so? There's tiktok drama going on I. Don't really understand any of it I just know. People cheated. On, people kissed people. And then also going on at the same time, parallel is that tiktok realized that if the? All by dog coined DOJ coin DOJ corn. I missed that no one's ever said it. Only type. Doggy, coin you actually. This is the part that you should get in on his this. Get get rich quick with alternate coins. Okay. does coin is like twenty point Oh. Oh, twenty-three cents K. and there's like eight hundred million tiktok users, and they're like every tiktok user buys one. Dollar and we'll all be rich. This genius, right pump and dump. The Short it right before it gets there and fuck everybody off right. shorted it point zero to five. I just try to make myself a fraction of a cent, but everybody's in. That is connected to. Those are the same thing they just happened at the same time. It's like one of those big moments in history. Right which makes you say okay if you want to get really woke. Are the TIKTOK. Cheating and kissing each other to cover up. The does coin pumping, and is this stool team six, or is this the larger Tiktok community that is kissing each other? These are the biggest of. The perennial playoff. Game, this is like Charlie. Yes all right, so let's go go ahead. Is Charlie Charlie. Charlie's girl. Are So. This is from a guy named little haughty. whose a nineteen year old boys like the top star! Nissan since all, my drama has to be put on the Internet for the world to judge me. Let's lay out everyone else's. Dome Paragraph Break Anthony. Anthony got with Cynthia a week after we broke up on tour. Jaden Alvin Anthony Cynthia. I remember that. Jaden actively tried to hook up with Dixie at our house on the fourth of July in front of me while she was dating Griffin. As like two days ago, Griffin cheated on Dixie with Taylor's ex. kaylynn embraces xl. Changed dixies name, ex girlfriend L.. Josh cheated endless amounts of times on meds and Nessa for the past few months. Keough cheated on a Livia. Keough when will it stop the only person who has a right to be upset with me? Charlie and I'm sorry. I heard her. We broke up and I messed up by kissing. Nestle I am not sorry to Josh. We are not boys and we haven't been boys since he lied Charlie Sang had an SD six months ago trying to get her to stop seeing me I'm not going to let these hypocrites try and ruin my life without their lives being on the Internet to. Bucking second. Part if you can't trust Huddy, who can you trust right? You would think NASA. RASA. Charlie seems like the only one who's came out unscathed, right? That's why she's the Queen. She does every time, right. She just needs to get rid of Hoodie I mean he's obviously toxic. How does over was trending damn. What happened with the fifteen names in that single? Single stage draw. Draw graphic like a peppy Sylvia. Great. You should draw graphic com. Oh! Make you see what happened there, oh. The Jose Canseco of TIKTOK. Under the. as the now I understand. Everyone's yeah, big time, rat huddy! How many of the names ended in alien? The, names are ridiculous. was there a Dawson? In a Mattie my thing. They all individually made their own statements, and they were all clearly written by. Either a parental guidance figure, or how old are these manager? How old are these people they're. They range in age from sixteen to twenty one. That's weird. The twenty one dollars should that should not be the guy. Right yeah. Either be all over eighteen hundred. Like. We should have to tick talks. Wow! Yeah, I like that. Yeah, two separate talks twenty one year olds segregate some. Equal. Title I'm thinking about what I closed my eyes and see the twenty one year olds and I he. I don't like his what he's doing. How, old man! He's got blonde hair. He's got six pack. He's he the angle of his videos. You would think he sh- tall, but he's actually five seven. Long so smart. One. Diamond Stud earing. He's GonNa have his. He's probably. GonNa have his Tong Pearson. I don't think it's a diamond I. Think is a dangle. It's GonNa. Go egg-laying. Barry Bonds Yeah. I think that that's right now. Very BANZHAF for Hawkeye's. Yeah he's. He's definitely told people he's like eighteen. Like that doesn't make sense man, you've been like you were a vine star when you were sixteen. That was eight years ago. No Sense. All right, so you're in this world hockey. No actually. Sadly or not, sadly at all, not, would you have kissed NASA? At his age or whatever her ages. tried. Aggressively, so you would have done. More. She were older than you and she were coming onto. You try aggressively accepted. Even if she had a boyfriend, the Thing, that's just one single house. That's what I was GonNa, say all together their legal address co payments are on your. Because the parents would have to be driving them to other people's houses. They don't have their license where to be cheating. They're all in La Right. I think so yeah. Does this and I also saw today that Tiktok is under threat of getting like banned by the United States. was like a tendency that Chinese information. At the TIKTOK is definitely GonNa take us all down. Right Yo guys can I say something about Tiktok Real? No, yes, please I was. It in Asheville, during quarantine I, was looking up stuff for golf. In all of a sudden, my whole Tiktok, not talk at all, and then my tiktok suddenly became all golf stuff. Long, on my computer. Claim that they're listening to what we're doing on my computer I was looking up golf stuff and then suddenly my Tiktok feed on my phone. Was Golf all already ban by the military. I think the US military so is that why kb knows all about these sixteen year old girls? That's TIKTOK. curated feed makes a Lotta. Sense TV. Show your feet if you're if you have nothing to hide. Feature if You. Can't lie. Honestly will. Show your feed. What kind of stuff is coming across their DADS this shortstops vampires? Do the rest. Wrestling plays on there. I was saddened. That's that's like Internet. One point zero when people didn't realize how Google ads sense worked, I remember back in the day. There would be people who like comment in the comment section like barstools like stoop to the level of. Advertising like tiny Dick Pills to us and everyone's like That's your Google search. There was that off sweet spot where the I was so far advanced from everyone's brain and understanding what happened that they couldn't figure out that if they search something, it will just keep popping up. So. I miss those days. We're TIKTOK soon. Yeah, sneaking into our brains, but that is I think. No it's it's absolutely someone. showed it that it's like basically just a spying well, that's why the whole thing's coolest is. You can use music and it's like well. How can you use music on this bouquets? Scrambling Oh China yeah. That we use are like are housed in the United States, so they're subject to the US laws, or whatever like. This isn't subject to US right. I mean they're spying on you for your benefit and giving you more videos offer. which for you is a good thing, but you know? That's probably how they got Jews Lane Maxwell Dude. That's probably how they brought her down. She was just couldn't stop talking in New Hampshire and the GEO locator. Centralized just leave. We looking aspirated. Of Check Chop Shins checking my email notes. I'll check my lunch options of one sell tacos. Nice. I better not even like it. The steak was just subpar like. We should explain this because brandon over well. He's been doing it before break, but he's obsessed with saying Lomo. Sell. Tottenham I'm obsessed with eighty hilltop, which he like sounds very very fans. It's Peruvian it's called. Lonzo just a beef on top of French fries well has some peppers and onions in there to that's it. Go fries with. National Foods of Peru. Luma Soto. They probably have delicious. South American beef. They probably have incredible cows fucking. Kind of south, American meet. They're using here. Trash bringing it in there wasn't poor. trashed. Zia is trash. Trash quality. Trash I only one. Keeping it of I'm saying that the quality of the steak was not good and you say. It's not. It's not a dinner stake. I don't want to waste my steak or lunch. I'm not having to stakes day. It's not a state is staying. It is strength. It's not. By, but that doesn't make it not stake just because it's cut into strips when you eat like a Chili's affiliate cheese steak sandwich. Do you consider that steak? Yeah, CHEESE STEAK! Right, but you don't you walk unless saying I'm getting a steak. You won't skip like seven or eight days for getting rid by because you've had a philly cheese steak. I'm just saying I. Don't want to in a day. It's just not good meat. We should all get around. Him will be the jar. Vary. This is my thing. It's got US around Brandon. No, you bought me lunch. You will buy a nickel lynch. My mind six people lunch. Because I won't have any okay good five. and Kobe wants them sick. Everybody in this room only I'm in. No, I don't think. We're good and these guys. They'll leave right after the show anyway, so it doesn't matter. No I'll I'll stay now. Eat US four count. You would call me at the crack of dawn. Just be like! Hey. I need I need you to write all the jokes for this morning show. We're building Malaysia. Yeah, the relationship! How how many jokes did you actually rape Brandon most for the? When when he comes on the show, he does his jokes. He doesn't write any jokes for me I don't. Want me to yeah. I wanted to, but he won't do it. Would you would? Understand. You said that now twice today that you're building a relationship with nick. That's a very weird thing to say out loud. Doesn't that just happen? It's been. Like a formula have you can send it to said relationship. He knows picture. Gets or he takes me a picture of his face everyday's. Cry For help your like Britney. Spears were that yellow shirt and let us not that it's crazy crazy every day he sends me this. That's a pretty cool picture. He looks cool aviators. Let's see pictures my dad's. Oh every day going through. When you take a good picture, you might as well send it. That's my chin. What do you do with the picture? So you send it to me. You got a bunch of pictures and your phone. No I had to make room because today I put a bunch of pictures of college logos on my phone so I can study on the train and she. Is that how you did it, too. Yeah, we'll just like the bulldog cat and bird species. Yeah, because they're hard to discern the panthers. Today. We had SI EDWARDSVILLE was, good. Dave wrestling. What a great use your time! It was for a show I help, but just sitting there. Do you ever like an hour you like? Why am I doing this while I was I just get the answer. I'm on train anyway. What are you? Are you? Look Straight ahead or I study my college logo? That's why I did on the train. Listen anything. Today because. I can't study and listen to. It makes sense I. Agree with that but I. Do you usually listen to the yes I have headphones pocket. I always see people who are just standing on the subway and no headphones of the weirdest people. Why drive in my my right in everyday is outcast. Am I right out. Every day is some sort of country music exact same songs on our casts every day pretty much, yeah? You seem like a one song kind of. fucking hit seven and seven castles in a row usually gets me here. And just play those same seven. Yep goes from Miss Jackson too so fresh so clean. Okay now it's weird, but I do like you know when you have like a mix. Yeah, and then you start hearing the next song as the previous song is ending, you can break that now. Here one song you're ready for the. Or like as you're passing a certain point on your ride, you probably like this is the part so fresh and so clean where they go like this. Is that why you do it to kind of give yourself you know where you are by how long in the song you know I do it. Because Al-Kass is perfect. Group and the perfect sound to give me into my day. Are you in the same mood every day? I'm in the mood for different music. Sometimes I'm in the mood. At nine thirty in the morning every day now my nighttime ride, my change, but nine thirty in the morning. I'm in the mood pretty much every day. How would you describe it? Not Melancholy but just I wait till I get here to set my mood for the day so I'm kind of in neutral neutral. That's how I would describe it staying neutral young, basically meditating on the way here pretty much. Shut your brain off. don't even think about it today I had to study. Though yeah, we should just do it. The only music episode not talking on maybe like a Colby Verse Caleb Oxygen Match. I wish you guys have been here for Friday vies with Rico. He played level seven different times different remixes. Remix any also twenty minutes into the show is like you ever hear a song, and it makes you think of like a moment in your life and we're like. We're doing right now. Yeah, it was fantastic. He forgot he put levels into so many songs. He forgot some of the songs he had put levels into. Himself, mixing. He's doing himself clarity. Call me maybe in two minutes in I was like where where's levels and he's like Oh crap, and then like five seconds later levels. He's like oh I did put it in here. I told him you guys should exchange notes though. You! Here's my number, does he? He's GonNa. Abuse that. He does. He'll be using that. Absolutely. He just likes to flex that. He has people's numbers. Remember when the time he texted like it was like seventeen people on message. Yes, Thanksgiving Christmas Tax Christmas Texan the no one Texas back literally just to prove I felt bad about that. No one takes him on the side. There's an outrageous thing to tech. Seventeen people are like loosely related, and it wasn't like happy Christmas. It was like America's and say it was like it was like a personal thing. It's like. You've been so great to me. And it wasn't. There was like four or five numbers I didn't have in that. Chain like I would never respond to a chain that don't have the number except. Coolmax clinic which you give him a cost. I forgot about cool Nick Yeah I do, too. Now, he was cool dude. He was so funny so all don't know he was. Pretty cool. Isn't. It's no I know what you're doing. Don't pretend that you like cool neck because we like cool neck. Yeah, well, you. You're raising. Thought. He was lame. Lame, Lame Nova now. This is cool regular Nick I've upgraded you. Thanks! Here's a regular Guy Hell. Yeah, yeah, let's take some calls and we have run. And I were doing this thing over quarantine, where we would not talk on the right in, and we would get people to give us ideas on periscope. We have some leftover. Yeah watched, so we'll do that. It was kind of like a pre show. It wasn't it wasn't a post show? We're not stepping on. The ideas were exclusively bad. No, sometimes when I watched sometimes, they were good. Would you. What did you think about eating door I did love that was interesting. That wants to eat eating like the tree in the door. We add some very different opinions. What what was what was your so and said five years? Yeah, to take down a tree yeah I, said fifty is calculated fifteen to twenty three years depending on how aggressive or conservative. You want to be with the Tree I. Could eat a door and a month. A door in a month you can eat a door in. The door lend it to size all it. Yes, you could eat blended. I understand that, but that's a lot of sawdust and you're forgetting about tooth damage. You could really hurt yourself. Yeah, well, it saw you're using it as a foul replacement and using it as shortening in. You're playing a cop in a milkshake drink. Or smoothie three a day. How many cups do you think are in? Yeah. SAWDUST does it gets bigger. It's like there's more volume. I was dusted down a see what happens if you eat a pound sawdust. Could easily do that. Let's do a sawdust. One day one day episode Sawdust. Rice crispy treats like you put it in a Sawdust Rice crispy. That's the traditional way that he's done. No, that'd be good. That'd be MEATLOAF Sawdust MEATLOAF. Delicious. Yeah I'll take a couple of calls this call just for some reason. Crack me up Zach go ahead Zach. Guys What's up. Okay I got a few questions. I wanted to spy. You guys think Garner Menchu is the new way vase of the NFL. Ranan. In what way because of the mustache? Just about the whole persona, really I think he can kind of probably crusher hundred seven beers on a cross country flight. The chicken before every game. Of course he's the chickens. Sold Yeah. Okay with that can be. It can be way box. That's fine. Also, for Kayla what are we bringing? Dixie tour back. I don't know not under that name probably. Yeah, actually not didn't even think about that. Do Win Bringing Daddy Dixie back probably never ever dis- daddy and the tour and the tour an might dixie chicks, and there's went to chicks. I was this. Call Me Daddy Daddy. Daddy back. Just. Call Me Daddy tour. I liked that so you just wanted. I, just read the thing. It said Zach wanted to ask Jaguars this upcoming season. It just cracked me up I. Don't know why, but even. Assume sports are going to be back and then also be like the Jaguars thoughts. I like it Zach. Yeah I like that. Just, like I, did dream must night that we were a week six of the NFL season, and so unexpected teams were high in the rankings. Sue tell the jets were like four and two. Oh Wow! I don't know why is dreaming about that. What a terrible sad life I have! That's my subconscious. Oh we got stand from Australia. Is this the same guy? Stan caused. I feel like there's only one I may but Anyway. I've got to say I've. Just been locked down for another six weeks so I'm just pulling up to us. About NBA and then I tell if you guys go any To so bit, so like! What do you think I should be betting on while on sitting in my house as You seem a little bit more down from the last time we talked to you last time. You are super high energy, maybe really fucked up. This is a bummer or no. I'm fucked up now, but it's different because I've just this. Was the loss not allowed legally to get fucked up my. Ashes you. Guys are thinking about what's like four. Just gone. Hi, it's true thirty I am. With the mates. I mean it was it was. Bittersweet I guess. Like like. You know I liked the idea. Though that you're GonNa, you know you're about to lockdown for six weeks because corona virus and you're like well one last night where we can go fucking crazy. I mean well the the worst part of it is literally every state in our country has this. Except for a timeout, you'd like eight six. Right what? We've go Oh, trying to think of Vegan use Marseille's victory. South Wales Western, Australia South Australia. Tasmania Queensland there the site then we have territories. ICT Northern Territory Seven. Northern Territory. That's where Crocodile Dundee was. Are you sure best. Yeah No, he's right which one's Melbourne. The. Were you leave him Melvin. What's the other big town? Kidney Sydney. Law Lady! We're Sydney Fuck Outta late you. Know, that's a singer. I think it's the. The place it's it's a shit hole, but. I knew to rapper. Named prime and purpose. There's fucking sue. They do yeah. This cool. You're fiscal woods by any chance, Bro, yeah, HILLTOP HOODS! Bro, they. That's all awkward. And Sixty yeah. I noticed I battle to. No No, no I'm lettuce. Probably why? Is, anyone. Who am I say something, push say say the word. Say. No, no racial slurs, not racist. It's not racist. I promise up in following the loss lake. Orion. Break you rake to. He ranked his favourite. See Words last last time. Cy Say because I'm not Australia. Dude is partner of. Rundown Brotherhood it. No, that's DVD had a dave thought he was bringing the seaward back. It was a big thing you said always saying about Gills I was offended. Jokes. Guy From It'd be like I was. His favorite counts and he was bit now the run. Up, just for the same thing. Can I play thing like I? Say run or is this your legend? But my dad told me to tell you to tell. Y forgot it. My Dad told me to tell you that my that said that your does. that. Yeah, it's like. It's not like A. Chris Okay it's Kisa said it to three sixty run. Martineau it, but it's pretty much. Data wrap up law in Australia history. It's not using that. Language I could allow the see we're. GonNa have Israel has never. Say. Never say that, right? He's quoting a moment history right well. You can't quote either. Now. This'll be like me. Dave say talk. Recording coatings not allowed anymore, but. No anyway I knew that, but if you guys have any NHL NBA, spoil bidding. I would really appreciate it. She's boys. I don't know when I'll go back 'cause I'm not usually up, but hey. I love stamp. Australian guy. And he made a good point for us that even things in battle rap. You can't say anymore. You know that was a different. It was a bygone era, but we cancel you for if we had I mean, I'm not trying to be. Wall. All of them. Not all the word, but say you know there's just things that like you would have said that you just don't. You wouldn't say anyone bygone era, so bygone era for sure and their ways. You could rationalize it then what you just simply cannot rationalize it in any way now. That's okay. Yeah, we've grown and I hope we will continue to grow. I don't WanNa. Go back in time here, but I. Really do think it's crazy that a row now. We're talking about the other day that. People will be like five years ago wasn't a long time ago. It was dude. We're going in hyper speed now. Six months ago was a long time ago. Culture is moving faster than technology. Oh fast, it's crazy. How about five years ago Metoo hadn't happened like think about how weird the world'll work. Think about Harvey Weinstein was walking around swing his pocket. Waxing Swizerland bills hosby like. Different world so I don't buy the like. Five years wasn't that long ago? It was a long time ago. Cultures Moving so fucking fast as a good thing, but I think you also have to recognize that it is like everything is different, and everyone has to act differently. People are calling for growth, and it's like I'm doing these. Though I'm not saying the saying the N. Word Five years ago, it was okay because it wasn't and I I still think he. Was Wrong but. Like other things it's crazy. How fast culture has moved? And I. It's like in when you look to the future. It's like in twenty one hundred. What what is going to be like? What will we have said like? Who will we have discriminated against like fucking robots or something like that? There could be all kinds of shit that we're doing now that you don't realize as bad K. Byu have the evil. Keys Goblin Journal writer years. I'm like whenever I go home and I looked through my Goblin Journal. I'm so embarrassed. I WanNa read, so let's let's go back into the internal real quick. Kb Say something like find the Journal. You're seething. Your mind was fucking dancing. Bro, why don't you just let it out kaby freer for your thoughts? People are purposely outing themselves apologizing making statements now they're feeling like a sense of superiority and. About it big time like I made a mistake and I owned up to an I learned, and I grow, and it's almost like they think that that has bought them the opportunity to shit on everybody. This guy I mean for example. Is this guy on twitter right now? I tweeted like good guy. Dave because Dave was talking about the P. loans which are fucked up when you see some of the people that have taken these loans like some of the. Get Tom Brady Bill. You don't like it's crazy. We didn't take a loan. Dave said that he would fund it out of his pocket. If we needed to pay payroll and I'm not looking for any sympathy, but I do think that the story of the fact that Barstool has created two hundred plus jobs last four years, and a dying industry sports, media or whatever you WANNA, call US comedy websites. Whatever you WANNA call us. Is Crazy doesn't talk about whatever I said like good Guy Dave, we've created two hundred plus jobs in this dude. I'm not going to say his name because I. Don't WanNa fucking. Start a war where everyone can. Then he's like all the worst he was like. Yeah, and you always said the N. Word few times I just looked at my dude fucking wanted me on his radio show like like in two thousand seventeen. That was after David Senator Times. So which one is it? Dude? Which one is it? Hypocritical left and right now people want it both ways. I honestly just think if you if you are talking all the time about how you are like an incredible person, and how everyone is bad, you are probably deep down a Douche back like you just don't have to say you know what I mean. It's. The people who talk about. Any, like you think that there's some people who did wrong things in their past and feel really bad about it for they're like. How do I sort this out in the world? Like how do I make my wrongs right for everybody? And then they try to over police everybody else's behavior because of that because it's like they feel this remorse or guilt or whatever you WANNA, call it, and like they they wind up right acting out of pocket, right? Right there, they're. They feel deep down that they did something like just realize that people aren't perfect. No one's fucking perfect. You want a an entire sports media of Mike Greenberg's. That's where we're going. That's a Kirkman hand quote, and I agree with him like eventually. They just want to erase all media until it's like Mike Greenberg sitting on sportscenter set for twenty four hours. Skipping like the most milk toast thing ever all right Marcus George came over Shelton came over. Parentheses of course best friend that feels like there were some doubts. Oh feels like you didn't want. What is your name? A handful. A handful we, we had two priests. Mets handful. Mets page. Yeah, New York. Mets Roberto Alomar, second base. Alfonzo third base move on First Base Jeremy, Brunettes What year was that? that. Sounds Oh to. Two. Oh Shit you listed. Now this, what is that NFL radium? I think it's Super Bowl MP's because it's Tom Brady. owner. Terrell Davis. John, elway! Yeah, he. He had a reasoning behind this page Louis. Ray Lewis Yeah these are super bowl MVP what. Then you just missed four super bowls? All the way back to Troy Aikman. bobsledding boxing skiing high so. What I don't know. I like this though now. My Dad Vampires Jerkin Shelton. You are the vampire story you read it. We'll know. He's got a knicks of blog coming about the vampire story those about the whole thing. It's about the whole thing, and there's GonNa be a lot of visual AIDS. So this is a stunning look into a serial killer. It is like someday this will be. I don't know. Where did they put this? Records. Museum I'm sure there's serial killer museum. I could imagine actually right now. Like the pages turning at the opening of Katie's netflix special about how he murdered like different people. What would the documentary? The goblin King or something along the lines right? Yeah, the Goblin Knight. WHO. Yeah. It's it's night with no K. 'cause you kill everyone at night. It's cool getting feminism for like one night. He killed them all one night. Dear Journal I have school today. I have gym class. That's my favorite thing in school I'm in third grade. Checks out. Wait a minute. Checks out. Why would you need to write that down I don't know the Journal. KNOWS GOES TO SCHOOL I've. It's crazy how? Nuts like the brain is like even just watching my son I'm Akitas on drugs all the time. Just looking at his hand. We were talking about Tommy. Walker dodger dot like dodger. Dare dare. Being a fucking kid is like just beyond the best drugs pasta. It's amazing. It's incredible. What I'd love to get in there within. In the playroom. With is watch you interact with okay settled down. That was his old career. Right, you would observe. What kind of Glean would coach the lease on Tiktok? The. That's more more wait time. What give them more way time way time like. Give them like do a five second pause after you do something. Say something. It gives them time to process in gives them a better chance to mimic you. Doesn't make me. A? Lot. House amendment you. Maybe clap where like I was doesn't want to this morning for I'm not joking thirty five minutes straight. He just handed me the TV remote, and I handed it back to. was. Thrilling to laugh when all fucking having a bomb. We're just handing it back to each other. and. Then a fake out like am I really going to hand it back and I would. He's like Holy Shit didn't think I was ever going to get this. Chris my morning. A lot of fun to. Say. It should be like a dance sequence when you're playing with your child. In which way what kind of you can come over and into a home visit to see? Would you like to do a home visit? Yes, okay, dude, over zoom at first know home. You have to be there tactile. Get your. Hands Brandon. What's your morning routine like because I need to prep? Trading places for forty eight hours when we just doing life swap. Lifelock, yes. Family know about this. No, I didn't know about it until just now. He brought it up with an idea. Yesterday did not agree to law forcing your hand. I, don't want my hand force I. Don't think you can handle my life. Damn, we'll see. I don't think you can handle how how does it go to lifelock? He he wants. He says he's going to have sex with my wife. Did say. To face, so you have sex with your wife? Because if you don't then, it's not fair. Occasionally occasionally, just don't go comes in spurts. No kidding. I yeah lifelock. We'll do it for, but you have to you have to. You can't just live nick's life lazily Willy Nilly. BLOG KB's jokes for it. Yeah, you have to make graphics and Shit like that. You have to do all the parts of his life. You can't just be like. Oh, now I have no responsibilities. Like rectangle room. How many troops swap how many workers have sex with your waist to completion the all things like that? How many work related blogs do you do over a forty eight hour span? Half. Third of blog. Yeah, one every ninety six hours right so I just put about two paragraphs out. Well, but it has to be a castle level. Yeah, yeah, you can't just put two of your paragraphs how you gotta put to Nick Paragraphs. The in jokes in. Dripping with everything. You have also portray KB's trust, clearly something that they do go to your house. That's what we're. It's a life swamp. Talking to him do this by the way this government even realized what a cocaine nail on this Goblin. All the nails look at that. You're doing cocaine. Jackson! Remarkable shape as well I. that's not really a comment about the rubber. The very high quality notebook us from the Scholastic Book Fair Really Fucking Love that thing. Kids were waltzing around with them all the time. I used to hide in the Book Fair. When it came while I would spend, the afternoon wouldn't back class. In the book. I've ever met billy. Let's do this thing? Live Billy, billy, talking to Mike. Don't do that can. You can't shake hands anymore. Katie I would like US each billy how to wrestle. No I would hate them what? He can rescue wrestled. There's a difference between wrestling in tussle. Stance is a tall guy sucked at wrestling yesterday. I feel your dismissed very much. Door really hard. Yeah, that's that's that's billy. Young Child. He is. Based he's a strong base as opposed to plan. He's. Really existed probably. Yes e- essentially me. What what? Parading him around. What oh? Wow, you're feeds, but he's he's. He's from in the past I know he was your inter. Disconnected! Nick is I am so he replaced you. Want. Them Yeah. Wrestled for the SPA. I told you he hated me. I said No. You don't a big cat, you I replied to one of your instagram stories, and you just hard. It ooh that so do you hate him? That's on the U K B Shit. I actually got me there. It's hard evidence. That's socks we'll. How deep was your reply? K? How many characters? It was a sincere response I think it was only one word in. It was yeah, it was intimate Bach. That was the word. You want you want to get intimate questions and he? Never, heart, just don't just to just ignore heart after like sometimes you can heart yeah. I think you can hard. Sometimes. It's just an easy way to not have to use words. You people. I hardly lobby. Brandon Walker doesn't even follow me on Instagram or follow anybody on instagram. I don't disagree with. Me No I. Don't go on instagram unless I'm posting on Instagram you follow me follow. We who? Sends me a message occasionally. No, he doesn't. Messages on Instagram each other. What what? They're they're Bros? Burrows did. What do you think pros do? Hang out in razzle. Grab, ASS suicidal. Fall neck expert. Rectified it almost instantly. Are we ever going to get some rain, review, remember. Oh. Yeah about that. Yes, he's lying. I follow him. He just did it. Right there on the top, there's the notification we gotTA. Talk about that Louis we're GONNA. We'll talk about it next hour, but we have to talk about the brain and Walker video for ever GonNa see any parts of it. Oh the movie. The movie Oh yeah yeah. Gather. Cayo Jeff and myself. What's I guess we're talking about what's. When are we gonNA get another piece? We are finishing up a action sequence a lot of blood. There's a Tgi Shit. But. There's also a sex scene mid. Oh with guns. Let's. lifelock plant. Based on. Reality random walkers be holes going to hurt again Pencil Stanford for Brandon's hole. But it also means be whole. Is What he told me. You. Do say behold a lot. All the time like way too much. Saying, be hole. Yep, he's holding his behold sprint high step into the bathroom. It's like Utah Jazz. Fan Video and Gordon. Hayward left and he was like. because. Mormons don't swear. He's like have fun being Lebron's be word. News Burning Gordon Hayward. Roast. Roast in his ass. Be Whole Brain Walker. So. Everyone knows you have a bleach. astle also were okay I don't have a belief dasell it's. That's naturally. Yeah, what? Is Bleaching an asshole something people do yeah porn star. On bridesmaids. Then they talk about bleaching. Hassle on there. That's the only movie reference I've ever seen to holy movie reference Cabrini Wa- you see you seem like a guy who like all you know about the like females what you learned to bridesmaids. And Oceans A. Fair Fair all right. We gotta take a break. We come back we'll do. We'll do some calls. We have the last wall, so maybe do some more Goblin. Journal it's Golvin Journal Day. It's not good I checked it for content. No, it's good. It's really good back right after this. Party. You're looking for the perfect drink to enjoy your next virtual happy hour. Maybe right now we're in backyard, barbecues and stuff. You want to have something different. You want off the people something new. How about some screwball with with a warm and welcoming aroma and a deliciously smooth Palette screwball peanut butter whiskey is not your average flavored liquor. It's made by a husband wife duo with American whiskey and. And peanut butter forever. 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It is Tuesday. July seventh is Eddie we have white socks Dave. We have car. We have chief and I also believe we are joined by Dave on the phone. Dave, can you hear me? I can't. Dave. How's it going, so you fired off tweet this morning. That said I may move to Chicago and just turned barstool Chicago Barstool Milton. obviously caught us off guard or wondering. What was the inspiration? Do we do something wrong? No that was a weird compliment. You guys. I. That's how I took it the entire time, but then I think it was. Like look the compliment being the small group again interact with you guys Wanna one. Say things without you know worring about how you're gonNA. Take it and things like that and you know can sling it like the old days so that's how I meant it. You could send someone home from fresh off a flight to New York and not worry about it. Yeah I mean I. Never you know in the Milton days again. We grew that place person by person and I had personal relationships with every single person. I'm not saying. Everybody liked me, but I never had to worry about what whether you know? Something I said was going to be used against me in a way that you know it'd be picked on by people who don't know me as part of that's part of growing I, you know I don't know that I'll ever moved to Chicago as part of growing pains, obviously a big company with a lot of people I barely know like have said two words to who feel like they know me apparently pretty well so a smaller. A smaller group would help. But, that's that's the pain. That's the pains of any company that bigger. Now I mean if if it's not realistic that happen for the long-term released. Gets you out here for like a week. Can we do that? Well, you know I'm in talk. It obviously for July, Look listen gambling's coming to Chicago. So I could reasonably like having an excuse to do it I. Some people replied that Chicago's not what I think like White Sox, David cry, and like he like people get bent out of shape. So I don't know, maybe I haven't been listening closely. Why W-, why did why were they saying that? You like boycott, show or something because you're mad. I don't know what you're talking to think so. Not that I remember said that. Like I. I didn't think that obviously Dave or else I think you're pretty good at. Paying a punching bag. Okay? No, you don't have to move to Chicago, but what about A to bad with white sox Dave and then you just have obviously unlimited privilege. Could just be somebody. I just need like. Hank! Or Gas. Somebody can just yell at like right now. I'm just here. And I sit and I. Do and I get mad in madder and madder madder. So you know that's I mean pocket like Dan you this morning. Dan He's like. Did anything set you off because I sent out a bunch of like. Not really sort of, but not really. It's just an accumulation of things. Not that I just WanNa go them obviously. I WANNA go on record that I've I've I've been like blogging for you for like the better part of seven years now and I read some of those tweets and I was very I'm like uncomfortable to talk to you right now. On radio I can't imagine somebody would fucking like after seven years I would never disrespect you like that. Dave I just want you to know that. This affect me like what? Calling on twitter! Oh! Yeah well. Yeah, I mean. That sucked it a lot of its. You know brand new, and we're GONNA say his name. He's been here for fucking five seconds right? Mooch wasn't even fucking hired as a douchebag. and to have like articles, being written about to fucking guys who haven't been here for a longer than a cup of coffee, talking about my character and fucking just being assholes like the fact of the matter is in. This'll probably blown out like I'm not gonNA. Say Not even fucking. Say it because it's not worth. Live radio. have you been able to kind of clear the air with Brandon at all or I mean? No No. I mean. Why would I like? You Know I. Don't owe him anything. He doesn't owe me anything, but he's fine talking about loudly, saying pretty fucking like. You Re tweet a guy who has a fucking. Laundry list of sexist racist homophobic tweet. Who says he's quitting for his own personal gains. Go Stars on fucking channel after big can build them up. And this dude has said to my face mood who I call the DOUCHEBAG. The second I met him by the way I'm like you're a fucking. Douche bag. The only reason you here is because the caller daddy's demanding. You'd be higher literally said that's a fucking face. WHO said to my face? I use people my entire life. That's all I. do this fucking guys said that to me. To have him quit. He didn't even have a fucking contracts. I don't know if accounts is quitting. He's been here for fucking two seconds. and. Then have another guy who's been here for two seconds do yep. WanNa fucking loss will never recover that like what world we? And then when I call them on it like I call, anybody responds with the N. Word which I've just been told for Fuck in. A month straight I can't even like ever Bro. Like I I'm trying to better in that regard. Clearly I I won't quote a Thong anymore, but then to have them throw that back. This guy's been here for fucking two seconds. A Cock sucker. That's I feel that none of US disagree out here. I mean we're on an island here, so we kinda get the like. Secondhand scoops our knowledge boy. I think. Only live signed him because I don't. I do WANNA make barstool place. Where like everyone is welcome? In the reason we're hiring. You, know. Brandon Neuman Is because we WANNA diversify like no offensive. He's white. He's not fucking hired. Not Millions fucking years. That's what I was GONNA to say. Before because we got nine, KAZILLION PEOPLE WANNA work here. Who are why? In my view, which is just my view, not anybody's view more talented. And we don't hire them because we're trying to diversify. And then he turns around and says I'm basically fucking racist like before any of this started. Look at our hiring pattern where clearly trying to diversify. And people know me the part like I'm not racist I know not raises I a guy who's been here for fucking two seconds teaming up with another guy who's been here for one second. What talked to a combined five second? Saying Shit and I brought on myself obviously with five years ago more so probably, my apology video which I have been clearer. But for the first time within your walls, nobody having my back. And ironically, happily still collecting paychecks like what the fuck. Were you, were you? Moved to Chicago. Where you're. Like Austin most of your employees that we didn't. Situation, but I mean. You Know Dan obviously at my back to the mood shit, but it's like you know a couple of people privately. But! It's like I'm not racist so I and again. I guess I'm not racist. So you know I guess nobody is open. We walking around and saying that I honestly believe my body works speaks for itself. But. You know there's been. fucking arrows, and off me getting dragged, and it's like Jesus Christ. Well it's not even at their new. It seems like they're new to Barstool in general like it's not like they've been reading for ten years. It's like they kind of just landed on. Milton they don't they don't even say Milton them. They don't even know what you're talking about so. It's just based on. We're trying to get better into verse and capture new audience up different tone, but like when when brand newman says. GonNa Change Purcell I you know. We're going to be better at diversifying and get to be being more inclusive to more audiences and finding more ways to reach you know everybody, but we're clearly like doing I didn't brand new here to fucking change me. You've been here for two fucking seconds, and for most of those seconds the office has been closed has on the million dollars with a game. Guy Said much to you, have you have you talked to them? Yeah I talked to them and they do their own thing, but they basically like. One hundred percent on your side Dave like everybody feels differently about it, but if we even thought for a second like we know racist people, and we know you get the vibe. Whatever like the second we met with you spoke a lot. You're just not, but we've known that we'd never come here. Like Barnes Book and they have that podcast we talk to them. This is after my apology. And he's like I want to come here because I appreciated your response like I'm sick of fucking fake people and fake responses and I spoke with million dollars worth of game, and they had nothing, but like good things that you may not like them, but you know you're staying. You're on us. So, that's the thing. There's people on different sides of fences. I'm fine with that. Everybody's entitled their opinion. I don't censor. But when I see articles. And I knew it was coming like the New York Daily News like employees within Barstool. Are saying I'm racist and quitting racist in their writing articles based on fucking mood and fucking Brandon Newman. I'm still paying Newman's I. Get I'm not racist. It's like. But this is Pandora's box. So it's frustrating. And I'm not saying me and brand. Newman can't patch up their relationship. But I mean he's pretty much made it clear. He thinks races right I mean. Yeah that thing on Saturday would say was me didn't leave much. Wiggle Room for himself there. So. It's very frustrating and we live in an era. Even on this call. We have to be so fucking careful and what you say. Because who knows quipped used whatever I'm not apologize I. IT making excuses for anything that we send the path like out there. But like I, don't WanNa just give more ammo because who the AMMO fucking hurts. It hurts brand newman. It hurts hiring more people. Like it's counterproductive to what our goals you be which do hire more like talented people of Color Women everything. Go roots articles. How the PUCK and it I talked to tyler long time I thought we had a good conversation. The Willie I thought went. Good didn't go good. Ground Down. Like coming off the hills, it's called daddy onto this. It's just like it's just dealing with people and and Shit every single. Time me to whatever. The first time is different. Is Our own internal people. Are Coming out me which that's obviously a difference between the first video and the second one, but the people were coming at me been here for one fucking second. so that's what bothers you the most fun. Yeah the internal. Yeah, that that drives me fucking crazy and you can't really say anything, but I mean I'm not point like I. Haven't seen anybody who works parcel sports. NOPE, none just flat out. Be Like Dave. Born is not racist. Maybe I missed it. And just like the thing. That's all fact. Guys like mood is kind of coming in because you said you've never contract. It is Kinda maybe back door yet. Mood is a cock sucker. No that was different I what I said to him. Is? He I knew I listen. I've been good right already. I knew he was a huge bag if I told him that. For me bronze, call her daddy. Why did you think it was a Deuce bag off the bat? Justified arrogant cocky, did nothing no, what all? Gotcha. Well Dave thanks for hopping on if you WANNA move to Chicago. We gladly ear worth. It, there's always a pleasure, even if you just want to call to yell at somebody, just calling, yell at us. We can make it a weekly thing I would say we should play this back for people that challenge your fucking character and integrity 'cause. You're obviously upset. You can't fake the fact that the that you getting called out in this manner and like the reputation built. You know like this obviously is fucking hitting you as you're. Is You're sending off these tweets and coming on radio with is so for any fucking haters, which is play this back and be like you just listen to how. Other. The first honest. Tall which is obviously a change and I get that I put fucking Willie and tyler like nobody wants to be cold like the place you work is fucking racist and what you're doing. Nobody fucking wants to do that. That's like a horrible position to be put in, and my initial press conference amplified that and and I wish I didn't do that, and that's what I was like. It'd be better at that because I. do want the next Tyler to WanNa fuck at work here and shit like that I really do so I don't want to make that more difficult, but side is I not in this case, people have fucking hated me and said Dad Shit about me and whatever like? It's hard. It's brand new like honestly if anybody thinks I'm a racist worse meet, you have to quit. How can you're not doing your job as a fuck in human? If you think you're contributing to a racist empire, I know I'm not but if that's what you fucking, thank. You shouldn't be here like what what type of morals do you have? No. That'd be hypocritical. Right so. Well I've been. Trying to build their name within the company of my name, being racist I want you out I'm not, and I know I'm not, but if you and your heart of hearts believe that's my character after looking at what I've done for fucking twenty years based on, you know. Unfortunately, singing rap lyrics to introduce your rule. Quoting EDP fucking from an eagles game than than out. Because you're you're you can't control. You shouldn't be helping me because that's bad. If you think I'm that bad. I mean Straighttalk Carl Carl Sad. We've all been writing for seven years. We've been reading for years before that we've seen. For over a decade now I don't think any of the four of us. we support you obviously and I. Mean you know we didn't comment sooner. I'm sorry about that, but you know. Whatever Sooner, I sit here on. My e-trade is kick me off their platform so I'm sitting at the pool and I just start getting mad. Hey, on, that knows appeal Mike Dan's okay nights out today. Thank you, Eddie. Was Carl This is Dave. My Dad gave me a stock tip in its on fucking fire right now it's called rap technologies stock ticker whatever it's called symbol. W. R. C. T. so check it out of you are Katie and the entire world knows about it and I think it was down fourteen or fifteen percent. I mean I've made almost doubled my money on ramp technology today. Today no in the last week or ten days or so. Somebody, look up! W. R. K. T. Right now. You are T C. W RTC I think that's what it is. Yeah, rap technologies. All on on. I got down three and a half percent today. I haven't since this morning. Everybody's piqued his interest whipping up his Yeah, it's it's been as long climbing here. Five days all right. I'm GonNa try to you know what Eddie great job events some because I'll. Be Quiet and just like throw my phone in the pool and just disappear for a month, and then come back refreshed and not mad at anybody. Earned? And baseball starting up again soon so weekly. Shit on white socks. Let him get back to the does that. Does that make you feel better David White Sox Davis said that you've earned it while I was, so he could, he should be able to turn off his phone for a month. You know listen. What is it? enemies makes strange bedfellows or something like that suddenly I i. don't hate white SOx Dave as much as I just. When rap technologies makes you fucked me? You'll be loving me. All, right, I'll talk to you later. Thanks for calling in Dave. All Right? There is as Portnoy honestly I had no idea about other sheet going on this morning, boy. About the tax the tweet. Someone's I people taxpayer. What's going I hit the group chat like what the fuck do we do? You, guys do something wrong like that's that's that's. That's terrifying and there's been a couple times when I've gotten a call from my dad. Munich. What the fuck is this and going back through high school and everything and you're like fuck. What did I do? That I have a good sense for that, too. Because I've I've gotten so much trouble. Historically, so I feel like I have a pretty good sense when I know like off fuck and I I didn't get any of that. I was actually surprised when he brought it up I, brought the WHO. I said if I, but it's just like you never know, and it's like you know. Marina texted to me. She's very. She's like Oh. Shit like maybe we do some wrong. Yeah, but No. I mean a based on that conversation I gotta say that was. I don't know about his most don downtrodden. As offer, he sounds exhausted. He sounds like not to feed feed it, but he's. He's just worn out the shit I mean think of his last twelve months thing in the last twelve years. You think about like everything that's come to head now. In like. For him to be at the point where he's entering his vacation, we can vacation month and twenty twenty, and he's just coming in and out of this stuff. Like who would? Who would ever want to? And as I said on the call, and he reiterated in the collective. How long have we known Dave Twenty? Eight years for the four of us. How long have we all been reading Bar saw? For like. The idea of him he's. So Fair. He so fair and transparent, and he only cares about whether or not. You're good like he's just such. A fucking fair guy I don't know how else to say why. The brand new and thing bothered me so much because it was like brandon, neuman went to like his own porno. Just like I don't think you're good at your job and then. His immediate thing. Was your all your racist and it's like that that that can't be your defense and the guy that like you know I. Don't have any personal beef with brand new, but very nice guy. Yeah, everything my all. My interactions have been fine with him. Limited, but fine I can't say norm or norm well, but. Like, you said maybe open reading for so I. Don't know I think I think it's a hot company and it's a new newer company had an opportunity, but I don't think that I don't think he's been reading back to oath. And you know. This is one of the things just like. He probably had maybe off between ESPN and Barstool and he's like. Oh! It's not like he doesn't feel. It I don't think the same way that. Other people do is our perspective because we'd all have completely different lives without this. Like we weren't at. You're close to media. You were in Mediocre Stadium now like this Amiya hosting a series ratio selling insurance. Yeah, like I was driving out to Orland Park I was of course. The loyalty to Dave in this is like this is the only company Rehab. So if this comes across as like you know extremely. In favor of David's, because Davis Don so much to put us in this position well that and then I just want people to tell the truth like that's the thing that bothers me, i. just feel like they're not like. This isn't like an accurate representation of the company or of him, and I think that they said some. I Think Brand Newman Loas caught off. Guard was feeling some type of way on that Saturday morning. And did something and said something that you know felt like. He was the only card yet to play, and it was just not. It's not the truth, so if you defend yourself, defend what you think all that, but you have to tell the truth and I felt like that was not an honest representation of. Portnoy or this company? So no not at all I I was this is. Different in his shoes chief. You know what I mean like I, don't I? Don't know I. Think what I'm saying like. I just don't know how much Brennan. Understand what? You're trying to thank God on the other side. Because listen is also I'll defend. I'll fucking defend Dave until died like you just said because I genuinely like we. That's the guy you follow the fire of what you saw him doing you just like men. That's why barstool there so great is because. You know back in the day twenty ten. You saw someone wearing a fucking shirt. You follow your whole. This is Barstool. Conversation you up to him. Where'd you get the shirt? You like Pres-. Blah Blah Gaelic. You'll realize a cow like I don't WanNa. Say it was. It was just it was just so fucking. Cool. Yeah, I remember seeing somewhere shirt to holy shit like ours tool. Get you know what I mean and it was. It was fucking it was it dude and I think we have the opportunity to look at it from the flip side of the story because we literally worked for free because we just. because. We like big cat, and then we like KFC, and then we'd like Dan you know and I don't know if that's if that's different for. Different View I'm sure it is, but there's nothing wrong with being like I didn't like his comment. Without. Being like he's a racist. There's nothing wrong with saying like I. Don't know him that well I'm judging on this common I didn't really like it, but to go from that to paint like Dave, said like enemies within. that to me and like I like I, said like you can say like hey I didn't like it. I don't really know you that well I'm not going to judge you based on one thing I. Don't think anybody would want to be judged based on one thing and it's not like Portnoy. Hasn't you know like you said he's got a twenty year resume for? For sure so I don't know I. Just thought that was dishonest, like like intellectually dishonest in that in that the the tweets back and forth on on Saturday as much as as much too like day. We support you. We know you're not the same thing though I support the shit out of art on of our black people. You know what I mean like. Like like I absolutely. I want like the end of days. Video is what was the best part of is. How do we better for them? How does how does everything come together and I think that's? That's just as important support. David supporting those guys. You so I mean. I don't know that was the most. The most downtrodden as I've heard him ever yeah. Thank July in me untuckit. But he's got a yellow. Maybe we could put you on a plane down. There Dave poor boy. What do you think would happen if I'm sure? The logistics of getting in Tokyo fucking blow. But what if I just like Pumpkin House? He'd laughing. Probably let you stay a couple of nights ago. No, we wouldn't. It would be the exact. Obviously. Be like the Fuck Outta here. Dave, show up Dave Dave drove himself. Say Anything and just like drove and showed up at Dave's house jumped on the ferry yeah. I'm nearly positive that he would be laughing at from the day we talked on the phone. The Pres- We talked on the phone with laugh and let White Sox Davis House the like I. Just I have which I never thought. We get to that point which I think is. These image in my head where Dave's like in the kitchen like making a pbs J. Like as he wakes up for something, he looks outside, and I'm in the pool like killing a rat with some noodles in a Miller lite my hand just. Hanging out, no, not just not even gas. And he's just like looking like who the fuck is that Kim that hey, what's up Dave man? Reaction Yeah it would be a good reaction that was I mean dude private quite the fucking eight months for this guy. Going from one hundred million dollars couple tapes this stuff like it's private, fucking crazy, yeah, the stock prices of four dollars and fifty cents. Okay now we're going to pick up the day trading. Thing on boxing's cutting his hand open I. Mean The dude is done in gone through and been around just again in the last eight months. Our lives really haven't changed that much. We're still blogging. We haven't been able to follow her own teams like we've been able to like. It hasn't been that stressful so to say in the complete opposite for him in the point about the piece of I wanted to ask him I forgot about this. He didn't apply for the Loney said. Did you see that to? Investors in Hedge Fund. People did and all that bullshit. And he would. He said he'd take a long before he'd cut someone off the bench last person off the bench. He'd give alone. It was own money. That's not a joke, said that before. For was Before like obviously, this stuff come ease mentioned that multiple times, so so I, I. Don't think you give of all the conflict. He's had with people. You know like over the years. Nate and smitty just like fights and stuff that come up him and KFC. The beefs like the organic are out. No one's ever crossed a personal threshold I. I don't think so to a point that put him in this position so I think you kind of think about it like that would definitely make sense that. Having to newbies. Like put him in this position Fourth of July. He's going in the plug in. Going into his July vacation month like He shouldn't have to defend himself. We all know that he should not have to defend himself internally on these grounds. Disgusting, I think we all are in agreement now. I didn't know. I didn't sign up for that exclusively. Yeah. Accent come on the show, but then same thing to Carl's point where he's doing all these things. All the on boxing's all the things. Those are making a shit ton of money for the company. Not only is. He loaned the company talking about you know more than company money to keep the company afloat. He's also like putting out more content than that and everything. He touches turns to gold. So that's like another thing where it's like I. Don't want that Guy Downtrodden. I want like I want the Dave. Portnoy leading this company that we've always had. Want people who showed up five minutes ago to impact that, because then that impacts everybody in the whole company company wide so. No bothersome all right. Let's let's try to hit a break here kind of reset. That was quite the first half hour debut. Want to go the stock tip more time ramp technologies so until. WCTC look it up. Right. The last five days Donald might as well as giving them. Orlando minus nine. Gambling tips like bat now, so you're! You're in the dangerous on. but all right. We're GONNA. Take a break. You're listening to Barsha Chicago.

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The Broken Dave Kanyan

The Broken Comic Podcast

3:25:37 hr | 4 months ago

The Broken Dave Kanyan

"The views information. Is expressed during a broken common podcast or solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent the creator of set podcast that broken calming podcast is not verified for accuracy of any statements contained within the interviews. So don't sue me because I don't have any money Bunko POPs on have much of a value yet enjoyed. Hey y'all this is episode eleven up the broken comic podcast yet get started. Welcome to the broken comic podcast with your host Ronin, pain. Hey y'all that's checking out the broken comic podcast. I am your host Vernon Pain Hobby been man I've been. I've been wearing a face to in New York City and finally back to work, which is cool that do have to say that I've really enjoyed working like everyone else. I'm not working his few moments because it got a few things. I learned how to how to make some extra alcoholic drinks even medicine all mazing alcoholic icees I wouldn't a bit harder to make some fantastic socialist chicken fish I killed a cooking game. One One of the most important thing learn about myself is the reason why broken and I decided to correct this podcast but a year or so ago my mind was removed from the whole concept. And that's because. The hardships of being the comedian really got to me. In the in the ten plus years of doing stand up I felt like I was always looked down. When I first started in Albany I would just. Run and of course I saw when I started to get some some good weight underneath my jokes. At phobic, I was still discouraged from the people. Every every comic needs a good mentor and a chance now remember. There was a group of comics that was chosen by a club owner to. And I was left out. Owner asked him who are shooting I should bring in my name was brought up by multiple people but I was just put to the fuck inside. That same owner I bust. My Ass to win a competition to host for the club in the headliner for neck. Another comic cool was his fucking favorite for whatever God reason was supposed to host our early show and I was supposed to host the late show. I arrive early for the first show because one study, the headliner and the crowd, and the host, which is what you're supposed to do as a comedian at or even just a hosting post to see what's up before you go on and. While I'm while I'm chilling with the comic person. Who was supposed to host for the first show? He's shown the back just eaten. Some travel tom it's about fifteen minutes of the show start and ask him if you talk to the health headliner and feature to get their name and the credit. So so he can say. What he needs to say, bring them up. He didn't even think of that which fucked me because as a host, you are the face of the Shera. Scrambled get the names and when the show starts now, only cup, but he fucked up the features and the. Fame accredits. The Way Staff Learns this tells a club. Arrived them take them off the show or tell him all for fucking up. He has that do take my spot as hosts in the beginning. So he's the first thing that audience is. And then he'd brings me up. And I'm like, that's Kinda. fucked up man. You know. Not only did I bust my ass to try to impress you. But bus master to witness fucking competition and you have someone else come right above the fuck that what kind of should is that All my time up there. All I've tried to do was you show him my chops at sit And that's and that's what you're supposed to do as a comedian if you have the chance to do so. Remember that. There was There was this Boston come. There was this Boston comedy competition of. The idea of each time and each time I did. I got sorta close. That's so the first year I dated. A past the first round fucked up. The second time I did it. I pass a first and second fucked up the next one last time I did I got all rounds I got to the fucking finals and I don't remember exactly believe that I tied for second or third. Parties. The people who came in Third. Other person that came in second and third with and the and the and the other person one. They all guys stage time. For the show was over for future show Yoga's as time and I was still put to the flock inside. You know I houses how is that supposed to make you feel that you bust your ass to get so fucking far, and then when you get the When we get far show someone what you really got. You still give the fuck aside. What the fuck. How am I supposed to like? Almost feel. And I remember. A friend of mine who was like cool whip the cool. The owner who is like always game but by. And the owner Tokyo. Vernon, furnace goodman is he's he's and better. That's what's up. You know and he knows he knows this. and. If you know this, wouldn't you give someone a fucking chance if you haven't give them a chance to whole fucking time when they costly show you how good they are. I would think you would do that. But Now? And the and the same shit happened on the street local level of lead you. Levy comics comics. You know I'm just tired of show myself in getting no respect. And listen. I've had some good show was here and there, and they got a little bit of love shows but after bust my ass in getting nothing. and. When I moved here exceeding is the same thing you know I bust my ass to get auditions. Idea at the the might upset the different and interesting podcast. But my whole idea was to not do should add the street level my idea west against the clubs. That's all I ever wanted to. Supposed to the club got because I know how fucking heart is being street level I don't WanNa be out there fucking bark until one o'clock in the morning i WanNa be bright in the club so I can show the owner in the booker, how game and Give me a chance or become good. Let me develop nuts. Why can I can show you even more that you? That you would invest it. That your investment in me was valid. You know. Why not fucking do that? Remember There was this there was. There was time. When I was broke. So broke. So fucking broken having my you take the train. To Go to comedy club late at night. And you had to be at the comedy club by a third hour too late night spot and was freezing cold. So I walked from a midtown. Manhattan all the way up to the upper east side just to do five minutes at the late night show. To sign up and like I turned away. Broke. Face freezing, my future freezing I'm walking through central park at night where it's fucking dark and anything can happen. And I get that I get I get turned away and. Part of me is just broken. After. Like US my last little bit of mind to give back fucking home. With broken fan like, Hey, I thought. You No. One wants to the no one wants me. The puck. I'm sorry. Then cursing so much like when I? Think about these things I just get so passionate. Remember, there was a comedy club on Long Island that. Recommends, me by friend. And pass you addition play there are a lot. That was spend my own money to have gone to do ten fifteen minutes. Twenty at least two or three nights a week and how to good. was. Finally. Happy to find the place I could develop. And being a place where I was pre. then. Know. After two years out of nowhere. My name was human. Hatton. On even know why there was no explanation. What do wasn't bombing. Of course at bought every comedian does do well more time than I ever fucking bomb but still no fucking love no helping the element and I met of comics open for a follow the comics And make comic to. Go, where adjacent to famous fucking people in your menu fucking good. Multiple fucking times. And even in front of the fucking booker, it's fucking awesome. But still after two years, no fucking explanation of why I'm just not in the fucking running any. I don't fucking understand it. And of course, like you know years later. You know. I. Know. Friends. WHO said like you hate it might be like a little bit of black conspiracy when it comes to comedy which which I don't even know for a fact bus history since we south all the same experiences, he'll what it might be. Even a buddy of mine who recommended does he know why? The fuck out hunting near any? And then I I have gone back. Enough Guy Guest. Spots. But that's not because people remember me from time. I was there because like when I'm there I'm hanging out the comic should in the headliner headliner, there's give me a spot. And when he does I'm not gonNA shoot before out. And all of these things this lead me in the state of mind of just being broken. I don't trust anyone and that trust anyone. I don't trust myself, and that leads to more entertainment depression. Me being broken might be my own focus. Drunken banned all these events. self-doubt is really mentally crippling. But in these times I learned. I forced myself to comedian. The Path in life and I wanted was to be a singer for metal band for women broke up after almost being signed. I didn't know what to. and. Since then it's been, it's just been a bunch of getting so close as success and falling down. About the touch. But I learned that like like I said I. Forced Myself Comedian and that means output time into. I forced myself to think like a comic I. I always had a polling opinions about things and a way to rationalize it in a funny way by myself. But now I can just do that for an audience which is awesome. And Walker in this time of Kobe. I realized that that's how my mind works. I can't I can't turn my brain off when it comes to comedy. And these thoughts that have lead to be told to people. And this is what I realized. I. AM A. Broken yes. Comic. Forced to be in my bones. And that's. and. That's always been. Listening to more and more successful comics on other podcasts and the one thing that I realized that keep saying is they've found their audience. And in that I realized handed Gatsby to comment that everyone hates because there's no jokes nurse end up stories is exactly what I would like to be. I would like to be the person who creates my own audience for my tap comedy and storytelling I've break. I don't. I don't think I'm GonNa be famous comic where comic fucking find the right audience make money doing it i. know that idea comedy bright. I'm happy that run is because. This is a of the human experience learning. And this is what brings me to my next guest Dave, Canyon. Dave. Is a comedian from the Albany new? York. Area. In like two, thousand, two, thousand, nine, when I first started who is an amazingly funny guy. Dave was another one those natural funny currents he didn't have any material when everyone stage with hedonist said, it was always awesome. He was hilarious. Wasn't just that. He was a nice and caring guy he cares about me can about other comments cared about the St. Dave as you a lot in this live and the main thing that they keep saying that he doesn't know anything, but he's willing to learn. In the last few years stave has learned a lot about south to therapy and then the current climate he has done a lot about race in this country. One thing. That's the one theme. That's going on and my interview with Dave. That he's Just, he's the guy that just wants to be appreciated. And just watch friends and that is something I can get behind my interview. I talked to him by his parents racism in America Brooklyn Him during the Navy Guy Comedy. So this is me talking to my good friend Dea Canyon. Once, you live in upstate you know this one upstate long enough when you see deer. It's like they're cockroaches. You're young you're. Like oh Dear it's like like if you're if you're a kid living in Brooklyn for all the alive and you will you see there it's like the most thing ever. because. You don't see wildlife wash libertysafe for like fifteen years like get the fuck out of my way they're like. Oh Yeah. You see, Dago all great lime disease. Example who's at the door the lime disease salesman. Well just killing twenty five cents for the Comic Book and send. I go whatever. So anyway now I'm in my caravan. Hope the sound is good. How do I sound? You sound good yet you sound you sound better than than some of the other phone recordings at that had so yeah, we're yeah. Well good I'm glad we're doing this man on where we got you sound good to so. Listen to your recordings the last couple whatever I listen to every one of your shows. So I just heard the John Tennis one. Yeah. So you pronounce it Taneja Tonight's yeah. All the only didn't hear was the mole one. I can't believe I forgot to do that last night that was on my list of is I wanted to hear the Mo One More Haskins was the last one yeah. Yeah, we have. One of the greatest individuals in the world and I'm not just saying that because what's going on in the world today but Mo- mo- knows how I feel about him because. Mo-? Was Instrumental in Dukes then so you know we'll get we'll get to it. I don't want you to feel left out. Now. I give credit to one black I? I can't just single out. That's like that's like racist biased and unfriendly on grateful where I don't want the ungrateful. That's that's a whole nother movement, the ungrateful. Movement but. You Dave. You know what? What's that? Say You don't want me to cancel you know you. Got Nothing going on. You I'm in the midst of cancelling myself. I've been working on my cast myself fifty six years now. No Mo was instrumental because Mo- created the. Intro the musical intro. For dukes and I gotTa tell you when he gave it to me. I was so surprised because I didn't think Moke do that. Yeah. I didn't know Mo- knew anything about that. Know if I ask them to do it or he ought probably offered to do it. Yeah. 'cause I don't know why I would ask him. I didn't know he knew anything about musical production or recording or whatever and. And this was ten years ago I guess nineteen years ago now and he creates intro and I'm telling you right now and I have said this on my podcast I've said it to other people other comics I said, I can't tell many times I mo haskins credit he created such an intro it was absolutely wwe worthy. Wow. Yeah. I mean I mean you you might not remember but. I don't remember that much but I would go on stage. He was like a now. Here's whatever He. is so funny because I don't remember them. Here's Day what? It's almost the same one. That's. For the PUCK. I stage and I would want a body slam somebody. WWW open mike, you know and. And I wanted to jump off the top rope and I had my leather jacket. 'cause you know you always wore black I always had a leather jacket all the blackjack on I just wanted to I wanted to hells angels on the crowd you know. Jump off the stage door. Marchisio I just wanted to I never felt like my life. So I'm just glad i. get the opportunity I. Don't know if you're recording whatever but you know if MOCHA here this I've said it to him. I've said it to other people August. Easy I'm easy giving credit where credit is due. So Mo Mo is forever has a place in my heart and I know this gets a little money on this I'm a little money on this because I know that you have said to me you're the one that told me about dukes. Oh It was the fucking the the craigslist. I thought it was a woman Cheryl Pierce or something like that. I thought she had told me that. So listen and I'm a man of a certain age and I'm a man of a certain age with an older memory. So things got a little bit foggy but you know if you tell me that you told me about this craigslist and I believe you. 'cause I could us when we had a conversation Why don't you go I thought I had suggested why don't you go talk to the guy and you run the open Mike and you weren't into it for some reason? No. Yeah. I saw and I was like Oh. This'll be cool for Dave to do because like I I don't think that at that time I could have done anything like that because like I wasn't fully developed invested and and then like, and I always looked at you as a guy who was like was like so natural and the way I talked to people that like it was it would be a lot easier for you A. Lot. Easier for you to do that just not not only been people up but the way your personality is on stage it. It of raising you know. More. Yeah. Well, thank you very much there by the way I think now you know you would be great at it. It's definitely a specialty. You're great at what you do stand up. Yeah. Don't talk about it on the show, but you'll graded stand up and I haven't heard the last nine ten interviews say anything about that. I think maybe John said something but you're great stand up you really are and You know. Without, a doubt if I could do anything for you know if I could you waiting view you? I'm no longer in the business. That's why I'm on this show. Comics in the sad part about you doing all these interviews, what's going to come of it? Nobody's in the business anymore to help you. Out Everybody's out but anyway, but you never know but yeah, I would do anything if I could. And you've come a long way, 'cause you grow as a person and a personality. So but hosting is really something that's totally false hosting is completely different like. Once I once I got like the kind of idea that like a one thing and and when I created that show upstate whatever at your house, like that was like my real Kinda Kinda go into a whole thing and I think I think it might have been also the comedy works the up there when. WanNa. Contest it's one of those things but like. Once you recognize what your personality is. You know then then then you can go there and do it. But like I realized that my personality as as a host in as standup are are two different things and so like learning how to have that energy up up front as as a host is is so fucking draining that like I. Do, it's fucking like like by the by the end of the show I feel like I feel like I've I've just done like a torn Iraq like that's. It's a lot. It's a lot. So you know. Even even even if someone kind of Fox up you, you still got like take that and then bring the show back up that with the next person has like you know a good foot in you know it's A. Crazy crazy thing of obese. But now I learned it literally, I'm not the best at hosting right now like I'm not like the best host, but I know how to be a good host where people be like you'll what this this was. This was an awesome show. Yeah. You know it's so funny to say that because I really never felt any of that and I'm not saying that to Brag. But I think it was out of ignorance. It wasn't because I'm so cool. Yes. I'm like I don't know I'm just doing what they're. What am I do I guess I just bring up the next guy in you know and also wow I talk more to do more stand up and I never had any material. So we just talk whatever came out of my head Blah you know. They opened my mouth. I would breathe. It's like that Eddie Murphy movie was that Dave what was that when he's into guys Ed. Oh Yeah and Dave. No. No. No, it's not meet Dave I. Don't. Like Alien? Yeah. I've got name of that movie. Yeah. Well, it's. Murphy. Some of them were forgettable but. He just you know he did some bums but that's okay. Yes. So anyway so it's like. The voices of my head you know there was A. Movie inside out whatever you know. Voices apparently tell me what sailor you just want him saying nothing you're right. It's. Meet Day actually. Dave Ya Ya. Look at you doubting my Eddie Murphy Film. Knowledge I know my Eddie Murph- Eddie. Murphy bums. I never saw it. I never saw it because the reviews bad I never went but and wait a minute wasn't okay. It's not your typical Eddie Murphy movie but like it wasn't a bad movie, you know it was very different for at the time you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, but yeah but it was fun to do and by the way getting paid for it was really great and. I got I got paid a certain amount for a while and then got paid another amount for the last while and I was like I always had money in my pocket. Yeah. I had money and I like I wouldn't leave it in my sock drawer carrying around and they were tired I was walking around with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket. I was like this is great. You know a truck of a truck driver during the night and I'm also well. I can't say I was a comedian during the day. So I was doing both which was not a great idea, but it was great having that money and by the way I don't know if this is true but I would always tell people it's not that I brag about it but it would come up in conversation I considered myself and I could be wrong. But I considered myself the second highest paid comedian in the Albany capital district area for that entire time. Based on the numbers of what I was getting paid on a Saturday night. which was a little bit more than bill and I don't know what the kids are calling today but I'll call it a bill. Bill. Times that by fifty weeks forget about fifty two times that by fifty weeks you know I don't know what Greg was getting for his shows but nobody else was. That other guy was doing that other show I don't know if anybody was making five thousand dollars a year or you know. Other than me. I don't know I think I think like everyone was pretty much focus on on. Trying, to do comedy and stuff but like. I tip because comedians and never really like really I guess the the young ones anyway I, never really focused on trying to get money for the trying to get the time do whatever. Yeah so So that was it. I was like, wait a minute at some point I think on the second highest paid con I mean it doesn't get you a job I don't go wrong you know. Hey. Jamie Bright. Hey, you know Vernon pay look at look at me on the second. But I, just did the math one day went. I'm sure Greg does a couple of shows a year. So he's got he's got to be making some coin. So whatever that's fine but I bet you, I'm right behind him and by the way I, don't know if I made more than him I don't even know because how many shows did he do and I know how much we charge basically but I dunno, you do the math maybe has to pay the rental on the on the space so it doesn't matter to me but I feel good about that because I'm not a business guy I don't. Even like doing it and when I negotiated by price, I felt weird about it because like is he going to laugh me off the out of the room because he laughs me out then the open Mike is older. Yeah. So by the way, so I had pressure on me right from the get go because when I went in and negotiated this whole thing. I. Wasn't just really for me. I was doing it for all of us because I wanted to have another night and I thought how cool and it was a great room right Dukes was A. Room. If I if I might say, it'd be so bold. It was nicer than the lock you haven't. Nicer than Broadway nicer than everyone I've ever seen. Yeah. I. I didn't see your coffee house but I know that was a nice place but you know this is this is like an evening, nice? Yes. Sexy and by the way back in the day back in the day that was a premier room for did you know the story now? Oh okay. Well, before was de carry want me tell you this. Story before Dukes last laugh before it was duke's this bar just off the New York state thruway was I. could see the through it. Yeah. You've seen. Through. So You could see this Roy. So back in the day before it was called Dukes, it was called something which stone what was the case we've I forget now it doesn't matter. I don't think you could look it up and it would be in the history books who is something with the word stone I think at. That doesn't matter but I used to know it for a long time. The owners of Dukes me into a room in the back they worked me over now they gave me subscription rights. Straightened me out but anyway, but before they worked me over, they showed me some pictures they wanted to straighten out. They said, look at these pictures like a while they had black and white pictures of Don rickles and a whole bunch of other famous performers from back in the day, the fifties, the sixties and all that other stuff. And they would stop at this place before it was called. Dukes it was called the stone something. It was at the crossroads for everybody that's listening dukes is in Glenmont New York Glenmont Dell was we'll Glenmont Glenmont now Glenville. No. Glenmont right I think it is. Yeah. I think. Grandma, which is not too far from del more, but it doesn't matter and definitely not too far from what's on the Albany border right stuffing in the Albany Board. Might, even be or. Might beat Albany County anyway. I ninety runs from Boston all the way out to buffalo right I. Think it probably goes further but I know goes from Boston the Buffalo. The state through I eighty seven goes from yonkers New York City only up to Montreal, and they cross in the middle right in the middle by the way that is why Albany is the New York state capital because they capitals of every state in the. Middle. It's supposed to be like the greatest. Most people is supposed to be the center of every state. So hopefully, we'll be there was a time that there was a time that poughkeepsie was the capital. For Kingston Kingston. Okay Yeah Kingston. Yeah. Boy I'm giving you a history lesson you this is you I'm going to charge you for this. Yeah. Kingston. was the capital to liberty down but anyway so anyway COMEDIANS and performance as they were travelling New York state. This was a nice stop along the way coming down from the north country, the adirondacks coming down from Canada or coming from the West going to the East your to from Boston and Buffalo whatever. So they would stop it was an easy exits right off and you had hotels and whatever. So they would get off and they were performing. They would schedule this as a as a middle show somebody you know whatever on their way get a little. Change before the two and a half hour drive home or the two and a half three hour drive to Boston or the drive to Buffalo Rochester or the drive through Toronto, and that's so much of it was just like really nice. It was a warm room but it was it had listen. You can put over one hundred some odd people in there you know and back in the fifties we were thinner. So you could probably do a hundred and ten people and you can smoke your brains out you know. So it was that was the room it was it was a classic room and he surely all these black and white photos of performance from back in day one of Don rickles and I tried to get him to give me the the picture believe he wasn't letting go of any. But I can't believe that the people who owned this place sold it and and left the pictures behind. Why wouldn't you take the pictures? We take a quick. Jesse you can do whatever the fuck you out with us. Oh, absolutely. Beautiful pictures. And I got really overwhelmed I was like, wow wow I can't believe that this is the room that we're performing. So every every turn there was pressure don't blow the deal. Because actually, I told Greg about it because you look if you suggested to me, I suggest him because he was already doing the lock and he knew how to do it so. Out of respect and then he went and talked to him but but he didn't want to do because he wanted to do shows. They already had his open mic deal. He wanted to do shows. It was going to be a Saturday an ideal. Yeah. So anyway so that didn't work out and then you know the open mic fell in the lap. It was a year and a half almost two years of of work and was pressured and the money I made was absolute. Well, I wouldn't say it was worth but it was. You know, I got I was definitely worth it but I'm saying. I earned it. There's no doubt about between the COMEDIANS and some of the Egos in some of the problems and the stress these guys will put me under by. These guys are only drinking water because we had no money. None of us had money. You know it's an open mic which struggling artists. One of US had a job. Somebody had a job at trader. Joe's yeah. I don't know what you were doing for work at the time I think. Everybody. Had A job at the mall your buddy. What's his name? The PICTURE STORE Whatever all these jobs and somebody who will go to school radio because? I again. I always probably the highest. money-making Guy, I was a truck driver. So I made a lot of money but I was exhausted all the time because I was always working or. Because I had two jobs I would work at this job truck driving then. Price chopper and then I worked at another place which I wasn't supposed to that's illegal but I got away with it and then I, would do comedy and I would coach soccer. Era fucking you. You're like a hard work and dude man, it was a the everything that you did and everything that you did for us is it was just like so much man like. It's it's appreciated because like you Mr needs bucket do that yet. But the fact that you care about the community that much you know I did I took it very seriously because I had some conversations with Gregg before all that and all that time doing Sunday nights at the Lark you know and by the way I I I love the community I love every one of us. Well Pretty Much I. Don't think there's anybody didn't like it was a couple of people that got me nervous and I don't WanNA mention anything off. The Guy. Pulled out the gun. I don't know if you were there that I was. I was in there for that. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What, what what what what do you mean go out again, I'll give you the initials. Okay. If you WANNA say his name, you say his name KP. Not Very funny did that is His punchline was the. the death of the blue, the blue screen deaths you know who I'm talking about. You. Can't get can I text you? Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah you could actually. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let me see. Let me see this phone hopefully they'll get disconnected. This is like I'm talking to you. Remember this. Oh you're gonNA. Hear this. You're GonNa see this name, and then this is not fair to your fans. Oh wait a min-. Was He. was a tall glasses glasses long hair yup well yeah. I think so yeah. Yeah Yeah. You see the name I sent you. Yeah. I can't I oh my God i. fucking, Hey. Remember he pulled out I wasn't in it anybody he pulled out a gun was part of his punchline freak people out. Wow. I I. Don't know if I was there for that I I was there like I think I might have been there when when he did like some kind of wrestling thing or whatever he dukes. To the rest thing we got beat up I was like, what are you doing? He attributed to some Andy Kaufman s informants and I'm like you don't really appreciate in. Colorado I appreciate. Funny. If. It was funny I appreciate it but I'm not into this whole thing. Are you really getting beat up or not and the acting was bad anyway but I shouldn't bad mouth but but anyway, I really enjoy the community and. It was great to be. Quote Unquote in show Bizz and yeah and have people. Then we had writing groups and then we would drive I heard. John. Today's talking about driving to New Hampshire yeah, we did the same thing member you every we went to we went to. Connecticut. jokers wild we went to. Connecticut the Alley Yeah. Lennox or Lee. Mass Mass Yeah we went there we went to that place up in New Hampshire where that Guy I. Don't I don't even see his post on facebook anymore I remember his name, but he was Kinda looking talion guy or you might have been an email. You might have a black guy. I think he was down here in Albany, and then he relocated somehow I. I connected with him and we he. Did he ran Simmons. No? No. No. This guy was hosting a Mike and New Hampshire on New Hampshire. He was like a larger guy. He did a little He did a little bit of an impression of Of. Shawshank redemption we goes he say. Andy was my friend Andy we like he did that guy. The narrator, the narrator from. Yeah you know. Yeah. I remember that guy. But it doesn't matter but we. We. Would drive to Cranford New Jersey. For the coffee hallowing or for Robin Robbins? and. I think at night when we would go to Cranford, did we stop at the place in Manhattan with the with the subway tile behind him? We East village? Yeah. It was it was it was a medium Oh yeah. Yeah. We went to East Ville. Well I, think night we just hung out Manhattan. Well No. Because because I think they were having an open mic there. So so we went up and a buddy of mine from Albany that that live that live near city at the time. Yes he came out to hang out with us at the open mic, and then I think I think he might have decided to go on to go on stage to even though he's like now the from comedian at all. But like he does what most people do was like well, I like comedy people doing this Oh. So let me see if I can do this and I was working good. But Yeah Yeah I remember that that was east. Yet East village. Doesn't exist anymore they moved to Brooklyn. Yeah the they moved to the Brooklyn but now but now that spot is now. The Second New York Comedy Club. Now. Oh Wow. Yeah. Wow. Legendary. Like club that all these guys supposedly performed. So we got on stage at East Mel. It's nice to hear. Yeah I, think we did both it was it was it was a late night one and right here man I I i. Remember that to me for me for me that was like at least At least like eighty pounds ago for me. I I love the way you just what I do I measure my life not. Only about one hundred pounds ago. When I was a size thirty eight. Piece actually worked at and it was great. That's that's me too. I have. You know I have post, I have pre and post. So. That was great and I have pictures of you I think and I know I mo.. Standing in front of the subway tile yeah. So, we did a lot of traveling. I, know we did Mike's I. Know we did so many mikes that we must have forgotten some of the Mike's we've got hell yeah hell. Yeah and I remember driving with you. I think and Tony Jackson, and the other guy the Rogers was name Tony. Robbins Oh God. My Chrysler Cirrus didn't go with us that night. I don't know if I did I it was. Go Tony gets the New Hampshire trip me Tony Rogers Tony Jackson I mean you got to huge Tony's. Chrysler CIRRUS. Yes I think she since Howard. Now, Jason Howard and I don't know if there was because I always packed the cars. There was never like an extra see 'cause I I needed all the guests money I could and I remember one of the Tony. Saying. Something about thank God you're driving Dave 'cause we try. They would be nervous because we were. We went into the boonies. Yeah. We went into the New Hampshire boonies at I got a little lost on the way back these some of those roads that you see movies that you know you're lost and you're bound to come up on a restaurant that says whites only you know. They just didn't get the news you know. So it was sues late late in the. I remember coming back who's enrolled in Troy, and drop somebody in I mean everybody was exhausted by the way. If, I remember correctly the I still had to go back to saugerties. I go back to Saugerties and go home I was everyone was like, Oh, I'm just getting out here in Albany I'm I live in colony I live in Rensselaer. I had to go all the way back to zone debts to dude it I mean I'm not bragging I'm just saying. For the comics that are listening wannabe comics and you know you never know someone's going to be listening to this in five years from now. You WanNa you WANNA. Well it's funny. I'm going to say this, but it didn't work for me but you know. You want to do something in the world of comedy you gotTa. Travel I mean you gotta do stuff. You gotta work. You gotTA. Go find stages. Got and I. Remember I told Ethan Allman once you know from alternative sleeping yeah of Ethan Allen thing but I said. I told him I was doing one day. He goes. Why are you doing that I go stage time he goes are you going to get paid no I I just want to go. He's that's crazy. I wouldn't drive that far and getting paid I go well. I'm too early in my career. I'm not that good a and I don't want to build a business. That type of thing I just want to perform and I want to get used to traveling I knew that was part of it. Oh. If I was going to be a road comic and this is a good time to learn. How to drive these distances and It's also networking and S I don't know if you remember this citing Choi All by the way I'm a truck driver I enjoy driving. Yes. Not Anymore like I used to but I a my terms on my terms I enjoyed driving for for for this Warren company I worked for it not so much pain Lisa while I wouldn't do it. But. The thing is to get stage time to drive and. One of the things I remember which was so fascinating I remember talking to somebody about it. It wasn't you I think you might have engaged and it doesn't matter I said. I said. Look at the comics that are the regulars at this might because we were visitors, we always visitors. Yeah. Look at the Congress. Oh, by the way, this was exactly at the time that Michael Jackson was either in court. Or he had just passed I don't remember. But this is when everybody was doing Michael Jackson jokes whatever it was. You know. And it's funny. Every time you go to a different. Mike it was like being in a parallel universe. So you go. Okay. Well, there's they're black comic. There's the comic they're good looking female comic visit your there's there lesbian comic. There's there's the headed kid you know there was like the as the older guy trying to hang on. Let me. You. Always. Take a shot at myself. So you know you would see. Like a whole `nother like we were Albany right and then you go oh, there's all of us here. We are in new haven here we are at East it's just interesting to see the you know the the the multiples of you the. Gang or Not. Even if they? Even. If they didn't look like you and then not in not only if they look like they were doing your jokes because you are not as clever as you. Know Comedian is is as clever as they are like the like. The only thing that said that might be slightly different is is the premise jokes the jokes right? There is still the fuck insane, right? That's it. Yeah it's so great. It's sort of it's humbling a little bit humiliating, but it's helped me going Oh you know what I gotTa do I got to work harder. Work Harder, and you got to somehow get in front of it right and you network, and you got to sell yourself as a personality. You gotta sell yourself as responsible individual as a respectable person that you're going to respect the the show whatever it is the ten minutes you gotta hit the light I mean there's just so many fascinating things. It's not just material. It's so many things and that's why I would drive three hundred miles for ten minutes i. Forgot. I was talking to someone else in this podcast Oh no I think it was like I think I might have been Mike Whatever Mica McLaughlin yeah and I I would I would go on trips with him. I guess sometimes it would be like me a big me, Mo Mike, and like I think I think maybe just carpet whatever we go faceoff. But sometimes, it would just be me and Mike and we go to like an an open mic and like maybe like forty minutes down from Albany just just to go check it out because there weren't places and always both out that no one else did that like. After, like after were gone and some people kind of stopped doing it right hanging out with hanging out with me and Mike. We were so intimate that we wanted to find any state because even if it wasn't about being paid about giving that exposure and time because like because if if he goes somewhere that you don't know any see you and you do good that person might be like well, I'm I'm creating comedy show you guys are good. Do Do you WANNA come on? That's that's that's the idea behind traveling. So far for no pay. Because you want other people to fucking seat yes you know and also also get at the same time. So it as much now that people like didn't want to do that. They got I got very comfortable. In Albany just staying in Albany but like you're seeing the same goddamn people, it's not Helping you none at all. You know now few career now now for networking. Valley. Are you talking about Central Valley was your essentially that note and essentially valley but there was there was some other place that was like like let forty minutes away from from from Albany yeah it was. It was like. You go with that light. We went to Kingston that place where that guy came from entourage. Yes I was there with you. Got One guy I forget his name he flipped out what are the comedian guy? Yeah. Yeah. I. Remember that old guy was who's white and what's the guy's name entourage? Adrian Adrian Air Yeah. He had his sloppy had hair I mean he got mass. Chicks loved it I. Don't know what it was. Yeah He. This guy that was hanging out with US comedian I can't remember his name I don't mean disrespect I really don't remember his name. I had sort of an adversarial relationship with him because he was a little difficult but anyway I'm sure he's a nice guy. I don't I'm sure he's not in the business anymore but I if he goes hey, by the way at that point I had never seen an episode alliance never sort I I had an idea that this guy was never saw an episode and he he elbows means Lakers hey, that's agent ago. And I didn't even know if that was a guy who you're talking to that guy you know he talking about that guy within like okay. You know obviously I. Don't know who who is he? That's the guy from entourage ago. Okay well. You know go suck A. Guys cursing. Suckers, Dick I don't care. And You know. He went over to he started like you think that this guy's out he's trying to be incognito. His hair was a mess. Yes. He had a beard I remember looking I'm like, yeah looked a little. A. Little homeless. But that's okay. 'CAUSE I get it. He's in Kingston I. Don't know why because this from there? Yeah. Yeah. A dive. The Dungeon. Dungeon whatever it was all black was so. Long and. And it was like a premiere open mic like it was the first night of their new. With Mike in which lasted I don't know how long but You know started making an ass out of himself. Hey Man you know I'm I'M GONNA whatever. I'M NOT GONNA bother him I'm going to go up on stage and impress this guy which I don't think happened either. You know. So yeah. How about that? Imagine that? You're open making all over New York state or wherever you live but you're going two hundred miles here. Yeah. How'd you all over? and. Then you're on stage an agent veneer from entourage sees you. Right and his whole show is all about all of those guys supporting each other. Yeah. They're all buddies and he sees you goes you know what? I got an episode coming up and I need a middle-age balding fact you own. Yeah Whatever can you come out your I can come out whatever. You quit your job you get a job. You know whatever you just don't know who's GonNa meet you and I did get I did get offered a slot down when we went to Cranford this guy had a comedy tour whatever he called it the I hate to say it. But back in the day, this is the can years ago he called it the Rodney kings of comedy. That's Touring thing that Rodney King's the comedy I didn't understand what was all about yeah I don't think it was flattering. I'll say but I think it was all white comics but anyway but he asked me I was just give me a call. I'll go I didn't care I mean where was I going to play you know I don't know. Whatever he was a family man I can't imagine. We're GONNA go do some racist. Whenever. Bar New Dry. So. Said Yeah give me a call. He never gave me a call but I know he had this thing called the the Rodney kings of comedy why and he liked he liked my my Brooklyn stick whatever I was doing. You know on stage at this CRANFORD place and You have come to the funny farm with me. I'd I'm not sure if it was with you, I, know I know the funny farm once Okay Yeah that was another Mike by the way that I I hosted for awhile and what's his name I'm to say his name because the last time his name was mentioned on a show he took somebody to court Oh fucking that jackass yeah. I. WanNa say for the record not say his name. That refer to him as an animal that may or may not be donkey. All right. It's your show you take responsibility. But I'm not afraid of me. I don't need to hassle. I'm very tired right now. I don't need a letter in the mail saying you need to appear. But yeah. But he was upset because I was like Yo by the way this also supports what you were saying before when you go somewhere else that you're that you're like you're like a different type of lettuce these guys get. ICEBERG, lettuce. Every Sunday every iceberg iceberg. Calm like, ooh, that's a new green. Who's this then you go up there with your attitude and your sticking to go ooh fresh I like that hey, we got to show we're doing next Thursday you WANNA be on ten minutes his fifteen. Yeah and the only reason why you got it 'cause you're fresh lettuce is yes widow which works. So. This lady that was running remember her name that was running the funny farm out in Amsterdam new new. York. As we used to be a premier club out there. Time. was like everybody went to the funny farm out in in Amsterdam New York and she liked me and she mixed me in into the rotation and then I started hosting and I was featuring I was I know I know I featured. Not, featured middled middle. One night. I hosted a whole bunch of other nights and I was getting paid. I got fed remember getting I got fed there at my Aa. Always get some good food that a nice restaurant and I would drive all we out from where I live to this place. It was ninety was a ninety minute drive. Again I'm a truck driver that's all I do and that will come out and would go back out to Amsterdam and I would just this crowd in absolutely was tough. I, mean you know it's in the boonies. And I? mean. That's like they would they be angry at you is just You know she didn't always packed the house. A little. League they're they're coming out of this away. So you you'd better be as good as a as a thank. You are coming out randomly these fucking town. You always pressure. Always. But as a host at least like you know what all they gotta do is just be mildly amusing and agreeable and I like to be liked that's I know that's a big thing 'cause I. Did seven years of therapy. So I like to be light and That really I take very personally when I do wrong I can fix it. What's matter you know? I'm a little submissive like that but I'd like to be liked so. It was easy for me to be Ho-. How are you? Are you comfortable? I. Mean just really I didn't come out and do stick I would just really talk to people hey, how you doing you know you know Whatever you look. Good you. Just do some still sticking into the how are you? The everybody comfortable. Can I get you anything and then boom? We just did a show and you know. If I had written more material. That would have been better, but it always worked out and nobody ever said, David kind of Kinda came up short tonight. I never heard that not once. Tonight. Came up short you know no, you did a good job hosting it nobody nobody complained and I was very if I could describe myself, I'm doing your show, I'll do your job for you. If I. Give one word to my comedy career. I would say serviceable. Yeah. I was serviceable. Let's IT I. I think and I think that's one of the reasons why I thought that at the time that you would be good for that for that that do escape because because you are, you are who you are Naturally and and it works you know like if. You. Didn't you don't have like. Material, like you just going up there and just saying shit that was like. It was fucking funny like it was. It was you know thyroid issue hands you know. I think that's the thing that gets people into you. Is is the fact that that you dislike that young you'll just talk you know. And I think why you resonate With so many people when you're when you're doing these shows and shit. Thank you. Thank you. Sure and for the record, it only gets you so far what to know. I'm obviously not doing it now said only got me so far and and I do want everybody to know that you actually want me some material to you didn't write it for me. You had it. Then you didn't want to do it. No more than you gave it to me UH shit deal with the belly. You gave me some insight, Mitchell for my belly I think I think I kind of remember something like that. Yeah Yeah you because you had slow losing weight, you didn't need it anymore. It was. A Nice passing the torch in a way these fatty on like okay. Thank you. He lives. That's a yeah I know. I. Know What I guess I did that and then, and then I gave I give Matt Elliott Joke to Oh that I I was doing and like it was I guess it was like going really well I. Guess I kind of stopped I guess he was really into the jokes oh so he was like, Hey, man, can I have that joke? He took it back. Yeah. No keeps a cookie he if he can do the job and I was like, yeah, sure. Take take the bucket joke like. I can I can do more jokes to ship but I remember that I. gave. My Kelly Joe to Oh. There was a guy there was a guy that came to dukes. Log I'm not really sure I don't remember his name. He was really a nice guy hit a great name had a great name. I actually thought he was already somebody when I first saw him. I heard go wait a minute. It's this guy already somebody but he wasn't. But anyway I don't remember his name I just remember being white and tall and he was artsy. And he did a porno joke. It was really really funny. I should do it because it's not mine but he did this porno choke it was so funny. I loved it. I just loved that he wrote his job and then he stopped doing comedy too I mean I. Would Watch facebook and he wasn't before wasn't performing and then I was toying with the idea of coming back or something like that. I was doing one of those one off a bowling alley shows you know. Bobby Madison. I was coming back whatever it was and I call them hey man, you haven't done comedy and I haven't seen you. FACEBOOK message. I really would love that joke if you'd be willing to sell to name your price. And by the way I am thirty, forty, five I wanted this joke I know I could kill it. He was like, Oh, no man. That's mine and I'm like, yeah. But you're not because that's my job. I'm keeping I'm like. Okay. Dude so badly because it was so funny when he before stage, it would kill me because it was just so great I don't want to do it because it is but but it was great. It was just great material. He. Didn't justice and he was so brilliant but. I can't remember the name, but but I wasn't against it. I wanted other comedians to write for me because I was so lazy and so tired. I just wasn't that good of a writer but I never really flex my muscle, which is what comedians need you just need to. You don't think you. You just really need to try. Yes. You need to try and and I didn't tricolours. And by the way, it's not an excuse. I was always exhausted. I mean like I said, I'm driving I'm watching dad being son. Trying to be all old people at the end it. Off You were like you were like a exhausting yourself. So like when you when you doing that there isn't much time a really fucking. Right. For like a minute there there's not much under because like. By the time that you're. Your Day ends you're just like all right fuck it I'm going to bed right now I'm I was have no time to write I was told I would sometimes go to work On a Sunday morning at one o'clock dukes would be over at eleven something right. I traveled to a lot of you already know the location but anyway, I, travel a half hour west to Rotterdam. Park in the parking lot and I would sleep for an hour. Okay. Dispatch it about one o'clock sometimes too in the mornings I get maybe an hour an hour and a half. Yeah. I would dispatch a a tractor trailer loaded with groceries for northern Vermont and or Pennsylvania. Yeah, I would make up the way I. Eighty seven and I would pull over in about an hour an hour fifteen minutes at rest stop and I would sleep for about two hours. And I never got in trouble for as long as I didn't wreck I. was there a companies I would say? What are you doing? We see you on your log, your sleeping for two hours sometimes two and a half hours. I'm like I just came from a comedy show. You mean right. Before you pull a fourteen hour shift of driving a tractor trailer in Vermont in the snow in the isolate all you've got eighty thousand pounds of groceries or whatever in the back and you're you're you're sleeping like an hour and a half well, it is comedy. I'm paying my dues you know and. And I got I I would sleep in that truck and it's not a sleeper. In the front seat. I, put my head down and I wake up my neck would be also I would overeat to because when you're tired you eat I mean that's how I've ballooned up and and Do you remember the parking lot in the lock? Do you remember? Dr So. Yeah you remember. Do you remember what it looked like when it would rain all that? Money and the Denson into the ground. Yeah. Yeah. So Here we are in Albany, which by the way people that don't know Albany is a city. It's not. It's not like where I live with like back road it is a city they know about pavement there is pavement. Yeah. There is blacktop there is you know Ashville, there is. Construction it's a city. It's been there for a long time but for some reason, we're we performed the parking lot was the surface of the moon. Craters everywhere, and it would rain and you have we're GonNa Park. It was hard to park on the street. So you park there and there will be nights where I would. I would go up there and I, you know a sleep in my car in the parking lot and I had a Volkswagen rabbit pickup truck for a while but I had all these other. Crappy cars at Dodge Omni. I had my Chrysler series. I had you know crabby vehicle had Astro van I had all these crappy cars and I would sleep in the parking lot in the log tablet and that what I wake up I'd be parking a puddle because it rained like Oh my God I couldn't move my car because all the good spots already taken. So you know. I did a lot of paying dues. I'm only sharing that with you verse while I want you to have a great show. So I'm opening up to tell you everything I could tell you I'm not holding anything back, which is these are not secrets. But if you listen to the show, you want to be a comedian. You don't WanNa be a broken comic Yeah Yeah Yeah. Things that you have to do and I think the only thing was a couple things. The only thing that kept me one of the things that kept me from really moving on was I was I was burning too many candles too many too many places I was toast. And I wasn't a writer I. Nobody nobody liked me enough to write for me because I was really hoping to make buddies with somebody that would right for me and nobody wanted to write for me and. I asked to reconnaissance wants to write to me because he was a really really good writer. I don't I. Didn't. He was also good performer but I thought his strength was in writing I really thought I could kill his material he wrote only, but we talked about it but it never happened. So I was just too tired and too lazy and that helped me back if I could write and fact Charlie Paul. May he rest in peace talks Paul, had said to me you know kid if you only had an act. If you joke if you only had some jokes, it'd be great. I'm like no but see wasn't there there there. There are people who made like living not writing fucking jobs and and and and just, and just talking like it just ended up being fucking ended up being funny I think I think like everything everything that you did did what you did it. Would have been. You would have excelled more if you weren't. A burn candle at both ends that way that you can. You can hone what what it is that you were doing because. I I. Don't know if you knew exactly what you were doing as far as well. My thing is just just to be up there and talk in like that is my. That's my act you know. But like what things honing. Is You have to have the time to really hone what that is. You know and and if you'll have time to do it, it's easy to understand how like that can kind of fall by the wayside. Yeah, well. You know if I had to do all again I would and if I had to it all again I probably would. Neglect my son a lot more not to. Say Hey listen I know you're GonNa hate me but the money you are gonNa Inherit Ask. When your mom and I get divorced it's going to be so worth it. Well you because I'm going to feel bad. So you'll probably get car and you'll travel with me and you'll you'll get drugs in girls and not just go on stage and you'll be paying. Off You Kyle, do you want big wheeled now? Not Judge Roy. You go in our land again. Later. I mean I know you're only eight but I mean you had to do had to do you know. This is you know how it goes. You know what? That's just how the comedy game goes especially when once you like. How can I have a family and and you're trying to make your China provides for everyone including south. It's it's tough. Man was to you know I just thought about this for the first time I think. I'm just guessing I could be wrong out of all of us. Yeah. I might have been the only one. Who was married and had a legitimate child. I might have been the only one with a mortgage. Well. He got cartoon. That's right he but he didn't host media He he he just really I don't know if he did. Broadway. But you know he did dukes and. I, know he got some gigs but. Yes okay. So there you go at least one other so doing. Cardio to own and I. Think I think that's about it. Yeah. I. Think that might be about it. You know. who was like that yeah okay. so it's not easy. No no, it's. It's I. Applaud you guys for for for doing that shit because like it's it's a lot like I. You know I'm not I don't necessarily having any responsibility as you know like that down here. So it and it's tough to me. So I can understand the how can it be like ten times as tough you know having having a family and having a family working and then try to be trying to be funny that a fuck impression is. Funny because I remember talking to. Jason Howard and maybe even you or some other. Jay. Bryson. I. Listen To me I would quench my physical you're single. Let her getting your head. Just. You cannot be involved in a relationship right now you're on the edge of greatness you're getting you've got work to do this woman here fifty more like them in line. You know look by your t shirt and they'll give you ten dollars and then they'll slip you a key or card. Stopping these relationships that are so destructive, not ready and they'll kill me because you know Massey and Howard. J All these people that were like, what are you doing with this complicated? Relationship Priscilla. I've been thinking about that. You know I've been thinking about that a lot more 'cause, I remember you saying that to me whether people. At, the time like at the time no one was trying to fuck me so i. Really. Wasn't. I've been. Trying to. Do I, WanNa do not that big thing but then like, but like recently been thinking about what you said recently and I was like I. Is. It is better for a comic to to get his success when he single or get success win win. Relationship and I say that because. The person that you wit and relationship and you're doing comedy they have to be completely okay with with like with us the number. That'd be okay with you singing them at least at least. Two hours. Out of the fucking week, because because like if ric thing is to be out every night, you have to have a little bit of time to send this person and and can't be like as much as you do comedy. So like the has to be a short, my time is very hard for someone to be secure in and seeing you for like two to five hours in a whole whole. fucking. Yeah Hey listen we gotta go to the law tonight. We're GONNA do sit there for two hours. Listen to Dick Jokes. Raids not fun. Yeah. It's great. Oh. You're going to hear the some of the worst comedians. And you'll hear wanted to that a good. You hear a couple of other but you know a lot of it's just going to be a night of suck. Yeah. Okay. That sounds great. I love you. How many nights we're GonNa do this Oh we could do it once you do three. And we could try to get your miles and do the same thing that sounds great Chris. Maintaining, maintain relationship and and and being a comedian news desert really go to get. It not it. It really doesn't. Until you've made a quote unquote made it whatever whatever making it's for you that that is the only way because. Everything can work on your schedule. and. The only other thing that works is if the relationship really goes bad when you do bit on it, I, mean you got material to. Then again. That's what every comedian's doing. Oh, I just broke up my girlfriend and how he tells you you heard that. Relationship just woke up on. That's life. So that is. So so. Where are you originally from? Originally. From Crown Heights. Brooklyn New York. Okay. That's where I was born in a hospital in Crown Heights Brooklyn New York. and I lived. For a large part in Brownsville New York up until the age of nine and up until about two weeks after I got my favorite five-speed bicycles stolen. Guys Boulevard will wilding I mean living Goldenrod with do that to you Limbaugh the bike I cried, and then two weeks later we moved to. Brooklyn. And that's where we spent the majority of my life. I guess from nine till eighteen o the next time years were there and then I went to the navy. Travel, the world came back and I met my wife to be and We moved to Queens. Jamaica Hills. Queens. I was neighbors with trump's who lived in Jamaica estates wasn't really neighbors with them but you know I do what I saw the house I knew they used to live and And then the that was a got the navy when I was twenty three and then a couple of years later I think twenty five, I forgot how many years later my wife and I. My wife was still my wife to be because we shacked up for ten years and I was getting the milk for free and. We moved to upstate New York and I've been here for the last twenty seven years. So so What was what was it like growing up in an in crown heights and Brownsville like? What was the? What was the demographics of people? Because because you 'cause your family like you're you're Jewish right? Yes. So so what I'm not very good at it. Because I'm a practicing Jew. Yeah. I stopped practicing. I realize I'm not gonNA just. Like kosher food, I really do and I like. Women. I like because I married a woman that's not exactly Jewish and she's more to the Hispanic slash German. Of things which is fun and and fascinating. I mean, after twenty seven years you know whatever? So neither one of us a young anymore but it's okay. but but yeah. The demographics and Crown Heights Brooklyn was. Wasn't was a majority Jewish or but before the. Cloud now, everywhere I went to listen new. York City is fantastic and beautiful is it was always you turn left using crm Hasidic Jews. Right, you see black people you see Rican you see all you see young I mean not everybody was thrilled to be there with the other people. Yeah I'm not gonNA say Beautiful Utopia. Yeah. No, it was there was a lot of tension. I was born in sixty three. So I went to Crown Heights yeshiva in nineteen, sixty, nine to nineteen seventy. Yes, the first second third grade I went to chronic on Crown Street show that would be a six seven and eight years old right. So so so so this so this is right. So this is right after or before the the integration inside inside Brooklyn 'cause like I remember like you remember. Watching things that just being like it was a very, very white neighborhood but then but then like. In ten years after that some in between that. They're just started to be influx of of of black people inside inside Crown Heights Brownsville. At that time when it's happening people found out and then then started like leaving the fucking area because you totally white flight. Yeah. White flight everywhere. By. Whites winter to Canarsie. They went to which is on the border like the end right by the water. Into a corner like well, this is it. This is as far as away we can get. To this, we're taking a boat nowhere to go and besides Kennedy up what was right there. So it was like. You know one cab ride and boom we're on we're on a jet blue to Florida I mean this is before job before jetblue was around but one Florida which is where a lot of people went they went to Florida. They went to see they went to. Long Island. Long Island. Eventually, much much later, a lot of them went to say that. The the white people to Jews. went to maybe even the Italians I. Don't know they went to Marlborough New Jersey down there. So Yeah. We're very good about leaving we live. We don't like to stick around too long like this is nice for now. Actually especially, one of our real estate friends is going to sell a house to a black person. We all got to go you know everybody flips out. So we I was there for a lot of violence back in the day you know cross burnings and Brutal Year your real estate Yeah. It was a real estate. I can't remember the name of it. It was on Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn. Looked like a log cabin. This was the real estate office. This was the office it looked like a log cabin and I don't know if it's still there but he used to be on Flatlands Avenue Right now off of Rockaway Parkway. You're from Brooklyn aren't you from? Brooklyn yea. So do you You good with Brooklyn like you know these short of your listeners don't listen to. This anyway. So it was. One of the most interesting buildings because it was the newer, no log cabins at all in Kasey. Brooklyn but this real estate office was. Okay I don't want to stay in that choice, but whatever and. And they sold a home to a black family and that real estate office torched. Yeah and and I think the House that they sold the whatever I think they burned across outside of it and that was nineteen in the nineteen seventies without a doubt I was. Thinking seventy seven I would have been fourteen years so it was around that time. Listen there is a lot of. I gotta be careful. There was a lot of people there ever see the TV show the Sopranos Yeah. Okay well. They started off in Brooklyn and when they got tired of broken, they moved to New Jersey. So this pros, they were sopranos in Brooklyn. You WanNA use the word Mafia used the mafia I'm not saying it. You know somebody saying it but I'm not saying but you could say it there was this element and they were not happy about change. At all and it was by the way didn't like me either you know I was actually getting along with all these guys. Yeah. But. Although I did have one call me not too long ago and really had a heartfelt conversation with this guy. He's very apologetic was so sweet No. He well, it's funny. He he was Jewish guy but he was selling himself. He identified. As an Italian. Hanging out role these other retire. Yea. Dude he came from such a messed up home. Hey. I knew he was a nice guy but I mean I. I try to see the best and everybody believe it or not. It sounds like I. Know that everybody. Everybody was born a little baby. Body was cute. Everybody was colored and then your mom your dad or the first one is up. Yeah. Then you'll have a cousin uncle. You know it's it's a it's a terrible environment and this guy was the product of environment. He ended up with this crowd of these other kids and they just happened to be Italian are they were very violent and again on these homes anyway. But he he got in touch me. About a year or two ago and Man It was it was the most amazing conversation this. You were such a Nice Guy I'm sorry that was mean to you. I'll tell you he just really just let it out man. Wow and we fifty-five at that time fifty four, his only do comedy anyway. But that's what was going on. It was a lot of tension. There's a lot of anger because there was bussing. Yeah and I was one of the kids when I was still living in Brownsville check this out. I'm on this bus like the B forty two whatever I'm on this bus and I'm coming down Flatlands Avenue. I'm getting off this bus on the only one on this process, his loaded with black kids but they're bussing us into build a C. J. D. H.. S Sixty S Unites Sixty. At? East eighty. Sixth Street Tom Getting off the bus and they protesting the MOMS, the Karens or whatever. They say now, all these. White ops up protesting no policy. No, plus don't keep our schools like. Hello. A. Nine, ten I. Didn't know I know. I didn't understand because I didn't. I was like I just wanted to friends. Yeah. Play it just spent three years and you see yeah, posing as a Jew, you know posing A. Didn't have to be Orthodox or scenic. Okay she. You needed to have money and they talk you money. They took your money that's what it was a private school but. It was all based in Judaism but they took your money and Anyway. I also got in touch with a former friend of mine that went to that school turns out she was Italian. And I was like, oh Whatever but but they money because her mother where she lent her parents didn't want them to go to their school. They wanted to go to this school so So you got a private school education but just happened to be based in Judaism anyway. So we get off this bus. Black Kids The New York City bus, you got front and the back of boom. Protesting I don't know what's going on to go to school. My parents said, he dropped me off this bus right? So I was. Very. Familiar. Very early on about you know familiar with racism and. Segregation and familiar with all these things that we're talking about now so much but I was sort of on. That sort of on both sides, but I was A. Kid I was. It was in the middle of everything and it was always on the news it always things on the news and it's just never ends, and then once I fully moved in to. You know you know people talk to you? They say things to you like really. Seem to be very angry. I know that Guy's nice kid you know. But whatever but did it year so did your family move up because of that that the integration? Hey Sandy here and I was thinking about doing a podcast about my favorite movie bill and Ted es where you and I was at work. I should use anger it is freely use free to download and you recorded edit referee phone or computer. The best part is there any will distribute your podcast for you. So you can hear it on spotify apple podcast. Am what platforms sick it has everything that you need to make a podcast at one place. So download the free APP now anger DOT FM against started. See you their yards. We moved out of Linden below thirteen, eighty, one, the number beautiful beautiful building was five. It's called. The butcher's collapsed five-storey like buildings all twenty one stories. We moved out we moved to. Because Brownsville was getting out of control crying was going up. No doubt about it. We had a crime problem a huge cry Pablo yeah but. My parents are death like know you knew that. And My. Their parents of their parents. To Grandma's to GRANDPA's. Both lived Kasey. So they needed a lot of help. My Mom Dad always needed help to death so I couldn't help them because I was always the little kid interpreter and my sister was also an interpreter you know because everything needs to be interpreted and everything needs to be done for them. Then we moved to Karachi and we actually. The the first place we lived was right across the street from my father's mother and father, and then we moved I don't know how many years later to another location we lived upstairs from my mother's mother and father. So that's how that's. That's why we moved. That's part of the reason why I moved to see but I think a big part of the reason was Brownsville was really getting crazy at it wasn't just listen man it just wasn't safe for white people. Yes. W was hey, Dave come on here. Let's play basketball. Nobody that these words have never heard of my life Dave coming on over. Let's play basketball. If. You look at Google maps if you go to thirteen boulevard. In the middle of these five tall twenty, one storey buildings courtyards for the old people sit on these benches at the tables that supposedly supposed to play chess or checkers but nobody ever exchequers. And in the middle of everything. Basketball, courts and just no baseball no soccer knew nothing. Basketball and I would come home from me Sheva five o'clock I get off the bus about four, thirty, five o'clock and these kids were. Plate and I would look like, wow but it was foreign. I never went to the fence to watch I never my parents always come up move along nothing to see here. This is not for you like. These kids who these kids. Move like a crime scene move along nothing to see. They rushed me up the elevator tonight floor and I go watch you know mcgilla Gorilla I. Watch I dream of Jeannie speed racer why watch TV that's more reason why I became a comic and I'm not an athlete because. You know this they rushed me away from these kids and but Yeah. That's that's one of the reasons why we moved out of Brownsville. SARISI. So do you think do you think that one of the reasons why they told you that keep on moving? was because like but was because it was getting so Cranfield, or are you think it was because they didn't want us being around people at all you know. To kind of get like a different you know different friends or or perspective on life. Long. Learning, I know that a lot of people are not going to like to hear me say this, but this is the best I could tell you. My mother and father being deaf had a limited scope of the world. Limited scope they really were focused in on self-preservation struggle to be Jeff. My Mother is survivor. Of World War Two and she didn't go to I. Don't think she was in a concentration camp. But she was in a town where basically. doobie anchor. I think it's called. It was run border of Ukraine and Poland. If you look wikipedia. At that time thousands of Jews they all got exterminated. And she was always on the run the run from the Germans. She lives in she lives in convents. It was a whole thing. She was deaf in Poland in in nineteen she just died she just passed away April she was eighty two. So what's eighty two years ago? Nineteen thirty something nineteen, forty something late thirties forties so she was. So what she goes to be five she she's a girl, she's deaf she's in Paulin. How many? How much social services you think are available to Polish Jews in Poland for Steph girl now she went to school I have a picture. It's like five of the kids in one guy had down syndrome and I don't know about the. WHO's to teacher? What's the qualifications has a little work? Anyway so Whatever I'm pleading a case from my mother I didn't have a great relationship with I'm pleading a case because. She scope was limited her she was basically illiterate whatever she was a good mommy. She Kissed Boo boos and she made good food and she cleaned house and stuff and dad was a worker bee work will be with. And they had friends all the friends with death only death. Friends non deaf. And they had friends that were Hispanic. Greek Hungarian whatever black All over the across the board and you know what? It's a small pool of people even though it's New York. City. It's a small pool of people. It's you know it's a couple of hundred maybe to choose from and these are your friends for life. So. So they my phone was very polite and everything was. Fine with them and their friends you know whatever? But for me? They wanted something that you know all parents want something better for their child, of course. And They would watch the news and this was before closed caption. And the impression was you got white kids Jewish you, WanNa send them to you. And they're going to wear a Yarmulke. 'cause everybody Yarmulke. You'd send the White Kid like me. You said into the school that was right across the street in Rockaway Parkway. He's GonNa get his butt kicked WanNa get killed, and this was the impression that their parents gave to them in other. It's the cycle. What was that? It was to cycle the cycle? Yeah. Like the psycho. Cana kept spinning. But it like they. They weren't learned people like. My son needs diversity. My son already had. They were told basically what to do by their parents? Yeah, and let me tell you something that I. Remember I distinctly remember this. When I went to Crown Heights yeshiva at six years old with my mother. And I think my father sister who kind of raised me like a mother my aunt. And So is my father's sister I follow was always at work the I don't know if he was there but I know my mother was there at my grandmother, my father's mother who was like the matriarch of the family. My mother's mother was a Polish immigrant her education was limited. She was a farmer ended up selling fruits and vegetables on First Avenue I avenue and Fourteenth Street Manhattan Weber's Weber's fruits and vegetables anyway. But my father's mother was more cosmopolitan kind of like. Audrey. Hepburn in a way you know the actual jeopardy I know I'm showing my age anyway. I remember very distinctively. This is the one of two times this happened in my life we sat at the table being interviewed to sign papers into bay the money whatever to for me to go cry it's creates a Sheva although not a religious Jew we didn't wear the garb then go to temple none of that. Sitting at the table and the woman. At the other end that was doing the interviewing and processing the paper Said said to grandma I remember distinctly seeing to my grandmother and I had no idea what was going on. Said you doing the right thing is if you send your your grandson to public school, he's going to be with the animals. Go so this nine, hundred, sixty, nine. Woman behind the desk is referring to the kids at Brownsville is animals. Wow. I of two times this ever happened in my life that I remember. And my grandma was like you know. We want the best for David because he goes to the school. He's GonNa get his butt kicked. Seventy years old six whatever and then my mother felt yeah whatever you say whatever you say. So boom they sent me deceiver and then. There was this impression, but if you look up the wikipedia page Brownsville. Not. Supposed to write because the information isn't exactly true. But if you go to the East New York wikipedia page or you go to Brownsville Hookah quick quicker pdf page where. The. Crime did go up and. Problems massive problems. For so many reasons. Yes. That could have been prevented just like now somebody thinks could have done right but they were done wrong and it's A lot of people's fault. You know a Lotta people are. All part of it and on on all sides. It's wrong. It never should happen, but it did happen and. We had to get out. According to my parents got. So they sent me. And and then for whatever reason I guess we ran out of money. I. Don't know why but we ended up moving to see and I'm sure the image was. Who White People? Because it was ninety nine percent one. Absolutely, what it was is Asians Italians juice pretty much. Not. Even like. Vern I kid you not. Between Foster Avenue where the Brooklyn Terminal Market was and the and the Water Jamaica Bay. And from I don't know Mill Basin Ralph Mu whatever there was a certain area, you were ninety nine percent white I know that for a fact, there was no all the all the black kids in my junior high school were taking the bus city bus they were taking the city bus, not a school bus city bus and and then eventually I went to high school, which at the time was the largest high school I think in all of New York City five, thousand, six, thousand kids in this high school they will. The projects over there on the other side of Ralph Avenue. But there was those borders there were definitive borders and if anybody rented or try to buy, there was going to be a problem the there was a core group of people that were GonNa make sure that sale or that rental didn't go down there because it was fear there was intimidation and all that stuff that was one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven recently. These are bad times in new. York City area. Bad Times for the city financial ole SIS corruption and craziness there was no whoa. Kness and square was was a whorehouse. It was Disney. So everything was totally different drugs all that stuff and So Yes. So that lady said I remember distinctly going what I remember, what what an animals like, my buddy, my little Louie Louie and I would ride big wheels together the courtyard. I. Puerto Rico friend you know we will dig wells. What do you mean animals? Who The hell am I? You know you guys are always beating me for being A. which is also by the way a little. Little Westward can't remove door, but it's like you're referring to these people's animals but you're always treated me like I'm on the black sheep of the family you know. But even at six I kind of felt like, Oh, my sister was a good one. I was the bad one but I was always mischief but anyway, but So that's that's the story man they moved into the all white and I did you know I did make friends? I made a lot of friends. But I was I was really out of place because for the first nine years of my life, I was sheltered in my in my room. I just did a podcast about it call them. All I. WanNa do is play something like that was one of my last episodes well. I want to do is play and I just wanted to play with I wanted to play with my cars I wanted to play with my blocks. I, wanted to play with my johnny lightning. My my hot wheels just wanted to play and. I didn't have any prejudices I just wanted friends and then Austin they all were already playing basketball and with a ball stick ball ability, they use it on me with athletics father. The Not do any athletics with key mentioned that while a lot of people can imagine, but me is I really dead nine years nothing. No. Throwing a ball nothing nothing nothing. So by the time I got to cross the I was out of place. Wow. I was totally out of place because I was like. All right. Great. They're all white but. What do I care actually care and? I still don't care, but it doesn't care. Then in the it was it was it was a straight. So by the way, so I'm always on the outs. WHERE DO I fit in? So guess what I did I made friends with everybody. Yeah. I. Was friends with the nerds as friends with the with the only because I really want I wish was the mafia kids. Wasn't friends with that because they want to be friends with anybody. Angry they play with each other and you knew it was always the kids who were across. You're always wearing some sort of cross around the neck. Crosses. What's that little red thing that they wear the Italian red pepper, the red. Devils worn or something I don't know I was across. The Cross. Yes. So they were wearing across like, oh, you guys, are you all to the? The Brat Pack, whatever you're all the rat pack like Y'all got college shirts and you're. Not Wearing. A t-shirt shirt that your grandma got you when she went to on vacation and. You know I had a little. I. Had a shirt. Once said, my name is Dave don't bug me. A picture of a lady bug I would walk around like Kevin Arnold wonder years so anyway, but I made friends with the guys audiovisual words. I was friends I had friends I lived in on a thing called pat get p. a. e. R. D. E. G.. I don't even know what that means, but there were like fourteen Patta gets. Patty get five I, lived in Padua. Five. Kind of friends with the kids are panicking. We did all the sports but I was also Frederick Paddock at seven to eight. I had friends every paddock at East Eighty East Asia. I. J K I had friends everywhere. You know why? Because I just wanted to play I just wanted to play. I just just you know I thought life was going to be like this. Forever. Make as many friends as you catchy always have please go it. So they do I didn't WanNa stay home. I hated being in my house I wanted to be you know with everybody. was definitely not cool. I was just to killing everybody else. And had guy you've got friends that were girls but not like we go hang out and. But. Anyway but So that's part of my hosting thing I president everybody I was friends with everybody in comedy who was very people I didn't like it. If I didn't like him. There was probably a reason because they disrespected me or they disrespected the stage they disrespected the show or I knew they were up to no good. Yeah. There was a couple of community I don't like your attitude. You know what I'm going to be with you. You're not going to do me any good anyway so but But yes that was. Weird. what you said to me. Canberra kind of reminds me also to things as a that way sets me. Kind of reminds me of this others Matt Damon movie called the call suburban. and I don't know if you've ever seen it before but it's a cool movie where like there there is just like this. All Its suburbs is that the suburbs all white, right. So there there is a new family that came in and and that new family is black. Side but the but inside of that someone is like I guess like there is beef between to other people that are there and. Things go on and aside the community. And everyone is looking at the black people. they are thinking that that is people causing associated so they're processing likely. They don't realize that the people who are really fucking their lives up are the white people in that bucket neighborhood you know yeah, it's. It's. It's a crazy thing where like Everyone is so. focused. On the back of moving in that, they can't see what's right and from there is it's it's it's a pretty cool movie. You know I never heard of this movie other Yes poster still supposed to buy rope. Yeah. What are you? Check it out. When you come out two thousand seventeen. Amazing. Amazing I've never heard of this movie. Alright. Suburban Con-. Yeah. We'll check it out and the second thing is I I listen to one of your podcast yesterday go down and what you said it was totally correct is that like you you understand Why. It was kind of so much crime in the area because if you don't give anyone the something to step on, of course is going to be like this backlash where there's so much crime and things happening and people doing things because like you know they're not You're just putting people in a area without. Giving them guidance or help on something years just like here you go go so so so if you give them like you know no education and no funding for anything of course, the outcome is going to be what you see. Absolutely I mean I it was doomed from the start. You know as soon as you know, Brownsville, in East Newark was once all forms. A Brooklyn was. Back in the day. Turn of the century nine, thousand, nine, hundred, not even like eight hundred, thousand, nine hundred got a lot of farming going on then the industrial age came by World War One and all that other stuff but you know the. White Jews were predominantly owning reliving all over in a browser as New York and then. You know for whatever reason because we like to leave we left, but we didn't leave because black people coming left because I don't know where they went and why they went, but they went and then they said, okay, well, he go. So I guess back in the day. They were these real estate offices that were breakdown. 'cause you sold to black support Regan's whatever. But they did they did all that. So bag today things weren't so bad and then but you know there was the. The government was corrupt or they had corrupt people building. The housing which. was. No. Good. In theory a good idea but you gotta take care of the building. You can't just set up a building and walk away he's. Got To provide. The war you know and. Then and the jobs weren't there. I don't know where the jobs went, but the jobs weren't there And then. The city never got right now but. The thing. The thing that you're talking about right now that I've that some people disagree with is is what people call systematic racism like. It system that that That stomach rolled. Controlled and by by these by these people in power ends, people have power are majority white people in power so like when you have happened and people already have these. These preconceived notions or or just or just all out in general of course, did not gonNA fucking help anyone else. So this is the reason why this thing happens and select so but you have all generations. You know of this happening, of course, is going to be Shitty for people who who are not giving the chances to to do anything like you know that that makes sense. But some people like Kinda. They they. They think it's bullshit you know. I believe there's an I. totally. Listen. I'm a High School Graduate College I'm a truck driver. So I I always got to be careful what I say 'cause I always admit if listened to my show enough I always met I don't know anything I really admit that right away I am talking on a foundation of I know nothing. Yeah but I go with my gut I go I go to what I've seen and what I feel and I don't have an agenda. My show I don't lean left I don't. I Walk Forward towards the truth 'cause that's what I want. That's what we need and the truth is I I believe that there is Systemic racism and I also believe that everybody is. Is culpable at you know did you hear the show way rattled off for the mayors of new? York eight, hundred, fifty am. And most of them are Democrats up until Giuliani for the most what Mayor Lindsay was Democrat in for some reason over Republican I don't know what that was all about. The next hot actually the same thing. He Changed Yeah he's changed I thought he was Democrat the whole time. Now he he went from from Republicans and Democrats. All right. Hidden in. Koch and yeah you know so like real and almost borough presidents all those council really since nineteen, fifty, two to you really can't figure out Brooklyn. You really can't understand what's happening here. Show, you know. I think I think a lot of has because it's like I. Think I think the Democrat. The Democratic Party now is very different than it was back then. So so like you know the Democratic Party now are like are so so aware and so woke. have. To fuck that I don't believe I don't believe at that time that that they cared about it like that like now now you see people pushing for Democratic candidates to like really care about the community but like yeah, I don't think at that time as that that they really cared about people in the communities that the the idea was you know get another term and and do the fuck you with it not necessarily care. Going on there unless you're pressure but easily pressured US don't have to give a fuck about you know right Host, when people like? People like say like it was Democrats but like he had like, you have to look at things in in the context of time that it was then and majority Democrats and I include Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton and everyone's like their majority, white people and those things. So they're going GONNA do whatever is right for their base to get elected again. So so absolutely. So that's like not giving up or like you know drilling a crime bill that that was that proportionally like put black people in jail or a black man specifically in jail it doesn't necessarily mean that because the Democrats do did it because that is what they're appealing. Right right. Yeah, you know it's funny because countries. How? Doing? How am I doing? Well, if you're white person hey. Can you come to my building? Over here we eat. You know we got rats. We got hold the plaster whatever from the ceiling by the way. I have been seeing this. It's amazing to me that I've been seeing this ever since I remem-. Wasn't a time I have to say this right there wasn't a time in my life that I didn't know that the projects were not the place to grow up not the place to live, and of course, they were always dangerous. They were always malfunctioning elevators crime rate drugs. How to explain to me how is it that I've known this I'm a little boy little Kevin Arnold right a little more than two years. I'm just as little boy watching mcgilla gorilla and you know speed race watching TV I, turn on I witness news and there's Roger Grimsby Bill Beutel here now the news crime. Brooklyn Rosen Scam and Della cry cry Ron Johnson I used to love eyewitness news. I fancied see myself one day working for them but it never happened. But you know it's like crime crime crime like I've seen this every day. So what what the F.? Beam Mayor Beame Bear God. Nothing nothing until Giuliani but but you know. I was that was great for Manhattan still wasn't great for Brooklyn, lots of parts broke down there by Brooklyn the whole. Downtown Flatbush That came around pretty. Giuliani did did did what he did but like I if it wasn't for necessarily the benefit of everyone like right. The only benefit that he did was like you know clean up clean up in but but like even even the people went against that because like people were so they were so used to. What Time Square was? That they wanted to keep it in L. A.. So like you know he he ruffled feathers and depending on who you are. You can say that like he did good because Times Square is way different now than it was, you know at least you know at least twenty, five, twenty, five years ago and beyond. So let that's it but also like his his main, his his two claim to fames were were taken down the mafia you know And and he did that and eleven right. But like but the thing the things in between those no one likes him either you know. But but like you know, it's just this is where which hooking thing you know that. People are doing good for a certain thing. But as a as a general for the for the community itself, you know he did good time square because you know he got deals with Disney and whatever they came in. Holy took over the whole area and that really was great for tourism because it's safe to walk. Now, you could get to see a Broadway show like Shrek? Frozen you know you get to do all that. Now by the way, I used to perform at a theater on forty second street between tenth and Eleventh Avenue, and we would walk this theater comedy improvisation. We walk was seventeen. So it's nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen, eighty-one we walk the steeler and we walked towards midtown and before we get to the corner. transvestites. And hookers and and Giuliani didn't do good by them because they will have to move. I don't know what all these hookers did for a living after a while I can't. I would I would really I know you try to be serious about New York what I really want to know what happened to these like when they say, Hey, we gotta go live packing up their training suitcases. Hooker Hooker. Hooker clothing. Pets. Nice they hey, hey, how're you doing? Some some. Had to get a real job. Yeah. I. Guess. So I don't know. But that's that's that's the underbelly like another side of the story but. But That building I remember the building on the corner of forty second and tenth before taking that condemned. Now, it's like a huge hotel. So, many of those buildings got condemned. So those people were. Gone where they went but but you know Giuliani and all those mayors didn't do right by them because you know they were ripe for being helped years ago, and by the way I would be my father's car we would drive from Karachi. To lower, east side of Manhattan where my mother's grandparents parents had to Weber's fruits and Vegetables First Avenue Fourteenth Street we go right down was it Rogers Avenue all the way through Williamsburg Williamsburg was disaster for ever really see that I didn't know Oh you know. Because the Williamsburg you know now yeah no, no, no, no no. That was dangerous on Long Island City back in the day dangerous. Oh. It was so many areas that were show so bad. In Brooklyn. Right down. There would be hookers L. on the need to train. It'd be hookers all night long and my parents would drive me back and forth Manhattan whatever and I go. Wow. Look at us, twenty women I was. In the back of my car. My parents were paying attention to each other in the front and I'd be looking at who sat for. Who knows a nice short and this? This is what I was seeing firsthand I was seeing prostitutes. I was seeing pips I was seeing cadillacs I was saying what you would you know what spike Lee would put putting a movie I was seeing it it. It was pretty cool to me. I always loved all those those. Movies. Okay. I get it. I love it. And Pam Grier. I missed that boat longtime. Yeah Pam Grier. She still has a Hottie. But you know what? If If I was taking old back in the day. But why would have one out to her every? Career. I hope I'm not sounding. Creepy. Need. To a man standards no I. Think you are at that was The she didn't movie Richard Pryor cold, greased lightning. And Oh, my God I watched it I love because I'm an auto racing fan. He plays Wendall Scott the first the first NASCAR. Black racecar driver. When that's the movie greased lightning and prior disagreed job. Wow. But. Yeah Yeah. Oh Yeah. You never heard of it grease. Grease lightning listen I love to sit down and watch it with you. We should do that but. Angrier. Just. Such a woman. Such. A woman. Anyway that would be a good reason to be in show business if you could work with her in a movie and she says the standard but anyway but yeah. So I New York and I want to stay what is difficult here. Now, even more because I'm older like, how do you not motivate? How do you not create? I just didn't understand how you can have all those mayors, all those governors, all those presidents, and here we are two thousand and twenty. I haven't been to Brownsville in a long time. So I got to be careful what I say. I don't know what it looks like now I know there's a lot of parts of Brooklyn that are totally reform you. Know Different. I'm so amazed at you didn't know that Williamsburg, what's what's upon a time? A very, very dangerous drug infested crime infested area you know as. All Been Redone, I mean, and and even the part with a Hasidic Jews lived where they still live now. Those those. Of stuff got redone to. Manhattan beach back in the day was all bungalows. Would have you been in Manhattan beach lately I for the first time last week. That's my mother's nursing home was before she died and that was all bungalows and then. I guess it was the Russians came in. Don't man. Yeah. I. Don't know where this money came from way took bungalows live in. I. Used to live part time one of those bungalows 'cause I used to drive a bus for trailways and I had to schedule I stay with my friend and he lives right across the street from Kingsborough, community college and. And he was in his bungalow and then the landlord said, hey we're we're selling and you gotta move. So he moved to California whatever and the bungalows now all the. Muslim whatever a, it's not a mausoleum it's A. Coliseum it's like. Imagine. Dimensions, that got. All these houses are fucking huge and. And they're all around like I'm these these have to be at least like fucking twenty million dollar homes or I would demand. It's crazy crazy millions of dollars crazy crazy crazy now and uh so. It's so far like they come I don't WanNa say how'd you come from Russia? BAUGE and boom. You got money you know. So people tell me hey, dave that money's not exactly a legitimate I don't care. Gear bringing on a plane. And you know the blacks have been here since nineteen fifty year. Still living in squalor arousal I. Don't get it. Yeah, see. That, that's the that's the same way I feel about like like a like a Benson Harrison and and beverage and Doug you're. Like, like all all the houses over there are amazing in the in the neighborhoods. Awesome. But the only reason why that neighborhood is great is not not only because of racism and beginning but like but like the fact that like a lot of that money is kind of dirt money Um. Houses because like it's crazy that that someone has that type of arrangement of money to build a house like that or or like or like maintain it. You know. So all those like. 'cause like you know. A variance bittner. was at the time you know back is like all Italian and mean so you know everything that happened within the years with the titans as far as the mob share on everything that created this fucking community everyone around and like having Nice area you know. And it's not until now where like where you really see what that really did. Right? Exactly. Old Old mom houses. Yeah and it. Shape but I feel I. Feel so terrible about it and it's such A. Such a waste of time and. I don't know I you know this book's about listen I'm not a learned person. I don't do a Lotta reading. Books about what happened. Have you have you read Michelle Alexander's book the New Jim Crow Not yet. I say, I read it but you know I listened to it on. The same thing but. Amazing I got a friend of mine who's very very smart. He's a professor. White Jewish kid grew up with and we had we just had a conversation about today. I know you like that book I didn't like that book as much as you eat like a book I why he goes because there's a lot of things. She says, that are only part of the story. There's still more to that story, but you know she's selling a book and go. Okay. Well, maybe that's true. I bought that Book Hook Line and sinker. I totally by I see I, understand it. You know once you had. Oh, by the way that movie you recommend it Thirteen Yeah Oh my God same thing. The book is the same thing is that movie were different but say Nine thousand nine hundred seventy something three hundred thousand people in prisons in the United, states? And then thirty, four years later, three, million whatever it was. You know that's crazy that you go from three hundred thousand and they were experts supposedly saying that at some point in time, we will no longer need the prison system. Because there were so few people in prison. Yeah. That there was they were moving towards a different way of life that you weren't GonNa need this I remember hearing in the book i WanNa say read in the book but I didn't read it but I heard it on tape so three, hundred that movie that you recommend it thirteen. Three hundred thousand people in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty something, and then now we're at over two million or three million how many people and predominantly. Black population here I mean. I think I think people don't understand like like the big part that the that the government had a that the played in this you know not not just not just after slavery was over and and and they ended up the Jim. Crow is like everything else after that you know because If you. If you if you watch like movies or whatever the fuck are understand like you know there was part of you know. An I take California, for instance, California was like the people that were there. There were there were poor but like still live nicely and and they were they were so gangster but the gangs gangs that were the blessing cribs wasn't with the buzzer trips are now right Bloods and crips were like created as a as a community organization to to to to help the community and also give people who want to help you. Get fuck out to, and of course, you do that by like minded about balance but it wasn't so much directed towards two people tied humidity and and it really wasn't until the government funded drug war that that happened that all these drugs are being put into community where like one person realised. That you can put baking soda and and and cocaine together to make Iraq For that to happen and there's Not Selling this fucking can stop because he know that like you can't. You can't sell this stuff to to why kids because why kids are GonNa be like when you're white like it's A. Certain area people are going to recognize that there's random black kid coming into your fucking they're selling show. So like what you do is that you stay in your own community and start doing this up which is fucked up but whether it was last week, it was at the time and it wasn't until like money really start being made by it that these gangs started having these these these this like inside the community drug and turf war. So because because if you watch all these things like you can, you can fuck and see it and then on top of that the guns that were being brought into the like like there's no way. No know where to get a fucking Uzi From and fucking nineteen ninety nine. Has To be presented took them from someone else. So like. All, all the everything the government had to play an side of it is reason why should happens now which which which is the reason why like what one of the reasons why we're still far behind than than anyone else you know because it had a big role inside of it in the first place. Listen I don't disagree I. Don't know everything is to know this this other thing you were talking about the bloods and crips news to I don't go studying them. I. Know My my life, my area and. You know I see these movies and I go wow, it's. So crazy that this happened but I I want to be perfectly clear. I think the government response by still think people have to be responsible for themselves. People did get out of Brownsville people become successful. Yeah. You're listen you. You're doing pretty good for yourself. I got a buddy of mine that. I grew up with that grew up with we knew each other for about three or four three years is how show high school I spoke to the other day and he grew up a shepherd. New Lots and Linden. Boulevard. Down there. Almost almost on Queens border anyway but he took a forty five minute bus ride to. Central High, school and and he couldn't do extracurricular S. was it wait a minute? How did you do extracurricular goes I had to get on the bus I had to go home. His parents, his father was a copy thing and. I forgot his mom but he had good fairly integral mom and dad, and they wanted him to have a better education. They also black family. All Black did not so my family. You know you could say, Hey, your mom and dad a little racist I think they were being protective of their child. And here it is a black family did not want to send their two sons to the local school because they knew that it was crying and it was dangerous. And that is so they sent them on the bus and said the down the road. Yeah. When things like that happened? It's because like because they are. Kinda Kinda well off to do so and so when you have like a good home structure that me like people, people do still law even even at good home structure but. What? When you really have a good home structure especially as a black person it is. It is a lot easier for the people there to to see success in order to really be successful you cannot really even have to see it and seeing it is from the people that from your parents or. When you see it. You can do like if you had a parent that that that went to college. All. These fucking things you know that eventually you're going to end up doing the same thing because that's what that's what preceded you then s right. So so when you're when you're in communities, where like where you know someone might be might be a drug addict or something like that, and both parents might be drug at as a one might be drug addict. One person is like struggling hard to to make it work. That is the. That's where it falls in where like even if as a person you are you are. You know kind of responsible but like it's kind of hard to be responsible when you worried about everything else. Besides that thing to be successful I totally got it. I got into, you know again it's all a shame and I, you know I've always done the best I can with everybody you know that from your experiences, he listening you and I have hung out, we've hung out you know we've broken bread you know we've and and. You know I love you like a son I love a brother and and. I have. This. Whole thing is this whole thing that's happening makes me feel sick when I talk about it I, hope things change I i. I wish that I took a different career path. And I don't know if I ever wanted to work in government but you know. To help people got bigger truck driver doesn't really do much. It's not exactly why should have ended up but There's no reason for any of that to happen I. There's nothing I can do about except to be the nicest best person I could be. And that's and. They know whatever So so So at what point were at grown up in Brooklyn where where you decided to go to the navy like wh what was the catalyst behind you sign do that What maybe go to the navy yeah. Well, I I walked out of central high school diploma and I was like, Oh my God. I fooled them. They think I'm a graduate. Like, hip they didn't want me to stick around. Yeah. He didn't want me to stick around like all right. You know you can go now like really yeah, you suck. But get out of here you know. Okay and I got a job working for this company delivering. Cigarettes and candy was called Royal Cigar UTICA Avenue I drove a little van I went to all these you know candy stores have been whatever and I had a route delivered you know. Okay now we remember I delivered I delivered cigarettes and candy and a one day I'm going down I don't know somewhere in green point right? Just kind of a tough neighborhood two point. NASA much now, of course, not of course, everything's. Going out with his van in the van with this old guy, we got this van full with by the way stamped cigarettes. Taxes whatever stamped is totally different from unstamped. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I get out of. And I'm just going to say. You Know Joey and Jimmy Soprano meet me and Mike co-pilot. Says listen got their fingers. I'm assuming it's their fingers in their shirt to say, don't say nothing follow us. So we follow them. We get into this like Chevy Impala La drivers and I never saw the van. And we got. We got hijacked. We got we got Jack At. Two I'M GONNA. Say Italian but. They didn't want me to make eye contact but for the short time when they were talking to me and I said, Hey, is that shirt your finger or you upset to see me? I mean is that a finger on your shirt or you? Jackie and. Anyway. So I got Jack All right well, so much for candy and cigarette delivering. I think I. Got I got no possibilities I signed up for the navy. I was totally feuding with my father. We didn't talk for like Oh you live in the same house. My father didn't talk to me for a whole year. We've just would walk by each other not. Gosh we wouldn't whatever. So. I Love You dad so. By the way am I show now I play the voices of Harold. Yeah. Awesome I. I like hearing. The voices of how for the people who listening I play these voicemails that my father leaves because he's death. So he has to call me through an interpreter and it's always. Funny to hear the woman's voice or the old whatever some other person's voice tone my father. So I, call them the voices of Harold little by the way you'll never hear that by the way. This is good. This is a tip for you. We'll give giving give you one day canyons tips for podcasting success, which, of course, I am not achieving but. I love giving stand up comedy of is David J famous no but I got good advice they've had your. It's doing nothing but I got advice. So anytime you do anything that you think you're the only one doing it feel free to brag about it go ahead so. My podcast is the only podcast that's playing a voicemail. From death father via an interpreter I ain't the only podcast in the world that you'll hear that and you won't hear it anywhere. You want here. McMahon. You won't hear Joe. Rogan. You'll want here in any other show on spotify. You'll only hear it on W. Dan. With Dave the voices of Harold and sometimes Sonia I've had a couple of voicemails from Sonia, my Mama. So I'm playing these voice because how did I communicate with my dad? They will call me through this interpreter. You hear these voices and you hear these screwed up messages and it's pay. So anyway I had nothing going on I know skills nothing and. You WANNA by the way before I tell you about the Navy, you want me to tell you but there's other I mean, it's GonNa appropriate for the show I can tell you a little racist story about why I went to. High School. Right here we go and winds up. Okay. So I told you about when we for credits. The lady says to my grandmother, my father's mother the matriarch of the family says good thing that he's coming here because that other schools all animals. Yeah. Okay. So I- flounder I do nothing you know I'm CS DS for the rest of my career whatever and now I'm in junior high school whatever ninth grade and you gotTa pick a high school in Ninth Grade Right. Because you do eleventh and Twelfth Junior, senior softball whatever three years of high school. Some guys icicles a four years. We had a three high school so we're ninth grade. Say Hey guys in the next couple of weeks. You're GonNa talk to you a great adviser and you're going to pick a high school. You know you have choices and I didn't even know that what you have choices really. So you can go to high school performing arts. Right Remember Fain I'm GonNa live forever fame. You can go to high school performing arts. You can go to this one the one of Science High School Science High School what was Nice schools like Oh okay. I didn't know that I thought I just had to go to the road no, you don't have to go to that one. Okay. This is how little I knew about life. So he goes Mike Time by the way I didn't even know I had agreed adviser I didn't know any of this I don't know where my brain was, but I didn't know anything and my parents were absolutely one hundred percent not involved with school. Why would they? They don't know what's GonNa. Okay. So I go down to this. Canyon your neck. So go down to this room and my math teacher is there Mrs Schwartz? I told the story my podcast several times. Not a fan of mine I was not a fan of her she. She was not happy. In her job, she did not like teaching math I. Don't know what personal life was like. I, know she didn't like the color of her hair because she changed it all the time. So she's one of those old ladies that goes to the Beauty Paula, her hair red yellow, whatever you get. So. UPTIGHT, angry not happy her life. That's my assessment. Now is a fifty six year old back. Then I just knew that she hated me and I wasn't crazy about her I was a student. I didn't want to be there and learning in school and whether it'd be outside. Doing that. So she says to me. So Dave. Did. You pick a school? Did you figure high school? I said yes, I did. I picked Grady Vocational Tech, school in Coney Island are you familiar with that burden now? No not at all that's where you go to be an automotive mechanic or bodyman that's where you go technical to grady vocational tech still exists still exists. I was like, this is great. I'm going to go to grady I'm GONNA become a mechanic and I'm gonNA WORK IN NASCAR or I'm going to be or I'm going to drive a truck across the country but I'm Gonna I'm GonNa know how to fix I'm going to be that guy I was had no inclination for the canucks, but I had no fear. No fear mechanics I didn't know anything I never fixed A. Great she looks at me she goes grady. Why Grady I so close to. Fix what I work at NASCAR whatever I wanted to do race cars and I wanted you know she goes Oh, you're not going to greedy. That's where the animals go. I was I was stunned what I mean now I gotta be honest that comment bothers me now more than ever but at the time I was disappointed like. Why am I here you? Just you just. Finally I had a choice. Yeah I needed the crisis cheever I. There's no reason for me. I was a good. We weren't kosher. Lie A big life we use I lived a life. And then now They bust into the neighborhood then they move. I'm always like I don't belong here and now I'm picking a place that I could start fresh tenth grade I'm to learn how to fix a car. Do I want to do this no because. Those were the animals go. Wow. Okay. I go to south sure. She didn't say to me well Dave. I seen in the school place maybe you should go to school high school performing arts. You know you got. To audition. Was No reparation for the. So by the way, that's sort of why identify I gotTa be careful I I don't know if identify but I relate to the situation of young black men and black women and Bradley because nobody was nobody's helping me. My parents could help me nobody helped me I was like. Myself and getting my ass kicked by these kids and I try to be friends with everybody in the world I just wanted to play and. So I walked out of that I guess I'm going to school and that was the Internet. And I couldn't I couldn't go home which again, this is why relate to a lot of people struggling coming out of Brownsville East? New York in all areas of the United States Because nobody to turn to. My Mom and dad did not have my back. So like you might be available you WanNa, go to your your mom your dad. You Might WanNa go to your landlord. You Might WanNa go to your job you might want to go to your governor. Nobody. To turn to nobody gave a crap like well. It's good for the other five thousand kids get enough you like but I wanted to be mechanic, and of course, in my Jewish household my white Jewish household it was like you will be isn't the choices a lawyer doctor. Accountant, and then they threw in computers and they would say it like this vern Dave, you should do computers. Due compute wh what do you do a computer? This is what Grammar Frito. It says she do computers my nephews. My Friends Nephews Charlie. He's doing computers. He's doing very well by the way this commodore days how this way way back. We do computer. When you look at me you see Dr. You. Yell at me. You beat me. You tell me how What a devil my mother would call me the devil she go and finally what she goes you're the devil trump. I mean I was always doing everything. Wrong. How do you see me going to college and becoming this? Of course now I know how hard it is to be a doctor, a lawyer and accountant, and that computers well, I just went to high school wasted three years really, and then joined the navy. This I had nothing going on nothing going on and. By the way the only Jew in the navy. I mean I know that's not true. But we're I worked everywhere I went. The most there was one other. He was not wearing a Jewish star around his neck and he was. And it wasn't like Oh, I heard you were coming. Wasn't welcome. Told you will come. It was like I was there with the with the with the Alabaman's with the Carolinas I was there with. I was there with everybody was a melting pot, and by the way ninety, nine percent of the people that I was in the navy with in almost a four year there, and this is very, very true. This is not even a making this up and everything. I'm telling you is true ninety, nine percent of the guys that I served within the Navy we're not patriotic. No No. Not at all nobody cared we will all just trying to get away from our fathers. We all just trying to get out of small town America or even be we will all. Listen if you if you had anything going on your an officer yeah, you would go to officer training school. We were just kids we had nothing going on the education systems failed. that. All of us. Many of smart kids but not smart enough. Because if you were smart enough, you'd be in college. If you had money, you'd be in college but there was a Nice Little Gi bill but it wasn't really the reason to go to the navy. Yeah but. We all just listen. We all just wanted to get away nobody nobody in the four years. Williams when he does that thing about nails. Can. I caught a little cat will cat Williams? He does his thing about girls black women with their nails, break the nails and they get all upset that they deals and cat he goes never never in the world of them. Hey. Your nails. No we're not having sex. Yes. Great. Line I. Love what he says that I love that word that he says, but anyway I only feel comfortable saying it with you and your show but. Never, never in the four years as a navy say quite I I love fighting for our country nobody said that he would say, when do we get Outta here I'm GonNa, go drink I want wins my liberty Wednesday going to ring the bell and four thirty. We would have liberty off the boat. We go down to the Olympic club Google we'll drink get drunk and act the fool and try to find some some we would call them heifers. Some hundred years have some sex. Go back. Go back to the boat get some sleep wake up in the morning and be in time for you know eight o'clock muster and you know do your job is four years of drinking and sex that was my time in the navy. Nobody cared about anything that worked with again just like Dukes just like my high school I was friends with the radio man I was friends with the torpedo man I was friends with the machinists mate I was friends with the sigma and I was a quartermaster, which is navigation. I was friends with officers. Was All these people nobody talked about how great it was to be in the military and fight for our country? We we weren't at war. We weren't at war we were just playing around. At the end of the Cold War we would track Russian subs and I was on a submarine. We would follow Russian subs for days on end never hit the button and could have blown up twenty Russian subs never would follow him for days but. They called them tracking parties anyway but. It was all about getting home. It was the job and so anyway. That was up in the navy. I know you ask that question about thinking about an hour ago I finally. Looked listening but. You know I there's there's always interesting cause I always there's always a thing where you know you're you're older than me but like it came, it came at a time when like you know. The you only have to trace like you said either either to go to to military or or do college but that depending on depending on like if you had the money to do so you know So that was a that was a big thing with it. You know. But like it even gets to me a bit more when you say that like when you say would you say you said that like we didn't. About about you know. Loving. Loving Levin the United States enough to to protect it. You Know No. No there was none of that. Nobody cared it was it was never came up conversations like, Hey, man you got you got that tape. Hey man, you got a cigarette. DRINK YOGA drinking. Hey, did you see that girl I was with the issue was hot? Yeah. She's she's married but whatever I got late last night. It was all about that for four years everybody from eighteen years old and nineteen years old up until thirty five whatever it was. It was all about that and I'm not degrading to me I'm not saying that we did our job and we wore the uniform and we did our job and. If. We weren't at war. War things have changed a little bit. We you. You get tested when you're at war but we never wore. So when I was, there was all about just. Getting, drug get laid in getting out of the service as soon as you could except for the guys that might have liked it and very, very few. Liked it enough to re up I didn't there was no way. I was I was getting out of there. So I was ready to leave after bootcamp everybody should do two months of boot camp. To two months of BOOT camp, you're ready. Oh I get it. I get it. I'm ready to get me job ready to go to school I can do after two months of boot. camp. Vernon you can do anything you want. What? They break you down the first couple of weeks in the last couple of weeks. They bring you right back up and you're you're fighting you're like you're ready you're not going to kill anybody with a bayonet. You're ready to take on the world. I was ready my mom and sister came down graduation. They said, how do you feel like? Oh, I get out of here. So sorry mom I'm sorry ready I'm ready to be a good boy I. Kinda get a job and I gotta get a To do and Too late for that, you know Mr Schwartz took care that a couple years ago. So Yeah. So the Navy I traveled the world it was great but. You know whatever. So so so while you were in the Navy is, is that when you got turned onto to comedy well, I was always you know. Listen I. Love to laugh and. My parents were deaf. So what I would do when they were fall asleep. On the TV, 'cause I couldn't sleep I would be up to three o'clock in the morning. Maybe that's why do good in school but. I was by the way I was old enough to be I was old enough to stay awake late enough to watch the TV shut off. Yeah. But once upon a time, the TV was shut off it'd be do the national anthem and as pattern we. So I would stay up and I would. Watch Carson. I remember the first time I still carson. Point it became a bit of habit. I. Wait for my mom and dad to sleep and I would sneak out and I go watch carson and I would see Milton Berle and Bob Hope and you know Demartin and Don rickles and you know Johnny Carson just trying to cost I wanted to be Johnny. Carson. Well, my whole life I wanted to be Johnny Carson and my whole age they all say that and then later on everybody wants to be able to now know everybody wants to Chapelle zero nobody does anybody WANNA be. Fallon I hope not. Does anybody really wanted to be Kimmel or I don't know back in the day. It was cost. That was I want to be on. Carson I want to be Carson because he had all these friends. Yeah. Every day he had friends he had jazz singers. Writers, Poets Perform Regular people and all these people coming hoot and Holler and a guy would do. So with this great voice in Alabama and everybody was was around him everybody back him it was like, wow, that was their family and I love I romanced all of it so. I would always I was into comedy. Avenue Castillo and not so much the marks brothers not so much laurel and hardy now a lot more not so much buster Keaton and that's so much. Charlie Chaplin Really Avenue Castillo. The movies and then the TV show and also zillow. I. You want to be a monster breath fire by phone. It'd be cool if I could. But yeah so. I wonder do comedy and. I was when I got back. I. Think It was before I. Left Comedy is what I made my open mic debut. I made my open mic debut at a place called pips is sheep's a Brooklyn which is right down the road from Manhattan beach. Well, yeah. Right across the water from Manhattan. Beach Anyway is pips and that's what this. was when I was a high school senior I think it was I was dared a friend of mine dared me to do it, and that's where dice clay was breaking nineteen eighty-one. He was breaking Joan rivers had broken and. Jackie Mason and I'm not sure how many others but I went to a Wednesday night open mic. And let me tell you something I. Don't remember much of that night but I remember every comedian sucking sucking sucking suck I mean and and the bartender was throwing things at the performer like apor they it was like a weird clubhouse thing going on really any the guy that was running the Mike was the owner's son and the owner has since passed away son I think committed suicide and all this other stuff. But Jarmo Rooney by the way was a friend Joe Journal. Rooney. Even think the name sounds familiar. Yeah he's. He's sort of up here somewhere doing he was I dunno but anyway, he did a show he did radio show that. Pat Lynn. Pat Lynn. Comedian Pat Lynn got a job working on drama Rooney's morning show and picks one, zero, six, point five I think up there in but he was he was doing radio show I, know because. was doing comedy for Comic Syndrome. What's his name? Russ set me up. With a guest spot to promote comic syndrome. So anyway. So you're then he became a cop or something I, don't know but this open mic guy, the owner's son Gamy John Moll Rooney's phone numbers. You should call the sky after I did my my. My Wednesday night opened my debut. and. Then we will. We leaving we stayed the whole night listen two thousand Dick Jokes that it was just horrible horrible night. Nobody made me laugh and then it was embarrassed painful and leaving my The guy says hey. Could you up oh? Okay. I was leaving vern I was walking out done. I dared. I did it. Time to go. And my Buddy Billy Billy Miller was his name billy is crazy crazy kid promoter rambunctious just out of control wired white like really wired up. But he was my friend I like him. You know he's even had good intentions. He had bad childhood bad bad broken home anyway just really just off like so bad for him. We got involved at some crap anyway. So Brooklyn, you gotTa Love It. You can get away with this crappy somehow. Manage life so. Billy says, Oh, you like it he goes. Yeah. He goes the guy goes you wanNA come back ago. When he goes can you come back Sunday for the regular show? Like open up to five minutes. I yeah. Okay. What like why? I? What did I do and billy goes. Because You'RE GONNA, pay you're GONNA pay him. Billy shut up shut up. You pay nobody. I'll give you five dollars for gas. Really. Okay. I'll be what time seven, o'clock whatever. Came in five. Came in Sunday for whatever regular Shaw they add like Ted People for them with my friends. So then I did I did the show Sunday and that was okay. I did whatever I wrote some new stuff whatever. I only had. No minutes I had no. two-minute whatever. That was okay and I just never went back to pips and then I went for the navy. I actually went to community college for a couple of months and then he joined the navy and then I didn't do comedy until I got back and then I did. The only joking was called. No, it's called the Boston Comedy Club and then. It turned into only joking or was called only joking and it turns Bob. Okay, right around the corner from the comedy cellar becomes. The bus. And I already had a connection to Chicago city limits was a comedy improvisational theatre on Forty Second Street between tenth and eleventh where I met recruit. Chrome and he has a documentary long longtime stand up comedian who hosted he's one of the he's one of the original comedy sellers St Right as. He has an open account for life. He goes in their orders food pastes nothing like forever he's he does the classes. So I do recall me as a documentary called a Rick Oh RC Rick and they did a documentary Sarah. Silverman. They all know him and I would go and hang out and watch these open mics and I would say Colin Quinn back in the day and all these other guys. It was it was it was quite an experienced and I decided to try but I was too busy. Really, a fulltime effort because I I was with my wife to be in I had to get a job and my family screwed up my head because they didn't. They never indulge me. They never say, Hey, we you're you're the devil, but you're funny devil and. There was no indulging days. No indulging there is no supporting of any of my dreams none of my dreams mattered they only. Dreams for me which were foolish because I was never gonNA live up to anything they wanted me to be so it was a struggle and. I didn't do anything until I moved to to Albany I mean you know upstate New York and then then. So. So At what time I, what time did you stop before? You came back to Albany like like? Oh. I got out of the navy. In Eighty six, I moved upstate I think the nineteen, ninety, nine, hundred, ninety, two. So it's two, thousand and twenty you know. So I do nothing for I, don't know twenty years and then I hooked up with Gregg Dallas Class. Was the second one I think it was in the second class and Wow I did that. So that was ten years ago whatever when did you get the two thousand? Eleven. I think I think outside doing Kalis I started doing comedy like two hundred, nine So yeah, I I think I met you in that year. All right. So so I was already I don't know how many months before you or how many weeks before you got there you take the class to know I just I just went oh okay. Yes. I took the class and I needed a little spark I took the class and It was great and by the way. Whatever I worked on in the class. Whatever I do any of that by the time I got to this day I just talked about the class is just talked about the funky elevator and the building did it work and it was a heart I just talked about that and I I didn't do any of actually written and it went over. Well, I just made it up made up on the spot, which is in a way very good in a way very bad because when I realized wait a minute what. I don't have to right? Yeah. I can just talk. Well, that could be good in that could be really bad and so that's what I went within the I. Did the next couple of years three years whatever in total between hosting. Working the working area like you did, you know doing the doing the thing. So so in that in that time where you weren't doing it, did you did you have like a like a? Missing at all or were you were you like taking of things that refunding? dammit. I. I have too much responsibility. So I'm not GonNa do this now year I was I met a woman. WHO was. Beautiful beautiful full she is. Hispanic German woman. Yeah. who was a princess Beautiful Black Hair beautiful is. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful, beautiful and. I. WanNa hit it hit but. I I was in love. I, love it. So. And one of the first times I saw her in a social setting was at a Halloween party right off the Doll Parkway in Bay Ridge in some guy's apartment building. Yeah and I knew she was going to be there because we had mutual friends whatever and my best friend at the time. was his girlfriend was best friends with her? That's how. Long story but anyway, it's a very romantic story and. The first time I saw it a social setting was at a Halloween party and she was dressed as a princess and forget about it was just like. Oh my God. She's looking back at me like I'm just a schmuck. Ain't, GONNA hold back. Loser. I had hair I had air I was slim. I wasn't fat. Fifty six yet. I know game no gate. Nothing I. You know. Uncontrollable hot on. You know what? I look at her on my God and. We talked and. Then we dated and I had to I had to prove my worth and it was all about proving my worth. I had I truly get to my dad and I was also hard day because her dad was like, who's this loser which I was I was I just got out in the Navy I had nothing going on and Yeah. So it was all about taking care. I. Just became my father just GonNa take care of this woman I'm gonNA prove to everybody that amateur and I got all these crappy limo driving jobs cab I was just driving whatever could drive or whoever would pay me I'd work all night long all day long it never come home, which is exactly what my father did. All the mistakes he did and I just wanted to make her happy and make her comfortable and everything I ever wanted to do was got. Get it done. devoted. Voted now? Devoted, you just want to make that clear. and. Here we are. That was nineteen. I. Don't remember the Navy Navy. Say I met her in eighty six. Twenty we've been together for thirty four years. Thirty five. Did she know that? Did she know that that you were doing comedy? When you guys met. she. yes. She must have told her everything whatever I I no secret I was like you like me I. Like you. We're GONNA. You'RE GONNA. Let me touch your Bubis I'll tell you everything. A. Confessional. She pulled up a struggle Oh my God Pam who pam. Daughter because I would her. So I had this, I had this Hispanic you know. German I mean she she always makes me because so far this German but I don't see her I see. But. You know the part that you know that dominates the German the part that you know. He's Hispanic. Germs the part of the part that hates me. There's better place like, Hey, I like this guy, he's all right but Yeah man it was like I'm touching bubis so. I'm yours whatever you want me to do I'll do it and 'cause you know I've never had a woman goes. Yeah I'll do. It doesn't happen except for the Philippines. Pay. A lot of. A lot of pesos. So you know. So finally, I'm not paying somebody and they're being agreeable to get naked with me. That's big. So yeah. So I was devoted I I had to make a life I had I had to figure out why was going to do so comedy was waste she went with me a couple of times only joking whatever. We did that a couple of times and you know we we take it a Chicago city limits introduced it my friends from Improv and I tried to do a little bit of this and that do I had to go to work. Well. Who am I talking to? It's expensive then yeah. Even then it was expensive to live, we lived in Queens paying. I don't know eleven hundred dollars a month rent back in the day that we had to get roommates which we hated the whole sharing hated all that and we live my parents were while we had a carpet cleaning business that when we went bankrupt. We didn't file but we we basically went bankrupt I was in debt for years I carry this debt debt debt man thirty, thousand dollars in debt. Wow. From a business that went down the tubes because I'm not a businessman yeah I, had no foundation to run a business no business running a business that's the only business I had was the business but by father I wanted to impress them. So I bought a franchise in I lost all my money, my bar, Mitzvah money, my my bonds from was baby we cashed it everything lashes everything I live in my I lived in my childhood room at seven, sixty, four, eighty, fifth street I don't even know why I'm telling you these addresses. I assume people are going to google it but Google map seven, sixty, four, east eighty, fifth street I lived on the top floor and I lived in my childhood room. For the nine years Well whatever and small and moves me and my and my and my wife, and we had to bring all of our equipment from this carpet cleaning business up the stairs every day two flights because you couldn't leave it out in the van on Flatlands Avenue because it would get broken into and robbed. So we just took A. Bunch of my wife and I. So I ruined his princess. I gave her calluses because I made a clean carpets with me and I was a bad businessmen horrible at it had no business being in business but yeah we worked we were talking man we had nobody helped us with this and my father didn't help nobody was. Yeah whatever. We did this for three four years and then I finally got a job driving a bus. And That was the beginning of the. For me know it's time to go from one seventy, one, hundred, seventy pounds size thirty, four ways to the beautiful round figure. So so. What what spark you to come back to stand up after all that time that you what foolishness. I could give you a really long answer but I feel like everything I've doing is a long answer and I don't even remember what the question was. So I'm going to give you a short very short. Foolishness I saw greg's Ed in one of those continuing education learning addicts whatever learning center, whatever the where those things are as like. Wow. Stand up comedy. God I got nothing going on in my life nothing. Oh. This is pre wait. I I don't remember this is pre having a child. I already had my son. And I don't know what it was. I saw the ad I still remember I don't know if I still have the paper, but you know it's basically Greg holding this microphone and its overhead shot, and he's kind of funny face like and I read the description I went. Oh By the way when I was living in New York. WHO's on I was a comedy club. Do you remember who's on first now? Not That's a comedy club on First Avenue in right around the corner from scores we're dern used to go with the strippers. So who's on first? They had a communist I never went I always wanted one never had the time never had the money. So I always wanted to take a class I always wanted to get back in but you know I I had to suppress everything she let me touch your movies. I. Burn does everybody understand that a woman a beautiful woman who could have done? She could have been with anybody she picked me and I was like, wow, and they really nice movies. Well, they were back then now know things have gone a little bit of. Things have gone south. We've all gone south but anyway so she's GonNa she's never going to get this. You'll never know about this interview I want to Brag about it, but I'm not. GonNa. Say because he knows I'm in the van she she she goes you got to do the one thirty. I did at one thirty. Okay. So how do you go very never showed up? B. N. T. I'll say would be empty. He was late and I said forget it so anyway. So. Yeah so What was it foolishness? I and I did it I did it in like. Now. And then, and now I, gotTa do it I. I did good my debut at the lock I did okay I service the good people like me. I said funny things and everywhere I made I basically roasted school experience I. You know I didn't record it. I never had I didn't have a smartphone until cardinals when I had these. Cameras these huge Olympus. High eight whatever. I was way behind the carbon I never recorded if it's okay, I. Haven't in my head and then everybody else showed up. You know Jamie Bride. You know who's the first your first guest Dan. Dan Dan than Rossi Yeah Rossi everybody to professor. What's his name? The ID, the Adela four or five. All of that and Donald The forest and. She's the house. Men's and. All I mean all of them. I was like. Family man I I mean whenever we didn't Hang I duNno. I wanted to be there. I just wanted to be part of it I don't care. I. Really didn't care how well I did. Hang out with you guys, I wanted to hang out and talk comedy in dissect it and and help each other and I was you know it was taken in to the family is anybody else was and then I made sure i. took everybody by the way one of the reasons why advocate Levy who you know recently passed, right? Go to reason why she came to the lock I reached out to her 'cause I saw her on facebook and I said Hey. I saw you profile because I used to do Budel. I used to she has this whole. Vaudeville past. She has this story I should come up to the mark, but she she was heavy shot a hard time walking or husband was sick but she made an exception she liked me and I. I was convincing her a woman who I knew nothing about. That I could tell by her profile picture, she was crazy and. We conversations. Come to all, but he comes to the LARK and I'm the only Jew. So she said okay. So. Anyway. I didn't say that, but but she came up and. You know I just wanted to be a part of I want to just. Watch those TV shows Dean Martin Peter Lawford Sammy. Davis. All that Flip Wilson all I just wanted to be that I wanted to be in that I didn't have to be the star. I just wanted to be a part of that. And that could be great and that was great for a couple of years we were there and they would have been graded. Some of US went to California created more of that. You know we created we put Albany to Hollywood or whatever but you know it's not that easy. It's very hard and who's doing it now really you're doing it and you know you doing as far as I'm concerned I know I know you have your whole side story, but you're doing great you doing great New York and Jay's doing our thing and I don't know who else is doing what what I think I think are out of everyone that like move moved to New York J. J.. Has Actually doing doing what we also set out to do. Yeah. Yeah. She's worked hard and I respect. Yeah. By the way I mean Everything against her you is what's going for her the novelty. I. Don't know if that's even she doesn't use it as far as I know maybe she does I don't know what you know now she does not you this. Okay. Well, whatever whatever works listen you know if people are into fact is I'm back I'm back. Way What happened Kevin James had an awful. Plane Crash okay. You. Know I'll be the next. Kevin. J I don't care. I'll be the next to veto I. don't care wherever a milk a milk it for all it's worth why not I? What am I going to do? You know I'm going to create something? No, they're going to tell me what they wanted to do and I'll do it so but anyway so. I just wanted to be a part of that. So foolishness again I I try to do short answer I gave you an hour and a half. So foolishness I had no no business doing what I did and I did it anyway and then my wife Said Oh God. Goodbye. You're you're gone and then I started driving all over the northeast for nothing burning gas no money I know my child. had. A coach soccer all this respond grass I. You growing grant and I. Not we'd you know I I'm looking at my lawn right now it's growing and laughing at me as we sitting at lasting grows I wash my. I gotTa Cook Ribs. It takes hours from the my you've never been to my house. I. Don't think I think I went there once but we left like right after for something guy had to get you know. Yeah I know people were talking no. No, but I had a party here. No Ron Simmons was here and his girlfriend and a whole bunch of people came here for you know whatever Barbecue Barbecue thing. I was here for that I am. I WanNa talk to you about something missing but. But books you know very very. If you take some really good books by the way but anyway but. Also for the barbecue. House. where I live so in the woods. and. Yes. So foolishness I know business doing it man and I don't know if I look back and regret it I. Don't know if I'm happy I mean I can't change it I don't think I should have done it I think I. Really should've just taken care of my son should've taken care of my wife and you know and can continue to touch the movies and have a good time for it. It definitely creates a wedge because you've got to be selfish you can't you can't be out. You know with your, you've got to be selfish deduced. You gotta work. That's going to think about it best what the? That's what I'm realizing now and I, think I think that's one of the things that like kind of contributes to be be saying fuck it as like I was never I was never selfish when when it came to the up comedy, I was like well, I I never got the the like the respect from the comedians that I was looking for. So I am going to be the the example and give them spent comedians and and give them the time and let them know what's up you know. And I think and in doing that I kinda put myself to the to the wayside. That is so like when when was starting people got to whatever level of power that they did it never reciprocated for the for the most part and I think that's one of the things I'll be like. Why like why the fuck am I really doing this? If if the if the always of stand up comedy isn't isn't working now in as far as being mayor for each other and help each other out you know and now now I feel that is like you know what? Fuck everyone you know at the same time I had that thing where like I want people to be together and lift each other up. You know what? I can say two things to you. First of all, I don't disagree with anything you're saying I feel for you because you know if I was down in New York with you, you know I would have had your back and you would have been doing a whole bunch of stuff. It makes me think about what you've been through because I know you gotTa Story and I I told the gentleman I I don't I know you're not making anything up I. Know It's real. It's not like you got like racist or racists. It's real. It's there's a problem. There's a problem and and you weren't treated right you weren't because people are too stupid to take the time and breathes breathe Vernon smelled environment. You know you you gotTa distinct style which I didn't realize. Ten years ago you would just getting started but over time you you know the whole milk thing that you do with the white people with brilliant. You've done some great stuff good stuff and your whole demeanor, all that stuff but so. I think that if you. Get back to when things return to normal I don't know when that's going to happen. If you decide to go back and you achieve any success, you're gonNA find yourself in a different category. Yeah I. I think you could be with different people where they go. Oh All right. We're doing this as opposed to now where it's so scratching tell me if I'm right it's a scratching like Oh f Vernon he helped me but today I'm not helping them back. Myself but when you get to a certain level where maybe you're on the road maybe May. Differ level. Maybe you go to California and maybe yeah, you're in a different. Because I never got to that level but I I see all these movies you know and I'm corollas movies, these other comedian movies and these guys work together your they they love each other. They warn each other like man that's that's beautiful Wyndham. You gotta be selfish now and be tough because you know that. You've you've had this experience. You've had this unfortunate negative experiences and I hate to hear you. You're thinking about not doing it because it'd be. It'd be terrible terrible waste of of of everything and I want smack in the face as they snap. Start. Saying sub verdict I sent doesn't say now be David Dick. gave the Dick. Done, it by the way I've said goodbye to some people in my life recently I, call them depleted. podcast there. You'd be surprised their depleted these people who sap your energy, they take your energy because you're so giving and you want to help them which to all the time naturally that even thinking about it, and then you're in the part of the phone call where it's like okay now. So tell me about you. So how can I help? You gotta go like wait a minute I just spoke to you for an hour on the phone I gave you all my energy. And then you leave and then. With the return of my, you gotta give me back that's the friendship and then I had to get rid of people because they were just sapping my energy. I, call them please and. I cannot express to you how much better. My life is now that I don't waste my time encouraging them. Yeah. I don't support that I don't get it their way. But I don't take their calls. I don't click like I don't share because you know what they didn't they want their me and if you're gonNA say that's not really a good basis for a relationship. Now, let me tell you something I'm making the decisions in my life and decisions I'm making is are you with me or against me because if you're not, if you're not with me, you're against me and these guys are not with me there for themselves and I support them I go to this shows I click like I share I spend money I do all this GonNa time to come time to me it's like, yeah well, you know. We're a little busy. You know my mom just show. I gotTa go you know. Like. Wow. All excuses. Isn't it? Oh I didn't know you had a podcast. Are you kidding me? You know so many things I've heard some of the most ridiculous things for. which these people they're selfish. They're selfish and their selfish in the worst way because I think there is a good selfish but there's a bad. selfishly, it gives what you're selfish I'm selfish. Do I am self? Ish hyphenated. I am self ish taking care of myself. So yeah. I like to see you do that I think that eventually. Somebody. Somebody's GonNa see you and go. Oh, now here's a guy that's doing something different. Yeah. That's putting thought. You're putting forty to it. Yeah I think. In. This in this time that that that's been going on, I've been I've been like Kinda. I'VE RIGHT IN DOWN Writing down ideas and I think it's Not, only from like whenever started. But especially now. I kind of realized. Kind of WHO I am and one of those things where everyone is down for a certain even though it might be down with it just to just to give a like a middle opinion on it are. Just and just kind of make fun of it. You know. So like I was I was think every everyone is so. I don't necessarily have joke for yet. But one of my ideas is Is. A. Everyone is very upset about the about the on Jemima Thing A. About her taking. Them taking the fuck in the thing off. The picture label you and and I realize. People feel that way because everyone is very use to. Her over over the years you know. The. They're used to seeing that face and haven't been having that be known that this is where you're getting your breakfast from right yes. Yes. You know and then and then I realized that I. Even though I think they're stupid I understand and the reason why understand is because I feel the same way. When so like in a bunch of Delhi's New York City Right. Like checks yet they're they're some of our own are owned by Asians right now. And now the people who are cooking the food are the Mexicans right. Now, when the Mexicans aren't there it is it is the Asian people who are who are make me my food. And I am completely against the at the owner Asian making my food is I want the Mexican to make my food? I am very used to yes. The Mexican being there and making me feel good. That he based foods so well. And? That's the that's the idea have to like. Kinda Kinda understand what what we're going to. I'm picturing the whole thing you're here and the Asian guys behind the care. Of course, he's GonNa Casual. You looking down the aisle you could see the kitchen the back, and you see those guys they're they're like yeah. So you ride on your bicycle that's the guy that's making you. Right right. It's it's happened happened more than once when when, when, when, when the owner of the places Asian I'm just like in an automatic food and then he comes out to back them just like yo where the focus is. Mexican. Dude and like I'm I'm I'm so close to leaving because. But within like he sees me and I see him fuck I'm here right now I can't move so so i. Still. Watching make my food, which is, which is something like it's not good like the making the food is just that there's no. There's no comfortability and. So so so I get your people are very comfortable in this in this old black lady. Yeah. No. Making it feel good about about about their fucking flap jacks. I understand it. You know and. That's my way of. Putting putting the nonsense into some type, of course. Right, see that's that's great. That's a that's virgin original. I would never think like that. But that's that's fantastic. You know by the way on a serious note, you know who's the most upset about the whole answer my label removal thing. Is. The answer my estate, the people that really against. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Like wait a minute. Yeah that was my. That was my aunt that was so that was our whoever she left the family hierarchy. She worked so hard for. At least a life? Yeah. I read I read the article how they were upset by it but like, but I don't understand why they're. I don't understand why they're upset by it because like one the I posted about this one there was there was no generation of wealth after after she died of there was there was no money passed on from a okay going on and to hooker and to the family try to try to suit get money and and then, and then that gas struck dead. So like so like there's All all the money that company is making over the last couple last couple of years out the last fifty some odd or whatever fucking years it hasn't that money still hasn't been in that family for that time. You know it's interesting. I didn't know that I know what version that kind of speaks to something very interesting. They're holding onto that. Yes. All right, and there's no money. Well these guys down south they're holding onto that confederate flag and they lost yes that's interesting. It's interesting. Why would you hold onto? So I didn't know that about her. So why would you hold on? You lost you lost it. And by the way, somebody wrote the confederacy only really lasted for a couple of years. So it's not like it's been a hundred years. It's like Oh you had a couple of years and you lost you still holding onto the holding onto the whole. Here she is. She got this thing. She I don't know the story but I guess it's kind of fascinating. Maybe you know maybe they'll make a movie out of it. I don't know but it sounds like it could be interesting to know how this all came down. Because why does anybody think that a black woman is out there in Vermont tapping, maple? Trees. Yeah. Does anybody really think that's happening here. No, I don't think it's having I. Don't know why she's on the label I think I'd associated more with the pancake. Yeah. Than I did with the Syrup Yeah. I says the suit she's making me back I. Think she's making me Sir but anyway but. But but I didn't. Listen. Do I really think is tiger make you my frosted flakes no. No care about stuff. I I made this I made this about it because like when I when I like red this is not the first time this has come up like like in thirty years I believe in this came up at least three times about about like the the mind missing and and before that my family you know expressed. Disinterest for that in First Place. So so so this is. Something ongoing in in the black community forever is so like story that the slowly behind it is that like the the these guys you know the guy went to like a minstrel show and and there was a racist term called a Aunt Jemima. He heard it and out. That would be awesome as as thing for this. So so so we had to find this black woman that that he can call aunt Jemima to be the the spokesperson. So like yet they paid her and they went around doing stuff whatever and she is a exclave so like they paid her money but the money. But. But my my thing was like well you people are mad about this but way to find out that that that that count Chocula is only thing because a man. Because Vampire did black face you know. You. You like. Everyone as about the things that they don't know about. So let me let me make fun of something that's completely fucking stupid and I mean. I get in. It makes sense you know everybody is upset about everything that they don't know about. That is prolific. That is the truth. Yes there is. If you don't have knowledge that you have fear the lack of knowledge breeds fear. Yes. Fear breeds anger resentment you know. Content and all of that I, mean, that's the beginning. So many beginnings of so many problems including racism is the lack of knowledge that this person is is whatever yeah where they come from who they are what they do you don't know this story here, and that's a great point is that there's a lot of a lot of wealth and all that there's a lot of lot of substance and all that. So the. PEOPLE UPSET MOST About it so it's You go you. Sounds like you're coming back to stand up I've been I've been thinking about some things I have. Allen Allen Prentice and like right. Come to come to Canada like I'm not sure about like as since Ryan things down that like kind of interesting I don't know like the the the idea is funny I? Don't really have joke for you have like set down like kind of flesh everything out. But like but the premise of it is is pretty solid is figuring out had how to really do this and but in but in in doing this. And I realized something something about myself and I think it might be the thing about you I went coming back to is like no matter how much you leave it It doesn't leave you. Know a here's like. Even. Even if we don't write it down the the the idea still six with you whether whether it be a week a month or a year from now whatever that is the idea though six with U. N. party you. Kinda Kinda wants to tell someone that way you can get it out and actually and absolutely, and I think and I think that's where I am right now was like you know. My my brain doesn't doesn't stop when it comes to thinking thinking about things are just kind of ridiculous and trying to put him in a way that makes sense to me and it can and can't make some other people. So. Like you know am I gonNA continue to stand up probably am I gonNa go far with I don't know I think I think like I love for just kind of coming up with some some random idea Always is going to stick with me and and me wanting to tell people is going to stick with me as well. For, an every great comedian. is every great comedian is not an overnight sensation yeah. There is. Does that one guy? I forget this white kid that was great at the age of fourteen or whatever, and he did it the TV show I hit forty hair I. think he was a Youtube Kid Who Still Young for me? Yes. WHO's doing music? You might know. But he got favors like real quick. Yeah. Slash then I think he really dropped off I don't know his name but everybody was into it for Short TV. That's looks whatever I mean you comedy. Central Movies. I. Think he's But I don't hear from them anymore, but you know. Speaking of black comics you know prior cosby Murphy. Bernie Mac. Yeah Flip. Wilson. Yeah. I mean. These, guys work work. They all have stories I mean drugs and mom and dad and poverty and Bernie Mac performing on trains and you know everybody's got story stories you're living your story. Yeah. I. Think it's great that you take a break. You very fortunate that you don't. You don't have to do it for a living. Yeah. I. Mean You had the job I know it wasn't great. Yeah and now we're GONNA get the whole covert thing screws up every the damn back. Yeah. Stupid back. Guy Dum dum dum dum but anyway but so angry facts sick but. You know. You're living your story and you take a break do storytime thing. That's great. You're comedian. It's what you are. You know you could be a podcast that you could be an actor. You know you. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA find you're going to a square somewhere. You'RE GONNA fit into a hall you're GonNa Find Your Niche and they're gonNA find you because you're going to talk about count. Count Chocula you're GONNA talk about you're. Talking about you can talk about the Chinese and the. Owner well, you got these perspectives that are so unique to you and you know. You'RE GONNA, do it and it's going to happen but you gotta just it's so hard I don't want to say the wrong thing to you because I know what you've been through authentic and it's it's it's real. It's real. It happened and it's horrible and I I wish I was your agent. I wish I could say Vernon Baby I got you buddy come on let's get in the car. I was like you're just Carlson. Two guys name whatever you know. So. Kirby enthusiasts. Come to your house you're ready. Yeah okay. Did the thing. All right. We get you back. On the plane. Negotiator get you the gigs and Keep. You Upright but. Somebody's gotTa be there you've earned if nobody's there. You I get it man I, get it. I don't want you to be broken comic I. Think Nobody wants that no no no, no is especially especially when you think gas something that is that is pretty good and I I was listening to like the the Rogan podcast and I think and and and another comic and I think that was great and I think that's where I'm going as well. Is that Is that you you have to find your own audience that kind of fits you so like so even though I may not be like the NBC or club comic I think if I can role in the space where I can get you know people like you know middle aged or like thirty. Thirty somethings something's Long Island or an a small venue that that curates around who I am. I think that's where I might find. Success is kind of cure rating my audience that specifically camera you. Okay. With with what I'm doing right now, which takes a lot of work you're you're fighting a huge battle a huge battle, right? Yeah. Mean you're GONNA you're GonNa have to somehow find a way to extend this podcast you're GonNa have to find a way to do storytime. You'RE GONNA find a way to do stand up. You're going to have to find a way to somehow work instead of New York I. Don't know how you doing now I'm just guessing you're on the streets but if I remember getting the incentive check. I'm like, what does that last you a? Hot You done. You know unless you're going to get a job at that Asian, you get a job at the. Learn how to learn how to make Maple Syrup but you know. It's a lot of work but. If you're GONNA find out. This is your battle. This is test and you love it. Do you love story time? Do you love Stab you love coming up with these You GotTa love the rejection of that. Love it but you got it's the words so brutal. Yeah. But you know when you get to that point where Bernie Mac guy all those guys yet even even white comics comics will have. I remember Colin Quinn you know at the seller. Nine, thousand nine, hundred whatever when I, went there with recruiter. I mean. Even now he's each struggles. Yeah. I mean yeah he does but he's not at the top. Now what I'm saying he's not signed and there's only by the way you know there's only like four five, whatever two or three. The, real comedy business is way down there. You know the Whitney Cummings and even lower. If I don't know the numbers exactly, but my guess is. There's two or three at the top Chapelle. And then. You start working your way down to the Mall Rooney's. Work your way down working out and then next you know you, you're doing fifteen minutes at the seller. Yeah. You know you just doing that all over the city and that's your life, and then you go on the road and maybe you get a TV show maybe you gotTA. A movie it's work it's working you got to commit to it. You know you gotta get yourself in a relationship. I don't know about that. I don't know about that. That's tough because you know you gotta be home, but you can't Bianca's guess what when you're supposed to be. That's when you're supposed to sign up. That's what he's supposed to be in your cab. That's when you're in the train. That's when you're walking down second avenue and you go. Networking your whole life is about. Traction. Traction always about traction. So that relationship is. I don't know I can't imagine how that's GonNa work, but you know this traction but. It's it's I. I don't know what to tell you about. I. You know it's tough and you gotTa love it and you gotta you gotTa WanNa do it and you gotta be committed and you gotta see ten years like you got the same five dollars in your pocket ten years from now that you have. Now maybe you'll find something more substantial than the appointment you had. You had. You had a decent situation there right that. Worked downstairs. Monday too often plenty of time to go where you know you. You lived in Brooklyn Santa Go back maybe you. Live in Manhattan, but you couldn't afford living at unless you unless you lived in a closet which by the way, there's nothing wrong with that. Live in a closet. To. But you know and I I've said this before and I'll say it again in front of your audience. I think of you I, think of why its neck. I'm so glad I remember I always have his name he so unique he's very so different. Yes. So intelligent you know I don't know did he go to college I don't really Thank. You. So. SMART. So unique forget as unique by the way this might not bode well for you but if you love it, then you don't care as brilliant as why it synapses. Where is wide? Sit Back. Or movie movie. Is He what? TV show is he I mean he did that he had a he had a TV show on HBO but but now like last year whatever. But now that canceled like you know he is With the aliens? No no the this on HBO is called. Them. A problem areas with Snack and. It was it was it was the great fucking TV show because like he like he highlighted the some of the problems inside America and so like he like talked to people in New York talk talk to people in different cities and towns whatever and got them the to say what things are in and and how they're fixing it. So like it. Okay. So it went from a school lunch programs to homelessness like it was it was fun fucking TV show but cancelled you know. So that's problem areas HBO. But that sounds like what Kamau bell was doing. Better. Hope better. Okay. Yeah. So by the way again, come out about I mean. We're all these. Eddie Murphy's Chapelle. It's Helps everybody forget about that forget about being at the top forget you forget about it. You could shoot for the stars and landed on the moon but says, are you gonNA shoot for the stars land on the moon and full off and land on a satellite that's out of control you're going to land on a comet like, wow I, wanted to land on the moon I shine for this. This is this forty thousand jobs down here that you can pay bills with those jobs up there. That's. Synapses, and by the way I, think I shared this with you. When I was growing up I was a big fan of Franklin Zhai. Energi. Yeah. Dude if you haven't seen his youtube, you know I mean he's not his youtube, but you've ever see his stand up very seinfeld asks very storytelling very, very unique, different his his style, his jazzy slow storytelling style not joke joke you know. Totally Franklin one of kind. And he did very well and he was in the movie car wash, which was a little bit not not at all Franklin secure whatever. But no TV show no Sitcom. Never started never. Never became Adam. Sandler. Never became Bernie Mac but frankly joy has career. Now he's a musician now he's big time and it's clarinet but I'm telling you back in the day I would watch Mike Douglas and go. Wow. Wow. He's so funny. He's so it's Admiral Joyner who still out there and he opens he opened up for Seinfeld Yeah. What an incredible struggle for full black comic- comics in general it's like you gotta stay yourself. If can you be happy achieving Mariel joyner success granted scranton okay. Well, there you go. Good. You you you definitely have to. See what part of success you want and be okay with that. Yeah. Because you know if if Mariel joyner was not friends with Seinfeld, that's a Lotta work you wanted to gotten done but he's also brilliant onto himself. I mean, it's been a long time since I've seen him. But when I was a kid, he was he was. He was on Douglas all the Mike Douglas like my thing 'cause there was in the afternoon I didn't always stay up for Carson Franklin. They also did that don? Kirchner's rock concert and special. But movies not really not really. TV shows no sitcoms no not really there was no comedy central back then right and so it's it's so damn heart. If I went back to doing standup, you know my sights will by the way I'm like I'm ancient but even if I wasn't h, it'll be like I just want to be respected and I just want to have some regularity of work and I just want to be part of a I want to be part of A. I WanNa have friends I just want to show up at a club. Hey, everybody knows me and likes me I, get along. We have conversations we have food I like everybody loves going to the diner. That's the best what. Did a diner after the show hanging out you and I we went down we. Live. So I love all that you know just hanging out and. To four in the morning and sharing ideas, and that's my those are my people. Those are your people. You know and You know apparently. It hasn't been a hundred percent few but I think the more you stay in the further you go people will go that I. Know that kid he's working hard and. Whatever man? Who is that? One kid he ended up on a donut show with her she's a stand up comic. He was in crashing I don't know his name and. Young Black. Kid Big head of hair for Afro. The crashing with Pete Holmes. He'd be there and then he was in that doughnut. Show with Judd Hirsch and the girl from. Brothers of anarchy. Now, she's on the Connors. Anyway Super donor whatever he was in a TV show it was like two years whatever CBS got. David. Peck Nick Whatever David could check neat whatever his name. Tall Bald headed funny guy. It's always in all these horrible movies. I'm bad with these with these guys, but anyway. He's a stand up and he worked and he got a TV show now he's off the TV show got cancelled. What is he doing I don't know probably out there working but off. Yeah. With no benefits probably does not work at traderjoes maybe I don't know it's so hard. Man Stand up comedy man you know it's not seeing other people's songs well, that'd be great. If you could sing asks Gordon Single and people. This is my rendition. This vernon vein, you can't do vernon paints rendition of Richard Pryor nobody's going to buy into that. I know what? Janine? jemaine Fowler blog yeah. Yeah Okay Yeah whereas I know he's stand up games and crashing I got. I got a I got confused. With him from from the owner of the comic strip, like like he brought me in his office talking to me and and and I'm thinking, oh he he's GonNa put me on. But like he a key thinks that. Remains our fuck where. To as an really. Yeah. Wow. It's fucking crazy. Wow, you liked what? He saw him for a long time in a pass me and. Then, they put me in office and I I thought he. He's about Heyman. We're I think you're cool. Let me see what you got whatever and all of a sudden like he thought I was the different fucking guy. Well, this thing is going to happen now. I can't pretend to be funny jemaine foul talking to so oh no. L.. Crazy? That's so great. You know. Well. That's an amazing story that's a pretty close brush to. Imagine if you pulled it off. Eight o'clock. Okay. All right. Thank. Wow. Wow. Jamaica would have never gotten the message. Call them eight man how can we didn't call me talk about which? I've been great. Oh, Dude. By the way I appreciate your integrity but man to there's I I wouldn't have had the balls to. I I wanted to be able to do that either. I would've felt terrible but somebody else would have done it. Might not do you it on yourself. So, when you told the guy, it wasn't you weren't him, he didn't say, Oh, I, appreciate the honesty give you spot anyway I didn't I didn't tell them because because he was so fucking old by the accused. So old that he wouldn't even register because like 'cause like a like a two days after eating fucking over the fuck I was like it was it was just crazy at the moment man I was like. You know seizures walked out of the. Office with his card but I was like he thinks I'm someone fucking. Great. Yes. So Great. Matter the Black Guy. Solicit, that's that's great. I can't win you know. That's great. That's great. That's a great story a little. Sad. So it was a great store. Called to try to be Jemaine hey man. Don't show. You got to go you know. By the way Judd Hirsch asshole. Anyway. So But All right. So yeah. All right. Verne listen man I didn't say any of that. Because I'm trying to be you know I'm trying to help you do a show but I love you buddy and I I feel for you. You know I got your back as but as I could have sorry I can't help you you know. You bring me to tears sometimes because I I hate what they do. I hate it I hate that they do it to women and I hate it. They do to you and I don't they do it to me so I'm still a little boy and In a man's body and I talked to my wife you all the time and I told a couple of weeks I don't know if he needs a place to stay. But I, you know I'm going to find out what's going on. Up. There but anyway, I don't WanNa, keep it from. But I'm telling you do I I love you I don't want you to stop but you got to do what's right for you. You know it's fight man can fight I want you to fight I don't want you to get hurt. Watch it a fight. Fuck them and. Yet assholes everyone. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa keep doing me the best I can and and go there. So I I really appreciate your your support David I. Believe it. Because I. Believe it. I don't need to say I don't go. Blowing up anybody else's skirt. Unless you deserve it and I know I saw you I saw you that Chunky kid walking in with a guy named Switzer. Tough Gangsta whatever you would do. I said, I don't know from all the wall but man look how far you've come in look what you did and I know it doesn't feel like doing he did a lot and you write great stuff. Tell me something new with this Asian thing with the with the with the guy in the kitchen if you don't get your Mexican guy. It's great. Do It do it and sell it and Fuck Dab God? So angry. I guess because I don't have a club in Saugerties, I should have a club fogarty's. Put. You up in my condo and you're staying here for the weekend. Do It man? You GotTa host a feature we'll get somebody in here and we'll get you hooked up. But anyway anyway I love. You Buddy. Out thanks man. Hey. y'All. Yeah that's me talking to my Dave can hope you guys really enjoyed the podcast because I really talking to him. Dave is highly intelligent and funny. Do you know and I hope you can see that you know. Very, very insightful and very frightened, very honest about a lot of shit and I learned a lot dave you know. Dave is Dave is a high supportive guy and a highly honest guy, and he tells the he does like it is and I'm happy that I learned a Lotta Shit. Our Brooklyn that I had no idea about you know I didn't get the honey heard those things that were just in documentaries. Movies are thing or things that you read about heartbroken was, but it was awesome for need to. Hear about Brooklyn from the perspective of a guy because you normally hear that so much. You know Kinda pushed right why people are especially at men's like Nazi Shit and get their opinion and. You know I think some of that should probably. We should just. Learn how to listen to the more. To become better people, you know we should just. Stop attacking each other. You know. Realize that there's more things in common than ten things that we have separate, you know and All the things I learned from Dave and thing that they've has has learned for me. It helps you. You push that forward on the people. Learn Shit. So, again I want to say, thank you to to today for podcast, and if you guys like Dave, you can check the about on his podcast call dumbing it down with Dave It's a podcast, just artist thoughts and opinions of Dad. Father truck driver you know and he does it in his. In his Kia I believe. And it's just straight up. It's awesome. It's funny. You know and you'll get to. Listen and learn about Dave to all two hundred plus episodes and I think it's great. So you can check it out at On Talk WW DOT dumbing down with Dave Dot com or you can go on instagram. And facebook had done the Dow Day and check it out there. But I also. Like to say again, thank you guys so much for listening to the Brooklyn College podcast. Whoever did I appreciate especially, eighty-one she slept with the podcast and just kept listening for. Hours and hours. The podcast. WAS ON. I really. I really appreciate it. Hope guys. Have a awesome perspective about about how I felt about this first season of Albany all these people I really love appreciate it at think that they were amazing to their story. You know whether it be medical issues whether it be you comedy beaks whether it be just not anymore. You know whether it be drugs alcohol or whatever things that they get you down at think is a shared story whether you're comic and I think it's great that people get to tell these are these things spot themselves you know and I am really really really Freddie looking forward to season two of new. York City and I've met a lot of comics. Comics in New York City Sam I've seen TV some some have TV credits some been around whatever the fuck is Comics who have shit going on in our brains and some? Have, stopped doing comedy away. Some some people say Greg Somebody we're. Going on mentally that. NEEDS TO BE. figured. Out. And I wanNA talk to them. You know some people have start out doing comedy and when a different way with it you know maybe maybe they became an owner, a club owner maybe came a writer. You know I want to know about this you know this is very interesting. For people to to know. So. I'm looking for season two. So we're going to be off for about a month Can't tell you what day is going to be. It's going to be some timing because maybe maybe mid August. By. I think it's GonNa to be great and. Common. PODCAST is kind. Kind of GonNa, be going in a different direction you know. As as much as I love talking about being broken mentally and you're probably stay on that. I think I'm going to go into a row until a place where we're talking about people. who kind of veered off the first path that they're on onto a different one to to make their lives other people's lives better. You, know. I think that might be good way. Moving forward, we probably would do more things like that, but I will. Most aptly stick to ask. By Venturing out a little bit more. I think it'd be. It'd be great. For the. Here So yes. Again thank you for listening and. I always say. Tone you like coming away, you didn't like just tell me fuck in something see.

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James to Inter Miami? That's the dream! Plus, Doyle on how to win MLS is Back


1:10:53 hr | 4 months ago

James to Inter Miami? That's the dream! Plus, Doyle on how to win MLS is Back

"You're listening to entrance is driven by continental. You feel that. I feel a lot better. Bob Extra Tall. I'm missing exactly how I find out what's going on in the MLS. Maybe this podcasts is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To try to cook up some great stuff for you guys. He's here. Greetings, greetings, and welcome to extra time driven by continental from vacaville California. I'm Andrew You with my partners in Soccer Mattdoyle David. Goss Charlie Davies what's up. Happy anniversary, everybody happy birthday today. He's now in the thirty club, your washed congratulations feel you thought we forgot and I did I didn't and. In an hour wishing you happy birthday. Obviously, no one cares about the things I. Say anymore so relevant to the world. Generation Z. IS GONNA flush down the toilet, so any of those listeners out there have officially tuned out for us, but happy anniversary to I, guess us and many others who have a big show today we'll get to a lot. We are going to get back on the greatest team of all time bracket on Thursday. We want your votes. We won't do that today. of course molasses back. July eighth do WANNA. Remind everybody in debut. Sal is back way before that on June twenty seven, so in about two weeks time here a little less than that to keep that in mind Utah. Twenty Twenty Challenge Cup, but it is according to Nick I shot who I trust on these matters extra times previously extra time radios. Tenth anniversary ten years of this podcast that is insane. That is crazy. This is only the most recent interest in of course. The Oh Jeez Nick. Russia time aboard Greg Lawless and Jason Guinea was listener since Day One? Are there any other day? One listeners in our group right now I'm assuming Charlie. You'RE GONNA keep your hand down, yeah! And I. It was actually. It's the ten year anniversary of my started mls soccer dot com as well because I was brought in as a freelancer during the group stage of the two thousand ten World Cup to cover the desk because Greg and I saw in Simon You know a Guinea was part of it, too, though he was on video side Greg and infer Shaw in Simon would go into a boardroom and do four hour episodes of extra time every day during that World Cup. So that's how I remember that this was this was my star as well, but yeah listen to that first episode. It was I think. S- Aghini hosting it, but it was really just a free for all where SA- Guinea for an lawless just argued about everything in talked over each other the whole time, and like with Simon and Jason especially like it was. Is The sky blue or pink, or is it green? It didn't didn't matter what the subject Locked Horns in refused to let go for like an hour at a time. I'm also pretty sure we don't have the. We don't host any of anymore. So a lot of it's gone away downloaded fair amount of it before that in pretty sure. The first ever episode is about an hour before they started. They knew they were all of them talking not knowing their on. Jerk class. I, mean honestly I enjoy. KRISHA meetings more than I enjoy the show itself, and I really like doing this show. It's like my professional highlight twice a week to get to do it. I remember. Laughing a lot I, just the inane things that were being said, and the arguments that were being had and I. My co workers at my job at the national insurance producer, registering Kansas City like poking their head over the quintessential. cubicle being like what is going on, I'm on a call right now. Why are you cackling about some soccer stuff and then two years later? They you know. My boss slid across the desk. A report about my internet usage said. Why are you refreshing soccer dot com nearly seven hundred times a day and I said this is why I'm leaving for new. York City I'll see you later. I was such a fan of the show. And when I got there obviously wasn't on the show, and it was like my I wanted to be on. On the show, how can I be on the show and I begged I'm pretty sure Simon and nick for a long time they finally let me on, and I felt so nervous like I didn't know what the Hell I was talking about probably true, and they kind of held my hand and walk me through it. I remember in interviews. especially I would try to. You know you're all sitting around in your little finger. As I got something, I got a good question. And Nick and Simon would just stiff arm me. They would not now. I'm just that's. That's good to know the genesis of that. And when Nick I felt I, was trying to pressure to behalf the host he was, and of course you listen to off the top south, normal greeting. It's his greeting It was so connick for years and years and years. They made the show. We've carried it on and I'm super proud to be a part of it We have any favorite memories to share before we get to some some lift tweets. Just disarming on general. Assignment is Simon is is the greatest of all time nothing that any of us is is ever done will ever touch just an average Simon extra time performance. And it's a loss to the entire content world that he's decided to be a suit instead of a content producer of. I think my one of my favorites win. One of his neighbors passed away and he didn't know how to pay his respects. He didn't know if he should go downstairs and just say something. If you should slip a note to the door if you should go to the wake how he should handle this very delicate process that just took like five seconds three words condolences. I'm thinking about you in walking away. Everything always got blown up is ruined attracting birds in Malta and all the judgments stories for years for years. I thought about how you spell. Jasmine I've. On paper like. Is this how you spell? Jasmine is who is jasmine. How do you spell his name? And then always? The classic mets tryout story in the. Words yeah, three teaser the or the Tasmanian Devil t was before I joined I listen to that and I was like what the Hell is going on. There's no way this is a true story like there was no way. One hundred seven happened and I don't I still to this day. Don't understand how. I was in Malta I thought it was throwing gas turns out. It was low eighties. Man. Star always like I. Don't none of this is landing with me right now. But look. This show is changed Charlie, and that's the of extra times it's never been one thing is always sort of like rolled on whether we were in the room with the water radiator that would clank when somebody was lying or like basically speaking out there, but or if we were in the green room or the blue room or the the phone booth over for twenty, all or an airbnb after US Open. Cop with some Brown liquor, I mean this a Hotel Room Floor Aka Bobby, warshaw struggle bus post game I mean. This show from those four originals to self to doyle to Dave to you to Kayla into Susanna to bobby I mean am I missing any regular occurrence in there and my wrist missing host. Is that everybody did you? Did you mention Kaelin? Okay of course I would say I miss. Scaling the least often hosts that we've had is we've had Ariel on a balanced Jones Working Maresca Rosie came on here and there. HAD BEEN WHO Magden. Bin Laden. Is Family. Chester furious. It's a good question hard to remember hard to remember but it's been special every single moment it is like I, said the highlight of my professional life, just because it's a sitting around bs thing before we get to our favorite, maybe modern day moment and I'm going to have to throw in Charlie raising his hand and going to the bathroom show is still laugh. Every time I think about that Patrick Sharkey says that the enthusiasm from last from extra times infectious. He says this show helped him fall in love with. With the League I think of all the responses that we got. That is the one that I. Hope is the most replicable. That's the one that I. Hope that people feel like we love this. We love talking about it. We love being around each other and we hope that in some way it's helped you enjoy major league soccer more critical Smith a memory from from him. Listening to an interview with the Atlanta wants MLS and steal in late twenty thirteen. This was when we were talking to the members of terminus. Back in those days about what they wanted to bring to Atlanta and it's incredible what it became. Joined, the events team any became the membership coordinator in two thousand fourteen, and it became an incredible. We had a tweet here about the Americans. Abroad series that we did in the off season like I. Don't know this might have been four years ago. Dave one of the interviewee interview. Costa Rica. This is one David Patio, I. Remember correctly. Yeah, about a family who owned the team down in Costa Rica, that whole series was great I keep wanting to hear more of those kinds of stories JDBC says it's not a specific memory, but sometime back when doyle still lived in California, r.i.p March the match I realized that I was listening to every episode of extra time, and I've subscribed to live, so we were the gateway drug there. There's a memory from from mark about his first episode was hilarious interview with Roger Levesque, it became leveque became host right then I sounded that one out. It's bad. and also this is ever memory Simon Board, defending accusations of looking like an alley cat, and explaining why he hides in the corner when eating sardines at age do. Resident Great, memories before we move on Charlie. I know these have been throwbacks to or your day Charlie. This was a time when this show talked about what Charlie Davies did on a soccer field. Yes, what we're! Yeah Yeah. What's your? What's your? What's your? What's in your gut when it comes extra time? I just love the fact that we show up on Monday sometimes. I've been a part of the Thursday show. Just after weekend, and just going in on performances on Are the potential ending of of the season. WHO's GonNa? Finish where WHO's GONNA be in the playoffs. WHO's GonNa? Go into a hot and make that run the improbable runs. I just. I just love the fact that we share those our feelings, our emotions and it's it's not censored a feel like we can be who we are and talk you know in state. What we think is really going to happen I love the fact that you guys are. We have great chemistry and I love being part of the show, so. I haven't I. Just haven't spent enough time on show to say man. This moment really resonates with me and you know. Give me a couple more years and I'll say I'm ready to go. Let's do it. This month this show was off the chain. This was but as of now I just. I look forward to every Monday because I I really enjoy Sit with you guys talking about the weekend. It's a lot of laughs men. We're happy to be back talking about soccer. To of course, Melissa's back coming on July. It's about a month to. A week three weeks maybe even to start breaking that down as I said, greatest team of all time is GonNa. Come back on Thursday. Kevin Durant Guy. Base right now. As, we can get him to coming on extra time. I'll get Josie on. I'll get on if you want to answer right now, I. Okay. Yeah so look if you have memories cinema. Wayne greatest team of all time, but he was off by show. Exempt telling the call back on Thursday good. We're good. We're right here on Thursday with them or Mondays. He wants to do Monday to Magazi- are of course have been other podcasts. March to the match with Jona. Thomas Jefferson. Doyle was a classic back in the day than I. Shot came in, but right now our sister park to call up. Dan Hayek in the House we respect and high I was actually going to make Dan hi, produced each during the two thousand fourteen World Cup Dave just went. And he was down there for work. I'm pretty sure it broke Dan. Hi, complete spirit to do. I want to say that's one of the casualties of this show, but respect to Dan Hayek for doing that. I've been from that moment on. Proceedings have an epic life that I wish that I. Go Sir. Yep Yep Seven PM. On Tuesdays on Youtube Sasha question is the guest this week so to go tune into that and if? But. Since we have march matchup can I just throw. This is one of those things I'll always remember around Joel inflaming them on whenever I get an opportunity, GMC spines signs bashing drink all I think on a Tuesday or Wednesday so we haven't done a show yet or maybe I didn't work for me. I don't know so. I listened to March the because I was so excited I love Giovinco and doyle comes on, and it's cold water for fifty five minutes. How can you say he's worth it? He's not that good is ten times better than Javier Morale's. This is a ridiculous signing. The fact that people can't is euro snob garbage now's like word. This guy is wrong. A couple. On, that one man go drink lived up. Get agree with that. That was one of my favorite marriage match moments. If you have any of our bad takes from the past feel free to bring those as well because you know, we love the revel in those moments. those are always fun in our I guess. My favorite two shows of the year are the prediction show before the year and the show when we revisit the predictions after the year, and half the just roasts ourselves with Wanda won't. Hey I can't never live that. Them said it'll never go away. Let's talk about soccer. Though MLS is back tournament July. Eight kicks off. You Watch the draw last Thursday one of the most nerve racking moments of Charlie Davies lives. And We've broken down, so if you WANNA, check out the breakdown Thursday show, let's get to. Ease our way in, let's say. Lianne from Kansas. She is a stalwart on the show as far as the mail that goes Alli this morning. Prayer, Girl, what's up? She said you should discuss which teams rosters would be the most. Fun To be cooped up in a hotel for over a month. and My understanding based on our conversation with Margo Petitjean is that they'll be floors for each team. Everybody will have their own room, so you don't have to share rooms Charlie. But when you think about putting a team on one floor of a hotel for a whole month in the middle of pandemic in a quote, unquote sort of locked down playing games every couple of days with every other team. There I mean it's kind of like pre-season, but there's a lot more wrinkles before we choose the teams we want to with. What are the different things a play here? Who are the different personality types that you're looking at our the interactions? How the meals? What should we base this around? That who? Look into the dynamic locker room, so it's got to be a good balance between veterans and leaders versus the young guys the guys who have a personality. The guys who are you know whether it's the young student type versus the the young guy who thinks he's is you know? The big time player and can can call the call the shots who's on the massage table and he's twenty years old. You know those kind of guys the guys. Who are you know the the class clown? The guys who commit get people laugh all the time versus the guys who are much more serious. Will everyone accountable and then the guy's between. Between right the the guys who come up with the Card Games in the game, get everybody involved in versus the guys who are like our Let's juggle in our off time. Let's amount I gotta sit down and got a juggle. I got a Gerbil I got. You know, go, do extra the guys who are over the top. It's gotTA BE A. We gotta have a good mix. That's the key to a good locker is you? Don't have everyone who's super into to the sports and WANNA be like students learn and everything, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, versus the guys who are just like Let's just. Kick for a little bit. You know trading starts at ten thirty. We'll go out there like ten twenty, eight, twenty nine. We'll be fine which. You GotTa Love Charlie coming on the show I. Only trust players who watch taping care all the time, but then coming on here and being like, but I don't WanNa. Be In a locker room with them, and I don't want to be stuck on my back. How much you're not lying about that. Lied about that. How how much does the coach matter here like as we make this choice? By does the KENO matter, or is he? Likes. Huge the the coach. Sets the tone. He also has to give freedom to blur. They feel comfortable than a stressed out all the time. Because if you if you make the wrong move, you're afraid that you're playing times gone, or you're not gonNA. Start or you're not going to get new contract. That is that is I can't stress the importance of a good coach, a good leader who gives freedom to their players, but also holds them accountable Tell us you know. Maybe it's a captain. He he allows the captain. Run the locker room in and dictate you know. Should we get an off day, you know. Should we push it? Being able to communicate with his players that it's a it's a huge. That plays a huge part of a team successes, the coach and sometimes. Players can be inspired or motivated to play better to in spite of coach. Right so it's like. Let's come together you. Let's let's listen to this guy which works for a short the short term, not the long-term right so. I can't tell you how important it is that the coach is is with the group gets an understanding of of his group, and the players have been like a week. We can trust our coach. We can play for this guy. Can I throw one more question out there either for Charlie because they both played at such a high level. Charlie can take a person. Doesn't actually matter. Who has the armband like if you're in a team? Someone picking molesting. Dallas. So you! Have, DALLAS was going to say Nice, who's the official captain of Dallas, is it? A Costa hedges its advantage agit. Okay, if hedges doesn't have the Armband, or you've got an well. This is a weird team because they're so young. But you gotTA. Go to see okay, so who's the captain of Seattle their? LADERA does that mean. Christian roll down and Stephan FRY are not still leaders like they are who they are right. Doesn't matter if you are the official captain in a cultural setting in the hotel when you're traveling. No it's more so when you're on the field and you have the armband on right. That's that. I mean captains captain usually given the captaincy because of one of three things. That coach loves you to death and things. I need I need to have. You were the captain to show how much you mean to me or the organization or the fans? Be because he is a leader in the locker room and he does all the the he does. All the small details in. You hope that every player on that team can. Use Him as inspiration, or he's an example, and you want everyone to follow that example whether it's like. An hour or an hour and a half early training facility stays. There is the last guy leave. I gotta get their last guy. Leave does all the stretching. The extra work is just in the in the video room. Just always doing those things and you're like Oh. This is the guy or it's. The Guy Though the the team. Respect the most like the teammate's respect him the most and he's the reason why the. Gotten because all the guys on the inside are like this is the guy we want wearing the armband. So it's one of those three things because I've seen it where a coach just like here where the armband to. A player that is the best part of the team, but everyone in the locker rooms like he's not captain. There's no nothing about him, but they think the coach thinks if I put the armband on them. Maybe he'll start to act like a captain, or he'll start to change. His is way of life around the locker room or off the field. Maybe we'll get him to buy in I'm trying to get a buy in. Maybe it's to buy into the team or just buy into what he's trying to preach on the field whether it's his tactics formation. If I give him the Captain Armband. Maybe he'll listen to me in her respectfully I've seen that and I've seen that backfire so. V A cat, I'll tell you though the captaincy is is very important, and you might not think players care or pay attention, everyone is so in that coach comes out and says here's our captain. Everyone is talking about it on the inside whether they agree with it. They don't agree with it or they don't care about it. It's one of the three. It's like any group. There's a lot of dynamics here. We kind of run over what can be in this man who's who's bringing? What are you succeeding in this tournament? I think that will matter area. And MLS real world, and since David Has Zanskar, kick us off where you own as Gabby Minnesota United one. You're talking about coach with personality. Who's GonNa give you a little license, but then you look at that group and I think what Charlie was saying. My like what I like personally people from all different backgrounds, different ages different points of view. You've got ozzy who's leading obviously as a veteran and then you've got. Got, young guys Mason. Toy who are good young players that care and work hard also fun off the field. Even Finley obviously bestsellers of Catan player in mls something to do on the side. You've got ICU is a good leader in the locker room of fun guy to be around. So I think you got a bunch of different veterans. Young guys, everyone fitting between and some good license. It'd be a personality blessing boy. Alleging Lena. Offer me. To Minnesota. I'm frustrated. I don't get that one. I think I'm GonNa go with the Colorado rapids here for a couple of different reasons. First of all you need to cut. You got it kicking. Rosenberg is GONNA. Keep you fresh. None of this like Willy Nilly Haircut. Like look a little bit rangy. When you come out on the field in Orlando Keegan's guy, everybody sat and then you got look at is a young team, but has. Has Some veterans. Who It as well so I think like in Wallace Reebok. You're GONNA be smiling the whole time. The interview I did with this guy in preseason I walked out of there and I just like based of the boats like biggest joker grin you could have. He gave me from literally ten minutes. Then you've got Sam vines trustee, but then if you need a little bit, a veteran side here comes drew more. Talk about him less all day with this dude, you'll family chat as well 'cause you know as you didn't I have a kid and then, Kai Kamara GonNa keep it light as well. Ru little worried about the fact that you think still in your own head that you and Sam Vines and Austin trustee. You're hanging out. I don't know if we're having I'm just. Like. You tell them. Is like when man first landed on the moon. I'm just going to you. Know Desert Operation Desert Storm. Making storming Norman Joe. There you go, thank you, you just throwback Wichita Wings reference is legit. Oh, no, that wasn't I thought. Was the Gulf War wasn't. Alive goes straight to the Wichita Wings with just about everything these days, but has there's a lot of youth, but there is some like older side. I just think that that team after last year like Charlie, said terrible start had no other option, but the band together. They as a group had to say you know. The leadership side of this not working for us, so we're going to figure out how to do it. They did it under two coaches. Now they have Robin. Who I think will give them a little bit of latitude to be who they are. We'll give it them. Good structures well I just think that therefore would have a lot of different things going on and be WANNA pop into all those rooms like Clint ruin I know I can have some really interesting life discussions with Clint Irwin and that's where I'd go with aiko par to Dave I. Think if you sat down with, you could talk to him about literally anything. That's my team I. Those are my friends. Get Your own kit. that. Tell me when I get all right. I'm taking the rapids. Anybody else have a a team that they WANNA room with in a little bit more dangerous. Eric is. He actually knows some of the people these teams. Can offend people. He actually knows doyle. Do you ever response? No, every single permutation of this sounds like a nightmare to me. Watching hotel with two thousand Jackson ability to go outside or eat real like no, the done of. There's no good answer to this. It's all nighter. This is like a youth term. You Sixteen Youth Tournament. Yeah, and you're just locked in and that's it. You don't have any. I test. Was that version of not answering Charlie Yeah, I mean. There I have some. There's probably fourteen I would go with and an I'm just not going to elaborate on it to Slough. I've a of friends. Still playing I have I've I've made some some new friends of the younger generation that are playing and I I know every coach so. I. You know I'm just. Going to have to pass on this. Here's a proposal extra time listeners. Please send us your mailbags of what you think Charlie's teams or Four teams he would pick listen guys. He's friends with the guys. He can't offend. Yes, they also stick oil on the team. You think he'd be most miserable on. Thank you. Is there, any current coach or player you know of that is a musical theater enthusiasts in any way. Oh, that's a good question. There's there's there's none that I know of to be honest I can't think of. Yeah. I I'm sure there's some some players who got pipes. Though who's WHO's the new Icelandic guy for for NYC AFC. He's a singer. Maybe he knows the my Iceland Dick Musical theater issue. The is land or is. He thinks he's Norwegian. He's Icelandic. We've had him on American MLS idol. Yeah, no. I've watched every episode I just yeah I'm sure. I'd. Wait who who who was it who played piano owes the harbor kid a wheeler immuno he could. Oh my God he could saying. With him, he's got it all. You gotta go to Sacramento for. I mean that's fine. All right so so I'm into it now right you set. Out will be with whatever team he's with even her new S. l.. We just got set up piano bar in the lounge, like in the in know in the first floor lounge of the. Of the hotel and then we sit down there and we using show tunes all night. When I tell you, he is a tremendously skilled talented individual. It is like that's just a small think. Just gives you a small snippet of what he's capable of Andrea Wheeler on new. Grad yet. All right. We're. Really cynical about it, but you brought me there. David Bill done and by the way, and now we have another idea because we need some group activities in Orlando for these guys, I would absolutely pay to watch eight hundred person Karaoke with every single mls player in like a massive ballroom. CARRY OT? We gotTA GIVE HIM WSB. Would it be like Pro Ralph or Karaoke like you have to bring your song to the to the Piano Lounge? And then you belt it out, and then everybody votes up down at the thing I don't know we've not hit the pro referencing curiosity and I think that means we on. The. Air. That wouldn't be fair NYC. Has Been, wondering so. I'm his voice is unbelievable, so it's game over. You can't win. Everyone knows the best episode of hard now. Wait a minute. Is the talent show for the rookies? So you just don't fair Allen Show, but like I feel like Charlie. Just threw a challenge out to like literally every MLS player. Yeah, like somebody's got hear that income out there for it give. Doing everyone's scared everyone. Won't do it. Do it I love it. What happens if he wins? Its first company CFC history all right. Let's. A little bit on the ends. Sorry, well, unless is back. We know about it. You listen to the show you're thinking about it. This is what I've been saying for a little while now basically since the tournament format came out, is group is I. Don't know if unfair is the right word, but significantly more difficult to advance from just based on odds and American. American. Soccer Analysis did their homework on this one, and if you think back on the format, sixteen grew in every other group has four the top to get through, and so just pure math. That's thirty three percent for group. A and fifty percent for the other groups, and you have four best. Their place scenes, which jumps it up to about sixty six percent. For All. The teams that aren't group and about fifty percent for group eight to get through now it's probable that group will get a third place team through just because they'll have more teams to get more points. But there's a lot of people out there. Suggesting this, thank group as should have gotten an automatic bid for the third place team to help even out this odds play. It. What do you guys think about that? What would you be thinking if you're Jim Curtain or if you're running dialogue or one of the teams in group that feels like hey, we should get through. We have the talent we performed. Why weren't we seated in some way? Is there an element of quote unquote unfairness here, or is it just like? Get on with it. No it's unfair and it's right there. It's right there in the math and the guy's American soccer analysis. Rand numbers. which is what they do. Is You know you said? We've looked at her singing? You're like this seems wrong and it is wrong and they came up with. The slight modification where teams in group have sixty percent chance be the the rest of teams sixty two percent chance as it stands now. It seems to repay about fifty percent chance. A.. B. C. D. Sixty five percent chance so just making this little fix. Makes it more equitable takes away the inherent disadvantage being in group. I like the to me. There's no reason this can't happen. Fully agree with everything is just the way you pose. The question was if you're Jim Curtain? What do you think he's going down there? Playing two teams that are expansion teams that have basically never played soccer before. As a group so I think that's just the counter for Jim Curtain. I'm just saying trash. These guys alright into saying. South Nashville Basketball Baby, let's go. I'm just saying I. Don't know that Tim. Current got that hard done by getting Miami Nassau in a year in which they'd never played before they played two games, and then they were on a global pandemic layoffs, three and a half months, but if you're in New York City of you don't feel slighted that you're not as top-seeded team I. Don't know I'm Not New York City of seaside often worry about were. I would never be so I. Won't be quoting. Won't be forced into this metaphor. The other point. Charlie, it is five of six outside of Jim Curtain new head coaches, and then I get those advantages I think the union I think, NYC, AFC do have advantages there, and they will play depending on the schedule, potentially two teams that have not played more than two official games together before. A man, the math just doesn't add up now. Flip side of this is because there are sixteen in that group. It is more probable that third team within that group will have more points than a third place seems the other group which makes it more probable that that first place team will get through anyway, so this scenario might just play out exactly as you might have thought without the automatic bid. It's pretty likely that third place in group is GonNa have. Have more points than the others, and therefore this is moot, but it is something to think about as we push into, think about this tournament more in this sort of strategy perspective which you wrote about soccer columnist, we can go in and you compared to the world, which is obvious, is the same format for all intents and purposes. What was your conclusion in your piece? These teams in group I beyond thing about how to win this tournament and start planning. How are they thinking? How should they be thinking? Town. I do like I went into it expecting to do research on summer tournaments in figure out that teams that counter attack usually when because we think about the the Chilean teams that won Copa America in fifteen and sixteen, and yeah, they pressed the teams that they were better then, but against Argentina against Colombia. Against the really good teams, the counters we thought about you know France and twenty eighteen. They were complete counterattacking team Brazil in two thousand, nine hundred. Copa America obviously. They spent some time playing like Brazil. But they also countered Argentina to death, after going up and I suspect that the numbers bear that out, but counterattacking has actually become West prominent in summertime tournaments over the past decade themes that are great at if you have bought for, be counterattacking team, but if you don't, it's become. Less of a weapon I think teams are just. They're better organized. They understand where to take professional fouls counterattacking. As obvious solution in these sermons, and what it really comes down to is almost that there's no patter. That like whatever you do, whatever your best at lean into that let that be like if you're Toronto FC and Toronto, is there pretty good pressing team? And they can counter, but what they really are as good possession team, and why CFC the same way lean into that. Be that if you're the Red Bulls go all out manic. Press US three subs fifty fifth minute to get fresh legs out there because there's no difference between Brian White and Tom Barlow. No offense allows guys. The both good analysts players felt like what really matters is. Can you be kamikazes out there? Impress transgressed now is you're a pure counters hashing team like I think the crew can be? Counters? But whatever it is lean into that the one thing that has changed a ton over the past decade in the summertime tournaments. set-pieces teams are just so much better on attacking set pieces now than they were decade ago. I think there's more time put into it more elaborately rehearsed in twenty twelve euros. I think it was about twenty five percent of goals came on visas in two thousand eighteen world up. It was just about forty percent of goals for because everyone in two thousand twelve euros played in two, thousand and four. They were like Greece won this tournament year. Maybe we should work on. Not a fair point, but I I. I think about that, and then you think about the. The fact that teams that has score I win about seventy percent of the time Like God. If you want the long shot Darkhorse, good money play. You gotta the Colorado rapids. Fan Right now. They scored twenty seven goals last year. Which is obscene? And then in the first two games, this season is to more set-piece goals one from Kyw, and then the late winner from drew more so it's it's lean. It's have that identity. Be Confident in who you are. Impose that on the other team. Make early Saabs in the second half. The season is sees initiative, and you'd better be good on set-pieces. You'd better be really good on set-pieces. Doyle, just darkhorse Charlie. Do you have a dark horse? You can't take seeded teams. You can't take. The expected powers we can sort of tease this when we did our preview, but we were all pretty giddy and a little bit loopy, so our Charlie contact list out to see who he calls most often disease. I mean I. I I had I did say Houston Dynamo. Be My darkhorse. It didn't go hard. This Houston Dynamo legendarily terrible on set-pieces last year, but didn't continue going new coach. Assure. That's who I. Think is my my horse, can you? Can you expand on it know? Is it just that like in Minolta's in a lease, they have to talents who you know can just annihilate a team in what you trophy. Yeah, when you when you say pick someone to counterattack through like an Imbaba will, at least like the mbappe eight speed wise in counterattack threat that Imbaba is on the world stage for MLS. That's all Albert. Police when he's motivated healthy. He's GonNa. Cause no matter who is playing against. He's a cause. Cause fits because he can get up and down so powerful he's he's got the pace and he. He knows how he can hurt you and he's GonNa do it. You can't stop them now. What you? What has let him down is his his his finishing in the final third productivity is is that. Is that final pass finding the feet of Minolta's? Is that final shot on target? If he can do that in this tournament, you're talking about players who want to go to the next level. They want to go to Europe. Well. This is a a great tournament to get your foot in the door. And then you finish out this this year. Strong, so then come winner. You're off somewhere. Right so. For Me Houston with TAB obviously new coach, new philosophy, getting everyone to buy into his system. Listen if I'm a new coach and I have two of the most talented players in the League on my roster and they've already said I wanna go to your. I want the hassle. I'm going to help you get there, but in order for you to get there. You GotTa help me. Help me help you right. That's simple as that simple buy in to what I'M GONNA. Preach for the next six months and I will I will I will get you to the promised land just trust me. That's all you gotTA. Do is trust me well. Houston Dynamo have all the pieces. To to have success when you have note doesn't at least on the attacking end. You have players who can win you games now you just have to buy into the defensive philosophies and marking at set pieces. Do all those things like you said? Now you have a team that can that can really hurt you. Houston Dynamo is is for me. The dark horse doesn't mean it's guaranteed success, but they. They definitely have the players to hurt teams in this league from a wedding. Respective odds are to be are going to be really good to like. We're talking through dark horses here in Colorado I. Think is like forty to one or something like that I'll. I'll let you jump in here. But I I just have to say doyle. The one thing we haven't talked about, and I'm not convinced the Dynamo Charlie it anyway, we didn't even say. Say Darwin Taros naming that. If they're saying we are going to be a tanner. Attacking Team Darwin has had all this time to be healthy to be fresh. He doesn't even have to start. Do you WanNa Start Mammal than start memo? And he was killing it on the back post last year, and to start the beginning of this year. So you have those two options. You have to change the game you have. Christian Ramirez changed the game as well and then. If I was tab I would be like I'm attacking with three. Like I'm just going to attack with three and to get my organization down I'm not gonNA. Ask Valentin or lung to try to push forward. It's probably not their strings anyway. And then you have Bonia conversa- Vera and maybe Martinez who is more of a is not really the like Murad forward in the final third sort of ten. Anyway, he's really more of almost like a hybrid eight, so you have like an eight percent brought so to speak that you can put up and if it's Darwin Minolta's and Elise, and you can get into the open-field, and there are tired legs, and you've been the one who's been training and humidity, and he in Houston for the better player of month. Maybe, that is enough to think well. Maybe we can make a run at this, and then you look at your group. Now it's going to be tough because you've got see and you got Portland. Wait. You think that there might be a problem in Kiki strewn and Victor Cabrera trying to stop Carlos Vela don't. Ever. Leave out minor Figueroa when you talk about the Houston Dynamo back on, do not besmirch the legend like that and also don't think there's anybody else in this league. That's GONNA. Start Columbus and I agree with that Charlie. Okay I would say don't just. On the top of the list we've seen how much having valuable centrebacks and having a good centreback partnership matters and mls especially in the playoffs. If this is the playoffs scenario, juiston is high on that list of there's only so far. They can go, because they don't have to. Centrebacks that will organize that will keep things clean consistently and that you can build the rest of your team off. It's probably one of the how many Seattle is. How many seats have that? Yeah, no, you are not wrong. You're not wrong in that assessment. Cords crush mark demure dockers. I think it's fair for me to pick Columbus because they didn't make the playoffs last year, right? The dark horse I would say the one thing that stands out as You've already discussed the issues with being in Group A of the sixteen in the opportunity to get through group D in Group E then. Group Eli by all can group E by landing. Those are the worst seeded teams land united without Joseph, Martinez, and Oursel- team. That's law severino that we don't know who their matchwinner. WHO The guy they played through his right now so I think the Colorado shout. Legitimacy? There s case going in without fully baked goods, Tziaras, so there's crushed marks there, but to me. It's Columbus 'cause I. Think they've a pretty good chance of getting out of that group and they have. A spread of talent where they have. Veterans will understand at a handle their body how to handle this whole situation, but have youth as well. That will have fresh legs. I think they're good in the back I think they've got a veteran goalkeeper and they've got a different a few different ways that they can hurt you plus they've got Zella on. WHO's going to cover every late of grass? Dominate the game. Game and Nag next to him. An Archer which I think might be the best midfield for a scenario like this. A four five days off having bounced back all of them in their prime time have high energy. All of them can connect because they all have cleaned for starch to keep the ball moving. All those things so I like this Columbus Group in general I think for a tournament like this. To Doyle's point. How will they choose to play? Why is it that they're best at? And will they will Kayla a border, go a hundred degrees in that direction for this tournament, or is he going to try and one up Gregg Berhalter and have the most beautiful soccer in all these things. I just want to say I'm not sure what goes. GRINGO RACK Crooner train. God. Just want to say I'm not sure what one hundred degrees in one direction is that I completely understand what it meant. One hundred percent morality be better for. Percent Yeah can I can I ask is FC Dallas. Can they be a dark horse or is that? Are they too much approving commodity? Yeah they cannot be dark horse I think they can be a dime because they're not nothing. They hop lake, seven or eight. Are they I mean if they are in the top two in their group. Going in already, they were there one of only two playoff teams in their group like they are. It's assumed that they will get out of their group at a minimum, but I don't know. I'm just saying to win the whole thing. I'm saying a dark horse to win the whole thing the reason why I say that is what they showed against the out on the playoffs last year. So they have that little inkling of belief, they have the young legs, and they have a mixture, so you have like you know you have read Ziegler Grier and Holland sad and and some others that are gonna sit back and say okay we we understand how to manage ourselves to the tournament, but then I just look at what they could be. In something like this options that they have especially the frank. O'Hara comes in and is able to play and depending on the transfer windows and everything else. I know he's supposed to join up with them. But I don't know what that means for them. As far as availability right now, kind of seems like it's up in the air. Fossa PA Michael, I know Must Garros. Unproven, but off the bench if you're just asking him for like fifteen minutes to run Michael Barrios in these conditions and no his name. It can't be a dark horse. Already, you name it all these players who can make this is not a dark horse. You With regards team. A dark horse team is a team that's expected to finish fourth, maybe third in the group and get out. This Houston You're twisting is A. Dynamo. I am not I'm just throwing it out. Dark horse is a team that is not expected to even get out of the group, not even close. I think it's GonNa get to win I. Don't Think The Dallas are expected to win. They're going to be my darkhorse expected to win, but not quite expecting crafts the Houston Dynamo. Thing To part in. Lucas! The playoffs last year we be you pick the team. who were like I, think they could beat Seattle. 'cause they almost beat Seattle on the road in the postseason at the end. Hustler they're. GonNa run I'M GONNA end this conversation right now because Nashville. Fans are like David's wearing our shirt, but you guys won't talk about us. We got a bunch of tweets concern. Played Qlayla. Who's also clear swift, which is fine? He says on Grant Nashville in general, but expecting extra talk about all five teams other than Nashville in group, Bay and washing them talk about all five teams. Other Nashville is still disappointing. Pharma Soccer did the breakdown locally Stephen West of the same thing he said I'm thinking nationals chances to advance out of group. There are a lot better than extra time dead since we weren't even mentioned in the Freeview Bay last week. So. National, you're right. We basically skipped it other than one doyle reference Gary Smith. They Dash they did avoid NYC AFC in their schedule, so they have Orlando Phillies Chicago. which in that group I guess is a little bit better, but it's still demon Orlando that's hosting it's. We don't know what this team is. We don't know who they are Matt. We didn't learn anything over the first two games, not that that's much sample size. To really feel strongly about you know as doyle said, steer into your identity completely in a tournament like this. We think that they're going to sit encounter. But they hadn't done it successfully in two weeks, so actually actually kinda disagree with that I actually thought that. They did a nice job of leaning into Building from the the central midfield pivot 'cause. They have DAX and they have good. and. Those guys get past the doctors one time great sixes in this league, but he. Is that not necessarily because he has digger Chara like range, though he's a great ball is because he is so good at making those third line passes two feet in the pockets, and then we could do that as well on joint course, it is a wonderful diagonal switch and they were actually able to use. A little bit against I guess Atlanta Allot against Portland like if you go back and you watch that game against Portland. Nashville actually controlled. The Gay, but then they take lead in the tenth minute an issue. The fifteen th minute. It wasn't just that they sat back. They were under legitimate pressure. The problem was that just in terms of the attacking third. What I don't the town. This is where I'm going with this. Because I, just scores. I. That's guard of this equation. Right and who can win these tournaments is there. Might be the best forward. Walker set pieces, but then other than that. What's proven Dombrowski is a another extra time like favorite from over the years. But. Back Vince there. Charlie I agree with anything. About you, but not convinced is probably the white right put it David Com another extra time classic over the years. We did not mention bobby. Warshaw David. COM BRIN VP. That's a classic right there. I would say this unlikely, but like again. where the goals go from, but the other thing about that was. This is only a two week. Sample size I don't think it's fair to base everything off of it. But in using David a communist starting lineup in the way they chose usually all. It almost showed a lack of willingness to take risk. From Jerry Smith David, Thomson Name. You know you're what you're going to get, but. You also know what you're not gonNA. Get and I think a player where it's like. We put him on the wing. He'll get a couple. Opportunities take the risks to put him in the middle in front of those to center mid rather than playing three defensive mids and try and have him control the game a little bit and Move Mukhtar on I I'm not saying this is everything, but it felt like. Here the pieces I have I'm just GONNA slate. Did they didn't. They didn't end up playing three defensive Ms. they had mukhtar starting as a ten with Godot dots behind him, and then layout was on the wing and he had moved. Over switch places quite a bit like there was some. There's a decent amount of interchange. They just like the. They just don't have a goal for I think. Like I'm skeptical Gary Smith's because we. We know how his team played. When you know ten years ago, when given when they won MLS Cup they were. But like based upon two games there is I think there is some evidence here that they are going to try to use the ball which I do think makes some sense, but like it doesn't in the end. It doesn't add up the goals. Maybe that roster the hat. TVD would you rather bag? Team or a team that tries to use the ball in that in a more possession based style. Charlie just based on the conditions. On the conditions. GimMe keep keep the ball. Make the team and chase and just be smart. When you when you do. Lose the ball that the team is is looking on to counter. It's it's easier said than done. But teams that are fantastic counterattack teams. Have to make sure that when they do counter and break that even a team tries to follow you. It's not good enough. Right if if you know Albert, the lease is the guy you're going to on a counterattack. Make sure that he can't get fouled or the person's trying again. The ball doesn't get foul before he gets going. And that's that's the key. Can they be that good? In that clutch at when they when they do start to counter, not let someone an opposing team. Prevent them from from countering by them. If you can do that, that's that's the key to success in if your possession based team. That's just gonNA. Keep the ball. Pinkett around. Get the other team to chase or tire that when you do, lose the ball that you're smart enough not to let teams hurt you on the counter, not to let Houston get on that breaking Albert lease into open space, so it's a chess match, but it's all about if I had to choose between the two sides. Sides Gimme the ball all day. I cannot stand being being a dis- a team that you. You seem like you're disinterested as a striker because you can't get involved, you're just up there hanging out, and then when you do you're. You're not in rhythm. It's horrible. It's horrible chasing. You don't WanNa Chase so Gimme possession and had the ball, and then you get your touches and the other teams just like Oh, I can't stand against this team because we don't touch the ball and that's where you have the most joy when you have the ball. You feel like we have the ball. It's fun. Chasing defending count me out. I love that every example is based on the Houston Dynamo Right now for Charlie. It's like my favorite thing. Right now in this moment, and by the way I just want to establish Reto Ziegler Matt Hedges. Always had cannon FC Dallas. Darkhorse, I'm sticking to it Let's talk Miami because we didn't really hit this like we. We joked around with Paul mcdonagh when he was on the show on Thursday, and he's like. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA. Get a DP attacker Tam aid, and now potentially linked with Abby Johnson but like we didn't actually dig into it. We just threw the jokes that we normally do at making jokes in this case, Edison Davonte or Mario Batali, etc, etc.. I. There was a pretty good debate going on when I had to restart my computer during the pre show meeting about what this DP attacker should be because there was some you I heard. Saying has to be a number nine because join courant's young quote, unquote unproven, and also because he's been injured, though is back. And then Dole. You're pushing back hard. So what is the case or Inter Miami at that DP attacker spot. If you're looking for a profile, what should Paul mcdonagh be looking for? What is he looking for? Because he is obviously looking, negotiate and trying to get something done. I think a pure midfield chance creator now whether someone who plays a you know, actual number, ten or someone who's maybe a little bit more of a winger I think that's the most obvious need because as a result of czars, capable of just amazing stuff, but he's not a game controlling number. He was never that in Mexico. He's never been. Matt for the Mexican National Team and he certainly didn't look like that. In two games this year Pellegrini the winger. They spent a lot of money on. Each struggled in those first two games He was not able to create chances. He wasn't even the lineup in the second game, so I think. He'll you want someone who could play those pockets underneath, and who could put the ball on latter and busted? Paul's chops a little bit. I ask you. How Thomas GonNA fit into the? 'cause like that would be just such. The obvious homerun signing for the swam. Like a no brainer, but if if it's not Hamas, it should be someone like it. Based upon what we've seen. This team has could in most places. This team has a players who are willing to do the running both on and off the ball. I thought Morgan the Scottish when you're pretty good I. Thought Robbie Robinson looked excellent as number nine in the second game against the DC United Charlie and I have a little bit of a disagreement over where is long-term position is but I think the point is that if you have guys like that, then you need the string puller, and if I was if I was Inter Miami, I would be looking for that DP. Elite level Chan's creator with that final spot. Especially, because if you look at the number nine, they already invested millions in Carranza. Who is an Argentinian youth national team player? They already invested the number one draft pick in in Robbie. Robinson who assisted on the only goal that they've scored so far as a team like. That is that's A. That's a significant investment. If you go out and you get Edison Cavani those guys are never gonNA. See the field. Then during crucial developmental years, those guys are never going to see the field, so does it make sense to me? Especially, because based upon the two game sample size, the real issue is can they create those chances? West, than can they finish them? What does that mean for the lineup I'm looking at the eleven right now. Does that mean? Laughed or now Sarah. they played three four to one in that second game in. They looked much better, and Pizarro was in the in that to line playing Barco, and PT play for Lanta. So you've got find a guy that to. Play next to door now. Does that mean? Pellegrini becomes a wingback I? Don't know, but that's something for Diego Alonso definitive figure out, and as we've seen over the past couple of years, there's an unprecedented level of depth in mls now compared to years past so. People brought DP off the bench and one MLS cups. We saw in two thousand, eighteen with Atlanta and I think that I mean that's teamed up Paul McDonald Bill So I think that. That's something that they're going to be figuring out Go ahead there, but even if you do play for three three, and I think doyle touched on it. I think it's our best position is as you call it eight whatever you want behind a true trans creator ahead of someone who's a legitimate, because beats our covers. An insane amount of ground can be an option, and then has the opportunity to step into the final third and create goals when he's able to and I would argue is. Is Best moments with Mexico have been in that role behind someone who is more of a true chance grader with his job being cheap possession, help our six in big moments in transition and things like that so I think pizza fits into that Brady well. We all just send it home. As regards, is the obvious from player profile everything point of view I guess my question to be if he's not available. They can't get that done. Is it worth getting someone else. WHO's at ten I don't know if that's Silva. I don't know if that's goats I don't know what type of player they're looking at over a guy in Cavani. WHO WITH URUGUAY DRP STEEP? Mars is the one who stretches the back like and has played as a creator to a level and is an elite score and is a threat on set-pieces and as a well. I wouldn't say Cavani drops deep. Yes, he does watch him play with Uruguay. It's him dropping in to get the ball and clicked over the top for war as or clipped to the back post for spars, like especially as Suarez has decreased his ability to cover ground over the last few years. Trust me, that is. She has the ability to do that and do it at an elite level. I'm not saying that's his best skills, but is he better at that? Than say is right now, or I don't know who else is available as that number ten that you're gonNA spend big on and build a team around. I don't know. Not Somebody who's GonNa jump in there I didn't know I was waiting on appeal. Real question is, do they? Do they go for a long established veteran player, like Vanni or Godse or A grow and contract ends in two thousand, twenty one. That's another player Arjun yet. Do that or do they go in the opposite direction and do because they've been rumored with. Tiago Amada, who is the next number ten twenty years old, the next number ten coming through in Argentina and like that. That seems to be the club that they want to be in a lot of ways, but it's a it's an open question of whether you can look LLC. His really leaned into having those young players developing them, but they also have Carlos Val right, and I think it's A. It's a stretch to assume that ZARA RO is going to be able to be Miami. What Valla was is for L.. AFC. Are What like GIOVINCO was for Toronto Yeah I. Think One of the when I think about this and I. Think about trying to sell those players. You need almost like, and you've used this term a lot in the past soil, and maybe that's why it stuck in my head, but like a force multiplier in the sense that guy that's going to make your young prospects look a lot better not because they aren't that good, but because they're going to play up to that level of. Ability and vision, and it's going to change the way that they think about the game and the way they perform, and you have to have the performance aspect to get the sell on aspect. What are the things I was thinking about day when you were talking about? He's Arlen Eight is also said that he wants to get a Tam eight and that would seem to me like. Maybe that's the guy that pushes. He's are either forward, or maybe it's bizarre that Tampa Bay, and then like trap in that three behind, and you're still trying to get a DP to play next to somebody else who would be. Maybe it is Pellegrini may be placed farther forward. I don't know we haven't seen enough, but I would trust I trust Paul Indigo. Lonzo style just saying this I think we do a disservice sometimes enacting. Like, the Guy Pellegrini Carranza are at the level coming into molest Alemi Ronin Joseph were coming into mls and Alemi Rhone as young as he was was twenty three when he got molest, and I've been a full time starter for news, and Joseph obviously had trouble in Torino was a full time starter for Venezuela at some pretty good Cope America. Performances for Venezuela relative Blah Blah Blah so I think an, and that doesn't go into the fact that they had Michael Parkers and Brag. Who's on and Carlos Carmona and all those other pieces that were better in so I just think. Doyle mentioned it Carlos. Bella is a big part of what L. AFC created, but they did bring in Lee win that first year to have him in I don't know how much they thought he would be used. The obviously wasn't a disaster area, but they had those veteran options vinnie to been. Any first year? And so I just I just wondered. Do you bring in a twenty year old number ten and say the team is his and Pellegrini's. Koran says because Ralph L. P. sorrow is just not good enough to carry guys in with seat enough. We haven't seen enough of interim. That's that's what it comes down to. Two Games is not enough of a sample size seen enough over and all be sorrow. We know how good is player. Right, he is not not not within. The whole. Setup give me twelve games and I say our though Presario came up or escapade, or did some different ten twenty six would also not changing the player he is in can chain Arlos. Zelezny your way. You can change the way he plays within the team. Though okay, that's fair, but I'm still paying. The bill is the best player of his generation in Mexico. and He's good enough to carry. What L. AFC's doing to some extent when necessary bizarro is not becoming that person right now, it could be become a vital part of his team, but. You're still not contending at the level of L. AFC with him as your best player in Major League sock. I mean it depends on what they do with the group around Bizarro. It's only two games in. Give give them a half a season. And then you can say he can or can't do something. It's just not enough time. And Charlie said his favorite part of the show is coming on in Japan. Hot Takes Mondays now. Is Putting a towel in. Cape Cod water because he doesn't WANNA get to. Hey. I'M GONNA give. Their fair shake because it's just not enough time to games, not enough time we get. We got two years so far with L. AFC. We've seen a lot. Villa approved the law and the report now is alive, so you're signing Indian Harwich. Nobody's surprised about because Andy was literally training last year like in celebration photos in the locker room like. With us for a while, we do zero chance we sign him. It's purely. We went wink. Yeah, definitely not so still just a rumor, but if feels like it's going to happen here and you heard Paul mcdonagh say. Once spot now short-term will in this show here with a fabulous Johnson to molest rumor. That was coming. You knew it was, says heard interested. Sti Soccer reporting that he's interested in moving Dallas I'm interested in like you know having ribs for lunch, but it's probably not gonNA happen for me. at. Let's say he's a Tam player. Where would you put them is Inter Miami place that he could go because Paul, did say we have that number one spot and we think we'll use it. You would seem like a guy that they would use it on. Does he fit in Miami and if not? Where could he fit? Where do you think he would be good in MLS? Everyone's just scanning scanning. Their brains allows looking at the allocation order so technically. L. AFC is one which they would use on the Har, and then all and Miami would be two and three would be FC Cincinnati. I don't know if you're FC. Cincinnati can let him drop pass you. He's willing to sign in your at the top allegation order to use on him because I don't know who else. You'RE GONNA use that spot. And I know they signed and Kubo and all these guys, but only played soccer in a year like I think he's been out, so you have the opportunity. Bobby Johnson's barely played. The last three years. Gregson was on a roster coming into this year. He was he wasn't being paid by Turkish team. I don't think so right. The either way guys good. I mean in this house embassies Hattie the guys a baller. You can see that he's a good player. Can also now rally sold on someone. He's seen twice. I hear me. You can tell if someone's a good player. Johnson's a high level player. I think the easy answer is. There's not a team he doesn't fit into. It's just where. Were other resources worth it for a lot of teams. Because he's. He's GonNa be thirty three. He's played a total of about. Eighteen hundred minutes over the last three years he's had. Two goals and one assist since the middle of of twenty seventeen. doesn't played more than two thousand minutes in a season. Excuse me since. Fifteen sixteen he's only score. He's only played more than two thousand minutes in a season once in the past half decade. I. We all know. IF HE'S FIT! Fabian Johnson is excellent soccer player. I seems crazy to me to expect him to be fit. As he hits his mid thirties and starts playing in a environment in terms of cheat humidity where he always looked uncomfortable for the US national team like volume. Johnson has very good games for the US He also has some very very poor games for the US, and it often seems to be climate related I like. I! I, if I was an MLS GM I would not use. Tam Spot on fobbing. Johnson I just can't see at working out. I agree with dose, as but you look at allegation, listen, it's like. Ninety Vancouver Orlando or the are three through six. Who else on the allocation order is even gonNA come back to MLS emmy. Is Fair but maybe instead of using the spot you. Flip like the galaxy maybe being interested because obviously get lost by and you know. A. Has Said we, WanNa crossing the ball. We need to keep crossing Volvo. And Fabian Johnson Excellent crosser of the ball. He can play either wing. He can play either fullback slot, so maybe he makes sense for the galaxy given but the. Death work, workout the trade. That's the one where I could see it yeah. Ara Sally could be an interesting one as well if this is a cheaper way for them to. Fail Wall Severino get bringing the next young guy getting some production than. Whatever it is that they would I mean they're not gonNA SLASH DP right now so that he would have to be a player. I don't think anybody would take a DP risk right now. Given the injury history. He has the ability. We'll see what happens in the show here and I I'd like to make this somewhat regular with A. His best take in the group chat that is also going on. Here's the quote for you red. Bulls are dark horse, because they don't actually win knockout competitions, so that's one hundred steak from this conversation which i. On a different day, I might stolen as my own. For US ten years of extra time, thank you guys for joining me today. Thank you for hanging out for years and years and years. Sandwich on this side? A! Single. This was the distraction for me. Smack last. Thirty minutes. I've just been staring at this beautiful sandwich. Is that a meatball sub? Hold on I'm GonNa Guess on that I think that's I think that is like cage in Turkey. Hole in is. Real It's Ham. You have men as tomato hot pepper. Hot Peppers and A slight. Couple of slight pieces of toasted Bacon. No I only there. On. Oh Gosh Stare at this for thirty minutes. and You wonder why I'm not on my eight-game because. I look at this. Look this is. My doesn't get the captain's armband. Because once his head gets turned. Back. Comes in with Jane and he likes. Life. Is that a pie in the second row. Thanks for joining us, it's everybody thanks for ten years. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We'll see on Thursday. Enjoy your weekend, everybody.

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Episode #1741 The New Phil Hendrie Show

The World of Phil Hendrie

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Episode #1741 The New Phil Hendrie Show

"The world, famous fill every show and Phil Hendrie show dot, com and record I'd like to say that I had been told that I cannot do the announcing. He's been told that hold on hold on. yes, Margaret. You have been told that you can't do the announcing since you. WanNa. Bring that up. I I. It's a little bit embarrassing. CAN WE TURN THIS GARBAGE DOWN? Please turn this satiric fill. This sewage that is masquerading as I really loved band. What's it called? People WanNa to know Margaret you. That's a little phony Baloney. Phony Baloney Anyway. What do you mean Sony? I've told you that when I hear music. That is stepping on me or going over top of me or whatever you call it. Out Yes. Robert Thank you drowning me out I. Hate it! I hate the guts of it. I hate the very parents of the people that wrote it. But once it's turned down and I'm allowed to speak freely that I love it. Yes. I'll fill. Don't give me that look as a unit. You think that makes sense never mind. Never, mind welcome to the program. Yes, that's right Margaret I've asked you not to do the initial announcing on the show because you get sidetracked with fistfights in all kinds of stuff. Fistfights what do you mean you're? Brandon. My knows everything. Yes, I cuff I cuff its face when it gets out of line. What's wrong with that? Well just to sidetrack, so let me look what we're doing now. You know, look what we're doing. With a dog. She! Bates you into that you see field. You really get you get feminine. Wait, wait, wait, wait look what we're doing now. We're getting sidetracked. Track because you don't have me. I'm GonNa talk calling the shots on the show mark know you wanna you WanNa. Fight me for control of this thing, but I'm calling the shots I am not i. Beg Your Pardon Ladies and gentlemen let the record show I am not fighting for control of the show. I'm fighting for control of my little piece of it mine. Yeah we all have our pizza talking about mine. I'll get mine I, want mine. You'll all get yours okay well. That sounds like a threat to. A little bit. Yes, it's not a threat. You'll get the do whatever you get to do. Whatever that may be and it may not be a whole hell of a lot on some shows considering how I'm feeling right now now. Let me just on wrinkle. The news copy here. We already did that. Yes, I know. But I liked to have the welcome to the program. Folks. We have well today. We got a number things first of all that whole thing going on in mckinney. Texas did USC at this general. What do you think they? Were you belching. Yes, I said. What do you think of that and I felt the gas come up and I did stifling well. What I think about it, is they. They, they had that cup down there now. Is that a cop? Or what was that may talked about? The one cup that was was small. The Small Cup apparently was a smaller man. Yes, they have small. See the PD and I suppose professional sources like that. Hold on from it. All I asked Margono speech all right fine. Was that a cop? Or what was it? It was a cop. Yes well the guy was four foot, nine or something you gotta be. Still. Wasn't he was a smaller man. It was a short shortcut probably about five five or something. I thought there was some kind of hype requirement. I think there is a height requirement was some agencies and some there isn't. What you be small and then another one they may let you be big, but that all depends on another one. What do you mean on another one type in some agencies? Yeah, there's a when WE WERE IN NEW YORK! I noticed that the New York police higher short men and women La I. Don't know whether they have little smaller cops. I don't know. What you just did when you said smaller you as your hands apart about the size of a milk bottle. What the hell are you trying to get at anyway trying to frighten me? What do you mean? Frighten you I don't need a cup going down the street. That's as big as a milk bottle I won't have it. I tell you general. Hold on wait I'm. I'm not talking about that. But what was that guy? I don't know and I'm not even GONNA I'm not gonNA speculate that the size of that cop had anything to do with what would happen, but that guy has been kicked up before we do any of that I think Harvey. Wasserman is going to have that news break, and then we have coming up bobby duly. Talk about what Bobby is here to talk about the whole gated community aspect of it. Yeah, Bobbie Dooley will be here to talk about the gated community aspect of it. Then, we have Dave. All of who will talk about the COP thing see I want to get to the bottom of that one. Now we're GONNA. Talk about how big that can be, but it will he get into the relative sizes of them the milk pilot so forth. They don't have another milk bottle size. You don't know that all right. Hold on. Yes, Dave will and then Jay. Santos is going to update us on Dan Amora and the guys that have escaped and frank will also be reporting in from. He is playing a round of golf, but he will reporting it. Wait hold on ESPN, hold on Phil. You want frank on the show. Yes, I do. Well he's playing a round of golf as far as I, know at Rancho Park. And while he is playing, he will be checking it. That's what he told. All, right? What is it with you? All of you know I'm GonNa. Have to report this the Frank. That Phil looked very uncomfortable when I told him you were playing around. Rancho Park and would be. Let me, just make some notes for fun Margaret you do that. Cabs drawing up doubts. Mr Great Mr Gray is GonNa. Hit an into battled institution. He's not GonNa hit into a mental institution. You Mental Midget, because there is no mental institution near Rancho Park. See all the air I had to expend to tell you that. That's all I'm saying is I could care less personally. You're about to say you could give a shit maybe. But. All I'm saying is that if he's distracted by his golf game, he won't be district. Frank Gray is a consummate professional and a great attorney I'll have you know. I well. I certainly understand the here is a Bob Bacon. The traffic tells what's out up here, Bob. How's it look out on the highways and byways this morning? Was Really. Appreciate Los. Angeles and anything can happen right now we got. The. Tom Tom. He went up and down there. If you're on the high fi sideway freely on the Pacific Coast highway, right now. There's a slide down a man. Flip down about plan that band spank. Monkey about the San Bernardino becoming from Riverside area, the love this WanNa make sure you've got a hybrid and make sure your mental midget hurt, too. Because if you are asserting yourself and there are some of the side of the world, you don't WanNa make sure that you got yourself player or some kind of Hash Baffin or a slapdash, and you got the right kind of hat. Hamper Dasher near you. With traffic? Now here with our good friend party. They were with a new Ad Goddamn. Everywhere but with the news break here on the Phil Hendrie show. I'm Harvey Weinstein Texas Oscar resignations over Putin party incident. Police came Krav action in that cyber. And I do you want me to? I tell you people. Don't want want to be interrupted. Harvey Your Miss I. WanNa, be interrupted otherwise you can take this entire segment Harvey Weinstein's news break and flush it down the toilet along with every other thing that we've ever tried to do for senior citizens fat a second field. How do you? How do you pronounce that one word police that killed? By. Police spelled P. All right. Okay, the police officer. CELLNET! Wrestling team to the ground at. Fat Pizza. Party resignation, Tuesday and city. Police. Yes, police chief! Okay Margaret, good for you. You Pronounce Police. I would think you would be an attorney. I guess I know look I accomplished like I don't necessarily know how to pronounce it. Anybody want to comment on that. We. Don't harvey just doing well your the general. Yes, it is watch how you talk to me. I'm a Marine Corps veteran. Go ahead. The. Big. Commits any. HEFF say. Grad. All Leopard or at an event. Brian effing that Oscar savage. Eric's taxable. Well one was out of control taxable residents resignation from the forecast. A rally. Day. Confirm. Excite I've got gas. I can't. I can't deal with Shit I. Felt so thank you very much. Harvey Hi. Harvey Weinstein with with with with the news. What are you looking at? I mean. Is that the news? Break what you know, you're gonNa have someone's going to hit the tell that guy. Nobody's GONNA. Tell them anything. You know he's GonNa. Tell them anything. You guys wanted it. Well I didn't think that the didn't know how to read. He knows how to read the problem is he has the wrong glasses every morning I told him I told him and I told him again. You get the glasses on. The. Disneyland ones don't WanNa do them. Even. He's wearing a Disneyland one. What is that his? His granddaughter brings him these oversized Pluto. Glad the hell happened to the thing there, but his granddaughter brings him these oversized i. don't know what they are Pluto glasses or something that she got from Disneyland. or He got, and he wears those. is He doing it for a gag I must know he's not would. You must know I've got doing a gag to please his granddaughter. That is very endearing, and I understand that, however if the old man has lost it to the point where he thinks these Gargantuan Pluto. Blesses are where it's at that right. There is scary. When I don't think so all right? Let's put it that way. I don't know I. Don't think so, but we'll find out point. Is You guys wanted that news? Break there it is. Going to be going off Accor- Arab I didn't understand it said about what he was talking about. Is this guy this cop and Texas resigned? His police chief said he was out of control. I don't suppose that's going to change the opinions of anybody that was you know defending the cops or anything, but a lot of people say I've Cox's Okay and everything going still think the same thing. You're not going to change the minds of people just because someone comes along with authority and with knowledge of the situation and says well. Here's what happened and They're all they're gonNA say they will. They're going to say that. The police chief was forced into saying that I. Force the guy in the sense that when the police chief say hey, you know. My officer was behaving properly I'm sorry that you know you guys don't dig that, but that's the case well. They think that there's GonNa. Be Some kind of a riot you know. Every time now I would dare say that well. I'm not even GONNA. Get into appeal. Don't do it all right. Fine fine fine fine. We do have bobby duly at the. Western states, Homeowners Association, and she is out there. They're doing a lot of planning still for aid summer tackler. They got coming up. Bobby is going to be talking with us about the gated community aspect of this thing, which a lot of people find absolutely fascinating I do to Bobby Goudie. How are you? Doing very very well. Thank you I'm so sorry that we are brought together. To talk about something so very very unfortunate. I'll. I'LL DO IT Steve Steve. I! Do leave my husband if here and we are hearing some music. Is that I'm sorry Phil. We are right now. We're doing the very last run through her fashion show. this evening where it is sex where part of. The presentation that's. Music Dennis. Suspect. I don't like this music speaks said this is the music we should use. Again I'LL DO IT Steve. Steve said that this is music. We can hear you say I'll do it Steve. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry sal. I I, no problem we can. If you have something you want to say, Steve but she's chastising him. I didn't want to be heard on the air every time I slapped down. That's. Literally. I guess you tend to. so we are doing. Doing a little run through I hope it doesn't somebody. No, no, no, it's fine. It's fine I'm bobby. We saw in the news yesterday that this event. This barbecue that was happening. That was attended by these young people was at a gated community of some kind. Did you see that? Yes, I. Did and I got? A lot of phone calls people. La Times. Everyone was calling me and saying is that. The kind of gated community you have and with the greatest of respect. To the people attending that barbecue, and does individuals that were I guess they're around the pool, sitting or laying on the. folding chairs they have. That's not really. It's not really what we do here. Yes, technically, it's a gated community, insofar as I, guess through the gate, and you have to have a code or be recognized to let it to be let in. But all similarities between that place in ours cease there. and I would not want anyone to Why are you saying that honey I mean the point is? Do you believe that that place is? Is. Socially is morally reprehensible. What what you find fault with well any number of things first of all the individuals that were there. I'm not talking about race now, I'm talking more along the lines of. who I would like to see photographs. We are very careful. at Western states, we try not to allow photographs to be. Put Him across We've tried to let photographs be taken. they're not flattering to our community There was a man who is photographed. who had Jean Shorts? Some kind of a Ban Lon? Short sleeved shirt tucked in. He was big and he. Does very big and. Already had the mustache. And he looked. He really looked as if he was someone I would buy something from not someone who would be purchasing. Something brings where we know pistol from Brazil where he looks like the guy to work produce. So, if you have anyone in your data community, who looks like someone you purchase something from Bristol Farm Avocados to someone who be in their legitimately and had every right to buy something there. That man looked like the man that you would go to the back and part the plastic curtain and say. You're out of shucked corn and he would come around the corner with the Apron. All right, what what you're saying is that Maddie looked like some kind of low class. Duly stood up. General. Though you've got spending it on. The guy looked like some slob. You Know I. Don't think we slop. SLOB, but you're taking seventy words I, don't you? Know. We're not seeing so many weren't. Bobby yes, you are basically hold on, guys because I really we if you don't mind all right ahead. Go right ahead every time you jump in you it up. Far Be from me to carve it up. Miss Duly. I'm trying to get. This thing moved along. Killed Phil Y'all go ahead. What's your problem? What I'm trying to get to something here? I guess you've got your. We have the fashion show. Yes, hold on! Let me just try this and now here comes Mary. Mary's wearing very thin luxurious thongs. It is very very thin. It barely covers what we would call the Golden Highway. Now as she turns, you could. The thongs slips down into the Canyon of design. And covers, but we like to call the toll road to the Hershey. High all right, okay. Hold on for a minute. Hold. Did you. Can say about it. Well I. Don't know what's going on there. Wow you know. Can we take a break here? I think you should feel I've never hold on. We're gonNA take a break. We'll be right back. Bobby Duly Steve Duly here the world famous Phil Hendrie show. They went to the western states. Homeowners Association just a very quick break. We'll get. They got a fashion show. Anders there, there's A. Only ruining. Exist Nolan Bobby Addicted reminding you to get your fill Henry show backstage passes Rubber Leonard Hitter. Stay Spans get two kinds of backstage. Pass. You can get the all access backstage. Pass, or you can get audio only. This is Margaret Ray telling you that if you visit the. Website, go to the online store. Many wonderful things their. General camera shot reminding you that it is our youtube channel the real bud Dickman Channel that also many people are discovering. I'm Phil Hendrie and put it all together. And what have you got you know? Why. That you. Every, show website. Client. Bobby. Steve Duly at the Western states homeowners association. We're talking about the events in mckinney Texas. The police officer Eric Case Bold has been fired as you know. There may have been other developments I. Don't know, but what's body I. Apologize Trying to to about not trying to embarrass you just saying that. Somebody announcing. You're doing I know. You said I didn't say that. It was all right to come on there and talk about the toll road to the Hershey highway or anything like that. Don't ask. What is your? I'll have to talk to the to to the Association Turney, but I was assured that we'd be able to do this as well as talked to you. I don't know Ms Duly. Henry either you want to do this or not. What am I doing in here? Do you mind undressing? Oh, excuse me. Boy. Would you get the hell out of here? Sorry There, so I just slipped in there. Saw My wife's. Wow You saw my wife will area I know. I did not averted my eyes. So I guess now you're stuck now. You have to allow me to do the announcing. Otherwise I feel sexual harassment, sexual bereavement, sexual beaver search. Okay, okay, hell is sexual government. My wife's. Never mind. Go ahead and do your announcing. Kim The Leotard now. This is me I'm going to be coming runway and I'm going to be announcing myself What do you mean you're going to be announcing yourself? Well. Why don't you have someone else? Do It do it. Do it. Why don't you have someone else? Do it because Margaret? One, qualified and capable to announce me as I come down the runway ready. And you're on. Now I'm coming down the runway and you can see me. I'm wearing almost a full body stocking. This is what we call the PEEKABOO Caraway Leotard. As I. Turn and here's what the audience will go. Through this again Steve I'm coming down the runway as I turn. Oh. We can't do that. We get back to the thing. Within the discussion of all. put that on hold for. So Phil. What we require here at our homeowner's association are people that if they are going to allow themselves to be photographed, and we are going to allow the photograph out. Then the photograph be speaks class culture, taste style, those are the six or five I don't know how many laps culture case in style. That's four. Okay, those are the four things. That we adhere to. You had the big fat man and the man that was on that tape. From Kenny with an oath. Then, you had a small police officer. Then you had teenage boys, and then, of course you had the black teenagers now. I never liked to see our black teenagers photograph without adults. And you dirty racist. I Beg your pardon. What do you mean you never liked to have the? You'll know what I said. Don't you that back, wait, wait hold on for a minute here. Hold on you that back. I will not wait wait. Now. Why would you call her dirty racist until you hear what she has to say? Well! Why would you do that? Go ahead, bobby. I, would go to say. Now. I'm going. Now I've got two things I get to do I. Get to do this whole fashion show with the breakaway. Her she. I hers away. I get to write Ville. I don't know anything about her. She highway and also get to call Margaret. A. Osei. You are a quivering cow. On. Now what I was going to say in Steph I don't like to see our black teenagers without our without their parents anymore and then I like to see our white teenagers without their parents. Oh, how do you feel now? You made that up just to make yourself look. How do you feel about it? I swear to. Save us a lawsuit. Otherwise I feel. Fine. So basically right, let me get which is one more turn, Phil then I turn. Off Steve It's not yet. It's all. All right. What are you trying to do? What what? What is it that you're doing I'm wearing the full body Leotard. That has a full open back. I turn. The Leotard comes apart at the hips, so you're seeing the back, exposed or the front when I turned, you see the back exposed, and we're anticipating at that moment. The the crowd in delight and desire will go like that Steve so far has been doing it wrong. And everything. Just do it the way she wants to. I'm trying to let you sounded the last time you went here Yours General. Let them do it, okay. Body walking down the runway now she turns Oh God. Dan Health Authority. Do it. One more time felt all right then. We're GONNA then. We got to get all right. I, don't care what you do. It's fine. I'm telling you didn't are gated community. We don't let some sal run around in her. Mill and we don't let we don't let the beast master who ought to be in the back at Gilson's or the a bristol farm turning the plums. What in the Hell Henry I. Put all of this on you. Naturally No, I do and it's time. When you call these people up. And you or or Dickman does, but you want to, and you tell them what you're. Get them under control. This woman hangs the phone up on you because she's trying to get to talk about the beach master when she was talking about the man in the back, the counts the plums. She was talking about the big. Fat slob that was on the videotape that mckinney Texas videotape that she said was the kind of guy. You'd buy something from not the Kinda Guy who would buy anything. Else. He said Gelson Lucy said boost farm. All right, so she said Bristol what temperatures event there is a distinct difference between the two cut ever. So the guy is there at WHO's. Been doing this doing Mr Henry is GonNa. Be Really let me do it. At, Bobby Bobby please don't hang up very frustrated. When I? When you go to the back and you part the plastic curtain and the big oath. Is there like the man was on videotape? That's the guy who gets the Santa Rosa Plums from. God, You know what I hate your guts. Please don't do. She hit by ball. What did you do I told him once, and I told him a million times not to use the term Santa Rosa Plums Four. You know what? All right I didn't hear him do that. Nobody would ha. Oh Big Wow! Nobody not made the connection bullshit. Nobody made the connection bullshit by body. You WanNa. Watch it. So. What's the next step here the next step? We're first of all speed the music. Oh started. Right now, Bob. People turn one more time. Steve Bobby turns one more time. That's what I want like there. I'm looking for that good man. That's what I'm looking for Steve. Stood one more time in Phil. Then I'll wrap up with the. do that. All right fine all right now. Bobby walking down the runway in the one piece tearaway Leotard. Turns Year. That's that's exactly what I'm looking for Steve Duly. As, she goes down the runway. You'll see the bobbies wearing. Heels from Burma Sacchi. She is wearing the anklet and she's wearing the necklace from glow. And, she's wearing a pitiful Tiara which is Brunette in color from Godzilla up, New York. Now she will turn you're. You're a fucking. All right. Are you guys done practising for now? Yes, Steve sit down. Sit Down and turn off. So what we are doing as we've drafted a letter to the people to mckinney. Gated community name of this community now I do not and frankly Margaret I don't want to know because if I find out, it will stick in my mind. God knows for how long I don't want to think of them any longer than I have to. But I would like to advise them if you're going to have residents photograph to publicly. The Homeowners Association there needs to take much much stronger hand that woman that waddled out into that and she waddled out into full camera view. Put a floor on Sarong Lou are what you call them along. what is a? And what does that a? General, thank you. She wanted out. All right, thank you very much, bobby. She wanted to move on and and these people are. should not be photographed. People off it's. Always cutting people off. But you all right. Yeah, well I was people off gag gaw. Gag. Steve the talked US bobby three. So, yes, and I think that what has really hurt that community. Is Not so much that there was anger. It has anger that was directed from the Tub of guts to the children. The TUB guts to the children I don't care what color it could have been a black mother to white children, a white mother, Tha Black Children, a mixed, a a mixed nutbag, a party pack what we call the party pack, or if you will the Mulatto or the Maluku What these terms. Very twenty below to I'm talking about. The people are supposed to what race. They are. Okay all right, so you're saying when that woman was yelling at them. It was the fact. She was a tub of guts. Yes, yes, yes, and then got into it with those those kids. So when you see a mother who is hammering on the head of a child. And she's wearing the move along and she is a party path. What did you say God David What? What what you say! She's a party pet. Generally what she's saying I in other words. She's a below. What do you call it the whole Indo? Blue Malato mixed race is what you're saying. But that's not what she was Cuban shift the Public God's. She was a roiling broiling moving and and. Consuming thing on the horizon that eventually when it was made known was wearing them along. had tear up. Okay, thank you I'm bobby telling Bobby? Thank you very much, thank you. or I mean. yeah my name's Mr Henry. Said Mr Dooley, what a moron! Why don't you shut up? Okay? You want me to shut up I. Tell You what why don't you shut me up? Take it easy, thank you. Don't let me fill. She exit on. Hey, look! You're the one that egg that whole situation on Edge Ron. I. Don't mean Egg. She wants a term. It's term us all right. You guys you don't get along, so let's face. It I tried very very carefully to get along with her well. You didn't try hard enough, okay? Oh, is that right? That's right. You didn't try hard enough and whoever allowed her. was that you since you want to do the whole? She wanted to do A. Like, what do you call a bundle fashion show then? Yes, you wanted to practice fashion show. Go okay. Yeah, that would probably be. That would probably be acceptable. I said, but you have to make. A difference hold on general, not done yet. Look. Art I'm not done yet. General I'm trying to get sick because Mr Henry. You want to go ahead. Now, I said that'd be acceptable. But. You can't go like turn and your, but is going to be there and everyone's going to go. Yeah I, said no, no, no a thousand times now, and she still done it. Well, even proof there that the woman is out of control all right well. We'll have to talk to her. You know, but I will tell you the the gated community some of the gated community insight. I was hoping we would get. was a little on the weird side any other news that we have the the end of Lacey. Pe- is asking for US Justice, Department, Review of the procedures the mckinney police department. This is happening now you know well. It's happening because what they're finding out is a lot of these thirty five. What do you mean? Barney fife I mean a lot of these police forces. They got nothing, but a bunch of Barney. Fife sort around on it. They got the US. Justice Department to look into each and every one of these police agencies to make sure they're adhering in the Constitution of the America. You know we're gonNA find out saw. Black super rights well yeah I. Mean That's that's. It's unfortunate, but you can have a police department that has the authority that a police department has. And it turns out that they may be running roughshod in terms of people's individual rights. I'm not seeing a strobe about mckinney. I'm not even saying true about anybody. But but when they went down to Ferguson and took a look at it, then whole place was a man. It was a Zuid half. there was a press conference. The police chief defended the actions of the other officers, but he said the The police officer filmed His actions were indefensible. He said the police officer is out of Control it showed the video case bold, who's white pushing a bikini-clad black teenager to the ground, last Friday and brandishing his gun at other black teens after he and other. Other. Officers responded to complaints about the pool, party, the actions of Casebook as seen on the video, the disturbance at the community pool are indefensible. He had originally placed the former Texas state trooper on administrative. Leave the incident this case to be a trooper now. That's a pretty hot stuff. Yeah, state, trooper, you kidding me, Texas, troopers and everything now wait a minute man. That's different. Yeah No, it's not. It's the loan. It's the lone ranger, though stay to the lone ranger. What do you mean the lone ranger? The Texas Rangers Different From the troopers. What are you doing thirty two to review? You're putting your fingers around here until you're looking at people like you're like. You're running some kind of an apollo thirteen. It's about to blow up again. I'm just saying the Texas Rangers are different while they did. I don't know just different. You know will thank you for that explanation I. How tell me Tell You the Texas Rangers? where the big hat all right? Yeah, a Dickman don't piss me way go ahead. The Texas Rangers where those big hats. And they've got the big You know the star and walk around like there's. No like their shit doesn't stink. and what is it Texas trooper? At a Texas trooper is a guy that's got. He wears the uniform. And they walk around like they're. You know what doesn't stink pretty much. And you being serious I. Don't know you asked me a question. I'm trying to give you an answer I think. The Texas Rangers are like the FBI of Texas but does it what touches they wanted to. What does in Texas just open up at Department of State notes thing you know they'll succeed. Then next thing you know. The one I cut a deal. The United States defend them as they send their crap all over the world, and trying to trade it with the south in the North Koreans. Kid Out all right all right. let's not get into that. Okay repaired by the way is running for president. Jesus Christ coddle. I would think you'd be very excited about that. Why what? What? On? What about me, says dimwit? Is there something on my forehead I've always thought you were a bit more conservative can. We can talk about that at some other date. If you don't mind, we'RE GONNA be right back in the world. Famous Phil Hendrie show coming up Dave all of to talk about the hiring and firing a police officers. How's it done specifically this whole discussion we got into about how tall guy was. One Cup was too short. No, no, no, no, no I will not accept that damage. A midget cop and you. Well. We'll be right back. world-famous Phil. Hendrie show this Nigga wish. Army. Chip Canaan and I have been a backstage pass holder for so long I. Just can't believe it. I love it I have an all access pass also I get to be involved in the chats that they have on Friday night with Phil. Hill tell you things about his life. It's neat. The. It's the all access pass from Phil Hendrie Show Dot Com. Get One you get A. TURT- description, but you get the all access one. That's better. Phil Hendrie show from the L. Pacifico in southern California the. Guy On TV, right now named Albert breer who looks like a young Casey Kasem. Margaret, grey. Cup in the not throw it back here on the show. That is the the music of Travis Scott. What do you think of that thirty five hundred? Travis Scott Brand new. To Man said. caboose Travis Scott the guy that singing right now, okay? okay, you know what you've got until you got that. God used by language that God Damn Diane Keaton she couldn't sing. If you put a gun a loaded shotgun to her head and every kid she ever adopted. Diane Keaton Cheryl. All Right? She's got voice. What remind Diane Keaton singing here. I can't stay whoever that is. I can't stand the sound of her voice. Did. She adopt a bunch of Kids I. Don't know to be honest with you. All right so we have Dave going to jump in here with us and talk at this particular juncture of the program about the hiring and firing police officers Dave I. Know that you probably were following the news. As much as anybody else and. What do you think? Well I mean first of all machinery. My condolences go out to the people of gated community, or whatever it was I heard body. Do they talk about it? you know there's a lot of people's. You, know I mean that's not lapd I can only vouch for LAPD. Place, but I WANNA be any PD's is where it's got to be. If I wrote it, so you know I don't know if you want me to sing it. Head, what does this is? P. D. is for me. LAPD is a place to be we're. Do I WANNA BE LAPD. Added to the sound of of of of of you know. That's that. What what what is this a song? You WanNa spend the whole time. Yeah, we have things that we're GONNA. Talk to them about zoom. Look ahead. Semester I'll go ahead. We'll. Go ahead okay, goes. No, no, no, no, no, no, no no NA NA NA NA. Na Na NA. No, yeah, no, is it a whole bunch of other stuff? And it goes. LAPD. Place. I WANNA be Batman. That's for me. Be Five. To be b by the Petey. No. No, no, no, what? Is that the whole song? You're generally just going on another not and five. It's an old son General. It's an old Aren Beeson. Called Again It's called thousand dancers. Irene into its own land of the LAPD. which would be la you know, and that's what I? Was GonNa go land of the NFC deeper into parenthesis? or how they say parenthetically, was that parenthetically? parenthetically, it was okay, so it's called LAPD, parenthetically, the L. Airline with no, not A. Landed a LAPD critically. WOULD THAT BE LA okay, so? That's the name of it now that we got the name dot, US going. Like 'cause, this is a this is the old land of thousand dances, so people know. Donna and I want sing it like a like a Hannibal in in Carthage Not Hannibal and the Carthaginians. In Canada the head hunters. Cannibal headhunters Hannibal the Carthaginians. You know something. Just general, don't hold on. I don't know whether you want to be a cop. I historian or just stick with that auto detailing business IRA idea, the whole thing's has to pieces fit. Like a cannibal in the. In and I'm sorry. Man Hannibal and and the and the kid and the kid killers not. Tech are you serious so cannibal and the headhunters? Owners Cannibal in the kitchen, bitching I'll bet you like something as sick and twisted sadistic that just sing. The Song Goes I. You gotta stick it like that you know. No No, no, no, no I'm not on on on on Nah non on Oh okay. Everybody come on. A lot of people right you know. Why are you singing that as if someone has remained you with a road Ruder, that has razor blades on the end of it. Word you general just this is the way the original song. Never mind. Just sing it Williams. God Man. You know you need a vacation. No I. Don't need a vacation. I need people to sing the freaking song well. Goes. Na. Na Na NA NA NA NA NA NA. Hold you want, but it's not. I do the part where it goes everybody. He wants to know you don't yeah. You can't average he. Goes. No No, no, no, no, no, no I'm on a non on not yeah, not Nah Dickman And that goes like you got to learn how to don't know if that's the other one. PB Pan. For me, I like to era td a law. That's the place gotta be We're WHA-. Then it goes What's for me? F- PD What's for tea? Party thanks a lot. Dave about it. That's that's all we need. So up! This is the song that you wrote for the LAPD. GonNa, get you into. A pastiche Kennedy Fester. I don't know I mean no I. Just think you know it's by saying. Hey, you know if if I can grease the wheels a little bit. Here's a thing I. You know like if they say I mean do. What is your last name? Ola? Are you having a hard time with that? Because my father's name was deeply before he changed to all of. When he came over. When he came over from where Czechoslovakia? You're not even Hispanic. Mostly Hispanic on my mother's side, but my father was tickled. He was tickling. So how is it kid Lewis Lavar? Then your. Dad's name was Duke. Louis but I changed. or he changed that one because everybody in the family was only. Do I actually my mother's name. Your mother's name that ain't the way it's done supposed to have. The dead name could do it anyway I. WanNa do it man. No, that about you, Dave, so your father was Czechoslovakian. Do you have any contact with that side of the family? Not really no, I mean. My father came over after the checked up after the to the. Schickel Slovakian after it was invaded by Russia and my father got out, and he came over to America, but he was really young, but then he met my mom, and and your name is which is the mother's name yeah? My father didn't WanNa have no Czechoslovak name or anything. He adopted the ways of the of the. We're like my dad says he adopted the ways of of the MOM and I go. Even my mom goes yeah I go what? Kind of weirded out and everything. Yeah, well, it's pretty weird. The named Duke Louis. Came, and but that's my dad's name. Don't mess it up, okay, but the obviously the family abandoned it. Let, let's get on with what we're saying here. We have Dave on the line with us, ok, but it goes like man. I don't WanNa hear that song anymore. Man. We're talking about the hiring and the firing of police officers. Yeah, well, I mean. It seems to me. If you're talking about mckinney, we know, but mckinney now why the the whole thing that we'd reason why we got you on here. What's it again? My Name's Deborah God man know who he is all of. Whose this deeply! That's my bad man. He came for Charleston from. He came over from Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia all right I. Know who that is. We want to know about this this cup? The Cup that cut suspended actually got fired. And he was suspended then he quit. I guess that COP is four foot to is data blue Goddamn at Frodo no, yeah. I know I get stuck to. This is I have to tell everyone. Latest, we all get stuck in this five foot. Two Eyes Bloop, so please forgive US I. Don't you guys do well I? Do a Mr Okay fine. How do you know the guy was five foot two I? Don't I mean I'm just saying if you look at the guy. He was much shorter than the other police officers that had made that that we're responding to the initial call. Okay, 'cause I, you'd have the initial call then you have the responding officers. Don't you have the on the scene? And then you have what's called the lead the lead agency? Okay, like for instance if it was if that dude was still a Texas ranger, well, I mean, he wasn't Texas Ranger. Was Never. Texas Ramos a Texas trooper if he was still Texas Cooper. But I showed up and I was Texas. I was a Texas Ranger. Fat chance that had happened. God Man that's cool. I don't mean any offense day, but you're gonNA. have to go a long way before you become one of the fine esteemed man at the Texas Rangers. As, they do man you know what say that again. You don't even know what a Texas Ranger does not even know what a Texas Ranger is yeah. You don't even know you guys sound like a hearst. You sound like the Hershey twins with the squirts. You know all general. You don't know what a Texas Ranger is. So what are you give it a whole song and dance about it for because it's an esteem. I know that the never buy. Texas long razor right there, the lone ranger, but whatever I mean. Let's say that the first guy on the scene was this guy casebook. And I show up okay this while I'm six foot one okay, and that guy's five foot two I, the blue or what you will do, should you know what's the five foot two? So she, so he she, he is short short. If I show up I'm like Texas. Ranger and I go. Hey deeply and I do think that'd be my. Case both. What's up man and he's all little tiny Texas trooper as all. Oh I. Don't know. I. Don't in looks like there's some black people here. Hey, back off cooper back-off. Texas Ranger I'll take over from here. And while you're at it man as long as you're down, there man, you might give him my boots or punish. That'd be a riot. Okay fine, so you get the jokes off at the expense of the guys hype these jokes. These highest jokes I think are very highest. General give it a rest. Everybody else gets to do the Oh God. There's no such thing as highest. There's all kinds of bigotry in this world general. We might as well try and not. Extend the jokes all of it. Okay. I was simply saying that guy was. Never mind. I've got a million lines I could use here, but I'm the guy that's GonNa sit here scratching by not sniffing fingers and waiting for a better day. That's about it only what I'm saying. Is it up there and let's forget about whether you're a Texas ranger or whether you're a Texas trooper. Let's say you got a five foot. Two is a blue God damnit. Would you knock off with that? Let's say you got a little tiny guy. Five three. Okay, yeah I would say to that officer. I'm sorry, but you know what you're not big enough. Because here's what happens during I think this the psychological part of it and I think this is what the whole thing. What happened to the guy what what what went over there? When you're five foot, two and over a girl can do to you. Has Anybody seen by Gal we. I five when you're short got when you're short. All of a sudden, and you go over there. You're short and you're white. Not as all these big tall well, nutrition, well-nourished, Young African American teenagers, and you're all. Oh, God man, I'm in the land of. The Hill I'm in Hell. Man I'm little. I'm white and I used to be a trooper. And now I'm just a mckinney COP. It's bad man. It's bad. Well I. Mean then you just you your gun, you know, and that's when if there isn't like a Texas ranger like if that's what I would be. Or. LAPD IF I showed up. LAPD showed up. Didn't mckinney COPS would back with the hell off because we would have the jurisdiction you? Can you don't have any jurisdiction there when you talk about yet, but you know what you're talking about man. WHY WOULD LA PDF jurisdiction in Texas? Well okay, you're right. I mean what I meant to say. You're going to make a great cop. If you get out of the first graders, thing LAPD. They'd have to be a Texas like you were saying that Texas. S. Stupor not the Texas through the Star Trooper. It's a Texas trooper at Texas troopers. What are you? Oh, yeah, that's right Texas. Trooper would have joe if they were the lead agency, but the Bikini cops for the lead agency. That's right lead agency. You know what you're. You got a lot a long way to go before you become a cop or really. Mystery says because you don't even know what lead agency is you don't know who has jurisdiction. You don't know how tall someone should be. You can't say five foot two eyes of. Did the same thing. Five two I have bloomed I, didn't say thank for two I of blue. Oh my God, Jesus, Christ. The cuts on one I. Blue Eyed Freak, five foot, two with one blue eye. Friend. You know what I consider myself dead. I'd go ahead and put my hands up and say you know what without depth perception. You're probably GONNA put a bullet right through my mouth. Well I think that's very wrong. Because if there was a Texas super there or I mean not a temper and it never mind okay, never mind. I think that what you're saying is the every police agency has a different standard and I don't think you've made a case at all. That five foot two is a blue. Or. Anything else is necessarily too short. I think he has I. Think what you're saying. That cop was was. It was too far down in terms of perception to see what the hell is going on, I think he was blocked by knees I think kneecaps blocked in okay. Dave thanks very much band, but very very best of luck work on that song. I'm going to work and I when I when I finished it. DIGIT NON-COMBAT I come back and sing your song. Day Okay again NA NA NA. No, it's got us on. Like Hannibal the kid could not the killer. Do, that one more, it's Hannibal and the head and the head hanger. Cannibal and the headhunters. Accountable hit owners by good luck with that. I don't give a shit what he was going to say I got. I got to get out of the bit. You know this is. This is part and parcel. I think of how wrecked and carved up and. We don't even have time now for Jay Santos and a report on Dan Amora. We'll do that tomorrow. Something tells me. You'll do it tomorrow. Yes, we'll do it tomorrow because something tells me. WE AIN'T GONNA have time. To we don't have any time. We've run out of time now. I will simply say this to you. the data more with US Jay Santos. He's up there playing. GRAB ASS parking lot. There was a report of. What report? Here they got a report from the dental or police for the New York State police that there were some guys and I'm quoting here. Can I have that? Individuals Conseil citizens. Auxiliary Police California and the New York state simulated, please. Play grab ass throwing a football playing catch running around the cars. Et Cetera et CETERA. Oh for Christ's sake. See what I'm saying. Every and that guy shadows is doing that in the name of your show old. I will figure it out. We'll figure it out I. Promise You I can assure you. We'll figure it out. We'll have Santa's tomorrow and we'll figure out. What in the name of God and and man has to have. we thank you very much for listening to this show world-famous Phil. Every show Phillipi show dot com. World famous villain show executive produced by Phil Hendrie, Foresee Emperor Incorporated. All rights reserved on podcast one I'm Margaret Gray. An ASS. I told you. Not. To member you methadone. They may not even have you back on. Care Man. J. Sandwich from upstate New York and we'll be here on your porn. Would not. We weren't playing. Grab Ass. On here.

Phil Hendrie Texas Bobby Bobby Na NA Margaret officer Dave I. Steve Steve Texas Rangers mckinney LAPD Homeowners Association Mr Henry US WanNa Harvey Weinstein Man Hannibal mckinney
Dave Revsine helps preview The Big Ten's opening weekend

The Audible with Feldman And Mandel

38:54 min | 6 d ago

Dave Revsine helps preview The Big Ten's opening weekend

"Welcome back to the latest edition of the audible presented by Trader Joe's I'm Bruce Feldman joined by my colleague, Stewart Mandel, and Stu we have a really good guest today since the big ten is about to get underway who better to have on than bt on his own day revson yet dave knows that conference cold and interested talked to him about his thoughts on some of the teams also just You May Remember Him Irian Kevin Warren back on that day the big ten originally shutdown then just kind of the the. Odyssey that he experienced from there in terms of whether, the conference was going to come back or not. So let's get today. We're pleased to be joined now by our good friend. Dave. REVSON. Big Ten network. I don't know if you guys heard there's big ten football coming back this weekend starting Dave's network Friday night. With Wisconsin Illinois Dave. What's this I know. I. Know a lot of people are excited about this. I got imagine nobody's excited in the big ten hour. We are thrilled I had heard rumors about this Stu I'm glad you could confirm it is back this weekend fired up. For us I mean it's it's crazy. We're GONNA have more conference games on our air than we have ever had before. We will have every team at least twice with. Typical season but often it's one non conference in one conference game but we're guaranteed obviously because there are only conference games having to conference games now for every team. So for us I mean, we have four games. This weekend be extended out to the whole Fox family of networks, which, of course we are were partially. Owned by Fox sports, you know you get a game on F S One game on Fox as well. I mean you're talking six of the seven games are are on the Fox family network. So that's That's pretty amazing but four on bt and and we're just thrilled to get going. Dave I. Feel I know no of the no other conference network dives in as deep as you guys to and have been for years for folks who probably haven't watched. I think some of the must see if you're a big ten fan. Is when you guys go on the road and you do your spring tour you go on your camp tour in it's it's you Howard and Jerry, and it's really You, know it's Kinda. Must see if if you cover her care about big ten football in so all that to get to this. What was it like for you? Any en really your to two buddies, Howard and Jerry who spends so much time together in a so invested in that conference to watch everybody else obviously not the PAC twelve but almost everybody else back in the swing of it and you're on the sidelines just trying to read the tea leaves on if there's going to be season or not. It was painful Bruce I mean look I understand the rationale, and certainly if we want to get into the rationale we could. So I I got it. I mean, we're in a pandemic and they WANNA keep people safe and so I understood all of that. So it wasn't painful because I disagreed or I think it's one of those reasonable minds can differ. Type of scenarios, I don't know that anyone knows what the right answer is or was because we we can't see the future here. But it was painful just in that. I really liked those guys I mean this is our fourteen year working together and bt, and then I, work with Jerry for two years prior to that at ESPN. And we hosted a show every week together and traveled together as well, and so you know those guys are part of the rim of my life they really are and and so not being on that bus with them for eighteen days. Hurt it was painful I, missed it, and then I would also say it's very valuable to us. So above and beyond the fact that we really enjoy one, another have a great time going out for good meals and swapping stories and finishing each other's jokes and all those things that you do when you have known someone have such great chemistry as the three of us do with one another just genuinely like each other. we also learn a lot on that tour I. mean it is invaluable. And I think we have always prided ourselves on. On the fact that we know more about our teams that anyone else does and I don't mean that as a put down of anyone else because look I I worked at ESPN and I took great pride in what I did covering all of college football. And I felt like I knew the most that I could possibly know position but there's just something to be said for going and watch every team go through camp I mean if we didn't know more than everyone else we. Like, there'd be a problem, right so so that that's kind of what I'm saying here and and we just missed out on that this year, and so I think it's it's GonNa be challenging. We certainly all have a lot of connections and resources now within the League and people that we can turn to find out information. But. There's no substitute for your own eyes and ears, and for talking to people in for having that quick. Two minutes with the wide receiver coach who have known for Awhile and you get a chance to what's going on with your group. And we didn't get that this year and so that that part of it is is really challenging and I think that. In a year that is so different in a year where there is less information than they're typically is we're kind of in that boat to I'd imagine it's going to it makes it harder for you to like I've always said to people you know my my preseason predictions would be a lot more accurate if I had the magical ability to go and watch practice at every team in the country, right? Now it's not possible bur from a time perspective and also like most of the schools won't let us watch their practice or not most but a lot and you guys obviously afforded that that luxury. So. Do you feel like you. You must go into most seasons feeling like you've got you've always gonna be surprises, but you've got a pretty good handle on who Who Your who you think we really good who you think is probably not as good as maybe the public realizes at you feel like you're just kind of guessing about how this seasonal play out we have a lot of institutional knowledge. You. Have a lot of built up right a reservoir of knowledge I mean I would just use the example of Joe Milton at Michigan. I watched Joe Milton quite a bit when we were there in preseason last year I remember coming out of there fact I think I said it on our set. That they have a great situation here in the they had three guys who I felt like we're really good now of course still McCaffrey has left the program she patterson left but we watch show milt last year, and so we obviously saw a little bit in games last year but but there there is you can be a little bit ahead of the curve I watched Spencer peach slash sheer got a sense or a good big physical kid good arm. So it's not like I feel like I'm flying totally blind but yeah, it's different. I mean. Again. It would be selling short. What we do every year which I think is incredibly valuable. It would be selling it short to say that not doing it doesn't put disadvantage compared to other years it absolutely does. it is incredibly incredibly valuable. Now, we still get it wrong, and of course, we don't always agree with one another but there are there are years where you see a team I mean I would use Nebraska last year I know a lot of people pick them to win the West. We went and saw them last year and I mean I think it was obvious. There were some challenges upfront on defense. And the maybe that would be somewhat of a limiting factor, but I still think we left Lincoln thinking that was a really good competitive team, and again they lost a lot of one score games I'm not saying they weren't but but I, still thought they had a good chance to win it last year when we left there and they clearly were never really all that close to winning it. So so we get it wrong sometimes even even after seeing the teams but but I do feel like just kind of being able to eyeball. Guys who are going to be thrust into roles they hadn't been in before. That's something that you can do. You can get a sense for depth particularly along the lines that we weren't able to do this year. So yes, do. Think we're at. Disadvantage certainly. One, and then once again into week one, you know I am going to spend most of my week next week. Watching Games back and just really familiarizing myself with. Okay. What happened at this left guard battle and how did they resolve it and and how did that line look and all those things? So we'll catch you up. But. The. preseason advantage. I. Think in the gate it. You. Mentioned Joe Milton. I WanNa just kinda start there. So Michigan, Loses Nico Collins One of the best receivers in the country he's off to the NFL. Now, I've heard good things from the guys I know on that staff about some of the young guys now fast they are and will see it's the second year in Josh Gad assists them what realistically do You expect from Jim. HARBAUGH's team right now everybody's going to be talking about how I stayed is the clear favourite and then I think some people may like Penn state more because at least you know a little more about Sean Clifford and quite honestly James Franklin Beaten Ohio State Jim has not. So what do you think Michigan fans should be expecting in twenty twenty? Well. Let's look at it. This way they went nine four last year. They lost ten players to be NFL draft. The only school in the country that lost more was L. S. U. All Ohio state also lost ten. They were decimated on the offensive line. And that would have been an area where I would have loved to have seen what was going on there because I know they're excited about some of these younger guys. But the truth of the matter is Jalen. Mayfield's really the only truly known commodity there, and then they were fortunate to have income back because he originally opted out. So I look at them and to me, the questions are early on offensive can they become more explosive? This is not been a particularly explosive. Offense, and again as as you pointed out I, mean you lose down when people's Jones Tariq Black Nickel Collins. So you can Giles Jackson be that guy? No, they're really high on him and so maybe he can become a really explosive play. Jay hennings really highly recruited I. Know They love their running back room. But. That's a tough situation. Is Tough situation right off the bat because they're playing MINNESOTA? WHO's really good. now lost a lot on defense but again, if you're Joe Rossi experienced coordinator, don't you go after Milton a little bit and Milton didn't have the advantage of playing games against lesser opponents to figure it out and get his feet wet here. I mean you go into the deep end, their crossovers, Minnesota and Wisconsin I think Indiana's really good in that division to I'm not sure if you did just strip away the names in Michigan just team may team be he said what they have coming back You might lean toward Indiana Nano Indiana's beaten anybody beating ranked team other the Michigan State. Or Michigan State team ended up being three nine. So, you could say with Indiana, I'll believe it when I see it but. But I don't see Michigan in in a position to really. Challenge Ohio state at least on paper. Again, we didn't get to see him so knows. But but to me, you know based on what we know based on what we've seen based on schedule. I still think there are a notch below I I know it pains Michigan fans and and maybe I'll be proven wrong. But but I don't see a reason to think otherwise right now. I mean if anything feels like over the last couple of years, it's I mean especially given how lopsided the the last two Ohio State Michigan Games have been in Michigan one nine and fourteen last year it seems to me like there's almost a resignation at this point that as much as that should be the standard Ohio state that. That's just not it's not realistic anymore now maybe not realistic or anybody maybe Ohio states foreign away above everybody else in the conference but I mean just the fact that you know Michigan's opening with Minnesota and it's considered a tossup game I think tells you that I mean they've they've Ohio state replying Minnesota the point spread would be would be a lot higher obviously but. Do you think Ohio state I? Mean I feel like Ryan Day kind of set the tone for couldn't have set the expectations much higher and I know why he was why he said at the time I mean he's trying like any coach would do to save his season. You know he said that this was a once in a lifetime team. Do you feel that this this team does have that potential because yes justin fields back lot. We know they're always talented, but they did lose some some pretty significant players from last year's team. Let me say one last thing on what you said at the end there I'm Michigan which got me thinking I mean to say it's unrealistic. I mean to quote Brady Hoke Michigan right like like how can be unrealistic like to me I get it states really good which they have bill soon, advantages that Michigan doesn't have I mean maybe a little bit better high school football. In the state. They don't have to take you know you have Michigan State within the State of Michigan who has been really good I mean you could argue the last decade about an average level. They've been better than Michigan although certainly there now in a in a rebuilding mode. So I, I just can't accept that Michigan the winningest program of all time in college football the most big ten titles ball time. A can't accept the notion that how can you say and I'm not necessarily saying you're saying this but like should it be realistic Amino housemate insurance. If it's not then. Why isn't it? Right? I mean you have so much going for you but but you're right like Ohio state is is cranking on all cylinders. They have not missed a beat with Ryan Day I mean to take over for one of the guys who you know arguably is on the Mount, Rushmore certainly of modern college football in urban Meyer and to say you got better the next year. I know they did lose a lot of the draft I brought up at the amount of thirteen returning players who had all conference mentioned last year, which is the most in the big ten. Huge. OPT back. INS. which really help them I mean to be getting Sean Way back is enormous. In that secondary. On the offensive line you know having why Davis comeback is huge. And then you have a fabulous quarterback I mean. On the very short list of heisman contenders. In. Justin feels I don't see any obvious weaknesses I mean I. Think Defensive Tackle is maybe a place where you you don't have experienced depth. Do you have a real study at defensive and I know in talking to urban that's something where he's kind of Said Hey. They've been this in recent years on the buses on chase young. Is there someone like that? One hundred percent clear. There is, but you're really nitpicking with them and then their schedules really favorable. Nebraska Illinois are there crossovers? Yeah. You go to State College. I mean what differences make whether it's homer, road. Deal with that white out, so. I don't know I to me it's Ohio state and everyone else in the big ten and I, you know, I, think the journey brown injury but a little more distance between them and Penn State. They'll stay certainly as some real high level players I just think they have more question marks. Ohio state certainly has the fewest questions of any team in the league. Back to the podcast in a second but first bruce, a word about door ash might go to on Saturday night while watching college football not time to cook no time to even get in the car go pick up something of course, I want something delivered to my door, and that's what you get with door Dash Jordache is the APP that brings you. Food, you're craving right now right to your door ordering his easy open the door dash choose what you wanna eat and your food. We left safely outside your door with the new contactless delivery drop off setting with over three hundred thousand partners in the US Puerto Rico Canada and Australia. You can support your logo twos or choose from your favorite national restaurants like. Wendy's and cheesecake factory. 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So after that once I get home I think, I'm GonNa, need a bureau two and I am proud to say I think the audible will break some new ground here for the athletic in all our podcast we ever first beer sponsor how `bout that Stu it's a landmark moment and I feel like you are going to tell our listeners exactly how you're going to be winding down on Saturday. Yes. With some cores light, I'm proud to say we have partnered with coors light. And here's the thing. So of course, I wants you to know that no matter what sport is on this fall Saturdays or your time to chill even if your team isn't even playing this year, there's still plenty of teams and sports on your TV that can give you the excuse to chill and drink a beer. Why wouldn't you at this point? Just relax a little bit especially, all the Games on TV what better way than to plunked down her couch with a core as light and maybe some chips or whatever else favorite snack you have. It doesn't matter whether your team is playing even what sport is playing coors light is the official Burger of watching any sport or any team. Just to drink a beer. So flip through the channels, find a sport and crack open cores light watching football is therapeutic to so many fans. It is uninterrupted. Me Time ended an excuse to chill and drink beer. So here's the deal coors light is the one I choose when I need to unwind one you should choose if you need to unwind. So when you WANNA hit reset reach for the beer that's made to chill get coors light in the new look delivered straight to your door at get coors light dot. com. Dave for me the team that I'm probably most intrigued by going into this year. Now, I'm not saying it's the best team obviously, but the team most intrigued bias Iowa. Certainly they replace Nate Stanley but you know we've we both heard good things about Spencer Patriots who's come in there but also obviously a lot of stuff happened to the Iowa program with the crystal investigation in his exit and just a lot of things coming to light with Kirk furnaces program this off season yet they have a lot of speed at receiver Goodson is a really a big time running back I think and their offensive line should be really good getting a key Grad transfer from Indiana to me they. Are My sleeper team in the big ten and the team that I think will be the team that ends up winning the West. WHO's the most intriguing or who would be your sleeper that's kind of under the radar that you're saying, Hey, I think people are not talking about these guys enough though I was really interesting and I agree with you I mean I think some things set up really well for them particularly steps in and is good at figure out a way to be a little more explosive on offense but. I agree with you know Smith Marquette is a really good piece in and you can move around and and I think to a lot of interesting things with him and we saw. In the ball game last year. So they would be on that list. I hinted earlier. I really think Indiana is is. A team that no one is talking about because it's Indiana because they don't have a great history I. Think these are the highest. For them in years, they won eight games last year, which was the most since nineteen, ninety, three there one shy of the school record. They had Tennessee beat the game and just kind of let it slip away and they had several games last year where they lost in the closing seconds right free games that they would have won that they didn't. So to me I, you know they bring back a ton. They love Michael Panics, a quarterback, and if he can stay healthy, you can see why they have a tremendous wide receiver in watt failure They have depth concerns on the offensive line and you mentioned quite Cronk Leifer Iowa Net and it is a big loss for them but but they've got a lot there in terms of I like that that starting group. I think they're really good up from defense. He made it Tom Allen made a good move last year turning the D. over to Kane. Wyoming, and just saying I can't wear both these hats. I can't be a defensive coordinator head coach. They have some very good talent Air Mike McFadden leading the way at at linebacker I, really like him. I just think this is a team. That's Kinda. You know the question for them is, can they beat the elite teams in? It's staggering dies I mean. They're last seventy, three games against Ohio state and state in Michigan. They have lost seventy two of them. So I. Like to say, they haven't been able to get over that Hump I. You know it's incredible. How tough it has been for them to beat the teams. Accenture Lana. Then if you throw a Michigan Stadium, it's easy to last eighty four against those. So. It's a pretty big hill to climb. But I just think on paper if you swished Michigan and Indiana and you said, tell me you like more based on what they have returning now again, recruiting rankings all that stuff you'd say Michigan. But. Man. I. If you were to go with experience and what the different players have done in the league, what they accomplished. I'd probably go Indian. I'm with you. I'm high on Indiana I'm also high on perdue getting back You know I felt like they had like the worst injury asthma last year regained background more and just schedule not having a play I, you're talking about eight games. You know who you don't play is can make a huge difference in the standings and they don't play Ohio State? Penn. state or Michigan who is let's go opposite. Who Somebody that people assume we'll be good. And maybe has some issues. Well. I mean, I think Wisconsin. You'd never doubt Wisconsin Tan just because year in and year out there. So consistent, they know who they are. Are they've won at least ten games. Five of the last six years I mean they have a very clearly defined personality. and. They really understand how to recruit to it and to play to it I think they'll be tremendous on defense schimdt Leonard is. I East really proven himself. I think to be a gifted coordinator and had taken over for a couple of guys in Rhode really good. Elsewhere. Dave. Aranda. Kind of being that headliner of that group kind of built this identity on on defense. But yeah, like to me. offensively. There are some issues You know quarterback yet a huge blow and losing. Jack Cohn. Completed. Nearly seventy percent of his passes last year was third in the big ten in passing efficiency. He I think fit that offense really well, but you know probably a little bit better runner than people gave him credit for two. Fairly mobile quarterback, but he's out after having foot surgery grammar I. Know He's really highly recruited through ten passes last year nine of them were complete. Can't like those numbers and I, know people are excited to see them. But you have no experience behind him or he'd get hurt and then like let's be honest here I know it's every year you feel like Wisconsin's can have a good running back but I mean you lost one of the all time great running backs in College Football History Jonathan Taylor stuck around for this year. He would have almost certainly left as the all time leading rusher. NCWA history it was he's the six all time leading rusher. Give the most rushing yards anyone before senior year and she'll obvious heir apparent like we've seen the Keough. Watson we've seen Garrick Roszak good solid backs. But I you know they're not in that same mold. And then you lose quintessence your your best threat on the outside you lose an all American Center as well. So to me you know like if you think about what do you need to do where those Gash Claes come from? To me like that's the big question for Wisconsin Jonathan. Taylor Gotcha. Dash. Glazed grins has seen Scotch Gash place they had two hundred eleven plays longer than ten yards last year second most in the big ten more than half of them were from those two. Like where do those plays come from like to me? That's that's the issue. So I, think there's some question marks around their offense I still think they'll be there in the end just because they're Wisconsin because Christmas really good Joe Rudolph's good. They know who they are but But, I, think there are some hurdles there that we don't ordinarily see with the badgers. If you really got me, he's a super skeptical of Wisconsin now than as you lay it out but I, I want to stay in the in the West for a second more ask you. You mentioned Nebraska I was kind of with you on wor sounds like where you were early in the season. Nebraska I did think that we're GONNA have a much better season and then I think early in September or my crew did the cu game where they were up at halftime see look like a dud and then all of a sudden. Nebraska got sloppy and see you took over the game and they won they storm the field in everything and I just felt like Nebraska's season was kind of in a free fall from that point on so. They obviously have a huge opener against Ohio state this weekend I remember being at that game two years ago. The last time they were in Columbus your Martinez was a true freshman. They gave Ohio State all they could handle and probably should have won that game or at least could have won that game if you know maybe a couple of things bounce their way. Right now are you the schedule is brutal especially the first month of it. Mean how confident are you? That Scott Frost program will take a big step forward given the schedule they're facing right now in some of the players they actually lost on defense. The schedule is really hard you play in your first four games you played the three highest ranked teams in the Big Ten as part of that four-game Slade Ohio state obviously, they played Penn state gained four -Sconsin game to. Game against northwestern, that's always a a real battle. They played some crazy games in that series. So I I mean, it's it's challenging. No doubt to start things out, and then you still have our producer Minnesota on on the back of that schedule as well as. Illinois is better. So there's just no game you look at their schedule and say like cut obviously Nebraska's going to win the game. which isn't to say, they're not gonNA. Win A lot of games I will. It's just There's is a tough schedule. I'm gotTA. Tear to. Your Point Bruce. Local has share issue. Martinez was hurt I think all year like I was at their game against Illinois and man he was great. Nano Illinois is limited defensively by if that if that's your Adrian Martinez. And you throw in Wando Robinson. If he stays totally healthy because he had a really nice year last year I know they have some younger guys they feel good about the whole of on academic. Better as last year went on. So I think that's a big part of it it you know to me a lot of it falls on the defense in and they got better. Last year. They had nowhere to go but up at the end of the Mike Riley era, and they have kind of very gradually improved here the last two years with actually hinder. But to me, it's the point of Attack and actually talked Scott Frost and asked him about this. Hannah. Are you better defensive front in a front seven? because. Last year, no team gave up more yards per carry in big ten play in Nebraska has five point seven yards per carry in a lot of those guys are gone. Now he said, hey we're really excited about some of the people we're bringing in. We think we have better size up front we we could be more physical. But that defense is a work in progress and I mean if you have to deal with Ohio state a week one and then Wisconsin I mean I know I cast some doubt on their offense but I mean you still know they're going to try to grind it out with you. Too many Penn state I know journey. Brown. But still that's going to be a good rushing attack to you gotta deal with them and week four. I mean you're not better at the point of attack it it could get ugly here. No question I'm I'm certainly less bullish sitting here on a Nebraska right now that I was a year ago. That's for sure just because of the hand they've been dealt and schedule all right David before we let you go I want to circle back. Maybe against Bruce's best wishes, he really wanted to focus on the football but. You're you're part of a kind of a very memorable maybe swing might say infamous TV moment back on the day the big ten announced it was going to postpone football. You know you did the interview Kevin Warren I don't know. How much advanced warning you got about it and whatnot. But when you ask all the right questions and and it was a great interview from your end but man, he really touched everything, you ask it just kinda seemed to be just kind of set in motion the. Backlash that he Or the next power many weeks till they actually decided to. Come back and so we're just curious like kind of your your behind the scenes take on it. You know did you As it was happening right after. Did you did you grasp like what that? How that was going to be perceived. Grasp honestly as it was happening, Stu frankly because in this day and age, you get your phone up there with to ride and and so. There were text messages again in the middle of the interview I'm embarrassed to say that but but it just happened to be on the desk next up moving it I. Think. a one point in the interview because I thought it might be a little distracting but So yeah, I think. I. Had a sense right away. I just want to preface it by saying I don't what extent Rack. Warren I think really highly of him on spent some time yesterday as a matter of fact, at some really great interaction since all of that and an I'd spent a lot of time before with him to serve on a coalition that he's overseeing that I really feel strongly about I think the world of the guy and and so it was tough I. Mean I kind of knew it wasn't going well for him I you know look. I would just say this as when you and you guys know this you guys are were all journalists and we all ask questions for living to a certain extent part of what we do anyways to ask questions. And I always see as my job is not to ask questions, my job is to get answers. And so if I ask a question and it's not answered in the way. If I. Don't get the answer that I asked for then I watched question again. Because I. Just think that's my job and so that was what I did. You know in that situation and there were a couple of times where were Kevin didn't necessarily provide answers and so I asked again I so. I. Did that day in August go well for the big ten it didn't and You know we are again were we are a partner with the big ten conference, but we also have to it's a it's a interesting role you play because I still feel like my responsibility is to the viewer and we otherwise you've sacrificed. Your integrity as a journalist, you have to ask questions in the after. Ask Them to get the answers and if you don't ask them again. So I you know it's kind of as afterward. An kind of progressed going forward to win the big ten did actually bring football back I think as tough as the big ten Hatton and honestly like I still think the rationale for what they did in August is very sound like I think at the end of the day guys the big ten wasn't going to play. If they didn't believe that they were putting players on the field who they knew with close as you can know, absolute certainty didn't have of it. And so they basically were at a point where they were about to begin contact practice back in August. And they said we can't do this because we're we have these kids going on the field. We can't test every day because isn't there yet, and then we're going to start contact practice and then your contact trace how do you contact football practice and we are walking into a potential disaster here and we can't do it. So I think that was their rationale along and you can say, well, they're conferences did it and that's fine. And they did it with varying levels of success but that was what the big ten believe. We don't WanNA play or we don't WanNa practice contact we think the kids might have the virus. So as soon as I got to the point where they believed. Okay. Now we have this rapid testing can test everyone every day. So people understand in the big ten every time any person walks into the facility anytime they go under a practice field, not just the players support staff trainers, all those people everyone has tested negative for covid every single day. They weren't in a position to do that in August they were in September. So all that makes sense to me and I think it's poorly as a win in August. It went really well in. September and so I give them a ton of credit. For learning from there, missteps and for getting it right this time and and so I think you know in talking to commissioner warning yesterday I. Think he feels like they're in a good spot where they have the best chance to get through this. They've obviously left themselves no wiggle room because there are no by weeks for anyone. And I think they feel confident in the plan that they put forth. But I think they're going in with eyes wide. Open. Learned a lot from the other leagues stand that it may not go. Perfectly. And I'll gosh with this thought on that I think in this year. People understand that things may not go perfectly I i. think we have built up much more of tolerance for saying. This. Game got cancelled the can't play this week. That's just the way that goes. And and we'RE NOT GONNA. If one team plays eight games, one team play seven games and we have to compare. Them for the playoff for you know, and it's apples to oranges or whatever it is I think we're more willing to accept that than we would have been in the past because frankly were just happy that football. That's the way I'm looking at it anyway. All right, Dave I. think that is a fresh perspective and I think it's I like I said back then in a stew agrees with me thought you just handle yourself it was a Really a exemplary journalism class ask that you put on in that moment especially throughout and We appreciate your your perspective as were all excited to actually get games this weekend and You know just the idea that it's basically here after. So Long we just got to keep our fingers crossed that everything can can stay on track going forward from here. Yeah. I'm with you Bruce. I think. I. I go into this with fingers toes to everything you can possibly Process crossed because You know it's GonNa take some good fortune get through it all. But but I'm with you I'm just so thrilled I'm thrilled kind of getting back to our original point being back to my guys Thrill Yard and listening to you guys I listened to so much college sports coverage and it's been a little painful not not to have the big ten be part of that conversation. So so thrilled to be back in the mix, we really appreciate it. My main takeaway from this conversation is that I should start planning now for the Northwestern Indiana Big Ten championship game We do not even talk about the wildcats and they paid Ramsey transfer. Because Bruce wouldn't he would hang out we? Bruce Bruce would've unplugged cords or something. Yeah. Yes full disclosure. Obviously, if people don't know Dave, went to northwestern I suspect David, probably were a couple of classes behind stew stews. I think a little older right know I'm older than STU. It's more than that. Dave grew up. Going North Western Games and it is just you know a die hard long before college. Yeah I spent a lot of we were My father is a professor northwestern at thirty four game losing streak in my childhood show we have to halftime a lot. There you go. All right. Well, enjoy the Games. This weekend are face to face spruce straits talk to you guys. All right. Great to talk big ten football a lot of lot of good games. This weekend let Games outside the big ten obviously in of everything from Oklahoma state I was state to undefeated Cincinnati against undefeated SMU and so on down the line. So we will talk about those games on Sunday he then.

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Too much division

"And so there you have it. The tone has been set. The revenge to. Go on from here. And unfortunately I'm back at the place where. Freedom of choice have been taken away in an up to a lawsuit to bring it back. I am talking about the city is failed. Now. I was trying to put videos of the flight. But having trouble. I guess the only because. I haven't been here for about a week. and. You know the WIFI situation is still terrible, just thought. and. Take, it has set the tone for this revenge tour. It did not disappoint. So. I gotTA do some. Work, finale for the blog and for. TRIPADVISOR THAN THE HOTEL DOT com. So that You know. I could get them the respect that is due because I had a really good time. Got A lot of rest got a lot of work done. and. The only that I had headache was at the airport, but The music. That they played. It helped complicates. It calmed the kids. Animals only on a flag. One of fewer like I know is baby there something like that but I forgot what? But I was like Oh. Thank God that they played music. Music sues the savage spy's how dare California. Ban were so music at Church at a church. California, you idiot. Not The people but the government. The government want that that ban singing because it's stupid covert. The government that does the banning your idiot. A complete idiot. Music actually help. I Still WanNa prohibit because he and then because the confusion. And in a small group because I heard Elvis. and. Oil Boy nearly went crazy at the airport, but Wow. I didn't have time I was like. Trying to get through our plan the next part of the. Plan, the next part of the the next leg of the prevents tour. I have a weird crazy film. That is going to be in California. San Diego. A, but that's where the that's for. WITTOL capital of that. Cat will vote whittle that. Excuse me. Yeah, you get the real me now. But. Anyway, Anyhow. So. Trying to get you know me going up in the air and then me going to. Land on Springfield. And So. Internet with causing problems uploading the video then and it's crazy. But it's there. It's there on Youtube. So. I'm back at the Second Palace. At base only. Any home. And it's definitely not home because not free. I even told Dave I told the day that I can't take this I mean it's like. I don't know I. Don't know what country am I am anymore. We're not even the United States of America anymore. We're all divided. I mean it's bad enough. We have a Democrats and Republicans. Liberals liberals than and Liberals and conservative, but now we got masking for mass freedom, and not for freedom. And then I just going us for told that life the golden us those them WanNa go out somewhere. I mean my cat. Not United. We might as well just call ourselves America. We are not. United I repeat. We are not united.

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Dave Roberts Interview

Big Time Baseball

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Dave Roberts Interview

"The. Radio DOT COM sports presents big time baseball golf with MLB insider John Hayman and former major leaguer Tony gwynn junior. If my pleasure to bring into big time base boy big time game. One of the best managers in baseball four years in a row division titles for the Los. Angeles dodgers made the World Series twice. So He's got a credible record right now the dodgers have the best record in baseball and. My pleasure bring in Dave. Roberts doc, how're you doing good to have you on big time baseball with Tony winning myself you know what? John T T G so good to be with you guys It's been a long time coming. It's It's been a crazy year a very educating year. And now with baseball kind of closing, it's going to be found. We got big shoes against the padres cover up here. For three it's GonNa. Be Fun. Dave I. Want to ask you. You know a lot of people talk about the L. A. Being. A soft town and being a mild milk toast I. don't see it that way at all. I can tell you from my tweets a when I tweeted that I thought Joe Kelley deserve the Games I got about ten thousand Los Angelenos on my back. And you know they're counting the years. You know we're into the fourth decade now and the dodgers have been a good team or even a great team. Many of those years go back. Twenty seven years before you even got there that they haven't won the world series after winning that Miracle Urine in eighty eight. But I do think that there's a lot of pressure in that job I. Know you only have cutouts there right now but I know that the fans are watching closely. In tell me am I wrong am I reading La Right you feel the pressure to win the world series this year it seems like you're the favored I, picked you. Of course, I, picked you every year a basically. Twenty analysts thirty years on to right yet what do you? What do you think is the pressure on and are you guys gonna be able to come through and it's it's going to be a gauntlet even with the best. Team. So I think you nailed it. You know I think that you you do understand our ballclub as far as a greedy tough. The way we the game. I think the consistency there's something at for consistency that we play within have played with you know I know in my tenure with the dodgers. You'd certainly it's a burden that I kinda came into and I understand that that this team hasn't won since eighty eight. When you're a part of this market that's part of it. The Fan base is still the fan base and that that those expectations pressure. I don't know if it's pressure I mean I guess expectations that we have to win the world series every year at the opposite. I do also believe John that with this shortened season other teams involve. More variables, the three game wildcard series, which I don't agree with. But it's GonNa make it tougher like you said, your words, it's gauntlet is going to be a college for any team that is crowned champion but. We gotta go out there and played baseball. We know it's out there the expectation but I think if you look back at October. retirement. Then consistent hitting to be quite honest and we gotta take better play baseball and then I think that will win the what thirteen fourteen games we did win this year. We ask you this because usually at this time of year, you got a pretty good read on on your Swat where the rat going in to the playoff run in this crazy twenty twenty season. You only had really two months to evaluate that. Were you see this? Ball club going into the postseason compared to past year. Yeah, I'll say this On the pitching side, I expect to get Walker back at this week. With that lister. We're getting. John Trend Joe Kelly back at some point this week. We got by its back. So the PITCHY count. Is Better. I think on the position players side. The defense just is is amazing. Obviously addition mookie which makes the offense better while but I think. There's a few guys that just haven't got on track this year with the bat and It's it's bellinger. Muncie Peterson and I just think that. You know once they get contract, then we're going to really take off because I don't think we've been a full strength offensively yet this year and I know many teams say the same thing but these guys that are performed every single year. So I still believe that you know they're going to right the ship. Your Best Penn you know you've had some other years where the pen was a little bit thin side It's feels like it's deeper than you've been in the pen. And I wanted to ask you this because I see the fans talking about it a lot on twitter and other social media not because I'm overly concerned ear but I mean Janssen to me when I've seen he's look good. He had that one bad outing against the Astros which obviously dodger fans like lose to the Astros. Maybe they overreacted I don't know but I mean you brought him in there the next day he did well against the Astros I mean you committed Jansen as you're closer, you've got another guy that you picked up this it seemed like the other. Wanted to trade grabher all but he throws up what does he three hundred, two miles an hour. From a distance he looks like a at least closer future So I want to ask you how committed yard Kenley as the closer in his gradual possibility. The fact is is. Current performance. Should not wait any past performances and I think that that's that's and I believe that So with Kelly. but performance matters, and he understands that and you know the last three or four. Now three five haven't been good and so but last night he came back and tap through the baseball the way he baseball and. So he understands that. So I think for me is A He's are closer until he's not and so I think that every day and I talked to our guys everyday's a test and they shouldn't, and that's how you hold your teammates and the players accountable to be great So. Grad all. He's got a special arm. He's even more special person John just just loves to play the game. Love to be a team mate He drives his big truck with this crazy horn. Is Just so much fun. I. Think on the mechanic side, he just got a kind of. Or developing the slider because when you're talking about Afghan really really leverage there's gotta be swinging midst he those one hundred one, but it's a sinker the ball's GonNa be in play but now getting the slider to be at ninety, nine, eighty, six, and a roller. Now is separated so we can continue to develop that slider to get left and right out with the Swiss. Now, we're we have a conversation. Before I get into five hundred against say it's very rare to you hear a manager. Sales words he he's my star until he's not in performance courtesy performance matters. A lot of managers aren't willing to say that I have to say that that is a I was surprised to hear you say that. But I WANNA move to this padres dodgers Clearly, you guys are at the top of the chain here in National Western been that way for last seven years. But you do have an and coming Padre team that is home re in look in the challenge mentioned the series this weekend Howard at this week today starting today for next expert days. How do you see this is one club in terms of them being able to challenge has pretty good series with you guys as far. Why I think there's a couple of things I think the talent on the position players side. Now, adding clever on the pitching side the talent is real. And now you're talking about. I think that performance the chicken, the kind of theory that the performance of the continued performance by the ball club has breed it real confidence swagger. So There, it's real. The Really Council on. I know they're looking forward to this series as the only downside isn't exactly the fans are. Great for. The city of San Diego. And Baseball in general but you know once we get six, forty, six, forty, five game time is tonight. There's going to be some intensity with which I think will show through in the broadcast. New Tony was GONNA that padres rates question their. Accents. That's that's that's. That's the threat to the dodgers right now. So I get I want to ask you about the team you just played We saw just turn around the broadcast I love those in game questions and he was very honest and said that he's never really GonNa quite forget the Astros and what happened for that and I. Don't know if you saw the fans outside the. Booing them and holding up signs, and then Agassi's muscle skyrocketing was going on there So they didn't get the reception that they would get would've gotten with full house, but they certainly got a a tough reception where the dodger fans could do it where do you stand on that? Two thousand, seventeen, a world series are you ever GonNa get over? Are you like Justin Turner? No. and. I think it's fair for Justin to say that and it's on us and I think that in this world we need honesty you know and me I'm never going to get over it. You know I mean there's a political way to kind of handle it that I. Think I've done a very good job of doing it but. You know winning seventeen would have changed the landscape. The narrative for not only myself but individual players you organization so I'm not going to get over it You still have to move forward but I'm not going to get over it and I think as far as the fans I love the way the fancy responded at. That's the way that they did it in a peaceful way, but it was. And I think it was heartfelt. It was passionate and it's a good story as I found out my old college roommate at Ucla. was responsible for the flyover with the flag thing. I had. Did did you put them up to it? Absolutely. Commissioner. Thank you for that. I, had no idea. On Sky, we'll take your word for. Let me ask you You mentioned that so many. The landscape could have been changed by that. I mean you mentioned I remember Kershaw Getting Hammer over at sears. I remember Yu Darvish Getting Amer- over that series. Obviously, you're having to take on the way that is already there you lose that gave what I mean those emotions even during the game is something that you're you're filling with our, you're locked into the game in. That game specifically. I wouldn't say that during the game, the game is at gained individually. But you know when you see the collection of guys on that field in the same place at you know some of this stuff happened. You know I it's it's it's it opens up a wound certainly. But as far as the game itself you know no there there's nothing to it I thought we played Seventeen innings of really good ball and we split a series but Yeah. Game a gwen nothing from the past. It I'm going to skip ahead a little bit to the playoffs here since you're gonna be in the playoffs. It's you know we're going to have that bubble the two bubbles one in Texas one in southern California. and. It's been reported. I've heard that The dodgers are among teams that are pushing back little bit in terms of the whether the families are going to be allowed I was wondering if you had any update on that if you understand. Where the dodger players stand on that I mean my thought is, let's get through this. Let's be healthy. We've done a great job and the dodgers I I hear that dodge was a done a fantastic job with pandemic. So credit to you for that and you know I. think Overall LB has done. Pretty well, considering get off to a rough start with the marlins in the cardinals and I. Think we're GonNa get through this. So that's that's great. What are your thoughts on the on the two bubbles and the the issue of whether the Family should be allowed in? Yeah Law I. Think Major League Baseball has has done a really good job I take the the next layer of incidents earliest there's got to be accountability with people you know that that put the. Responsibility so that has nothing to do with makes meiping unless you'RE GONNA make decision to do it with the NPA which was even on the table. I think far as our players, our players are getting this. With players. Also, this is not just I know it's of been painted as a Justin Turner dodgers situation these guys nowadays on threads all the time as far as what the players feel. So just in just happened to be one of the voices of Major League players I understand it because we've been very diligent and they're also is luck that has been a part of it. I. Mean I know I, understand you diligent instill get it. So so we've been lucky as well and I want to say that. But we have been diligent Ron Porterfield. Our guy has been really kind of staying on every plane, a players at the fighting and hearing. These protocols I'm personally not a I like you John I want to get through this so whatever it takes to get through it. My hang up is I want some I A decision sooner than later because it's happening is that everything has been kicked down the road and there's not there's no decision being made and we got off on up soon talk about getting ready for a season. Oppose them, and then now you're talking about with families without in a bubble in not what part of the series we go into a bubble that starts to become noise at affects performance, and that's where for me as advantage that meet. So I wanted to station and I think that's where we keep kind of like fluttering. That's the frustrating part on my end. No doubt definitely won some finality to what is going to happen as you fort. Last question for me doc, you mentioned Muncie, you mentioned bellinger you mentioned Peterson all struggling right now to get on track those are all your left at batch. What specifically have you seen from them? that has hasn't allowed them to get on track. Each of our different like all things I. I. Kind of look at everything. I just don't think that. In a vacuum, they're not using low field. As, much as I should. I think that cody is being challenged again at the top of the zone, the crowded. I jock. Mechanic mechanically is getting way needs to be but he was out of the strikes on for quite some time I think and I think Max is just being really spun best. So I think they're all different but again, if you can just get back to being a hitter. The slug was all three of obviously shown. They have will be there. But in the postseason you know they're going to exploit weaknesses and. Cody doesn't make an adjustment on the ball in. If a Max doesn't make adjustment on the spin. If jock doesn't control the strike zone. You know it's going to be October of the past and but I expect our guys to kind of understand that makes adjustments. You just have a one sentence question here for you to give a quick answer and then we're going to let you go. It's really been a pleasure having you on though Dave. my question is tomorrow the rosters. Are Set on Tuesday. For the postseason. Any chance David price is going to be a last minute Ogden I. Know He's really following the team he's interested but I I meant this point swimming probably not but I thought I'd run it by you I. gave. It is definitely in tuned every game taxing players, coaches myself but there's zero percent chance. He's GonNa Outback. Yes. That's what it sounded like I've seen interview with them. Dave. It's been a pleasure as always. We really appreciate your coming on our show making it a real big time. Show this weekend good luck to you with the padres coming in in the weeks to come and you know I have to say dodgers only because I want to be right for the first time in thirty years. Are I felt that they grab beyond is guys at be while I talked to. Right, that was Dave Roberts on big time baseball with myself, John Hayman and Tony Gwynn.

dodgers baseball padres baseball Astros Tony Gwynn Dave Roberts Justin Turner John John Hayman Joe Kelley Dave I. Muncie Peterson John T T G MLB Angeles John Trend Joe Kelly Los twitter
Is Joe Rogan Still a Podcaster?

Ask the Podcast Coach

59:16 min | 5 months ago

Is Joe Rogan Still a Podcaster?

"Ask The podcast coach. Four may twenty third, two, thousand and twenty less. There it is. It's that music that means it's Saturday morning. It's time for ask the podcast coach. Will you get your podcast? Questions answered live I'm Dave. Jackson from the School of podcasting Dot Com and joining me right over. There is the one and only Jim Collison from the average Guy Dot TV Jim. How's it going? Buddy greetings, happy Saturday morning today I'd never comb my hair on Saturday mornings because I don't want anyone to feel the pressure. Address the show. Just get out here. Join US in the. Join us in the chat room or join us. Live can come in here. I think the ASA podcast coach Dot com slash. Join gets you there and we should say the coffee pour this morning. podcast brain dot. Co can tell us a little bit about what market does over there Dave. PODCAST BRANDING DOT Co. he says it quickly goes over to get the information from our slack. Group I think he does like cover art and logo 's website design rights social media. All those things mark does those over there. Bravery Co exactly and the great thing about mark is he is a podcast, or he's an award winning graphic artist, and I really cannot find our thirty years in digital design field podcasting since two thousand thirteen branded over one hundred podcasts, and he wants to work with you mark thanks for your sponsorship to ask the podcast coach over the last well over May. Predate his sponsorship Bang Guy. If you go back to the very first show we did in the month. We do ten minutes on everything. He does a few on. If you want to really get a good rundown on it that it'd be good, good, listen. Yeah, the great thing about it is, he will actually get on zoom. Call with you a phone. Call with you whatever? He'll go over. Listening to your show to really really wants to hence podcast branding Dot Co. he wants to make sure that your art work matches your brand, so check it out over podcast branding Nut Co., and be sure to tell them that you heard about it on the ask the podcast coach show, and I might even take I was I was doing new. I was making new business cards last night and I might even I should talk to mark. It's one of those eighteen, and I ordered starter hundred so but but one of the things I was thinking about was. I have existing branding. But what could I do better like the the guy who did my branding? Six years ago, maybe seven years ago and I still love it. I don't WanNa. Change the colors. I don't WanNa. Change the way we did it, but it may be nice to get a refresh I think some new digital material for it. Just some things that. Just some new or a new take on what I'm currently doing right may be a great opportunity to to clean some things up so mark appreciate your sponsorship here in sponsoring play, play the sound and sponsoring the morning. Poor appreciate it. Everybody's running to the bathroom. Yeah, where's all the energy? All the energy was used this morning doing yoga. Oh, that's that's a new thing I'm doing. Your interest sounded as if you're tired and just going through the motions I well I. Actually let's let's talk about that a little bit. Yeah, you have to realize when you're getting crispy. And, I've been doing a bunch of stuff with the school of podcasting. There's I'm taking this class on community. And they said so. Many people think value equals more content. In a community in a membership site, they said once you've got your people going from point A. to point B. instead of giving the more content. figure out how to go from point A. to point B. Faster and a big giant lightbulb went off above my head and I was like. But in process of trying to to kind of you know Jiggle things a bit and make it more efficient. I was just working non-stop like literally. Eight in the morning to about. Twelve one o'clock in the morning and I did that for a about a week and so last night. I've been doing these things called podcast or happy hour, which is just like. Hey, let's just chill out and hang and there was just a part of my brain. That said I need to get away from looking at screens so last night I went out and it was funny. I actually had my my wireless ear buds cheap ten dollar Walmart ear buds. Grab. My phone went out to the park got lost in the middle of the woods was great fun because I haven't been there in so long. And about halfway through, said Hey, here's a novel idea. Let's turn off the podcast. Let's just like you and the birds and the chipmunks and it was I needed that a lot, so but in the process I then got home from hiking and you know jumped right up computer. So I'm in the same boat with Dave I. It's been a long ten weeks. Yesterday. I felt the exact same way. I went to bed early and I slept in the first time. Get Ten dollars asleep in a long time. And it felt really good. Just kind of try to shut everything down and get some time, so I get some. Morass last night. I'm feeling pretty good long three-day weekend here in the United States and with Memorial Day coming up on Monday. So it a great opportunity to catch up on some rest, so you've gotta take care of Yourself, right? This is one of those things we've talked about this a ton. You gotTa Take Care of yourself. Exercise your. You got back into an exercise. Yeah, regime that that in itself is exhausting. So you know like you're you're you're feeling heavy? You're feeling out of shape. You start working out. Out Again and the after day three your your, it's the worst of the worst right you're. You're tired. You're sore, you're you're hungry. You're in. You're eating more. You're like you're burning calories, so your body's like food mood, and then you're feeling guilty about that. It's just a hard time. You've got to kind of push through that and get get on. The backside of something like sleep is important. To you hit the nail on the head is when once you started. Though what happens if so many people think I, need motivation to get started I'm the opposite. I think if you can just start. It then motivate you to keep going. It's it's the law. The law of Ner show I'm flashing back to my my physics teacher in College. The LAVA NAUSEA IT takes. It's hard to get something going, but once it gets going. It keeps going so yeah, but speaking there things that are going to keep going Joe. Rogan's bank account apparently will be going and going for a long time. That was the big news this week job. We're not sure how many years I've heard. Rumors of five I've heard a room of a couple, but it's interesting I went back and listened to his announcement I wish I would have recorded I could've played it, but it's basically joe saying hey. I'm going. He signed a forget what he called it deal, but it's an exclusive deal. A licensing deal for his content to go to spotify. Only which means no youtube and that's when I was like Oh. That's going I. mean because there's almost like a cottage industry around listening to Joe Rogan, and then it was like Joe, Rogan. Joe Rogan show and then somebody a review of the Joe Rogan Joe Rogan show. It just goes on and on, and people were making clips of clips, and it's like holy cow, so but some people are well. Here I got one guy go ahead. I immediately loved how the podcasters came out the old schoolers Sam out and sets. CAST, it's only on. You know and you're like. Me and there was so thought so much jealousy out there this week on. You know everybody. Yourself. This was kind of reminded me of the early days podcasting when you when you took an advertiser am. Whatever, it is an appetizer and you would every. Your you sold out, and I just got that feeling that everybody was hammering him for selling out to spotify. And you're like case. It's a hundred one hundred million right right? It's a hundred million dollars. You take that every time. You don't religious about that you don't you? Don't get religious or you don't become a religious podcast about one hundred million dollars you take is. spotify is willing to enlist any of us is. spotify came on and said we'll give you. Hey, take asks the podcast coach to spotify uniquely Dave. We're not getting religious about youtube. At that point, we are like yes. Right well, that's right. That's the thought part I thought was funny. I'm like can't believe he sold out, and then he like, but I'd take that to take one hundred I'll take fifty million. You know it's like. Yeah a million like. It's just all perspective right in in that, and then of course I heard a comment. I saw comments. I mean saying well I hope he's passing that along to its staff like that's his business yours like. I hope he does actually you know they all should get raises in that, but. Yeah I don't I don't fault them at all and I. You know I would have said a couple years ago. Leaving Youtube is a bad idea today. I'm I'm not so. I'm not so sure. That's the thing I was listening to Adam. Curry, talk about it and they said. Part, they think part of the the worry or the reason moved is because Joe talks about controversial stuff now and they're like if he's you know, I could go over to to spotify and get one hundred million Oregon stay on Youtube where I'm making who knows how much not that much now a lot, but not that much and hope I. Don't Get d platform, because somebody said you know. The Corona virus can be cured by you know listening to you know Adele records, or whatever you know you mentioned it like. He has followers of followers of followers on Youtube. Right creators who make content. Creators of his stuff. Why would he need to post it to youtube when he's going to have a bunch of followers posted there anyway, so let them take the liability. Let them take the the heat for they'll still get. He will still get hundreds of thousands of years on Youtube from people who take his stuff in illegally. Whatever you WANNA say posted to Youtube. It's GonNa. Make it there. He's just not going to distribute there. It's kind of genius like you, Kinda go. Especially is being as controversial as he is at times and his strict as youtube in weird as YouTube is getting. Let let your audience take that heat. That's no that sounds awful, but let them take the heat. And you just go to spotify for the money. I mean it. It's just it's incredible. Yeah, it's beautiful deal. Craig is saying I. Think the lines of what a podcast is are blurring. I would totally agree with that. listen to the days of being RSS. Feed is our over well I I will I will I will waive my old man flag and say technically it's not a podcast, but I've also been saying this for A. A long time we're not podcasters. We are content creators, and it's delivered. VR assess. Joe Is simply said Hey. I'm going over here. If you want me and I'm GONNA I'M GONNA love to watch this because I love. Amy Schumer I listen to one episode, and that was the last time I went to spotify the only thing I've gone over amy. Schumer one episode and I listened to the whole Gimblett podcast university thing than that. It's to me and this is where I've had other people. I've talked about this say. Dave. Is I think it's a horrible experience to listen to podcasts over there formatting. They blow your formatting out of the water. So any show notes. You have looked like crap. There's no playlists and then somebody said there are playlist, but they're not playlist like what playlist like I have a playlist called? Marketing is called at one called politics and I throw shows in there and if they. They put out one episode five episodes. They're all their play. Listen spotify, which are cool by the way you have to do it on your phone. I could make the best of Dave playlist and add episodes, not shows and I was like. Yeah, that's not what I'm doing. So I'M NOT GONNA go. I'm not because I thought about it when I heard playlists, I was like hey. I might go over there and start playing with this, but. Now, trump randy's comment. I think this is the key. In this Ono, not that one right above it the one right above. This like this is so true because what it every single podcast talk about this. Talking about right and how much advertising free advertising spotify just get from us now. It's worth. What's IT worth I? Don't know so, but but every single podcast or talked about this week, and it's this huge news. Right made the verge everything and so yeah, you know regardless of it right or wrong that they did a spotify did their job and they got. They landed the big fish, and he'll be there a couple years and things will. Will Change, but that's not what this is about. This is about in the moment advertising for spotify and they're. They're growing. Yeah, good move on their part yet carry us so question. Does this mean is? Show will not show up apple podcast anymore. I didn't follow all the details and yet the only place. It is exclusive on if you want Joe Rogan. Youtube. No podcast. Here's my question. When Stern did this? I still listen to Howard Stern. It was usually two or three days old on youtube illegally. Because people would go. Yeah, so I'll be interested to see. Like if there's going to be a lot of people ripping off Joe and throwing because people want it where they want it and. How fast can you to pull it down knowing that it's illegal? That'll be interesting. Dan. Says asked the podcast coach on Youtube. I sense it's not on our s until later. That mean it isn't a podcast yet. Now that just means. The. Right now it's not a podcast. Yeah, it's not a podcast until it's those turn by those terms but I'm I'm GonNa do here's my mic? Who Cares I always go back to? My marriage counseling. If my wife thinks that I take her for granted. And I consider all day long ago, but I don't I, don't, but if she feels that I take for granted. Guess what that's true, so when somebody is on Youtube and they're like. Hey, welcome to the podcast I'm glad you're here. And their audience things they're watching a podcast. Guess what that's the podcast whether there's an RSS feed or not, so this is where when Craig said are the lines getting blurry when I started seeing that? When people started calling you to a podcast and I'm like okay, it's not a podcast, but guess what the viewer thinks. It's a podcast and I'm Mike, and in that case guess what it's a podcast. What's the advantage to knowing what a podcast is and what it isn't like? What like there's no advantage to that like so you go, who cares? Kleenex like does it wipe your nose? The, you know the. Your it doesn't it anyway, so it's just that's just always been my thing like who I know. We some we've you know. Some of the purists are like nine on podcasts, and you're like well. That's why why doesn't even matter. But the fact that we're doing this now, and by the way we would say it's going to make its way into a podcast form at some point right if we're if we're going to follow those definitions, so we can say welcome to the podcast because it's GonNa get there eventually and the people who are listening at to through an RSP. downloadable all their stuff. I are blah, blah, blah, so but I. it just doesn't matter. There's no advantage to anybody of defining the word in what it is. The question is what's. What's it doing? However, people engaging with it, is it making money is getting hundred million dollar contracts. That's what matters Yeah Brandon says they also get his audience at least try listen podcast on spotify and Adam them change their mean Klein, then they won, and it's going to be video, so my question is going to be, is he? Still because he said it still his show, he still in complete control. He's just basically let them give him a boatload of cash to say okay. The only place you can get my show. Is On spotify. It doesn't sound, too. I don't know if they're going to bring him sponsor. He's still doing the same sponsor thing so that'll be interesting to see if he still does seven minutes of ads at the beginning of the show. Yeah, I guess I. Guess Time will tell I mean okay. So I I think we know the why spotify did this, so they allow his ads if they allow his current. AD supporters to come on then. This is really just a big publicity stunt to sign ups. That's all it is. They don't care about the advertising. At that point. They don't care necessarily about what the content of the show itself their full motivation is. We need to get people to create a rush to sign up for spotify and not a war, but and we need to get press, and they just achieved the press apart like they got leg. Nobody's over one hundred million dollars worth of advertisement and and. And as he goes through this process I thought this is interesting. It wasn't like starting next week. It's like later in the year, so bought the time all this boils down. He's going to actually move. which will then create more press people I get not available anymore. Carey says this is like photographers who are argue over what is considered a portrait some. It's only classic looking at the camera stray sitting straight up photo of a person. Others have looser interpretation Kyle, says my kids on Youtube I'll ask him. What he watching he goes. My kid'll say I'm watching my podcast. So, so, what is your definition of a podcast or what? No, by definition of PODCAST has not changed? It is audio video pdf delivered, V and RSS feed that hasn't changed because that is a fact now. If somebody says why think Youtube is a podcast, I will say we'll. Technically it's not. They're all content creation, but I'm with Jim. Who Cares? Are you watching it, you know. What's IT worth arguing over? That's the real question. Why would you argue about it? Like what's the value? So like Nin or I'm right? You're wrong smarter than you are yeah. At the end of the day Carey says if the client is paying who cares what is called exactly Fred says ignorance is in the mind of the listener, even though they are incorrect, is eight, a correct word or just common practice. It's still incorrect. Yeah, but. You know I'll take tides approach I don't care where you listen and. Listen or watch or whatever you're doing. What's interesting is in facebook Cody David Price said, how can we? How can podcasters not we podcasters? How can podcasters actively in quotation marks fight against the supposed tyranny of PODCAST APPS like spotify? He says some of the outrageous. They're fighting you with a free database of users who become potential listeners and fans of your content. How is that a bad thing? And that could as well I'm in people are going to say this. Just the same way stitcher did. If they're running ads against your stuff, and you're not getting a piece of it I mean I'll give Kudos to Pandora Pandora has publicly said that once. However, that's going to happen. They let everybody in. PODCASTERS are GonNa get a piece of it because that's the one thing that gets me if I'm if I'm a musician. I have music on spotify. I'm going to get paid granted not much, but I am going to get paid every time. Somebody listens to it, but if I'm a podcast podcastone, get squad, but for me. I don't care because I have my own product, so feel free to listen to me and come over from whatever platform you're listening to and join the school podcasting I'm happy as a clam, so kyle says we should convene a blue ribbon panel veteran podcasters to create an AI computer, called deep thought and ask it. What is a podcast? Yeah. Well here Jeremy Mac and facebook said yesterday. announced. His move and exclusivity agreement with spotify as this trend continues, and we see large podcasters choose platforms and host directly on the platform. Exactly how music artists do the more you'll see this opportunity for us as podcasters. It's only a matter of time before apple and Google begin to enter this arena and just like music. It's only Matt time before podcasters will be offered revenue share for subscriptions for the content. They create that one I'm not holding my breath for no more paying for ridiculously. Ridiculously over-priced podcast hosting no more trying to score this week's underpriced ad deals no more ridiculous pushes for standards. It's still cracks him up and hopefully the end of all this old school broadcast thinking in this place. There are so many folks who want to talk. Talk you into keeping this like ham radio hobbyists space, and keep you thinking keeping that way, and there's a place for that on a message board built in nineteen, ninety, six somewhere on the Internet run by sixty five year old. Everyone calls stew for those of us. WHO aspired for more? There's a lot of change and innovation coming I. Hope you're excited. As I am all you creators deserving. Apparently Jeremy thinks he's GonNa get a check. Okay, but not directly, but the door is now open. Yeah, like this is the big fish. This is the biggest we've seen right. This is as big as it gets. It could get bigger. I don't know how, but it could get bigger and this this now widen the door you know before it was kind of like well I mean okay. What you guys are doing his own. Okay, but there hasn't been any big deals. There is now so Rogan now makes this as legit as anything like it's real money. It's a real. It's a real celebrity. It's a real thing if Grogan. made a million dollars or more on his own advertisers. He just would have done this independently right so that's what this tells me. Right? The hundred millie. He's not making one hundred million dollars on his advertisers 'cause if he did, he just would have stayed with them. Why would you well unless slot if I let them pick both I? What's happening I? Series, not making one hundred million dollars on his at well. No, but he's. It sounds like he's GonNa. Keep his advertisers because like yeah, why wouldn't you? Randy says and this is a good point. None of this will impact ninety nine percent of podcasters as far as our revenue goes unless you include our stock portfolios. Yeah, go buy some stock in spotify, not maybe not us in this room, and maybe though maybe it will maybe this because this widens the door now all of a sudden other people were looking at like what it does is it's a it's a high tide starts raising all boats now. Does that mean all of a sudden you and I start making more dave well yet. Maybe, maybe not, but it does I mean it's GonNa. Take a few of these. He's going to do it and then somebody else is going to do it, I mean. I think back in the eighties. When you think about what football players American football players made in the NFL elementary. And then think about when they started doing. They paid Steve Young and they pay Jerry Rice, and then they paid you know an each year. Those players demanded more and more. What they did is at brought up the bottom so now there's a minimum salary for NFL players right every time. These two hundred million dollar contracts whatever they are. The brings up the minimum and I. Think were in that minimum space, and that allows that allows us maybe not a proper us at the bottom. To continue to push that. You gotta work. You gotta ask for it. You got it. You can't just go out there and you know you gotta ask for the advertising. You can't just expect it to come. But but when you see these kinds of deals that that raises the expectation of everybody so I think. I think it does have an effect now. I'm not saying you're wrong. Randy, but you're kinda wrong. Well, it's. In the thing I that I was disappointed. On is I now lost my example of Joe Rogan on a network when people would say, I need a network and I'm like Joe. Rogan's on a network and I'm like. All right well, and you know so. That was kind of bummed about. But we we shall see I like I, said I'm going to pop I want to see where jobs in five years. You know what I mean because like. I said the oil won't I. Don't think it will last that long. None of these things do so I if he's going to be. Like! Here's the thing he's well. He's not on. A what's the stupid. Company starts with a P.. pod pod track. He's not going to be on the pod track list, but he wasn't on the pod track list because you have to use pod track. To be honored quote Industry List, which I was about Patrick. Yeah exactly. Yeah. It's it's another thing we've created for ourselves to make ourselves feel feel good about stuff. Friend asked. Are you going to include the Joe Rogan podcast in the podcast money no I'm not because that's done, and I'm waiting for that to come back and oddly enough. I didn't mention Joe in that I. I, actually I take that back. There's a spot where I had three or four people that mention how they do not accept advertisers without using the product, and I think I mentioned Joe in that. Because I've heard him say that, so how long Joe Been Podcasting? It's not the job's been podcasting. Let me see if I can find my own. I have a post on this I probably. The word is how long has Jovan interesting? That's the I think. That's the key in says. How long has he been an influence or been interesting? I'll longtime fifteen twenty years. Maybe right, you think well, what's his? What's his wrestling or wasn't he? where he? Where did he get started? Yes, it. GimMe, fighting or yet cage fighting WWE I. I don't know what the. Unopposed on the school of podcasting, and here's the thing nineteen eighty eight. Joe Started doing comedy in Boston in Nineteen, ninety-four. He moved to L. A. Six years after he started doing comedy to do a television show. That's including newsradio in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety seven. You started work with United Fighting. Championship better known as a UFC. That's nine years after starting. Okay two thousand released his first and special twelve years after he started his first special in two thousand, one started hosting fear factor on NBC, so that's again more years two thousand three. Takes over hosting the man show on comedy central I forgot about your ago twenty years ago. Two, thousand three, also involved with last comic standing television show. That's again. That was on Fox affirmative. Two, thousand six goes back to comedy. Two thousand nine launched his podcast. So we're looking at eleven years, he's been doing but that eleven years two hundred million dollars for from from this type of media standpoint. It's a long time. A long time I'm how many podcasters get out there for a year or two in quit. We're coming up on ten years home. Gadget geeks comes up in ten years this December. One hundred million dollar contracts. That doesn't mean you're getting Brandon says a twenty two year overnight success. That's it. and. You know. I think this is the beginning like I think. This is really good for podcasters what he did. What he has done is really good for the medium. So. He will just continue in. It's not the thing it's one of the things you'll continue to to to rise. The the water will continue to rise with us and I think this is good I. Think you're GonNa see a bunch of small deals. This could drive. Somebody said Chat. This could drive a bunch of other media companies like CBS like NBC, like Pandora like net flex like Amazon prime to do something similar to this. We'll see you know. Could I think it's good I think this is all good. The more money that flows out this way better it. Just we we like to. We'd like when the when you get the big people like this. We'd like to knock down. You Know Oh. You think you are well. He's Joe Rogan and he's worth one hundred million dollars. And that did not happen. That's not made up like it happened. Yeah, he has a check. And I thought about that. Let's say it's a five year contract and and five years. That's twenty million dollars a year and in five years. He's lost a big chunk of his audience. Talk about saying things like who cares I got twenty one hundred at that point, I got ninety eight dot, Ninety, eight million in the bank still so, but speaking of money rolling in. I want to give a quick shout out to my awesome supporters. If you'd like some one on one training at a discounted rate, you can be the teacher's pet. This is all it asks. The podcast coach Dot com slash awesome, and we WANNA. Thank our twenty dollar supporters like Greg over debt. SHEPHERD DOT COM. The Geek at Horse Radio Network Dot Com Max Trescott over aviation news talk. Dot Com tomorrow tomorrow on Monday School of Podcasting I. Have that question about focus groups Max has a phenomenal answer to that Shane over at spy Brera DOT. com Kara white at life in the Carolinas PODCAST DOT COM. Kim Krajieck toastmasters one dot net, and of course our favorite. Ed Sullivan and say with me Sonic. Exactly I WANNA. Thank our five dollars supporters as well this these people Corey Finneran an ivy envy. Chris Holyfield I'm Salt Lake Dot Com at Ryan at podcasting for Dummies Eric Hunley unstructured pod dot com, illiquidity, travel gluten, free dot me Jason Brian. Matt Talk Online Dot Com Jason Curtis at cu. Dot Com Jeremy Dennis at transmissions PODCAST DOT com. Some guy named Jim Collison at the average Guy Dot TV Jim heralded pod Lloyd's Joe Salty high at stacking Benjamin's Dot Com and I just saw on facebook. Because of his podcast Joe is now hosting the Pluto's awards. which is this kind of online award? Anything so CONGRATS TO JOE, J., Cleveland painted more better media DOT COM Kerry Puerto. Bond at Key West Perspective Dot Com Kim at teachers need. Teachers Dot Com Kim. slasher distracted life PODCAST DOT com. Master Cold Rene CAULDRONS CRYPT DOT COM Matthew at Scottish podcast dot com, Michael Ray Ross branded stream universe dot com rob Grivas at bedtime dot FM, Troy Hinrichs at the blacklist exposed dot com, trey price at French port front. PORCH STUDIOS DOT COM, and if you'd like to an awesome supporters, simply go over to ask the podcast coach Dot com slash, awesome and Jim has something he wants to share on his screen. Let's stop talking about Rogan, did you? Did you see this week, so mail chimp Kinda launched a Promo right, so you get five years of domain, hosting and Yeah It's twenty five bucks, so it's not, it's not. Not like it's hundreds or thousands of dollars, but she can go over to mail chimp now and Bill. You can purchase the domain through them. They'll give you a twenty five dollar credit a year this year, and for the next four so five years worth of credit you know, said over there and gets things going. I thought it was a nice little gesture out to the community to try and get some folks you know. Twenty five dollars isn't well. Maybe it would stop some people from from being able to do that, but I've been using mail chimp on a more regular basis now just to get my weekly newsletter. And I saw this advertisement, so if you've been holding offer in mostly in this group, it probably doesn't matter, but maybe you've got a customer. That's been holding off and they're the they don't WanNa pay for anything well. You can get him. Five years of of the domain service which you know, who host your Demane I used to get kinda crazy about this I'm a. A big hover guy I like hover I. Don't like, go daddy and I know everybody uses them domain cheap some of those, but check that out I didn't dig into this and I didn't take advantage of it, but I thought maybe for for some of the podcasters that have clients, and maybe this is one of those things are trying to do it for free. Maybe you, too can can get them signed up on their at least five years. Free I WANNA. See. 'cause I've got a video. I WANNA share and for the record. This has adult language in it. But I think it's Hilarious, so let me. Get us out of the way and let me know if you can hear this Jim. Unprecedented tons. We nice things hot right now. You're stuck inside with nothing to do. You might be going out of your mind just wanting to do something anything that now more than ever move and ever more than ever. It's time to think about how your choices affect others, so please place, cleese, Dot Star podcast. Just, don't do it. Don't do it. You might feel like productive use of your time right now. You've probably already got a USB mark. Spare Room ready to guy. Got Some interesting opinions. Where hear the tone you. He doesn't really doesn't. He's quick. We don't need your true crime exclusive. Which is just you reading? wikipedia articles to your house. Might you don't need your minute? Of every episode of parks and REC. What are you GonNa? Do send everyone in your contact list. Newsletter and forced into you spam instead of unsubscribe because they skiing feelings are in the middle of pandemic look. Pretty straightforward. Just podcast Maxim Pasta from scratch like everyone else and just shut up the greatest gift you can give you fellow human beings right now right now right now is to shut the. Shot. Come on. Do It Dunstan a podcast. Is so good. That is from I think the ABC in in like. It's a pretty big whatever that is. It's a permanent. And I saw in James. Cridland shared that on facebook Mike. And Mike, Please tell me I can share audio. Yes yeah. Know in humor. There's always truth, right. There's a little bit of truth associated with that. So I found that and I was like well, yeah. I've heard podcast that are literally just conversations. and. This is Canada right I. Mean we have a topic with? Conversation between the two of us, just our own, our own opinions on those opinions expressed in the chat room. You know, so, it's. Yeah. Well. The good news is nobody's stopping anybody from doing it i. think that's a news like there's nothing in place. Just about everybody can get this done in the you know the noises out there, but it it. It filters itself out pretty well. Yeah, Craig says that's really not great for school of podcasting. Yeah I know. But you know it's being real like you know. Hey, yeah, this some. There are people in the world that feel this way like. They're like okay I'm nuff. You know enough podcasters. Stop talking. There's people who feel that way. I loved that they brought up true crime. Because I'm like it just seems like every day. There's another one total history a second half. Poor here really. GotTa get. Thanks mark thanks. I thought this would be a good question for. This especially this because we're live streaming and this is from Joe Paro you. Start a podcast. He was saying. If you're doing a podcast. Have you started live? Streaming it. And if so, what did it do for your numbers? So this was my reply. If I start podcast and I'm like hey, thanks so much for joining me I'm so glad you're here. The audience feels like I'm talking to them, so I'm talking to you right now. The Listener, but then the minute I go oh Jim as a question in the chat. Well, the the listener then thinks well. Well he's not just talking to me. Apparently, he's paying attention to somebody named Jim in the chat room, and it goes from being a conversation between me and the listener to them being a bystander, and so then you might say this solution is then wool. Then just ignore the chat room and my point then is what you're going to ignore the chat room. Why are you going live? So. What do you think of that in in terms of? You know. Live stream, versus because on one hand I I love the idea that people ask me all the time about that Mike. Especially, if it's somebody like, how do I do phone interviews might yeah, phone interviews are. Nineteen. Ninety eight. Do A livestream you dream. Done Yeah. But So I'm I'm not a big proponent of the one person audience concept in other words I'm we're doing dave. You and I are doing a podcast. We should say everything to that. person you the listener not. Yes, okay, in in a lot of cases. We have podcasters who are sitting there. Listening to this by themselves in their car I get that. I think they're also smart enough to understand. It wasn't created just for them. So when you make references to other people, or or you say things like our listeners. Are you say things like you? The listener or you say things that are group oriented. Hey, friends like those kinds of things I think you get singles. You get you know listeners. Who are the listening by themselves go. Oh, there's other people I'm stop Mustapa. Happens so again. It's I think that filed under one of those kinds of things like not sure that part matters. What matters is the engaging content that you're creating whether you're talking to a group of people? I mean I've listened to keynotes that it's obvious. The person is tailored that for the the audience. That's they're not me. They turn it into a podcast. That doesn't mean I don't get any value out of it I. Still Get tons of value out of it so. Now you're talking to a Guy I am live I on everything. I do there is nothing that I do. That's not life I in we. We have a chat room, and and sometimes we've created some content specifically where we don't mention the chat room to for speed just to be able to get through that thing on the at it now. I could do that I could edit it and take some of those things out as well, but that takes extra time so. I don't just not a big fan like the again. A falls under the thing I think it doesn't I don't know if it matters as much. I think we put too much on the Listener Yeah Democrats it's an interesting. Get it. Here's the one thing. I just dawned on. Adam curry at a thing where every time he birkt. He would say Monsanto. Forget why it was something in the daily Source Code. So what are wonder now is like when people at home and they they they make a cup of coffee. Like when is that sound now going to trigger them oh? Wow, podcast, branding dutko. That's well you never know. It makes me want to drink. More coffee is what makes me WANNA do yeah, so. Craig says `I podcast with a CO host if I say you am I talking to the audience or my cohost, oh I know. You're trying to do it that way. Yeah, yeah so I. Don't I don't disagree. Yeah, I just Yeah David. You're a big. This is where we disagree actually a little bit on this. Because I know, you're a big proponent I've heard you say this in school podcasting a lot. You're talking to a person. Right like address them. In most cases address them like they're a person and Yeah I. Actually I do agree with you on that. You should where you can where it makes sense but. We can't do that here. We have a live audience in there. As part, there is a big of a part of the show as we are i. mean if this was you and me, no audience a-. Right I mean. EXAC. Somehow figured out how to do it, but nobody else has so, we need you guys and we appreciate the audience I'm glad you brought that up the first episode that he did Solo. Between you and me. ME A number one. I don't think he left enough room for people to laugh at home I- timing, but ever since then he's kind of making fun of this thing, and he's also doing things that are weird. Who's WHO's The guy from Star Wars? Luke skywalker! Han Solo's kid. Oh Adam driver Adam driver. He's doing a whole thing on Adam driver, and he's just going so over the. Have you seen it? Oh, he's doing this whole thing like Adam. Driver you all the hot you know you can. Just any just makes all. This is my wife word. She should be because he's a hot. He's just east and he goes way over the, and it's just a weird thing. And he goes, and if you're wondering at home where I'm going with this I, don't know it's just it's so weird, but for like a minute and a half year like okay, and it's just it's bizarre, but it's it's again. It holds your attention so. And then dances yeah, here. We go again like anything. There's not one size fits on different podcasts and I. Should you're right? I should say that if you're doing a solo show. talked, to one person. Yeah Yeah when you when you can when you can. Talk Talk to your you know. I've never. David I'm sitting in my car by myself. I've never expected a podcast to to to customize it just to me. I think I feel like I'm part of a community listening to this together, even though or were distributed, and we're doing it at different times. I've always felt like I'm part of a community, not just me by myself, so I never expected the podcast to use that kind of language to reach infected, seeing kind of creepy to me in my car by myself that he was talking to me I'm like wait a minute. Are you talking to thousands of people at the same time? So that's just how again not right or wrong. How in the world and I'm with you? I don't think it's so much wrong as it is adding salt to the recipe. Because I have had people say I feel like you're talking to me. And so it's a way to kind of I think it's a good way to do it I. Think if you don't do it or if you make a mistake or you bring so Alexander the world. On that one. Steve Long on facebook said I'm having a heck of a time editing my podcast. He's brand new. He says I play music on my podcast, and my biggest problem with editing seems to be the levels on the music to match or at least get close to the voice parts. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and hire somebody to do part do this part form of because I'm obviously incapable well first things I know you're not incapable. There's a difference between. If you I don't know. If you were paraplegic. Okay, that might be a problem. Editing your podcast, but I'm sure there's probably somebody out there. That's got some cool I. Thing that you edit podcasts with when it first you don't succeed practice, practice practice and realize that. There is. A couple of different things number one. When you're recording the audio you WanNa. Get close to zero, but but not too close. And you know, go somewhere about twelve to minus six, and there is the overall volume of the track, but also the overall volume of each piece, so you could have music, and you can say that in and out you can adjust the volume like here I mean here's my volume track, but now if I were to bring up the music, I can simply bring up, and so the volume of the music has its own level and I can make it way, too. Too loud to where you can't hear me anymore like day. What does he say so? And that's kind of how you do it. You just move it up and if it's too loud, you I know when I first started it. It took a while for me to figure out. How many decibels should I cut it so that it's you know loud enough to where you can hear the music, but not so loud that goes over it and if you export your file. And you're like. Wow, that musicals way too loud will then go in. Turn the volume down a little bit. Listen to it in your headphones. And then expert again, Jim Novy Randy problems with this Oh yeah, music's hard. It's a hard thing I. Hire Chris in it. Just get done, have him? How to end this because I think it's not, it doesn't. It's not intuitive whenever especially when you're blending voices and music I think there's different frequencies that come into come into play. If you're music is heavy in the voice frequency, it will caddo actually cancel each other out, so you gotta I? It's this I. Want on Christmas show a couple of weeks ago and we were doing this this game where we are at this. They're playing frequency things, and this is a higher and lower and I. And I got I know nothing I know nothing about frequencies and audio and audio, editing and Chris. Just like Oh, yeah, it's this and that and this and that so I would say if you're struggling. That may be a good time to buy a coach for a couple sessions to teach. You may speed up the learning curve on on getting. Some things figured out because I think there are ways of making it simpler. We just don't know what they are more simple southern that the the we don't know what they are so I'd get a coach. Yeah, that one John Says I learned from doing rain early episodes. Everybody does everybody does for sure hacked curses. Helpful my. Off phonic is is really crunching my music down on on home, Gadget Geeks, and so he was you just give me some pointers and some things I can troubleshoot. That was helpful. For do that and I see you. Have your screen shared? We well, so we talked about this in the beginning of the show in the last few minutes. Talk Business Cards. Do we still need business cards and twenty twenty right so last night so I have a listener Iran. He may be out here this morning. Who has made me these? These three D. printed coins that for my Patriot subscribers you. If you subscribe the five dollar, let level. Mail you out a card and I just actually have a couple that I just put together and got ready for mailing now that the post office not pandemic motor less than pending. We need to support the post office here in the United States. We're getting ready to mail. He's out right so I thought well. It'd be nice to have some cards to put in here inside pulled out my current cards, and I'm like Oh my God. These are like five or six years old still had to hide on home server show. That's gone. Surface gone I do so. There was some things I just needed to change. Including updating the logos shy put the new apple podcast logo on there. I put the new Google podcast and spotify those are one two and three right. Just kind of did that not looking for pointers on the graphics because I go to mark for that if that's what I was looking for, but do we still need a hold on and got show you. Let me let me show you the back of this car. Then this is how see how do I go to the back. So Dave, while I'm while I'm doing that. You can take scroll What do we need cards twenty twenty? Twenty five dollars for how many one hundred hundred? Yeah, so if we take twenty five dollars and divide that by one hundred who I liked this exercise that is twenty five cents, a carton and I know you can. Was that advice to print vistaprint? Yeah, and that's what like twenty percent off. That's what they're twenty percents off coupon. Because I know there are obviously there's always gonNA be places. You can get them cheaper although I like this stuff, and that's where you kind of have to go. If you know we're, we're talking. Talking about in some cases using facebook and using overcast in spotify ads, and those end up paying way more for a listener than twenty five cents so for me, if I handed somebody, yeah, I'm GONNA hand. Ten of these out and nine of them are going to go in the trash, or they're going to end up in somebody's wallet or on a desk or would I mean I've got a stack right here that from an event that I went to and I. Don't really look at them, but if it's something that. I always go through. WanNa get back from event and I'll usually sent out. A Hey was ice meeting. you kind of email to every single person got a card, but I also then make stack of these are the people I really WanNa talk to because the other people not that they don't have value, are they? Don't provide service. It just not something that I need and so. I was thinking. It's funny. You brought this up i. am now kind of testing a show. That's local. It's it's interesting. It's the creatively named the Akron podcast because it's about Akron Ohio and in my city. They're doing something really stupid. Friday nights they used to have a concert. And now they're having one of the. Dj's from the local radio station is now going to broadcast live from the stage so in other words. They want people to drive downtown, so we listen to the radio. Together and I'm like. So, but I thought about if there are any kind of gatherings. I would go there because that's where my target audience is people from Akron Ohio and hand out business cards. Yeah, so for me twenty five bucks for marketing. I would I would be tempted. To Put A. A qr code on the back. So if somebody says what is this and I go? Oh, it's a podcast. Do you have? Do you have a smartphone here here? Take a picture this boom and now I've got a subscriber and I'm the king of the QR codes and I did not do that. Show my screen. This is what went on the back right? Just so you know just just so you know or am I at. Where am I allies? Nice? That's on the back of the card. Yeah Yeah I, just I wanted You know it's one of those. I want folks to know you know what what else I do with the I could've put a fancy qr code shown. Wayne was saying three D. printed coins in place of business cards, genius, and not in place I Adam as well ron also made me whips. It's upside down. Ron also Maine isn't listener. Who did this for me? Made Me Three D. printed large coin. That I've been putting back here kind of to show. Pretty Nice. If you got three D. Printer and you want to do these things. He ran worked hard on these to get the formula ride, and some of those kinds of pieces. The ones I'm sending the listeners are. This big it well. That that big there in the corner involved so they're not huge. Ron Sending me some more of those I tried to find envelopes that matched the color as most as as best I could. I didn't get it right because I was greeted. The Greens are different, but I want people. See this in their male I want them to know like hey, that's from Jim this unique right. So. Yeah, so they're coming. They'll be here June. Six. They had a pandemic warning on their vistaprint did like hey, we're a little slower, yeah. So so twenty five cents a card worth it. Then you think I would yeah I used to I. Mean I used to go around. Put business cards in books. You know, 'cause. It's like you know, but that again the more you buy, the cheaper they are, and that's the one thing. Don't do the two thousand cards because I have boxes and boxes of old shows that are long dead that I need to throw out. Gabrielle says speaking of I have not found. Found a good APP that can scan business cards and anonymity of the contacts. One of the things I do is. I will scan them. I usually end up I use a thing called Nimble, but oftentimes I will take a picture of it in evernote and Evernote, and I forget the verb, but it it takes the text and somehow makes it searchable. There's a fun fancy. Geeky word for that because it used to be, you could scan stuff in it would then. Blanket in then I, forget what the blank verb is, and it makes it where you can. Then it retypes at basically for you, and that I've come, but it doesn't put it into my context but I. do I started doing that? Just because I ended up with stacks of business cards and I was like well. Here I'm paying for storage in evernote. I'm pro use Mike as well. Use Up some of this stuff and then I. I get the picture off my phone, and if I ever want to search for somebody, I can search in evernote like I say if somebody I really want to. There's like different levels like hey, you might be handy. Hey, you're somebody I'm probably GONNA. Email back and forth put them in Nimble, so I can track our conversation back and forth, but I think they're worth it I. do wonder if it's just being the old curmudgeon. Like. Is it just me? That's like hey, you know I like we've always had business cards. What do you mean you know is? Is that me? So, what are we looking at now? You were talking about this attack. Earlier I thought, this was a good by the way before we jump into this. I did the mistake you did which when I ordered my last vistaprint order. You get you order it, so it's like thirty bucks with shipping, and then they're like. Hey, for nickel more. We'll send you thousand. Six dollars for two hundred and fifty. So I got two boxes, I used like a quarter of one box and I was just like okay. Even for a really good price, I don't need two hundred and fifty cards, those two hundred and fifty order last time lasted me six years so and I, I'd ordered right before going to some podcast event, and so I think or maybe was a home service show. Meet up anyways thin giveaway as many as I thought. Thought so dave. During this time of during this time, or we're sitting maybe a lot more in I think we all had good intentions. When this pandemic started of staying fit and staying in shape worked for some hasn't worked for others found this fit package, which I thought was really kind of interesting. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA try to get this to work me so what it is. You have this little hockey puck thing. Show it I'll the screen no-show the side, so here's here's my phone and it's about the cy about half as tall as an iphone and. It's fun the thing I. Like about it as I can be sitting at my desk and do a little exercise. It's got different Yoga. Like or even some strengths resistance like exercises that are associated with that as you're doing them at challenges you right? It'll, it'll measure your. It'll say hey, you know you. This was thirty six pounds of pressure that you put on their little hockey puck and Mike well. That's kind of cool, and then it'll say hey. The last time you did this. It was such and such and Oh, I. Think I do I. Have a we have? We're up and running here. We go so now I have this I'm going to push as hard as I can hear, and my stupid notifications in the way, but it just said that was thirty two pounds of pressure, and now I have to get my little spaceship. Keep it in keeping a lot about my arm is starting to shake yeah. Yeah and I'm like okay, really this enough. So what's going on this green? Oh I got to get the star. Now I rest so Micah Okay and so I. got this little spaceship looks like Pacman for those that remained gotta push again too much, not enough. Okay, and I'm I'm guiding this little spaceship to stay online with a bunch of little dots, and then I take a rest, and then this little show again here. We're almost done and click on this. Okay? Oh, now again it's it looks it's harder than you think. It is super cool and I can't is went L. Ma'am. I, if my bicep right now is on fire. Well. The key to this thing is is they have different. Go ahead, so it says on my screen. How's your strength? Thirty two pounds? That's plus three pounds. From the last time you did this by muscle control was ninety five percent. That's one percent down from last time. My active time was forty seconds I hit six targets out of six. My heart rate was eighty-five. eighty-five beats per minute and calories burned was two point seven five, who so and I repeat the exercise or go back to so for a hundred bucks. It's fun. That's the thing that I liked about. It was like hey, that's kind of like a game. You know it's like space invaders for your body in a way I remember those in member. Those hand grip exercise. It's yeah, exactly. It's way more fun than that. But the I will say their marketing was really good like they had different news agencies that are covered in one point. They were saying how the the Pittsburgh steelers are using this in some cases with some of their whatever you call it training and such even send you a little phone Stan so. That's. This cute little thing and you put it out, so yeah, it's. Great now I'm sweating. Worked right. I was surprised and the only thing that I kind of was like really is some of these moves you end up doing a yoga pose, and I'm like well I'm going to sweat anyway. Just like you know basically trying to bend over and kiss my own, but I'm like okay. That's GONNA. Make me sweat, but some of these like the one. You you put your basically on your knees, and your your hands and knees, and you put the little hockey puck under one of your poems, and then pick up one arm and up pickup leg and the fun part. There is trying not to just use your body weight. It's it's it's a fun. Little balancing. Act So yeah, and then Kyle says for the couch potato that has everything so it's pretty interesting for me. I liked it because it was fun I could see. They said it's great if you WanNa Watch TV and you know and and yet kind of be active. Could even do it quick. Cocco Quick Games during the day at your desk. That thing have a couple. Things that you've thrown back in the classroom Dave. Sorry hold on to second hours. You could just thought. It'd be weird. Not only that, but meanwhile days trying to find his affiliate link. into an audience of one, so it's a good you know I'm I'm all for those kinds of things that keep us active in the Inbetween Times like I think we waste a lot of time in between stuff in this could. You could pick it up to a five minute game on. It do a five minute exercise whatever today you need to do this. You have time. Yeah, I'll do at Bam. Toward whatever above here or To my knee, whatever could be pretty cool? I like yes a lot of fun. We should probably mention as we start to wrap things up here. It is Memorial Day weekend, so Mr Collison! Thank you for your service or I know Fred was in the chat room. He was mentioning Oh. I gotta find it. Millions of people have died in in different wars and Thanks to all those folks who have. Paid the ultimate price to throw in. Horrible cliches here, but it is more more. It's going to be different. There's no parades. There's no you know big cookouts and things like that, but take a second, and you know if you know a veteran shirt, if say hey, thanks so much for your service and thanks for your. Else anybody else who served out there as well. Yeah, Jim. What's coming up on the average Guy Dot, TV? So my son, my son, my marine signs, beginning Marine Son is deployed. He's been sending parts home that he's going to work on a PC gaming build when he gets back, so hijacked the parts, and we talked about the the the anatomy of a gaming build on the shows, no box openings, but we did hijack the parts so as a lot of fun. It'll be posted later this afternoon over at the TV and I believe this week on the school, podcasting and easy. It's either going to be. It's Russian. Roulette, you're. GOING TO BE JESSICA FROM MIGHTY networks which I'm still thinking if I could hold that off until I'm done with this course, that would be cool, 'cause. I am getting some really cool insights into community building. or It's going to be me talking about you know the hockey puck talking about page podcast page and things of that nature I just did a Webinar with them. I probably GONNA go with mighty networks. I think right now the strongest. Thing I, I wanted to wait until I was done, but if I learned something later, I'll just say hey. I should put in that one, so thanks for sticking around. We've got more post show coming right up right after we get done listening to this awesome music.

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Episode 27- Weathering the Storm with Dave Baker

Post Session Podcast

1:22:02 hr | 3 weeks ago

Episode 27- Weathering the Storm with Dave Baker

"Good morning, wonderful listeners, Hugh tuned into post session podcast a podcast filled with the still of a surf session. And the wise guidance of an voyager. Your water loving hosts I ready to share this infectious state of mind while encouraging and inspiring you for your next adventure. In. Iran you were looking find day and your. Broken down. New Brace shirt. Shorts it's hard to be a pirate always on the run. It's hard to be a pirate all day in the Sun. At. One thing is for certain we get to live upon the. Okay that's enough Okay so Welcome back everybody. Thanks for listening. This is episode maybe thirty we're not really sure something or other the general theme of the show is weathering the storm alike it. Yeah. So last week we heard from Tony Butler who was talking all about forecasting and weather he'd happened to mention. Dave Butler who we have in. Acre. Yeah Tony Butler. Tony and David had a baby it'd be. Only. Vaguely attorneys really nice by. Just not my time more Brunet. Great for days. He's told. Okay. So to to keep going though with weathering the storm we have we have, we're honored we have civil servants. and. Director of Ocean Rescue Dave Baker today. We're super stoked. Have this person who's probably saved? I don't know countless lives on the water. He's also a photographer. Scott a beautiful. Some photography on instagram account. And he's also speaker because this person who I didn't just found out has a Potentially genetic heart condition and but he has never kept it from participating. In life to the fullest and he's GonNa share a little bit about kind of his passion for that. You know what Laurel Flattering intro but I still feel like you're under selling it because. I was reading the CV yesterday that you sent. And actually several days ago because I meant Wiltshire prepared and you kinda sound more like the man delorean. What's that? Lets you guys don't know the Mandal Orient. Plead ignorant and feel good about it. Oh my gosh. Well, you should feel bad about it, but he is basically the hero of the galaxy. Episode was the UNSUNG Hero. Oh. We're emit is now unsung hero. Yeah but you're like a Superhero Dave I read it your it was blabbity Blah saving lives, brothers Lilla Terry this. I. Haven't upright here. Actually Dave shaking his head I think we're embarrassing him. You know you gotta understand right place right time or wrong time and just knowing some people you know, and then on the the save part, it's a team and I figured you guys, might you know since I've been at Rizal Beach. We've had little over four thousand saves. Wasn't exactly countless but more fingers than I have. But. That's not me. I'm the old guy with gray hair. We've got all these great people out there working hard. Doing the job we provide them the skills. That's all the year they're fearless leader yeah. That's because I got the gray hair. Holds. You know then you can become leasing. Well, I appreciate that humility though that's pretty cool to. Like I said. Mandel Oregon. So today. How about we start with the post session notes as usual rap about what's been going on in the water well good into the injustice of the week hopefully Dave. Brought a real. Funny Good. One. Intense when we're going to dive deeper and we have all kinds of things to talk about I mean really with Dave here it's hard to choose directions. That's what I was thinking. We almost need to have him like a part woman part to well, let's see. Let's see what happens. Yeah. This is and then we'll tread into some God waters and maybe leave everybody with homework we'll see. Do you want to start with. The postition notes or should we let our guest start I think we they start. Post. Session this morning already. Great Sunrise prone paddle five miles. it was when was blowing north northeast right around fifteen. So great bumps on the the oceanside. got a really good sunrise finish up paddle and Was Really. Nice I. Have a paddling partner named John Bo sang and we've been. Together. going on nine years. Now, we just show up, punched a clock and get the job done whether we're doing a and paddle or training for. Chadha Jack which is a thirty two mile. Race on the water I do it in an outrigger Jr And John is trained for thirty two's for catalina prone all this stuff. So we just work well together we don't bitch we don't complain and we show up it's like What time five thirty splash that means says when you get wet fifteen splash day that You know. Well, you can't do it alone, but I love that he's dependable I love that I'm going to start rewording my techs in the morning. It's GonNa be six, forty, five splash a little more active. Yeah. Like we're in the water we're not talking in the parking lot Tony. Went they. Come onto you. Did it together. Okay, but. and Nice little cool breeze war water. Stopped. Always, stop and and watch the sunrise never get caught up in your workout. And whether we're going south or we're coming out the inland when we come by the rocks. We stopped. And just watch the sunrise no matter where you are never forget what we're gifted in able to do. We talk about that all the time on the PODCASTS is just how blessed we are to. Live here in this coastal town with this beautiful water sometimes. So crystal clear. You think that nine the Bahamas I mean I can cave yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. We have a skill that other people don't have but not. Because it will be a time. We can't do this and even just not taking each other for granted because it is special to have a partner that you can like you said rely on. Keeps you motivated and pushes through that with you because doing it alone? Oh my gosh. Well, that was what I wanted to talk about in possession. Him since we have Dave here, I wanted to ask when I first started. Probably the first six months that I started going out I had a friend He let me use his board and he had a truck and helped me carry the board. It was so heavy. But probably when he went back to school I started going by myself and I. Would often meet up with people there I was surfing almost always at the north end but then there was many times that it was just me because I was just determined to surf every day and so I was just wondering I mean my mom used to say you're not surfing by yourself are you and I didn't have the heart to tell her you. Have a bag now. Yeah. She listens. But how you know when you're weighing when I when I think about some of the younger girls that I see out there, Surfin, most of are surfing at the South End, there's always a crowd. But if you're looking to not have a crowd and you go to the North End, is it safe to go by yourself? You. Know personally risk versus reward, and then what is your skillset? And know your limitations, and if you still fall within those limitations, that's not the time to test it on a big wave by being. But if his one of those things that you feel very comfortable with. Ago Out on days paddling doing long pals I'm by myself. And I feel very comfortable doing that because it's well within my limitations for the conditions. But if you're out there in, it's huge conditions in your loan I'm not GonNa go. I least I want someone to know where the body is right here. And this is the CAP or director of Ocean rescue people heard it from his now. I. But I think also When you are alone doing some like doing what we do never alone never because the risk is so much greater. But I think that sometimes being alone, you have to remind yourself to stay sharp because there is a risk involved you're allowed. So we don't get complacent and sloppy. That's those are the times when we dig our heels in and we're a little more self aware. That is exactly right and the thing of it is you have to understand that you alone caused the action you need to know you're exactly right stay on top of your game for the free diving. World. You mess up your alone. You're in the waters like you're falling down on the ground. No, it's kind of hard to breathe. We don't have gills yet. Okay and you have to be. Responsible for your own actions. Definitely stay on top of your game when you're alone don't get complacent. I mean aboard can hit you in the head. Yeah. Even on a small day I mean there's a risk there's a risk. There's a risk crossing the street. There's a greater risk when you drove to the beach are you kidding me when we get back? You know. Sailing from sailing. because. People are. Our family members especially, they're terrified of the free diving, but they're also very nervous for us about this sailing because they perceive the risk of being in the open ocean on a sailboat to be so high. In reality, the preparation that goes into. Jutting out for several days on the ocean is so much greater than just. SLOP. slop it on a seat belt and taken off seventy miles per hour on on on forty to get here. You know that's scary. And you're dependent on everybody else to make good choices. that's why I have a job. They don't call nine one one to say they did something smart right. Because accidents don't happen. And really the concept of safety is. Sort of mythical I mean it it's impossible to be one hundred percent safe safe is without risk. Something a safe. There's no risk involved so we can mitigate risk and we can do things more safely through mitigating risk but. We do not do things because it's because we're not living, right? Yeah. Well, did you have you have a post session that? I don't know you guys did pretty good I. Could I was going to talk about how I deal with fear during free diving. Just as a segue into some of the things we'll be discussing potentially with Dave later. Okay, well, I would say for any body interested in free diving out there anybody that's trying to get over that Hump most. People will say equalisations limiting factor the ability to equalize deep but that is simply a skill that can be taught. Managing fear is. A much harder skillset to wrap your. especially. When you're involved in something where a basic fear is, you're confronting a basic fear fixation or or having that breath hold is very basic being without air you immediately have a panic reaction. Yeah. Yeah. There are certain things that elicit this very primal reaction. Not being able to breathe being eaten falling these are terrifying. So with you know independent somebody's fitness level or even water experience doing the things you do we find often that when you stick them in the water. Underwater it's a completely different ballgame. So how do we manage that? They're in the beginning what I try to get people to do as we mentioned earlier Davis fixate on the technique that you need to do what you're doing. So you're only consumed with the next step. It's like the journey of a thousand miles when when you go when your father was going on any seven day. Crazy. Runs that you know that that's nuts. He wasn't thinking. Okay. Just six more days to go rhino. He's only thinking about how his body feels getting to that next little milestone that next waypoint. We're doing the same. We're just breaking down the dive into manageable pieces so that We are. We don't have time to think about the fear and the funny thing is unnoticed Lynn I was diving with you guys that. You don't necessarily notice what you're like because I was a Newbie I didn't recognize like Rinn said Okay Laura, will let's take a minute. So you can get your breathing under control or he could tell that I was afraid. I didn't even think that I felt afraid except for I was doing this. Is. Evidently. Some fear happening absolutely with that's the problem with fear. Is that it's it's consuming you without without being aware aware of right. That's why that. Fight or flight happens you're not making the logical choice. So we concentrate on the next YEP that would be my initial. And of course, it gets more difficult as you get deeper and deeper and you get two different level with your. Free diving. But in the beginning, we use a lot of technique to just make it to the next step stat or then there's thousands of tricks that we use to get to the point where we really are in a more meditative state that doesn't happen overnight though but don't you think fear though sharpens your. You Know Awareness Oh. Yeah. If, you can learn how to control. It allows you to actually push yourself a little bit more because you you become more aware of so many other little nuances. One hundred percent here. Right and that advice that I just gave as the first step to start to manage the fear 'cause it's GonNa happen but I equate free diving to it's like Competitive Meditation Doing something like you do. You might have this fear and anxiety, but you learn how to use it to your advantage to push a little harder or to amp you up I played a lot of team sports and you could use that herd mentality and that that like low of anxiety running through everybody to perform better like you say, and we do the same thing but very differently because the heart rate has to stay low so you have to Suppress that and hyper focus on only what you're doing. It's pretty interesting. I like a little fear though yeah. Alive Yeah I love that like a little electricity, it is like a little electric city. You get out there and you. I can't believe what I just did. That's all over and then you go on like. Can't believe what I just did. Talk. A little bit. Next time it's not as bad. Yeah, and we just keep on pushing Tavlin out in the hurricane slow. Save something for dive guys. Well, let's do the injustice of the League. Day Out what's raw? You know there's I came up with multiple once. I'm sure there's a you know from people driving. The way they park over the line. To spaces. Benja. But I'M GONNA, keep it beach and people. Okay. Why do people have to feed the seagulls? Paul. Yeah. A good is a good way. That one out. A winged rat. Yeah. Yeah. And I tell you. They're aggressive we were in Florida last this past year. Sitting on the beach with the kids we're working our way south on the sailboat and We brought a little lunch. I was eating a sandwich. I had it in my hand. Close to my mouth it wasn't for anybody else it was for me and the Siegel came. Snapped it right out of my hand big old wearing goal well, that's because he'd been fed. He'd been dead people. Yeah. There's nothing worse than laying on the beat and the people next to you. START, feeding the frequency goals I want to just smother them. Well you know what I think it is what if you don't go to the beach a lot and you're not part of that beach culture you don't know it's a winged rat don't know that it's a faux. Pas is the thing you think it's kind of cute and it's fun and you're interacting with the wildlife and trying to have that. Interactive moment not really realizing that people don't like that right and it's just. Annoying and then they'll do it in front of the lifeguard stand. They'll throw stuff in the lifeguards are going. Geez please no. Over there abuse some other people please you know at least the lifeguard has the little owning over their heads a poop. poop. John By. Yeah, we were on the ferry going to southport. And sure enough the seagull there's they're everywhere because they're behind the boat. For something to come up and Right in my face. On he was pretty young so she just started crying she couldn't handle it. Having a you. Yeah. She was crying that a single pooped on Mommy and. Your facial expression that brought fears. Oh, I'm sure it was this one. Disgust is this. Well I can only imagine what they're poop would be like I see our chickens. When we this fall since you know everything's kind of falling, we'll let him out of the coupe area in the Guardian this come out in the yard and pull out all the Mulch and everything just to get the little worms but. Always they will poop on the walkway and it is the NASTIEST. Junk chickens are nasty. Well, the dogs like it. I didn't hear. Back defeating this season. So maybe there should be a sign that says. Do. Not See the because really if you wanted to be part of the culture, you gotTA teach people that. True however. People don't read signs It's Don't know. There's so many things we have a lot of signed pollution. Look at all the rules that are out there. WAS, no one reads No one reads. And so it would just be one more sign. Yeah. One more thing pollution that no one would read. We just need one. We just need like three rules. Yes. I like that one. Let's. All the drinking backup like non breakable glass. Yeah, why can't we drink on the beach? You know? I hate that rule Dave I. I. Look at it this way. Okay. That's way above my pay grade. That's no comment but you know what you gotTa do you gotTa be talked about this last week you? When we were doing the injustice I think it's our responsibility to teach others. What's customary. Siegel. I think most people are not feeding the seagulls because they're mean and want to make everyone mad that's not it. Misunderstanding well and I'M GONNA have to agree because. What we take for granted when we come to the beach we'll have someone that has never been to the beach and you know in trade and we we teach them. You know look at that person until they hit the water and you know, are they a dunker diver? Are they gonNA dive under the waiver? They're gonNA Connor wave you know. Idea of what they are but. It's no different than if you threw me. In the desert And I die of thirst and a Bedouin comes by 'cause dozen Nino to do this right or it's not my. Area. My see feeding the lizards. Lizards here for hours. FEEDING THE LIZARDS Terrorist. attack. All right flush it. CH-. Let's Let's dive deeper. Now it's just going to be an extension of the conversation we've already started, right? Yeah. Well, one of the things when we talked about having Dave Tony Butler, mentioned that you. Were super instrumental in helping. New The surfing rules of or the surf. From being this small little area that moved every day throughout the month or the month of summer to having it be you know, here's the swimming areas closest to the lifeguards and then having the surf area outside the flags and. You Know I. Think Tony's being to kind. Is Tony did a lot of the hard work. And everything and once again I'M GONNA go. I'm the old guy with gray hair. So people are GonNa look at me and kind of like well, maybe he knows what he's he's saying and I'm going like. I just got hired I just my. I was I started on Monday the one of the first meetings woods on that Thursday. And I walk in and I'm going like. ooh. Are Is this. What in the world and just started to take it all in and going like. Now that this makes sense, the old set because it may be up on the north end only parking as we all know, could be on the south end 'cause it gets busy. And then a small little area with everyone cramped did. Was a recipe for disaster and people to get injured. Without a doubt. Since the change. It opens up sixty percent of the beach. For Surfing spreads him out spreads them all out. It allows those people that and. Where the flags are around lifeguard stands. It puts no surfing there because asked where people want to swim and it just helps. The Community of swimmers surfers. Terrorist but. Everybody. To to have A place where they can feel comfortable some cohesion and chaos. And you can park on the North End. You have a place you can find a parking in the middle of island or down in the south and you can still. Bring Your Boogie board you can bring your you know surfboard and the entire family can have an enjoyable time because that's what. Bottom line is come to beach we all are looking. To play in the water. Sit in the sand and just watch. And enjoy what's going on and You know I think salt water it's great therapy. And no matter how you get it whether the salt spray or be immersed into water. But this allows us to do it safely for four and a half miles of beach and no one has to argue because everybody has some read well enough sure. There's or OSCE Palencia families where dad or mom serfs our dad and the little boy, the Little Girl goes out surfing while the other half of the families on the beach playing or swimming or maybe not old enough to surf yet. So there's definitely A family of people that are wanting to do to swim wanting to serve. So they can actually be right there by the flags you know the surfers on the other side or the swimmers on. Inside the the zone but is it true or was it hyped up that surfers help save lives? Not, a high, that is a reality reality we'll. It is. About you Maybe here. Here's the thing. Surfers do save lives tell us about it. All right red flag days. This was a very, very controversial point during. Everything going on for for that process. and. Surfers are Alas Picket Line of defense. We have red flags that means it is strong and dangerous currents. You really shouldn't be out there unless you're an expert swimmer in ocean conditions. Yes. Pretty rough on a red flag day. Yeah. But there's plenty of tourists out there and plenty of recurrent. Die from rip currents that than anything else. Okay, it's not sharks or all, but just rip current days bad red flags our biggest one day Hodel one day in rescues was two hundred twelve just on Rizal beach. Beach this. No this was a couple of years ago. We had just one of those nice wells way off shore hurricane was go on by. And one rip current the Sandbar broke, and that's the way recurrent form. There's a channel in the bar, but this one broke flush twenty two people out all at once why twelve people in one day and right? Twenty two people at one time. And if If you waist deeper deeper, you're getting flushed out no matter how strong you were anything it was just taking you out. And fortunately. We had surfers. We had a jet ski are ready out there with a rescue sled because we knew we were making rescues all the time. I remember coming down the beach stop in a lifeguard stand to pick up another lifeguard to jump in the water and is we're getting closer. It looks like a Hornet's nest of people screaming and. Yelling and everything like that, and we have a system and we figured it all out. Guy On the jet ski was the Captain Jeremy This is you know just a phenomenal waterman. He's gone grabbing people throwing them on the sled coming in through the impact of doesn't even tell them what to do and he spins off to sled because we've got a lifeguard right there. Pulled him up and other one is right up in the he'll say go to him that one does a quick medical on them. And we're just doing this. We have a person up his stand calling out stuff to Jetski has he hazard? You Know Radio? We have other lifeguards in the water we got people on. And we have surfers. With their boards. Using that for flotation for that person until we can get it and get it all cleaned up. Surfers. Surfer save lives hands down. and to any surfer that is listening to this. Thank you you have made rescues when we are not there we know that. You need to be appreciated for your skills and abilities and just think you save the life. So thank you. And that's coming from the Mandal Orient. Mouth to. Galaxy or something I would say to all the surfers including myself who have not saved anybody would be get always. Alot slacker. But to pay attention and to always be aware of your surroundings and to not just be thinking about your next wave but to. Just be aware of your surroundings and be aware if there's a swimmer plenty of Tom's we're out there wanting to catch a wave and we're annoyed that there's this slimmer in our way. But Hey, you know think about something besides yourself and be aware and be ready be ready to help a person out if they need have some situational awareness all the time. Absolutely. Yeah. especially if you have the skills to act. And then it'd be. The thing that is very simple. We're not asking you to bring them in or anything. Naturally. If we're around, we're going to see the guards know if you've got someone on your board, they're going into water if you got him I but always place your board between yourself and and the person right because they'll take you down we share will actually. They they. That's a great Hollywood thing you're supposed to slug the person and all that. Know Give Him the flotation and what happens. Is that one person now knows that someone knows that they were in trouble in. There with someone else calm down they now have flotation because they can keep their head above water. Ninety, nine percent of all your issues taking care of. And that's what we do. We're this woman out there and we're just giving you something to flow dot. com You can follow directions for the most part you know. Part. I had people in the past that had difficulty listening you know but. You had to slug on the movie. Actually, you just wrap of you. You. Tell people that we're not gonNA make it is we're GONNA DIE WE'RE GONNA go. I'm having dinner tonight. Yeah. I am going to make it. GonNa, make it in and I'm not gonNA leave you out here. This is GonNa be something you've may not like because it's rough and we're going to get tumbled. But. I'm going to be holding onto you. Never one rule is you'd never rescue the same person twice rescue. Oh Get Real. That is a good rule. You know what? You just spoke to a mental state that I think's important dimension in these kind of situations where people are panicked freaking out. Some people. Lose themselves and some people can stay in the moment and stay focused. And when you lose yourself and you just let your mental state go. Oh my gosh it. Compounds the problem like this person that saying we're not GONNA MAKE IT WE'RE GONNA die out here. They've lost it right there already gone. No recovering that mental state right away anyway as opposed to the person that can just stay focused and. Kind, of kind of be in the moment I, read this book about survival one time and it was talking about. people that are most likely to survive in emergency situations and unequivocally across the board although sometimes the expert was the person in the situation that survived it's not because of the expertise that people are surviving is because of that innate mental state that that you will adopt during the emergency. So even an extremely unexperienced person. might be the most likely to survive because they're able to just stay calm and say, okay, well, I'm stuck on this life raft and I guess I need to go fishing. Instead of. and. I think in simple terms to the sheriff with. Other people. For me when you get to things, it takes a conscious thought to quit. Okay. Is that you have to teach your mind? That so you're running long. Or you're paddling a long distance. Think about when Oh hey I'm getting tired. Of. I. Think I'm just going to call it quits. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Do that you half? That's a thought. You can't let the thought even get in. You know to to quote a trainer out in Hawaii Suzy Clini. The mine winds I I see this all the time and what we do. I have a friend early on in my free diving career I was with this girl and she's so great because she would share her tips and tricks and helped me along. But then she stopped progressing and I kept progressing and so I started listening to what she said and When I asked her hey, where are you going to set the plate today? How deep in ago? She would say I, don't know try seventy meters and if it doesn't feel good, then I can turn around. Our. Feet that's an option. I. Didn't know we could just turn around if it didn't feel good it's not gonNa feel good. When you go on a paddle, you know that it's not gonna be UNICORNS and rainbows the whole time. Oh. Absolutely not I. Was a thirty two mile paddling race that I do and you get into it. And there's always apart. And you start questioning yourself and everything starts hurting. I can't on is probably the thought I can't do it. Is that no I go there you can't go there you. Oh, you can't. Is just that it's hurting. Yeah but. Then you think back you go. I'm only at Mile Twenty, two, twenty, three of done twenty-five Five Mile Paddles to get ready to assume that. This is just a stage just you've just GonNa just keep on going and remember. If it's hurting for me it's hurting someone else's hurting everybody hurts. Some people hurt just a little bit less long because they're going faster. You know they're gonNA finish up in five hours. I may be at five thirty or something like that but we all go through the pain. And it's just going like. Just one more. One more but that's that journey of a thousand miles where you just take that you consume it you keep going you take that next thought consume that keep going or sometimes it gets uncomfortable I just say to myself who cares who cares Your legs you think it's going to deserve for this to be easy who cares keep going it doesn't matter if it hurts keep going right and It's at a point where. You're testing your limitations You're also they're going like like evaluating that I do that every. Jeez. Along Race I. RE evaluate myself like every two three minutes going good paying bad paints it'd be gone faster. Should I be doing this? So do I need to have food? Do I need to have this? You know it's like a keep my mind busy and I played bath. Ip Math keep your mind busy. You gotta give your mind something to eat otherwise it's GONNA eat itself right and then it'll be gone. Cure really tired. Muscles really heard. And They really don't. That's the advice because I do when I'm running I. my husband has run marathons and He's a runner enough try different times to run with him and I've always look we'll be running and he's always done this. I'm like, when are we stopping? And he's like I don't know. We'll. We'll see and I'm like, Oh, I need a finish line I need to know where it is I can have that mental. Action. Just get there. But if I don't know where that end is. Like and. Then I'll think one of the things that helps me is when I'm. Paddling out in it's. Really, probably too large for me to be out there but I'm testing myself and I'm I get pissed I'll get pissed at the way. That's how I get out as somehow a little anger and get me. L. No I'm getting to you know break or whatever does that help y'all? MAKES THE WAVE AN ENEMY No I don't think. So sometimes getting worked up does hell yeah. I I don't think in. With, a depth dive. You don't have that same luxury. Maybe on a sent when it's really hurting and you feel like you're at the end of your breath hold anyway and you have to work extra hard maybe then but I'm so nervous. To let any kind of emotion trickle in. It really is just a mantra. Good. Good pull good kicks. So that I just focus on staying strong with the technique. To nervous to even say anything else to myself. I'd on a rescue, you have to be aggressive you have to get out there quick Whatever it takes to get out you need to go one, hundred, hundred, ten percent, get them flotation. Once you get them flotation. That's your time to like cry. Yeah, exactly. Out here for you but you just have. You take a breath. L.. Make. Sure. Questions we ask people when we get out there believe it or not we go. Hey how you doing? All Right? We're here are with anybody else. That's a lot of times they may be always someone you know, and then we have hand signals that will signal back to the beach. You know we need to be looking for somebody or or something like that. It's a big day but be aggressive going out and it gives you that extra. You know mole to get get through the waves and it's it's a good mindset. Just. Don't let it. Got Plenty of that to us to. Let it, consume you. Earned it off once you get out there. Yeah. Good. Nice chill. I can think of one time. This is giving me sort of some PTSD here because I can't think of. One time in particular in my life where I let my mind. Go I didn't maintain composure in Tena that I didn't maintain that positive mental state and it was scary. It was during childbirth. I was giving birth on e. says honest. My first child I didn't know what to expect at we're at home. and. So it was a natural childbirth and it was intense. It lasted for and lots of hours and She was sunny side up. So I guess it was harder for her to come out. But. You know I read all this stuff beforehand to? Find, something that's empowering to you maybe focus on that. So I did have a picture of. woopsie sorry I just hit the Mike I did have a picture of On one of my dives and partway through towards the end. Actually it was. I, said to myself. I could die I'm might die. Wow because it was just you've had world record dives that. This was real. This was real I mean lasted for between contractions I was just falling asleep I had no more control over my body. What was happening it was happening to me and I thought I could died and then I looked up and said, okay. Now, you've got this I had ran to and he was awesome. You know 'cause he's not GonNa let me die coaching me through it but that was a scary thought believed it. When I said it you know I believe I was. Kind of just let nut. Fear Aloe for a minute. Yeah. Oh I've been in situations where. Is Hurricane Swell well. Actually it's hurricane. Rescue Outer Banks on this guy and. went out. Got Him. It was just huge instead of coming in, I kept on going out. Because I knew the Fire Department guys that were working that would launch a ski. Come out and get them because I was needed to power. Easier out there out there to get them and. You know we're going in. And so they launched the got guy brought him in and I said I'll just swim on in well when I was coming in set doubled up and just. Lamb, to me and I was like I call it getting maytag. You know like you're GonNa make tag washer. I'm going around and around and around and. All Right, this is not fun anymore I'd really like to to come up yo and. Finally coming up and. The next wave hit and I'm probably six inches from the top and there I go again. That you're close. You've released probably air that well, no I was just like going waiting but. All. Right. Here we go. Again. So just Go with it and everything. Within his like. I hit the sand on the bottom it's going. Yes. Now I know I was trying to find my. Head my line. My Boo was you know of their tombstone this because I'm waiting dowd and? Put My feet underneath me and just push as hard as I could. And came rocketing up and just took the biggest breath. But if there have been another way that would been bad. Guys on the scene. Work Good. That was awesome. Do you know? Do you know you don't people don't get rescued because they made good choices. I'm just quoting this guy I now. That's funny. I did hit the beach one time. I was surfing with Rin. This is when he took me in that hurricane swell I just know this do yeah. My first time out and I got pummelled anyway later we went to a friend's house and he goes yeah, I saw this dude getting work today turns out he was talking about me. Embarrassing. Hello this is ranch adleman behind the scenes guy for post session podcast a quick announcement before we continue our discussion with Dave Baker in one week, we will be posting episode twenty eight with Free Dive and self defense aficionado tomorrow. On. November seventh post session podcasts will be hosting a free clinic featuring TALITA. It will be a great opportunity to connect with listeners as well as learn a few self defense techniques. Additional details can be found at our website and please RSP RSVP us. So we have an idea how many plan on attending. Thank you as always for listening now back today. Baker. Well, speaking of life and death or yeah. That kind of situation Dave overcome some serious I mean what was it like when you first got the news about your heart? I was doing a race and I wasn't feeling up to par and everything long story short I have A. My father grandfather, it's all genetic not lifestyle or or anything like that. Just think of my cholesterol in my body being like sticky rice you know in just no matter what you take or anything. In you know build plaque and do everything because he's obviously not a couch potato people. But I. Doing race just wasn't feeling good as like going I have never DNA which is do not finish race but as just like. Something's wrong. I just thought I was over trained. Anyway. Cut to the chase sitting there in the doctor's office and I knew. Cardiologists, it was two and a half weeks later, and in that between that time also run seven mile run with the lifeguards for the ride and is GonNa Pants taking me forever to to recover. So finally got into cardiologists. There he's looking at the Strip. Looking at me. Looking at the Strip He goes what are you doing it three o'clock No. This is what you wrote about that. We call it an article. What would you call that? It was it was an article for John Pedal Monster. Can we can we link to that in our show notes? Just. Put a note to do that. That way people can get some background a little more. So it just turned out to where I had gone. Unfortunately, having blood go into a portion of my heart, the lower portion of it for two and a half weeks. It was one hundred percent blocked. So it killed off the bottom portion of my heart. To where? Your ejection fraction is seventy five. How much your your heart pumps. Because you've got to keep a little bit. So if I keep primed and everything unfortunately with. All that catching up with me it was. Was Thirty two. Annual. Performing. Well, no. That was afterwards. So I could only walk like a hundred yards after awhile this and they did their stuff and. It was. Go through all the cardiac rehab stuff and I set my goals in because I told them and I told the. the physician is that. Don't tell me what my limitations are Let me determine what they will be. Give me some parameters I don't WanNa wind up here again but Gimme parameters. And he said. Because, he knew who I was and he said, all right. That's fair. Here's your parameters so when I went in there. This it was June seventh of seven okay. And so I went into cardiac re have with. I said I'm not going to be a mall. Walker guys. You know. Let me go this is you know and I got doctors order saying let me do my own thing. And you're always running you're hooked up to Keiji stuff. So a first goal was run a five K.. And you have twelve weeks. in this. And so halfway through I was I was easily at the five kate stuff and then doing all their other things and I said. Okay. Last Day. I said I'M GONNA run a ten K which you know six point two miles and I'm going to do it under an hour. So you know, put you into nine range and all that. Still. Got To print out, it was like fifty eight minutes you know. They're going six months later I'd say I'm going to run a half marathon I WANNA go under two hours, which keeps me at a nine minute pace. You know somewhere right around there and. Did that. Then, I went and did a That was that then I did half ironman. And did role there. No. I this. Well, actually quite lake was. One that they did. Just a super hot day, but it was still a good race. Let me interrupt you curious. Like what characteristic? The believe that was innate new or something passed down to you that that when that doctor said okay, I'm GonNa give you. What you can and can't do that you had the. Wherewithal to say wait a minute before you tell me what I can't do. I want to tell you this know that I want you to set parameters that I don't want you to tell me. What I can't do? Genetics, maybe an on on just hearing stories of my grandfather on my mom's side in everything things that he did. It's like. Now. The mules have worked all day plow and I'll take myself to the physician 'cause. I. Cut my hand. You know I'll walk into town. You know just do your own thing. Do don't let people say no, you have to take the car or you need to ride the horse or mule into town or anything like that splits the alternative really I mean I think they alternative is scarier to sit there and and resign yourself to. A lifetime of inactivity because you're afraid of what might happen ninety percent. Ninety percent but I think there's the half maybe fifty percent of people would. Would concede to Oh. Okay. Well, this is this is a better you know other listen to let the doctors the doctor knows what he's talking about. GonNa. But I'm going to. Urine experiment of one. Okay. No one knows you better than yourself and being? Somewhat of an athlete in and doing things I understood. My Body. And I'm also going like there's a lifestyle that I want to continue to have a yeah and. I don't need to have podium finishes any any more or anything like that but it's being out there being enjoying what you do. It's truly the end that participant in life. In, doing those things instead of just sitting here and being a spectator watching everybody. You know. Discover your own limitations. Stay with and. It's okay to push him but do it logically respect the distance you're going to do I'm not going to JUMP IN AND DO A. Two hundred foot have. No but if I train. I know I could probably get there. Now you need four days. Four solid days in two of those are in the classroom. But I took a waterman survival class and. It was. Eye Opening. On so many things because this was all post. Heart and I was going like I was we were talking about fear. And being scared. But I knew who was around me I knew what they teaching me. and. Just start practicing and do this and it was like the static breath hold for for three minutes. I was like there's going to be no way. Unbelievably. It was not as. Scary or it was something that was very much obtainable even in going into because. Alex new all peop- you know it was like. No Okay I jokingly say we you know. He's talking about the water and survival course he took with our buddy Alex Ns and we teach very similar things and I jokingly say we don't teach people to read. I've. Or hold their breath. We just teach people not to freak out and tell them why they shouldn't, and once they have that information i. it's not like a day or two days we're training your body to do something. It's wasn't capable of doing before we're just train your mind to do something it didn't conceive of as possible before that's it. We'll speak enough safety I have to ask. For the first time in my. Fifteen. Years of Fourteen Years of surfing I paddled over to me, and there was just the wind was right and I thought Oh somebody else was going to go up paddled with somebody else and I was just curious in your experiences that are there safety issues that I should think about I definitely know that there's a lot of boat traffic we were doing early in the morning so I felt safer but I could see where if somebody speeding through and it had a little bit drink, which we know that they do on the water, I would've been like the target. are think going over macer there's really. No at the sons doing is the glare. Can they see? Definitely know what to tide state is you know incoming and outgoing or do you want wind up on the rocks or do you want to wind up in? First Cove? Okay and Where do you start? Do you when you come to the point you go to the eastern part of the point and then get slingshot around or you go back around on the south side I mean the the west side and start by the coastguard station beat side. then. slingshot out in and around that way and which is the best way is the best way. There's also an Eddie line where even though the water's coming in. You can take it. Right next to the rocks and get shot right to where you WANNA go and not have to work at half this hard like this morning when I need to. You can run across the run next to the. If you're three feet over persons. They're going backwards in your disco on the opposite way as fast as you can. Wow. Yeah. So there's little eddies that spent around. There's a lot to know he knows the sweet spot. Jay Does. Talk. Gone to Mace in what you're doing is. Is Nice. It's good. It's very safe. Have the skill you have the ability you have the knowledge. And you're not on a wave store. Little. Timid Saturday at about. Anywhere from eleven am to three PM where. Every teenager is out in their mommy daddy's huge votes overpowered I I've seen him more this year than I've ever noticed it before, but I think it's Foolhardy and dangerous to have children with such little life experience going sixty miles per hour through banks channel. I don't like it at all. That's why limit all my paddles early in the morning and I to stay away from the crowd. To the world of twenty twenty and in covert. Johnny. Get Out of the House here's the boat well I. Tell You. Wow parents, right. So beach parents, I'll just urge you to do this. Give your kids limit. Tell him to keep it under a certain. RPM. Because sixty miles per hour is too fast in abode and banks channel with people pulling their children people at anchor swimming paddling. In it's truly speed kills and yes. people are boats don't have breaks do not have brakes and you don't have to have a license. Yeah. Yeah. Being in kids that age let's face it. They're not looking out there looking in How do I look? Yeah. Listen to that. Pot. A Little Boston whaler a little John this is they great boat for a kid to start in or anyone with limited boating experience. Figure things out for they get out there and jam. Run people over yeah. So do you guys as? The safety rescued are y'all in that area as well I mean 'cause you don't go all the way down. We will. Do, rescues halfway down Mason Borough and then all the way up to figure eight bridge were responsible for. If we get a call we will we will go to their we have done helicopter extractions off of Mason Borough for for people. That was the question like okay i. get the Mace in something happens you know like a thunder storm with lightening and what have you? Just waited out how do I get Herreid? About it and bring a phone and everybody was smart enough to leave earlier. Wait it out. Allocated out. And just go okay. Lesson learned watch for these pop-ups. Back, if they don't have transport, don't be the last one to leave. And never go ahead. No Go. Boss just going to say I. Guess It was maybe two maybe three weeks ago. It was beautiful. Sir feels nice out suddenly the storm came out and I mean the lightning strikes were they got closer and closer and I got out. Early in the morning. And people get out I don't. Know? No. I was one of those days. I'm telling myself I looked at everything. I look at the radar they were popping. I'm going like, okay. I'm just going to do a quick paddle out to the. Mile Buoy and back in, you know the interest. and. I turned as watching and just see this thunderhead growing and growing and then just. Going off to town and going like. it is just started sprinting for everything I was worth to get ahead out of that situation, but people will stay on the beach unfortunately during lightning. And I've pulled people out struck by lightning. ooh. What's that like well? Yeah Surfers was it a swimmer or it was unfortunately A. UNC W. Young. Women in the water I said, don't take the lightning. Lightly. Exactly. We leave once it gets within ten miles Okay and you can go on APPS and get another state is cool. APP. Yeah. There's plenty of APPs out there. Like the lightning strike up actually weather bug has one. And you can go to there and. We also talked to you know the National Weather Service and communicate all the time but. Once it gets within ten miles we pulled the lifeguards. And in the past that should one in five years had. Three lifeguards. One. All near Near. None of them died but. Two were off the beach. And they. Were underneath an awning and got. Struck in Blake blown ten feet into a wall. And then actually One of our lifeguards was it was coming in and they were trying to hook up the trailer and it was a mere strike and it went into the ground and then came back and came up right into Oh and. I got the call and I remember it and it was one of the things I said. Guys called we've got an ambulance come and quick I mean they were fine. Now I'm fine I said, no. Right there's A lot of stuff going on and. Got Him back to the station and I said Amazon Way I'm fine I'm fine and then it was like. Every Cell in her body tried to re polarize. And she said that. Her chest trying to touch her spinal cord. Just doing this and then she started. To wear with all to call because the body is much like a machine. A really really well designed machine, but you know you drop your cell phone in the water or something it works at first, but then there's little shorts and things start to happen. Over some time and yeah, I would think that all that electricity would not just be okay This was like just. A second year I was there and everything we had the old town logo for Ocean rescue stuff. Yeah. I resigned and so that's what we have. If you look, there's still little lightning bolts on there. Yeah. Yeah. Look looks like that underwater. Army. Rangers. The. Underwater operations, guys, the seals they're rangers, but they're the. The divers they have something, but anyway we. So Redesigned that just remind you know lightning and this person was very fortunate and is. You know. But they're scared US lightning storm heck yeah. Seriously as it deserves to be treated, I think. I'm glad I heard this because I know that it's so Tintin when the waves are good and you're like That close there's always a tomorrow. Yeah there's always. Tomorrow we forget to worry about unless you're stupid. Don't heed the natural. Advice. Warnings ranks yeah. I I agree with what you said earlier. Dave might be a good candidate for part two because we talked a lot about safety in in this kind of thing. But I feel like we just scratched the surface on some of those other things that are super interesting the performance related. Yeah. Item. So if you would be willing to be tomorrow but. Maybe. In the future, we could do a part to and talk about I'm really interested in some of the. Yeah. Absolutely I think it'd be fun. You know it's We'll give you some banana nut bread Oh. No maybe a sticker. We stickers have stigmatised. Yeah Sold. But it is time to try and God. Laurels. Stickers. That's what I was. GonNa say exactly say, no, I was just thinking about. You know like are limits like what are limits are in? You know even though you can overcome quite a bit by sheer willpower and Self taught yeah. But but there's some things that you can't overcome like mother nature or lightning and different things that you have to go. Okay. These are. Imposed limits upon me that that you don't WanNa fight against but I think. There's something in the word of God that talks about pick. The is eight forty who yeah. Yeah like Oh old school. Yeah. We don't go there all the time. That's right. That's right. So I'm GonNa Start With Verse Twenty Eight Okay, the Lord is ever lasting God the creator of the ends of the earth he does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint and to him who has no might he increases strength? Even use shall faint and be weary and young men to fall exhausted the they who wait for the Lord. Shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like Eagles they shall run and not be weary they show walk and not faint. So it kind of is talking about this. Underlying strength that goes beyond what we're capable of. because. It kind of talks about even the young will. Come to the end of themselves. Go ahead and also it speaks to the mindset because there are some people you know that might have cerebral palsy or something where they're not literally going to get up and walk I mean the miracle could happen. Yes. But but to have that strength of mindset so that they're liberated from their physical condition anyway. Absolutely. I have An old. Forty years. But they were tragically. In a in a car accident and became C. Four, C. Five quadriplegic Great story on their part. But They have their PhD they teach. The but in when you listen to her talk in. About things, it's that your mind is your most powerful thing. You can accomplish these other these things you don't need a full body You know you need and you can you know and for her it was. not, giving up live not you know she lost power but she found the strength you know and that then she took that and went through all these things to become one of the premier. people for talking about vehicle accidents working for things and is has at Clemson University and South Carolina well, and I think when I was thinking about this scripture, I was thinking of you as well. Just being someone who Maybe has Hatha or as as a heart that is working half as well as maybe a young person's whose whole heart is working but I think too. I. Think about my little brother whose. Brain injured and But Mom did not let what the doctor said about him. Keep him from riding a bike and do an independent things that that. You know became something that was more than what anybody's limits had on him but. When I think about God I, think about. There is the supernatural thing that when. We. Look to God when Lee nothing a of times when people would say, Oh, well, you didn't find God. So you were at the lowest rung on the ladder but cares good on you as you know what? That's when you decided that hey, maybe there is something and I don't have anything else to turn to and I think about the different people in the. Bible. Will the Israelites themselves that were slaves in? Egypt, for this tiny rejected nation. God, pulled them out rescued them. David King David was you know nobody in the ended up fighting Goliath with a slingshot? Or Daniel who was taken off as Captive after a a war and ended up being able to Roz empower you know have. Yeah and would also be thrown in the lines dinner no fiery furnace and survive, and he survived an all those things were able to. Be Manifest because of God's supernatural power but also I think some people will some people have the? You know that faith place where they will look to God for that extra strength and and and for that mindset, the some people despite their belief system whether they have gone, their lives are not already have the mind of God. You know where they have that extra. Ability to kind of overcome or to to attain that mindset that well I think we were all created by God. So I feel like he put that in you like he put the ability to choose more for yourself or choose to go beyond what other people might put an and I choose not to look at how hard Do. I have a whole heart I choose to use it this way. That's right. And that. The strength that I have comes from so many. Things that have happened in my my life and that it. How you? Move forward is not look at your disabilities, but your abilities that you have in the strength that you've gained. Over the years you know that you've lived well, I think of part of the physical therapy program that we did with my little brother was, oh, he's got this brain injury. He's still one years old. We look at all these brain cells that don't ever get used know how do we know that physical therapy program was to activate as many brain cells that may have been dormant to take over or? Take over some of activity of that part that was injured and I mean for all. We know you know like they said, he'd never bike can do all these things. He was able to ride a bike. He was able to talk. He was able to do so many things in and we don't even know what all he was able to do because of what we did at the time or what my parents. decided to do, but if they would have listened to the doctors to determine. What would outcome bit right? He in a wheelchair? The thing of it is the goes back an experiment of one once again. And that your. One unique individual. Yes we're all you know the creation of God but. We have the ability to to to see what our performance is going to be. I can't tell you know you can't serve that way that you'll never be able to surf that. Right? You, know because I will never gonNa hit three hundred feet. Yeah. That's not no. You can. You know or whatever the death of me needs to be it's that. No we're gotTA find. Going we. rolled. And then say Yeah. But I think the cool thing when I think of mom parents and and my little brother I look at not only did they not take the doctor's word on what he would or would not be able to do but by praying by prayer and I, believe a supernatural. Ability that they were able to not just pursue a good life for Benjamin but they were able to build a assisted living center for I mean their minds that was you know what? We could put Benjamin up for the rest of his life or figure out a way for him to be most independent person but they wanted if we can do it for one, we can do it for more than I would like to have your mom. Or Your Dad Yeah talk about the Benjamin House because that pretty? Awesome Don't you aren't. You amazed sometimes that doctors who are these healers zoo. And a lot of them yeah. Will have the power of God working through them to people but will so many of them. I. Think sometimes no offense I have a lot Dr Franz lovey guys. The day lack that mindset that. Their patient will mountaintop. And have wings like eagles why do they lack that mindset when they've seen miraculously things happen and and have abilities past would I can do? Yeah I can't perform brain surgery maybe with training right? There in the brain. tooling around and I was very fortunate to have. A cardiologists that was an athlete. My mindset that was not going to. Say No you need to stick with. And even suggested some things and I said No. I said I would rather do this and. Fortunately. Through the years you know I chose the right decision. You know I don't know where I'd be if I had taken the other one but. I've always said every day's a gift. There's no guarantee for tomorrow. I know it's Cliche and we all say it but it is exactly true because June seventh of Ho Seven. You should have been dead, right. Well. Not only that how many I mean I feel like it's more meaningful when you say it when you've seen life and death. Over and over again. It it's I don't think you see life and death I think that you appreciate things a little bit more. the grain of sand the way the wind blows, the the waves, the way they break. Yeah and everyday since I took to position back in four. I take an hour when I'm working and the guys all my guys zone and everything you've see I did it the north end and watch ways for an hour. That's my time. That's my stomach growl. Some. Good reflection I like also that you had that crazy thing happen to you and you decided to do something with it because I know you're doing some talks, right? I have. and. Entertaining us today to talk about this thing. So I do want to dig deeper. Into that stuff. Absolutely. Critical. We'll. Homework do we need some? Whom do you? Know what I would say sit back. And really look and. Appreciate what you have. Not, what you don't have. But what you really have find out what that is. I like that make a little list even if you have to be reminded in a physical way mega list. Yeah. And take the time because I think that's the The ability to. Have gratefulness and to have that appreciation. In this rush rush world, you're going to have to take the time like your taking the time out of your day that you know. Maybe you could be sitting at home and reading or whatever but you're going out to work and you're taking the time to spend the time to appreciate. If you don't have that calm moment those moments than you can't when you're survival you're not. Which I think. A lot of people live day to day in. And they can't appreciate what they have because it's just a constant HAMSTER WHEEL So you gotta take that time yeah. Yeah that's what I want things. I'm grateful for is my schedule. Because and and our livelihood what Renan I do to make money and support the family because we're able to make a living but we never have. Money. Our work on the front burner. They're always. China to me right now we're working really hard so he can say. Things we WANNA do. Yeah. But yeah, we don't live in that constant state of wanting and needing I'm glad for that. Dangerous Place Bring US home. Well, thank you guys so much. For listening If you. Listen to this episode please leave a comment or question because we're going to have dave again. So if you have a question, maybe we'll ask it or save it for our next episode and asked him. So any burning questions for each safety and or? Running race or Race and then go to our facebook or instagram possession podcast and give us a like her Yeah. Check it out and Thanks. We might even have some bonus material first patriots from this episode. Thanks everybody. You Dave.

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Windows 95 turns 25, Early Podcasting and Lawn Gadget Geeks Part 3: Fall Lawn Care  HGG457

Home Gadget Geeks

1:35:29 hr | 2 months ago

Windows 95 turns 25, Early Podcasting and Lawn Gadget Geeks Part 3: Fall Lawn Care HGG457

"This is the average guy network. Can you have found geeky showed him before fifty seven recorded on August twenty seventh twenty twenty. Here. At Home Gadget Geeks me, we cover all the favorite venues. On news reviews, product updates, conversation offer the. I'm your host Jim Carlson Broadcasting live from the average Guida studios here super report by. Like, I can't keep water on that can't water. You took the words right out my mouth. We've had a string of just high nineties for a long period of time and no rain I mean it's been gorgeous. If you have a pool and if you hadn't gone back to school, I'm sure kids were loving it because it's at perfect to sit by. The pool whether and but I was gonNA say the same exact thing I. if there's in areas of my yard of there's no shade, it's browned up because I cannot keep enough water on my lawn right now. Now, I do know a guy who does have a pool and is in the right spot Dave McCabe was today Dave, how is the pool? Hi Guys tell me I'm having some trouble tonight. So everybody just. I'll get it. Figured out. We'll. My Pool is actually really good and. It has been. It's been crazy if you haven't had trouble this this summer with your lawn, then you are miracle worker. Pretty tough and I've had a rough one. I mean I can. I can give you guys a a low down whenever you're ready. But. We'll talk about it. You know for someone who is so into this stuff have had such hard year. I just can't. I can't keep enough water early in the spring and maybe even early summer. I felt like a champion I was getting out every other day measuring all the stuff we talked about in the spring show like I was applying it. It was working great. The lawn was green in the Front are my front frontline which zoysia grass just In it's usually pretty drought tolerant does pretty well, it's Kinda design for the hot weather I've been watering and water and water, which has been so hot it no moisture that it's it's having trouble keeping up. So we'll talk more about that coast. Of course, we'll have some great show notes that will post out if the average Guy Dot TV, you can go to the guy that TV slash H G g four, five, seven for the show and get an access to all the show notes don't forget you can download the mobile APP Home Gadget Geeks, Dot Com android iphone available therefore you for free just down those the best way listen. On the road or whatever whenever you need to stream it it's an easy way to get just have it on your phone is a backup just have it there even if you don't use it, it doesn't cost me anything. But what does Kospi something we appreciate our patriots subscribers who help us pay for that each and every year home gadget GEEKS DOT com big. Thanks to Ryan and Bob from think computers dot org they ha they hung out with us last week we kinda got old school on on built in. We talked about cooling in particular, which is the subject we've never mike we never really drilled down on it and it It was good for me to kind of catch up on cooling. And with with liquid cooling, I think really just being an option now the days when I looked at, it was kind of awful. It's a lot easier. I think you can just do it right? You've you've gotTa Liquid Cooler, right? Yeah. The I make it. So simple right now have to do your own custom loop just doing a Oh I agree. So, big thanks to Ryan Bob who joined us from computers next week next week or last week next week all ham show. So Mike is going to Mike, stunned some new ham radio stuff over the last couple of weeks organic dive into what he's doing. He admitted to me he was doing some site offering today and it wasn't going well first time joining outsider not a good idea to oh, man, it was. Just take some time I think to practice. I was doing on just some wires I had never soldered in my entire life have a soldering gun which I founded the harder the to be accurate with than iron But yeah, I'll talk about that next week my adventures with a soldering gun and getting that definitely earned you've done some you've done some soldering your day. Right. I'm formally trained at the School of top gun from the US Navy to work to solder on F. fourteens. Now, if anyone has an fourteen, you just bring it to me I'll. Act Together. Very practical skill. Oh good old good. Old Navy days. Have you done much? Have you done much tottering. Post Navy. I have a big huge bag. Now I used to, Jim, I used to I used to work under a microscope right I would put stuff together and fix boards and I would sit at my desk and we're I. Remember we're out in the Persian, Gulf Desert Storm and someone. Burned a hole through aboard and you like. To, fly we need to fix this board. You know today McCabe. So you relay the poxy over you relay the solder runs you drop the islets, drop the circuits in. And you're like, you hand over this masterpiece of a circuit board you're like, this is two days of my entire life. Take care of it and then. Thirty minutes later, you'll get another work order. It's the same board with a big hole burnt right there and you're like, aw That's the military. Yeah. Have you done post? Have you done? Did you have to do any work like that posts navy anything on computers that way have you sought or anything not big jobs I I still love to do it. I love to like pull things off in fix things and make my own. You know do bread board you know kind of projects and repairs but nothing like I to I used to have this huge station with vacuum solder and. You know it was awesome Yeah Yeah Was this nowhere near that level. This is putting together ham radio antennas and and soldering. P. Two. Thousand Nine connectors to cables and stuff. It's a little bit different than You know the cat shot you know than fourteen take very different at home. There's just one vote you know bigger the blob better the job so just solder it up man to Sada. I but yeah, I keep hearing about cold solder joints that I it's GonNa take some time. It's GonNa take some googling just re. Just flux it. Jabs. Find Can. Pull it off. At work. All right. For new skills for those who are. Maybe. Your new Home Yogi. You've just joined us in the last couple of course Dave longtime podcast or that I had the opportunity my very first podcast with Dave back on home service show Dave August twenty fourth, which was just a couple of days ago. One, thousand, nine, hundred, five was the windows ninety, five, launch it and twenty, five, twenty, five years ago and not that we were podcasting then. But no, let me tell you a significant story for that because I went to best buy that that very day for the launch because I was going to buy it and I did buy it and they were having specials and I bought. What? Little did I know would change my entire life on that one day was called a Diamond Rio And it was an MP three player that probably held to songs and I use that Diamond Rio for years and years and years and years, and then would podcasting came around I was trying every software package I could find to get. podcasts onto that player. So I can listen while I mode and and did things, and now eventually bought bigger and better things. But that was my first MP3 player was the windows ninety five launch and it was like this special. You bought you bought the windows ninety five and they gave me Diamond Rio. Why but they did Well it in good they. They did that really I mean those days from then until early two thousand, you know there was that was kind of the early era of it. I. Remember Maybe Two thousand, one buddy mind bringing in I river. And saying, I, get like thirty five songs on MP three I remember in ninety seven, a buddy of mine saying. I'm Rippin I'm Rippin MP threes at my house. I worked at a computer store in ninety seven in a guy saying I'm ripping MP threes. It's GonNa take all day but they'll be there when I? You know and it it was like he was ripping them. You know they're and and those were some significant times we we. We don't even think twice now in fact, we think about enhanced audio in some of those kinds of thing lost less. In that but that those were the days, right Getting started I was four years old windows ninety five came out. Well IT'S A. But Dave I i. kind of think about that April I think it was April Day about twelve years ago when you said Yes to allowing me to be on home service show and I, you had Chris and John and me all in the same night and no, I don't think we broadcast live in days I think it was just reporting. Yeah and and. Show around show forty or something like that too and twelve years ago I. Think now that eleven twelve years ago coming up. December third is the tenth anniversary of Home Gadget Geeks, which started his home tack and Sophie. Celebrating we'll have a big show that December third of he kind of fun but I always, I, always Hark back to the day I contacted you and said, hey, if you're ever. You ever interested in having a you know having a guest I'd love to be on the show. You were my crazy fan. emailed me and said Dave. I've listened to every single show on a cross country trip with my family. And I just really emailed you back and said, can I have address of your wife because I want to apologize tutor? Do you aren't in Chris and Sadler. One of these guys has got to be good enough to podcast with me. I was like I love all three of these guys. We're just GONNA have this big fund podcast all four of us will do it. We had the best time days. Option from back then could you said you'd used to just record and then obviously move going live when I started my podcast, and now this was a lot later after podcasts were already relatively big I've always assumed that people only started doing live podcasts because of Leo LaPorte and the twit network and what they were doing over there, and the fact that they were live streaming. 'cause when I got into, I used to listen to podcasts because I found it through I tunes and then I realized that they broadcast live doing video I mean were they really the first kind of pioneers of a a big podcast doing live streaming I've always assumed that but I? I don't know my podcast history of were there people doing live streaming before twit? That's a good question. He a yeah. That's a good question who pay. Were my inspiration to do things live. I loved that format that that was so cool that a chat room you know they were able to interact with them. So that is that was for if I'm going to a podcast I'm just going to do it live. But obviously, like I said I joined after live was already thing for podcasters who started. Recording and then they switched over at some point or silicon valley startups like cranky. GEEKS. That was John Wick is earlier. Yeah. Other guy the podfather I can't even think of his. And Curry Yeah. So I probably say maybe he did but you know honestly what changed our lives was google. When hangouts came a thing it's true. We all you know Jim and I were on the forefront when hangouts. Had their their live invitation for youtubers. I got an invite and I remember Jim was mad at me because he didn't get one and I was like, let's just try it tonight. We'll go live. And because everybody was asking us to right. Yeah when which work before that right I mean you had to get. More all different ways I, mean it was it was difficult due before hang-ups I remember doing a few of them before that and like with Skype, it's US call recorder and and good luck live. Yeah we did live audio on you stream before the video we did that. For almost a year I think you stream and then we did livestream dot com. I just do not be was big back then. But. But well, then then Google came along I remember that day I called Dave. We talked and it launched on Wednesday. The video we were on yeah we were on Wednesday. I was like I was figuring it out at work and I'm like we could do this and so we that Wednesday night I, think because we record Wednesday nights in those days and which is why I think is on, Thursday? Because we did home service showing Wednesday and and I remember having that and just thinking man, we did not move away from hangouts forever I mean I. Took it down to the nearly down to the end of it the end of life with it. We used at a ton. It really changed for us. It really changed a lot of the way we interacted with our audience and I think of. The folks out there. You know like like Jim Shoemaker who come to the meet ups be a part of those groups. Tony Rayner Kevin schoonover. The those those folks who would be a part of all those times in just kinda part of our community and it continues on today they listened to reset I'm sure you still hear Dave I'm sure you still hear from some of those folks right on resettle. Yes I have a podcast. Almost, forgot. Yeah, they have a podcast and I honestly have taken the summer off I. I didn't tell anybody I just got. Off It's okay. We're GONNA. We're GONNA dive in Some more cure but it sure is great I think about you know the ten years coming up for Gadget Geeks I. Think about the twelve years that I've been hanging out twelve thirteen years have been hanging out with you Dave windows ninety, five anniversary, and it's just great i. mean those are some very fond memories for me and In a very important, you know twenty years of my life that has been all around tech. So thanks for thanks for sharing that with me. Shit WELL WE WANNA. Talk Lines I'm going to get a comment in Youtube from somebody says that took you tony five minutes. I just got I just Dave I just got one of those like two weeks ago. So again you. Took you five minutes to get to the point. Big Big. Literary Back slappers so great. Exactly we We were in part three of three part series that we're kinda doing online care. We spent some time in the spring talking about kind of what to do to get ready day we had scheduled for the summer. You couldn't make it a little a little bit of an emergency, and so we we filled in for you talked about summer the goal today I think kind of the important part is think about fall because there's a lot of things you can set up. Now, you'll have such a easier time in the spring and so I think fall is the key. A lot of people think it's spring. Fall is really really really key. But before you get to fall I, think I have a suggestion and I wanna run it by run by the master here and see if it's a decent idea. So this is more of a recovery from a really hard summer. We talked about it earlier that you know if you've survived this summer, your magician. So my lawn is we'd free crabgrass, read the grass where it's not. Brown it's healthy lushest gorgeous right. But if if there's areas my law that don't have shade right now, they're just third tournament crown. So my idea I have done this, you have an idea is so when the sprinkler guy came out to adjust my sprinklers I, think he was looking for even spread across the entire yard. Right here is your we're making sure everywhere is getting covered. Right now, I think is a good time to go out and take pictures of all the brown spots in your yard 'cause. Then you know those places need more water and places because I have areas that are super green right I of the areas that are growing up really tall and some areas where there aren't growing a lot and those areas don't eat as much. So I don't think I need even spread of water. I need more concentrated water in certain areas swim wondering if I take pictures. Now this is so hard to do in the spring because you don't know really the areas of your lawn, they're going to really need that water that don't get enough shade. So I'm wondering you know to kind of pre to kind of plan for this going out taking pictures, and then is it smart to adjust sprinklers to maybe not do quite even spread but more targeted these areas I know need more water or will just screw me up and then next summer will have the opposite spots being Brown. In what I would say don't over think this I think I am overthinking. Kiln. Brow ordering just fine. It just means that that grass under the shade is not just it's not letting off the water that that grass over there in the in the pure son is and So if you don't have weeds and your grass is dormant, you are in fantastic shape. You're going to have a great fall plan and we are going to see to it on this very show that you have a successful spring going into the fall. Okay. We talked me off the ledge. So so there's there's hope it's not all bad if your lawns look in a little brown right now, not terrible good to know. Okay. So now I'm ready then for the fall stuff because I who I need some motivation here. Are In in what I would say is it's it's always a good time to go out and see if you're sprinklers are operating correctly you know if you don't have A. Sprinkler. I stand in the middle of my yard getting sprinkled all the time just checking zones making sure things are running fine. and. Just, like you said. It's a good way to. It's more for when you have green grass and you're having a heat stretch you can look inside that green grass for little patches of dryness and you can see it. It's all over my yard. There are certain spots that don't get water and I go out with a clipboard and I circled him and it's been the same two years in a row, and I'm just I can look standing in my yard and think man if this head was over. Three feet. I would be good to go. So it's a good thing to. Do that now if your lawn dormant your lines doormat, it's not because you weren't watering. It's it's just it was hot and it was humid and the grass checks out but you still have to water you the crown of the grass, which is right near the ground is still alive that needs to be healthy that still needs to be watered so. We always say don't don't stop watering in the summer keep watering but if your grass goes dormant just embrace, it's fine. It will come back and it was it was a very difficult summer I? Mean it was very difficult now I brought you guys something since you're talking sprinklers, we're just GONNA go for it right now, and this is a sprinkler head. Filter. So. If you pop off your sprinkler head, it just made me even a small nozzle not Well every sprinkler head has it in it drops down in just like just like so and you can see mine right here Beeri dirty caked up with sediment. So that's something you can do is just go head to head and twist off the top. Youtube it. If you have hunter nozzles or you have rainbird nozzles or there's a couple other brands. House brands for Lowe's and home depot just Google and you'll find out take the heads off and you can check these little filters and you can buy these. You can buy these at the store Dave I think sprinkler heads or something that people don't think like growing up. You know we had a irrigation system I league RUB California we negation system my dad never used it and and it certainly wasn't on schedule like it was yet go and turn it on right and he he just didn't he just did. And in those days you kind of put your sprinklers and kind of set it and forget it. They really just came on now I think I watch these guys on Youtube and speakers get pre sophisticated like I mean you got different patterns you can different. You can put different heads in there like you're talking about trade, you can have a filter so it may. Good. I think a guy like Tony Rayner who just got his kind of your Gatien system up and running it had been broken I. Think it's worth. Kinda dig in figure out. Okay. What kind of heads do I have? What do they do? What are my options? What are what are the parts for him and especially going into the fall when he talked about maybe areas going Dorm I don't think it's a bad idea debut said, this is well take a few where things didn't go really well on your way, right? Right and fall is a good time to start thinking about your plan for the spring like, okay. What am I gonNa do what can I do? Now? What kind of things can change could I move ahead? Could I change some things? Around could I put a different head in there? You might have a half hour, a a one eighty and you need a more concentrator you need to shoot it farther or some of those kinds of thanks. So getting to know those parts day I think is is really key. Know what you have. No, it's available to you right I. didn't even know there was a filter. To say that I had no idea. Sprinkler heads had filters in them I've never taken apart. Yeah. Some of the biggest things is like on a rain bird retainer. Head there's also a nozzle and it has a flow rate and it's a different color code for flow rate. It could be a two gallon or a three gallon or four gallon sometimes even a one gallon flow. And that will change how much water is getting on your yard. You know per hour so you really should know that and. You know just like we talked in the Spring and by the way you guys did a fantastic job on the summer show. Spring in here in the fall, the two things that were going to do right is we're gonNA WATER AND WE'RE GONNA mow it doesn't stop. So we're still GONNA have to do those things right and one of the things that Mike we're going to start with you right now is you need to do you need to go out and and be a weatherman. We're going to be a weatherman right now we're GONNA. Look at thirty days into the future. And we're going to see when those temperatures start to drop because when those temperatures do start to drop, your grass is going to be like, Hey, it's time to go and you WanNa you WanNa make sure that grass has. Has Been. Watered and has a decent shot of fertilizer when it wakes up and it's GonNa it's GonNa go gangbusters again we went. So we WANNA make sure that we get a drink and we feed it. and. It will take off when you when you're temperatures start dropping. Oh, when you said they're gonNA. And it's time to go quiet for the winter. No, they're going to pick back up again you're going to have any tire fall gorgeous lawn one more time before winter conflict you guys are cool. Season were almost the same. What do you call this latitude? Blunted I don't know if I did really well, not class. Here's your. Here's your weather. Yeah. we're looking for low humidity as well but. Seventies and these nighttime temperatures look at your nine temperatures, guys. Yeah fifties which are great for the cool season grasses right? That's GonNa trigger those Dave let me just say to before we before we dig into this I think it's important if you're coming to this podcast and you're thinking like, okay, I, want I ignored the spring and the summer one because I'm not in the lawns but. Now, I want a better line next year. I, think the first step is to know what kind of lawn do you have right? Is it a? We say cool season or like I have I, I have voice out front, which is Bermuda type grass. It's kind of designed for really hot weather. It goes dormant in the winter back is fescue in Kentucky Blue Grass, which are cool season grasses, right They act very different actually have to treat them very, very different full sign out front shade in the back. It works perfect for my kind of my environment here show my show both lawns here and we'll bit but okay so. Folks don't you think it's good to kind of like you talked about in the spring show of getting maybe like let's let's figure out what you've got. Going on my Godson sprinklers. What's gets me excited? I love my sprinklers, headbutts, derailed us. Let's not forget that there's a couple of requirements for this show and I really think you should go back and listen to the spring show and that will that will explain a lot of things. But member I'm not a pro I just Kinda do this because I got shafted by some pros and I like to do it myself. A couple of things we WANNA know is we want to know what zone were in an Jim. You're jets crazy. You've got a warm season grass in the front and a cool season grass in the back would drive me at all. It's great for me would kill me but it's fine. It works in in you can do it the make sure you know what zone you're and just search on Google. Zone hardiness zone, and you will figure that figure it out. Next you need to know what grass type you have and. I got an APP for us the other day and I haven't been able to make it work. And because I know you always ask me what are some Some APPS that you can apply to this in it's called Cano Cano Peo c a n OPEC. Oh, you're supposed to be able to take a picture pointed at your lawn it's supposed to tell you what graph type you have. C. A. N. P. E. O. someone needs to figure it out and Let me know if it works it out one more time. Dave tap your. Thing for me. Okay. Let's. Get along is that better? Yeah there you. Okay. So Kano. Kano Peo-? Can Appeal it weird. His name. Yeah it is a weird name. So C. A. N. O. P. E. OH. This is great because we were just talking oh man video again. I. I got distracted. There goes video keep going to. Okay. So. We WanNa know what zone wherein we want to know what grass type we have, and for the fall something huge is we need to know. WHEN TO EXPECT OUR FIRST FROST Because our first frost is going to tell less win. We're going to basically slow down and stop almost. We will work back from that first frost. So generally about forty to forty, five days of work time prior to our first frost, we need to know that in the fall as well in that will set us up for gangbusters spring one more time. We were we were talking about the weather. So let's let's I interrupted you in the middle of that is we were thinking about Dave you're. You're Kinda. Give us. This is our. This is Omaha. Bellevue. I'm not that far from Mike were we have been in a heat wave. Or come, and it looks like we're coming out of it and we're seeing some nightly tenths of seventy five some morning temps of fifty, which for cool season is dynamite. Why is that? I mean. So Mike Mike is admitted. He's got some damage he's going into the fall. He hasn't really paid attention because he's been on vacation every other deflated. I'm just so so dave some seeing this knowing what's coming up in our our first frost hard to protect Nebraska, really hard to predict. We'll say maybe late October, probably as what is when will experience those but What would you say? So I put did I cut a you I put a youtube link in the chat for a video and it is a video about the average first frost per zone in the. The the forty nine states. It. Just let you know when your average first frost is going to be and you can take that average and you can look up. Averages. For Your area, you know in in past years and you can you can work from that as well. and. The other thing that I like to do is I'd like to know what my soil temperature is and I would be. Really, interested to see what your soil temperature is. So if you have. just a thermometer that you stick in a pork chop to make sure it's one hundred, sixty, five degrees. Sneak it out when your wife's not home and goes grab it in the lawn. It will tell you that you guys are probably. If you're having those cool of nights you you're probably around seventy, two, seventy, three, seventy, four degrees right now and I did mine last week and I was about seventy four. So I'm thinking, maybe you're a little lower because we've had in some nineties and a lot of humidity so we might be a little warmer than you. The reason you want to know that as well is because when the soil temperature gets down to seventy degrees, those dormant weed seeds in the soil decide to wake up. So Mike, if you don't have weeds now you're going to in about two weeks. Because those weeds are gonNA wake up. So I was talking with Jim earlier with you guys earlier is fall gives us two pathways. And if you had a rough summer perhaps like me. I. One part of my yard looks great. The other part I had a little bit of a dollar spot fungus problem. So when you have a fungus problem grass days. So if you have a like a turf type tall fescue or any type of fescue lawn, that grass will not regenerate itself that dead spot is there forever. Forever. Unless you have something like a Bluegrass or a Kentucky Bluegrass will heal itself and grow into those new areas you literally have to put seed and that's why when you go to Lowe's and Home Depot, they have that jug called the patch master or something and you sprinkle it in it has seeds and it has insulation and you sprinkle it on the dirt. Scratch the dirt. He sprinkle it on the dirt, and then you water it in, and then in ten days, you get little baby grasses and your patches fixed. Will we have to decide? If we're going to fix our yard with overseeing or if we want to just keep attacking weeds are like Jim like your backyard sounds like it's done. Great. It's had a good time is about time to party again so probably, we're going to do the pre emergent route. And we'RE GONNA THROW DOWN AT SEVENTY DEGREES WE'RE GONNA throw down a pre pre emergent Di di. Appear Appro Dia mean. We can throw down either one of those. Generally. You would use the one that you didn't use in the spring. So if you threw down priming in the spring, the switchover to adopt therapy right now and put that down at seventy degrees and what that does is it puts a barrier on your grass. That when the crabgrass comes up, it was still grow. It just hits the top of the soil layer and that that barrier in it will die it will kill it. So it's like throw in like this. We'd preventing blanket inside our soil and I think it's amazing. I didn't quite understand that and I used to try to oversee and put down pre emergent, and of course, your defeating the purpose, right? I mean it's it's also going to block certain anything you're just throwing money away. That's the thing with lawn care you. It's really hard to hurt your lawn these days. It's just how can we do it efficiently and so these two pads will tell us what we WANNA. Do a lot of people Jim, they will. Throw down priming they'll spend a hundred dollars and put down the pre emergent and then they'll go rent an aerator and start poking holes in the lawn and what you've done is just like a little blanket they you've put out over something you want to keep warm you poke holes in your blanket so it makes it ineffective. So we really have to plan now I gave you guys a task on the spring show is to create a spiral. And track everything. So my hope is that you tracked your your water usage, your rain, your Mos-, your fertilizers when you put down your weeds. If you walk around in your law lawn, what weeds are you seeing? And are are you identifying the weeds I believe that we talked? Did we not talk about an APP last time called picture this If we didn't there's There's an APP called. This. I don't think we once again you take your phone and you take a picture of the weed and it will tell you what it is. So you can defeat it so. More Tech for you that way. But that then spiral that book is so. because. It it will humble you and you can say you know my book is honestly Jim. It's full of I. Did this too late I did this too late this late you're right. I. My region has high humidity. You guys have humidity Oh yeah yeah. We have high humidity in central. Indiana is a fungus wonderland. So we have a lot of dollar spot. We have a lot of rust in all these Yucky and I totally missed my window. So instead of doing. A preventative fungicide I had to do you know Double Rate as curative rate which it worked everything works it just it's double it costs more and I'm kicking myself. And sometimes it's just we were on vacation and you come back and it's like, why are these yellow rings in my yard in wise all my stuff dying I, set my sprinklers to go you know. So sometimes things happen just life happens but you have to take notes and write it in your spiral even when you screw up. We talked about this the more APP plus or the more plus APP from John Deere And you can put anymore you don't have to have John Deere Mower. Is Kinda cool because you can put it you can start it. Yeah. You got. Older there you but I do have a lawn folder and which is which is. Right what you should what you should do, but it'll track your moss and it'll track the GPS on your Mos-. Long I mean if you like that kind of stuff, it's pretty great. Also tell you how much it's rained in your area since your last Oh. Okay. No In into your point I, I took a little vacation this summer and I came back in my WanNa, super thick and I. Thought I just mowed it and I check the APP, it had been nine days and I was like okay no wonder. Well I'M NOT GONNA WANNA Mo- that I'm not going to clip but those clippings back on the lawn there's too many of them. It's too hot. It'll put too much stress on the lawn. So you put your bag on and you bag those you don't like to do that I. Have a actually have a flower garden up at the top of my property where those trees will each out in Leach back into the lawn. So don't worry about it too much but it is one of those things where it just helps with the data right and I. Think with the spiral or whether you keep track of it in one note or whatever. Right it's kind of thing that Mike did you get spiral started dried anything down the street us one note yeah. I started to one note and I did that and I put in there a win win seekers. I'm still using the chemical company that we talked about last time because it's darn good deal and I can tell it works because my flowerbeds have weeds and a lot of weeds like we are just fucking. So many those far beds nothing in the. Grass. So it's been working. So I've been tracking when they've been coming, I've been trying to put in because they leave us a sheet when they leave and says, here's what we did. Here's all the stuff. Here's some they give you like some tips of like water at all. You know this much the next few days keep your dog off this one because this one needs to set in for a day before you let people walk on it stuff like that and So I've been keeping track of that the biggest one for me when I sharpen. My Blade last because I keep forgetting. Okay. Was that did I do it in the spring throughout the summer when oil changes for my mower I like to stay on top of that do a Lotta oil changes on their probably more than, I need to play like to do it. All sorts of you really got me on a kick and I started tracking everything I even took it beyond the whole beyond The lawn I'm tracking furnace filter changes everything around the house is now in one note and I love it it's it's nice. It's. Of I'm in the middle of lows and I was like, okay I need to twenty twenty, five by fours in any one sixteen by twenty four. Yeah. Thank God it's in there 'cause no matter how many times you buy filters you'll always forget the size second guess yourself when you get there. Ways. ellings Harper I I love doing that and so. Jim Coming back to your your problem. You come back from vacation in a lot of folks will do this. They have this gorgeous lawn, but it's nine inches long and laying over it's gorgeous and then. They'll know it. And then the next day they're like God. Why is my lawn? Looks like dog? It's yellow well. Most. Folks will stress the crap out of it my mowing it because we still need to observe the one third mowing height. So if you have a high lawn, it's no big deal, but you may have to hit it twice. So you're going to have to raise to your highest level. You may even have to move wheels, move your mowing deck if you have if you have a writer. And cut off that top just a little bit just cut the little bit off and then go a different direction. And do it again Yup. You're mowing twice but your lawns going to be happier because you haven't stressed it so much by you know mowing most people will motoo thirds of it off and leave it laying there and it's just you see all those clamps. It's like, wow I, don't know why I do this. I should bag all these clippings book. If you if you it right, you wouldn't have Clinton's. Laying all over the that's the key day. Right I mean if you're mulching and you're starting to see mulch come out like, okay it's time to bag and that's really hard I think for some of us because you're like, no I wanNA, leave it on the lawn. Well, okay. Even when you bag, you're still gonNA leave some your clippings on the lines. So don't totally freaked out about that. The bag doesn't get one hundred percent but then Find a way to incorporate those clippings back into your yard. If you can like him into something, put them in a bed somewhere. You know it just depends on what you what you do. I. I. Like I said, I have a little bit and you know this sounds weird. But I'd like a little bit of a leech field that sits at the top of the yard in stuff. Goes up there, and then as it as it rains as just if things begin to breakdown, it can work its way down into the grass. It goes through the landscaping and worked his way into the grass men. The grass that's up by that area is green all the time like it loves the microorganisms and everything that's up there. You've got to decide Kinda how to get that done. and and so it just depends on the yard that you have. But if you're leaving clippings, throw the Bagger on their until you're not like and if you're leaving clippings often you're probably not moan enough right Or you're a double center like me. And you don't know enough and you bag every time no matter what I have never not bagged my lawn. And so. Two long and then I ended up because especially with have the Ryder and don't have the mulching kit so shoots out the side and then I ended up with piles. Places. Inter and I'm probably really stress in my lawn out. Okay. We'll just just that's that's in your spiral right now. All Things I've learned you need a mulching kit. To come into I need to go to confession or something. It's it's it's. Yard But you are throwing away free nitrogen because you're clipping off that grass that has nutrients in it in your throwing it away. Yup. Instead of returning it back. In in your your grass needs at people are so scared of Thatch. It's just like this keyword people are so scared of as they bag and baggage bag in bag. So don't be scared of it. That's been me. I was kind of raised on the whole like, Oh, I've never had a detached because I. don't I bag every single time and it works really well and and I guess I've been I haven't been bitten by it hard enough to learn my lesson I thing is that but And it's been one weeks I bag last night right? You could bag it's okay to bag right I mean you can do it us you're gonNA. End Up feeding your one more to the same like you're it's a tradeoff right and all these things are trade offs I mean you can water last year just. During. Times of stress your lawns not GonNa look as good. Right. So they're all they're just kind of trade offs in the system Dave speaking of watering as we think about going into the fall. What. In in things locked up here. So I don't know if you can still hear me but if you can. David. Watery was like the Internet is giving us. Maybe it's Jim because I see Mike Moving. Here. Yeah. No it is. So. Good. I think gyms can't hear US anywhere. Are we a re back? We we've been able to hear you. Okay. Good. So Yeah I was definitely me some weird things going on aside but Davis we think about moving into the fall in in in know. Okay. So summers older, I made some mistakes I wrote them down maybe I didn't. We need to do that next year. How can we start over in the fall I mean? Can can we kind of make up for some sins of the summer in the spring? I hate to tell it to I hate to break this to you guys and everybody listening but twenty twenty. One there's one good gooding the lawn season for twenty twenty is pretty much. Everything we're going to do now is for next year, but fall is one of the most funnest times for the lawn guy because you get to make all kinds of decisions, you get the throw all kinds of stuff down on the lawn and your lawn will forgive you for all of your summer transgressions against it Mike Yeah no ghetto but. A little bit too in the fall but maybe not if it's been completely dead, well, if you had if if you. Didn't water it all and you have huge fissures in your in your dirt. Grass, your crowns probably have died, but grass is very, very forgiving. If if it got just a little rain and a little water, it just went dormant it will bounce back but we're going to try to time it in the calendar that I, saw from you guys. I'm thinking do some work this weekend trimmed up edge it do all the stuff you need to do, and let's start hit with water. And let's wake it back up and more water than we have been doing. If. It sounds like yours is dormant. So we probably haven't done I would make sure I did on a water leak. You WanNa. Make sure that you're doing deep infrequent watery. So I wouldn't do three days a week, but I would do maybe a couple of deep water. Week when that grass wakes back up, we want that water to be in the soil, right? Not on the top. You know because if you if you just run your your heads for ten minutes and then shot them down all that water is on the top it's it's never going to seek seep down into the soil. So we want to do deep infrequent watering. To wake our soil back up and that's probably two or three times a week. Okay. Good to nil and Dave could we plan that? Okay I'm I'm going to bring that page back job just. This is our area right but you know we're we're going to see at least now September seventh we start a run of seventies and so we're not GONNA lose a lot of the the we're not gonNA lose a lot of the water during the day by put that water in on the line by water at deep it's going to go in and can sit in them this one today why when I water areas it's so hot by the afternoon that soils already dry like it goes fast right? But. But it is it safe to say starting on our schedule here you know we see seventies here starting Monday the seventh that may be a good time for Mike to Change watering schedule to go maybe Monday Thursday and run those twice as long or maybe three times as long as he had before to really let that water settle in right Yeah and we talked about this in the spring is we really need to know how much water your sprinkler puts down. You can water at ten minutes zone thirty minutes zone. I. Have No idea you really have to do. The tuning can challenge eight. So it's probably too low. No matter what but Iran three. Around eight around a and around eight runs three times. In the morning that's not bad. Okay. Yeah you're you're doing. A soak. So you're letting that water not sit on top and run off, but it's eight minutes. It's soaks in another eight minutes I noticed it was all just running off if you just let it run for. Four minutes altogether. So it's Eight, eight eight. Aggregate so let's do that and the biggest thing you can do my take one of those Little Hand Shovels and go jab it into your ground pick up a plugger grass and get down six inches. What does it look like Cincinnati six inches down. And you can do that once a week and just figure out what your yard looks like during the week that I've been watering and like my effective enough am I getting watered down low and. The thing we want to do this right we wanna do that deep infrequent watering because this grass is about the wake up and it's good. It's about to start consuming all that nitrogen net. You know the guy put out for you and it wants to grow and we wanna tell its roots to grow down to the water not up to the water in it will. It'll be healthier when it comes to to the frost. It'll mean much healthier when it gets to that. But yeah, it's time for you guys we we have to decide if we're going to do. A PRE emergent weeding or we're going to do. An overseeing run overseeing. And even even a pre emergent run most of the Times in the fall we do dethatch, we do an air rate, and then we do are overseeing prep or we go down the path of the pre emergent and we need to know what our soil temperature is in order to start this process guys, I've been I opened my one note. Probably ten times a day and I, go over my fall plan it just. I constantly go over and over and over it and things change things have changed for me so much in just in the last month that I have to plans the backyard I'm doing an oversee he'd my front yard I find I decided I'm not going to see I'm not GonNa Patch I'm just gonNA go pre emergent. And I've got issues out there that I need to attack but. Something you have to make a decision what am I gonNA? Do you know this year I have? Like Twenty, one, twenty, two, thousand square feet of lawn. So I have a lot to take care of. And you you have to make these decisions early because when that soil temperature gets to seventy degrees. You you need to have your pre emergent down folks. Don't understand that the weeds will reactivate in the winter and they will grow up now granted. These weeds most folks just let grow. and. The winter, we'll take care of them. That's usually what folks do but the anal types like myself I want that beautiful fall lawn I don't want any crabgrass heads in it. If you do get crabgrass that pops up in the winter, it will cede the seeds, go back down into the into the soil and you have to deal with those in the spring. It's just a never ending cycles we we like to. Take care of it when we see it right or or sport happens so David that much lawn are you making the same decision for the entire lawn or are you saying you know this part of the law I'm doing I'm going down this road and the other part I'm going on the road I thought I had a plan this year and then We had a trampoline we sold the trampoline well, now I, have a huge round spot that's dead, and then my neighbor decides to put in a patio. So he's got equipment going over the grass and he used part of my lawn. So now there's some dead spots there. So I'm like you know what I'm going to oversee that my front yard I have. I have a yellow nuts said the killing me and I'm I'm trying to attack that I have. Creeping Bent. Live near golf course the golf course mowers go back and forth all day long they drop bent grass and it gets into your yard and it starts growing like weeds. It's great for putting Greens. Looks Awful in your lawn. So I attack that as well and I decided. Those little patches of grass are just gonNA stay there. I'm just going to deal with it because we also have. An Internet provider a fiber provider going to start digging fiber lines in everyone's front yards and I'm like. Anything I do they're going to tear up so. Sometimes, you just have to accept what? The factors around you give you and just do the best you can. and. I'M GONNA go in my front yard I'm going to go the pre emergent round. It's your Pitcher, Mike? Again Dave. So, we're GONNA do the pre emergent in the front yard. So I've been watching temperatures. So. Dave I think what you're saying and I oh, by the way I, really appreciate this I think sometimes we think. We have to apply one size fits all that every spot on her yard. In other words you know Hey, I'm GONNA put all I'm going to go by system under put it on the whole yard I actually have three different yards I have. This is the front yard, which is one hundred percent full sun southern facing even leans into the south. So it just gets blistered ZOYSIA grows great under those conditions right? All summer carpet grass you could sleep on it. It's awesome like it isn't credible does pretty well with water even in this kind of heat is still struggling, but it'll come back. The back blue grass. Kentucky bluegrass grows great partial shade. Then I've got some real shade stop and actually go to I go to specialty grass store and I get a specialty kind of grass that they make just for the shave in I plant that in that area this year and it's GonNa take me a couple years to fix that area I've also had moles which have just been testing on the grass right onto of I got the late Jim I was fighting them on Oh, we'll have to have a whole. Love to have a whole show at some point but So I have to treat those three areas of very, very separately right and I and I actually put down I do different things a little bit different than you the Scots Program all of it but I treat them all a little bit differently and Mike I think that's the key for you to learn those areas of your yard right and be like, Hey, I'm GonNa do this here in that there today's point writing down and knowing it because you're not gonna remember in spring like you're what was I thinking like what was that like you know and I think you're on to take some pictures and drop those into one note like Remind yourself of what those things I'm kind of look like Dave you had mentioned the I wanNA show this really quick I. Think one of the best tools I've ever come across forgetting soil samples is one of these little weasel leader whatever they come by they have a whole bunch of different names but basically, they're great for Dandelions you put them in you twist them, pull him out of polls, the weed out one of the great things such a great. Leader for one of the things that's good as getting soil samples. So we talked about like how deep is the water going Mike? This would be a good thing for you. How deep is the water going right now you have no idea. You don't know how deep it's going. This will get you down about four inches go down, spin it, pull it, look at the core, and then you can tell like Oh. Okay. That's how that's how deep the water's going. I've also used these for seating. So if I have some areas that it just needs spot seed in other words, I just want to get some seed in there to get some grass grown to kind of fill that area with go in there half drop it, spin it, pull it out throat I just carry some seed with me throat in their. Push the dirt over the top of it, and I'm good to go and that seed will then grow and today's like grass seed and we'd seed aren't any different at seventy degrees they germinate. So as soon as we hit that if I have more seeds in my lawn, that are not we'd. The the grass will overcome the weeds because there's more of them. So I just try to keep seed in my lawn all the time to to make sure when the conditions are right it just starts. It's go time. Yeah and And Mike has a unique situation because he has a lawn care chemical company. There are things that he can control and control very well on that is his watering in his mowing and spot treating I would say you probably. Treat put I gave you a link in in the private chat and also put that link. Yeah I haven't pulled up here might order some of that for especially for the beds. This is a This is A. It's a it's a way to deliver round up basically Via A foaming application very directly and I like to use this because I will get something that grows like two inches from a Bush that I wanNA keep. But if up touches it, it will die. So you use this little foaming applicator and when the we'd has a little V., it'll grow up as a little V. and you just place a little bit of that foam right there in in the plant and it will die it will die seven to ten days and you can take this and I get. I don't know what you guys call I call him stinging nettles. It's those weeds that have the little prickly. If you touch them, they will burn your hand and get those grown in my flowerbeds all the time I can throw out. Ten. Pounds of Pren- P., R. E. in which is a pre emergent for Mulch and and garden areas. I can throw out tons of that but I'll still get stinging nettles and all you gotta do is just put a little drop on all of those. If you get vines growing up into your rose bushes again, you just maybe even cut the vine and drop. A drop, the foam, right it's just a way to deliver. A weedkiller very effectively it it works really well, and so you can control spotting you can control. Your water and your mowing and the cool thing is is I would get to know my chemical guys. Hey, what are we doing this year? I don't think I need to oversee. Do you Do we want to aerate? Are we gonNA throw down on our pre emergent? Would you think about Sounds like you don't have a thatch issue. So we may not need to to do that. Air Rating is always good for a lawn and what I like to tell folks around here. Is. Check your next door up your facebook marketplace APP. And another thing you can do is. If. You don't if you're not a member of Angie's list. Create an Angie's list account. Go on the website and search for. The service that you need done. Like aeration, just search for it. Because what we're doing is we're telling Angie what we need and their marketing engine will start churning and when somebody comes out and inevitably all these lawn companies want to aerate your lawn and you'll find someone who will send out one of those Angie's list coupons fifty dollars per Yar pre-ordered. Up to ten thousand square feet or something. So you'll get a deal. You don't have to go to Home Depot. In Rent Aerator for one hundred and twenty dollars for four hours, the things are so heavy. You have to get a neighbor to help you to make it cost effective right and their their work. I mean I think it's fun but you literally have to chase that thing because it's so fast and it's a Lotta work you gotta turn it. The turning is killer in your your hit a sprinkler head so Just do that try the Angie's list hack search for it and see if you get a coupon but otherwise us next door and facebook marketplace, you can find people that will do aeration for you and then. And then. What I like to do is my fault plan I'll give you some links later for your fault plan, but you need to make your fall plan you need to write it down in your spiral and it is You know it's water water water momo. But when we start to execute our plan, we need to mow once and then we we need to Moshe Order. and. Then we need to more grass almost to. The point where it says don't mommy anymore get short as you possibly can and then aerate the crap. Out of your just poke holes everywhere, it's the funniest thing ever to do with all those little mud plugs all over your yard. You met your kids. It's fun. And Then you can throw in a fertilizer or you can. You can throw on your pre emergent whatever whichever route you decide to take. If you're gonNA oversee, then you throw your seat down you would throw down some pete or or some of the straw in a whatever you WanNa do to cover it but that's the best way to overseas is just start poking holes in. Then go to your brown spots, get up all the dead grass and puts them seed down put some topsoil down and Ten days for. fescue you'll have you'll have baby grass for Ri- Ten days. Kentucky Bluegrass probably twenty. One Twenty eight days of Germination and you keep you keep the soil wet and you'll have great grass growing in it. That's prior to the frost right. Right. So we talked about that frost we need to do we need to know. What Third Week of October, first frost with those baby grasses. If the baby is just come up, they get a first frost they're going to die. But we want to Mo- our baby grasses two times before I Ross. If that baby grows up you know it and it goes up again and you mow it again. Golden When he gets a first frost it's just grass by that time. It's just like whatever you know we'll go dormant we'll see in this brain. Mike you'RE GONNA ask a question. Yeah I was GONNA recommend under. Yeah. Well that and then for aeration to if you have a Lawn Care Company for Chemicals oftentimes, they do have really discounted areas I. think like my locker coming like forty bucks, they'll come out and duration if you use them for all the chemicals all year, you get your lawn done for forty dollars they're either undercharging you or something crazy going on up there in Omaha well, I'm probably paying for it in all the other I'm paying sixty bucks and application like eight. It's time to your. Fifty. I paid a couple of years ago I paid thirty to have my yard done. Yeah. It's not too expensive. It's not. It's not that David also that was without lawn care. So that's a good. Maybe there are even cheaper options out to the I think I. Think Forty or fifty is going to be or you're GonNa Pay Mike Yeah to be honest I. Think it's worth it. If you and aerated Dave's point you don't want to go rent the thing unless you got a neighborhood that where everybody can chip and even that's kind of a pain I've never even done. Since, I've lived here in four years and hasn't been terrible. Narrow. Grab a screwdriver, describe a big fat screwdriver and go out and if it if you stick it in the ground I, mean you got to a couple of different places which if you stick it in the ground, it just slides in. You could probably get away I mean I think it's a good idea to do it. But if you're soils loose, you don't have to do it. Okay. Just going. Into the soil. That's all. It's not about water. It's not about it's about. How ensure you're just you're just loosening the soil getting oxygen down into it, and if you do the overseeing route, it's just a very good mechanism in in which to get seed into the dirt for seed to soil contact. Yeah. So if it's if it's a good shape, your for soils loose if you're not allowed batch. You're probably I mean Aaron also covers a thatched that it's a detaching and it. It starts breaking down that thatch and that will start naturally star breaking it down because you've broken holes in the. In the layer right and so. It's a good idea mike to do it. It's always dear you can run behind. You can also if you've got one of those landscaping rakes, one of those. Not, terribly expensive sixty, seventy, five bucks whatever you can go out and throw that seed and then rake your lawn or drag something over it I'm Dave I had a question for you. Okay. So you saw the you saw the weather coming up I've kept my lawn at three inches pretty consistent whole summer. Keep it long. Healthy you said okay. Start shortening it like. Win For me seeing. Knowing when the frost is coming and seeing when if I was going to start shortening that up. Do I start shortening on the next cut or. Yeah. Yeah I have no idea. Kentucky bluegrass however wants to be mode low, but you have to train it. We really do, and that's one of the cool things I love about winter is because I can get a little lower and it it just has this little matted look to it and it's really good. Now, you can't come out outta summer and just off two inch. Right, you really have to train it so. But. If I voted the same mode at the regular length because we saw a couple of days yes. Can start coming down if I, every week if I lowered it one notch. To, little little little bit and maybe. If you need to check what it looks like after you mow it right. If if you're still growing out dormancy, it's GonNa look yellow. But after a couple of fall MOS- and you've hit it with nitrogen. That's you WANNA. Make sure there's a lot of nitrogen sorts going to grow grow grow, right? Yeah, and then you can start getting it. I'm GONNA lay down some fertilizer next weekend. So I can begin to kind of start get that in there, get it in the soil, and then start reducing that in I could with the the cool season grass I could go into the winter with a short, right I absolutely winner. Okay you want short. Yeah. So it you don't want it lay over and getting snow mold in any we don't want to hurt it with fungus or anything that's a mistake I made in the passive just left my mower high into the fall. And I the two long. exp-expect. There's always gonNA go dormant like mid October or maybe even November, and then I can it. There's nothing you can do wrong after that. It's just as Brown. Either literally nothing you can do wrong. It just stays. In fact here in Nebraska we have some people who painted her. Right, I I. It's just a wonderful grass loves the cool weather. So when it gets seventy degrees and the temperature daytime highs drop into the eighties and below, it's just gonNA, take off. So hit it with nitrogen. And don't do any slow release. We talked in the spring about this Moore night, which is a slow release natural fertilizer. You WanNa. Get a no Jim Euro big-box. Guy. So you're GONNA be fine just make sure it doesn't say you know slow we'd least because that makes people happy that they're not gonNA burn your yard. Now we WANNA hit it with nitrogen. We want to water it in and we want that grass to start growing. and. You can also do. If you're going to seed you WANNA get a starter fertilizer because it will have the the N. PK numbers that you need for establishing new routes but a starter fertilizers always good in the fall anyway because you're gonNa tell your grass. Hey, we're giving you all these brand new nutrients to establish deeper roots to be healthier through the winter so. I, tell folks just. Go anywhere and get a fertilizer go to Walmart if staple sells it, go buy it because what they're trying to do is they're they're clearing it out. You can get fertilizer at Walmart for cheap. And you don't have to go to the big box store and fall into the trap of a winter riser. I'm doing air quotes because everybody. Old School thinks that we need throw down some winter riser to winner is this lawn will we're not winterized in anything? We're just giving it nitrogen for it to store. In late. October maybe for you guys. November. You can even have the. Process Start. And, you can throw on, you can throw down. Some nitrogen and some cheap big box store nitrogen and let it sit there and it will use that in the spring and boy will it use it in the spring so that I number is nitrogen is that right in the three in the three number? Yes so like so I, put down their fall turf. Builder. Early to write a very first numbers thorough burston nitrogen. Grass is going to go crazy. Yeah, and I'm going to want to cut it short. In that, I'm going to want to get shorter Gigi you. Cut It high. In, look at your grass makes your blade your sharp. Look at the top of the grass if you're still growing out dormancy. If they're still yellow shoots coming up your grasp and have a yellow or brownish tint. It'll be Greenish Brownish Tint you want that. We need to wait for that spring look that full carpet of green. And then we can start. Okay we'll golf course this thing just start cutting it short realistically Mike You and I or arch our grass is under enormous amounts of stress. So. Anything right now. Get some nitrogen in the grass some kind of treatment you've got somebody doing that for you right? and. Then as we were going to get some rain over the next couple of weeks, it looks like it's GonNa cool down. We're GONNA get some rain in both you and I should start then soon as at grass looks really good long. Cut It twice and start bringing it down each week. Right until. We get lower. I've never done that step day to be honest I haven't either. My cab though so we have to be careful. You want to make sure that it's growing like gangbusters in. This is a step you don't have to do Y- guys you. Want people listening to this thing I gotta get. Milan, cut down I gotta get this thing short. You don't have to just mow the top third and is mo like normal, and then when dormancy starts right before your first frost if you think it's time, it's time to put this thing this sleep just more twice. Well it'd be nice to have it short before the lease come so that it's it's down and then when I'm when I'm mowing or pulling up leaves I'm not also trying to mow the lawn at the same time. from that perspective. So the Super Bowl. Yes and there's a there's a couple of resources that I'd like to share with your listeners because. I'm not the end. All be all in I have jumped around like crazy and I want folks if if they want to overseas I, want them to be successful. There are two guys that. They're youtubers and they have their own companies. They have their own youtube channels that they share this stuff all the time. The first one is a guy that who who knows how to tear lawn down in rebuild it. His name is Ryan Nor K. N. O. R.. Search him on the Youtube 's, and he has an overseas eating strategy and he will go over it step by step by step. Now. Of The Times he is. These youtubers they're kind of crazy. So you have to watch out for them. They will actually burn down the entire lawn with glyphosate with roundup. And scrape off the dead. and Re Topsoil and throw down a single CULTIVAR meaning one type of Grass Kentucky Bluegrass or perennial. Rye. And grow at brand new in the fall in their nuts. I mean they're absolutely nuts if I did that to my lawn, my wife would kill me she's You're killing the grass. I'm like, yeah but it had clumping fescue in. Care? With bring. To. You have to be careful you can't do that but they were show you had overseas the other guy. Lives in Florida but he used to work in. Indiana kind of Northern Indiana Chicago area up over by dare at the the Lawn Care Nut Alan Hain, this guy worked for Scott's true green for a decade. He knows what he's talking about when he talks cool season grass, the guy lives in Florida but he covers cool season grass the most. And if you just get on his email list, he'll send you a free guides. Here's how to oversee just go. And it'll give you step by step by step by step. It just watched him last night. Dave. MAZING yeah you guys the knowledge these guys. And the more you watch the more that'll seep in your brain because I can rattle off chemical names you're like. You know what's that? We'd we'll that splurge. Well, what do you need for that? Will you need some Quinn Chloride Daryl provider to kill that one? So you know it just it soaks in, you'll figure it out and It's fun to watch these guys I. Don't like Autism. Oh, I skipped over there they try to get all cutesy and Oprah on the MOWER. Tell me what to put down right now night. So these guys have taught me a lot in fact I'm. Tonight Jim. I was late because I was putting down what I call the double dark and I've gotten into I told you in the spring that I I like throwing down granollers I like pushing this broader. But I've got into the backpack. Liquid. Game Right, and there is a couple of products you can buy online and the the are going to peddle their wares on their online stuff because they all sell it. Right? But the really good. So you can buy this. It's called a double dark and in a lot of iron in it, and your grass is GonNa love iron and it has seek help and humic acid, all these things and I've I've done this a few times before and I you spray this on your on your grass and your grass. It's not like a fertilizer, a mild fertilizer but all that iron. Will make your grass turned like this bluish green. and. If you have a neighbor where you have a line like their grass in your grass and there's a long line, you can get the bluest green as grass and the line and. The neighbor's grass looks awful. They call it the domination line. In I really don't I really don't get off on making the neighbor cry but I have a golf course. Right next to me and my yard is deep luscious green and there's Limi- green it's real bright. And you can just tell there's a domination line so I take it personal against the course guy, it's good. It keeps you keeps you motivated right I. Mean that's the of compete against somebody for that stuff and glad to do it tonight Jim because we're getting a rain event, you know that Hurricane Laura is coming up. So we're GONNA get some rain events. So I was like if I don't do it right now and I can't do it in the heat of the day. It's too hot. You can't apply things during the heat of the day a literally had to wait till seven pm and I mixed up. Three four gallon backpacks full of chemicals and I did. My entire front yard, which is nine, thousand, two, thousand, one, thousand. So twelve thousand square feet. You know sometimes you just gotTa get it done. That's one of those things. I Mike this summer a you didn't but I there were moments where I was like I just gotta get a Mo in Dave back to our spring episode. You're like, sometimes you just need to get the Mo- in so that you don't get behind. You're not cutting a half or two thirds right and so I took that to heart in this summer I did better than I've ever done as far as like it's Wednesday. I don't care what it's like out there and I need to get a Boeing and I'd go out and mow and I run I, run around to get it done fast. I wasn't trying to make it look pretty or put lines down it's trying to get the Mo- done. And in that actually that actually paid big big dividends for me. throughout the summer. So I was really good advice. This year I tried to take different paths so I get into. Get into. No Pun intended a Rut. With my more and I mo Mo the same spot up and down up and down creates literal ruts in your yard, and if you go the other way and you're like, Gosh, what are all these bombs were whether the wheel marks of your writing on more? So, always try to cut opposite and cut angles. Slashes Cross your rectangular lawn. It's really hard on the edges because you you have to mow you know you kind of have to mow the edges on wheelwright. Yeah. Now, I've got wheel ruts around there this this year actually one of the things I did for the wheel ruts as carried a little bit of seed with me and as at sea routes every once in a while I just I took a little you know low oil funnel you also it comes down a long one about this carry with me and I would punch it into the ground and make to dude about six holes, throw a seat in there, and then you just turn it upside down and those. Those the little. I'm a C. Guy you are in. And it. Because I got some I got some spots like as those drive me. Crazy. And then I br then I'd break those. Well timed. There's a couple times a summary time those just write this. We got some rain whatever it was perfect and man those those ruts grew there now fully seated right there. They're written right now even during the heat because it kept the water on them. They've done. They've done pretty well this fall they're gonNA do great. So I'm just I'm pretty pumped about that. Well, let's leave your listeners with that. I have guaranteed patch repair success. And you can do it by going to Lowe's and you can do it so cheap, you don't have to buy the Shaker been. So. I do it with I. Have a I have a cart. That I pull behind my mower and so we're GONNA go to Lowe's and we're GONNA look for its Brown bag in it's called. It's probably a lawn repair topsoil. It's about seven bucks for one of those big bads. It's back dirt y'all but it's it's screened. We'd less topsoil. If you just if you go over and get the two dollar bag a topsoil, you're buying a bag of crabgrass so don't do it. This bag is screened. Okay. So we've got that. We're going to buy some seed. We need to make sure we know what kind of lawn grass we had before we buy our seed most y'all probably VESCO's which is great because that stuff germinates and seven to ten days. We're GONNA fix some patches in there were also at Lowe's we're GONNA buy there's a bag you may have to ask someone about this, but it is a pellet. Paper. So you Yalo's product in it will hold water. So we've got that we throw this in our wheelbarrow or or our cart or whatever we're going to. Patch repair with so. I've gotten this John. Norris. Yellow spot in my front yard where the dog nuked it with. You know twenty four hours of holding. My dog is a freak of nature will hold urine for days. S Kill my grass. In it's literally nuked with all that urea of urine. So you have to get that dead grass out I'm sorry y'all but you're gonNA have to probably touch it. The time you can rake it, but you need to take it out and throw it away. Just throw it over on the grass you could mode later. Take your rake the one with the the pokey times not the the loose ones in scrape you can do it with Jim's whole poker. You can do it with a claw, a garden claw, but you need to break up the soil because we need seed to soil contact. That is the number. One thing for seeding the seed needs to touch the soil or be a quarter inch under the soil, and we're gonNA take care of both of those. So now we've we've we don't want clumps. If you have clumps just step on it, we've got this big patch of pretty yard dirt. Get a handful seed though it in there. Now Goatee that Brown bag of lawn repair soil and just crumpled it and and fill up that that. Patch that you're repairing. It another handful of seed and throw it on there. And then. Step. On it just step on it so. What we usually do we rent the roller and we roll that seed and we make good seed to soil contact. But you can just step on it and squish it down and then get at cellulose product. And sprinkle over it, and then that will hold the moisture and then. Get it wet, and then keep it wet for ten days to see your baby grasses and then even when you see your baby grasses at ten days, you still need to keep it wet. So if you can't. Tell us to folks all the time Dave overseas. Well, if you do not have a successful watering program, you can't overseas right. He's a has to stay moist for ten days if you seed Jim if you grab a Cultivar of Kentucky Bluegrass to fix your backyard. Twenty. One Days Minimum. Yeah. Most of the time twenty, eight days. Twenty eight days until you get a little bit of shoot a baby graph, the stand up. It's it's off, but Kentucky Bluegrass has the bomb. So we do it because we love it. It looks. It does you gotTA. Keep. Yeah so this patch master. You can you can do a whole yard with this and you can do it for probably. Less than twenty bucks. US Than Twenty Bucks Get out there and get it down. Just get that Mike few repairs starting Monday like. At the counter what we can't predict is a late September heat wave like this is. This is the hard part I. Mean it's looking good right now right the ten day is looking good right now we have to be careful that that just means that if you put down now he gets them you get a good watering program you can't lead. If we get a second heat wave, you can't let up you gotTa keep you had to keep it water it may still kill it. That's the that's the starting this early September first. That's what you run into. Now that being said, you could start now and we could have a fabulous fall in. You could like you could be lawn hero. Like. You know because you we may get those perfect conditions. And everything's fixed slide going. Gambling like A little bit your. Bed I'm going to stick with my. Had if you get some heat, you just water. Yeah. You just gotTa make sure you stay. Yeah and you're just going to have to be that dude, you're bath road with a stogie with the lawn with the hose. Clean. You just just hose it down. Literally Jim No. No bathrobe. But I definitely out of my shorts and and No shoes and Something satisfying watering conditions right? There's just. You know it's pretty great. I've actually Dave. Leave. I've got some weird areas in my yard where like it's just to use sprinklers. It's just it's almost a crime because it's so much such a waste of water. and. So during the summer because we're home 'cause, I'm home because the pandemic. Every morning at six thirty, I can go out you know have a little breakfast grab the couple. cocky. Go out on the. All. Hand. Water. And then that area typically struggles because it's in, it's a high concrete area. It's a high temporary ED normally it trouble getting water. I've always struggled to have grass in those areas this summer it's lush and green because it gets every other day attention you know it gets me watering at by hanging. You know drink a cup of coffee and water at every morning not every every other morning or based on the soil temperatures. I've actually been watering at more hotter, and so I'm just trying to keep trying to keep some moisture in the grass just to kind of keep it. You know to kind of keep it alive. So I have turned does watering moments into one to be a little more efficient, but to to kind of be outside. Just to kind of be outside watering lawn and join a cup of coffee or walk my lawn constantly. Yeah. Because I have yellow nuts edge and I like to go out curse said it. But? I. I I'm always walking the lawn I know every little detail I need to do, and I'll never I never get it all done. I I know all this stuff but I at some point you have to decide this is what I'm GonNa do this is what I'm GonNa fix this year it like my yellow nuts edge problem it's a three year battle minimum. Three year battle because that thing just grows and grows and grows in Indiana is just covered in nuts edge. So right? Yeah. And I had some kind of weed for the last five years that I've been working on just every year. And this is my first year. It's not. Just, every you're of going Mike any other any other final questions while we got David before we wrap this thing up, I already have I don't want to ask any questions because that's going to be more. He's on my list need to do I have I have a lot of homework and you just go to. almost are have been doing has been has been helping and I think that the the frequency of the MO is. Probably. Just like honestly the easiest thing but also the hardest thing like stick to write is getting out because first week after week. Even, if I get a few days and then you don't do it in a few days and that it's two weeks, you have a mode and and that's been the biggest struggle for me is staying on the Molin schedule. Dave Dave said something in the spring that freed me up when he said. You just got to get him on like don't if this is your this isn't your premiums Saturday Mo- This isn't the Mo that the neighbors are GonNa be envious of you just gotTa get a moment in the way he said that in the spring I like Oh. Yeah. I guess I can just do a Thursday or am I just a Wednesday as fast as humanly possible. You don't have the edge you don't have to we. Should blow by. If it's too dark and you're running into cars just leave it. Yeah, right no no right on it day that that was a like that freed me up to just this like just get out there like seven, thirty, eight, o'clock Okay I've got thirty minutes to get this Mo in I'm just going to get in. It's the most beautiful thing to get you out of all kinds of evening chores like. Maybe I know there's dishes there on I'd love to help you with those eight is going to rain tomorrow. I do not get this on the lawn right we cut this. Weekend. So Great. It's so great well. Davey continue to influence me long after the home server show day. So thanks for Thanks for jump in and I ever three part series on lawn online maintenance. We'll. We'll probably come back again to this next year because it's just tons of fun to kind of talk about think about maybe I. Maybe we'll do a winner I mean there's not a lot to do in the winter, but maybe we get together this winter sometimes you guys can handle it just everybody find your free time and work back. Most of us from your time from your state line down to probably. Central Indiana, it's go time. You really have to have your plan down. Anything lower than than that Jim though you're getting into transition zone and warm season grasses they got a lot of time. You guys can you got time to figure it out that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan it but find your frosts frost date. And Mike I. Think you're good. Ask Ask your guy if he's going with what pre emergent he's putting down and when is he putting it down? I write that down questions to ask him next time he shows up what pre emergent are you putting down? Got It. It'd be like, have you been listening to a podcast? That's what he's GonNa say one of the things and I know that sounds weird but it's cast. No No, it wasn't me. As we think about winter. Going into, you can't overseas in the winter a lot of people especially here in the northern climates, you can throw that seed right on top of the snow, and as the snow melts, it will pull that see down into the soil and make that soil seed contact and when those perfect conditions hit in the spring that scene real Germany. And so it's a great way of for. Might gambling. There's your gamble right there. You hit the last snow of the year. You know right for us that's going to be March maybe and early. February. And you could just go out with your with the US the hand crank right as God that shish if he has some areas, you particularly went overseas throw that right on top of the snow. It's the weirdest thing ever in a feels like you're just throwing money away but that snow will pull that seed right into the right into the dirt. Things right now jammed just seeing you driving driving down the driveway to work. You got a cup of coffee here. You'll. Slow down, you roll the window down you grabbed from the door. Springing. SPRINKLE and see out of your. Seed Fool Dave I am a seating I, love that one note I added that question right there like own right in a launch one at love having a right here instead of like spirals great to. But well, we we went a little long but we appreciate you guys hanging out. Great thanks for everybody in the chat room doing what they do. If you're listening on the podcast site, all those links Dave mentioned are going to be in the show notes. So had the average Guy Dot TV slash G G four, five, seven in you'll get access to the show notes including those. Youtube links, I love online I also watch Connor Award. I. Think he's the lawn rebel. And he's just a nut like it's made he's great. He he's he'll teaches something but he's very entertaining. Yes. Yeah, he's the best with you're GonNa Watch online guy and you just want to be entertained 'cause he doesn't carry it doesn't do it right? He doesn't care how he does it. He's just he throws stuff together. He is kind of the average guy lawn. Guy I think, right that's how we all do it. will mix these things together. I hope it works always says he's not a how to guide but I love Connor Soak lawn rebel. If you WANNA, look him up on I'll try to remember to throw something Alan Hain, the Lawn Care, net, and Ryan nor. it. They'll answer anything. You know it's super super great in Connor lives in Idaho, and he has like he's in one of the worst lawn environments because his growing seasons three months. And so he's got do when he does stuff and then he gets they get heavy snow up there. So they have to deal with snow mold and some of those kinds of things. So you have to be careful watching those guys especially Ryan because they they do a single cultivar like perennial ryegrass and then they'll Moesha. In their what they call real mowers are E.. E. L.. And They Mo- it like it like three quarters of an inch you know golf green like a green. which is nuts I am I like my outstanding I like to be able to run my hand or it looks good though the the other thing we didn't talk about that they talk about all the time lawn leveling and that's maybe a winner. Maybe it's a winter topic. That's a scary scary thing for me I don't. Have, my riding lawnmower, we talked about the ruts I think I have physical big ruts from my right or These guys do there they use sand? Yeah. Yeah. For that real mowing and they say don't use topsoil use. But. I can't throw sand in my yard I did I. It's really good for the soil. I grasp really good for. Our grass low enough to do. Yeah we do maybe a seed. Oil Sand Mix. Yeah. I can see doing that and I do. Do a soil sand seed mix, and then you get all three and Y. Out there. Just. A couple reminders for we go. We are live every Thursday eight PM Central Nine Eastern. If you're just joining us or you're coming in and you haven't listened to it before join us live love to have come out and be a part of the live show the average guy dot TV slash life. If you want to join us in the discord group, the average guy dot TV slash discord same thing slash facebook if you want to join us on facebook groups if you. Want to send me an email you got some comments questions. You can't find something. I made a mistake on the show notes whatever sent me an email Jim. At the average Guy Dot TV. Vic. Thanks to. Christian. For for his ten years of running home gadget Geeks as platform you can head out to MAPLE GROVE DOT COM. He's got hosting plans as little as ten dollars. He knows now he now has redundant environments now too. So it's not just one server farm but to. It's pretty great. I think ones in Maryland when the buffalo and and so scrape stuff ten dollars a little as ten dollars a month maple grove partners, Dot Com we want to thank you for joining us tonight. This is Super Fun. I just. Thanks. Thanks for coming I can geek out about this for a long time. Appreciate you. It's night I'm next week Mike Weaker is covering all things yum radio or at least what he knows. Sight. So he'll be doing that as well, and then I'm starting to lineup Kinda the fall episode scheduled. So Wherever Stay around for a little bit of a show with.

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My Fianc Wants to Keep an Expensive Horse (Hour 3)

"Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from studios and Strut. Dave Ramsey show. That is dawn. Cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place the BMW as the status symbol of Janis. I'm Dave Ramsey. Your host glad you are here. Open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. It's Gods and grandma's ways of handling money common sense which is now so rare that having in his like having a superpower open phones triple eight eight two five five two two five ends with us in Atlanta Georgia. Hi Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hi Dave thanks for taking my call. Sure what's up in your world. Okay so I read your book a couple years ago my son gave it to me and it piqued my interest I ended up taking FPU. And now. I'm just kind of thinking about what is my next step I'm really wanting to retire in two years. I'm fifty eight and I have about two hundred fifteen thousand in retirement money. I don't have a lot of cash in total sal twelve thousand in cash and I also have a fifteen thousand dollars pension upon retirement My desire to possibly do some real estate but I feel like I don't know if I have enough to do real estate and Just what my next move is. I'm I'm really frustrated with my job and I'm just ready to go okay now but I don't know if this is the time don't you okay so there's a couple of possible things you could do. The fifteen thousand pension is a lump sum. Or that's a year okay. Lump them okay so you would just roll that into an IRA when you leave. If you've got the lump sum option with that two hundred thirty thousand dollars to work with at sixty years old is what we're talking about and And of course later on you could apply for Social Security and join that either early or at sixty five either. One can't do that at age. Sixty obviously so couple possibilities one is you could do a little bit of real estate. I mean you can cash out some of that. Two hundred and fifteen thousand You know if you bought a fifty thousand dollar property that kind of a thing I I. I would not tell you as an inexperienced roles type person I love real estate. I've got a bunch of real estate. An advocate of owning real estate. But I would not tell you to take your only two hundred thousand and by two hundred thousand dollar piece of real estate. That could be disastrous for you. I mean if you make a mistake in that as a Newbie. That's that's kind of going to the race track betting all your money on one horse in one race and I just. That was scared me to death. I wouldn't. I would tell you not to do that. But if you could find something inexpensive and you WanNa fool with small rental property and that would be pretty small fifty thousand bucks would be and you want to just try something out. Try Your hand at it. That's fine. It's not devastating. It's not my preference. The second thing that comes to mind here is your only sixty at that point. You're only fifty eight now and I say only When I was twenty I thought that was really really old but now that I'm fifty seven. I don't think that's really old anymore. So a lot of people in our age group yours and mine were the same age approximately a when they leave their main career and retire. Have what we call an encore career. And for the next you know. Fifteen years from sixty to seventy five have a second career and many times. It's a small business idea. Or It's something that they've always wanted to do and they're really good at it and it's more lucrative than their original career not unusual and it's not an act of desperation. I have to work because I'm too broke to retire. It's more like you got a lot of earning potential. Still left in you and you may want to do something that you enjoy. I get it I get it. The place you're at you're done with right and so that's that's kind of my question for you Dave. Also I don't make a lot of money on. I'm pretty good. I do have a paid for house as well. I mentioned mentioned that Rude but I don't feel like I have enough income to be able to start that encore career like I would like to start right now if I could My husband is deceased. I do get A A six hundred dollar check every month for him by one of your earpiece last year that I could start drawing on his social security at fifty five and a half with you. See just what I do that. It wouldn't hurt because I'll give you that. Yeah that'll give you some income slowing and and minimize the fear. But I mean what would your career be real estate real-estate so you're as an investor or as a salesman no as an investor okay. You don't have enough money to make a living on real estate. That's what I'm saying if you bought four fifty thousand dollar houses with your only two hundred grand that would scare me to death as a new investor so I might look for an alternative. I can tell you that as my sister I would say sister. Don't do that I am saying that so but what I would say is. Let's find some. You know maybe get a real estate license. Start selling real estate start working towards that now and maybe buy one piece of real estate. Was some of your money. But I really wouldn't go all in slot all the chips at the poker table on one hand and go real estate with one piece of real estate or two pieces of real estate when you only on your very first real estate deal and your whole retirement nest eggs on the line that just. Here's a crap out of me. I can't tell you to do that so I thank you for the call open phones at triple eight eight two five five. Two two five or question comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percents satisfaction. Guarantee means even if you mess up if you miss measure or you picked the wrong color. They're going to remake your window blind for free with BLINDS DOT COM. You also get free samples free shipping and with the new PROMOS run every month. You'RE GONNA save money check out. The Promo Code Ramsey at blinds dot com Vicky says I worked for the state government and every month. I have to attend a meeting where committee decides that people are approved or denied a loan for assistive equipment. We review their credit history and all the traditional junk I cringe just reviewing them almost every single time the entire committee unanimously approves the loan. Should I go along with a group because it wouldn't matter anyway or should I continue lip stain and therefore irritate my supervisor? I've discussed removing myself from the committee. But I'm basically ordered to be part of it. Well I would just tell them. I can't go along on principle with what you're doing. I don't I can't I don't understand the whole concept what you're doing unless it's someone coming in. The State is approving the loan on the state's loaning them the money of some kind You're putting someone who sounds like somebody's disabled and they need some help with equipment of some kind and the state's getting them into debt. I agree with you. That's a bad thing and so I mean you got a couple of choices one you can you know you continue the track. Your on and just abstain to you. Just say listen. I really do not think this is good for these folks and as a matter of conscience. I need you to take me office committee. It's not a good thing I do not agree with it And so step aside from it that kind of thing And Anyway Yeah. Of course the worst option is you quit or you get fighting to get away from it. I'm not suggesting something that extreme but you do have to it. Just tears the guts out of your inside of your body in your heart to do things that are against your conscience against your ethics against your integrity. Just can't do it. And how on all going basis? I just don't recommend that you will not prosper in that setting anywhere in your life. I thank you for writing in shape. Blondes DOT COM. Sponsoring your question. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Christians have an affordable incredible way to meet their overwhelming healthcare costs it's Christian healthcare ministries. The original health cost sharing ministry a better business. Bureau accredited organization C. H. M. members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance. It's Christians financially and spiritually supporting each other. It's what C. H. M. has done for over thirty five years learn more at C. H. Ministries Dot Org that's the H. Ministries. Dot Org Christian healthcare ministries is a proud sponsor of Dave Ramsey. Live Events. Kristen is whether some demo- in Iowa Hi Kristin how are you? I'm doing well. How are you dave better than I deserve? What's up I'm calling for with good news. We are pregnant with our forth. Baby yes we're doing mid June and we were finishing up a baby step number two when we found out we were pregnant. Well we've got a big shovel and we had a big pile of debt. So we finished that up. There was about nine thousand glass and then we started on baby steps three and got up and started four five. But I'm struggling with going to fix and so I was hoping you could help me and let me know what you think I should do. What are you doing with them? Well because I don't know exactly I mean well. Our income is great and so I just Kinda start piling the money and now we have one hundred thousand dollars sitting there in the last six months And I don't know should I cut it back down to about twenty I'm working two jobs. Because my one job does not have any benefits as a small business so no short-term somewhat gonNA ask need a job as a nurse practitioner and so I've been bringing in extra you know Double six figure income and so I'm not GonNa have any maternity pay when I'm on leave. I'M GONNA have to use that income and so are you single. No I'm married Makes about fifty. And so and you make what I make hundred forty at the job. That doesn't have any benefits. And then my job I just pick up and It's a six figure income and just a matters on how much work but I'm not going to be doing that. One baby comes just doing whatever you do. Your doc practitioners okay. Yeah I was guessing I could. Yeah it's pretty good side as I was guessing. Okay so all right so the deal is this. What is your household need while you're out on maternity leave to subsidize two to lay with his income to replace the fact that you're not making any money right right probably about Three thousand dollars a month. Yeah Okay how months are you going to take off? Very I would be nine thousand dollars. Let's double that and call it twenty. You've already got your emergency fund. That were you called twenty right. So we're going to have an emergency fund set another twenty over to the side to make sure everything's Okay said thirty over there. I don't care just to make sure everything is in the house and then you know. I'm just trying to make sure you're okay. You know while you're out you know sounds like you guys are saving almost all your income already. We are so I mean you know you've been working your butt off. So what's the long term plan with four kids for You well I also have a direct sales company that kind of took off to. I guess they did mention that. I don't know how many times going to go like multi level marketing I'm GonNa touch that either and So I don't know maybe I can just live off of that and not even go back to work or just work per time. That's yeah so we don't you know as long as you're as long as you go make one of these six figure incomes somewhere and you've got two or three of them floating around to add with his fifty. You guys are going to be fine right right. So we don't have to have a pile of money to offset that because you're not going to pull up and just stop is what you're telling me. I'll make six figures one way or another. That's what it sounds like at least and then so you know. I think you set aside for maternity leave set twenty over in your emergency fund. Does that make you comfortable? I think so. So much that I'm not trying to get you into debt hat. No no no it. Just you know we. We went from this frugal lifestyle that we just have maintained day. And so all to say. Let's just think through this logically and and part of being logical with personal finances addressing their emotional needs. And that's all I'm doing. I'm saying you got an emotional. Need an actual need of maternity leave and we said it was nine thousand dollars. We've upped it to thirty. Does that cover the emotions please? Yeah Yeah Really. I bump up my husband's truck at I don't care if you WANNA move him up in truck that's fine. What's driving the truck? It's the two thousand six for a dodge pickup truck and so it's worth ten and he wants he wants to move to a twenty We got money on car as a matter. It's just the town working baby steps. Four five and six simultaneously the extent you buy couches trucks vacation slows down your six. Oh and stop and have babies that kind of stuff you know slows down your six but so what you're going to be okay. You're still going to hit all of your goals. You're still going to be millionaires of multimillionaires when you get to retirement age so I think you're killing it. You're doing really good think you're doing better than you think you are. I just want you. I just want to think through this from a critical thinking standpoint. What is needed here? And so if we put ten on his truck and thirty to the side and twenty to the side I think still got forty left to throw at the house and if you want to wait until after the baby comes to do that just as an abundance of caution so what but don't be just piling up cash over there over the next five years and call me up and Gago. Australia's can pay off my house. Now you should already paid off your stinking house okay. So you know five ten months nine months I don't care whatever but let's have a plan to systematically worked the steps overtime. That's the issue. Heather is with us in Sacramento. Hi Heather how are you? Hi Dave I am. So thankful to be talking to your. How are you better than I deserve? What'S UP I just wanted some advice on how to talk to my ex husband about money. He's A year ago I got full custody of our daughter And I had filed for child support and he got really abrasive with me and through just not wanting to have that confrontation. I dropped my request. It's been a it's been a year and I went back and refiled because Second December because he should support his child. Hello right exactly and We have to you know my daughter and his daughter lives fulltime and he pays child support for his son and in December. My Ex husband texted me and said he was going to claim our daughter on this year's taxes right. I know I know and so that just Kinda poke the bear and so I went back and filed and he texted me Over the weekend saying hey I really WANNA work on Communication Yada. Yada like okay I can we? Can you know on communication and now no I I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend for home for how long we've been together for two years. I've been separated from my husband my ex-husband for three. Yeah So I was you know we. We worked together for him to see our daughter. He only sees her about four times a year and so first thing Monday morning. He texts me asking. Hey you know I really like appreciate it. Some compassion for my situation if I have to pay a set amount each month. I'm not even GonNa make rent and this and that and total money makeover book. Yeah call the WHAM. Violence Child support's not hundred percent about even in California. He can pay his child support. Make his rent and eat. I'll give him compassionate. Need to take care of his dadgum kid. He's a father right. Oh and he's had. He has five kids living at times. He's had two more kids since we separated and he wants to do A. Hey let me know what you need. As far as money start paying child support right now. This guy is a master manipulator and he self centered as crap. I can tell that already. Yeah Yeah I got no use for people. Don't take care of their kids man. What's the best way to approach that? I don't think you're GONNA fix him. No I'm not. I don't think he's going to be happy. I think I'm just going to be okay with him being unhappy. How my approach? I won't be kind and gentle but firm. It's like you know you brought this child into the world. The law says and morality says you should take care of this child. It really is not rocket science club. Sign up and pay the bill. That's how this works and you know I'm sorry that it's not you know he doesn't pay anything now. Hello so maybe it'd be good idea if he just Kinda got practicing again. Take care of his kids to good idea. That's why we have this in the law because it's the proper thing today. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Collecting money can be tough for small business owners and sometimes no matter what you end up chasing clients for payment. There's no magic solution but making it easier to pay certainly helps. That's why when it comes to payments. I can't say enough about fresh books. It's accounting software. That helps you get paid two times faster by allowing you to automate so many parts of your billing process with fresh books you can just sit back and collect payments. Try fresh books for thirty days. Free F- FRESH BOOKS DOT com slash. Dave Ramsey. That's fresh books. Dot Com slash. Dave Ramsey. If you're stressed out overwhelmed by money you don't have to feel that way no matter how you got here or how much debt you have. You can take control starting that today. You just need the right plan. Financial Peace University is that plan. It's a one year subscription to own line access to all the lessons online access to dollar plus which connects the world's best budgeting software to your bank and you can go to class physically in person nine lessons long. And you get a kit of goodies that you take with you to the clash and that you use this nine lesson plan will teach you how to make a budget pay off your debt. Spend and save wisely and start investing for your future. In fact the average person pays off fifty three hundred dollars in debt and save twenty seven hundred dollars in the first ninety days. That's an eight thousand dollars turnaround. But you're also going to learn about things like insurance and real estate and investing to become a millionaire and talking to your kids about money and your spouse about money. Financial Peace University. It's the class you really should have been made to take or we shouldn't let you out of high school right me too. Well we'll give you the step by step plan to take control but it's up to you to take the first step get started with financial peace university at Daveramsey DOT COM or call us a triple eight twenty two peace triple eight two seven. Three two two three. Chris is in Saint. Louis Hi Chris. How are you Dave doing pretty? Well how are you better than I deserve? What'S UP WHY QUESTION REGARDING MY Retirement for a one My company matches up to four percent. So that's a good thing But I was a little. I'm a little concerned now. Fifty two And just listening to your podcast. I don't have any in after taxed. Money I've got currently three hundred fifty thousand in pretext kind of got like a hundred thousand and attention I would like to retire. Probably within meal the next ten years so but I'm nervous on not having any pretext money Is Is another question is is the pension money a pre tax or after tax it will be taxed as it comes out okay so it works just like the in that sense. As far as taxing goes it works like a traditional 401k. Which is where your money is now. You said you're how old I love. Fifty two in July okay and so. When are you talking about retiring? Well in my head I wanted to retire. Fifty nine and a half. They could get to my money but I'm a little concerned with at. In what way. What are you concerned about? Well it's just you know I I've got you know I'm looking at four hundred. Forty eight thousand in my retirement. There's going to be quite a bit of taxes. Taken out of that but it also grow a lot by then esther in ten years that that you should have about six hundred thousand or if you're in if you're in good growth stock mutual funds and that doesn't mention anything that you're putting in during that ten years as well so if you wanted to take what you've got now leave it all traditional let that grow to around six hundred or so over the next ten years and the other money that you've now put in the control contributions you make in the next ten years. Put that in a roth. That would be very cool and really what you're going to end up doing with it is it's the last thing you're going to take out not the first thing because your yeah. Your traditional has mandatory withdrawal beginning at seventy and a half. The Roth does not have that in the more. The Roth grows tax free the more. You've got tax free growth. You know so the longer you leave it alone. The more the account the larger the account is and it's all tax free. So it'll be the last one you tap into this other one would be the first one you tap into but I think you're doing great overall. I mean you couldn't can. We always have more sure. What's your home worth? Oh around two twenty five. Is it paid for? It is not okay. When will it be paid for well? I still owe about one eighty on it and so in ten years you should have roughly a million dollars or less between eight hundred and a million in all of your retirement accounts and you should have paid for home. That's worth a half a million so you should be. You have a net worth of Sam in and a half. Give or take okay. That's where you're headed if you get the house paid off and you just start doing roth contributions into 401k's and Ross between now and then and you'd leave the money that you're there that's assuming you're investing all of it in good growth stock mutual funds that have a good track record and You know I think that's a good way to go. I really do. I think it's worth it's worth with. So you're you're doing very well but I'm with you and that I think from this point forward your contributions. Your new contributions going forward Would be into a roth. I think that's a good plan. Mary's with US IN ORLANDO. Hi Mary how are you? I'm fine thank you. Dave. How are you good? How can I help? My husband just inherited home. It's Mortgage free the home. We're currently living in is worth about. We have about a forty thousand dollar mortgage. We believe it's worth about ninety five. Maybe two hundred thousand dollars. We don't have much in saving My question is do you recommend that we rent to home with the mortgage until we're able to pay it off or sell it. And maybe invest a prophet. Okay The you inherited a home. That's worth ninety. Th as forty owed on it right now. We inherited a home. That's worth about one hundred and fifty thousand home that we have a mortgage on his Got About a forty thousand dollar mortgage to ninety five south in the one that you inherited his paid for. Yes okay good. Which one are you going to live in that when we inherited is larger? And you'RE GONNA move into a paid for one hundred and fifty dollar house in the question is whether to keep the old house or not rent Elliott and on and you have debt other than your mortgage from. I have a small car loan. It's about six thousands left on that and that's it do you have an emergency fund. Yes much Out Forty five hundred right now since about as much as we have any say. Okay what's your household income? Roughly fifty thousand a year. Okay well if you can pay thing off and you want the you want it to be rental for the rest of your life and you pay it off really really fast. I'm okay with that. Meaning you need to pay off in about three years so you need to finish getting your car paid off. Get Your Emergency Fund in place in clear. There's mortgage in about three years. I think you can do that. But you're going to have to be more intentional with your money than you've ever been your life to this point to do that. Okay the good news is you. Don't have a house payment and you will be getting rental payments in on the one. You're moving out of them putting a renter in and so but you guys have got to get on a budget. You've been really sloppy all the money that you've made in your life to this point has gone to somebody else right and that's gotTa stop otherwise. This is not a good plan. If you keep doing that then this rental house is going to become a burden to you. Because you're not going to get it paid off and it's only going to be a long-term blessing if you get it paid off and you make sure you get a renter in there. That pays the Dadgum bills. And if you don't if they don't get them out of there and you manage that rental fairly but very firmly and push push push push push all the way through this. If you're going to do all of that I would keep it and rent it But if you're going to you know move not hard core. If you're just GONNA slop around with Ice Reynolds GonNa take you down. It's GonNa be a problem for you but if you'll lean into it be very focused. I think it can be a blessing in this situation. If you owed much more on it than that I would be pushing you to sell it. I mean if it was a two hundred thousand dollar rental. Yoda one hundred on it with your income odd salad. I wouldn't be able to see you paying it off anytime soon. Quick enough anyway. And that's that's how looking at this. Hopefully that gives you some insight in the way my brain was working on your answer. Thanks for calling in. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show our scripture today. Galatian six nine and let us not grow weary of doing good for a new season. We will reap if we do not give up John. D. Rockefeller said I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything even nature. It does love it. Jesse is with us. Jesse's Augusta Georgia. Hi Jessie how are you? I'm doing well Dave. Thanks for taking my call. Sure how can I help you? Just want to get your advice If you look at my shoes what would you do I'm soon to be married in. May of this year. God My My fiance She's on board with the whole baby in your plan. And then my but She has a horse and it costs roughly four thousand dollars a year to keep more and It has about fifteen more years to live and she's talking about getting another horse. After this from passes I'm in love with my fiance but I'm not in love with the idea of paying three hundred thirty three dollars a month for the rest of my life. I'm just trying to see if you could Are What advice? You could give me as to get her to see how much of a financial burden Mrs or what. What would a compromise be? How old are you guys I'm twenty eight. She's twenty eight to forty all make We're broke we have Forty six total together. We have forty six thousand dollars in debt and we make annual income Fifty five fifty five thousand. Take home between the two of you. Guess you both working forty hours. Yes Sir Okay. Cool and what is your career. I'm a millwright apprentice I've got two more years on my apprenticeship but My income is going to go up dramatically. I was GONNA ask that now. And what she worked for I'm sorry she's a medical biller. Okay all right. And what is her long term career plan? Oh shoot even kicking around the idea of going back to school but Nothing set in stone as Vietnam. Okay what is the forty six thousand in debt that the two of you have? I have twenty six thousand student loans and so she has thousand Riccar and the rest of hers student loans. Okay good good and You said that you're both on the plan. The seperation is this issue on the horse. I did you guys go through Financial Peace University together yet. No Sir. That's on our list. Okay Archer so we're going to. We're doing the premarital counseling. Good but our church doesn't offer Financial Peace University okay. Well there's other ones in the area that do you don't have to leave. Your church is run over and visit the other place to enough to go through. Fpu I'll give it to you as a wedding gift in the two of you go through it and what I want you to do is not say another word about the horse. The horse comes with the package. Okay 'cause you'RE NOT GONNA win this battle. She's had this horse a long time. Since she was a little bitty girl she's loved horses she's emotionally attached and I want to make her give it up. Yeah and so I think you just let it go. Here's what's going to happen. I'm an old guy looking at this. Okay you guys get married and start having other goals in your life the start to be more important than the horse and then as you're making decisions to gather she's going to release the horse if you force it out you'll never live it down but it will not be there and she will not buy another one at the end. That is my prediction. It won't be there for ten years even it's not there seven years. I bet as soon as you guys have two kids that horses gone. You know what I'm saying. I mean all all it's going to happen is other things like maybe getting our education. Other things are going to start to be more important than the romantic idea of a horse that she had when she was a little girl and she got this horse and but if you today make this a big deal she'll find her way out of this if she becomes a woman and not a little girl and I think she is. Okay other things are gonNA become important to other things are going to become important to you along the way too and you gotTa keep a nice big. Y in front of you. Why are we doing this? Why are we managing our money tight? Why are we saving? Why are we building wealth? What are we want to be when we build this wealth? And if you've got that why in front of you if it doesn't include a horse all of the sudden horses in the way in her mind not yours and when that day happens I will be gone and that is not ten years from now will happen sooner than that. That's my prediction. And that's nothing prophetic. I'm just an old guy and seeing a lot of this stuff so I think you'll be fine. Hold on a minute. I'll have miskelly pickup. Get you guys in Financial Peace University. And we'll start the horse eviction now. He's all you gotta have a reason to just like car car car. I'm in love with my car going but you gotTA stop at three hundred dollar car payment. I mean you're driving me nuts but you can't sell your spouse. You can't come home with your spouse and go. Hey Bilas Daveramsey podcast. We're selling your car that you're great financial plan. You think that's going to work. I KREBS NOT GONNA fly. It's not gonNA work. You got to come home and start talking about fun. Start talking about how we're gonNA live in the future. What would it be like if we didn't have any payments when somebody gets really excited about not any payments they sell the stuff that he got payments on it? Don't they get excited about not any payments and then it becomes their idea and you don't have to talk them into it but if your plan is to announce the sale of your spouse's vehicle or your horse you don't agree plan? You're not on track yet. So that's how this deal works. Hold on Jessie and we'll help you out. Brother honored to have you on our team here in any way we can serve. You glad you called in open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. Jasper Indiana Britney's with us. Hi Brittany how are you? Hi Dave thank you so much for taking my call him great sure how can I help? Okay my husband and I went through Financial Peace University this past fall which we realized now. We should've done many years ago. We've been married about twelve years and it has done great things for our relationship for sure So we are very close to starting on baby steps four five and six probably within less than two months probably about a month. So we're yeah so we are Kind of trying to plan ahead on to how to make that work. I know that I've listened. We've listened to lots of your discussions on this and kind of however it works best for for each family is how you've recommended. I guess on. How much do you WanNa put into college? But now when you get further along on paying your house off and that kind of thing so I guess I'm kind of wondering if we follow the fifteen percent of your gross income into retirement. I don't know how that fits into our current budget. And I I. I don't know if I'm just missing something or I don't know how a percent your house. Or what percentage of your take home? Pay Your House payment Person of our take home. Pay Your House twenty five percent or how about nine hundred dollars? Show your your take on. Pays like four or five thousand dollars a month. Uh-huh it's about fifty two hundred. Okay right Fifteen percent of your household income is what is as nine thousand bucks a year. Okay so this is doable. You can do that. And we're not talking about seven hundred bucks a month and you used to pay that out in payments and then so you're not going to do huge chunks towards college or huge chunks towards the house extra on five and six right now but as bonuses come in Harrington says small grandma's laser by five thousand four hundred dollars or something that goes on the House or in the college fund. You get a bonus or you sell something or some money. Some found money shows up it goes on the College Fund or on the House College Fund in the House College Fund in the house until both are done and when both of those are done then. That's when you hit baby steps seven but today you're not gonNa see a big advance on those things. You're going to get in the rhythm of monthly investing in your retirement and that rhythm over a long period of years fifteen to twenty years is how you become a millionaire and you keep that rhythm going. You'll get there. That's exactly how that works so but you can do it do it. You've been doing this other and all of that was new when you started you doing good. Thanks Britney efforts this hour of the Dave Ramsey show in the books. We will be back with you before you know it. In the meantime remember there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the Prince of Peace Christ Jesus Hey guys it's Blake Thompson senior second producer for the Dave Ramsey show. This hour is over but you can find more great content. When are you to catch the most watched daybreak debt-free screams and the very popular everyday millionaire second go to the Dave Ramsey? Show Youtube Channel. They make more money doing what you love. Check out. Kristie Rights Business Boutique. Podcast Christie's inspiring and equipping women become successful running their own business ham Christy Wright and I help women all over the country take their ideas and passions and hobbies and turn them into profitable business. That you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you've ever wondered if you could make money doing it. I'm here to help join us on the business. Not podcast where we are equipping women to make money doing what they love. Hear more from the Ramsey network including Christie rights. Business Boutique podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey It's james producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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The Real Mom's of the 2020 Time with GuestHeather Dubrow

"As the parent of a kid who has anxiety I was so excited to discover this audio book that is made specifically for kids. It's called super powered in its written by two experts in child, Psychology Rini Jane, and Dr Shefali? Safari. The audiobook is geared towards kids. So it'll provide them with a toolkit of easy to understand methods for recognizing their anxious behaviors and kind of turning them into their own superpowers which I think is so important given the climate of the world right now everybody's anxious and the audio book. Includes a downloadable PDF workbook so that you can sit with your kids and have them work through it and I feel like like you said, everybody's anxious right now I think it's a great way to sit and talk through this with your kids because sometimes we don't even know what they're anxious about and right now let's be honest. There's a million things to be anxious about so you should totally check this out. You can find it at listening library DOT COM or wherever you get your audio books, check it out. Welcome to take it or leave it in advice ish podcast parents. You can download this podcast on itunes spotify and Google play music or at podcast, take it or leave it dot com be sure to subscribe and give us a review with your thoughts about the show. Thank you Lena J. for thanking us. Her review reads I listened pods when I need time to myself and I'm so thankful for all the things you talk about life health. I sound like a dragon. I don't know what happened. That was better. There you go. Well, yeah. I, feel great. Thank you to Lena J. for thanking us, her review reads into your pods when I need time to myself and am so thankful for all the things you talk about life health, mental health, pop culture, and motherhood. It's all refreshing in relatable. I, know when I popped my ear buds in to get some work done that I will not be disappointed. That is so nice. Hopefully, not thanks Lena J. Yeah. Our ideas to to not disappoint you know like usually that's the goal of the show Somehow we always fall short I'm your host Meredith Mason -I and I'm your host tiffany Jenkins. This podcast will discuss all things marriage motherhood and everything in between please remember not professionals at anything you may actually need. So any advice we give you you can take or leave because it might be crap on today's episode of take it or leave it. We have a special guest we have heather do bro and I'm saying that right right. All right from Heather dubrow world podcast. But first, let's open up with. That then I have nothing else on my script Dave did what did I miss words? And then tiffany comes in it's a cliffhanger at the cliff and then tiffany comes in and says. Today we have Melissa from Alabama opening things up for us. Be Sure to call us at three, one, five, eight, three, four, two, six, nine, six, and leave us a message. So you can open the show for us how this is Melissa from Alabama and. I don't really understand what you all are so stressed about all the time because I have two wonderful kids that bring search joy and happiness to my life I was just making them some sugar free chocolate chip cookies because. They deserve a little treat. And also help y'all open up today show with some pitching advice because maybe y'All Shit Louis Hey ladies. This is editor. I have two boys that are complete blessings but. Sometimes I want them to start. I don't because I love them and I'm getting mom. Anyone who says, they don't want to throat punch their kids on a regular basis. There's a lot bagger and I'll be bringing that up here because I have more votes in space over next Melissa. Melissa. Borrow, now anyways so. Now that we understand this is a safe space. Let's hear about your mom film. Fair share. Okay. So I I I, love this I love the way she opened up the show for his today like pretending she had her shit together and then a knock down drag out fight with her children. And and just just so that everybody understands the Melissa reference I got into an Internet site. Last week. No earlier this week last week. A woman came onto one of my lives in, and she tried to call me out and tell me that if I would stop neglecting my children by going live all the time perhaps they wouldn't be so unhappy and unfortunately this this I made the mistake of directly calling out woman whose name was Melissa and saying I'm a Judah to stop right there because I'm not going to apologize for doing my job and my kids are not neglected. They get plenty of attention but my daughter who is in sixth grade and is currently at home with it because my kids are home. homeschooling at the moment. My daughter just likes to come in and try to take over my lives all the time, and she was pretending that she needed help with school but she did not She was just being a pain in the ASS and so this woman tried to call me out and I was just not having at that day. So unfortunately. Whatever Karen. Well, it just went a little sideways and I did let her know. Her I said, I'm sorry in another live I said I'm sorry that I directly called you out by name but let's be honest. We're we're women and wives and mothers, and all sorts of things but we're allowed to take twenty minutes to sit down and talk to somebody and not have to feel guilty for it. You know. So anyway, unfortunately now it's become I the only one who sees. A spinning white circle and mayors spending circle of death. Looks like. It's kind of Nice, and it's kind of Nice is it? It's like you're what it's. It's meditative. Actually what does that mean you listened to? ASM are did I say that right? Talking to me. Yeah. You like don't like Asmar. It creeps me out I guide. Guided Meditation Okay, I was trying to remember if it was that you liked it. You didn't like it no I, can't do it s Dave's hand. No offense to anybody who does I don't I. I I know we talked about it on one of the shows. So I must have. I. Must Have Gotten confused with one of your dislikes not alike. Okay. So moving on A. So, we do have heather on the show today I'll give you guys some some info on heather first of all before I even read this little bio that we have here. I. Went Onto Your I am IMDB is that right I am? And I saw that you were in an episode of married with children. We know it's crazy about that I have been on. So many TV, shows I think I was a series regular on five chose of TV. Movies movies of the week. Feature films the one credit everyone always loves to ask you about is buried with children. So. Here's why. For me personally one of my favorite shows. Like. Because the dynamic of that of that relationship between. Al Bundy and peg was basically like my house growing up the disgruntled father who couldn't care less about the kids and worked at a job he hated and a mom who was just aloof to everything except doing whatever the hell she wanted to do, and these kids who kind of ran wild right and I, laughed when I saw that because I just it was such a part of my childhood growing up and I was like, oh my gosh, I know that you were that you had been on an episode of married with children. Now I did see. Your credits, which I was like holy crap like you have done a ton of of acting. But Heather. Heather is known for her glamorous East, coast style talent, and her ability to talk to anyone she joined the cast of real housewives of Orange County in season seven as the witty down to Earth, gorgeous Brunette deftly juggling family life and multiple business ventures graduate of Syracuse, university with the BFA. What's a BFA? Fine? Achievement Day was. Okay. extensive acting career. and. Your husband is would another show that I love botched I I have sat and watched many and out many many hours of botched. And you actually did botched post op on E. which is also great, and now you have a heather dubrow world. On podcast one, which you'd premiered at number three on the on the I tunes charts, which is crazy. Yeah. I. Think. I started with the podcast I mean a little over five years ago and I just didn't know it was my agent said to me like you know how there you need to do podcasts and it was like that is a great idea. What is the podcast? and. So he kind of explained it to me and I was like, okay, great and. It is still didn't really get it I thought I needed segments and you know because I come from a TV world. So you know I was. thinking it of it as a TV show kind thing and then. Drew Pinski Dr drew he's a friend of mine and and he said to me he's like, no, no no, that's not what podcasting is podcasting is more like people just want to hang out with you for an hour and then of course, I feel immediately insecure like are you sure do they really want to hang out with me what they want to hang out with me and so started the show Kinda just dovan still head segments in the beginning and then it's kind of evolved over the last five years in kind of fun different interesting ways I love doing it I love the community that we've created and we just. I missed apparently the hundred million. Download moment and and just randomly look and it was at one, hundred, million, five, hundred, thousand, three, hundred, something like. That we just I my husband did show that to me. Is it not I mean what did we we? We just crossed seven to two million. Don't mean don't lie. That's my job. My job is to lie, but we just did we just crossed two million and wherein our second year. But we did we've been playing with a bunch of things to with a format of the show because we used to be very segmented on the podcast and the pandemic just. Eats away it's eating away at us, and so we just kind of turned it into this very loose conversation about just what the Hell's going on and talking about stuff and you know Dave keeps yelling at me you need to have topics you need to have structure, and I'm just like I my life has been sucked through. All of my offices have yeah and Dave with all due respect I think that a little of both is what works I have to say and and Married. So you're on, you're on my show a couple of weeks ago, and when we when we are finished, I talked to my producer for a couple of minutes and he's a guy so and he's newish producer for me. We've only been together for like nine months. I love him. He's the greatest guy, but he's he's a guy. So I was just I was always curious what his take is because ninety percent of my audience is female and after you were on I was like isn't she cool and he's like I didn't know all that stuff about parenting and this and that I like her take on and he's listening to hundreds and hundreds of hours of podcast. So I personally like what I like to listen to. I like to feel like I'm hanging out with someone and and that's how I feel when I talked to you. So I like that more loser. Let's struck how nice for you to what a sweet moment. Alright so You tiffany jury's out man honorees what happens with your backdrop and laws. I'm really enjoying this for once because normally everybody's just like, oh, my Gosh tiffany. Now for once I get some Damn it and I can't take and. I want to start the show oddly enough. Because I don't I'm assuming heather probably has a take on this. I have zero fashion sense zero style sense and I know nothing about beauty. But tiffany just got her eyebrows microbe-related. We are not doing we're asking about this. Why because I need to I need to under. elmo from Sesame Street right now, you can't do this. What are you doing? Are you asking her opinion I? Know I'm asking Mike Mike. My question is first of all from both of you you can give me some. I don't know what micro blading is. I, don't even understand the pro like I need you to walk me through the process a bit because people have been telling me how bad my eyebrows are for years and when I saw a tiffany post that she. was on a live I was watching your live. You were talking about that you had gotten them done but then you didn't give any details about the process of micro blading and what it actually does because I it sounds permanent. So I WANNA. Know about it a little bit and I wanNA know if you're if you liked it if you. If you know like I just want to know a little bit and then let Heather Chime in and I think you know probably about it because I feel like you're you're more knowledgeable than I you know so I just want to know a little bit. yes. So my I've got four eyebrows total. left in general. Bears Yeah actual hairs. I would style them and break them trying to make something happen. So I was like now's the time and. I finally gave in and got a microbe-related. So they put light Cain House and then the tattoo them, and then at the end the take a scalpel and slice little slices and packet with ink, and then it heals and it looks real hopefully. Oh my Gosh I had no idea were scalpels involved yeah. Am I right. It's a big deal and there's artistry involved in this too like you can't just go to anyone you have to go to someone that's really good and makes them look very very natural and I mean I. I mean, I have good eyebrows like bad other stuff. Trust me. The list is long but I have good eyebrows with this is not something that I need but I have a couple of friends that did it and someone that works in my house had it done to and I mean you look like Groucho Marx for a good four, five six weeks and you get scared like, oh my gosh, I'm GonNa look like this forever by the way tiffany. I think yours pretty good right now but they they'd and they sort of settle in. and. Then if you get them done by good person, they can actually look really spectacular. How often do you have to do something with that? Then if this is an actual tattooed process, do you do they like after they simmer down? Do you have to go tidied up? They don't go as deep as regular tattoo. They don't go that many layers. So I think it's quote unquote semi permanent and yes you there's a follow up appointment. The lead explained it to me. This is like laying down the skeleton and then at the follow up appointment. She's going to touch any spots that need to be touched up if highlights are needed or whatever, and then after that, I should be good to go for I believe six months to a year perhaps fingers crossed I don't know and I really think they look good i. don't know I made that up to be honest with you jeff but I really do think they like me looking at you today on camera. Like feel like you look like you've got a great set of eyebrows on your face because I because I know how light your eyebrows are because I've I spent time with you in person right. So like I know your hair color and your eyebrows or light where like I'm looking across the room at my video and I can't even see that I have eyebrows on my forehead because they're so thin and there's there's sparse but I enjoy tried have you tried castor oil? No. Use Lobbied on their slatter him? Yes. So my daughter, one of my daughters told me to do it like a couple years ago because I was. So. You know one of my big beauty secrets is never ever drink and plock bad. And so I had done that and I had a bad moment and I made them too thin and I was so worried about it and so might daughter said, mom you gotta get castor oil and if you go an Amazon not sponsored but if you go on Amazon, they have Castro that comes with like those little brushes a little eyebrow brushes. And it's Kinda goofy and gross, and you do it at night but I. Wear. It works. All right dude. Castro's nuts I used to put it on my warts and they'd go a that's Weird I. Can say wow. All right. Not Weird wards in you know what I mean but like on my kneecap Edwards on my kneecaps now weird wards because like the good warts you know. You're a decent decent more totally acceptable, not disgusting ones yeah. So speaking of words, let's Segue into Halloween for a for a minute. Because I have I'm curious. So we're we're in Florida tiffany and I, and then you're all the way out on the West Coast in California what are you guys thinking? How are you feeling about about Halloween and trick or treating like what's going to happen and because this is the first time it's also Obama. Saturday biggers. which a year ago sounded like such a great idea. Right throw a big party and have let the kids have friends over have everyone dressed in black. Well that's not happening our governor basically shutdown Halloween men a day later. You know we're just strongly recommend go trick or treating or gather. It's like there's a lot of mixed messages I mean I think for me this year's been so scary I'm over it I actually called my. The Guy that does our holiday lights outside and said, how quickly can you put them up? I would put him up yesterday he's not ready to go. He's not going to put him up until October but I'm putting up the Christmas lights I. Think we should be skipping over Halloween. Yes I said the same thing to my husband. I was like I'm going balls to the wall this Christmas I need some nostalgic joy from a time. Before this I'm going to be you'RE GONNA you're GonNa be like Oh my gosh. My at Disney and it's like no Timmy's house that's where you are. Wow. Okay. Are there because like I I think that we are going to let the Kids dress up the ones who want to write because I have a high schooler who's not going to participate. But then I think Sophia and Brian will and I think we're going to just let them like walk around but not go in like not go up and take candy from anybody. So like I'll think I'll let them walk the sidewalks if I noticed that other kids are walking the sidewalks. And then I'll just have my own candy and be like this is from that house. This is from that how like because I don't want them going up and taking stuff from people are sticking their hand in a bucket or anything like that. But I, feel like if they want to dress up and Kinda run around the neighborhood a little bit I might. I might indulge in that I don't know I know I. Know for sure people especially here in Florida because Florida just doesn't care like I feel like the state of Florida is like we don't we don't care, Kovic no covid we're going to do whatever the hell we want. We're Floridians. So I think that people will trick or treat I think I'll go in. You know my neighborhood has like a group chat where we talk about they say we they talk about neighborhood east stuff and. They have all decided that this year they're going to put trays of candy at the end of the driveway and they're going to stay up at the top of the driveway so that they can still enjoy looking at all the costumes but there's no hand to hand contact. There's no digging around in a bowl. It's all laid out on A. Great Idea See. Ways around it and I think you can still find ways. You see the video of that guy who he had like he took like a like a mailing tube, he taped it to his. Stair rail in the front of his house. Taking and put it in there. It would like zoom down to the kids. Of a super cute and he painted it for Halloween. Yes. So cute I thought that was a good idea. No one lives in my neighborhood. So trick or treating here sucks anyway. Running to the store has been pretty stressful lately I try never to leave the house as a matter of fact, and there's nothing worse than forgetting something on your list and needing to make multiple trips shopping for home essential should be easy and convenient, and that is where Grove collaborative comes in. Grove is an online marketplace that delivers healthy home beauty and personal care products directly to you. Grove takes the guesswork out of going green. EVERY GROVE DOT CO product is guaranteed to be good for you, your family, your home, and of course, mother Earth I never really gave it a second thought. 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Are you what are you sucking on honey stick Eating practical I needed a snack break cheese. That is an obnoxious pretzel I didn't eat lunch was a pencil I. I was like, okay. We're in a weird place. Going to take one more bite. Hayes are your kids? Is there like a light at the end of the? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Have they said they're going back to school soon because you don't have four kids the youngest ones back already. And the other three are going back next week. So. Here's the deal with Florida and this is where we've been a wreck this week Just. Iraq. So we in Florida always in most parts except down South and Miami Dade and Broward. Had the ability to send our kids back in person if we wanted to and then they offer distance learning for those who weren't comfortable. So. We've been we've gone for three full weeks doing distance learning and it's been. Terrible. Not. Because of the teachers not be because of technology because of kids who don't WanNa sit and stare at a screen. For their entire day because my my youngest is on the spectrum and it is extremely difficult to keep him focused and he doesn't like sitting and staring at Zoom Square boxes. And he's jumping all over the place and I constantly catch him hiding in different areas of the house eating things and not doing his schoolwork. So it's been difficult for a lot of things So I reached out to the schools. And said look I'm at my breaking point my kids aren't learning anything. My high schooler didn't even have a seventh period like there was no teacher assigned. It was just nothing. So I was like we need to we need to send our kids back because we are not competent enough apparently to distance learn with them. They're not doing what they need to do. So what what are our options at this point? So two of my kids will be accepted back into school on Monday. The third kid can be accepted potentially on Wednesday of next week. and that's where we are. We had a meeting today with the teacher and she said that they're trying trying to get him accepted back for maybe Wednesday, but. It my kids have are backed by Felicia by Felicia. Yeah my kids are there. Yeah. I have to say I'm out of my kids schools to one of the they go to two separate schools because tour in high school. The high school I have no idea what they're going back into it's a good school and They do a great job with the distance learning that they have not been so communicative about the protocols and what's going to be happening my younger to they have orchestrated this thing I mean like an army, the way they tested all the kids in the way, the protocols they have in place and how you have to like, take your kids temperature in the morning, and you have to log onto the school APP and. You have to get a Qr code then they get scanned and they walk through a thermal scanner in the more I mean it's going now what is going on at their school but I have to say it's been incredibly impressive. The kids had no issues. Wearing masks are so resilient and they're fine. My youngest is in fourth grade WHO's yeah it's annoying but it's fine. We get to take it off when we eat. They've been really good about putting them together and keeping them in small groups, the same group for playtime and and all that kind of stuff. But this is the third week in person so I I think that in the next couple of weeks, it'll be very telling to see how well they are actually really doing. Yeah that's what they're doing at the elementary level. They said that they can't accept him probably until Wednesday because he has to be placed into a cohort that he stays in like you call, you're calling it a POD, they're calling it a cohort. Is, the saint means the same shit like they're trying to keep these kids together and with the same teachers all day. So they're not going from room to room in person to person. But I just looked at Dave and I was like I'm. He looked at me and he's like, I need you to get this stuff done like there's a list of stuff you need to do and I'm like I can't get anything done with them here. I can't I can't. I can't be productive. I can't do the work that I'm supposed to do I just I broke down and I called the schools and I was like I'm sending them back what what's the protocol? So for tomorrow, we'll get an email with with Brian, you know what day he can return, but they said not to be hopeful won't be before Wednesday which is fine. If the other two can go back Monday. I feel like he can. You know we can. We can keep working until then but good Lord this has just been so stressful. Can I say something? The homes, the home schooling thing is something I never ever wanted to do is never one of those people that. Wouldn't be wonderful if your children Roman. Travel the world forget it. But in the middle of all this I bought and I can't remember the girl's name I'll have to go look at it but I've bought some books and workbooks from this major home schooling chick who just sound wonderful and I got him and I read like a chapter in like, yeah. No. Nope, I'm never doing any of these crafts. I'm never taking any of these little wilderness walks never never doing any of this. This is so not me I just think we're so hard on ourselves with like even you merits you were talking about. You know how you're not competent enough to do this none of us are by the way I mean these poor teachers who works so hard and then have to do it this way and we're not equipped for this. It's not our job. Now. I tried to home school and it was mainly like lunch. Lunchtime, and yelling lunch and yelling. and. Like it's time for lunch they're like wait we just headline gem like double double lunch today. So. You know how I went I've been at the hotel for two days writing my second book yeah, Well My effing husband sends me this picture of my daughter. And said, she tried to cut her own hair. Are Those bangs did she try to cut bangs? Bitch. It's all. Oh God is that it? Her and she's like. Little. That's not going to be good in five months. Yeah I don't. I didn't even I was just like that's that seems right? That's that's about lined up with. The World Right now? Can you can you? Let's talk a little bit about that too because I saw your live the other day. First of all, how did were you productive without outside forces trying to screw you up? Yeah I wrote ten thousand words. Wow. Great. Job. Thank you. I'm very proud of myself. That's intense. That's a lot in two days. You wrote ten thousand words. Yep See how awful children are. But just true the what's so funny. But that by the way, congratulations, that's awesome i. I think the first book that Terry and I wrote together for like we had to finish editing it and we went to a hotel. We did the same thing to get the outside forces you know just a waiver. But man, that's why it's so hard to have the kids home twenty, four hours a day seven days a week. You just can't get anything done ever. Dearly go to the bathroom. It's like having toddlers all over again. How old are your kids? Sixteen, Sixteen, Thirteen, and nine. Sixteen. Twenty minutes there you go to get there. Thirteen and They're all about to turn the next age. They're about to go seventeen, seventeen, fourteen, and ten. But yeah, I have a nine year old. Bonus baby. She's the best one. I'm just kidding but she's great. I also have a four and five year olds who so that's where I'm like? They'll get much more from a school environment even if it does look like the apocalypse, even if they are wearing masks and sitting in partitions, they'll get way more than they will here with me just. Don't talk to me. You know what I mean. Yeah. But yes, great that you recognize that you needed to go to get that done because I knew how stressed you were about this next book and getting what you needed to get like I call it pen to paper which obviously nobody writes that way anymore. But this is the same thing like you got out. He got it out of your head and you got it onto the onto that keyboard there and took a completely different direction than I thought. It would about great. Can you tell us or no? Is it a secret? No I mean, it's not really a secret it's just it. I was going to do little snippets of stories of things I've learned since I've been in recovery, but instead it was it has the same vibe as the first book get picks up with my dad and I in the car as he's getting ready to drop me off at the halfway house, and there's a lot of inner dialogue with myself and the reader, and it's like trying to get a job as a felon with that was. Like finding out I was pregnant with this dude I hardly knew and a halfway house with that was like, and so basically gonNA use like the lessons that I learned in those moments like taking public transportation everywhere with no money and how that plays into you know life today and how grateful I am every time I pass a scat bus and I see it I'm like hey. I'm very grateful to be stuck in traffic in my car with my screaming kids because it could be on that. Rush out of jail again, you know. So but it's more narrative. It's very much reads like the first book, which is not what I thought. It was going to be i. think that's Great. I think it's also great that you're using those. Those teachable moments. For others who are going through that same process right because you're you reach. You reach so many people that are getting ready to hopefully get into that recovery spot in their lives. And you've helped so many people direct them into that recovery spot. So I think that that's great. That's wonder I can't wait. And I know how stressful that is because you know I was just on Heather's podcasts talking about my book and Gosh just and heathers written books like I mean it's the process. It really I told Dave I was like I'm so mentally drained. From Just like promoting the book, and now I'm kind of almost like happy that that that part is almost done like we're coming to the end of the month almost where I can kind of take a breath but it's i. mean it takes everything from you. You get you get sucked dry. Yeah, you really do I mean I'm so impressed by both of you for being able to write those kinds of personal. Books you know tearing I've written three books together, but they're more procedural books, Diet Books, health, and wellness kind of books, and even though you know our personalities are in there and we tell stories and and it's fun and funny it really is about more of an end result. It's I think. A wonderful. Ever write a book like that I think it's probably in me, but that is hard to put yourself out there. I mean, I'm kind of prison that never wrote a journal because I think I would write it as if I knew someone was gonna come read it kind of bullshit. You means so to be able to really sit down as you would say, pen to paper and bare your soul and tell the truth. About your life and your feelings and everything that's that's pretty bare naked. Pretty impressive. Well, what happens is you find out how accepted you are once you bare your soul and when it's and braised and people are like Oh my gosh, I had no idea somebody else felt the same way. Thank you. You just healed a part of me. I didn't know needed to be healed or your met with love and acceptance. It's like holy crap for the first time in my life I can be completely transparent. I don't have to pretend to be something that I'm not in the right people will stick around and support me and the people who don't want you know to support. Me and who don't like what I have to say they'll fall off but that's fine because I don't want somebody who doesn't accept the true me around me anyway, and that's what I've found. It's so freeing for me to just be who I am because that goes back to the filters thing I never have to pretend to be something that I'm not I never have to pretend that I look a certain way when I put on my pictures with no filters is just who I am. So there's no surprises you get what you get, and it's really incredible to live life that way it's the coolest thing that I've ever done is being truthful about who I am. Yeah and it it really opens you up to that that. That compassionate side of people that you think doesn't exist because the world can be so jaded but there. I read a review last night of the book that made me. So happy this woman said, there might not be a parenting manual but. Look. Give such great inside insight into what we're feeling as moms. I WANNA buy cases of this and give him to the hospital to the maternity ward to give it to all the new parents and I was like. That was the best week I was like Oh, my God that made me. So happy for somebody to say that about what I put down in this book but I think. It goes back to when I first started making videos and Dave used to go behind me when I would record and try to clean the house up and he'd say you can't. You can't shoot into the kitchen like this. Look at the counters look at look at the dishes in this and I was like stop cleaning up. Our houses that disaster boy stop cleaning up I said your ice. He goes I can't believe you'd put this out on the Internet and I why everybody's out everybody else's house looks like this just stop cleaning up going to save this snippet for next time you tell me that I don't do dishes. That is not what I'm saying and you know that, but but it's true. It's like stop cleaning stuff up. You know this is this is. This is life. This is what it's supposed to look like and I think the problem is you see so much filtered stuff that you assume you're doing it wrong. But you're not I've had. Yeah. I've had a big problem with that over the lockdown for the last seven months watching people and some of them friends. With. Their really beautifully curated instagram accounts and the pictures were the perfect this and I do this perfectly, and here's how I do this perfectly and I just like I understand to a certain extent like that it's your highlight reel and that people wanna put their best moments forward I no judgment with that, and if you're trying to build a brand and curate yourself as a brand I understand that too. But just for me personally, I, have actually gone and muted people I didn't even know that that was the thing that you can meet people. So they don't know you're not looking at them, but you don't follow them because people can tell when you on follow them, which is a thing and I don't want anyone to be upset but I just couldn't look at that bullshit perfection anymore. That's why everybody luxury. But I think that's why everybody loves you, I think. That makes sense. Because you're just real in a world that isn't and I think that's so rare and when I found out, we're going to be talking to you I was like, wait a minute. I think like her and I don't remember if I stopped your life at after watching botched or what but I remember got really good vibes from you and I think that's why because like you get a in that really important to. What's new in podcasting? Here's what we love courtesy of CASS recommends. On a scale of one to ten with one being completely straight. And Ten being completely gay what number are you? You know I don't think that you should rank how they are. And you know that's just a little of a red. Flag for me. Come on come out. A weekly podcast where RIA lesbians till they're real coming out stories. You can find come on come out on your favorite podcast. Check out now go listen. You. Be. Recommends. Well well, thank you for saying that but it's but the truth is that I'm like you guys, I'm just look my hair socks I'm allergic to all haired I'm getting gray. It's like everything is just a disaster. I'm like gained so much weight. It can barely fit into my stretch working on Dan's my rings are tight. It's not good but it is what it is and I just feel like if we talk about it, maybe someone else gets the fact that we all feel this way you don't have to be perfect. Right which I feel like those filters set up. That idea that perfection as attainable and it isn't, and that's the thing about social media with our kids you know. And My. Kids aren't allowed to have until high school. So my oldest just got his first social media account and he asked for the TIKTOK. Which I wasn't a super fan of but I, was like, okay you can have one and I. I'm I get to see his account or whatever but I think they set these poor kids up right at the get go as soon as they get social media with all of that crap because they have the ability to re touch and I want to be blemish-free and I want to be whatever it it's like nobody's blemish-free you know but they they want to they want to live in that world like you were saying the real world is too slow for them the world of social media where they want to be and so I think that's why I kept it from them until. The or will be keeping it from them until high. School. Do Your. When did your kids get social media accounts? Heather. They like came out of the womb with an iphone. It's bad. You know I I don't remember exactly what I gave the twins owns, but I remember it was for safety like it was. They went to some akin were they were going. It was so long ago they're almost seventeen, but they must have been like twelve. Probably Eleven or twelve, and they were going somewhere going to friends houses at that point ten like that, and I want them to have the way to be able to contact me. So it started off as sort of a safety thing and then when social media started happening, I made them, they were allowed to do it, but they had to be private. But here's the problem you know Terry and I are both on television people know who we are. So it's kind of like a double edged sword if you if the kids put themselves out, there were now opening our children up to comments from you know the world or whoever, and so it's been kind of something we've tried to navigate as we go and not make any sort. Of steadfast hard rules but sort of take each kid individually what's good for them? What's not good for them I have one kid that super sensitive and I said look you can have this but you have to turn off commenting or you can have this, but it's gotta be private. So each kid has been different. Coco who's nine really just plays roadblocks basically twenty, four, seven, but. She doesn't really do any social media and the other kids have been good. But like my two oldest kids my son. He does snap chat with his friends and whatever, and that's basically it. He never looks at instagram. He doesn't post lot but his twin sister you know has like a big following and she's got a new podcast which is It just started last week. It's called I'll give it to you straight ish and it's on todd. Why? We didn't even touch on that. We didn't even touch on that and we're going to have you back on because. She she go ahead. She's shake came out as bisexual few months ago and so yeah, she's gay and she's so cool about it and I knew for a long time but she came out publicly and and so it kind of went viral and everything I'm just so proud of it. But I love how she's become his voice for kids. But she if you listen to her podcast which I hope everyone goes to. Listen to it's not just great for kids. It's great for parents because she's got a really interesting perspective on things and she talks bettering dieting. She talks about therapies talks about everything and I just love how I feel like. One of the things that I've done well is to create an and not that I've done everything well, trust me I'm sure they'll be in therapy for things about me eventually but this one's not. But I feel like I've created an environment where they all feel comfortable. They know if they need help, they can get it. They know they can always come to me. We have open dialog about everything. So I mean, that's all you can hope for. Yeah, and we'll have to have a separate show about that because we have gotten emails and questions about. How to have the conversation if if you have an inkling that your child Might be gay or when they come out to you ways to respond a good interaction and that's a very important conversation. You know and to have somebody who's navigated the waters that's a whole other a whole other show but it's it's when I read about how you and your husband. Dealt with it with your with your daughter I felt really good. My best friend is gay. So when he you know and of course I babysat him when he was very little and so when he came out. Publicly to the family, I was like I was waiting for the actual news because it's like I knew we we knew we knew this but at the same time, you know they have you have to, you have to wait until they're ready to come out and have that conversation but it was you know like I tell my kids all the time you know. I'm a love you no matter what no matter who you love or what you know what happens, but it's still it's such a difficult conversation for them to have because the thoughts they're having or not necessarily thoughts you're having. So I think that's something that we could touch on in the future that would be a good conversation for parents. In case they're having. Those thoughts as well but. I hate to be a stickler for time, but I turned forty this month and I have had a multitude of Doctor's appointments and checkups. Mammograms and pokes and prods and I have to go get private again today so. Yes forty. But. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming on. Why don't you tell everybody where they can find you and your socials heather? So you can find me basically everywhere at Heather Dubrow D. U. B. R. O. W., and you can find my podcast heather rose world's anywhere. You find your podcast spotify apple podcasts or podcast one. Great talking to you. Thanks for coming on yes. grads view on the books yours that's coming and yours that's out. That's very exciting for both of you invested luck with school us. Well, hope you know fingers crossed you. All right everybody. We'll see all next time on, take it or leave it A. podcast hosted by to struggling moms who have no idea what we're doing you left me hanging with Jackass. All right. Sorry I love you. Bye. Bye. Guys.

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Dave McCabe from Reset.fm talks Family Internet Safety and Ubiquiti UniFi Wifi- HGG395

Home Gadget Geeks (Audio MP3)

1:29:25 hr | 1 year ago

Dave McCabe from Reset.fm talks Family Internet Safety and Ubiquiti UniFi Wifi- HGG395

"This is the average guy network in you've found on gag showed him three ninety five recorded on March twenty first twenty nineteen. Honganji gig speed cover all the paper that finally reviews product updates and conversation offer the average tech. I'm your host Jim calls broadcasting live from the aggregate hot tea studios here in Bellevue, Nebraska, Dave McCabe. Did you think back when we first started home server show that we'd be doing this for nine years? Did you I listen to you introduce the the video segment, I was like I remember saying that, you know, five six years ago. This is a long form podcast. We're not going to answer your questions anytime quick. Yeah. No. I just I was just thinking about all the podcasts that you and I have done together. Mike weaker you've been on now. How many wouldn't you think you started at home service did four years, right? Okay. So two hundred eighteen to two hundred shows Dave I did we how many home service shows. Did we do together? What end over three hundred. I did over three hundred total. So I started. Two thousand eight. April. So I'm coming up eleven years. No, no, no. It was it was we're coming up on four hundred. I think of that with or we'll get Christian to come back on. I'm going to try and get Sadler to come back on. And join us for four hundred know, they've all been longtime guests. But I just think about all the time we were in pre show just a second ago. We were talking this is typically MVP week and for six years you and I room together at at MVP summit in this year both together decided it's time to give somebody else a spot to to join the MVP team. And so rich. Hey is out there. He'll be here in a couple of weeks. Supporting Dave chemists MVP summit. I do. I mean, I would be that'd be lying. If I told you I didn't because I mean, do your at Microsoft on their campus. I mean, you, and I we would ditch classes and and walk around, right? Just to get some exercise stretch our legs and just take up these Seattle scenery. And it was it was a great time. It's just I just felt like I have moved on so much from my just all in Microsoft days. And I thought I'm just taking up space and unite talked about it, but we. Kind of we never made decisions together. That was what was weird we talked about it. And we went our separate ways. Right back into our lives. And then we came back another two months later, and I came out and said, hey, Jim, I retired. He goes, wait a minute. I retired. It's like, okay. We will. No. I think we both saw the writing on the wall. What was going on there? And it's great. It's perfect. I mean, there's still some great things going on a Microsoft. We still continue to cover them and talk about other things windows related, but it was a good day. Good to have you have you back on remind folks if you want to get the show notes there won't be a ton tonight. We're going to spend some time talking about gray stuff. But if you want to get the show notes to this show or anyone past one's head out to the average guy that he don't forget if you want to download the mobile app, we wanna thank or patriot subscribers for kind of supporting that for us bailable, Android, iphone great way to listen to subscribing stream the app anywhere, you're at if you're traveling the best way to listen to home gadget geeks. Go to home gadget. Geeks dot com, Android, iphone links there for you. Great way to do it. Don't forget join our discord group. I reluctantly came to discord. It's been a pretty good experience. So far, Mike we're getting some at forty maybe forty forty five. What do you think I've been having some great conversations over there? I think we we started some different channels to kind of direct the conversation. So you can follow the conversations you want ignore the rest. I've had some great conversations with people around unrelated and unify so it's been a great resource for me. I think we've been having a lot of fun over there. I've learned some things which I'll bring up my story later on my unify of meditation, but it's been a fun community. So if you're looking for kind of that place you to check in you don't have to be there all the time. But, you know, throw something out there and have a awesome tech group to chat about it with. It's a good place to do it. Good jump in right now. The average guy dot TV slash discord will get you there take you there just jump in. If you haven't created a dischord account, you can do that we have a pretty well moderated group. And so sometimes those dischord groups can get kinda gangly so speak, and we're going to prevent that. So if you're looking for one of those. Experiences like you get at home server show forms now the reset forms. If you haven't joined over there, really a great group if you want to do it that way, we kinda focus on cyber frontiers and gadget geeks. And we've been talking a lot about unread. I'm we're going to catch up with Dave here in just a second and what's going on over reset? But if you want to join us over there, the average guy dot TV slash discord big thanks to John Pizano. I think pronouncing that right from last week from Unrae jumping in here. John did a great job, Mike. That was listen if you're listening to this show, and you haven't listened to the unreach-. Oh, I I can't think this week. I heard more things from guys saying, I'm building and unreserved Mike Deji. Did you get that feeling? I got that feeling too. And I think even the guys who have unread servers. We were like, okay. Wh when upgrades can we make right? We are all excited. We're all revved up about it fun to see other people giving it a shot though. And I'm excited because honestly, it's one of those systems that before I built it. I was the same way. Like, oh, I've heard of it. But when you build it it just works. Really? Well, I know Gavin one of our listeners has been in the discord he's been talking about his Bill Daley. So he. Just did a major switch over. And he said he's been loved it so far, but working really good. And he's been having some questions, and I am Spartacus out there in the discord has been helping him out with a certain things. It's been fantastic super good. Yeah. That's what it that's kind of designed for. So what I think John for jumping in. We will definitely try and get those guys from unread back. Just as often as we can we through the pitch out to say, hey, get updates coming in jump in love to hear about what's going on. Obviously from the feedback that I got from the community on this. Neal had sent me a note Neil longtime listener sends me an when he likes to show. He said really enjoyed the show. I'm gonna look at one hundred very interesting that you need at least two SSD's in there to have a good reliable cash. So thanks for that feedback. Appreciate you guys. Letting us know great show if you haven't listened to it yet back Baco, go back three ninety four is that number, and we think John for coming on big. Thanks to Tony Rayner is well, Tony kind of set that whole thing up, and Tony no thank you bunch of times. But if you have. Guest that you'd like to have on home. Gadget geeks, and you can help me broker that I'm gonna take them all, but if you can if you if you've got that kind of guests, let me know we'll figure out how to get him on in have them kind of on the show. Oh, we talked to him here. Just a few minutes ago, but Dave McCabe, my old friend from home server show days. Dave, I'm always surprised at how often that home service show still comes up. I mean, it is a legacy show. Tell me a little bit though, what's going on reset. You. We read two years ago, maybe to meet up, right? It's been that long as George have been three now. I don't even remember. Yeah. I I sprung it on you guys. It was the next to last meet, I sprung it on you guys. I'd secretly put three episodes in the can with reset. And I don't remember when I came to this. Came to the decision, but we kept doing home server show up and to the meet up because I always used to like to have one episode where I really talk about meet up so people travelling could have something to listen to because I know when I used to hear things about what I was interested in you know, it would fire me up. So that's what I did. And so I took volunteer from the audience, which was Joe minor hadn't come up. Click. Click some software to buttons. I had him. Actually, I had physically program two buttons that one stopped the feed of home server show, and the other ones started and published the feed of reset, and there were three episodes that went live, and I don't know if people download them on the way, home or not. But I did I know I listen to that was on the flight home. That was the way it went down there. Some secret video I may have become somewhat overwhelmed with. Reef. I guess it was a moment. We know we did was I didn't realize it to I was just like holy cow. What is this coming out of my face? You know, ended home server show and started reset in that kind of let me spread my wings a little bit where I didn't feel bad about talking about automation and security cameras because the home server guys just like you experience with unrated last week and and this week following those guys wanna talk nothing, but drives and storage in raid. And they wanna talk about that twenty four seven, and you know, the good guys, they they don't they didn't mind me doing my own thing with home server show, which which we did quite a bit. But I felt like it was at least worth a change. And so we spawned reset dot FM. And we kinda rename the home server show dot com forums, although I have not changed that URL. I keep saying that I'm going to but some work. It's some work to get in your freida SEO like home service show. Forums have been a gold mine for unilateral as of SEO and traffic and things coming in. Forums owner you put a lot of time into securing it and Detroit's calling it and oh, right? Even the spam out. Right. You know, I did that. I I don't know what what my deal was Jim. But I started home automation. Forums dot com. I started surface geeks, which ran parallel each one of those two sites had its own form. And then I started seeing, you know, five eight years ago. I started seeing the writing on the wall, I had all of this stuff. I started smart wear forums or something and it just getting out of hand. And so it took me a better part of a year to migrate surface. Geek, forums and the home automation forums into home server show. So I had to move the blog posts, and then I had to move the forum posts and that just kinda got swallowed by home server forms. Well, one of the best communities. I think in you know, as long as I am podcasting. Dave, I still kinda consider the work that we do here at home gadget. Geeks. And we probably picked up some new listeners that have that don't know the days of home service show, but I still consider. For the work. I do kind of an outgrowth a spin off so to speak a growth. Maybe that's not the right word, but growth out of. Because that's a mole. You're a previous roasts out of home server show. And that's kind of the for me. That's where that's where I can start at. If folks wanted to join the reset forums. Now, what's the best way for them to get over there? Because if they like this community, they've just found us in there in our discord group, whatever and they in or Facebook, and they wanna come over because I would say it's really one in the same community in a lot of ways. I've always done a lot of things through the how would they what's the best way for them to get over there? And joined the form jamming everybody remembers home server show dot com, and that will take you straight to the forums. And also if you go to reset forums dot com. That'll take you out there too. Now, I am having a Cup. I'm having a database problem on the blog side of things. So I went from three WordPress sites and to invision power board sites, and I moved all those into home service, show dot com. So it's kind of been a database. Just it's it's been a mess. And I did an upgrade just this past weekend did upgrades a kind of get forced into upgrades via a security issues and bulletins and whatnot. So I still have to maintain that. And I brought my the WordPress side, which is not actually word breasts. But all the articles are still kinda formatted that way, it's a mess, but it's all out there in the forums. The forms are still a great community. I mean, it's still very heavy storage. It's very micro server based and it's very Q. And a a lot of guys come in with the questions some get their answer and leave, you know, some get their answer and stay and find a great community. But we still talk automation networking is huge. I mean, huge we're gonna talk a little bit about networking tonight. Dave, thanks for seeing. Yes. And it's always great to have you on here and avid. I'm an avid reset listener. By the way, that's one of the. The podcast. I don't miss. It's just great to hear you. I hide casted with you for so many years where we were doing this together. And you're a really good solar podcast. I don't think a lot of people can pull that off it. When I I found you on home service show, the first ten shows, I listened in succession about you know, whatever ten hours in a row on a way back from a trip, Colorado, and you're a really good solar pike caster. So if you haven't subscribed reset yet do that head out you can just search for reset, and you can find that out anywhere podcasts are aggregated and get get listening to that. Dave, you're probably every other week. Is that is that like been? Yeah, I've been I would say I've been good at doing every other week every other third week. I've been very bad every other week got him accepting that because that's that's how I came into it. One of the reasons I needed to make changes just things are happening now. And I know I've said it before, and I've always blamed you because you said one day when we started out he said us, I when we were first meeting, you know, I was like, well, I got I got a four year old and a two year old. He goes, okay. That's cool. Is it just just wait? You're going to get busy. Trust me. You are going to get busy. So now, I have a sixth grader and a fourth grader. And. Wow, I mean, if we're doing something every single day if I'm not driving him somewhere. You know, we're working on papers or building something. No. We've got the saws out, and we're covered in sawdust to build some Traber shave or science class, or you know, it's it's always something. And I was just like I can't do it. If I need to skipper Friday. I just skipper Friday. Right, mike. You're a couple years behind Dave in that. Right. Yeah. And you called it for me. Right. 'cause we met I was still doing open mic night. And you said he's an okay, you don't have kids yet. 'cause I was four I kid you said just wait till you have kids and sure enough, even you know suit in scrubs, we're like a few weeks behind right now. And we're finding that we're trying to find our cadence there and and things happened when you have these these young kids minor only two in one. So the only titties they do are my activities, right or just go into bed, but still just it takes the time away from, you know, no right on in the decade. We've been doing this. I've been doing this. Of course, my kids have left. So we have Sarah on. I don't know if I were ago something like that four five weeks ago. And I asked her the question, you know, how do you guys want to know, why didn't you let me podcast so much, and and her answer basic like get you out of my hair to be honest. So it's a different for me. It's a different world. I can podcast all the time. And and my kids are gone, but yeah for both of you guys. It's been fun to make that switch a little bit David at one point in time. You we you were pretty regular, and I was little. Sketchy. And then as my kids started departing that kinda changed a little bit. And you've got really busy, Mike. We have you on probably three out of five. You know in the scenario. So I'm life gets in the way, I think the lesson. They're right for all of us is go with what works right it. It's just the Abe's different times in your life. I think tech is the same way. Right. I mean, we all have to sit around and build these servers and do the stuff, but at some point in time, the outta kinda step away from the machines and spend some time with the family, right? I mean, all that tech is great. But if you're building it for the family, and you're never with them doesn't make much sense, Mike, you seem to have a pretty good balance there of being able to step away from that spend time with kids how how do you how do you do that? And then balance it with the tech, you know, for me it's a little easier because they're so young they go to bed at seven seven fifteen. Right. And that leaves a lot of time after that for hand. And I to to do it we want whether it's we watch movie together, we hang out or I come down here and and tech out for a little bit. So so I have that time now it'll it'll change as I get older. But right now, it's a pretty easy. Cadence a wake-up get the kids ready to take them to school. Go to work, come home. Eat with them play with them for like an hour. Our if that depending on when I work then they're in bed. So it's fairly easy at this age to balance Bill weekends, those are gone, right? Like those used to be all day. I could devote a whole Saturday to a project whole Sunday to a project, and it's just just out of possibility at this point, which just fine. You know, you have that balance. Dave is your kids have gotten a little bit older. Are you finding the technology needs for them are changing with that? You talk a lot about ipad time on your show. Like right now, that's a big deal in your household. Right. The the time the kids get on the ipad. Are you finding that's changing or what kind of challenges your each off circle? Right. You talk about trying to secure the internet for these kids. There was a time when I spent an enormous amount of time. Now, I don't even think about they're gone. I don't care. So are you finding it things are changing as the kids are getting older? Yeah. I'm I'm coming up against that that want and desire of the older child to communicate with friends to be social and to be. On it. Twenty four seven, you know to in it as a sixth grader, they just can't handle that. I've I've let that leash out. Right. And every time I do they take it and they run and they've just run off a cliff in crash and burn. Hold him back. And then learn from it. And then, you know, it's kind of a couple little lessons. Right. Like if I did give him a phone. You know, what's going to happen? Well, you know, six gigabyte later on my project fi account. You know, there's we had some chargebacks invoiced. My sixth grader the other day because of YouTube in. So I'm just I'm just learning. I I've learned I need, you know, I gotta sit some limits. If you give them a rope. They will hang themselves. The other thing is I always tell my sixth grader, I said if if you jump off a cliff. What's the first thing you need to do? He's like, I don't know like pick a spot to land. You know? Well, when you land what's going to happen? I said just look up because there's a fourth grader about the land on you. And that's your brother. Yeah. You anything you do. He's gonna follow you right off that cliff and so. Ipads, are huge. They've had them. He was a beta class in the third grade. As a third grader having an ipad twenty four seven goes home with them. So you in our school district you can rent them for I think it's eighty five dollars a year. And you get the ipad. Everything's done on the ipad all the assignments. Come. They have Loggins. They there's a webpage that they can look at and they can literally see every teacher every assignment every grade all their progress, and I can get feedback on that same site in. It's just. You you kinda give up at that point is like, well, maybe they should have tried surface. RT? You know, you remember those days. I didn't that work in school. Well, schools don't want that. No. Yeah. Why don't they try Chromebooks? Well, they're on ipads, you know, they'll never have windows, laptops. I don't know if my kids ever have a windows laptop in school, maybe when they get older, and they they need you know, that that personal device, but right now, they're all pads, and it's they get they get their work done, Mike as you think about your oldest who's through three four and a half yet June half. Okay. So you're still a ways away from that. But are you thinking about hiring time at this point? Jim I'm not always away from that. That's the scary part. So tonight, he was FaceTime. Ing my parents. He loves do that he fully knows how to turn on the effects and make himself Alliant on FaceTime. He knows the exact buttons to push swipe over click on a lion. Look, I'm a lion. I mean, and we went to we went to Utah are. Wyoming just a week ago. We let him take the ipad for the airplane ride. And I mean that kid just knows everything he can get out of his plex app where he washes his his Daniel tiger can get into the actual game. He wants to play crazy for two and a half year old. And he asked for it all the time. Now right already. I've had I've Daniel in the ipad, you know, that he's already asking for two and a half years old. So yeah, it someone that had. And I already think like the very limited time he has it is that already too much for him. If he knows how to use it that. Well, maybe we're letting him use a little bit too much. And then I'm like, well, it's also going to be his future. So as long as he's engaging in playing in other ways, and he's not on it all the time. I don't think it's too bad. Let him have a little bit of time to d-. It's no these machines the content is going to be interesting for me talk about the filtering of the internet. So I've been preemptively playing with untangle. I've we talked about high implemented untangle as my router and been playing around with that seeing how well it works. What kind of things it can do? So I didn't expect it to be a concern this really, that's the that's the crazy part. Yeah. No it. It's it comes up on you fast. My granddaughter half granddaughter. Who's three sent me a Snapchat from his mom's phone today. Video like, and she didn't know what she was doing. But you know, she got into it was able to take video put some things on it. And then send it she'd seen Mont mom does that a lot. I get a lot Snapchat from daughter-in-law and of her mostly she's yeah. She's filming her in sending those to me, which has been great. But yeah, I think we're seeing you're right. I mean, my granddaughter can swipe through and I think if you're listening this in you're my age, and you got grandchildren or children at this point. You know, these kids at two three and four can operate that phone pretty quickly. Dave you've been through some filtering options. And I know I've been listening to on reset talked about Disney, circle and some of the things right now if you were to recommend to a dad or a mom. A security device to put on a big bit defender box guy, but I don't have kids trying to hack my network anymore. So I actually don't know how well it really works. 'cause nobody's trying to do that. Here. You've got that. Dave you're in the prime. Mike's kids aren't to that point where they're actively trying to find that stuff. Your sixth grader is whether you know it or not right. He's out there. Trying to find stuff. What have you found works for for a parent? What would you say works best right now at least in your experience. Well, I mean every parent is going to be different. There's going to be those parents that that absolutely do not want any type of monitoring device was so ever. And man, I'm just like that's fine. Everybody's different. Right. But then you know, there's there's the other side there's brand new cell phone going to a kid, right? You you wanna be able to do find my iphone you want to be able to check how much data they're using. You know, whether you do that via your plan. Find my iphone or you get some kind of app that does that for you in. There's there's a handful of apps that do that. It was a great post. I'll go find out there on the on the reset forums. And where I was comparing three or four these and just I do that a law. I'll throw out a question what you guys think about these and the parental control apps. I've used a few and you've mentioned circle several times, and that has been a great little device for my network. It's actually an Arp poisoning device. So there's there's several different layers bridges and art poisoning in and it does that. But the speeds that I get on my internet account. It doesn't affect me whatsoever. And I get about one seventy five down twelve up. So in it runs that via Ethernet easily, and that allows you to turn off, you know, a couple. Things you know, you can turn off Snapchat, or, you know, app level type things, and you can block all kinds of other things and give them it's all the bedtime. Pause. The internet. You know, that's the the key down at night. Right. Yeah. You had mentioned the last reset you've been using untangle, Mike, you mentioned that. And then you're like as soon as you have to shut something off like this is the real problem with these right is if there too simple, they're not granular enough to really lock a lot of things down. If they're too granular. Dave you experienced a situation where things stopped working. And then the kids, of course, are putting a lot of pressure to get this thing up in running dad. It's Saturday morning. I need ipad time now in your like, screw it. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna I'm gonna nuke the thing. Right. You turn everything off. And then the next day after school, they're on YouTube, you know, searching garbage. But. Untangle hunting great far wall. I love that box. I mean, it is fifty dollars a year well spent and for many geek households that's going to work. It's very, man. It is so detailed on what you can do with ad blocking and firewalls and Mauer protection and web filtering. I, you know, I filtered myself before, you know, I'm searching something, and I'll get into the weeds on read it. And it's just like this site is blocked. I'm like, oh crap. Why don't get caught? But it's great for that. But then I got into the okay, how can I do time filtering, and you know, bedtime and a big thing here is wakeup time. So they'll they try anything and everything to get more time, especially on the XBox. So if they roll they roll over at six AM, you know, most people would be like, oh, six AM I woke up, but I'll be back asleep in, you know, ten seconds. But you know, not a sixth grader, they're like dang. It's six am. I got a lot of game in time before the parents wake up they'll get up now go downstairs, but not if you have the internet turn on it seven AM, right? Yep. So there's just a lot of things that you that you fight with those in some are better than others in untangle is just there's layers, and I know my nose. There's so many layers of things that you. You can do. And you can't just say, you know, this is the profile for the kid, and this is internet time in this is the sites. He can he can go to. It's you have to flag the MAC address with a username or whatever you wanna do it. There's so many different ways to do it and untangle, and then you can say, you know, apply firewall rules will if you want to turn them off at nine PM, you have to actually tell the firewall to block all traffic, you know, for this MAC address between this time. And then you have to do this in several places in to undo that is time consuming is it's. Yeah. It's got the most options, but they just don't make it easy. Yeah. Yeah. And and that's not the fault of untangle. This is a wonderful small business, even you know, enterprise device and software. So it's it's really not. They don't have a home product. We as the end users force them almost via the forums to say. We would like to have a home key because they used to limit this for you know, testing in your home what fifty devices, right? Yeah. They came out that home key. Yeah. Several years ago raw like dude fifty devices. You know, I got that in my living room come on. You gotta open this up. So they finally did. And it's fifty dollars a year. So. I've got it. It's turned off. I'm trying something different. And it's not that. I don't like it. It's just it's not serving my needs right now. Well, I have a saying options, equal confusion and a buddy of mine taught me that in these some of these more complex. Options that we get ya. You can get more granular form. I think Dave this is what you're struggling with right now. Is it you want some control. But you don't wanna have to spend a ton of time administrating it, and when something goes wrong, you wanna be able to fix it quick. When the kids can't get on at six in the morning or seven you wanna be able to quickly go in and do that you to have to burn the thing down just a kid at working, which I di-. I heard you say, basically, you're like, okay. I'm just gonna take tangled down did. Yeah. I burn it down. I'm like, I don't know. What holds I'm hoping at but shut up get away from me six AM and going to bed. Knowing look at the Orne. I mean, that's great Mike for you. You know, you're working on untangle now, and it works, and it's to adults and for the most part the kids aren't pushing the system, but there's gonna come a day. Right. When the kids start pushing the system, and you're you basically become a cyst Adleman at that point. And Dave is right. If you tell them like the internet, resets it six they will you could say it's five they will wake up, and like be there now during school days, you can't get them out of bed, you know, before seven or eight, but but Mike, do you fear that complexity at all Mike as you think about him you're using that now, but as you start working the fear that complexity it'll? No for a for a few reasons. I I don't think I'll be filtering too much. Honestly, I think it will be a lot more time. Time control. And honestly, I I'm really on board with giving them having a with unify the great part about it. You just create another wifi. Right for the kids. Don't give him the password Dahlia the ones and so their devices connected us when the just change the password every once in a while, you don't choose the password every night, and then tell him what the password is. And you know, whenever they want to get back on it. And I'm sure I'll that'll get old. But if it I I'm hoping that. By the time. I kids are older. You know, it it will be too big of an issue with time and stuff like that. And the filtering I don't I don't I plan on filtering the same stuff that I would filter for myself. I'm gonna filter for my kids and then. See how that goes? Yeah. As again, though, Jim in like four years will things. Yeah. I've known. Yeah. I don't sit in stone because it will change. It's as the kids grow older, and they get different needs. And that very first time you find your kids surfing porn in your. It's just it is Anjaree like you just go. It's it's so different. Like, I remember that moment when I saw your ELS coming through. And you're like, you know, you just can't move fast enough. Right. And these are your kids your children. It's not like you've never seen it before. But when when it's you know, it's in front of the eyes of your children, you just lose your mind. And then, of course, it is all of a sudden, it's it's, you know, it's eastern Europe lockdown, and there's walls being put up at nobody's leaving the country and in it's pretty Anjar airing. Right. And I think Dave you're a little bit farther along on this. I've gone through the whole cycle on this, Mike. You're kinda starting on this. There's always a battle to kind of keep it filter. It limited. It kind of keep it safe. Right, mike. I think you kinda come from approach of like, I just wanna keep it safe. Dave, you're you were your kids are out. They've got homework. They've got responsibilities. They got things they need to get done. You've got to kind of if you don't shut it down. They'll they'll be on it all the time. It's in you know, they'll they'll shirk those responsibilities. Right. And it's not sometimes not a matter of. Okay, anytime I give my kid the ipad. He's going to you know, playboy dot com. It's not that. It's just they can get so far into the weeds so easily, you know, they'll be on their homework, and then an idea gets them or they look something up. They watch YouTube on it. And then, you know, forty minutes later, they're still on YouTube pin has never touched paper. But they did what they started out to do. You know, it's it's almost it just helps them evolve in keep focused and keep straight and. Yeah. Yeah. Right on Ryan says you can do it. Mike us untie heaves on tangled for two thousand plus students and guest devices every year, and you can totally an environment. Other Jim says given the password when their chores were done. We had a version of that. We have the software called enough it didn't filter, but it did allow them to log in and has separate log in that would lock windows down. And we could set an hour a day now have to not have to monitor. And then if they did extra chores, they could earn extra hour in holy cow. Not every kid that I had. But some of those were definitely motivated by computer time, and I could get toilets clean. I could get floors mopped. I could get I mean, the things I could get for computer times. Some of the other kids did motivate many care, then I had one kid at tried to hack it all the time. Like he was trying to Jones that thing just as much as he possibly could. So his apparent, you know, one size doesn't fit all in this in this matter of security, you're going to have kids don't even care the they're fine with the time, they're fine with their surfing. They're going to be fine their whole life. It's just going to be the way it is. Then you're gonna have one that's just going to run off the rails. Like, they're just going to try everything. They wanna get into crazy stuff in a Royal drive. You crazy. I think I say all this to say is you gotta stay on your toes. And I think there's no one size fits all. There's no one product. Dave you've been through probably. It's since I've been listening to you know, you I bet you've been through four or five different products to try and get it done. One of the more. Interesting things to do is find one that you're looking at and you're about to invest in. And then go over to read it and just start searching that device and certain other key words, parents let's say circle. So Cirque search circle defeat, circle parents circle block circle hack anything like that. And you will find a group of kids working together to get around those things whether they're trying to do VPN's, you know, kids chat via Google docs. They chat be Microsoft, docs. They chat be a other little gains words with friends. They use as chat not the game. Just as chat, you know. They'll do anything and everything to get around that they'll try different things until an app will break through and they'll. You know, they talk at school. Hey, who has not block in words with friends Jap me at ten o'clock tomorrow night, they have their own forums. Like, they have their own home server show forums like we're out there. Trying to do great stuff trying to stop them. They have a secret their own kind of culture trying to defeat it. That's a little and I did the same thing. Dave. I kind of went out to this underworld of teenagers trying to get through all the systems, and you're like, certainly they're not smart enough to defeat us with this. But you are right. They are absolutely working together. Like, oh, I tried this eye the same things we do. And we run into a problem with unrated. They're getting together. Like, hey, how do I get my? My dad has circle. How do I get back pass this Tony in the chat room saying he finally put the PC in the den? So that it can see everything that's kind of we, you know, in the old days. We kinda when we'd move a file from one to another. We caught sneaker sneakernet. This is a way of filtering called visible net. Like just put it in a spa. Where it's like that's exactly I was gonna say, I hope I have the same stamina. My parents do for for discipline because our rule, right? There was no using any computer unless it was in the office or at the kitchen island, right? You get to the kitchen island. You could sit in the office. Both those place Republic, you couldn't have your device anywhere else. It was just it was that simple. Like, you cannot take your devices anywhere else. It's not that easy anymore though. Because you wait wait until they ask for an XBox right now. There's just a multitude of things that they can get in on there. And then when they have a phone or an ipad while they're waiting for the lobby to fill up for their game. They'll be on the phone or the ipad chatting or doing something. So that's the other piece about this too. It's like, I mean, my watch house LT e-e-e-e-no in six seven years isn't everything just going to have like five G is going to essentially home networks might not even be necessary. So we're trying to block stuff and now it really comes down to a device level app. No longer network sheltering because. They're not even connected to your network. They're they're LT or their five G, whatever it is. Yeah. Yeah. It's real no, the the deal Israel, and I think you've you've as a parent if you're in the space, and most of us are is I is a look at the chat room. And and I know you guys we've spent a lot of time together there is, you know, either it's children or grandchildren that are coming up in. I don't worry about my grandchildren as much as I did my children going in there. They're the kids aren't here that long they're not spending a lot of screen time when they're here. Not because we don't we say should we just try to occupy them the whole time or here, we try and engage, of course, grandparents you have a lot more energy than you did his parents his parents, I got just go do something and get out of my face right off the thing. You don't want the XBox in your living room where you're trying to enjoy you know, the latest TV show, right? Like y'all gonna play fortnight in Minecraft go downstairs, he give him the PC downstairs or or the XBox downstairs. They inevitably take a tablet or a phone with. Them. So. Yeah. Like crap. What did I just do? I just put them out of my sight. So yeah. No. It's that we could spend hours talking about this. And all those kind of things that we done. It is one of those things to be honest in the community. Dave you and I've been doing this together. Ten years such say that our ten years. This is a topic that comes up all the time. We started with home service. But we've talked about VPN's we've talked about filtering we've talked about data backup and storage. We've talked about things, but it's funny as you guys is your kids have been getting into that space. Of course, now that filtering is become has become interesting. And so it'll be fun to work through the next ten years with you guys as we hear what you're doing and as the kids grow because that's going to go super fast like we laugh at that. But Dave it wasn't long ago. I join you on home service show episode forty that was my very first home server show with you that seems like just yesterday and and yet that was ten years ago. So it goes it goes superfast Jeff chat room. Just join. Us. He had sent me an Email question. I want to run this by both of you guys in he sent an Email into by the way, Jim at the guy dot TV. If you wanna get your emails into the show, this is a fun one because it kind of talks about a lot of home automation. Dave you've also been talking on resettle lot about home automation. So Jeff said he wanted to send you an Email recently started listening to tech related podcast and found yours. I really enjoy it. Jeff, by the way, reset head over reset. Is it reset FM is that where they can find dot FM? Dave is out. Donovan recent them, reset dot FM. You should join that a lot like this one in Jeff I think you'll enjoy and he found this one entertaining educational. He says they do have a question. Do you know about a device that can alert me through an app that my mailbox has been open? I have the old fashioned mail guard that radio shack used to sell. I do have good wifi coverage out there. The mail guard alerts me only inside the home. The other alternative is a wifi device that can listen for the audio sound then contact me through Email says keep up the great work. Mike. You've got a solution possibly than Dave will come to you. What would you if someone was going to be a mailbox censor? What would you have them do now? So the first one that I thought of I'm not one hundred percent, sure. On like ninety nine percent. Sure. This will alert you when you're outside the home, but mono price actually makes a line of these items, and they don't require a hub, which is a great part. And so they're it's they're stitch line. So this is the mono price wifi stitch door sensor, and we will we'll put the link in the show notes for him. I have in the show notes now, and it is need to get. In that up. Andrew says in a chat room, he recommends a small dog his barks whenever the male Gary Schwartz, low tech low tech, you just need dog food. That's all. So this one is twenty dollars on Amazon right now, am I said, the great part about this one is there's no hub. Right. There's like ecosystem you to be a part of connect to WI fi to your house to your home. And then you have the app on your phone that then you would get the alert whenever it's open people have used these for all sorts of stuff. Actually, I found this through Linus tech tips. They had a really funny video where they try to do an entire gaming setup with all mono priced devices. I mean, a monitor everything had to be mono price, and they threw in one of these for a desk censor see soon the desk was open. They also had another one with Amazon basics. It was pretty good. Yeah. I think this device would work for you. Dave you've been doing a ton of home automation. Do you have your mailbox setup for alerting? Or does it still come to the door? Now, you just he just put the flag up, even if you don't have now, and then when you look outside and the flags down, you've got mail your mailman hates, you know. I don't do that. Now, there's a couple of ways, but both of them are defeated by metal mailboxes, you can wifi and and waivers igby. If you wanna do contact centers are all defeated by metal door, boxes, and weather. So my biggest thing is if you have something a mailbox situated in the perfect position. You can always do a camera and motion. And if you have a motion a camera where you can define motion where it watches, and the the pixels that change, you can you know, tighten that down just to your mailbox, and whenever there's a lot of motion in there like Poland of the handle and down and up. You can get a notification via your cameras and not with cars driving by in an old. It takes a lot of work. It does take a lot of work. But I've I've never ever done it. You'd think we would have found a wifi enabled mailbox by now. That was all built in right? Somebody would have there's there's an idea is there. No WI fi enabled mailboxes that we've seen that. I definitely would have been a radio shack thing. Right. There's a certain crowd that might need a wifi male hawks. Tony sustain Stacey Higginbotham just mentioned those Mike. I think what you were mentioning maybe not the greatest reviews from from them on that sensor. Oh interesting now, heavy smart things. Samson smart things are rival censor. I'm trying to look at it and see how this works. It would be I think that could be one of those things, Dave. So I have a plastic Email box. So that may be a better set up here in the midwest. I just a few days ago, maybe a week ago at six feet of snow piled around my Email Amaya my box, my my snail mail box out there, and you would think I wonder how well though sensors would hold up where he used to putting those indoors, right? They have D Dave do you have any idea if we took a sensor in put it in? And we had some seriously cold temperatures this year. I know you guys to to you know, negative ten with wind chills. Negative forty in a plastic mailbox with that causes us. Do you know? Well, they definitely have outdoor rated temperatures. You know, where they they work in not a I try everything outdoors if I possibly can I'll mount a camera under an e or you know, if it's a throwaway camera now, not not a several hundred. A dollar Rian camera. That's the or nest as supposed to be indoor. But I try tons of things. And I've also tried blink cameras outdoors and are just thinking you could do. I still think I still think the best way would be. A context answer. But maybe if you put it on the back of your mailbox in some type of enclosure that would feel the motion because a lot of the smart things sensors and a lot of other things other sensors have motion alerts, so if there's any type you've seen the mailman man, they rip open the lid, they closed the lead. And it's it's moving. So maybe you could do it that one just to have a. Yeah. A motion sensor put it on the back protected in Somalia, maybe underneath on the backside. Her name. Yeah. I get a jostled a little bit. Jeff, yo Mike anything else you want add before when they were talking about in which I actually put the link in chat is mailbox alert by mice pool. So the mice bowl the receivers actually on the outside, and you put it on the post and it runs a wire through the back, and it has the sensor in when the door open. So it says it has a range of four hundred feet, but you can get an nest for fifty dollars for one hundred and thirty. Get the extended range, which is twelve hundred feet. So could be a possible option. Yeah. No. I think Jeff you've got some options there to work with. We'd love to hear from you on what you choose because everybody's situation's a little bit different. The around our community, very long. You'll know. Yeah. Yeah. We wanna see what you did. No one-size-fits-all. Everybody's got kind of a different environment. Some things work for some stuff. Some stuff doesn't work for others. Let us know what you can drop that you can Email us to me. If you end, Jim at the Gadot, you can drop them interface. Facebook group, the average guy dot TV slash Facebook. Or go to the discord group, the average guy dot TV slash discord post us pictures. We love to see kind of what your thoughts are. And kind of what you come back with in. And that's always an interesting, you know, for some Dave I've been thinking like in the world of big packages arriving on on doors, you know, in the everybody's getting stolen. We've all gone to cameras on our porches. So I have a camera that has a very bright light on it just for just so everybody sees the camera. Right. But I've kind of thought I think eventually we're going to build in package receiving things what nobody's gonna let Amazon in their house. Like Amazon's kind of done this thing where like, ooh. Hey, we'll buzzed the door. It'll open. We'll set it on the inside. That's not gonna work. Don't you guys? Think we're gonna have to come up with some kind of receptacle that they punch it. They put it in. It goes in it comes off in. It's kind of a anti-theft device or my overthinking this Mike am I over thinking it? I don't know. It's for if you if you live in an area where it's an issue. Sure. I don't you could be I just think of all different sizes of packages. You know, there's not gonna be a good solution. Amazon already tries is with their. Hey, let us in give us access to your door. Lock and put a camera there. Right. And that went over well and yeah knock over well. So in your car that was another thing. Like, hey, we'll we'll liver it to your trunk. Nobody wants that. Dave. What do you think? Do are we in a day, we got to have some kind of device they're trying so this past year at ES? There was a vendor that had a box this big huge metal box that you'd put somewhere on your porch, or you know, on the side of your house, and they had gizmos that they could open it and put your box in. But just just the other day. I had a a gamble. A DSL are gamble ship to me, and it's Jain Norma's. It's huge, and you're not gonna get it in that little box. So my recommendation to people is have you have you tried Amazon locker it is the cool. A-list thing ever, especially when you do returns. I order a lot of Amazon in I do have a lot of returns. If you choose the return as Amazon locker you just try it. You can take the return go up to the locker and they give you a four five six digit code for. That return you go in you punch in that code. They say all right. We know who you are. And we've opened door number twelve for you. Click. Click a door opens you go. You put your box in there. And you shut it, and you bail you're done, you're shipping and stuff in there, or no, they they give you a special shipping. Label is still a shipping label, but it's it's got some different barcodes and things on it for the for the people at that locker then whoever's hired to do the locker they just gather up all the boxes and then deliver it themselves. But if you have an Amazon. Locker near to you. You can also deliver to that. And that way your box is in that locker it is safe and sound Amazon emails you when it's there you go there after work you get your box. And then you go home. We we have three of those in Omaha. Mike out of midtown central so six eighty and the interstate and then up up near your neck of the woods right off right off the interstate. But I've never thought about using wonder just once. Yeah, it's cool. And you can the thing about the locker when they're get boxes. Right. Same kind of thing hates been delivered to the locker. Here's your code to get. It you go in in a put the box in the appropriate size locker to kind of maximize space. Right, right. Give you the secret squirrel code. You. Put it in. And then click a door opens in your store. Oh there. It is. There's your there's your loot. Yeah. Although with Amazon in the returns, I've been doing lately, I. They they you can print a UPS label right from them. Put it on in the second UP, the UPS store, and I have one of those just down the street here the second. They check it in the refund is there. But even as well, you gotta you gotta say which ones quicker, right? Yeah. Like my UPS stores. Probably you know, it's in a Kroger parking lot. So I've got to find traffic. I've gotta fight parking this locker thing it's on a back of a store, you know, hark, right in front of it in in outdone after check it out to go by maybe I'll head out to we. And and one of them takes me by sneak biological. Furtive our post office guy, I want I want to recommend a service to you. It's from USPS, and I've I've been doing this. And it's called informed delivery. You can go out to USPS dot gov. May as the dot com. Now, I don't know, but you can sign up for informed delivery. Now. This is not going to tell you when it hits your mailbox, but it's going to tell you what's coming to your mailbox for that day. So you get a little bit extra granular control of your mail, and, you know, all the pieces of mail go through that that system real fast, and they take pictures of it. And then they route it will after you prove you are who you are. And you own this house and your mail comes to this house. They will send you an Email every morning with a picture of every letter that's going to show up in your mailbox that day. Well, plus any tracking for packages, and you can click on those. Oh, yeah. That's the thing. I ordered right paid service or free. This is free from USPS from your from your federal government, Geno. Not technically. You will have to answer some very detailed questions that only they have access to from your tax records. Like, what was the last three digits of the cost of your home that you bought in two thousand and twelve you know, something like that something real crazy? Well, I hadn't heard of that. Informs delivery. Yeah. No. And you sign up you just go to their website and sign up for. Yeah. Okay. It's really slick know super cool. Well, there's in this. You know, it's funny. Like, I thought by now I'd stop getting mail just to be honest. I thought you know, like in in history Hain age like who sends stuffy Email. I still get plenty of snail mail like somebody's keeping the post office alive. Well, not anymore with the video. No, I Mike. And I think Tony said he's seeing more Amazon prime fans. Are you seeing you've seen a ton of Ann's? We see a ton down here by see a ton. And and I would say nine hundred ten packages now from Amazon or delivered from an Amazon van, and you can usually tell because you get that alert. Like, hey, you're seven stops away. You can view the van on the map, and you get a picture of your package. So a ton on this neck of the woods. Mike you recently. And in Dave you've been doing a lot of wifi on your show. So I'm going to throw this out to Mike I, but you've you've you implement some wifi for somebody else. Which is the most dangerous thing you can do in the world like putting in hardware into somebody's house that you know, they're going to call you when that stuff goes down, the the smallest little blip the the perceived. This thing isn't going fast enough, my wife doesn't work, you know, they're going to call you. I'm just going to practice it with that. So you're you're good with that talk a little bit about this implementation. You put in why this was this was a fun project. So this was someone at work came to me, and they were moving into a new house, and it's it's a very large house, very wide was an issue too. And you know, a two story home with also a finished basement and just extremely wide. So why fi cover was was going to be interesting. And if the conversation started, I mean, he wanted smart home he wants a Curie cameras. He. A network. He's like I just wanted to do everything Stu it all women. Are you installing us for Dave McCabe is that right? I felt no that wasn't that much pressure. So so he wants the whole work. So I put together a kind of little presentation forum talked him through it and said, you know, we're gonna let's do this in stages. Right. Let's let's get your network up and running and then when you get into the house a little bit. We'll see how you use the house. We'll see what kind of smart stuff even makes sense because in a house you haven't lived in yet. You're not gonna know how you even use the house and in what you're going to need. So we started out with just network. So that's all we have until now, and we looked at a few different options. But I think for the size of his house and what he wanted. And Jim to your point. I knew he was gonna you know, he was going to be calling me if something went wrong. So I needed access. I needed stats detailed stats, I needed everything. So unify made a lot of sense for me because I already run a unified controller here which thanks to. I am Spartacus in the discord group found out I had actually installed a controller at this new home as well. But he informed that you can actually. Switch that and run an offsite. So thank you to him for that advice. But eventually ended up going with unify. So we looked we compared unified to the Google wifi mesh wifi. We looked to Eero, and we knew we were going to need some sort of mesh because with this size of home. There was just no way that one router was gonna cut it and even multiple access points mess just made sense. And this home did not have a lot of hard wiring in it. So in the basement, there's actually pretty good hardware, and because of the way the when they went in and around the audio system actually ransom cat six throughout. So there's actually some peace in Wyoming to tap into. But we knew that main floor and upper floor, no wiring. So we got an estimate on the wiring because we were gonna put in security cameras. We said, okay. What would it cost run Ethernet and the cost was going to be pretty high? So it, okay. If we can avoid it what you know, what are some other options? So we looked at mesh and thanks, Mr. Dave, McCabe, actually house doing some YouTube ING and came across. His review of the unify new mesh units the dish to Royal on how to yeah, you did. So I was like, well, you know, I trust Dave McCabe. And Dave, I think you said you liked him in there for what they were. So I was able to see the size and everything. And and what we did. We we end up going full unify. So I if I'm gonna do unified, though, I want the whole I want the whole ecosystem with the exception of switches. We did not need switches just because he did he was not going to run hardware cameras, and we didn't need POE. We didn't need smarts. Which is he doesn't do V lands. His do anything like that just a very basic setup. So we did the US g so the unified US G, and then we went with three of the unify AC mesh points after going in. We may need a fourth and a fifth. We don't a three is good enough for now of there may be a fourth. We're testing out with three to seal we're gonna do and I have to say that unifies setup is phenomenal. I have. A unified access point in my home. But that's all I have. I've never done anything more than just one access point. So I got it started. And and with the size of my home. One actually covers everything I live in a ranch style home in unfinished basement, so really no need for more than that. So I went so setting up the whole system was really cool. I actually when I first went out there. I loaded unify controller onto a raspberry pi. And I put the pie in his house, and that was the controller that ran everything. And I started to the planning process is really fun with unified. Because when you get a controller, you can actually put the floor plan into the mapping section of the unified controller software, you give it so all I did was went to the county assessor website pulled the floor plan from the address you can get the floor plans for any of these no doesn't have all the walls, and I had to draw in the walls, real quick. But it takes two seconds in the unify app to put in the walls, and you can start dropping these access points around. And it shows you a heat map of your coverage, especially with the wall. So you put in a all the walls where they're at. In where you're thinking about putting these and you'll start to see hot and cold spots on your map. So this was a great planning to I went into this ahead of time. And it helped me out trying to figure out where these access points. He's mesh Expos access points. We're going to go and the great part about doing that in the unify app is that unify knows the power of their access points. It generally knows what kind of output you're going to get. And when you set the scale, it does do a pretty good job of telling you, it's pretty realistic. I think it's actually pretty conservative on the the amount of spread you're going to get we're gonna get good coverage. So that was my initial plan went in there got the floor plan put it in and then actually went and did the install and unified could just not be any easier to install. I mean, you put these things in these AC mesh points are great though, these long white skinny tubes. With two in ten is on the top. They come out, and they have the little power bricks. You can either go peo- e or you can go to the power brick so on. On all of them. I use the brick even because the brick has land in as well. So even the ones that are hardwired, you can you can still use the brick if you don't appeal router. And so I have to hardwired ones in the basement as the backbone, and then I have one up on the main level with in kind of central and that is the matchpoint for everywhere else in that run runs truly mesh it. It's wireless. So it's backbone is a wired connection and got it all up and running on, you know, the install didn't take very long at all. And now my favorite part about all this though. And I guess that thanks time. Spartacus I have since moved the controller from the raspberry pi that's in his home to my unread box where my unified controller sits these statistics and everything I can manage his entire network remotely, and he can call me. And he says, hey in he actually he mentioned this last time I was over. He said, hey, the apple TV is telling me sometimes my speeds are too low for the four k content. We're watching like, okay. Well, let me. Look, and I can pull it up. I can look at the device. I can look the history I can see the WI fi strength of that specific device. I can see all the detail that I need to see remotely, and I can tell them. Okay. We'll this. Maybe let me try and change some settings here. If it's something like that or okay, we might have to move it. Maybe we'll move that mesh point. So right now, we're kind of in the testing mode where I'm letting him live with it for two weeks and him tell me where he's experiencing dead zones, and or or speed reduction, but overall the station was really cool the side note to this was since he wanted me to do everything this home was built. I believe in the very early two thousands or late nineteen ninety s and what they had done. Like, I said, very nice home. So for the entertainment system, they have these devices. I'm sure you guys have used season the past RTI's, the brand, and what is a controller that connects to your network, and then it has essentially a bunch of I r blast reports on it. So that it's a controller where you connect via an ipad app to this RTI, an you can you can create these dashboards via the computer software, and you tie them into each port. So that you have an ipad interface where you're saying, okay. Turn on the audio system in its it through. I are blasting at sends those signals out to everything now obviously nowadays a lot that's antiquated. We don't really need it anymore. Because a lot of our devices are connected, and we're not using ten different inputs were using one. But they had used one of those RTI's for their whole home audio. So they had speakers in every single room of the house. And it all ran down into this one central RTI unit and then a receiver box and then since then since they had installed that they had also installed a Sonos connect. So they can get Sonos wired into the system. So it was almost they took a system that was probably installed. Maybe right around the hat time. The house was built and then they realized man Sonos because it's great interface into this. So they added that on top. But getting into that entire system. It was kind of a hodgepodge interesting experience to go back and piece meal what someone else has done. So it was a very interesting product. I thought I was starting from scratch right Newhouse new system. Get it all going, but the way that they had everything wired in you. We had to unless we want to go out and get all new units for downstairs. We had to figure out how to do this. We actually ended up having to call the old guy the old owner of the house. And we said who do you use a set this up? He named a guy we called him. He came over the guy luck. Early still after all these years. Have the old configure file for the ipad out, and the license was still active for the account? And he's okay. He has got an ipad and in the guy. Yeah here. He's like, okay. Boom blasted all the previous configure onto it. The screen within within minutes. We were set up with the old configure. So now that they could use the whole home audio with their Sonos account and it worked really well. And the actual these are devices. I don't know how old is one is. But I mean Izzy awesome set up very cool. The way to the ipad app, integrates it. With like, I said pretty antiquated. I think nowadays if you had if you were starting from scratch, we would have gone with like six different Sonos connects right because you have each room essentially would get its own Sonos connecting you just tell Sonos which connect you onto to send the music too. I think that's nowadays. That would probably be even that would probably still be cheaper than this system was back in the day. It was a very complicated system. I should've taken. I think I do have some pictures. Maybe I can I can post out there for the people that want to see it pretty interesting. This is the Davis is your bread and butter as just Mike was talking about like you've done a lot of this. You've talked a lot of this in there. Anything you'd add? No, he's absolutely correct on the unify network. No. But he is first mistake was doing it for a friend. That's a nightmare and even worse. He's the executive vice president of our company. So he really does control my fate. That is your wifi system. Now, it truly is an honestly I'm monitoring that. It's like my new Facebook. Instead of checking Facebook, I switch over and check his network. I've got mine right here. I have always screen in front of me. I have my unify network on this side and over here. I've got my cameras and then my main desktop in front of me. That's usually me too. I've got under a or not I've got security cameras up in this corner. I've got unwritten one window, and I've got unifying the other. I. I was telling him. I I was telling my listeners on reset FM. I don't know if you go. So they haven't equally powerful app. So. You can jump on the app jump on your unify network or your buddies, and you can list all the controllers out there. And I was doing that. And I was looking through all of my. So it's got this real cool dashboard, and you can jump into all your clients. And I was I was looking through there. And I was like, you know, what my ten year old is ipad is connected to the upstairs access point house. Like, that's interesting. So I thought well let me see what frequency. He's connected that. Because sometimes an ipad can grab an access point. And never let go right real matter. Even if he's on the bus, it's still trying to talk to it. But I was like, wow, he's on five, gene. He's got a pretty good signal going there. He's supposed to be in bed. I've met go. See where this ipad is I go, and I don't know anything. I just opened the door. And all I see is that familiar glow on his face. The I. Yeah. But it it was like. He's just handed over since he in the morning. So it is it gives you so much control it does. And you know, I don't know Dave it took me actually. So this is the first time I'd ever used the mapping feature because in my home, like I said, I have one, and it was very obvious wearing needed to put that in my home. So this was the first time I'd used it. They hide something in the map sections. If you go to the map tab, you can actually switch from maps to top allergy that isn't amazing view where if you have multiple access points. It's a graphical way of showing what each device is connected to. Actually, I the air. I can show the screen. There's nothing. Well, there's a MAC addresses here in her. I will show it. Yeah. Just very cool. It shows you, okay. Here's your US g it's connected to these reactors points, and then it branches off from there. What devices are connected gives you a very easy way of showing. What's connected to what? And it was even great for us for meshing. You can tell how the mesh points are connected back to the gateway. So okay. Hey that living room one is that connecting to the the south basement AP or the north basement AT AP, and it gives you that top algae. I mean unified could not be simpler to use. More powerful. I mean, I think I can't say for enterprise hold this. They're my because it's it's not as simple as an Eero link says, you know, it's not as simple as those don't think so too. No to your to your brain in your mind. It is very top down. It's like all right. I've gotta do this this this and this I've got it done. You know, the other the other access points are like get your phone out connected. And then jump on the WI fi you're done. Congratulations. You know, they give you this big hi-fi in at done. Yay. Go make you know s'mores and combined ya in unify is not that it is. It is networking equipment. Right. Very true. Do have to make some extra clicks, you you do have to go in and and tell it if you wanted to be a mess. You gotta go tell it to be a mesh. So have you have you done and implementation or an install I guess who'd using just the app, I know that's possible. But I've never done it. Because I know you don't controller you just want. Can it's only one I think it's only on the access that certain access point. I don't I think you can't do a full networks just on. Okay. They're trying. I mean, this is a company that is trying to be more consumer focused, and you will soon see they've got a new piece of gear called the unified dream machine. And it is an all in one actually looks like an apple what's that home pod Dame that they've got it looks like that. And it's got everything built into, you know, a voice commands WI fi everything and they're trying, but this gear is still I still almost business. I mean, anything that mounts in the ceiling is not home gear. Not everybody can do that kind of enterprise focused, right? Yeah. I I really don't want to say enterprise and scare people because you can put this in your house. I've got all these access points in my house and not a single one of them is mounted in the ceiling. So in the. Thing zero. None I was saying on my podcast. I was like how I going to get the ceiling mount device, you know? So it's on this main like bookcase area in my great room. And I found a clear plastic box from from one of those stores. Right. Didn't you say it was like it wasn't like a CD? Yeah. It was shaped like a CD Gary rise of these in with that plastic covering you twist it, so I turn that upside down, and I have the access point sitting in that because it's concave. And so it kind of you can't see the clear plastic from the other room. Right. You just see the access point there floating, and that's just to get it off the woods. So it has space to spread its wings and propagate the signal, but the access point that Mike is talking about is that's eighty dollar access point it old house gonna talk about the price. Yeah, you're right with. To Omni directional antennas bend down in that thing has got crazy range. Now, the cool thing is is you can invest a little bit more, and you can put on a flat panel on that device in it'll click to put a flat panel on it. And you can use it for point to point. So you've got an outbuilding somewhere. You can use it as a point to point. It's amazing amazing gear now that Dapi Sagir itself you can designate as a mesh in. What is really cool is? I've got this pool house, right? And it's got a cat six run from my house and have got a switch out there. But this winter was crazy. And so sometimes it knocked that switch or that cat five run offline. I don't know why. But I think it was actually the switch. So whenever that squish would go off line. This access point would mesh. In to the next one. It could see, and I would never lose connective out to my ring spotlights. So it's very very powerful gear. And that's an eighty dollar access point. That's what got me is. I lose looking at some of the bigger items. And sometimes he's little ones actually are way better for these homes because those bigger ones are good. But I mean, you can get almost two or three of these for the price of one of their larger access points. And they like you said the range is just insane on these things. And if I if I'm correct, that's it's eight oh, two dollars seven AC. I believe that's a two by two. It is what you to move. Ryan Mooney mo- everyone pronounced it. But you say just, but at least it is there's a lot of devices getting put in houses that aren't right. It's just they talked a one device at a time. You know? So in the yeah, it's it's a fantastic system. And the the software. Is free and you can run that software. You can run in the cloud. You can run it on Google cloud. You can run it on his sinology access point. You can run a in Docker container. You can run it on windows. You can run on MAC. You can run it on raspberry pi there's no shortage of places that you can run that in the cool thing is is you get app access via what I showed you. But you also get highly grain Euler access on P C level like via a browser you go into your web web browser and you connect to it, and you can set up all these different parameters and do all of these different things. There was a specific instance that I shared on reset. You guys know the first generation wise, actually, all the wise cameras. Those lovely twenty dollar little cameras one of the bugs in those cameras. Is they will not connect to a mesh network. They see multiple SSI dis. And they they they shut down. They say no, well, I decided well, I can fix this via unified let me figure out how why figured out that. I could add a brand new SSI D just for this camera, and I could broadcast that SSI D out of only one access point. And I could also set the power of that radio on that access point which like Mike you were talking about you can set it to auto. And it really figures out how it will balance the power, which you can also go in there, and you can you can turn down the power of radios, and to you know, medium or low, and you can actually experience your network improve. Because you're not having all of this yelling going on. Right. Right. And so now, my one little wise camera and a truck. Som ring doorbell all talk to this one SSI de off of an access point. Only worn access point. They will not jump around. So if you have that problem device that you log in you like why is that camera? Not working you log in you. Check your access point. It's like, wow, it's connected to the farthest access point away. Well, that's the first one is Saul, right? It just happened to catch a pack. There's that as this. I d I'll jump on it. But that's not the one you want. So you can shape and say, no, you're going to connect right here. And only to this as I said, I d and it's a beautiful thing. And I'll tell you that. I have had this. How long have I had this for? I got it. Right after. CBS because I went to Vegas, and I thought I'm gonna find the next miracle WI fi system, you know, went out there. I found one that I was interested in just one and I came back, and I said, no, that's it. I boxed up all of my eras. I had. Eight seven or eight year-olds all around my house, boxed them up and sold them and invested in this ubiquity unify network. And I couldn't be happier. Mike, would you do it again? One hundred percent. I mean, I want to do it in my house. So I thought you had your house. Oh, no. You'd have the one at one point. I have one a AC is he pro. And that's that's the granddaddy ceiling mount eight or two dollars seven AC four by four is more him. Oh, and you were saying earlier this guy's moving into a new house, and you don't know and new house until you get into it. You don't know connective until you're in your your Manley throne room, you know, playing clash of clans, and you're disconnected from a battle. And you lose you don't know until something like that happens. Right. Right. And you have you do have to experience it and. It's it's phenomenal. It's just a phenomenal sister super cool. I think Dave you've been on reset. You've been talking a ton about all these different. And now lately this idea of mash has become a way more popular like the average guy is starting to get mesh three years ago. Like what what is that? I don't understand on today. I went when I talked to, you know, kind of the average guy and they're like, oh, yeah. I'm gonna miss set up a mesh network in my house or whatever to get especially in the bigger square foot or is right. If you get if you had a big home in so I've kind of followed you along on this. I have I'm in a pretty small place here. And so we can get by with this kind of one access point, Mike. You're you have a little more square footage. You're you're gonna probably be in a point where you might wanna blow that outright? Are you thinking you might pick up a couple extenders for that these little unison eighty dollars, right? One of those or two of those and put one over near the bedroom in one down the basement toilet. I mean three we were just they asked what the square footage was so seventy eight hundred square feet and three of them covered it. Well, he bite me. That's the range, and that's two of those being on one floor. That means one is covering pretty much like twenty eight twenty nine hundred square feet on its own and no issues. So I guess sometimes they are connection to the basement ones because the floor mean they can go right to the basement. Right. Right. Dave is that is that your recommendation to someone's put in mash ubiquity, you you go on with unify? Well, we have to be really careful. I mean, we have to be really careful when we recommend this product because I do feel like it has more setup than just bluetooth thing in with your phone, and these guys if you go out to their site, they they do call it unify mash, but when you open up their software and the control. Trollers software. It is not all about like mesh. And like I like I said the euro and the other guys Koumba ya. We're going to talk to this one. Make sure you said it, so we can talk to this one. And it's not gonna hold your hand in and just say mesh every other key word, these are access points that work together and their system will set it up to either raise the power or lower the power, right? And then you can do things around that to make it more friendly to your house like I did with my troublesome ring doorbell. So. I mean, I I want to tread carefully for those folks considering it if you're not if you're not superbly network aware because you can get in there, and you can buy their router. Right. Will there router is about eighty percent command line twenty percent gooey? So you gotta be careful and then into POE, and then you get into different levels of PEO even now most of them come with the brick, but you if people are powering with the brick all over their house. It could be unwieldy it could be ugly. And it is definitely not backed up power unless you're plugging it into a UPS at every different, you know, station in your house. So you do have to be careful while some good things to think about Mike, thanks for that overview on that is we kind of kind of bring this in for a landing on a long show. You know, when we do these. Yeah. I know what's it's been an hour twenty day goes more. Well, we will do some more in the post show. We're going to catch up with Dave a little bit a year ago or so Dave on we talked a little bit about crypto John big sent me a note. He's like, well, I guess this time that the crypto shows end because Mike you, and I did I don't know fifteen minutes a cripple last week. And I think we made up half of it. Yeah. Right. You know, it was kinda like, well, let's talk about but tonight days Dave completely burned down his crypto. So we're going to talk a little bit about that. And why and get that story from him. So that'll make the post the post show crypto stuff that will do. So Dave don't don't run anywhere. We got some crypto to do with you. Dave, thanks for coming on tonight. As always always great to have you on here. Thanks for a couple of times a year. You say, yes. To to jump in over here. I know it takes a little bit of time to get that done. But thanks for. Thanks for coming your your. If you haven't subscribed, reset dot FM is the way. To get it just go. Listen to it. You're gonna want to subscribe to it. It's every three weeks or so I think is what Dave said. And he's right. It's about every three try to do it every two sometimes it comes out three or four good. It's good at shows up those weeks. I always it it. I see it in my feed. And I save it for the weekend in its when I'm driving around on the weekend. You're kinda you're in the car with me and always good. That's kind of what I'm working on projects. You always reset as always about you know, you've been covering a lot on the mesh. But you've also been talking a lot about home automation and the ring doorbells and all these things that you're doing with it. And I think super helpful especially when you're working on the weekend super expensive. If you're not careful, so let me give you a warning about reset. So if you're going to listen to that unless you're thinking, you might you might spend some money. So I saw a good. We do we make sure you spend the right money and put it in right spot. Right. Right. No. So good stuff. So good, Mike. Thanks. For sharing that story anything else. Mike before we before we wrap it no next phase is just going to be somewhat. We're into security cameras. The only issue is we're trying to decide you go full wireless, which is not what I like to do preferrably, you'll unify. So then we got to figure out. Okay. Are we gonna run some hard wire those sort of considerations? And then the next thing will be smart home. They have a bunch of Alexa devices. So for right now. They're okay. Sorry. I just activated. Everyone's home devices as mind goes off in the corner. So that'll be the next step and then talking about lighting. It'll be interesting though, Jim when it comes to the lights I in my home since I've been doing this for so long back in the day. We just started out with the Phillips you so I have stuck with Philips, hue boobs. But in his house, I run into a lot more of the switches, the smart wall switches, so actually be able to control full chandeliers, and the kitchen lighting all through the wall switches, so we're gonna do some testing read. Through some reviews and see which ones work the best. Awesome for guys like, Jeff. If you're just joining the community, we've talked about reset dot FM. If you want to go get subscribed to that. Also, we mentioned a lot on home automation. You might wanna listen to to Richard Richard Guenther over there at home on and Richard. And Josh do entertainment to Dotto which has been they they focused primarily on entertainment stuff. But they've been talking a lot of gaming in some home automation. And there's well, it's all kind of blending together. We have trouble kind of keeping all those things separate from each other. Dave, it's been really fun tonight. As Mike spin talking about these things to watch the expression on your face as like, yes, I have done this. And and I know I listened to you for a lot of years, and it's just fun to watch that in your eyes is like oh my gosh. I've been through that. It's a it's it's a fun. I don't I don't wanna say job. I it's fun to be able to be in this position. Where folks will send you gear, and you can put it in your house and. And try it out. It's great. And then you buy the stuff you want to buy and some, you know, sometimes I get frustrated. I can't get a piece of gear sent to me. And I'll just buy it in. That's just that's just what we do. We do. Now. It's what we do. Indeed. Well, couple reminders don't forget. If you're listening to the live show, don't go anywhere. If you got a few minutes, we're going to hear how Dave burn down his crypto. And that's going to be slow your mind. It's going to be super off. When a go anywhere. It has nothing to do with crypto. It's going to be. I mean it does because it's crypto. But it's not what you think. So stay around for that. If you're listening to live if you're listening to the recorded version of this and you're like where do I get this crypto goodness again. This is going to be great story from Dave. So you wanna head out to the average guy dot TV slash patriot. It's free available for you out there. You can support us out there if you want you don't have to we just make it available to you. We have one and five dollar plants. Thanks to those that do support us that helps pay the bills on the app and some review stuff that we do here. And by hard drives for some of the stuff that we do. So appreciate you guys that are supporting us again. The average guy dot TV slash patriotic gets you there as well. Don't forget to join the discord group, the average get TV's discord, you wanna send me an Email, Jim at the average guy dot TV I always. I love your Email. So send them to me. Jeff. Thank you tonight. He came out and join us, maybe first time, not maybe first time listener on the live show. And if you haven't join us for a live show, maybe you should do that Thursday nights. Eight PM central nine eastern, the average guy dot TV slash live. We'd love to have, you know, fifteen maybe ten fifteen guys and gals. Emily joined us tonight. I saw her jump in there. So Emily, thank you for taking the time over obviously keeping you occupied while you're doing something. And so am Emily, thanks for jumping in. We'd love to have you. Join us live. Don't forget. The average guy dot TV platform, both web and media hosting powered by maple grove partners, get secure liable high-speed hosting from people that you know, and you trust, you know, that's Christian in how he's doing. So great work outta buffalo there, and we appreciate his support of the show his plans hosting and everything stars little ten bucks a month. So if you're thinking about doing some kind of setup he is podcasting and WordPress expert like secure lockdown. There's nobody locked down more than Christian. So it out to maple grove partners dot com. Let him know and. That he can get that set up for you. Don't forget to get it at the app. Downloaded the average guy debt TV's on gadget. Geeks dot com is what you would go there. We are live every Thursday PM central nine eastern. The. Stay around for some post show crypto again can't wait to hear the story for Dave burn down as crypto rigs with that. We'll say good night. Everybody.

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My Aunt Died Without a Will With an Estate Worth Millions

"It's Thursday and this is the Ramsey call of the day part of the Ramsey networks. Joining me today is Ramsey personality Anthony O'Neill. Tim Is with US Tim's in Baltimore Maryland. Hi Tim. How are you? Dave. Call also. Coaches alongside worcester. So happy you talked yesterday you to how can we help? So, right this past January and she without. she. Kids she was not married. in the state that it's in Kerr stake, it's only through a came. So I have to look older my dad is deceased. So my learn is. Legally will split his part of the estate. Not, my to living uncles are executive executives part of the fall they're trying to do what tapes. That she would have liked. and split. It evenly amongst cousins. So I've got fifteen cousins on that side they don't have that option. They don't get to make up the law. She died without a will the lol. Says, what happens to the money? And the law and the law in most states says that you and your siblings get one third of the estate. Okay, what's the estate. Worth. No but if I had this in the twenty five during. How much milly? Between three and five, million, I mean. She she was in. Industry you're breaking up like crazy squeak and did you say three to five million? Probably, yes you need an attorney. Okay today. And not to pick a fight with your uncles but then you need to sit down very calmly gently with your uncles and say listen I've gotten legal advice and one third of this is going to its needs to go through probate. The judge has to decide this and the judge is going to say. Unless I missed my guess in Maryland that the three portions that the your dad's portion and his two brothers portions are going to be split out and they don't get to justice. And you wanted otherwise will granny should had a freaking wheel granny one something else 'cause granny don't get to say anymore because she died without a will wow and the state law now decides and you can go well, she always said, well, that's tough. This is you you that holes absolutely zero water in these situations and there's enough money involved here that it's to get weird fast ferry. Three million. Dollars. A million dollars versus that you and your brother get versus a couple hundred grand that you and your brother get. This is I'm not picking a fight, but it's just it's morally wrong number one that your uncle's just go away just get to decide the we're the crab did you get to decide who died and left you in charge oh? No body. That's it. You know so because there's no freaking will yeah so bad. See what the you you guys all see. The problem out there right now is now there's a fight on the horizon. Because somebody didn't do their job and your job people is to get your will. Now. Dave I asked I just learned something I didn't know. I, thought the money would have went to only the two brothers but because they are the sons of one of her brothers, they automatically get their father's Porsche, the father died okay and so his his one third will go to his heirs and so I mean most states You know you're GONNA have to get legal advice but the bottom line is this needs to come before a judge the judge decides based on State Law because there's not a will how the money will be distributed the uncles don't get to decide and Tim doesn't get to decide yet. But most of the time, it's very clear law and it's it's a pretty much a it's a slam dunk. Okay. But the fight will be is if we want to argue about this and come up with some scratch paper somewhere and try to call that a will. Or? Verbal testimony or other BS I'm sorry Tim Gane a lawyer today. Thanks for tuning into the Ramsey call of the day. Check out all of our podcast just search Ramsey network on apple podcast spotify or wherever you listen.

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Across The Great Divide


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Across The Great Divide

"It's the story core podcast from NPR. Dr I'm Jasmine Morris. The story core archive is a treasure trove of interviews between loved ones. Our friends know each other well but in the spirit of sharing challenging aging conversations. Today you'll hear something a little different this week. We'll be listening in on conversations between strangers and these strangers don't necessarily agree on things literally. I thought it was important to have a conversation with somebody who thinks differently. The night do is there one thing that you respect about the way that I see. The world know fairness we can have different political beliefs believes but we can still discuss issues in a reasonable manner and go away with some understanding of why the other person you're talking l.. Continue believes the way he does. We were not that far. Apart in our overall beliefs. We tend to agree more than we disagree. It was important for me to meet somebody who really didn't have horns and a tail. Do not be so quick to form opinions seek to understand. It's the best way to love and love. Love is the only thing that's going to help associate all the voices you just heard were recorded as part of story cores one small step initiative. It's a little little bit of an experiment but it's an effort to bring together Americans with different political views not to argue about issues but to get to know one another as human beings. You're stacey todd director of the one small step initiative the preparation for a one. Small step interview is a little bit more involved than a traditional story core interview because we're bringing strangers together so yeah there is a questionnaire in it's just a brief survey about your background and a little bit about your beliefs and then we used. I used that to match you up with somebody. WHO's different than you in who has different beliefs than you? Here's one small step. Participants Cassandra Adams and David Wilson who each answered answered those survey questions from early on in their conversation. Let me ask you this when you read my bio What did you think and please be As honest as you feel comfortable because nothing Bobby so the first part. My mind kicked him to stereotype. Simpson probably dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. Second part was intriguing because you said something along the lines of an open mind at. Ah this will be interesting when I read your bio. I just thought you were white man. Come here and remember what was so interesting to me is that I don't think I have to admit it and I appreciate you receiving and that and allowing me to admit my stereotype because when you walked in the door and you stood up and introduce myself. These conversations take a lot of courage. The sometimes hard sometimes awkward but for the most part they inspire hope because again. We're not asking people to talk about politics. Some of the questions participants might ask each other are. How did your childhood shape your view of the world today or when you think about the future what are you most scared of and a lot of CARE is taken to make sure participants have a meaningful experience like the list of ground rules that are placed on the table before the interview starts here Stacey again then some examples of the ground rules are to share the time equally and not to interrupt each other not to use derogatory language and I think one of the biggest ones is not to make any assumptions? And it's important that the participants understand that. They're not there to try to persuade. They're harder to their side. We're GONNA listen into one of these conversations now. Hi Okay. My name is Nicole Watkins. I'm thirty four years old and today is July thirtieth twenty nineteen and I am in Birmingham Alabama. And I am Austin. sullen trump. Also thirty four years old. Gotcha you WANNA take the first question. Sure she goes yeah. We'll see how this goes Nicole in Austin. We're one of the first pairs of strangers to try this with us. They came to story core to talk about healthcare something. That's very personal for both of them. Do you feel like because as you. You do have a medical condition that you've dealt with your entire life that when people talk to you that they talk differently to you as results absolutely. I'm below the knee amputee. Not On my right side born with Spina Bifida I just spent last week at a conference in DC. And I had to be in a wheelchair for part of it and Folks I had talked to on the first day of the conference is treated me like a two year old in the wheelchair even though they had met me the day before I was the same human right an example of how I think my personal belief structure sure differs from the perception of my belief structure. Right my wife and I for years. led youth group in our church. So we every year we would participate in the march for life. And because I would be outward with this idea that I'd like to see a world where abortion is no longer an option that because because of that bill that one stance I'm now like somehow radical evangelical avid trump supporter. I see and it's like the thing that drives. It's my belief. There is also the same thing that drives my belief that we should take care of the abandoned refugee at the border that we should take care of the poor and sick in our own neighborhoods. But that's that's not the public persona of what somebody who goes to DC to march for that is. That's actually exactly why I wanted to do this. And I will fully admit in this conversation conversation to having had that bias before right and it's also worth mentioning full disclosure. Please don't run out of the room. I worked for planned parenthood anymore. Well we have a policy against that. Gets my blood going a little bit. None of us are simple enough to be just thrown in a bucket. Like we're we're all too too complicated for that. I I mean a lot of people in my work who come to me. And they're crying because they feel ashamed and they feel sad and they've been ostracized. And that's just heartbreaking to me. That's not that's not a fair way to treat someone that you don't agree with. I think we can all do a better job of of realizing the nuance and nuance on number sticker. I think that it and the end result of of having these conversations needs to be that because people are so many things talking about earlier to being disabled as a part of my identity. But it's a part right and it it's sort of you know going to the march for life is a part of your identity is not the whole thing right like there is more to you than that you are a father you are husband. Who are all these things and I think if we we can remember that when we have those conversations with each other I think we'll get somewhere That's Nicole Watkins in Austin sullen trump in Birmingham Alabama next. We'll hear from two women who might be different in a lot of ways but also found connection during their story or interview. Stay with us Hi this is Dave. I say founder of story story core support for NPR and the following message come from Subaru celebrating. Their Twelfth Annual Subaru share the love event now through January second for every new Subaru Abreu purchased or leased during the event Subaru will donate two hundred fifty dollars to your choice of charities like the ASPCA make a wish meals on wheels or the National Park Foundation action to learn more go to Subaru dot com slash share. Love it's what makes Subaru Subaru. NPR's code switch is a podcast about race in America. That's about all of us are histories. Power represented the ways we've worked together and worked against each other. You'll learn. You might get mad. You'll definitely laugh but don't take my word for it just listened to NPR's code switch Welcome back another important in part of the one. Small step process is not just focusing on people's differences but also finding similarities before the people who are participating even sit down together again story core one small step director stacy. Todd ideally we find people who have something in common it makes the first five or ten minutes. It's a lot more comfortable if they can bond over a shared passion or shared experience. One of the things that we've learned is to avoid pairing people full strictly based on identity. That's not what we're looking for. Basically no one is paired based on differences in race gender or sexuality. We wouldn't want someone to have to defend their humanity. And so next willison in on a conversation between Jessica Vittorio and Katie Hayes Strangers who repaired by story court because they shared Christian beliefs. But we're opposite politically. I'm curious about your experience of voting differently from your parents. I have the same experience in the opposite direction and I just want to know how that is for. y'All I always joke that I tried to raise them right and I just don't know how unfortunately yeah I think the position we take towards it now generally is just not to talk about it. Because I don't know that we can really talk about it without getting upset at each other. Do y'all have success and talking about it. You know we really don't my relationship with my parents. took a serious hit in. The last election are sources of information are so different. Yeah so that made it hard all along but the last presidential election is when it just came undone. I'm sad. My job is bringing people together and reconciliation in Jesus name name and I haven't managed to make that a reality in my own family of origin. Part of it is they'll be like this group of people is is ignorant or uneducated. That's really where breaks down. and where inevitably it gets a little too emotional. It's not even about the issue it's about like who are you saying I am as a person person and that's what I think is frustrating about it because most of the issues are federal issues right. So they're not things that have a daily impact on any of our lives and ninety like real tangible way. You're channeling my dad. Because I think my dad would say that to me. This is not about you. It's not personal. This doesn't defector day to day and I would say yes. It does every day because I'm raising my kids in a world where climate change has already ravaged the planet to the point that I don't know if we can get back yeah. I don't know how anybody's politics doesn't feel personal way. You said is interesting because I think my parents and my boyfriend a friend it really emotional specially start talking about climate change and things like that. I do think there's an inherent difference of approach because alive times I think about policy. I think about it from an economics perspective so it doesn't really feel personal but in your mind you're dealing with humans mm-hmm and that's the way that you're approaching mind. We're dealing with numbers. Yes so it causes us to have very different reactions to things and maybe that has something to do with what you call your vocational calling you to be an attorney to be a pastor. I wish my conversations with my dad go as well as this one and I m hopeful that lots and lots of people that vote differently from our thinking about it as hard as you are. I do think it's easier bridge the gap with a stranger slash new a friend than it is someone that you have a really intense emotional connection with already so thankful that I can hopefully take some of this stuff and bring it to those conversations slowly. I'm not going to jump jump into. Yeah I'm probably not going to come down on the way home. That's Jessica Vittorio and Katie Hayes in Dallas Texas So what happens when the recording equipment is turned off and everyone goes home again. Stacey todd very often they keep in touch people exchange email addresses after the appointment is over in feel like. They've made a friend in somebody that they never would have expected to. But this isn't going to solve everybody's problems in that's why we're calling at one small L. Step because that is exactly what it is. It's a tiny step in the right direction. And that's all we can hope for over the the past year we've learned a ton about these difficult conversations most of all we've learned that even if they're hard the matter here story co founder. Dave I say speaking about the project jacked. The dream is to convince the country that it's our patriotic duty to see the humanity and people we disagree with it's going to be the biggest hardest most important thing we've we've ever tried to do but given the stakes in the country we're going to give it everything we've got because the democracy can't survive in swamp mutual contempt. We think of this a little bit as a light seeping into pitch dark room. Helping our eyes adjust so he could begin to see one another again. If you WANNA be part of this new initiative please sign up up at take one small step dot org or pick up the APP and record a friend or neighbor whose views are different from yours. Just remember those ground rules. Also if you live in the the Birmingham Alabama area come to the Alice Stephen Center on February seventh for a one small step event hosted by WB GEM NPR and story. or You you can get more INFO at WBZ Dot Org this episode was produced by Michelle Little. Sylvia Lubo in Katie. Brooke edited by me. Jasmine Morris our technical director is Jarrett. Floyd our production assistant is eleanor. Vasily Not Sumi. Soccer is our fact checker and special. Thanks to Dan Collison Facilitator mcshea Kohl. Wbz Am and W. G. Vu. Join US on next week's episode with more difficult conversations as two people share their differing views on guns ans- wherever I go with is gathering people. Now I am so conscious could be a gunman in the midst and wherever my weapon is permitted. I take it. I don't want to church. I don't want any guns in schools. Why this is the story core podcast from NPR Thanks for listening Story Cores One. Small step is supported. The fetzer institute as part of its work to strengthen democracy.

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Mixtape Game: The King of Putting in Zero Effort

The Dave Ryan Show

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Mixtape Game: The King of Putting in Zero Effort

"Are you guys ready? Let's go with mix tape game on Katie, WBZ and Jenny. Are you ready to your plan, right? Is Tina here today, she planned now. Okay. Three people ever okay. Good all right. Let's do this here. We go your first song. You're on your way home from a seafood restaurant. Where you had spoiled scallops as you raise home and run through your front door to the toilet, what song is playing? Fallon you're up. I need an explanation for this one. You know exactly what the song means. Hit it. Data. Insert. Something inside has died as direct. Hey, that's the one to beat Steve. Way Home Pros Food Restaurant. You had spoiled scallops. You race home. Run through your front door to the IT. What Song is playing? We'll. Drive away and as I sit down. The good news is the scallops tasted fine. Good good news weather girl, Jenny. You're on your way home from a seafood restaurant. You had spoiled scallops as you race home. Run through the front door to the toilet. What Song is Playing Jenny? I have some strong buns and let me tell you why it's from clenching them when I need to. Some as a running through the house. And I am trying my best. Not Let anything happen. So this is spite. Hopped. Okay all three good songs, all three, really good balance told the story of those who fallon wins the. Game Okay Good. Here's Fallon Song. Yup. Something inside has died and I cried, but I just can't take it. Okay here we go. Here's my next song my next in the mix tape game now remember I put little to no effort into coming up with a funding scenario. You just woke up. What Song is playing? Let's start with weather, girl, Jenny Time Jenny. You just woke up. What Song is playing? Okay? Well, it's a miracle. That I'm alive today because I've had a skateboarding incident in nineteen, ninety eight. I sliced my foot open on Lake Minnetonka in two, thousand, eighteen. I broke my wrist snowboarding in two thousand sixteen, so when I wake up in the morning. I. Just want to celebrate I'm alive. would be a hard one to be today. That is all hard one to be though pays speed. You're up next. You just woke up. What Song is Playing Steve? That goes in my head every once in a while I wake up, and I lay in bed ups in there, and then in my mind when the key change happens, I jump out of bed I start shaking. Get out of bed and this is the song. Get in the shower. Really lyrically fit though it doesn't affect, but that's. That's honestly a song. I wake up to some time, not a bad choice, but it doesn't do anything for me and I'm the judge, so you you're already even sit the rest of the roundout. Steve you are already in the Corner Janis. Is basically she's on the verge right now. She's the one to search. Fallon's on the verge. What do you got very different than these two Dave obviously day, just wake up with a pep in their step when my alarm goes off, no god, no, it's like a little bit longer. Is No. Is No Manama. Award is no. Doubt. That! I like that song, but I don't like your negativity. Young lady so I'M NOT GONNA. Give that one to you whether girl. Ginny wins that round. That, that's. That song was already thirty years old when Jenny was born. How you know that Song Jennings I. It's because of working at Bubba gums for six years of my life is on the soundtrack. So funny I, love it all right next one and you're driving home from your lawyers after signing divorce papers. What Song is played on the radio this time? Start with Stevo is an easy one dave. I wanted power anthem. I want people to know I know what's up. I'M NOT GONNA. Let this lady that's ruined. My life dragged me down even farther and I'm not sorry about it. I built strong. Okay Steve is definitely the one to beat dethrone Steve Right now Jenny with your mixed game. Okay well, if I'm getting a divorce that means that we've tried everything and it just didn't work out, and I'm probably a cougar at this point, so I'm ready to go out and get my cou gone, and this will take. Trying to say here. But overpass behind her. She's going. Go Hook up and get everything from some Rando somewhere okay. Okay, Jenny? Allen is up next. You jut. You're driving home from your divorce lawyers after signing your divorce papers. What Song is playing on the radio? This is I mean to me. I know that like in some situations there is definitely time for celebration, but when you sign the papers that's finalizing and that's like when things are final becomes more real and I would think me. Driving Home I probably would not be excited. I probably be pretty sad reflecting on the relationship coming to an end I. Man. Actions. To Sad. I'm sorry, it's sad. Steve Wins that round Steve Wednesday round with sorry. gave the big round now the tiebreaker round fallon. Steve and Jenny are all tied with one win, but I happy birthday for mom to Kyle, and Berry turns twelve years old tomorrow. Almost a teenager. Look out world at next one. Wish, my friend High Diesel Happy Birthday today love you have a great day. You Fabulous woman from Kinsey and thanks for Texan that ended. Katie WB one. Are you ready for the last round? You're watching your pizza deliciously bubble through the window of your oven, so it's not bubbly through window. You're looking through the window of deliciously bubbling. You got about another minute till it's piping hot and ready to go. What Song is playing on your Smart Speaker Fallon? You're up the only time this song is relevant is for this moment. In your. Choice. Thank you in every situation. You're saying this song. It's stupid and it's terrible when you're looking back piece of. Bubbling beneath the bottle or another minute, or so of pay, bake baked yet, Paik saying yeah they. Get any clearer like ooh. Yummy, that looks yummy where we had Cha. You don't let you don't like her. Late literally, she's like I know she did she. Google songs to Cook Pizza too, and that's I'm Tom. And it's like Oh yeah. Not a fan you say your song songs garbage. Garbage. Didn't try hard and I know that she didn't try harder if she tried his eve as the King of putting zero effort so only. Tying it up and about to win it. Jenny I. Guess Because I know what Jenny Song Is. They see it right now. I've seen okay I'll give it to you again. You're watching your pizza through the window of your oven. It's deliciously bubbling with about another minute till you get it out piping, hot and ready. What Song is playing on your smart speaker? Seve now. Can I let Johnny go I? I feel. I look through the window. Dave I hear Ding the ovens. He is so hot and I'm just reading my hands slowly and this song is playing in the background. Because I'm GonNa make sweet sweet love. Mushroom Italian. Blocked it. Why would you say mushroom to him? For my wife, the one that I'm going to make. Is the. TRIPLE CHEESE PIZZA WITH SARDINES. Spam shows Yummy I know. You're trying to appeal to be with Sardines and spam which? Up. You said that, so we've got yummy Yeah I've got this magic moment. Jenny year up for the win to further tiebreaker. You're watching through the window of your oven. Your pizza is deliciously bubbling with about another minute to go until it's ready to take out what song is playing on your smart speaker okay. My neighbors complain about me for making noise. It's not because I took up clogging. It's because I do choreographed dances in my kitchen I'm waiting for my pizza to come out of the oven. So I have a choreographed dance. This I'm seeing to it because it's all I ever walked. There's no to the song so. Fallon, okay, but not that song what? They were all good guys seriously I've gotTa make these mixed eight-game questions similar like this because the guys nailed it almost every time. Is such a hard decision. I'm going to need a minute to think about this when you guys. Why don't you discuss something? While I retali- tally the votes here and see what's happened. You discuss that coming up at eight o'clock we have two sides of every day, and I do have three dollars and seventy six cents. For Loose Change Trivia. It all up new round. How do you want to add people call right now right now right now. Yeah, call six, five, one, nine, eight, nine Katie wbz. Loose Change Trivia. We give you some change. You can keep what we give you some question to three out of five right you win. What's in the change jar or you can pass it on? Pay It forward to the next person that wins on Monday Steve Doing this weekend. this weekend I think I'm going to be stopping on the way home to get like floating, because we might try to go to like a beach or something like that so. You know for floating at the beach the. Little arm law now. I'm sorry. Inflatable! Pizza thing or something like that. Okay? Yeah, we have a winner. On the mix tape game and it was really tough. It came down to like a mental coin toss. You're watching your pizza bake. It is about ready to come out of the oven. Fallon comes up with this song. Here's balance on. Steve comes up with this song your Steve's. Jenny had this. Got I love I. Love the Energy and Jenny Song. I really do like yeah. You're all I. Ever wanted I. Get back steams. Was this magic moment which is, it is a magic moment. If you love like we do. Balanced was. talent-wise Stephen Listening to me. Also good I gotta give it to her second eliminate somebody. I'm going to eliminate Jenny. Because I, I hadn't chosen so well then they chose so well. Jenny years was good, but it says I want you back, which threw me off a little bit. Jenny did admirable jobs announced down between Steven. Fallon Both so good. Steve reached way back into the way back machine and picked a song from the sixties. Fallon picked a horrible song from earlier this year that we wish we'd never heard, but I'm gonNA. Give it to fallon because it is Yummy Yummy your. Choice Choice, that's why you don't get fanfare when you're the house to the mix tape game. Because you make choices like this, allow student by choice I will I won't back down. I will stand my ground. I won't bag down.

Jenny Song Fallon Steve Dave I Lake Minnetonka skateboarding Steve Right Tina Steve Wins Katie Manama Katie WB Stevo Ginny Katie wbz Bubba Allen Google Kinsey
Victory Demands Self-Control  Part 1

Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

14:29 min | 1 year ago

Victory Demands Self-Control Part 1

"Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author. Joyce meyer. On today's program. Joyce will be teaching from her series developing discipline and self control. Do you have areas of your life? You want to improve self-discipline, maybe it's in the area of bible study, or maybe it's your profession or maybe it's simply exercising. More for all of us improvement requires. The holy spirit's help connected to our willingness to have discipline and self control. Even though these two words may sound a little painful they actually worked together and help create healthy habits and boundaries in our lives that can reap huge benefits for each of us. You're not alone. And you have what it takes to make progress. Don't rely on your own strength. Remember, God is your ultimate source, and he is in control. Now, here's Joyce with today series developing discipline and self control. Well, if you weren't here last night, you don't know how exciting. My teaching is this weekend. And how excited you're going to be to find out this morning that I'm teaching on discipline and self control. You know, I've. I was thought this morning. A good way to talk about discipline. Is you have to discipline yourself to get out of bed in the morning. You have to discipline yourself to go to bed at night. And all throughout the day. It's one thing after another after another disciplining your thoughts. Disappointing your mouth, disciplining, your attitude. Your actions getting your work done and on and on and on. And so to say, I'm not a disciplined person is actually not true. You have the fruit of self control. You may not be using it. But you have it. So stop saying, I just can't control myself in that area. Because what's in your power to do is in your power? Not today if you can say yes to something you can say, no to it. The choice is yours. The more. You discipline yourself. God's given us self control. He doesn't control us. He hasn't given us the right to control other people. He wants us to control ourselves. Now in second. Timothy chapter one verse seven very well known verse it says for God gave us not a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self control different translations, say different things, but the ES the bible, which is now supposed to be the most accurate. Translation calls itself. Control actually, the amplified bible, which I've used extensively for a number of years says it this way for God did not give us a spirit of committee of cowardice of craven and cringing and phoning fair. He has given us a spirit of power and of love and of a calm and a well-balanced mine and a spirit of discipline and self control. So everybody's say right now I have disciplined. And I have self control. And I use them both. Now, you know, a lot of people are very very talented. It's amazing to me that talent that some people have. But it's also kind of a known fact not with everybody, of course. But some people that are very talented are also very undisciplined, and I know one person, for example, she is talented in so many different things that she can't seem to settle on any one thing and really do anything with it because she'll get halfway into that. And then she gets another idea, and they're all good ideas. But sooner or later, you've got to harness your power and focus it into into one thing talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement. But you never know if it's going to be forward, backward or sideways and then. Harry Truman said this in reading the lives of great men. I've found that the first decree day one was over themselves self discipline with all of them came first. And I don't believe that any person can do anything. Great just because they have natural talent not just because they want to until you I can manage yourself. You're not going to be able to manage any thing. Are anyone else? Very well, don't try to manage your children. If you're not gonna show a good example of self control in front of them. Amen. You should be more excited about that than that. But. Telling our kids to do something while doing the opposite of what we told them actually does more harm than if we would have just kept quiet to begin with. Don't correct your child for lying if when the phone rings, you're going to tell them whoever that is tell him. I'm not here. A man like, I say all the time. You're all preachers that you say a lot more with your actions than you do. With your words, God is not giving us a spirit of fear, but of power and love, and I sound mine. Now, you know, I think in our society we need to toughen up a little bit. I must say it again. I think we need to toughen up a little bit. Well, actually, I have a psychologist on my television program last week. I mean, she came in and did the recording. It'll it'll be on later, and we actually were talking about two things the alarming rate at which suicide is going up, especially among young people and. All the depression that people deal with today, and here again is specially young people. There's more and more. I mean young teenagers that are needing to take medicine Frank Zayed's and medicines for depression. And so I was asking her from her professional opinion as a psychologist what she thought a large part of the problem was and she said, I think that too many children today are rescued from anything that's difficult and our lives are made so easy that when anything hard comes along they either just get depressed are gets to the worst extreme they'd rather. Just get out of the world, then try to deal with anything difficult, and we have to be very careful as parents that. We don't just and I get it, man. I am tempted in the same way. I I can't stand the same. I kids suffer and we had three teenagers and then felt like God wants to have a baby. And I told Dave I wanted to have a baby he thought I'd lost my mind and he's we've got three teenagers. We can do whatever we want to do. But I really felt like God wanted me have a baby. Well, it's a good thing. I had him. 'cause now he's the CEO of our ministry, but they caused was our baby. In particular. I don't know. Maybe I was older just because he was the baby. I just I wanted to protect him from everything and I probably want a little bit overboard. How many of you could say today you've gone a little bit overboard and trying to protect your children. And so sometimes we have to love our children enough to back off, and let them go through some things because people who don't go through anything never develop any real strength to deal with issues in the world. There's a little story that I tell sometimes about an eagle egged whenever it's time for the eaglet to hack. It has a little. Bone type thing on the top of its beak that it uses to peck away at that shell to try to break it open, and it takes a long time. Well, the temptation sometimes for people watching that is to break it open and help them that it actually is the worst thing that you can do for them because what they're doing while they're breaking that shell is building the tenacity that they're going to need to actually be those magnificent eagles that we all admire when we say them flying around. And so if we want our children to do great things we can't rescue them NAR. Can we want somebody else to rescue us from everything I always say the only way out is through? So I'm telling you today, if you really want to be a mature, strong, vibrant believer. You will have to go through some things that are not very comfortable. At learn. How to go through it? Hold your head up high and not worrying about it all the time. Amen. And I could go on and on in that area. But I've got lots of ground to cover since. I only did half on message last night. I'm trying to start where I left off. So so often we try to get out of hard things by just saying well is just too hard. That is just an excuse. And it is a lie that Satan puts in everybody's head. I can't it's too hard. I can't exercise. It's too hard. I can't lose weight. I get too hungry. I try to resist overspending, but I'm just weak in that area. One woman's husband had told her I want you to stop buying things on the credit card. We've got to get out of debt, and I want to get these credit cards paid off. And I want you to promise me that you will not go out to the mall and keep buying stuff. Well, she had to go out there to pick something up and she knew she wasn't supposed to shop. But she saw dress that of course, was on sale and last day on sale and thought it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. So first mistake was she tried it on? Say we got to get smarter. She tried it on. And of course, it looked amazing on her just amazing. And so she bought it hit it. Didn't tell her husband. She bought it. And then he saw the Bill when it came in and wanted to know what was going on. And she said, oh on issues that I tried so hard to resist buying that dress. And I just couldn't he said, well, you should've said get behind me Satan. And she said I did. And he told me look better from behind them. Now, you all know how we are. If we want it bad enough. We can make up all kinds of excuses about why we should have it. And if we don't want to do something bad enough, then we won't do it. We'll find some way to wiggle our way out of it. But we need to stop saying. It's too hard. Because God will never lead us to do anything that we cannot do. Amen. Can you at least give me that God will not lead us to do anything that we cannot get? So here's kind of a silly example. But it makes the point it's called the ice cream story. How many of you like ice cream? Let's see if you like ice cream. Okay. Well, I happen to like it too. So so somebody might say, well, that's my weakness. I just cannot say note ice cream. Yes. You can't. No. I can't I love it. Too much. Well, I'm gonna prove to you that you can say note ice cream. Just imagine yourself right now inside the largest ice cream parlor in the world. They have every conceivable flavor imaginable. It's the creamy as ice cream. Anywhere on the planet. Thanks for listening. We're in how to develop healthy habits when you order. Today's offered developing discipline and self control. This teaching series is available now is either a three CD set or digital download for a donation of any amount in US funds, and we accept all major credit cards. You can order today's offer from our website at Joyce Meyer dot org, or you can call us toll free at one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine again, the number is one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine. When life's battles. Come. Will. You be ready? Don't miss the twenty nineteen love life women's conference with Joyce Meyer, and her guests, Christine Caine, Holly Wagner. Doctor Henry, cloud and Dave Meyer. Join us and unleashed the warrior inside and let God fight your battles. Tickets will go fast. Don't wait. Go online at Joyce Meyer dot org slash love. Life. Thanks for listening to enjoy everyday life our mission here at Joyce Meyer ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people. Remember together, we can do more.

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Full Auto Friday - Round 14

Cleared Hot

28:27 min | 2 months ago

Full Auto Friday - Round 14

"Smoke. North of. Small. Wish small. I'm making a close now. What's going on ladies and gentlemen it's Friday morning actually fuck I. Hope you're not listening to this Friday morning this be rough wakeup call. To five a M, but it is full auto Friday and. You know the deal I got some questions I got five minute time limit but I actually really enjoyed the twitter QNA. At the end. So I tried to hook people up this week and actually give them a chance to answer because last week. I, think about twenty minutes and that wasn't fair or enough. So. I have three questions pick out and I will do my best to hold myself to that five minute time limit and then beyond that, what we're GonNa do who is some quitter quitter? Well, we are GonNa talk about buds a little bit. So quitters will probably come up twitter rapid-fire Acuna haven't even looked at the questions I'll pull out my phone. We'll take a look at them. Here we go. Also. Before. Here we go. For everybody who has reached out let last week I explained how to the easiest way to submit a question holy. Shit. Balls. I was not prepared for the volume of messages that I got but I can't think everybody enough. For, taking the time to actually send them in. So I'm doing my best and I'm trying to pick topics that I haven't covered. And topics that are always the same most of the questions were military based, get it because of my background. But if I'm being totally honest military questions are not my favorite because to me pass that point having said that he'll. First question comes from Scott in just for people who know who right in only a best gonNA use your first name. Sir Most. People want some level of anonymity. So Here we go. I I want to lead with the states of America, is the greatest country in the world because of its citizens that being said, I have heard many people in the military in general and the Special Operations Community in particular. Lament, their recruiting issues with young. People. I believe there are plenty of young people who love America and want to serve. But maybe they feel like I am not the ranger or the seal type. What are some cool military occupational specialties that you had touch points with in your career? That could make you think. If I hadn't become a seal that might have been a cool job. I think I heard you got your pilot's license. So Rotary or fixed wing aviation is an easy answer. But I got on the pilot stuff too. So throw that in there. Then the bonus question at the bottom, we'll get to that. All Right Scott. I like this question. Because the military if you look at Special Operations I don't know the exact percentage. Of military members who are in the special operations community but it super small. So. It makes total sense that most people when they are talking about the military or their desire to serve the military, they're not gonNA lead with that it's a small percentage of people. Who are drawn to that career path and the advice I want to give is to anybody who's looking at the military in general for any type of service because I often get these questions. And what I will say an open with is. That the military is going to get their pound of flesh out of you you need to understand you're going to assign you are going to sign an enlistment contract and you're going to be held to that contract absence some. Very. Bizarre circumstances that may allow you out of that, and that's okay if you go into it with that understanding. You should also take into that situation. The understanding that you too can get your pound of flesh. It's going to be a give and take, and the military is GonNa take priority most times of your personal desires and goals but. There really is something in the military for I. Think. Everybody, there are people who can go for job training. There are people who can go for educational benefits. There are people who could go to their socio economic situation and kind of elevate themselves in that standing and climb the ladder out of wherever they are I served with all of those people. What I would say is determine what you WANNA do rotary wing and fixed wing. Aviation Scott say specifically, those would have been really cool options. And It goes beyond just the person flying the aircraft or the one or two people flying the aircraft if you're interested in aviation but more on the mechanical side of the House or the design side of the House or the engineering side of the house, they have specialties four that in each one of the military services. oftentimes, people make a joke about military intelligence, but I often found them to be very interesting people to talk to. And they specialize in some of them human intelligence signals, intelligence I saw whether men and women who specialized the they were. You know essentially exactly what you would see I. Don't know the training for somebody you see during the weather on the news but these people were specialists in the weather we would rely on them in our briefing process is well. There are people you know I was in the Navy obviously, which is most people probably think boats and submarines. To me that's not my cup of tea. I did not enjoy my time on either of those platforms but there were people out there who totally did and they would geek out and I say that in the most positive way because they enjoyed what they were doing. On whatever their job was whether that be a radarscope operator or a radio men or people were working on sonar, the stuff and the programs or Nuclear propulsion I mean, there's people now who doing physics for a living incredibly intelligent enlisted men and women. You know keep a nuclear submarines from fucking exploding which I hope is not that hard of a job, but I suspect that it is because it's a nuclear engine. You could become a specialist in weaponry and work on weapons. You could go the military police route. I I mean I could go on and on and on and I think it's less about what would have been cool to me. And more about what is cool to each individual who is looking at military service. you could to a degree. Look at military training or military service as vocational training, you could absolutely come out of four, three, four, five, six, year enlistment. And be head and shoulders above. If not at least equal to your peers in the civilian sector in whatever vocation you may have chosen. So. In addition to that, there's the educational benefits. There's the healthcare and all the other programs that are open and available to veterans. There's an amazing amount out there some of them you have to research and find on your own but that's the way that it should be. It's not going to be spoon fed to you. It really. Is a matter of sitting down. In determining not only what you want to do in the military but what you want to get out of your service if you know had not going to be a lifer, which is totally fine I think most people in the military don't do twenty years in a wakeup to get retirement. Define your end state in where you WANNA be before you go in. That would be the advice that I would give myself. I got out at seventeen years I would have stayed until twenty my body was not going to support that. But if I had known, I was going to get out at seventeen or fifteen or ten or whatever. It may be the advice I would give my younger self is regardless of occupation, define your end state and where you want to be so that you have a target on the wall, you can march towards your entire time and you can say, yes to schooling programs or no to schooling in programs that might be offered to you. So You'll be better off than when you went in because four years in the military. If you don't have a plan for yourself, trust me the military will occupy for years of your time and you will at the end of that if you're not thinking about getting out, you'll have probably a little bit more money in your pocket a little bit more life experience but where you are in that moment in comparison to where you could be. Man. It's the width of the Grand Canyon metaphorically and. I hope that helps Scott Mic your bonus question because this is about snacking when you're drunk. Really the answer to that is you want to. Question number two. From Dave. I just started my ten year old son in MMA class MIS mixed martial arts class. I think most people know what that is but you never know so there you go. He was bored at home and lonely as an only child child during this quarantine I bet that's a that's a tough one. We wanted him to start last year but his schedule was full of other sports Missouri still allowing gyms to operate, and they aren't really practicing social distancing which I get. That's going to be pretty tough to do an involved MMA class with. Legitimate, social distancing the entire time. Dave continues. I am torn. I'm a huge proponent of what Ma in combat sports can do for kids and anyone really. But I'm a little concerned about the health risk for him and US. I know it is risky to be in the job right now. But who knows when things will get back to normal? What is your stance on attending training during covert and what decision have you made for yourself and your family? say the say thank you for preaching the positive aspects of in MMA. You in another podcast I regularly listened to have renewed my desire to get my son involved and I'm also looking at starting back up. Thanks and stay safe. Dave. Well, that's awesome. I think you absolutely should get back in there and get started up. Ma I'll start with my. My stance on this. If I'm being totally honest, I have not stopped trading since this entire process has played itself out. For the following reasons. I'M GONNA, go back to something you said in your answer this you said, I, know it's risky to be in the gym right now and I agree with you Dave on that to a degree. Risk is something that I have been looking at and trying to assess manage mitigate. Ever. Since I joined the military it, they call the OEM cycle in the navy the operational risk. Management Cycle. In that circle in that cycle. You will never take the risk of something two zero and that doesn't mean that you should ignore risk because let me be very clear. There's. Two distinct buckets there is risking or accepting risk, and then there is gambling. I will never gamble with my life or the life of people that I care about but I am. Always have been I suspect always will be. Comfortable and willing to absorb risk as long as I am paying attention to it has been assessed analyzed mitigated to the best of my ability. The reason I chose to continue training there's a few. One I was able to find a very small group of people to consistently train with an all of us were managing our social contacts and our travel if there was any. So I felt very comfortable with the level of risk of being exposed in that environment to you look at the number one risk factor when it comes to covid nineteen, the number one. In the number two seems to be age in obesity. So I'm not yet into the age category where I'd be the highest risk and I'm certainly not in the obesity category and the reason for that is as I try to stay incredibly active and I take responsibility for my own health. So I don't eat like fucking garbage disposal and expect my metabolism. Great. You know my body founded next whatever it may be i. try to eat healthy. I, train. Outside of Jitsu as much as I can stay active because I wanna be a healthy person because health health is my personal responsibility. And then I, looked at the Mortality Rate. Of covid nineteen and for where I am not being obese person with people that would allow me to manage my contacts knowing that would do to my mental health, which would probably be the number. One thing in this environment that would spiral me out of control I made the informed decision to willingly accept that threshold of risk to myself and to the people that I might be potentially exposed to. Everybody's going to have a different level of risk that they are comfortable with but that one fete fit well within any boundaries that I have for myself in any risk that I thought of transmitting anything to others, and throughout that entire time period this last I don't even know how long it has been six seven months I have not felt ill single time. If I had I would have stopped trading I would've isolated myself the instant that I felt bad and I would have notified people but that never happened nor did happen to anybody that I was training with now live in Montana's or slightly more geographically disparate. Smaller. Populations may not work for everybody, but everybody has the ability to do their own risk versus reward. So. That's my take on why I have continued to train. they're not going to really be able to socially distance if you take your son to an enemy class I. Agree with you, and this goes back to what you are willing to tolerate when it comes to that risk perspective for your own family is think the benefits for young men and women learning how to handle themselves in an environment where violence may be present while where they are gonNA, learn the ability to control the violence situation to be comfortable in a violent situation to not be bullied to have the tools to take care of themselves. The. Depending on where you live. Those are the things that I would be putting the other category. The opposite side of risk you know MMA great to me when I read that I see that as a combination of striking in jujitsu largely. So on your feet on the ground, I hear people all the time talking about Jujitsu as a superpower actually having this conversation today with one of my coaches. Jujitsu is not a superpower. I really wish that people would stop saying that it doesn't stop bullets and if somebody jumps in when you're on the ground and they have eight friends there, you're gonNA get your face soccer kicked into the next century. There A- gives you the ability. To. Do some pretty incredible things to people who are untrained and largely to people who are trained. But if you think it's a superpower. You are in my opinion. Setting yourself up for a long term disaster it is not a superpower, but it's an amazing skill. It will feel like a superpower when you are physically rolling with our hands on with somebody who doesn't have any training, but that is about it and please keep that in the back of your mind. But it's so wildly beneficial. That for me in my life, it outweighed the risk of exposure and Dave I. Know you're probably asking or wanting for a more specific answer and I can't give it to because I don't know your family situation don't know the situation at the gym, but I would go in there and I would look at how they are cleaning. Are they taking of the mats? Are they taking care of the equipment or they taking every possible step that they can to be? As hygienic as possible are they advocating for handwashing? They have a bucket on the ground when you step on and off the Matt's where you can clean your feet too. They have hand sanitizer out You know make sure people are washing their geeze they're stressing hygiene for people come into class with clean equipment used equipment. There's a lot of stuff that you can do and I have not travelled around to a lot of schools, but I have heard some horror stories. From people who have so make sure that the gym is doing everything that they can, and then you're gonNA have to sit down and make the decision for yourself. And hopefully that helped at least a little bit last one before we go into the Cuna. This is from Chandler. Hey Andy any advice or tips from coming back from a deployment I in the US Army reserves and this is my first deployment and in the process of coming home parentheses which sucks. Here, you and a host of other vets talk about transitioning and how can be stressful on the individual and those around that person. A relationship not married and going back to a good job when I am home any advice says much appreciated. Love what you do. Had to think about this one for a second because I do have advice but I was trying to figure out the most. Effective place to start or that the number one piece of advice that I would start with. In, the more I thought about it because I don't know if this is a combat deployment, I don't know where you were in the world I don't know what you did on your deployment. So I wanted to go a little bit broad. My advice number one step is expectation management. Whether you were involved in daily combat or you were just deployed for sex months eight months, ten twelve months, whatever may be. There has been a gap in your physical presence with the people that you worked with and the person that you're in a relationship with you probably were communicating. at a level that was less than when you are face to face. The individuals that you worked with they continued on with their life when you were gone and your significant other likely had to be much more independent. I. Again, this is broad because I don't know your specific relationship. But if you had a healthy relationship, they are going to have to develop some level of independence because quite frankly you were just gone. When you get back, it doesn't unwind all of that stuff. Would it it'll actually do. Why can't say actually what it may do is throw a little bit of a hiccup into everybody's daily life to include yours. I'm no doubt that the person relationship with will be very happy to have you back in his her life. But if they have developed a you know sense of. And they have been. You know taking charge of things that you normally would take charge of don't come right back in and try to come over the top and do everything. And also don't expect it to be perfect either at your job or in your relationship, and that's where I stay expectation management. It's okay if it's not perfect when you come back, I would almost say you should expect it to not be perfect when you come back and allow a little bit of space for. The inhale and exhale the natural expansion and contraction of that relationship and give it time. To integrate back in smoothly what I would recommend you not do is come in over the top. Swing for the fences trying to be the big boss everywhere. Comeback in listen more than talk. And Be grateful that you're there be happy that you're there enjoy the relationship with your significant other enjoy the fact that you're going back to a good job, and hopefully the people that you're working with you enjoy them as well. And then you know in addition to that if you were on a combat deployment in my own head space. I often found that a lot of the decisions that. People. Were, spending a lot of time. Energy and effort just sitting there worrying about it when I got back the decision that even matter to me because I was used to a very black and white head space of life or death decisions and anything beneath that. It was just like you took this stereo and you drove everything down to a to an overseas it was up at a ten. Be Very. Cautious. being dismissive to the struggles of others or the things that other people are bothered by when you get back. If you think they're insignificant in comparison to what you just came from do yourself a favor and everybody else favor keep your mouth shut and let people work through their own issues. Very few people if you coming from kinetic combat deployment or going to understand what that environment is like, and that is exactly the way I wanted to be because that means not a lot of people are actually living in working in that environment a good thing. So. Take a breath, take a breather realize your head space may be different from others. Have some empathy have some understanding And Try to enjoy the fact that your home enjoying the things that you spent your first appointment. With your toes on the line. Protecting. And then is all I have for you. Chandler I hope that helps. A fire my phone right now and it's going to get wild because here we go. rapid-fire twitter GNA I have not looked at these questions. Holy. Shit. There's ninety seven I'm going to go for the next five minutes. Here we go. D-. What would you suggest someone looking to start cross fit look for in both a facility it's coaches and its members led the podcast and guests. I would say a couple things one and this actually goes to people looking for a Jujitsu jam look for diversity of members. If it's all eighteen to twenty, four year old men and they're trying to kill each other may not be the environment for you. I would look for a diversity in age and sex and I would look for trainers that are available that you can have a conversation with they seem genuine, and then I would go into the bathroom and take a look at how clean the bathroom is just like Mr. Frankel said on the full out of Friday ahead home with Travis Davison go into the bathroom and see how much effort they put into cleaning the bathroom something that heard Greg glassman say and his incredibly true if they care about what they're doing, it looked like you could eat dinner off the floor they don't give a shit looks like a dumpster fire perhaps go somewhere else. All right. Do you think how nick do you think we are headed towards some kind of revolution and how do you think it would play out? Thanks you have an awesome podcast. Thank you. Nick I, appreciate that. I do not think that we are headed towards some type of revolution I think that the pendulum swings to the left into the right, and eventually it will find its place in the middle. If we were to head towards a revolution and I'm GONNA use maybe you're seeing things on the news like either ANTIFA or the protesters in Portland or Seattle or wherever they're consistently getting after it. How do I think that would actually play out if A gun play specifically came into. Came into effect what I think you would see is that those protests would. vaporize. Overnight because the idea of carrying a gun and acting like you're a bad ass. Then getting into a gunfight with a trained individual or a team of individuals is who quite a stark difference. They would get their asses handed to them and I think it would shut it down almost immediately and I don't want to see that happen at all. I, support the First Amendment, as much as I support the second amendment but I really don't think we're heading down that path because I think at the end of the day. Nobody actually wants that to happen because it would be it wouldn't evolve. Our Society at all I think it would take our country in the opposite. Direction. What's one thing you'd like to do but haven't gotten the chance to do that. Let me tell you I had the exact answer. This I wanna go to Ireland because I've never been and I want to go to the Guinness Factory because I've never been there and drink Guinness from the tap and then offer them. Whatever amount of money that they want to allow me to swim in the Guinness Tank? That is the one thing that I'd like to do in all seriousness no I would like to Ireland and go see the Guinness Factory. What are some of your favorite dishes that the Afghans in Iraqis cooked a no community relations was important. So I figured you guys would sit down for dinner with them at times. Let me just tell you something if forced between Afghani Iraqi food I would choose starvation. I got so sick in both countries from local food that I would go to dinners and I. Would pick at the things that I could recognize and I drink more water than anything and lose weight and not eat the food. I have never been so sick in my life and I'm not talking down about Iraqi. Ref Gani food. But I'm saying I've had bad experiences both have never been extremely exploratory with my food choices as it is so yeah, I, choose starvation. Are you surprised that tactical asshole actual was not banned from a daily. Yes. I am because I put that video back up of the blowing his head off, and it actually stayed up I consider that a victory over the Internet. Recommended training in addition to be JJ this is ethan I'd say stand up of some kind you should here's the thing manage all of your ranges and distances. So I would say managed the mid range when somebody has their hands on you and you can't get them off which would be grappling and largely Brazilian Jujitsu and then some striking distance, and then you know what? There's something that can add to that distance and that would be a gun if you feel comfortable doing that manage all of your distances be competent and deadly in all of them, and then you're really not going to have to worry about anybody doing anything. Aaron Kaiser. As a frog member from Danny's it's cracked up to be I can't say I've had the Frogman Berg. Burger. What they're talking about a Danny's restaurant on Orange Avenue in Coronado the hamburgers in there are lights out. Good. If you ever go to Coronado, go to Danny's in, get a hamburger with it, I would go with a Guinness. How accurate in bad ass was the act of valor hot extraction seen a refuse to watch that movie. I don't know what the scene is but I'm going to say was absolute. Dog Shit. Matthew Webster Red Velvet cake or chocolate cake both in him at the same time, I could put both pieces that on one four can shove that in my face. Brian blankenship a female friend of my daughter is the navy with the goal of going to buds. Other than don't quit any particular advice for a young woman who intends to pursue that path. Dan Interesting question off the top of my head. I would say expect no quarter from anybody you either go in with the ability to achieve the standards and exceed them or you should expect you are going to get shit canned period. The standard should be blind she should expect no special treatment and I wish her the absolute best of luck. WHO's the best archer out of YOU JAAKKO or Rogan leave that up to doubly On is too much. Auto depends on what you're talking about it. We talking about a car or a gun, my theory on guns when it comes to fully automatic as there's two types of people that use them actors and Assholes, you pick which one you would like to be. Which dress blues uniform is the best the Marine Corps is have the best looking class a uniforms hands down anybody who says different can go fuck themselves. P Duffy you could interview anybody from the past or present. WHO WOULD IT BE? I'm going to go with Adolf Hitler I would interview him and then choke him to fucking death that way we wouldn't have to deal with his bullshit The last one. Trying. To find a good one here. Don Tom. Have I shot a mule deer yet if so how big was it will end on this because it's almost hunting season yes. I have shot one mule deer. Full disclosure. I've shot at many more mule deer, but I've killed one. How big was it was about ten hands and that is it for full of freedom. If he has got questioned symbol same way you did and either contact buttons on Andy Stump Dot Com or cleared podcast. Please put full out of Friday in the subject line. So I can google search at easily. See you next Friday.

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Free Chapters of The Hilarious World of Depression: The Book: The Audiobook

The Hilarious World of Depression

00:00 sec | 6 months ago

Free Chapters of The Hilarious World of Depression: The Book: The Audiobook

"It's the hilarious world of depression. I'm John Mo and by the hilarious world of depression I mean the podcast and the book of the same name by me. John Mo- I today. We're bringing you a couple of selections from the official unabridged audio version of the book. A book you will have an opportunity to own at the same time. You're helping the show. It's all synergy you guys. There's so much synergy if you listen to this podcast. You might have gathered some information about me approximate age where I live where I'm from but I pretty much turn the spotlight on the other person because one that's what interviews are and to because I'm just curious about people and about depression. I'm curious how depression appears how it presents itself what it does what works to address it. What doesn't work and four years into this podcast? More curious than ever after we'd been making this show for a season or two. I was approached to write a memoir and I didn't like the idea. I didn't think my life was as interesting as those of the people I was talking to. I didn't think my story would matter to anyone which was humility talking but also depression. I think I couldn't grasp the idea that I mattered to people. It was like being told I could fly and I was like well. No of course. I can't fly. Finally I was told by people who knew my story and who knew more about books than I did that telling about my life and my challenges with depression and how this program came to exist. That could help people which totally press my button. Helping people is all I want to do with my professional life so I said Okay and took a year to write it and another year to revise it and here it is but before we start i WanNa thank you sincerely for listening you turn to the hilarious world of depression to feel less alone and role. I think and from what you've been telling us is more important now than ever before every may we observe mental health awareness month but this year many of us are feeling especially isolated and attuned to our mental health and a lot of us are struggling through these interviews. We find humor. In some of life's darkest moments we can find ways to make carrying the burden of depression a little more bearable and we find themes treatments common threads together. We navigate depression anxiety and now this virus and together is how we make the show. We are public media program. We rely on hundreds of people giving what they can. Our average donation is about fifty dollars for a one time donation or seven dollars for a monthly. Now you are listening to this right now. You're hearing my voice. So yes you are a part of our community. And here's the deal. Here's the community news. It's a tough time for US financially. And we need you to give generously whatever that means for you to keep this show going please. Head to hilarious world dot org slash. Donate we've got thank you gifts including signed and personalized copies of my book. The very book. You're going to listen to in this episode. Lots of other premium gifts as well go. Check it out hilarious world dot org slash donate. Okay here we go. Let's listen to chapter one of the hilarious world of depression. The book chapter one in which I finally get better. It was summer outside. Bright and humid and I was inside sitting in a big poofy chair ready to get into it with a new therapist. I'll probably make jokes. I said to begin our first appointment. It's part of the way I talk. I like to make jokes about grim and grisly stuff as a way of facing the jokes the laughs. That's oxygen for me. Maybe it's deflection. I'm not sure I don't think so. You tell me okay. Julia said this was the intake session. Where you tell the therapist your story and include descriptions of family of origin traumas any occurrence of mental illness in your family tree current life health habits and the reason you made the appointment that put you in the poofy chair. I've been depressed my whole life but I only found out about twelve years ago. I've been kind of faking my way through since childhood. I've managed to stop getting worse. I wanted to be better. Well let's see if we can do something about that said Julie. I liked her. Finding a therapist is a bit like dating. You might have to have some very boring or weird or tents meetings before you find someone you connect with. I was fortunate that this felt good right away. For various reasons mostly had short term relationships with therapists in the past just flings. Even a few one session stands. I'd never been able to make much of a commitment. My mind was a wild stallion that demanded to run free. I continued. I have to say though. I have a lot of reasons to think this won't work. And yes I know that might be the depression talking. But it's also the only evidence I've it's never gotten better before really. So how could it but yes? I'm ready to try. I hope it works. I doubt it will. Julia was a bit younger than me. But old enough to have lived a life she probably experienced hardship probably had someone close to her die so I felt like she would know what I was talking about. She was cheerful but reserved. Reminding me of someone I might have known in college who is in a Sorority but also kind of knew how silly sororities were. What's really I guess? Dumb about? This is that I've got this show I host. It's a podcast about depression. So spend all day at work thinking about this stuff and a lot of time outside work talking about the stuff. I travel places to give speeches about this stuff right now. I'm working on a book about this stuff too but it all came out of this podcast. I know the podcast. Well she said you emailed me about it but I already knew it. I had emailed her but figured she wouldn't read the email or remembered if she had because I'm dumb and worthless and everyone hates me. This didn't make me sad. It's the way I understood the world to be kept talking like I do but the thing about that show is that it's mostly about other people's Depression. I feel like I understand other people's depression pretty well. Actually I can quickly figure out what their issues are and draw information and stories out of them make connections. They hadn't thought of the thing is I don't know what is going on with me. It's hard to see a skyscraper from inside the skyscraper. My first appointment with Julie took place after two full seasons of the hilarious world of depression. By the time I talked to her I had conducted a couple of years worth of deep and lengthy interviews with comedians musicians and writers who had dealt with clinical depression or Clinton D as we had taken to calling it on the show. I'd also spent a lot of time with my public radio colleagues discussing those interviews and how best to present them in order to inform enlighten and entertain our audience. This moment here with Julie was really the first time I had attempted to do anything to improve my own mental health which had ranged from getting by two disastrous. For most of my life. I spent years exhorting people to get help and to believe that they could get better while. Never believing that about myself. Instead of attempting to actually improve the health of my mind I had always looked for ways to just hold on for a longer essentially. It was as if I were living in a house. That catching on fire. But all I had ever tried to do was doused. The flames from their against the plan was to sit in. This charred smoke-damaged House and say well. Now everything is okay without having any intention of fixing the walls patching the roof or figuring out where the goddamn flames kept coming from the first place friends. That's just bad property management. I had ended up believing that it was just too late for me. I was never going to do any better with my mental health. So the best case scenario was to do no worse. I wasn't thrilled about that but I accepted it. The notion of improving seemed a lot like getting your arm bitten off by a shark and then waiting for new arm to grow back. What you really need to do. Then is stop the bleeding and launch podcast about shark bite wounds. Okay for real though. They're going to be a lot of metaphors and symbols in this book. I can't even define depression. I've never found anyone who could. That's part of the problem so reader it'll be analogy. Gogo from Huron Strap in. I was in Julie's office because there was finally a critical mass of significant events in my life that made seeking help seem viable and sort of urgent in prevention of dying. Kind of way one was that I was turning fifty which is only still middle age if you plan to be one hundred frankly the sands of my mortal life were falling into the bottom part of the hourglass. I was on deadline before my dead line. Also lately I kept wanting to not so much die as simply not be alive anymore. I didn't WANNA kill myself. God No far from it. I just kept thinking about how nothingness nothingness in which I am. Not even aware of nothingness would be sort of delicious this even though the world has wonderful stuff to offer like my family and ice cream and the NBA playoffs. I'd be driving into work or cleaning the kitchen or trying to sleep and boom. There came the thoughts of longing for the void. Avoid that I fully understood I would not perceive because that's the thing about voids. This feeling was morbid and yes depressing but it was also just pesky what it really was of course was a mind wanted to rest but kept worrying along and pushing me to dark places. Unique brand of depression response to stress specifically it blows up under stress. When the going gets tough I don't get amped up. I get despondent. I turn into a human version of a song by the smiths. By the time I reached for the phone to call Julie for an appointment I was basically Morrissey crooning alone in a darkened basement. Stressors included my soon to be high school senior son. Charley Getting Ready to apply to colleges booking the next season of our show and trying to do a good job writing the book. You're listening to right now and yes. There's always stress in life. We all go through stuff. But the rate at which is metabolized stress into depression had gone through the roof. It was a brutally efficient machine. What do you have to be stressed about? The normies might have said if I ever talked about these things with normal people. You have a family a house car a good job just deal with it as if I could simply do that as if I chose this as if I looked at the options available to me and they were clearly labeled perseverance and freaking the fuck out all the time and calmly said Yes I select option B. normies and sandy's are different. Uc Let's say there's a long bridge going over a High Canyon and there are two cars on it one for the normies and one for the Sandys the normies are in a big land yacht of a buick weighs a ton low to the ground. What a stiff wind blows. The normies feel a mild push but continued driving perhaps casually noting that. It's getting windy out there. Then they go back to listen to. I Dunno foo fighters the SANDIES are piled into a model t with a sail on top of it. For some reason they see the wind coming and it's all they can do to keep from being blown off the road and plunging into the Canyon. The normies struggle and wonder where the problem is because to them. The wind doesn't seem that bad. Try being more positive than shout as the SANDIES Model T. goes tumbling off the side. And the Saudis. Deploy the parachutes. They've gotten used to wearing. I'd had good therapists in the past briefly but all I ever took away from. Therapy was a somewhat clearer. Understanding of how messed up I was. That's helpful Shir but it's not really progress like knowing the brand of refrigerator you're locked in and this was not the fault of the therapists I had seen. Who were all trained pros and good at their jobs? It was my fault or cleaning these fault. I never wanted to go all that deepen therapy. Because that's where the monsters were. I'm talking about the really really bad memories. The deep bruises the scars the events that significantly shape a person through injury trauma rather than tackle the past. I was willing to settle for a tense ceasefire with it. Letting my life be like Middle East countries that hate each other. There would be car bombings but a homeland is a homeland. I'd gone through life with the belief often heard in simple-minded quarters of popular psychology that the past is the past and you just have to move on let it go the simple minded say again as if no one had ever tried that before Don Henley and Glenn Fry wrote a song along these lines called get over it my response on would be called fuck off Don Henley Glenn Fry. You don't know what you're talking about. I suspect most people who choose the willfully simplistic Henley method are people who've never had much unpleasant stuff in their pass to begin with because this notion is some bullshit. If you can't understand your past then you don't really know how your mind got to where it is now because you simply don't know yourself making matters worse. Depression causes the saddest to lose hope. It inserts despair where hope should go. And you're left at least suspecting if not believing in your heart that nothing will or even could get better so to figure things out. I mean. Depression doesn't even want you to get up. Take a shower and brush your teeth so something like figuring out and how your own mind works. Feels about as easy as taking a bus to Mars over and over and interviews I conducted for the show I heard about. Cbt cognitive behavioral therapy. It's a practical method of psychological counseling. That's built around retraining. Once thought patterns so that everyday stimuli aren't converted into toxic thoughts you tear down the old roads that always go to the bad parts of town and you build strong new highways to prosperous neighborhoods on the show. It was the guest who had gone through. Cbt who seemed to be doing the best. So when I went to find a new therapist I limited my search. They had to offer this specific approach. They had to be relatively close to my house so I couldn't talk my way out of going. And they couldn't be like twenty three and or named Christine with a K. An I at the end in that First Session. I only got about halfway. Through my biography I think most therapists and patients can get this all done in one session but we had to schedule a second fully. Describe all the MIC. I recall Julie's mouth actually dropping open during one description of family behaving in a not at all nurturing manner when you've shocked a professional therapist you've accomplished something at the end of the second half of intake. Julie paused collected some thoughts. And Said you've been through more than most other people. I gave myself a little mental high five for being the trauma champ quickly imagining lavish yet morose award ceremony. The longest road person with depression travels can often be the one between where they are at present and where they can get help to improve seeking them out making that appointment and keeping that appointment can be a Herculean task and yes. That sounds well crazy. If you can get better. Why wouldn't you want to do that as soon as possible? It's like being super hungry but reluctant to go to the Free Pizza. Store located ten feet away. I don't know how the free pizza store stays in business honestly. Also now. I imagine depressed Hercules trying to figure out what therapist is in his insurance network and wishing he had some pizza what keeps people away is a fear one. That depression itself is delighted to stoke that. As long as you don't find out you have mental health problems then. You somehow don't have mental health problems if you never get a good look at the monster. Then there's no need to fight the monster. The problem there is that yeah that monster is real and if you opt out of fighting it the monster simply beats the crap out of you all the time. While I had the monster pretty well contained. I wanted to start throwing some punches. I wanted to feel better so we got to work unpacking at all. We have another section coming up. We think you might really enjoy in just a moment on this special edition of the hilarious world of depression. The podcast the book about the podcast as I mentioned at the top of this episode. We are in a tight spot financially. In Times of uncertainty there is strength in our diversity as a community and on this show you've heard from comedians child actors writers Drag Queen and so many more different sorts of people and we know our audience comes from all kinds of people all around the world. Some of you aren't in a position to donate right now. I understand that but a lot of you are and we're counting on you. Please step up and give as generously as you can. 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Make it not so scary. Let's not kid ourselves. It's serious good. News is that people can and do recover the get help. And that's why we need to make it okay to talk openly that can be an awkward conversation but make it okay dot org is full of information you can use what to say what not to say and stories from people who tell you what it's like to live with depression anxiety and other mental illnesses go to make it okay dot org where you can take the pledge to make it. Okay thank you so much to health partners and make it. Okay for joining us in fighting stigma so we can get better. Okay now back to the audiobook. I feel strongly about dogs. I Love Dogs as a distraction. Yes but also as role models. This is part of chapter thirteen from the hilarious world of depression. The book the Audio Book Chapter. Thirteen things that make me stronger. Nothing works for everyone but for most people with depression. There's something out there that will make a positive difference. It might mean a long and laborious trial and error period and it might also involve a serendipitous discovery in unlikely places. Here are some things outside meds and therapy that worked for me. Dogs get a dog. Get two dogs much like having children. It can sometimes feel like you made a horrible mistake bringing dogs into your life. What with the noise and the POO and the expense and the sleep. You'll lose and never ever get back but unlike a child a dog will almost never crash your car spill truth about you in a memoir or go to an expensive liberal arts college and if those things do happen you've got a very clever dog indeed and can exploit it for money it's conclusive dogs are better than children. I would apologize here to my own children but I'm confident they can construct the same argument in the matter of dogs versus parents. Besides they never read my books so who cares in our Seattle Days Jalen. I owned a Beagle named lucky but after Cape came along. Lucky simply couldn't handle life terrified that a new baby would mean no more food for her. She began making every effort safe or reckless to acquire it. Leaping to countertops falling off countertops. Wedging herself behind the Fridge. And anything else she could think of at one point. She was so determined to get inside. A PLASTIC LID covered container. She thought contained food. It did not that. She ended up dislodging. Her lower jaw requiring an emergency trip to the vet with a slack jawed crazed Beagle who somehow regretted nothing. We chose to side with our human children and found lucky. A new home with a woman who lived alone and love beagles so we had seen how the dog thing could go bad and needed. Only the mental image of a Beagle with a slack swinging jaw to remind us in two thousand nine. We had lived in Saint Paul for a year and Charlie. Now eight and kate now five had begun an earnest lobbying process they acquired library books about dogs and they would find sections about their preferred breeds and leave the books open to those pages around the house. When we mentioned it was a nice day and they should go outside. They would note how fun it would be to play. Fetch with a dog if we had one which they could not help but notice. We did not the crushing blow came. When at their request we watched the movie hotel for dogs. A family movie about a hotel for dogs. Don cheadle who also starred in the not similar hotel. Rwanda plays the social worker. Who Ends up running a dog hotel. While somehow never being overpowered by what must be a debilitating stench of urine the kids tears and lamentations at the end of that movie caused. Jilin me to cave. I cautioned Charlie and Kate. That dogs are not toys. They need a lot of care feeding walks cleaning up and it's emotional two and one day they die that's not true said Charlie Scowling and my ignorance. That's not how dogs work. Of course it is. I replied dogs. Don't die the same day you get them he said usually at least I said one day they die. Oh said Charlie I thought you said. In one day they die. Yeah we know they die. Dad Everything dies baby. That's a fact I said winging a Bruce springsteen reference over his head Dave was a small nervous mixed breed who though only a couple of years old had been through a few owners already. All the wires were connected wrong inside Dave's brain and as a result. He did a lot of things backward. When I would come home from work Dave instead of rushing to greet me and deliver affection would bark ferociously as if I were a persistent robbe