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"dave hillenbrand" Discussed on WJR 760

"Kick-starting big plans city works to spur action on long-stalled development projects. Yes. There's a whole whole group large group of of redevelopment projects in Detroit mid-size hundred department type things. That the city has awarded over the past several years that for one reason or another having a hard time getting off the ground. So the city doing a big review talking to these folks trying to see what can we do to get shovels in the ground in the next three to six months? They're putting pressure on partly because there's there's some out there a recession the next couple of years, which would make it even more difficult to get the project started if they can get more of them underway. They're more likely to finish them, obviously includes which projects such as paradise valley. Harmony park redevelopment and many others. We have a big long list. Hopefully, hopefully, they'll have some success in in getting these projects moving. Yeah. Well, certainly would hope so because we've had a lot of success with a lot of projects thus far. I would like to can't always stay hot and pushing and win. They developed and real estate development is complicated. Putting together financing and clear title in and this. And that is you know, it's it's it's not an easy business. Interesting that that Delphi technologies. I had to do a double take when I got my super-secret early Inc. Still wet copy of Crain's Detroit business over the weekend at the house. I look twice at this story with with what's going on with a new CEO at Delphi technologies. Doc. Yeah. They they've hired Richard out to to run to run the company. He is of course, the son of dick Dow who was the longtime Boston American Axle, both his sons were executives. There is other son is still the CEO mcdavid CEO now, right? Yes. Yup. Yup. He's divide that Richard taking the reins at Delphi. Big challenge. This is the part of Delphi that that was the the power powertrain business the fancy electronics business editor time when really the, you know, the makers are turning away from from gas powered engines toward electric, so it's it's company. That's that's. Flex for a while. All right. Well, we certainly wish him well. And he's got a great company. We were we were there from the beginning of Delphi. JT Battenberg the third who was given their project with the belief that it would fail, and he wouldn't let it fail and that was a long long story long long road overs over the last twenty five years. The rumblings column says you have some news that Dave Hillenbrand who just finished up chairing the appropriations committee in the state Senate is going to join a lobbying firm east going directly from from from the Senate to to to lobbying. He's joining the Kelly costarring lobbying firm founded by by impart by former attorney General Frank Kelly. It's not necessarily surprising news. We'll get people talking for sure because because it has long been criticism of people going directly from government to to the lobbying. There's been a passing of the torch. I spoke to Keith Crain that too long well, probably around Christmas to say merry Christmas and all of that. But he talked about basically passing the torch to son Casey who has been president for a while. Now, it's Casey that's that's writing the editorial in Crain's Detroit business, and he did a fine. One on the auto show. Matter of fact, came case Casey is as publisher of Crain's Detroit going to be rating is gonna be writing columns, and he made a debut this week. Really good. Really good Columbine. The auto show taking a part of you know, why it sees the need to change and besides just moving from January to June. But really changing the whole shape of this show to include more more more interactive exhibits, outdoor stuff that sort of thing a really strikes optimistic tone on the opportunity that this provides. Of course, has a huge economic impact here. And and it really needs to succeed in this transition at a time when Otto shows are changing in the automakers are a mess less than less and less valuable at least in their old attorneys. I hope they remember just how valuable this one is to the city right half billion dollars worth of importance to our area. Mike Lee, always a pleasure Super Bowls. Yeah. Right..

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