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"dauphin levin" Discussed on Eyewitness Beauty

"And if I tried to make a mood board for my idea for the shoot that we're doing out of just photographer a's pictures, it wouldn't be anything different than what photographer a has done for other brands or for magazines. So I end up then pulling references from other photographers and in the wrong hands, I think it could probably turn into copy and paste culture, but I feel like the best creators the best artists the best creatives move it forward in some interesting way. And the context becomes interesting that break the Internet Kim Kardashian picture that was a reference to a Jean-Paul goude. That he took in the 70s. Yes, it's the same visual concept, but not the same sort of cultural concept, I guess. This conversation may be one that we should have just had to get there. And not on a podcast. I don't know if it's interesting to anyone else. But I find like the context, the most interesting thing these days. Like to me, for example, I'm not into euphoria because I don't feel like it's doing anything new. Interesting. It's like kids. Yeah, it's Larry Clark. It's like glorifying depravity and lower middle class. And then the newness is that it's current references and current life depicted in that same genre. Okay, fine, I guess my other issue with euphoria is that the creator is a rich white straight boy. He's actually not the creator. Did you know it's based off of a show? No, apparently it's based off of a show that had already existed in Slovenia or something wait hold on. Okay, but he developed it for America from that perspective. I'm just like whenever I see you for it, I'm like this feels like voyeuristic and almost like a rich kid from LA or New York, being like, I wonder what it's like to not have money and live inland. You know what I mean? And then they must be doing heroin and fucking each other's dads. And I feel like that doesn't feel authentic at all to me. That's not what your high school experience was? No. Listen, I went to public school in Dallas and I have to say it got pretty dark. So I don't know. I feel like just because it wasn't everyone's experience. I think a lot of people do find that there's overlap. Sorry, one aside, I just want to give credit where credit's due. Euphoria is an Israeli teen drama. Miniseries created and written by Ron leschen and directed by dauphin Levin..

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