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"dato wtn" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Children learn more at Saint you dot org Wondering oh my God. That's beautiful what would they be. Able to do we have what we call a companion down for every episode and the companion, download and, three of, them contains. All of the music that you hear in the order it was presented on the little half hour show in its entirety so the companion, download for one, is an hour and a half of music while, in episode two because it's the nine seventy three and a half hours of music and an. Episode three it's two and a half hours so that they're eight dollars each we've wow so, you're, gonna, get concert and also you're getting the ability Steven tell, me I'm wrong here too if something Appeals. Hugh statically orally and you say I want to hear more of that you can listen, to more of it and if you know Mike get you can move onto the next Jackley. While in the half hour shows, we don't identify, the performers. The orchestras and some of my friends? Have said well that's a sacrilege and I didn't want to interrupt the flow of, the narrative to say well it's on this recording and that but that's all there. In the website everything right down to the last second could complain. About that because it would interrupt what right what so far from what I've heard is Mr. Tibbets, unbelievably cool articulate and very moving narrative before I let Steve go let's hear a bit, of the final the clip from the third episode of classical profiles. Beethoven don't, you think Mozart eventually when he gets his time is going to. Get ten episodes you may one. Day half Do like more Beethoven at twenty twenty is a big year, for Beethoven it's the two hundred fiftieth anniversary birth okay so we're gearing up for big one. Because three doesn't seem enough The Bob. Dylan of his time very talented guy let's hear if we could actually the third during the waning months of eighteen twenty six early spring eighteen twenty seven Dato wtn's health. Rapidly deteriorates. He is confined to his bed visitors come and go the legend that. At the time of his death late. In. The afternoon of twenty six March a fierce thunderstorm erupts it's true He raises his fist. Then nothing Only his, formerly strange sister-in-law Johanna was present contributing causes of death, are. Attributed to typhus liver, disease syphilis Among the. Effects left behind, as a miniature ivory portrait of Antony Brentano the immortal, beloved And the manuscript of the. High leakage stock testament It's a lovely funeral as the would say many thousands of mourners crowded the streets on March twenty nine One of the torchbearers..

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