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"data sorority inc." Discussed on The Brown Girls Guide to Politics

"Jennifer welcome to the PODCAST. How are you I? AM good good <hes>. Thank you for having me. Here of course I'm so excited for everyone to hear from my plus one from the she. The people list and learn why I just had to choose you. First question is winded your love of politics begin. Believe my level of politics began when I saw that. Being in a position of power away to make real change, and so I was just you know, gripe all the time about being in traffic traveling, you know two hours to go twenty miles and <hes>. Why are schools segregated employees funded? And you know trying to help my foster children, and there's so many a deficits in the system. And why weren't anyone speaking about? These issues got frustrated with those things that I wanted to be a part of the solution <hes> to solve a lot of these problems and I figured out with early that politics. Politics is a way to do it. That's the way that you are invited to the table and <hes>. Your brother's decisions are being made, but we're definitely GONNA dive into all the amazing work that you have done, but you are a laser in so many ways. You became one of the first black woman to graduate from the historically. All Mel Virginia Military Institute, which just Kudos to you I did Air Force Junior ROTC in high school. That was enough for me, but what made you apply? And what were you thinking when you got accepted? So I applied to Virginia. Military Institute because I was watching the Virginia Military Institute. Supreme Court decision on TV. Them is one of the top military colleges in this country, and they spent millions of dollars to keep women out of doors. And when I was in that high school classroom I remember hearing men in the class. They think like women don't belong where fear your. We can't run as fast as hard and we're not as smart. And <hes> I remember hearing justice. GINSBURG say <hes> basically that women can do all things if given the opportunity and I agree. And Tokyo's men that I'm just smart and just as capable and powerful as any man in that class, and I mentioned. So is that that time that my best friend? He was going to go to west point, and he walked up to me, and he said I'm going to go with you when you go to them. I because I want to be there to watch you when you fail. Even dough right? We were friends. Don't forget them still female and therefore interior. So I looked at him, and said challenge accepted. And, so he went to BMI, so did I and other meal in our class. And when they got their head shaped ball, so did I and they gave me a management for 'cause. The might have changed any of his standards for women. And actor years of marching wedding and bleeding beside over a thousand male cadet. Out of the other two men who with me to be a month, I'm the only one who of us walk across that. Virginia military stage, and so that's what I would lie and that's why I'm happy that I graduated succeeded. Oh my goodness, so we know that was not the first time he had to deal with men. Telling you that you couldn't do something. It wasn't your turn. You also experienced this. When you ran for office when he ran for Virginia. Delegate, you were not the quote. Unquote preferred candidates by Iran. Anyway you did our emerge boot camp. You are my emerge sister and you also ran your campaign while pregnant with twins. So tell everyone just the whole story about when made you WANNA run running for office while pregnant and just the entire experience of knowing that you were the best candidate to represent your district. Yeah, absolutely, so I decided to run in two thousand seventeen, because you know I was just tired of the partisan politics and the divisive rhetoric that was happening, and I always thought. How could we lack someone so bigoted and racist and xenophobic and homophobic to the leader of the free world and I knew then that we needed a response to talk. We needed a response design of politics that were happening in Richmond where they were trying to pass. A transactional ultra sank town bill and they put politically. Politically motivated and medically unnecessary restrictions on women's reproductive health care, or they weren't fully funding education in a way that makes sense, and so I decided to do something about it, and being one of the first public defenders ever like Virginia. General, assembly <hes> when I was practicing as a public defender I just saw so many of the inequities in our system, and how we have a two tier criminal justice here, Virginia one for the wealthy, and by themselves out of prison in one for everyone else. And, so I knew I could continue to be you know a community organizer in foster mom, and do all these things to help the community and fight against that laws, or I could become a delegate impact. Good one. So those are the things that really put the fire and leave me in order to <hes> for office while pregnant was not just one with two baby. And you know run against what was pretty much. Thought is as the establishment candidate who had all the endorsements? He outraced me four to one, and it didn't matter because I knew that I was the better candidate, and even though I could. I would be outraged. I knew that I would never outworked.

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