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"das liens" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"das liens" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"And he just wasn't doing it. Now he's unlucky in Bahrain, Oklahoma tapped him around at the start, actually ends up having a big impact on his result at the end, right? Miami, crashing into Sebastian Vettel, that was that's why he's rankings loadouts. Why is down in 19 in the pure numbers average, right? Because it was just a lost his head at that point. And then you have a massive accident again in Monaco. Is the Saudi situation right? You can't crash massively like that and not let it affect your score. And there was big pressure on him, and I think the team were very honest about that is that we have to see something soon. He has to he has to finally step up, or he was in danger there. He did do it. He was brilliant at Silverstone. It would have been a very unfortunate if Max Verstappen's defense and his sort of half half attacking had all gone wrong. What's interesting there is that I think it does unfortunately show what kind of Schumacher he is. I don't think that's would have defended as he did against his dad. And also Michael would have just gone in a minute. What are you doing? I'll have you off the road and it will be your fault. But Nick wouldn't have done that. So he sort of interesting there. But still, let's take the positives as I've said, we don't think there are any bad formula on drivers, they're just different rates of good, right? At least he has seemed to have stepped up. He is made the most of some of those opportunities and well done to him. Yeah, I thought his Austria weekend was very good. What he was qualified well, then in the sprint he was kept saying that I'm faster and faster, and there was a little bit of needle there, actually, between the two half drivers, but yeah, and then I think executed it very well in the race and you look up performances like that and you're like, okay, you can do it. That really, I think, has proven a lot of people wrong about sort of saying, oh, is he ever going to score points? And what is he doing? So I think now in the second half of season, he's got to really get the update from spar onwards on that car and really just sort of say right, this is my seat. This is why I'm on the grid. This is what I can do. And deliver it week in week out because we've seen glimpses of it this season, but it needs to be a bit more consistent. A Pierre and Yuki at alpha tauri, how are they doing? And they seem to be having fun if that counts for anything. But what have they got to do in the second half of the season to make this a good year do you think? Lots as a teammate powering now. They're collectively bottom bottom as gasly 16th tsunoda 19th. Tsunoda, some massive shunts and big arrows even at the weekend spinning over hungry. Okay, it's sort of an anonymous one, but your ship's three places and you shouldn't have done it. And in the same way that Norris and annihilating Ricardo helps his hopes his order, the fact that das liens and sonoda competitive are all can flip quite often in what is, let's be honest, it's a really bad car with the ATO three. That's what bought them both down together. The fact that gasly a race when it hasn't distanced tsunoda, but cenote is not having a great season either. So they've held each other a down. What they're finding is that it's a far less consistent cards what they had last year and gasly compared it to 2018 when he was with Toro Rosso. And some weekends, the car would absolutely be hooked up and perfect, and we saw that in the second race that season in Bahrain where he finished fourth and everyone went, oh, this is Red Bull's great new hope and Honda of finally made it work and everything. And the highs are high, but the lows are pretty low, and they're more regular. And yet, we haven't seen that kind of Pierre himself like he's very pleased with the job he's done this year. And he's trying to be more and more of a leader if I answer. But they are really, really struggling. They waited for so long for those updates and put them on the car, and they've not really done a lot. And there's still really confused by what it's doing. Sonoda, he actually asked him in France when we spoke, so what would you rate your season out of ten? And he said, I'll give it a 7 before, he said, I'll give it a 7. But before silverson and Canada were too bad weekends, he gave 8.3, which is quite precise with him. By wonder what now after France and Hungary as well because it's sort of, yeah, it's a bit of a slide and you're kind of wondering at the beginning of the season. You seem far more consistent like you knew a bit more what he was doing, which is something he's said himself. But now we're sort of seeing a few of those arrows slip in again. I think with gas these leaks, the inconsistent car is reflected in his driving and unfortunately that reflects poorly on him like, for example, making that track limits mistake in qualifying in Hungary, right? But with sonoda, some are the areas of being shot. It was just straight out of the pit lane. He's really poor, like really, really poor. And then Tapping his teammate around at Silverstone. It's like, what saves him really is that we tend to say three years in the third season, you expect a massive step from the driver. So if this is still happening in a year's time, because we expect him to carry on an AlphaTauri, let's face it.

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