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"daryl henderson justin jefferson" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

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"daryl henderson justin jefferson" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"We were live on spotify green room yesterday afternoon. And i'm delighted what it was. It was great It's always a good time hanging out chatting austin That name was just in all caps typed in the chat for an hour People want to know what's going to happen. What do they do non-participant on wednesday. It's been revealed that it was a hamstring injury hamstring at the very last moment in time. Are you concerned. Who do you pick up. How you feel about old awesome excellent. Yeah i mean you have to be concerned This is a little bit too early for us to have great insight and great medical knowledge. I have not seen a report that specifies the greater if anything that just popped up right. This was this was Last evening we found out about it. it it. It's possible this could be nothing. He plays sunday in everything. Good but i mean that's just not what usually happens with a hamstring injury It doesn't just disappear in a second If you pull your hamstring you've gotta have rest and so at the very least right now. You need to be targeting. The backups. there is there's two guys there. I do not believe joshua. Kelly as talent So if you are going to be targeting someone. I think you should be targeting Justin jackson agree. I do justin jackson. Yes he has. He's been that guy several times for this team. I get that we have a new coaching staff. And so maybe they have a different take on. Maybe they really liked joshua kelly. But it's hard to imagine the The new regime just throwing out all the tape of justin jackson whose houston kelly does. He's more versatile. Yeah jackson is a good player. He's not better than austin but he's a very competent replacement they have dealt with so many injuries in the backfield over the last couple years and last year I was trying to remember when. I missed all that time and it was. It was a knee hamstring. Issue for him where he missed the five or six games whatever. It was so one of the reasons. I don't have muscles. I know that the that's true. The damage you can't get hurt if you have no muscle. no. I mean you see this. We've seen the flexes. What is dead may never die. Maybe stuff maybe stop flexing everything. Yeah and also we're not starts the week yet and this guy probably couldn't be too obvious but go ahead and fire up your keenan allen Could call good call. Thank you chris. Godwin left off the injury report we said yesterday. I didn't think you know godwin or brown was anything to be concerned about. You had a you know a thursday night. Game clyde edwards 'alerts practicing in full courtesy. Amiel this one is not great pulled out and pulled up during a route. He doesn't feel right. It's been a long time. It's not like curtis samuel was out there two weeks ago three weeks ago. It's been a a long time since we've seen curtis samuel in. We were talking about all. He'll be you know he knows the offense so he can just acclimate. the second. he's healthy is not healthy. Yeah and that's the issue is is it's official. I mean it's done. He is absolutely not held. Is a guy. I was high on. I talked about Just a couple of weeks ago i. I've drafted him everywhere. I've got him in our family. I've got him in a league record. I think i've got them. Oh no i got sniped in the listening loser but the reality is he's had so much time to rest and recover the fact that right when he gets back it is immediately. A problem again says that this is going to be one. He's not i. I think it's could go several weeks. I think this could be something that turns into a core muscle surgery situation He is bodied now in my rankings. And i tried to make trade offers. You know for the hopeful upside. Because you know we're not doctors we don't know maybe he is. Maybe he needs one more week of rest and gets back out there. But i am completely one hundred percent Pessimistic on the outlook of curtis samuel. So logan thomas gets a bomb longer time to end third round rookie. Diani brown i think is worth a speculative add thrown on the back of the bench. Yeah i mean jason's right which. I tend to agree that there's a chance that this lingers for a really long time into surgery when i hear doesn't quite feel right after this amount of time when you start the video like it just happened to be captured him running the route and he pulls up and you can see in his face like this is a man who knows that he's not gonna be playing. He's on a road. yeah just throwing this out there for week. One players that are not on the injury report that may have popped up during the offseason. Daryl henderson justin jefferson tyler lockett. Julio jones aj brown missed practice. But it was just rest. Dj charge marvin jones. Both playing track on smith. Adam trautmann boiling. Yeah adam trautmann was not on the injury. Football day miracle. Do you want to take away your want. Johnson drafted jam i think. Johnson's still worth a speculative ad in deeper leagues. But this is. This is incredible. news fellas. Why didn't know one share this with me earlier. We've been trying to keep it from you. Yeah clearly yet. It's been really Both producers didn't want to let you know. Can i we know how you get in trouble. Means ready to go back and change my my guys. Oh absolutely absolutely yeah. I mean adam him in. I don't think you want to do that. But this that's awesome that's great. I'm not sure traveling wants you to do that already. Overcome one micro right caused injury. One one injury that seems to be healed is hunter henry. He's back so that's interesting with your johnny week one. It's interesting because you know henry last year. Six hundred plus yards at the tight end position very valuable romande. Stevenson's okay as well. Anything new brooks that broke over the last five minutes. Those are all right. You feel free to hop on mike and break in if something happens okay you got it. Be bolt be strong. That was today's news and notes brought to you by sleeper hop over there on the sleeper app..

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