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"dartmouth demons" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

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"dartmouth demons" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

"To pit. Here we go. HTP held the pit. To be fair, though, if you really wanted to get back at the pit fans, just jump on the bandwagon. Oh, oh. Oh. I could. I am one. I'm driving the pit train away from running this thing straight into the ground. I'm not going to do that. I would not do that to Jeff cable. I like him too much. I like him too much. I like pit program too much. I love pit's colors too much. I love those pit colors. Love comes from a sensor. I love them. Those are my favorite colors. If you told me to pick my favorite college colors, I would pick pit. And yet some of these fans are ruin it for me. And I should be clear. I know it's not all pit fans. It's just the guy from American pie and a few others. But still, those are the ones they should have been appreciative. Just a simple thank you GP would have been would have been okay. Thoughts on Carolina? They stink. They state boy. Oh, and 9 in quadrant one. How about this? I got four schools right now that got more quadrant one wins. The North Carolina. Louisiana Monroe, Dartmouth, central Michigan, eastern Illinois. They're all 270th or worse in the net. They all have more women. Every time. Trivia time. Okay. Mascots for all four of those schools. Louisiana Monroe? I think I got them. Joint trivia time. Okay, Louisiana Monroe, they're the eagles. I think they're the war hawks. Not a breakfast in real time here. All right, what's the next one Dartmouth? That's an easy one. What's Dartmouth? Dartmouth demons? Dartmouth is the big green. What's the next one? Central Michigan? That's an easy one. It's the chip of somethings. Come on, you're almost there. Great. Infinitesimals. The chip, the chippewas. Chip was right. And then the last one? Eastern Illinois? That's a boring one. You know what that one is? Yeah, the eastern Illinois. The eastern Illinois, we just, we just finished talking about a team with the same exact nickname. The eastern Illinois Panthers? That is correct. Okay. Let me check, let me check that Monroe one. I think there's a war hawks. I don't know if I could give you all 363 mascots slash nicknames, but I think I could come close. Warhawks, baby. Give it to me. The war hawks. 11 and 6, not the war, not hold on, war hawks, not hogs. Okay. War hogs would be badass as hell in the best one in the nickname in the entire. Arkansas should become the war hogs. They should. They really should. They might need to, to be honest. That Gonzaga can be the zags or the bulldogs. Arkansas should be the razorbacks, the hogs or the war hogs. I agree with that. Your best take on the pod in months couldn't agree more with that. And you're telling me the war hawks have a quad one win. They do. They're ranked 300, 41st in the net and they have one more quadrant one win than the preseason number one team. That is insanity. I'm looking at this schedule. There are 11 and 16 and three of the 11 wins have come against non D one teams. It's at Marshall. Okay, it's at Marshall. That's the win. They went and messed up the war hall. You don't remember when the war hawks got the thundering heard? I do not. You don't remember that? This leads me to an even better trivia time. Let's go. Trivia time. There are 6 power conferences in college basketball. ACC Big Ten big 12 big east, PAC 12 SEC. In those 6 conferences, there are 9 schools. Steal without a single quadrant one win. Oh, this is a good one, GP. North Carolina is obviously one of them. So I'm looking for the other 8. What other 8 power conference schools still do not have a quadrant one win? All right, the big 6 conferences. All right, UNC is one. Louisville is another.

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