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Coronavirus: Australia sends 1,000 army personnel to Victoria to fight outbreak

Monocle 24: The Briefing

04:44 min | 3 years ago

Coronavirus: Australia sends 1,000 army personnel to Victoria to fight outbreak

"We Begin Today's program in Australia which is preparing to deploy its army to help deal with the surging corona virus cases in the state of Victoria public health workers are knocking on the doors of thousands of homes, offering free tests. One regional health minister has warned his residents don't go to Melbourne well, let's get the very latest now with Karen Middleton. WHO's a Saturday? Papers chief political correspondent in Cambria Carrot, welcome back to monocle twenty four. Could you just bring up to date, please? Yes. Indeed, we've been down. Congratulating ourselves a bit here in Australia that we've been doing well with reducing the infection rod across the country, and all of a sudden in the state of Victoria capital of which is Melbourne as you mentioned. They have seen a reversal of that for the past nine days. They've had double digit infection rates now of course, compared to the rest of the world, and particularly some hot spots around the world. That's very very small, but we all know that the virus stopped small and spreads fast and so double digit infection rights can quickly guard glory to more than that, and in fact yesterday they. announced they had seventeen new infections and today is struggling time that that number is thirty three new infections, so you can see these exponentially growing again, and that's going in the wrong direction as far as the government is concerned, so there's now an all out effort to try and taste the people in the hot spots around Melbourne. which is in the northwest of the city, and in the southeast of the city to try and find out how this is spreading, and to stop it as quickly as possible. You said they sort of all out attempt. It seems to be very rapid and very thorough people knocking on doors and the army being boughten. Yes, that's right I. mean the testing regime is more intense than it was at the beginning of the pandemic, because here in Australia, just like everywhere else the capacity petition as much more now than it was early on when the whole country with on higher alert, so these inability should test more people now that it will include people who aren't showing any symptoms any respiratory symptoms. Symptoms that might indicate covid nineteen, so they really trying to get as many people tested in those hotspot areas as possible. They're recommending that people don't move around the city and Dart Melbourne. If I particularly come from those areas people in other parts of the country, being urged not to go to heaven, so we we do have a slot pariah situation for one stage, but. The attempt is to try, and really could title that infection and as you say. The army is being holding interestingly tonight. The request for the army that came from the state government has been scaled down somewhat. It's evening here in Australia and earlier today, the premier of Victoria had for about a thousand troops to come to help with. Tasting and transport and other areas like monitoring hotel biased quarantaine. He's now scowled down that request to any about one hundred and fifty from one thousand, so to be unclear, exactly how many will do, and whether there will be involved in the knocking on doors, and the army has been doing that in other parts of Australia. Pandemic and date was called out to help with the bushfire crisis earlier in the year two, so the first time, the army's beat out, but it does indicate that these some urgent situation. How much faith is that in the authorities to do the right thing and act promptly, because it's always a question of trust, isn't it between the Guardians of the station, those who live in it. Yes I think there's a considerable degree of confidence here. Because a strategy has will seem fiction, writes the rest of the country with the exception of Sydney which still has. Reasonable numbers of infections compared to the rest of the country and the rest of have have next to no new infections right across Australia and I think that's a combination of the swift actions of the government, and also the response of the people who were willing to keep themselves in tain and Steinheim and wash their hands and do all the things that were asked to do and that has. Managed to keep the infection rate in check so I think people do trust the government. Unfortunately, though in some parts of the country, and clearly in these parts of Melbourne Win, the restrictions were eased a little bit. There were some people who didn't observe social distancing requirements anymore. The government in Victoria saying it was largely attributable to be family groups that were meeting and catching up. At the time the restrictions were lifted in PAPP's not staying as far as they were required to so. The now, GONNA enough. Ice With this new infection at the hubbing doesn't turn into a full blind second wife.

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