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NBA working on relationship with China after controversial tweet

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NBA working on relationship with China after controversial tweet

"Lakers are in China Darren Shanghai right now they're gonNA play a game there Thursday morning early our time four thirty our time and then they're gonNA play another game Saturday in Chins in but there is a lot of controversy swirling around something more the rockets GM tweeted last week it would be would it be misleading to say things have calmed down but Adam silver's over there he's in Shanghai he's attempting to deal with it and it's hard to say if it's down or not the original Durham won't Daryl Morey tweet fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong and China and when I say China it's not just the government it's it's actual NBA Fans in China have responded and said they basically cancelled the Houston Rockets. Yeah I which I don't know that's fair enough but it's it's realistic they really have they shut down the Houston Rockets The Houston Rockets have been the heritage beloved team in China going back to Yao. Ming and that tweet is unbelievably incendiary in Hong Kong there's a separatist movement movement and the Chinese are and when I say the Chinese it's not just the government Chinese citizens an NBA fans in China are dead set opposed that separatist movement and so it's caused a gigantic controversy here's a little bit of what Adam Silver said about it this afternoon. CCTV announced that because of my remarks supporting Daryl Mores freedom of expression not the since of his statement but his freedom of expression they were no longer going to air the Lakers Nets preseason games that are scheduled for later this week a and it's not something we expected to happen I think it's unfortunate but if that's the the consequences of US adhering to our values we still feel it's critically important we adhere to those values my plan long has been to travel to Shanghai tomorrow and I plan to attend the Lakers Nets game Thursday night it's my hope that when I'm in Shanghai I can meet with the appropriate officials and discuss where we stand and again put those remarks from Daryl Morey and my remarks in an appropriate context of a many decades long relationship and see if we can find mutual respect for each other's political systems and beliefs but I'm a realist as well recognize that this is this this issue may not die down so quickly Daryl Morey has apologized actually James Harden also made this state apologize you know we love China we love playing near I know for both of us individually we go there wants to twice a year they show the most important love so now we appreciate as a fan base and we love everything you know they're about in in no way appreciate the support that they give us individually and as an organization so You know we love you if you're wondering why Adam Silver has is kind of taken the position that he has he is he's issued a couple of statements this was too and and you know to give us a little more background Shanghai is fifteen hours ahead of us so it's tomorrow morning in Chiang it's Wednesday morning Adam Silver's already there and he's hoping to have those meetings today in his statement that he issued on Tuesday when he was in Japan he said the NBA will not put itself in a position of regulating what players employees seasoned team owners say or will not say on these issues we simply could not operate that way so he is standing up one hundred percent for not necessarily anything Darryl said or tweeted specifically but for his right to say it yes in in that's why and then as you point out there are many many people's very upset in China and we'll see what happens next but you know Michael and I are hoping touring the Games a Thursday morning and Saturday morning it'll be four thirty am both days if you want to get up early you can listen to us or we're going to simulcast those those our call on spectrum sports net too so we're just waiting to see what happens next in the story but we're looking forward to doing those games I said earlier in the show it one thing I've learned about sports and you understand this steve better than most people because you've covered so many Olympics is sports can be a great unifier it really can it can bring people together you can you can see people jumping up and down and hugging each other we don't even speak the same languages so I I'm hoping we can play the games we can bring him to you and that cooler heads will prevail but we'll see we'll see yeah there's a lot of upset people here is Rachel Nichols who's actually in China the conflict with China top of mind for the League office the NBA is actually facing backlash on both sides here they're facing backlash from those who support the anti-government protesters in Hong Kong who feel that silver hasn't gone far enough to support rockets GM Daryl Morey but they're also facing backlash inside China from those who feel that silver has not gone far enough to condemn what more he actually said one of the loudest voices in that WHO's actually hall of Famer Yao-ming who is now the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association Yao is one of the people but silver is hoping to meet with when he gets to China which will be on Wednesday yeah he sort of he's taking heat from both sides now sober both from both from people think he didn't go far enough to support Daryl Morey and people in China who think he didn't go far enough in condemning them here's Doc rivers this is new uh-huh doc rivers talking about what's going on with the NBA in China hit for saying what we believe we did as we disagree disagree I disagree with everything you say I have the right to do that and I have the right to Silverstone Tom and that's good that's good that's what this is about freedom of speech and and we should always have who consequences for what you say and that's why we get back to the Lincoln Body before you say there could be possibly and that's by the way what we're seeing we're seeing enormous consequences for Daryl Morey exercise his freedom speech and as of now Darryl still the GM of the rockets tillman for t- to the owner of the rockets came out right away soon as Daryl tweeted that and said he doesn't speak with Iraq it's he doesn't speak for the NBA. I have no problem with Daryl does her his personal views I don't think they're gonNA lose his job over this we we shared with you earlier in the show if you don't listen to US regularly we uh-huh Darryl he's been a guest on this show probably ten times he's one of the reasons he's crazy we'll talk about anything and so Adam standing behind him and saying look whether you agree with what Tara said or not he has the right to say it I think probably means I was going to hang onto his GIG but I'm speculating I don't know yeah a lot of that came up over the weekend and it seemed to calm down a little bit but again this story is continuing to unfold and we don't exactly know how it's going to turn out when all is said and done what will the relationship between China Chinese fans in the Houston Rockets be what will the relationship between China Chinese fans in the NBA be how will the be altered how will that be changed in any way we don't exactly know where it seems to me the one of the things that will be important as if Adam silver can sit down with the Ming who is a great ambassador for Basketball Chairman of Chinese basketball so that could go a long way in mending the damage that has been

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