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"darn moonie" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Football

"We're gonna quickly recap mike's wide. Receiver cornerback matches before we get into our thursday night football. Let's begin here. Mike with alan robertson. Who he called him. An upgrade facing off against cincinnati. Darn moonie where he go upgrade. Keep them coming abbots higgins other side of the game upgrade upgrade upgrade all them bengals so bengals and bears every wide receiver in that game isn't upgraded abad. Sounds like mike. You're like the guy who like the first kid comes to your to your house for halloween. Like your wife. Specifically bought like a certain amount of candy you got a ration amount verse. Kit comes in. You're like here's four snicker spar you're doing enough. You get an upgrade. You get an upgrade by extra. So i can do that. Wow this is my first year being a homeowner. I get to have people come by for for halloween to give them lots of candy. Apples and bananas. Okay i'm telling you. Fool is the only way to go as a kid that always i was crack which which neighbors ran out the real. If you wanna be a favor yeah. It's a good way to get started. I don't want any nil away. Favors not a favorite of the parents. Though art and mike you got to be upgraded. He's on core now downgraded gate and sanders downgrade. Right jarvis landry downgrade their. You have kept their five upgrade. Three downgrades for you keep in mind. This context every single sunday. We always recap it as well on fantasy football now on sunday morning to have mike there. It's always great to have. Mike join us for that portion of the show and now we turn to our thursday night football game preview and preview washing football teams three point favorite. I love this the over under his forty point five points. I love this stat. I saw this morning. I thought was interesting. Apparently the internet does as well put it on twitter. Daniel jones is four no in his career. Now actually let me take that back because some people really don't believe that windsor quarterback stat let me rephrase. The giants are four no against the washington football team when daniel jones and their starter. The giants are in five in prime time when daniel jones is their starter. Something's gotta give tonight right. One of those streaks is coming to an end. Although i did love how thousand people commented them replied like. It's definitely gonna be a tyson. I would you could be. It could be for two point. Five points is the over. But let's get into the washington side and stefania as somebody who rosters until you gibson and the war room league. I was a little bit concerned. When i saw him on the injury report on monday even during a short week. What can you tell us about his game status. He is off the injury report for the game. And even though monday was listed as limited practice tuesday and wednesday where listed as full but again in the short weeks these guys often don't practice in washington. Did not practice for real on monday or wednesday. So those were estimation so probably the notion is that they would have given him less reps to allow him some recovery time. But i don't think any worries by the way it's his shoulder. Nothing about his toe. And that was the big deal injury coming into the season. So i actually took a that. That caught my attention more that the tow is not even listed any longer. Okay so no more tokens Children concern is really no concern whatsoever. Mike he was a player that you were so optimistic about coming into the season point totals not great in week one but there were encouraging signs. No question about it. The usage wedge was exactly what we were hoping for one hundred percent. He played thirty. Think about this. He was a finnish wide receiver thirteen. He missed some time last year. Finish like me. Running back would've been good if he was maclaurin. Already jumping jumping the gun. Look he missed. He missed a few games. We saw a lot of jd mckissick and even paint and barbara. Last season. he only played thirty percent of the snaps. It was a top fifty fantasy running back. He played sixty seven percent and really good sign. We did not see very much. Eighty mcisaac twenty carries and five targets twenty five percent target sharing in that in very low volume passing in washington but nonetheless. One quarter of the targets went to him and all of that was taylor. Heineke played he started to write that game twelve and expected fantasy points at running back. Better days are certainly head. And they're facing the giants your member. Melvin gordon running for that long touchdown against some last week deal at one hundred and forty six yards and a rushing touchdown last week. Five point eight yards per carry was highest in the nfl the giants it and show us that they're dominant defense out of the gate anyway. So that's a good sign. You don't want to overreact. One week but nonetheless gibson volume talent situation good defense keeping them closer. We can run the ball plenty superpower for gibson as the top ten play all right and how term chlorine though because tear maclaurin always good an incredible catch last week the one that went viral that over the shoulder adjusting. Your the sideline catch that remind you. Just how good terry maclaurin is but we went to the poll and we asked whether our fans were concerned about tara maclaurin without ryan fitzpatrick and the number showed us at fifty five point. One percent of people said they are concerned. I'll be honestly mike. I'm not really concerned. I said this earlier in the week and first of all. He's a great player. We always want to trust the talent. But second of all love ryan fitzpatrick. We all do that. Being said i don't know ryan. Fitzpatrick is leaps and bounds. Better than taylor heineke as pertains like fantasy output right. He's definitely better. But this is not like going from ryan fitzpatrick to where the quarterback play was the beginning of the season last year in washington. Exactly i mean he's already played with a lot of quarterback even projected the start this year. Right i've used at logan thomas stat. I've thrown it around all mentioned to hear it again minute when we talk about him but he has an upgrade quarterback play so earnest gurneys. Been a really good fantasy wide receiver and look at only three targets in week one. The only ran twenty two pass plays i was just talking about. It wasn't much of a a game where they were throwing the ball very much. Averaged eight point seven per game last year. He's had five or more targets in nineteen straight games prior to week one. Well i mean that shows you how much of a fluke that was nineteen consecutive games. And we've seen him with heineke before they played in that playoff game together. Eight targets six catches seventy five yards so it didn't score but still deliver. The goods easily. Could have if. I have a reservation though this week. It is his matchup wide receiver. Cornerback matchup is tough. He was on the perimeter just under seventy percent of the time in week. One is going to see james bradberry and adore jackson. Both of those guys played well in week. One mclaren did have games against the giants. Both games are pretty good but he only saw bradberry some of the time and of course it or jackson wasn't on the other side so it is a tough match up and keep in mind the giant really good against the perimeter in week..

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