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"darkin golden brown" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

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"darkin golden brown" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

"And a half hours and when i wanna like serve it i just crank it up for maybe four fifty five hundred degrees for like thirty minutes till it gets really golden brown let it rest and slice and serve and i'll serve that on a salad with the pens and ella that i just described or with some or i'll just chop it up and make some tacos some. It is extremely versatile. I highly recommend you guys check out how to do this. It is the simplest recipe. Take pork bud covered in momofuku spicy salt roasted at two hundred fifty. Two hundred seventy five degrees for four to five hours and then crank up the heat gets colorado on it and you're ready to go. Just don't do it till it falls off the bone. That's gross sorry. Everybody likes to see the bone taken out. That just means you. Overcooked it Lastly another 'cause. I've been using a lot of the momofuku savory salts because it's really help out my cooking when i don't have other ingredients at my disposal and one of the recipes that i make quite a bit something that a lot of again cooks make family meals in restaurants around. The country is family meal chicken. Which is she pan. Chicken on a wire rack and i know she paintings cooking's all the rage. But guess what if you worked in restaurants before that's how you fucking family meal so there's nothing fucking new there. If you don't have a wire rack it still works. I like using the liar act because it looks a little bit faster and on chicken thighs and dark meat and legs just literally cut the shit out of it with tinguely salt and i put it at oven at five. You can do five hundred degrees four hundred fifty five hundred degrees and put it on like the middle to upper middle rock and your oven and just cook the shit out of it. The moment you see darkin golden brown. I'm gonna say twenty five minutes. Total twenty to thirty minutes somewhere in between there. It's going to be done and you wanna make sure that your chicken is not touching like spread it out like their cookies. You know what i mean. So it'll cook fast and evenly and that's it is you can serve that chicken and you consider that pork with pens annella and you have a delicious dinner or leftovers for lunch. That is amazing. Dessus what. I've been eating all the time. Pans out salad was some kind of roast chicken or pork. I highly recommend do that. Yeah i can say it. Because they're my salts but we developed because we fucking use them all the time. And i.

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