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"dark peterson" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"dark peterson" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"So it's segued from this fantasy football GIF dispute into standard baseball cliche language. Okay, so here's a question. Is it, first of all, is he a subscriber to GIF or jif important? That was reported, and he is a hard gift guy, which I was happy to see as a fellow member of that tribe. Okay. Okay, so clarifies my allegiances here. So did he apologize in the chat at the time of fam saying you don't know me well enough to be making these jokes? Is that clear? I think he did. Okay. Well, maybe it wasn't like a good apology. He said, if you're I was joking around no hard feelings, sorry, if you took it that way. So if it was sorry if you were offended. To be fair, like you said the GIF on that. Probably he's probably putting as much thought into the phrasing of that apology as like a fantasy football group chat, maybe one. That is probably as far as I would have gone with the apology in that situation. I'm not sure I would have fully prostrated myself and really just a base myself with apologies for the GIF taunting fellow members of a fantasy football league. Because I think a couple of things here. First of all, I think that and I imagine that I'm about to hear more about Tommy Pham in a second here. But based on what I know now, let's react. My primary reaction well, I guess I have a couple. So I do think that it is useful for people just generally to remember that you don't know sometimes you don't know people well enough to joke with them. Even if it's something kind of seemingly trivial like a gift, I imagine that even if Tommy fam knew dark Peterson well and knew that he was like, hey, you're actually you guys are actually a super talented team, but you're just playing badly. It would be like, that doesn't make me feel better, man. We were supposed to make the postseason and now we're dealing with this nonsense. So I think that it's fine to say, hey, you don't know me well enough to joke mostly this reveals to me that Jack Peterson does not understand the power of a truly well cultivated and curated group text because Jack made a rookie mistake here. You have to have, you know, if you're a part of a group project, which is essentially what a fantasy football league is, a very antagonistic, weird group project. But if you're a part of a group project and you are friends with a subset of that group, but not with everyone, you need to have your own group chat with those people. You have to have a separate, you know, I have several group chats with different people and some of them have overlapping memberships, but they are still distinct from one another because they represent different constituencies. And they are, they serve different purposes. I go to different ones with different complaints. Sometimes when I am trying to decide if a tweet is funny, I will workshop the tweet with all of them and then if no one responds, I just have to fly solo, but that's neither here nor there. So you need to have a group chat. Group chats are magical. Group chats save us from other people knowing how annoying we are. Their purpose is for you to have a safe place to make bad jokes, complain about people, complain about the world, and then present to Twitter a more well balanced and hinged person than you might actually be. Right. The funny thing was that Peterson felt that he had to go into great detail to explain what offense he had given, exactly. Because no one else cares about your fantasy football league. And his instincts are right there. But I actually do want to hear people talk about the president, but this is the lone exception. But he felt he had to come out and provide the receipts essentially at great length because initially femme didn't specify what had happened here. So Dylan, I'm going to do some swears. I am going to be quoting some spurs mostly here. Got to leave him in. Yeah, so it's about journalism. Fam initially, he said, I mean, he came out, he said, I slapped jock. So he did own up to it, didn't deny the video evidence. He said he did some shit. I don't condone. So I had to address it. We had too much money on the line. You could look at it like there is a code. You're fucking with my money, and you're going to say some disrespectful shit. There is a code to this. So he didn't specify what the disrespectful shit was. So that could have been anything. I mean, it could have been something that merited, if not a slap, at least some sort of stern response. Right. We are assuming it is the gift, but that is. Well, no, this was before Peter said. Before the gift. So as far as we know, it was just the kids. Okay. When femme first brought it up, we didn't know what it was, so. You know, he did say like it wasn't racist, but he said it was some shit that you don't say. I told him in the text, right when he texted it, I'm not cool enough with you to be talking like this. He should have known right then and there. And that's why Peterson then came back and he was waiting for reporters with his group text exchange and showing them the GIF on his phone, which in a way like the coverage of this is funnier than the incident itself. It's like reporters zooming in on the GIF playing on the phone. And minutes long explanation, and yes, also the stylistic choices that Jack Peterson apparently makes. His wardrobe decisions here, you compared him to a cartoon character to me, he looked uncannily like nest from EarthBound, the Nintendo character he had like the sideways cap, the little tuft of hair sticking out, the backpack straps, his bleached blond locks, he looked like a little kid. I had to invite myself throughout this incident that both of these gentlemen are over 30 years old..

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