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Vigil Held for Employees Slain During FedEx Shooting

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Vigil Held for Employees Slain During FedEx Shooting

"Vigils were held this weekend. Following the mass shooting at a fedex ground facility that left eight people dead and several injured. Darian benson is with member station w. f. y. multiple fedex. Employees attended a vigil saturday along with community faith leaders and gun control action groups so day law is an employee at the facility. She says it is hard to find the correct words to describe the situation. But you see everything like mass shootings on the news in movies. But you never think it's going to happen to you and your friends de la. Oh says her ex coworkers are like extended family and she knew several of the deceased victims at another vigil representative. Andre carson acknowledged several other mass shootings. This year. live here. Indianapolis is real. It's real in boulder real in atlanta eight candles were lit to represent the eight deceased victims for npr news. I'm darren benson in indianapolis indianapolis now say the nineteen year. Old gunman legally bought two rifles. Used in the fedex shooting despite the confiscation of shotgun from his home last

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