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CCK Podcast: Dreams & Nightmares (with Trent and Gaz)

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CCK Podcast: Dreams & Nightmares (with Trent and Gaz)

"Kevin Kevin Heaven. You're just ridiculously stupid. Welcome welcome welcome Welcome man take back back. In New York City Case Smith Catholic lands jacker obvious for the new C. C. K.. Kerr only an hour. which is the stupidest thing in the world but hey whatever hour long radio shows? Let's fucking cram all the good shit into sixty minutes instead of two hours. Speaking of Kramnik Kevin being in Miami. That was I am. He's awesome. Did you tip your your Hotel the maid service. Because I mean you should have. Here's my logic right. The candy bars in the Hotel Sosa. We're like well. They were very stale but I ate all of them and they were probably like ten dollars a candy bar. So the profit margin between like what candy bars cost in what I was charged. That's my tip sheet motherfucker walker that has to do with the fucking may sweat to clean up your come all right. Listen No I didn't leave it to but I haven't had cash cash on my person since two thousand dollars. It's tough when you've just got sixty dollar tip so just like consider half of that. That's going to ride that wave. Yeah Okay Twenty thirty from Willie got it. All right rocky was coming in his room all week coming every everywhere and we the the exclamation point on the end of the week. DOC was the Barstool party which was our greatest operation ever until it wasn't it was and then it wasn't it was did you hear Asom. The spectacle was obscene. It was huge. It looked good. It was well staffed. We finally learned everything. And then. Then we'll we'll we'll do it like movie style where they give you the end. Then you rewind Dave. Last night she got punched in the face of the planet. Exactly that so last night Dave Dave said I looked around and at one point me and guys were arguing with the fire marshal while Devon and Dante were screaming at people on stage and all of a sudden I had time traveled back to two thousand eleven right back in the middle of the blackout tour. So we told you it was going to be a throwback blackout party and and we delivered because it got shut down it was a fiasco. It was a nightmare and I mean none of it really our fault. Some of it was our fault. The rain obviously was the main culprit. But we got guys in here now Kinda. Give us the money bags. The place was a warehouse. That was more just a roof than these these eventing we start planning these like the summer. Seven months let's start with like it's basically I start thinking about Tampa. It's by far. The biggest event barstools ever thrown are not even close. We're talking we threw a pay per view amateur boxing match in newer rave in a warehouse in the Hood in Miami and the Super Bowl. Like it's just like a lot of moving parts to do is huge the by far the coolest place. We've Donna venue the barrel. The Promo girls the waiters the SEC red carpet Like there was like a Fan duel section and a nab sexy. Like all these weird. It was awesome. The stage looks incredible. This the jumbotrons Tom. Everything looked amazing and it was going smoothly although we fucked up the security the soon but it wasn't like unsafe. It was just that like we were supposed to have the security was fine. It was just not for. Yeah we are on behind. That was people that get tables. Show up at like midnight eleven. You don't want that whole half empty so it's like let's put people up there so it looks like an awesome atmosphere earn live TV and all that Shit and then when when they show you have security move out now. We're not to now. Five thousand six thousand people are in the venue in. It's all condensed to where the roof was it. It was supposed to be more spread out. Yeah the torrential downpours. Everyone just like was look there so you just couldn't get anyone else and then it was like just fucking hold on tight. The reign like I. I had a funny tweet looking back on it. The rain was great at first because the place was so crowded and there were so many people that I was getting sweaty sweaty and the rain started to blow in a little bit and it was just like having missed on you as the lights. We'd like the monsoon of Miami is actually making it rain inside a little bit and it's the best thing that's ever happened. Anybody in the area and then it was like narrator voice. No it wasn't because by the end I mean that must have been the most rain that Miami has gotten in years so like it was. I was extract people in the red carpet like oh it was crazy logistically but it was it was essentially like the fire marshal wanted to shut down. Eleven o'clock this to Iran or Gotcha out. Pepsi's Party got shut down because of flooding and like they're a big quake. Harry styles didn't get to go on like it was four or five parties. Listen today the rain green was the culprit was not tornado warnings. So they they were worried. That was like sixty seventy mile winds inbound chumming. Listen like you're considered an exterior venues just like if you're gonNA sixty mile an hour gusts you got lights. They're not rigged for that. And so yeah. We're still like we're fighting with them for you know the blackout going. Let's to try to stay alive while my dedication wants that was like. Let's just keep the party going as long as possible so people can just drink as much as possible and they get so fucked up. They don't even know what's going on. I mean we've had blackouts shutdown right like we won A. Yeah the the new now with a bunch of celebrities. That was the thing I was like. You know when when the blackout door got shut down and it was me out us and the college kids it was like whatever when you've got pro athletes and entertainers and shit. It shooter mcgavin like swimming way. We don't go and get results because that is the highlight of it all but I was thinking table like we were asked to asks with everybody and not because we wanted to be. It was literally. You're saying there and then you turn and right to my right on. My shoulder is Joe Borough. WHO's like one of the most famous people in sports right now and he's just sitting there Kramden as I I was like I think? Because he's young he was allied whatever this Lsu. I feel like if you were any adult role. Rob Lowe is just like having a great time rob blow just walking through the crowd wearing his Houston. asterisks shirt is what is going on. Why are you what is what is wrong? I guess he brought his kids with him. So he's by like the cool dad being down with Barstool but yes the Yellow charity softball game. They fucking bar. It's hilarious it's the I guess and it was. It was this Donovan mcnabb. Where together no idea found out back to bore just in the mix of your old girl? VIP The guy turns that girl like yeah big time athletes. That I didn't even know were there so I don't know what they did. So we we see I was I had I got an early too so I was like I gotta get the Fuck Outta here fights and his girl like you know what I'm GonNa come with you too so as relieving when it truly got shot in a honestly at that point like I was like it was starting to get like scary in the sense of where people are so fucked up. People are starting to hang from the rafters. There was not enough security so I actually think it getting shutdown the head it absolutely is it was just. It was going to break out into like you know it was kind of like the mud day at Woodstock yeah people starting to slide around wondering how many like Louis we baton shoes. I got rid Kellie Martin. Shoes got literally swept away in a river slip and they got along the cur- where there it was like a big river. They just got taken off and Williams like Jason after I mean it was pure chaos situation nuts because I didn't have to go the bathroom. I was sweating. I it was. It was the third worst I've ever had to pick a my entire life. The first two I ended up pissing my pants so the bathroom situation was like everyone was in the venue like undercover right. But they're these trailers that were outside that you'd have to like go. Yeah you have to run to and then eventually because the rain everyone's shit face like people just started cutting the line like there was a line forming inside a run for it like fuck this. I'm not not doing it so I had to sprint to a parking lot Brennan Walker had to like watch. My daddy was like the fucking like the tomb of the unknown soldier in front of us I was doing the day Portnoy Bagwell in between two cars like pissing and then Brenna walkers standing there like protecting my penis and by the time we've got back to like Casey and all of them like it looks like dove into a pool table right so I was actually standing with Gaz outside and this is what. I knew that we weren't seeing Gaz anymore anymore. We were seeing Paul because the look on his face when I was outside with them while I was pouring rain trying to get a car which is like pure just like what the fuck have I created which is why Willie's quote this morning on breakfast was perfect. Viktor the mad scientist. And you just didn't realize when you created and I turn around. And I see jared and Brandon just sprinting in the rain and Brandon. Just keep saying God damn boy got. Uh what did jared just do. What did he do? It was just like a father. There was impressed with his son street. Passing half minutes it still that. We're trying to get a car and how hard it was for us who work at Barstools staining with guys who has planet to get a Karmic what are the celebrities. Liberty's GONNA do. We got out and I was like we gotta just get away from this to get a car because there's five thousand people trying to order cars and so we just started walking again like you said it was like a weird in spite of Miami where it was and shit. So I'm like I'm furious at this point. I got to be at the airport in like three hours as mother fucker and I didn't know what what we were GONNA do. We just start walking and all of a sudden like Goddamn Guardian Angel. We hear this guy like who John Do. You need a ride and it was like a friend of the wrong who won stance on stage at a blackout tour. I thought he was like an intern and he was like. Yeah like come on with us. And if it wasn't for that it would and they and they were in the hotel next to ours it was just like thank the stars and moons aligned to get home otherwise I was sitting there. I'm like now I'm happy. We're driving home. And by the way as he drove over the bridge there was a car that was just engulfed. Inflames it was it was it was the end of the world. Why why a car exploded? I don't know but there were burning vehicles and flooding roads and John Lewis companion like what did what about you do. What did you do? Sam Darnold do these guys were like just running down Uber's and so John's girl told me that he was just ignoring whoever was yelling at him because he thought I know and finally she was like Hey Babe I think that guy like she said you guys were just going to keep walking walking. God we jumped him with him and and he was like again. I don't know if he worked one event or multiple events but he was like. Hey man it was like just like old times up there and I was kind of like fuck this as but whatever let's do it. I told the guy when he dropped optus off I was like I will never ever forget you. This is the nicest thing that's anyone ever done for me. And I would've I don't know what would have happened to me. Thank you so much but I mean it was the the pay per view aspect like watching people. See that for the first time is always a trip watching Dante and Devlin start the blackout tour. I've never seen Dante smile. That much of my life seeing Devon Back Jack doing his intro running the opener package on the screen awesome like it really was a turn back into the blackout tour and it was short lived but for the moment of having it back awesome. That's what we wanted to do. I mean we are First Party in Houston was like legendary. Everyone's talking like he didn't didn't feel like a house party and all these. I think we're just getting fucked up knowing about anything suit like party that sometime in the last couple years. We've had that because we like partnered with the wrong people and rough and rowdy we did last year was not a party is rough and rowdy. It was on this year. We're like we're just GONNA blow it out and hopefully like literally like burn it down and that's kind of what we did. It just didn't get to go longer but it was funny like so many people since that first party like it's a disaster it's a disaster like this is like kind of what we we wanted it to be something that we're GonNa talk about. Yeah we wanted to report we got into. They are still ask like every time we do something big business. Wise people like all they're going to sell out or they're going to change was very apropos on the week. Everyone we're like officially made it made. It made it made it. We were like Oh. Yeah but we're still gonNA shut down like a fan standpoint. Had to have been fucking awesome. I thought we would have gotten a lot of people complaining. Email like we've gotten very little the way it's still went to like one thirty shutdown compared to other parties and open bar the whole thing like everyone got their Miami and people were legless when they were leaving leaving so but as Kelly and Danielle are out there with a whole night and they're kind of like I'll fuck like trying to do what they need to help them like. Listen at this point like we just gotTa survive in advance. Yeah we're GONNA win this wittingly withdraw try to survive. That was really the end of the game. Like let's go as long as we can but it was really just like fasten your seatbelts. Like we're just GONNA have to grit our teeth and like just hold on tight so I kept thinking about what what the celebrities were going to do you and then I see maybe the funniest most lasting image. I'll ever have in my life. Is Shooter mcgavin Chris Christie. And I think it's the same sitting sitting on like a loan chair a single chair in the middle of a fucking flood river on the phone like screaming holding other era closed. Just trying to figure things out. It was a scene from titanic. was shooter mcgavin. Pretty much down knowing. That dude is like a party booze bag animal. I didn't even know he was in the mix. Until after the fact then the shooter mcgavin parody account retweets Portnoy pulled the night that ninety nine percent on me so I I mean. Did anybody like see what became of him he might be. You might have just been. Yeah that video from one of our sales guys like one of our clients sent me this I I actually talked and I think it was. I was like dude before. It's so funny and like I want you to understand how funny video overdue I'm not sending it so you like give me some love right right right right and make sure you watch it re write back. Just that to me I I would rather have a party bomb at the end gets shut down for that image. Then it'd be like hey the bar support. He was awesome last night. I was like should I put this. Does it make it look bad. He's like right. We don't go fuck this is so it's it's everywhere by everybody. Louis WAIN party in Atlanta last year whenever you took him like kissing me in whatever I was where is is this guy just always feel us on his phone with like so instead of like his sponsor play like I did it again. I went off the rails again a sponsored and just sitting by himself. That's the I mean again by himself. Look Buddy was in there a game. He was standing by himself and I was like no one really really not right for whatever. Reason didn't recognize him and I went and got him like brought him around to like a side thing and then I just caught him. I didn't see him until that video. Nobody has ever done better with like a cult classic role then that guy. He has milked every last bit of it. But you gotTA think we're getting to the point where that movies pushing like thirty years old right like I guarantee you put that guy in front of some kids. They're not gonNA. Maybe you could explain it in the big. Oh yeah I know that but just looking at them not gonna fix carpet and he just walked right and I'm like you didn't stop shooter. mcgavin the praying jail when I mean that to me was worth worth at all but but both seeing the blackout tour revived was pretty cool. At one point I had like a moment. I was like standing with Joe Borough and the Bosa family and like fights was gone so I was pretty much by myself or at least he's not any other barstool people and was looking out. I kind of have one of those moments especially as the blackout tour like revived and I was thinking like the only reason we got here is because that like saved us when we we were broke and now it's back again and we sold and all this shit and I was just like smiling ear to ear and then it all went to shit like instantly and I almost smiled more like the about when you gave me one of the blackout. When you were sitting next to Joe Brough did you think he looked like him? I see it I mean you know what the real reason is. We both have bags under is. I don't know why he has them. I got him in my life. That have just asked her but we both have the White Guy Daddy is but yeah I mean he like he was he was the perfect example of like England fog. Whatever it's raining it's crowded like yes we're at a party fucking? Let's roll boasts. A family make both the family goes hard family. Were great they were everybody in there was just. I love the bow so heart art. I'll ride for them forever. Now people trying to give nick trouble for following accounts on all right. I'm officially a space whenever it's just right there believable to that guy. His look is just unbelievable. Take notes if you can if you can pull off that look do it because that was trying to figure out like exactly what it looks like an eye just came it. Looks like Danny. From game of thrones and the color of it but he still pulls it off somehow. Yeah that was that was that was a little section. I can't believe like see their Joe Montana show. I mean I heard he was coming and I was like hell. Oh Montana was it. Jim Kelly from the buffalo bills. They were like the nicest family ever they were Jim. Kelly was the thing is you couldn't see past like are right in front of us. They're also crowded and you have no idea vicks and I'm like Cologne said tyreek Hill. was there like the one who played in the Super Bowl. He's like what he was like. What are you doing now? The Fuck Outta here. He said this. That's hilarious yeah you know. Hang out and play in a couple of days official headcount but what it ended up being. I know that we have in an hour over six thousand three doors down because the last year we didn't promote it really until until the end because we were worried about like it was a capacity issue. There where you don't want to have ten thousand people in this kind of we could just limit. We could let as many people as we wanted right but I think it was six thousand went through the door but like inside at one time I think it was four thousand something like Geez. That's still so many on man. Whatever the cars pulled up to drop off and I saw the line was basically wrapped around the entire fire building? It was like a strap. Let's which is good because people are gonNA show up at nine o'clock in Miami nine o'clock you're sleeping still. Yeah Yeah Yeah so but now everyone came out out in droves of hundreds and you're gonNA HAVE PTSD from it. I don't want anymore those and say you gotTa do one more but just like not. How Miami's emmys the perfect city for it lightly like Shit like that and I was surprised I mean next year Tampa Vegas is there after that? No I thought I thought it was Tampa than La. Either way they'd be like like Tampa Vegas Vegas some in some order you. Are you sad that it didn't like. I was bombed the next day Eric ten times because I was like then and like that was going to be like the Walker then. I realized that everyone was like it was kind of like inside. I wasn't drinking. I wasn't like in the mix I went inside was at like right when the blackouts started. Yeah and I didn't come back until the Fire Marshal in with me at one o'clock and that's when I could see like people just kind of hanging off the every like climbing up on I was yeah I was like I saw. NBA basically couldn't get any. You couldn't get any better than we were. I feel like I had to blow dry my hair when I got back like I literally looked like went and took a shower. I wouldn't drink my newest miserable. Part of my life went rock bottom basic. Because I was I was bombed I was like man. We spent six months like doing this. I wanted and it was going to be one of those and again people are talking about it the way I wanted it to be talked about but I ended up across the street at CCA unharmed frog probably. They must've taken like a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Miami and I was just sitting there like drinking like those stupid Dana fucking soaking oaken wet. I'll sit there with my buddy from back home and I was like dude this. What happened this weekend? I end up here based off of like millionaire millionaire in the mix. Yeah Yeah that I think in the end. It's better like if you have a good part. Good story is able to remember it. You'll never forget. Yes expand forgetting Paulie. I even think about the amount of people who probably like. I bet so. Many people were like jumping into other people's Uber's survive. Who went home box and they partied together? Talk to you remember even if they go back a little bit of adversity actually kind of ratchets up the memorable aspect of it you have all the Super Bowl parties ladies. You've ever been juiced like yeah. We went to that party went to that. Whatever it's like you just talk about it again next year status? I remember obviously but I'm trying to think I don't like literally remember or like the venue and I remember like the sights and sounds. I'll remember that one way before I remember any other ones good or bad start to Eric. Phillies talking about shooter. mcgavin Eric. Hey what's going on Jim. Kelly and Chiro best friend makes sense Kelly's in the building shooter Kinda came along. I I like you think of him. I'm going to pretend I didn't know that I think is a lone wolf who just shows up to these things and and like. Where's the hot spot? Let me get in the creek on some checks and have a good time to that guy he is shooter mcgavin. There's no he'll play it up too. Yeah Oh yeah embraces it like hardcore due to the Max out of any character that like that still exists after twenty years of playing said character. How many of them do you think actually respond to their name without getting I mean and and I don't know his real name I'd call him Jack Morris like that right so I mean you've got a little resentful of how many guys that were defined one character embrace embrace it? He's like shoot or you WanNa go to sizzler. And he's every time like had it'd be like fuck you. We know if that account is connected to him at all. I don't think it isn't that guy's just like a social media savvy guy who knows the role that the only thing is is like. It's so fast how he knows what's happening like even like I said last year like immediately he was like not that I was with David Gas. It's his buddy that you saw them. Sure he's anytime. That guy goes anywhere he gets like. DM's video he was tagged two thousand times around Bryher. Yeah Yeah Yeah Great Parody Account James from South Carolina. James going buddy I mean a go from South Carolina to my through the rougher Audi raeside into the fights of the West thunderstorms probably about I'm here there you go. I mean you know. I'm sure there are certain people who would prefer that didn't happen but again if you're in it for the memory of it all if you're not like prissy or you're not you know I'm sure people some people were worried about their shoes like you said and stuff like that but if a ruin. Yeah but that's what I wish. I wish that I had known that it was going to be like that. And then I would have dressed rest for I mean. I don't think anybody could have predicted that rain. Where you with everybody with GonNa just rolling going with the flow Man My shoes are still wet this morning. But it ain't no honestly I won't forget. Yeah man thank you. I appreciate you coming out for that making the trip. I feel like if you are are people you're down you know. Just Miami the Miami and heard about us and heard we're going to be the big party Freddie and you got all dolled up and went and didn't know the score you might be like what the fuck this is but if you're down with us that was there's a video of Mo jo so from the WWe carrying Charlotte flare out from underneath like. She's a wounded soldier. Just sprinting across to like cover. I wish I could Somebody but he should try to track down all the celebrity tales of getting home. Because I like because if if you didn't have a situation like you and then there is so many people that just Kinda got lucky. It looked like we were going to be stuck there for hours because I mean it's not like an arena where you can spell out everywhere like oh you're basically spilling out into like a little last neighborhood. Yeah how the fuck are you getting all these. I don't even want to think about this surge rate and that was to I mean I don't even know what that guy paid us to get home. I would have paid anything thousand dollar. Oh Shit whatever I mean in a weird city I just get the fuck home but either way guys I feel like everybody is kind of on the same page. I feel like everybody buddy thinks as a success memory and I'm sure it was fucked on work. It's unbelievable to think that like rain could just like just bad weather and ruins like you know well The next day rained the whole time. They were there people everybody here at the beach and people are like just fucked up again bathing suits so yeah it was. I wonder like if you had known own. Let's I don't know somehow could have predicted the weather. Would you have done like I wonder if we could have done your turn into like where you're bathing suit or like you know it's going to be like an outdoor like fiasco. Oh or whatever because the only thing that like the only thing is when you weren't aren't prepared for it like yeah you know you're gonNA be like in a woodstock situation where it's fucking like. Let's just like party in the rain and actually kind kind of becomes a fun thing then. Yeah it's a barn. It's like I know it's going to be a mess less roll with it Overall though is the rough and rowdy people usually like more knockouts coutts or more like the the fuck guy the guy got out of breath. Fuck you man. That's that's tough like the reigning champ. But the the midgets were a good time. The every I mean everything else rain aside I feel like Ghana went along like okay cording to plan but are we doing to get in Tampa gas. I've diving tonight to talk. Talk to David Bowie. If he wants to be rough around but swimming. We're going to do it again. I I would imagine you're going to Tampa next month trying to plan this again. I did actually look at some venues one because we had done a blackout in Tampa Florida. Beach the beach which was when I went to like housing go on the beach. That's Wagner. Go Twenty twenty one then from Miami. What's up local boy? Would you thank God. That rough and rowdy got three good stories for you. The milk man's family was absolutely electric. Yeah the MILKMAN. If you're familiar with Robin Rowdy fighting like our Sun within the rank with their screaming. That's my son. Sam darnold walked right. Fire is like a half ways. Hit out of nowhere goes. Hey Sam talk to you. I'm seeing ghosts and I had never laughed so hard in my life. Dan Listen you come to our party. Two years it's going to be one of the people in the mix so Obama for his head down to four is it is quite the scene man. Nobody nobody gets like any You know you're just like everybody else. When you've got a black torches they're to fucking let rip and ride whereas Dante in that must have been bombed that they couldn't play out their whole set Dante John W were freaking out because the stage each got overrun against all of us on the stage was just filled with like five hundred people so and you get on stage at the blackout towards dance? Come on how but no they where I mean. They were from what I hear. They were like actually the next Erica. She's so positive. It's crazy from what we've dealt with our life with. She'd text me she goes. Could you just let Dante. I know that he's an amazing talent. And I'm like I like you're not gonna like no one's ever going to tell you this Erica. But this is a true story. Yeah I'm like in and you know this is probably the only thing you've ever gotten positive and your fifteen years like around Barstool and this is it. And he's like Oh man that's so nice but now he was. He was backed loving like back. It was just like old. Yeah it was short lived but for the moment there with the intro the drop the smoke the songs all that Shit at one point when we were running the opening package judge and I it was probably when I was standing there goofy smiling because that opener package was great and Joe Borough was talking to his buddy and he turned me is what's going on right now because like if you don't know if you weren't around Oh you don't get it and I was like it's a long story man I I couldn't even describes right now just know like shits about to go junior high. Don't worry you or not even actually newsworld. Yeah you just reminded me of so amount side talking to the fire department. It's midnight the blackouts about to start. There's tornado warnings. And all this shit then all of a sudden the siren just starts blaring from the video. Literal Tornado Siren Star Star like Kallio Lego. So the cops and shit like they think fucking tornadoes actually actually come because they don't like this is why we actually Tornados happening. And I'm like no like this like it's been ten years. Whatever very didn't help my piece basically right right well either way? Awesome stuff will never be forgotten. And we're GonNa hit our first break last with this new lineup and we'll come back. We'll get some more calls Dominican. Dylan's on hold. We'll talk to him. We'll get into some more Miami stories and we'll talk a little super for ball when we get back on C. C. K.. Power you in the Zillion beer movement is here. And we're doing zillion beer moving woman on C. C. K. with Miller lite always drink responsibly. But when you're getting into Zillion Beer vibe make sure you do it with Miller lite. It's Miller time baby. We were drinking mill lights nights with Rob mclane drinking and my buddies Dana. Greg Miller lite says he goes to the moon. 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The original social media its military celebrate responsibly. Bill Brewing company Milwaukee Wisconsin Ninety six calories stories and three points per twelve hours go get a miller. lite it's Miller time welcome Welcome back our second hour long condition. Ever the response yesterday was very nice from all the fans who green ice cream that second hour. There are a lot of people that were mad about it. Yeah I mean I feel like we. We're reacting to that reaction much more because there's also equal amount of CCA haters who people come at the rocket and people who talk shit about. I mean in Casey so we often hear a lot of negative things. But it's always nice to hear a lot of positivity and a lot of people who who realized we could after fifty eight minutes and that's when we start but it new new show new formats all that means is we got to cut out the bullshit. Don't tell longwinded stories getting right to the fucking point criminal into an hour and so today is Today is is nuclear Tuesday Tuesday nuke day every every everybody here has a nuke to drop. I'm going to be breathing hard. I just WanNa and let everyone know that he casey's new involves why she's reading heavy. The rocket has his own investigation. Going rocket investigation is cooking cooking. Cognac on the phones all fucking morning. This morning the rocket has been like you have this weird energy smiling. Why are you so giddy? And I'm like because I'm sick fucking newsletter. Your news well. Versed in context for context for jared like every time brings out the Hazel. What do you think about the Astros or what do you think about? He's always just like I got my own investigation and everyone's Kinda lightly what they hold up and so the rocket has been extremely patient and if and when he does drop I just want I warn you to not label it like a nuke unless you got a new like if you drop it in your like the Yankees were like their. Uniforms aren't up to code or some stupid non-related cheating shit like make sure you've got the goods. That's all I'm saying and I trust that you gotta get my mind. Nuke has been dropped on the regatta. Believe indeed new episode of we got to believe I told the people we'd only be doing episodes in the off season when necessary. And I deem this to be extremely necessary Casey. I don't even know if you you know. There's nuke oh no I don't Wanna I don't WanNa Cook the episode. I want you to go listen to it. Because it's me Clem. My brother and kyle all mets fans reacting. We actually didn't even tell Kyle with the point was and so he got like raw reaction from him but I got a call climb yesterday and this part I will re retail from the from from the podcast. I got a call from yes from climb yesterday. I actually got a text saying. Can you call me Jabber minute. I was like Oh fuck and he says to me. I have like very bad news but it wasn't. I could tell it wasn't like you know my kids are sick or something. It was like he was a little bit lighthearted. Sonic Okay and he's like he goes. What's the worst news that you or me or guy like Brendan and I go? Oh my God you're having another kid because I just named Dads I thought he was telling me he was going to have a third because Klem is always been like. I'm going to kill myself. That happens so he immediately was like no no way not that bad but then he mentioned kyle another mets fan so I mean what would be the worst news possible for mets fans right now. Steve Cohen's no longer involved damn rumors what happened GonNa Steve Cohen just rumors nothing. I need to reiterate this over and over again so that people aren't like I hope I'm wrong and I hope I get cold takes exposed and I hope that people are laughing and putting on my face but I want to be clear that I am not telling anything specific or official. I'm just saying we heard enough rumblings from multiple places with somebody who would be like trustworthy enough often close enough to the situation that the deal is dead it fell through or he quit works. Yes the rumor that we heard was that at the heart of it is the five year thing like he wants to take over now and also there's a dispute about `bout s and why the mets TV channel which originally. I don't know why there's a dispute what gives me hope is that that seems that'd that'd be something that'd be hammered out like day one like the original deal said that the mets plans are selling the mets but they're retaining the TV channel. And I could see like why would that be an an issue now now the what scares me is a couple of things number one. We haven't heard anything. There has been a press conference. There was one quote from Steve Collins. Saying thank it's been a lifelong dream of mine. Toner Major League Baseball team. And I want to assure you that when I do this won't affect my investing nothing. It was no manfred press conference. There was no official like ink is on paper. Nothing which seems a little weird right like any other time. You've heard of a team being bought by the team. And they just take over and they gave us this. This caveat of this five year thing what scares me is maybe that deal was never supposed to be public. Maybe tiki barber leaked this and then they had to be like all right. Did you guys address it. But maybe maybe they maybe they were planning on never announcing it until three years or two years or five years or whatever and they just had to and nothing was ever really fully done. I could also see a scenario where maybe the Wilpon said we retain S. N. Y.. Stevie call and being the shrewd businessman said. Okay you can have address. And why and then a little bit later said by the way when when I when I buy the mets they're gonNA air on TV or some shit like that like you can keep the channel. That doesn't mean the mets have to play on that January. So maybe there was some sneaky shit going on there. I never town out the wilpon ineptitude. I also don't know enough about see you Colin like maybe he's just in a radic crazy. Roese billionaire motherfucker and they piss them off and he was just like you know what. Fuck it I'm out I don't know and I. I hope that all this is untrue. I hope all of it is just rumors but we heard from Multiple now now on the other side of things I've asked people who are kind of in the know when they were like I've heard nothing like it. Sounds like it's because maybe working some things he's out. Yeah maybe that's the other thing too. Maybe it's just posturing maybe it's still negotiating. Don't feel I didn't think we were even. I thought we were done deal sort of thing and then I thought back on it. It's like I never heard of a A. It's almost like when you hear like an athlete agreed to in principle and then the next day on the bottom line you see like it's official like there was never that follow up its official thing and it was physical. Yeah like some you know. Maybe maybe that's what's happening here. Maybe it was all like well the rest is just formalities. And it turned out that formality was not a formality. I don't WanNa live in a world with you. Kevin clancy anti were Steven. Cohen is not a met. I don't I don't want it. That's why it's one of the worst things that can happen. I felt so bad. Yes yeah I called the rocketed. Have you heard anything. And he was like. Oh no you were so happy. It was a happy song. Heart of this. I mean the Mush Israel because Somebody somebody tax tweeted me saying. In five years you get like your big barstool payout and the mets get. Tom Brady probably retiring so I tweeted. That and I said the first half of my life stunk but second-half about to be pretty fucking Dole. mushed I fuck in mushed it. Maybe it's just rumors I feel like it's gone. I hope it's going the reason why and the reason why I put the podcast out on. We got to believe you can download right. Now you're mets fan subscribed to it mean Clem GonNa be chopping it up all season long whether it's the will of the no actually I don't know let's be honest if this falls through. I think I might be done. But anyway subscribes the buck cast. That'd be so bad. I put it out there because I was like. I don't know what's going to happen but I feel like take it from me. And I know other mets fans did this. We went into la La land and we got happy. We got cocky. We got we got. We got happy about it and I think I just needed to remind and the people. Hey wor mets fans and hey this is the mets and so I don't know if this is true or not but let's come back to Earth and let's remember that if something bad can happen it will and we need to be like cautious and remember that anything like it might not happen. So let's just I say with the mets you. Prepare for the worst and you you expect also the fucking so. Let's get back to that mentality and not count our chickens which I definitely did. I mean I sat here and I said I guarantee we're going to win. A world series. Cohen comes here. We're definitely GONNA win and now it's like well. Maybe that's not going to have you know. My first thought was when you call me yesterday. Though was that I wanted you like you were asking if I knew about it I I I didn't But because you've heard the rumors I wanted you to talk about it publicly without confirming it just like you're doing right saying that. It's just rumors because if there is like a big backlash based on the rumors that could be what gets done. I was actually come back to the table. We can't fuck so I was hoping I don't WanNa get ahead of myself or be arrogant about it but like maybe we can move the needle. Well maybe if the if the you know the fan in basis reaction it pays to like no like legit journalists like if there's ever like a story where like I can't touch it or like people wouldn't take it seriously if it came for me I saw S- writer stories all. Yeah then you ain't GonNa React afterwards even though it was year reactors yeah. I've done that like multiple times. Like people believe believe it for me but if I'd give it to this guy and he confirms it and then he writes extra shit. Oh Wow banging actually I just want to like. I don't care if it's for me I just wanted out there so that we can talk about like I wonder if it is posturing and I'm hoping right now like we got to believe is a smaller podcast and within the barstool world. The mets side of things is like you know it's not even even the Patriots. It's me and the mets but if there was posturing and now there is a little bit of a rally and people are upset. Maybe it'll change some of the posturing light a fire their asses. You know. No I know I can't go back. I can't fathom you having to go back. Can't I mean I I I like it. I was like the abused spouse. I stayed in the relationship which is on me but then I got out. It'd be like now I'm going back like you can't you can't go back to the out the stick figure like the stories this shark in Formaldehyde is gone on. It's not gone yet. Kevin Donohoe now. What is very funny? We kind of talked ourselves. Full Circle is there. Is this parallel. Oh five years thing with Barstool and now the mets need like who else in five years is going to be coming into a a huge sum of money. Who has talked about? Maybe buying sports franchises who also is now tied to the Wilpon. 's days go by the mets Kevin. The Science Plan B.. Wouldn't be all that bad if I get the D.. Portnoy deal with the devil to actually align with my beliefs for once. You don't think he would do it just to spite. Well that's what I myself. Holy so I said that in my brother was like Dude Day Puerto. He's a winner. He's not going to torpedo a team to heat right but I could definitely see him being like like. We joked around on the podcast saying who. I know he'd be butchering every name. And I'm like yeah we traded for Nolan are are Tornado. Whatever that's fucked KFC but we WANNA win but it'll piss him off that it's coming makes me happy as well? Yeah it would be a very interesting dynamic havoc but the favorite player in the mets pita. Lonzo are cool where we're going to have. Yeah but I mean the fields junior. Listen if Dave Portnoy Oy and pen Gaming WanNa not only by the mets but they turn that whole area in flushing that has been talked about forever turning it into a mall or a place of commerce pen wants to come in and put up. Some casinos doesn't clubs around those stadium. Right there just say this falls through the Wilpon runs. It did fall through still have to sell. You can't come back and be like never mind. We're actually totally competent and ready to do this for the next thirty years. They gotta find another another person but they're not gonNA find somebody like Stevie Kinda really sucks is that it and that's why I should never got excited because it wasn't a cabinet to be true. Not only did I wish wilpon selling no. They picked that there was one guy who would have been the richest in there as fall. There are always rumors about these things. That are wrong now. Sometimes you're right but let's let it be proven first before we jump off the ledge. Okay what we said was not everything that's out there on. The Internet is as true in the base. Alleges are assholes so we don't need to go near are those I said like we were on the bridge. Ready to jump off a lot of us had jumped and then the Steve Cohen news came and we all got off the bridge and I said get back in your car drive drive right up to the bridge and park it. Just sit there. That's that's were interview. We need to be right. We need to be able to jump off a bridge any moment. Sure that's go home and throw a party because you might have to jump bridge second correct. That's where we're at. I hope it's wrong again. Nothing concrete talking about it. I know I've always tried to do that. I've tried to like much but the most knows you know most knows what the heart wants right. Basically we should overreact yet. No but I don't want you start to overreact because I don't want you to be sad because you're always sad sad. Steve Cohen made you happy so happy. So let's have pointing men Shark Shark. The Shark we talked about the shark for like an hour. I mean we literally got to say that. If Steve Cohen bought the mets that he would be okay with them being renamed to the sharks. The call him Stevie I said I said I guaranteed a world series jared. I do believe I said that. Is You guaranteed it in Steve Cohen. Attached if I believe I believe so many Yankee fans are like dude by the mets GonNa fall apart somehow and I was like no way motherfucker. The fuck this business doesn't huge mets fleas to fall apart but that's like patriots fans. They enjoy anybody that loves New England could say OH. The Patriots are going to Super Bowl with Tom. Brady attached to it while Tom. Brady's attached not right into that. That's not on you. It's different but patriots won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is on the quarterback but if he's the quarterback they probably will I just can't I can't. I can't like if that's true. I mean I will say if it like what one one of the rumors like one of the sources said dead like not like it's in trouble like it's a row so source you know it's it's like when TMZ broke the Koby News and everyone knew it was true because teams. He doesn't mess that stuff up. I don't know it's not even like someone like in the in the news of breaking business. It's just like someone has be in the know a little bit. So maybe they're just you know that almost makes me think like on the one hand that means. Maybe they're just like dead wrong on the other hand means they don't it's not like TMZ they have something to gain by being the person to break the news. They're just like you know people get off to that stuff. Yeah people do. Love Blake brakes. I I said this when we talked about the hall of fame and the Derrick jeeter thing and I don't think I ever took it to the Arab you're like why would the guy one attention if his name's aren't even attached to it and I likened it to the guys the guy the guy who voted cheater that was not to make him not unanimous unanimous. I said it's like when the guy in your DM's sins Dick Pic to like ten girls on one thread. You don't know who it is but they know that everybody's seeing it and talking about it. That's what's that guy. So maybe the Guy said the rumor is dead. He's just wanting attention. I don't know that that's the case. You're walking around with this huge smile before we get to the happy news. I just want Kevin to be able to live in his sadness because I don't know who's having a worse state the point. The point is going to be honest. I was that like you hear from people that know people. I got one of those like I know someone. WHO's in the loop with the mets and like we heard all the same things Kevin saying you did you did that? Yes you did your own yes. Oh you didn't tell me that this is like today like I haven't seen it yet. Oh Oh fuck doc but like it could end up being like what I'm saying we're like if you guys are talking about. Now we have a third source source. Yes in baseball. Yes like like connected to the mets being like. That's not to say that it's true but that's to say that like people that are connected to the the mets are hearing what you're hearing. I mean if you can't tell on my reaction right there I really. I was probably leaning towards like seventy percent. This is not true and that just swayed me to like ninety nine central inch Kevin like I feel like we had to Redo the podcast. Because I'd read the mets step right up and I feel like I was doing it almost like a little bit like funding and tongue in cheek and now I need to do it like okay. Now wait jump off the get out of the car. Get back on the Marines. I don't know but I I think I think that what we're dealing with here is is a situation where if it was five years down the line and that if this gets out there that people are finding out that this isn't going to work out and they see the backlash from mets fans they can. There's plenty of time to sit back down at the table and figure it out. There's been backlash for years Bro. Like mets screaming forever. That's Steve Cohen. Money what do you know what I just said what do you what did you hear I. I'll send you a screen shot. I can't say definitely better not be fucking with. Not If you do that. I will not be your friend ever not got okay. Changes say it because you've got to protect your sources. You literally just told GAZ Yesterday. Hey that if you sat on a bomb you would say it way gas was asking you guys like if you actually had real information about what's going on in baseball you would never try. Yes I would yes I would I have before just fucking say it I just did. I just told you I found jet just that there's like trouble. Yeah just people that are actually connected to the mets are hearing what Kevin is talking about who it is no. That's fine information to be like someone that's actually sitting on more information. They don't know all I was told. was that someone that was actually connected to the mets was hearing got all the things that Kevin was talking about. So it's not like a pay this person this person. Kyle's that's the only hearing more like more and more people. I think we broke a story. Kevin if that's fucking do you. I'm the first person to deliver the Goddamn like smallpox to the fan base great. We're all fucking dead. Sorry I'm sorry Eric Heaven I'm sorry Kevin. That's the worst news that I've ever gotten sports. You'RE GONNA say in general. Yeah well that's because it's not true jeered might might've case might be say honestly I said hope is the worst of things like you. Don't get my hopes up. I was fine. I was miserable miserable but I was. Okay just living in the fucking basement where I always belong and then I got out of the basement and I snuck up into the master bedroom and I started fucking jerk off in. They're having a party. And now I'm thrown back into the basement I'm not doing it I'm not doing. I mean you're not going to be a mets fan anymore you can Albee Kathy lashing our back. You're lashing out. You're not fucking with me right. No I he does have. This is something else. I didn't really punch everybody in the face punching joke. I'm heard out that's not funny. That's not funny. It's not funny is if you've talked with me about this Steve Cohen ship ribons go back its ribcage couch. I will not do it. I'm not going back I will knock back to your acting out I. I can't do it. I will not have like if the wilpon. If they say this deal falls through we have to find another suitor. Like fine. Steve Cohen would be the best case scenario. But a a someone else buys it okay. I can't go back to this while the wilpon there's going to be the owner and I agree with you not doing it. Let Seema Japan. Surely you stop watching. Don't baseball if that they were having to sell or trying to sell for some reason that didn't get miraculously fixed. Yeah they can't just be like well never mind. We're right because if if for whatever reason that they were wanting Steve Cohen to be a part of this. That reasoning still has to be there. There's no way that they're just like all right. While he was the only guy I there's no way it actually going to be very funny if US idiots are like influencing this deal and like if they were like fuck we're going to get back to the table and negotiate figure this out but now we don't know what to do because what are you what is what is Kyle here and just like same rubbings or like anything more concrete to like you know so. I know somebody who's associated with the team and they're hearing it from both ends finance guy and then also just like rumblings within the front office or wherever fuck tiki barber fuck you tiki barber. It's your fucking fault. I'm sorry Kevin you open your stupid fucking mouth. You got my hopes up for fucking nothing and they probably would have just privately continued to negotiate and figure this all out and now that it's more like it has to happen now. I'm sure it changes the the whole room that the vibe and the timeline fuck you tiki barber and fuck you Jeff Wilpon. Sorry Kevin Sorry Kevin it we just we just need to hold out a little bit of hope. I mean it's supposed to happen five years from now. There's there's still time still time there. A billionaires like Steve Cohen he- he- might just his ego might kick and be like no no no no no no well. Well I feel like it's like no this shit's mind the wilpon stink. This is mine. I have more money than you have more power than you. I have less morals and you. This is my shit. It's going to be some game of thrones stuff that's going to happen. I think about it this way Kevin Casey but it's trying to it really turns you down and tell you. Hey we're getting a divorce in five years it's like there's still time to figure this out probably not but maybe there is always of divorced. No probably in fact to figure it out jared. Let's say in fact that's a terrible analogy because it would probably get worse in five years. Oh fuck in each other's minds you know if mom and dad are getting to the point where they have to tell their children and they're divorcing. There's probably no melanoma you don't tell you you don't tell the kids until it's officially fucking divorced. I vowed owed one of my friends from home. Their parents told him they were getting a divorce and they didn't get divorced their miserable but they didn't get divorced. Well Yeah I mean that's the thing is say eighty that there's still the if I go back to my normal misery. I'd be okay with it. I can't go back after getting a Kevin's basically like a lottery ticket. And he was guaranteed guaranteed three hundred and sixty million dollars and then we went to cash. And they're like Oh you're actually off by one yes exact- sorry about that numbers right like the lottery one from his defunct defunct now just like you can't get. It is just an elaborate hoax. Do you think you're having a worse than me. I mean broken rib. Oh for sure. You're having and worst stadium. Fuck and broken wrist bracket it's well. It's fractured it's fractured. Fractured Rib. Minor fracture contusion. Can I don't know what the like like the past tense. Verb of that is. I know you maintain that it was just because of like this is dumb drunk injury at the age of one thousand tough. I'm not saying the alcohol had nothing to do with it. But I will contend that the first of all those tile floors in Miami. We're very sorry. Gazza saying he got out of the shower like the first morning it was. Aaron almost slipped when we were at eleven that night it was not the monsoon of Friday night but it was pretty close and Gaz also told me today that he heard Lightening Strike our pool. Well I don't know how you can hear something like that but I feel like that's pretty serious so the fact is yes I was out until four. AM At eleven. And I had been drinking all night but that that doesn't change the fact that my entire hotel room had flooded and those doors were like trying to slam five hundred pound doors. That's not I wasn't a WIMP. Doing heavy heavy doors locked in the cases window. Your it was the day after. She broke her ribs. Well was fractured it via whatever fractured your red issues. Like yeah like I'm up on my roof. We're watching the DOC. If you WANNA come up and I was walking through her room like looking at my phone and I was like well fuck Forehead right in the because I wasn't going to leave the door open anymore because I was scared that it would happen again but the fact is is there are three options of that fall because I cannot say this enough when my legs went out from behind me like it was one of those like full just like right there if that railing of that sliding door wasn't there and it would have caught my chest. It would have been my face that no teeth broken. No teeth I mean. It was full as a timber tree falling on its face. The other option would have been unheard if yeah if the railing was a little bit lower on my body. It would've been my boobs very problematic fair and surgery. I think that would've been a good thing. No if you pop your tit man do their right of that day. Replace them every ten years. She's at like ten. We're we're not getting into that. WE'RE NOT GONNA get into that but it would not have been good because then that starts like any time you see something like that happened. Then it starts like health we whatever leaks and you can You could probably sue the company that did faulty boobs or you can do the fucking hotel. No it was definitely my fault. I mean I I left the door open. I was drunk. I should have been a lawyer in another life. I mean really I say I will admit when I mean everybody knows I admit when I drink I think that this injury was seventy percent tile floor soaking wet and thirty percent alcohol. Yeah I'll give you I. Also I also thought about this. If I wasn't drunk I might even more injured because I would have been like trying to myself. I was getting everyone's times. They say it's better to just kind of be like Lucy. I had a bag of salt and vinegar chips in one hand trying to close the door at the other their chips everywhere I also bought out a little bit more because my blood was thinner but I started noticing a little bit more every day that this was not just a bruise hurt a little bit. It went in a day and she looks like you've just been dealing with a fractured ribbon. Contusion do anything which is bullshit mobilized they they just give you a little little bit stronger medicine than you can get over the counter and tell you to put these medicated patches on it and just not do anything for like four to six weeks with your upper body. She was like giving tigger. Did the broke broke. His revenue just wore bulletproof vest in the rain. That's I knew something couldn't have been completely broken because I can still move my arm around and night but then like just having a lift myself up was a lot harder than I thought she was. Just don't do that more. So what do you mean how am I gonNA get out of bed how somebody can have to come live with me and put my clothes on. She's like don't lift. If you're on your left arm over your head. How am I supposed to put a shirt on you can finagle? Is You know how hard it is. Yeah Florida's behind asp pants with this rib broken doc in or whatever it is going to be fought I tried. It is myself into one of my favorite pairs of Yoga Pants. And I couldn't because as I couldn't lift it over my ass with my left arm. Do you know how I what am I supposed to do. You're going to have to wear like pajamas. You gotta just wear like higher dress. Be careful you're gonNA fucking case official dresser. No no no no. I'm I'm not taking applications here. I just might have to do I it is I do. I just got a tweet hockey tough. I don't feel like I would be somebody that would fracture ribbon like like sit on it for six days. I'm kind of proud of my. She just told me we have an upper body injury off style questionable. It's Disgusting Looking Bruise. My armpit it is swollen because apparently yeah because apparently he's on the inside Bruce on outside and inside I am but like now my arm. My underarms hurt because the one because it's like Also like an inflamed muscle. I'm like you know maybe if I just close my door is when the minimum. I don't follow that often when I'm drunk. I mean every once when I like fall on my ass or whatever but like I never fall fell sober at the gym off of the Vigneault vigneault little shit. Yeah it's trying to obtain footage of someone else to ask the background. I think that they will. I think it was also. They're worried they get sued. You'd say if I promise to sign something I won't I just WANNA see my clumsy lasko. I mean because that one was like one hundred legs. Lincoln athletes who've done a snapshot take take on that baggage. You had had back extension fails in the gym on snapchat and every time I do take just getting angrier that they didn't give it to me with a broken rib or fractured. I don't want to say broken because it's not fully broken fractured in. But that's what I'm using. They can give you. They can't do anything about it. Yeah I mean what am I supposed to do. I gladly take physical pain over this emotional thing. I would to be honest. I mean it's a good story if someone could break my ribs to take away like the red talks investigation and Alex Cora getting fired let them break all my road take them all all my ribs. Kilmer he'll kill me and let them. That's when the guy would out probably endure just about any physical injury. That would eventually like recover from if I could bring Alexkor back manager. I feel like physical pain that like you said that you can recover from you. Know you're going. Okay okay. It's waylon emotional. Yeah no it's like whenever you get like really really dumped and you can like start to like physically feel your heart. That's nothing compared to the emotional stuff. Talkin Park Yeah but I'm a clown for not going until today. I like to point that out after the break. I think I got some good news for you. Nothing will help us today there. Now don't fuck in toy like if someone saying don't worry it's back it's just it's just like it's something that would give you hope all right all right and then back Jarrett's GonNa help me Out and you drop your own nuke Tuesday new or start to fucking put your finger on the trigger all right. We're back after the break This morning Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Heaven. You're just ridiculously stupid. Welcome welcome welcome. welcome your breath. It's Friday we all got fake jobs. We barely got should do man. There's been a lot of good news flying around these parts. Recently Dave's one hundred million dollar man. I feel like Yankee fans have been happy about all sorts of shit with their rivals mass pitcher they signed but nobody. Oh Buddy is having a better week than your boy. Trent trend is in the building. Big Daddy Iowa here Hello Aka K.. A. Luggage fucking guy. And now I mean I don't. I don't even know which. which is the bigger accomplishment? Luggage guy in the bachelor getting this. Tom Brady he quote tweet which just popped off about eight minutes ago and his poppin. Oh Yeah it's good. It just happened for us so four. Play our twitter account at four play. pod follow on twitter there the pelvic floor on this week. So there's a lot of celebrities and athletes that play and Peyton manning is playing so he just hit a shot and hit a close to the pen and we tweeted it and said Brady would have sunk this just a little chirp and Tom Brady Superbowl winning quarterback and won six of them casually as he said not true. Payton is the Gulf right now. He's had much more practice. These past few years I bohm in the he wasn't tagged in the League at TB twelve it was just break just brady would have sunk this and somehow brady eighty or his team came across it and whatever however comes. I don't care if the name on the on the handle. Is Tom Brady. That's what matters worse we're at about twenty thousand likes and thirteen minutes. Tom Brady needle especially when he's chirping. PEYTON manning followers right. Now keep an eye on that. I feel like it's impossible. You can go super super viral. These people don't follow as soon as it happened. I wrote down. How many four followers? So I'll let you know once I think if you're if like a- like a foreplay account you might grab followers versus a personal account. I think because when you go by somebody who will go viral now and it's just like well. That was a funny joke but I don't need to follow every day but if this is like okay. This is golf account. I'm going to get like interesting golf. It's just like an accurate. If you look at our tweets videos shout out to our producer Jake I gotta give him a shadow. That was his tweet he was. He's been tween often to Brady's producers who there is a producer right here. I think I think Brady definitely has a team to yeah to like. Put it in front of his face and behave. Just see this and then like I bet you Tom Brady says I don't know I was wondering about that very funny. He's Icefield witty. Sometimes I feel like it's him other times I feel like enhanced clearly not I'll successful dashing dashing dress very well I bet there are times when he'll duck and be like I got something maybe WanNa see about that but and but this one I also feel like maybe it is him because I don't know if if I was tweeting four somebody I don't know if I would take shots at people might not want like Peyton manning beef on his hands right. We talked about that whenever he commented on the seating season like there's no way that somebody that has access to his twitter account or is instagram account is just out there commenting on ass eating season. Four Tom Brady. Who thought that was Tom Brady yet? It has to be. You don't know sixer bulls in some aspects. No not yeah he did that lose your point. Were nobody somebody who was logged into the wrong account. Tom Brady Ways buttoned up. I don't think he said I like asked eating season. He commented on an ASS eating season post. That was funny. He don't reset reset Hashtag. Ask heating season did he. Are you sure I forget what he said she said it and I know that what he said came off his approval for asking right. But I don't think we got straight upset it also if you are an intern or social media person for Tom Brady. You're not tweeting that or commenting on instagram without his approved. So you're sitting Kevin that someone it was still logged in forgot to switch over said that and then we're like well. I guess Tom Brady is just an Aston Guy. Now pretty close. We never said anything all right. But I mean that would be like saying marina or Frankie or whoever has access to Dave's account could just go do that on their own like no they are strictly for business. If Dave wants to say something funny on social media he has to do it himself so if Tom Brady went to say something funny he's doing it on his own right but I just I. I think that they were thinking. They were on their power and law. The Tom Brady Tom. Brady's clarify just to clarify the eseding thing. He responded to one of our posts that was in reference to and. Yeah well he said Yup he never adding season couch right right. That's what I thought. It was just like a very casual response to what we saw was like. He can do whatever he wants. He's Tom Brady. Yeah I I don't know that one still puzzles me. 'cause he's just never even you know he's but Kevin courses does but he's like so captain America like never give anybody you any other inclination gets like an interview with Tom Brady. That's gotTa be question number one area. What are your opinions on eating? But we know because that's all star start with a comment that our ass eating season posts and then how do you feel about CETACEA correct. The also is weird to me. Because like there's there's been some jokes like that but then there was also the emails that came out during deflategate which were very much like private to his father being like Peyton done. It's over for him so they're always he's like. Yeah we're you know we're like friends more like professional like rivals. It's all good but it just can't be no natural and you can't get to that level without despising raising everyone else. Who got six and pains one? It's like why are people even fucking comparing and even if you and if you are Payton you're like fuck doc. This guy he's got sick and even if you like the person personally when all of the fans are doing like the the chirping for you you just get like you take sides. Do you know what I mean. Hundred Percent Lebron Koby were pretty close and that happens a lot Lebron Kobe's but people compare compare them all the time. Yeah the same way that they're also like holding Jordan when he came in the League feel like people are. There's plenty on team Mamba. You know what I mean. The the problem was when it was like it's not you anymore. It's definitely Tom Brady. You know what I mean like that thing. It's so one sided. Yeah yeah paid. Probably doesn't I'm Tom Brady Payton he's good on SNL but when it comes down to when it's like who's Tom Yen for a long time it was even but then It's time to practice. Yeah what a great shirt. This was gonNA share that tweet. I'm excited about it. Oh it's because it's not only the fact that he quote tweeted you guys. It was how good it's actually tweet thrown a this conversation and the Brady versus manning. Debate reminds me of we had an episode of the Yak where it was supposed to be a holiday but we didn't get it off so we took the Ger. This is at the old office we took the Jerseys Aziz off the wall and stuff them in the cracks the doors and then baked the radio room and I was so high that I didn't be like twenty. He minutes Dan. What do you think about Payton's legacy and I was just like like my brain couldn't get my mouth? It's an open and have words come out and I was like I know what I want to say but if I open my mouth and I was like. I don't know what's going to come out dude. We went to dinner after that. Say A fucking world. Yeah it was me you wipe. Who Back in the PK? Crew every Friday seeping shout out. Jared just didn't say a fucking blaze you you get that high I go to sleep. My brain candy live smoke that often at all like I have a pen that I rarely used but like is like actually like smoking weed. I don't do that very often all just hot box. That tiny yes we duffed jerseys under the cracks of the doors and the baked the whole Radio Room and smokes folks for the whole hour round a squaws it a good show. Oh my God like it was great. Trust this guy doesn't remember when they have like the camera and like the corner. It was just like we were doing radio show in a cloud. You're just like a white cloud that we were doing the show. I'm like a legit goldfish all trash. What'd you say like what? What was the question? I won't forget in a matter of seconds. I think I like the idea of. We'd more than I like smoking weed because I'll I'll get I'll get the we'd now like rolling. I'll be like fucking exciting. I smoke and I'm like I'm GonNa die some harshest like yeah like crazy horse people who can smoke weed everyday and just function during the regular sized edible every day about calling the cops. Yeah I think he did a small amount but he was like. Yeah like on days that I have to edit a lot or I'm just gonNa like sitting there. I know I'm really really high when I get very concerned about the volume of my television. I'm like I always think like my neighbors are GONNA hit. It'd be on like three or four back to hit that down a couple more. Knock out super polite. I live with Bobby Fox. Obviously I'm always like I wonder if he doesn't want to hear what I'm watching the centrally on mute. And it's like I'm just GonNa can't even here when I was little when I was young. I didn't understand when people said that. You get paranoid Loyd. I thought I thought that meant you like paranoid about like drugs like the cops arrested for the smoking weed. A ball of paranoia of like I'm going to whatever ever thought enters your mind you're paranoid about that is just about like you're saying the cops. It's every leaving right now are getting paranoid about like the crow virus. When they're hi Yo? I'm telling you paranoid I'm not stoned. Right fucking there's a cruise ship just chilling right now in the Hudson off. Yeah well there was. There was one. That's been doing a little while but this one's like brand new. I'm all for it. He'd been awaited story China neighbor. I actually Oh the one that rob your and into the elevator yes arrive. You'll be able to tell us right better. But he essentially ran into a guy on the elevator. Yeah if you can grab all at intelligence you guys got his neighbor but like in regards to the corona virus. I think it might be old. Yeah Yeah because I can see you know I if you're old to. There's like some Asian racism going Jon Allen Wars and whatnot but now it's like give them any reason and you and you start some fear mongering and you make these people they switch which shit sure that found it died now. I have a big say there was like there was like a rumors that he was dead. And no he wasn't and now confirmed that he is and there was also rumors that they might have like Epstein them like they killed him because he came out. Oh really because he revealed it. Yeah I guess they killed them and Trish. He died from the virus. It yeah you can speed on us Fox to the billing you gotTa Racist Neighbor. Oh my God yeah. Trend said he was like rob. Bob Gets better so on radio right now. Maybe the first time ever a moment so I get on my elevator on Sunday. No big deal. We have an elevator throw. Why twenty four hour doorman? WHOA no wake loves? Yeah that'd be desert. inbox box that I can like put like notes and be like please just give him white. Gloves don't tip them for Christmas. Get on it's coming from above our floor and there's an old man on the elevators super tall probably like six four maybe eighty years old hunched over bundled for the apocalypse has gloves Zahn hat. The whole Shebang. He has floor to push so I pushed the lobby button and he goes. You should be careful those buttons you know and I was like why back and he goes the corona and I was like. Oh yeah like. I don't even know if he was kidding. Right just being friendly making conversation in the elevator and he goes we do live near the UN n.. which we do and has a good point and I just wanted to be done with this conversation gets off a floor? Do he goes to get off and shit you not. He turns just before he leaves and he goes. There's Chinese people on my floor. That's what I'm trying to get out here some data and I like had like a visceral like Oh my God God. You're a racist old man but yeah it was. It certainly made my Sunday experience a lot. Better Yeah Chinese you got grown virus facts period. That's it all doing all never even been to China. Maybe they have it for like as American as you are. I mean why is that GonNa come from the roof provide ever thing. That didn't understand but I don't think he was up on the roof. I think he was on like another level. I think maybe he's got a racist Old Lady. Iran Tom Brady threw it. My next question is why we have so many old people living in are building. I bet they're like they're all friends with each other. They all visit each other's apartment racism meeting in in old people homes. They always have I guess. Td outbreaks because all the Ohio. It's like fucking. Yeah so if you got a bunch of big now like all of them but there are several cases of outbreaks in these ways and it's like a nose being yeah like well you know we got nothing else out of the nurses not stop that at some point in your supply. I don't WanNA stop it. You know what I mean. It's like how how do they go talk. What I'm asking probably nighttime won't to wake up? You know like during the during during during the day like I would think they're always retirement places in nursing homes are different but aren't there always nurses like twenty four. I'm sure that some of them are more like controlled and other six. PM The late late night after real fortunate after the early bird special working on the end of this they might like you see stories about like daycare. People putting kid fistfights together together. They probably do it. These are like these to put them together like pimps. Yes I liked. What was a bigger moment better moment? Trent luggage guy or Bob Fox Connor McGregor like head nods or shoutouts. You you've had multiple McGregor ones now. Let's say let's say outside the courthouse. Was it that was that was a big one. The biggest one knows when when he likes shouted me out when it's on stage when he was like Robbie woke up because I think it was just like. Oh this is a fan right. If any new news you yeah versus luggage. I tried to answer. I think like I think because we knew the Bob was like in the circle and we knew that he was out there for for that reason versus like way. No one knew that Trent was both of them work in Seoul heart boating two year. I think they've been equally as impressive. Recive surprise of seeing it. Like oh the fact that you knew trump was gonna beyond you mean neuronal. Didn't renew no no. He means the complete opposite. Yeah Trent Whoa that it was on a national television. Yeah wasn't wasn't guaranteed like I actually knew he did it and I was like when this happens at Eh Barstool like new. Not everyone at Borstal knew it was happening at least that I was such a big like. Oh my God this guy. Did you say today might have known I would say when. When did I say the toll? I did not say that right so when when when it happened you gonNA have no. I knew I know producer. Reach out to me. A couple of weeks ago was like because I knew I was going to freighter cameras rolling and Shit like so you knew it was gonna be that night. Yes law did not help look did not know I was. I went out for the first time in like two and a half years and I ah did you know he was doing it at all. I knew I didn't know that was having that night. But well He. He had come to me when I was materializing because he had to travel multiple places and it was like like a whole like. Yeah but they have a rhyme or reason of who you told I think is at some point. I told a very small amount of people and then everyone close to. This is not in terms of like that. They would gossip each other but literally proximity to each other. Whether it'd be like what's going on and you just kind of tell them but like I would say in total at Max like ten People Newton Luckily nobody nobody fucking anything. Everyone was great who I told so it was like yeah. It was a big surprise. I was happy that people caught it like that. One guy that you re tweeted. who was was like his right because like the best I watched the bachelor but like by our two and a half? I'm like all right. It's kind of on in the background and I could easily miss. You know a quick luggage guy but so many people saw it and like rewound like a video is my favorite so genuinely knew he knew so he was one of the people who knew but he genuinely forgotten. Now I mean if it has to do with I told him number and he's not going to remember something which I was i. I was grateful for because he speaks his mind all the time so he could have said on radio so I was glad it was completely out of sight out of mind right. Didn't say and then he had his own thing going on with with her so he was he was a good night. All around. 'cause I know even Like after it happened you were kind of like. It's okay right as long as as happy like we're going I never. Everyone was like as long as he's happy. That's all that matters. That's still that way and it will always be that way. But he was all of us. Do the greatest thing you've ever done and like the Dana White Office door remember. We're coming back and being like I hope that's okay allowed happy. That's it wasn't long enough. He's like he thought it was funny. And that's it who cares. I feel like it's really kind kind of a draw for me because it seemed like lifelong dreams basically in ensure of your like dedicated obsessed has the edge just for being on national like Ah just like happening and people being what honestly when you think about Bachelor Ratings I mean. Isn't it like thirty million people a week now. There's a lot I don't know the exact the number but it's a very large number of people as you see from my story. Because I shared everybody was very funny but also went so viral and people started falling Barstools AH digital TV. I mean you brought attention to Barcelo. People had no idea who we were because you went viral. Because you've got some apartments are sleds. Yeah we got the fucking rocket. WHO's an he's always over so he's there superbowl time? Yeah yeah that was. That was nice. You guys do a super bowl party. How was it was private? Apparently did you guys watch it here. fucking death box here on my phone for checking-in yeah I mean I. I would rather go on. Our apartment door is always open to Kevin clancy. Okay no doubt about it. Okay we had TACO Bell. I they did Chinese food. They were worried to order it. Because of the Corona Fox. You say I might come over. It might not because you got Chinese. People just can't be happy that Dr Oz told us in Miami that there is a shortage of masks in the world. Like the real masks and not just little Dr Ones Ones. That have like the a gas mask. Firing Jack. Those masks doctors there are no more of the world now. Drivers Uber drivers are wearing these masks. And like I've had a little cough while it was like I get in to a fucking Uber. Her and then my fucking driver has this mask on. And that's a fucking one star. That's like dude. I look around the call rolling fucking it is I mean I would. I don't think I would drive my uber. I think a big iron shut down for a few days. I mean at the same time I get on the subway. All the time showed that so if if we do get a year. We're all fucked like that. I had a cab driver told me the other day in New York. Whenever we were coming home from the airport he was like yeah? We just got an alert. A yellow cab. BLURT that there's a case of the krona virus in a taxi driver Ghazipur so I don't believe that there's yellow cab alerts. I don't believe that ever yellow cab guy is getting an alert right now so I feel like we might know. No that if there was a case in Manhattan I mean. It's just I the hysteria every time you can take it to the bank and I'm sure there is somebody profiting every time. The pharmaceutical companies or or something manufacturers. I mean it's just GonNa be an converts. Eight hundred people have died from this but like it in the in the city in China where it's like the central point of it it's like eleven million people a Lars Model Senate. I know but a lot of people are saying that China's like not not really reporting what's up if you're GONNA do Norte Zombie virus. I hate that you just get sick and Zombie. That's like I feel like this is how it starts though like they do that. Zombie like mad cow disease and then morphs into something. That's actually because this when they're saying you might not even know you have it which which means you could be carrying it for weeks and weeks damn lays dormant and they just catch the flu and all of a sudden you're dead like you can just be walking around with. We can have it right now. We're on that crucial. And they're not letting you off probably give it ten days before I kill. All the thing is where he kills him. I think it'd be less the limited shit you know what I mean like if I if I if I was say we went down to Miami and it was like you can't leave. You got stay in your hotel on. It's bad you know what I mean like living here on the balcony whatever cruise ship not too great. You know this rooms are tiny rooms. Limited like access to all all sorts of Shit. How many days I don't know I think this one's like only like a day right now? There was one that was like while but brings out to him right. I Yeah I would hold talking. Yeah Hey we'll put them in quarantine till they die but drinking your home piss legitimately like I I'm not a A never by all hysteria with these things but also GonNa China right now precautions you can take simply avoided totally like ricefields of China or you buy the more modern places but also just don't just don't go guy he's like. I'm not going back. I I mean was upset about that I think Dave is like he he. I think they've said he's just choosing to go back. He can go back if he wants to. A boondoggle or something like Oh. He just doesn't WANNA go back. Go Back Donny is. He's a wild one man. Just now I'm going to go live in a weird weird places videos of him with the the monkees outside of the hot tub. The hot springs is one of the funniest things I mean. He is a trip. But I even if you think you're safe and like there's probably lot of places you are. You might not get back in or something like other people's hysteria and not necessarily just your own right. Did you see the video that he posted like what the streets look like in the city that he lives in. No it is greasy. It's nobody's there it's as populated as Manhattan and like it's just a ghost was town meaning. They're all just sitting inside. I'm sure it's a little bit of both but yeah breaks you're using. That's what I was about. Add on I think they using that the craziest surveillance technology snipe people on the streets. And if you're on the streets you like actually faulk police. You're not going to work. They're not going grocery store. It's not going to school. Oh so I can't tell if this is like different or if as always it's like it's social media's bigger and we're everywhere like did this happen for the bird flu over over there haven't for SARS over there like this is like a month ago at this point maybe weeks when they were zapping everybody doing the temperature to start to like there was a mall temperature pitcher before you can even walk into work and I'm thinking like a wow. I've never seen that before but it may have happened before we didn't see it before this I feel like I would. I would have seen on the news or heard about down hull city. Yeah like the last time so different again. Doctor is an expert in all things said that this is not like that bad but that it. It's a good like we better train up on that to be when we saw like the idea of the masks being not being found in Chile. You can't get those he's if we ever. I did have like a big epidemic fucked because the the whole thing was every every hundred years on the twenties is like yeah so like seventeen. Seventeen twenty was the black play scenes. Twenty was the Spanish flu. Nineteen twenty was like on a polio uh-huh or small by something like something relatively modern now is twenty twenty and there's this this virus floating around so that makes me the biggest believer right there to Nielsen so say twenty percent of the population. We'll get wiped out. That's what the yeah usually these every hundred years on the twentieth. You know cuts down. No I don't leave my apartment so I do like my chances I wash my hands obsessively and I still get sick more than anyone else that I personally say that. If you can over wash wash your hands push yourself just doesn't go anywhere where there's germs. I come in here say that. But because he plays baseball teams you the factory true nature of being in Manhattan. I feel you don't yeah but he doesn't walk anywhere he doesn't get on the subway anywhere he doesn't it's like He. He's sheltered in his apartment and he comes here. I will say here's disgusting. Yeah we are. These microphones that my face is right up next to is bucking Scott. I know but like you know whatever man I'm Plaid mankind grown every once in a while. I'll come in and Clean Mike and I also call a little bit. Everybody in your beard right like there was one time that I use that microphone booking bits and pieces for me rubbing his subpoenas at home that is whenever you like hook up with people. You're sharing their germs right down to the present hooking up with figuring out there doing yeah you would think twice about it like he won't even share his food or drink with anybody but then he's out here like hooking up with people makes I would that. That is true like if if if I was on a date with a girl and she wanted like a bite of my ice cream be like fuck no and then I just go liquor mouth like an hour later. Thank Oh you can't touch my fries but turn around but my my tummy your buck. Yeah I probably that's how these things like the downfall of you. That's how twenty percent gets down where they'll be like there's a huge virus and everyone's like cleaning their hands and ship and then they get horny and it's like well okay. Whatever fucking percent of the dead? I don't anyway so come on. Let's hit our first break. You guys welcome cigarette if you want. I don't carry the way We for our second half hour. Six office take over on. They try to swallow me copy but for the money ain't never won attention so I don't pay attention to commerce and all the Mitch's Stacey my pitch perfect gorgeous or just make them drop dead showy you all my attention as tensions stay in the kitchen. Eighteen cooking fever. Join our play is open it up with drake Waymo Carl is one of the members of south. Sure you really yeah. He's in this. We know who migos says because Heath timber used to come out to one of their songs. There's always gonNA everything leads back to baseball. Video of Drake beaver. Quayle playing ball. And I. It's like being famous. Is the kind of like the worst like these key play basketball. Yeah and everyone's like critiquing their game and like making fun of them. They're all perfectly normal like pickup basketball. Well players like they're not basketball player. Yeah they're just like guys playing basketball and like the it's like a highlight reel so like it's them hitting jumpers there's like quavos a lefty and Kinda has like a awkward jump shot like snow sheds them you know and I think we're playing with his shirt off is is just confusing. Whatever you want but like when you're on the court with the other guys who are also famous and you're like no one else's playing skins but no-one no one playing is well drake? I guess I forgot drake was there. Yeah I'm Scott Clothes on I forgot drake was there. Yeah he can do do whatever he wants them to send. You're opening yourself up wearing the drew like drake was wearing drew merchandise. So it's basically like he's supporting whatever. I'll just be shirtless. Yeah it's funny watching the news play because he is like tiny guys kind of shoots like a little kid does like draining draining. Always in tiny Blake Doc. I don't know five years ago. He was tiny but toned and defined. And now he's tiny and frail. Well he was. He he got kinda jacked for the Calvin Klein stuff purpose in great shape. Oh yeah then. Who knows what's best what happened to all right around? The room was like always tweaking on drugs. Looks like frail when we're in shed but it's like playing basketball team alone. Although I think the one one account that made it go viral. I think jokingly was like these guys can like ball for real and everyone know they can kind of joke but although God it's want to play basketball I mean beaver was draining them. Yeah highlight reel every man. Dan Complaining. They were traveling too much. Who Come on up? Doesn't he play. Isn't it like a celebrity usually the NBA played in the past. I don't know if it's good. Yeah I mean they're all just like a smooth. He just wants to play basketball. That song is good. Though you can agree grrrrrreat terrible. The only part of that song heard is what we just heard coming in here and it's pretty good. It's like you know what it is a lesser version of the other Bieber enqueso songs. Bolan ever. You know what I mean. Yeah Yeah it's just more armies on our texting this morning because as soon as I woke up and thought it was an appropriate time to which I guess you're much I saw it. I saw you run down. The other day was just down yesterday. No we're talking about you because of how you You basically approve. Everyone's vacation now and improve outcomes approved Croatia. Do you deny people. ooh when I'm told to. Yes okay but you'll never make the call like now you have in your way. I can't say on I was saying like I. Am I do that. You basically produce every fucking show on Sirius. Now I mean. You're the Jack of all trades Jay and parcel. You're sneaky one of the most important important powerful people here. I wouldn't go that far. Have I denied someone a vacation. Maybe you have you have a card company cards. No that's that's There it was a time I remember when like Caleb was new like he and like Buddha ban and all the guys. They traveled a lot so they have it. But I remember being like what the fuck is going on here. I gotta give me one of those things. Yeah do you have one no. I've never had one. I'm GonNa ask what you have never had a company car I mean we're we're fucking now fuck it takes to get one and I am on. There's also a lot tighter these days. Don't you Kinda like own equity kind of rolling definitely do. It's fucking wild. There are a lot harder to get these days than they were. Yeah I probably have someone that doesn't have one. I probably have one of the best cases for one like we traveled to travel. Yeah I mean I also just I never put in my expenses which I mean neither keep sending us are doing it so I just eat it like Brennan like regard to eat like we're on the road or something like show pay out of pocket and then show expense it or if it's just me and brings not they're like Miami I- expense nothing. La when she paid for everything all all of our meals there. And I told you there. Is that hotel that we stayed at when we went to L. A.. Where after our stay they charge us like the the scenery convenience fee it was like one hundred sixty sixty three dollars like on top of it was Barstool paid for the hotel for the four days that we were there and then every night they charge like forty five ninety nine for like the location fee fee or whatever and I just pay that and I'd never expensive? Yeah I forgot that like our card was down at the latest Miami trip. So I'm like eating out of the mini bar code. Thanks the second although of cultural weekends we don't pay for anything. It's Dave's there so he just runs everything. But if I'm on the road when there's not a company called around I'm definitely excited. I mean like everybody else does. We're just saying I need somebody so easy to do that. And like the monthly phone that I feel like I just take advantage of it in fucking. Get them to pay. But it's like you need to eat whether you're whether I was at home or in Miami I'm GONNA pay to eat right so I feel like I shouldn't take the perks all you get X.. Amount of money for this day. Use It right now I get it. I'm just saying I. Eight hundred three eight five. I stole the phone number Kyle from New Jersey's on it was okay. You guys just open an ally Kevin. I was watching The murder of Lacy Peterson last night. Free Free Scott Frank Scott. No there was no evidence at all. The I will say this There's one thing that they left out the pliers it's either on or warehouse. Had her hair on it. And they kind of just gloss over that fact I was like. That's Kinda weird. That was suspect but honestly the rest of it. None of it. None of it is concrete. That guy was getting rid of like the forming at the end of the fingers. 'cause he was like Oh we have to go over this and given a new chick team and said Obviously Ashley is guilty. I know at the very the very least you should. They got like a mistrial. That guy was not likeable. Didn't have a good marriage. He wanted to go with his new girlfriend. Right and people didn't like that fact. Unbelievable Free Scott Man and you know what else didn't help very end. Those the the people who formed the spot team discussion the appeal to those people who are such assholes that made me want to be like I leave him in jail. You're not helping the cause at all. We Got Thomas. South Carolina was Tommy Thir- Casey. I'm in my personal hell down here originally from New Jersey Big Fan and Surrounded by braves fans ooh myself at work work. Yeah that's not good. Things are not good right now. Tom Jeff Wilpon is discriminating. No no he's he. He is the worst sports figure in fucking history going to stretch. But I honestly mean you'd think think of the stories of you know when when the Brooklyn dodgers up in laughed and who was an art modell and the dead of night move the browns and all these things released on Donna level. Yeah he's he's on that level what he did is absolutely unforgivable. It should absolutely criminal. It should rob Manfred. Should step in and stop it now that we know the details and Uncle Stevie has finally spoken which was great by the way. Did you hear that subtle. Paint him as I've got just fucking ridiculous. That's why his quote was so funny he goes. He was like as a as a minority owner. I look forward to a somebody coming in with a higher bid being like no one's ever GonNa at this point six billion you fucking asshole. I forget who had the report yesterday but there is someone that was like Cohen is going to have a very tough time like buying another her. So ranch is not noted that and he is has exposed himself as the biggest wilpon Schill. I thought you said Yang Lanny. I actually he didn't know He. I follow certain beat reporters. He was not one of them but when I started to see yes why perhaps and that would explain it that he basically it works for the company for every every tweet response from the mets twitter. People that I follow or like go fucking Blow Jeff you if we're thinking of the same guy. This guy carries as the Yankees water to hugh like big time. Like anytime there's like like I'll tweet something about the Yankees cheating and stuff like he immediately just like well. Aw got this fucking like report here. Dope didn't happen didn't happen like he's all over immediately. I guess the problem now is that this is like a national story. There are probably non mets fans who are taking note and they don't quite know like when Dave is trolling and he's like what do you mean they bought. They got suspect. There's probably going to baseball all fans out there doing that. Who now actually believe it when it's like if you're paying any attention about any of the business doings of the Wilpon of the past two decades you know that there is one guilty party here and it's fucking wilpon and I don't know what happened like Fred Fred? Fred knows. What's up Fred? He's getting old and Fred was like we got to solve a team and runs later. It's Japanese fucking calling the shots and it doesn't make any goddamn sense and the ticker though the booking the icing ACO kate was Jeff. wilpon demanding continued use of the prided jet. which was the fucking thing that the wilpon balked at when rod wanted to sign with the Mazzarella? Too many perks like the jet. Fuck you jeff. Who in the world is going to buy this team? If you don't go away. They're looking at. They're still looking to sell. They're going to go to auction now with the fucking investment bank. Guess who works for them fucking Bradley Wilpon. It's all just one big wilpon. Uh Jerk off fucking circle jerk. Who is going to buy this team if you if it sounds like Jeff what bombs gonNA leave screw question? Kevin Clem told me when he was buying a house that the previous owners were like. Yeah like you got yourself a deal. Here's the problem though. We gotta stay for six more months. We can't move out in you know we need sex more money. It was like no I just bought the house. It's now mine I get to live there. Get the fuck out. Why would Steve Go? And let you hang around especially when Jeff Wilpon and is a noted Ma. It felt like a all right. You know you're a great like you're a great baseball mind or institution and we'll see like Grace Mugabe. Alex senior roles you're a fucking buffoon you're regarded as one of the dumbest people in all of sports. And you want to hang around for longer than Steve. Lowery agreed to five thaking years like he already did that. He was already like all right. Fine Idiot I'll give you five fucking years. Here's a half a decade and that wasn't good enough who was going to buy it for for more than a billion dollars. You fucking Kim Moron. That's why his tweet is so funny. Even say he was a statement that is being tweeted and it was like I mean I read it. Verbatim ta percent something like it was just so perfect. It was kind of like the Tom. Brady Peyton Manning tweet where there was just so much pettiness in it that it was for services kicked eight percent as an eight percent holder. I'm looking forward to a higher bid for the dam like did you see this is getting uglier. What breaking it's getting Uglier Wilpon? MLB are looking to salt. The Earth. On Steve Cohen's future as a team owner. Yes so that was the other thing you know. He's going to have a real hard time buying in another team fucking really because the first team that needs the money who does sell is going to want to go to the guy who's literally richer than anyone else in the fucking sport Lord. I would gladly sell my team to see Steve. Cohen is going to come in and be like he's going to put the mets on a national or wherever routinely buys on like a national sports map. Not just baseball. It's GonNa be like if he has his way. It'll be like having another yankees like I want to know what what went down. Why would the least poorly that not only did this deal fall apart? But they're basically trying to say that he'll never even own another franchise if you WanNa because the Wilpon somehow have the front office of baseball in their Franken back pocket when it was bud ceiling. I understood it but ceiling was a thousand years old. Hitmen Fred Wilpon just boys. It'd be like if bucket me and you if I was the commissioner and you're an owner and you suck that'd be like whatever the rockets fine but he's walking dead now and there's a whole new guy is a whole whole like a perfect opportunity to let's move on from this era of clear mediocrity and incompetence. Let's do it with a guy who is going to like bring more publicity publicity and fame and attention to the sport than anybody else. I mean I can understand the idea like like do you think that Baseball liked George Steinbrenner. I mean they banned him so like wh if they like it in that moment yes obvious today like the storyline and yet the Yankees. He's and Steinbrenner is one of the best. It's ever happened to write like sense. You know we talk about players being larger than life and how that's kind of faded like Steinbrenner wasn't into player but he was larger than life and trouble and yes to the point that they had suspended or even banned him but when he finally did his thing thing and had his way he created a modern day. Ruth Gehrig and Mansell. You know what I mean like. It was the best thing that's ever happened for them to to to lock guy out auto baseball. That's the sort of Shit I hate. When they changed the rules pace of play we gotta get younger? Major moves like that that will change as more like a guy who finds a Derek jeter who creates a Yankees Dynasty. That's what gets you an influx of new fans not tweaking taking the fucking rules. Sharp pitched wall outfield at city. Yeah Shit like that you make the whole experience and like he absolutely would have made flushing like the whole all seen they've always wanted to is just so fucking shortsighted and it's so baseball. Do just side with the mets unfathomable that anybody would ever think. I think that it wasn't the Wilpon salt. Did it ever come out. Why exactly the Wilpon even wanting to sell any like I'd say like a yeah I mean I think that? So they're going to have to have somebody come in. I know that but it's like a dire thing for them. I mean I think it has been dire- for a while. There's there's like talks of how they had to take out a loan own every single year to cover opera so I understand. It's not wanting to give up complete control or whatever but if you're somebody that wants to buy the mets and you just see what happened to Steve Cohen. And you know that's the weapons are going to do. Why the fuck would you even try? Who so they're gonNA find somebody to quote unquote by it and it's going to be like just more like a cash infusion and they still run the show? It's like it's almost like what Penn's doing Barstool acceptive. Dave was a fucking moron. You know like if have you already had like one of the best owners in baseball and you wanted to just investment. Aren't you just keep doing your thing. You know. It's it's letting a complete eightieth pea brain continued to ruin your fucking new two point. Six billion dollar purchase pin is investing in what Dave built himself adding influx of money to to what Dave is already been doing and it has been doing forever whereas Stevie Khan was just going to change the whole thing. What's up ran ran from Mississippi? Just Kinda on my question I was going to ask you about was right what I've been hearing as wanting to sell the team but actually keep control. Uh so so the original deal was we'll give you five years of a a grace period and then he came back and was like no I want. I want more time I want. I want to continue to get paid. He asked for a raise and he wanted to continue the US like all the teams resources. Well then don't sell the fucking team. You don't get to do all that stuff if you're selling team. I got another question for you after that. One hey limited Mississippi it's hard to keep up with the mets to Goodi little better aged twitter and everything but What's a good podcast to listen to kind of? Yeah Yeah Yeah you can listen to my podcast. If you want to listen to the mets. It's called we gotta believe it's me and Clem and if you're interested in more just overall all baseball you can do starting nine and if you're into the red sox you can do section i. I'm not arrestable. Okay you go listen to me and clements called. We gotta believe that guy show keep up good work. Thank you brother we appreciate it. I Love Ran Fred. Wilpon owes in excess of one point. Five billion dollars in sports related. I mean fans are sitting here like if if what is the point of having a commissioner. What is the point of having the League? If you can get away with this shit. How did Frank mccord loses franchise in like two months premature? We don't know if the money's going to here here or there. So you're out you're fucking wos Angeles Franchise. But somehow the mets continued to get away with it. It's fucking sickening deal falls apart. Your deals falling apart. I genuinely feel bad for you. I feel A. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA get your way here so I do I do I just ask. Because they're coinciding the world will make the joke of like Ha- Kevin Sexual you and meanwhile it's it's more you than Dave. Dave will be happy to so. It's just the same story here. Tom Brady just signed like yes. Massive contract for like a year. That's exactly what's going to happen and it was really what starts making me get scared. That never gonNA see is money because it's just it's just too many things working against me. I think the red sox pulled that deal off saw. They were never prepared for the backlash but not prepared for what the backlash ended up being saw a wiggle room a little way to get out of it and are now leaning into that. Because what if what you're telling me is true. Sure where they're asking for the twins to send more to the dodgers and reasonable just to break it down. Here's here's here's what's happening right now so the red sox and Mookie Betts and David price to the dodgers gers. The dodgers sent Alex Verduga to the Red Sox. The twins get Kenta Maeda from the The dodgers and then the twins send Bruce Dr Grant or all a twenty year old prospect to the Red Sox the red sox look at the medicals for Grad or all and. They're you're like well this sucks. We're not happy with that. So we want another top ten prospects on with Lynn legit. You can't just like his his his physical. Yeah yes sailed it. It's not the physical. It's the pre existing medical records at the twins have looked at that and think that would have like was that I in Lake. Hey we're actually okay with these things but we're going to say we're not because they're yeah I mean like they. I think that was like their first like all right pause because 'cause we saw the backlash right they're supposed to announce the trade on Thursday night. It broke on Wednesday night. Yeah it was supposed to be announced on Thursday night officially and and then Friday there was supposed to be a press conference and the rockets sitting here on his podcast Matt Johnston. It's funny is I was like Yeah mookie Betts fines again. I didn't say I might be someone else. That has a little bit of feel like the Red Sox feel you. Yeah I think this year. You're going to see Alex Cora on the bench and movie betsy outfit so I really Alex Cora's still gonNA get fucked for the Houston stuff so I don't think he's come back this year but I I think there's a real chance that he comes back after he's suspended it'd because if this investigation comes back in the Red Sox and all report so that they didn't find anything if you're a red sox these fucking like high and mighty Red Sox fans like he cheated. I don't WanNa back ACA Mighty Cheer Fuck you cheated with with the Red Sox like if this twenty you think he'll serve his time for the Houston this is what what are they maybe like a year like. Aj Hinge got a year and like Alex. Cora if he didn't do anything with the twenty eight teams like a year maybe a year and a half. Whatever right like you bring Alex cornerback? Cancel all the fucking players were devastated when Cora was gone like players like bogart's endeavors like. Yeah we took huge steps forward because Cora and especially when I I mean a young baseball manager you can have them around for like yeah. Yeah it's not an old guy. You're not a player where the clock is ticking. On you you can just fuck you found yard. Joe Torry Chutian for multiple decades and you know what hysteria all that Shit will come down. Yeah down on even more if this investigation comes out and they're like yeah. We didn't find anything on the two thousand eighteen red sox. They'll still get in trouble for like Houston but didn't do anything with the red sox wound up bringing back. I'm looking at twitter right right now and I guess when you're listening to us in the car it says that the title is feel Good Friday losing your mind so people are like. I love that my radio Jio display says feel Good Friday on C. C. K.. And Kevin just losing his phone. We did open sides but it's incredible. It is so perfect for this. Show feel Good Friday here on NC. CK No Kevin just screaming. Well fuck everybody. You'll go about man and nobody understands it. Everybody's just like oh well you know. It sucks like no this is ruined my life. Got My hopes up. Sorry my kids. We're going to be able to watch the mets now. I have to go back. And meanwhile by the way like they didn't do shit this off season so like come back though that Promo video is pretty cool fat boy slim over there man I I know have very much time. Rip The fact that we should have another hour here. I'M GONNA say that everyday by generally work in I wrote a blog about Texas tech yesterday which was very complimentary and Texas tech people are losing their minds and I just don't understand what you I saw that Holmes quote saying Yeah I wrote a very complimentary blog about how they do their party and most of the current or like people around my age Texas. This is so fucking accurate. This is great and I've got all these old Texas Tech Fans in my mentions like actually offended by what say now. We're more than a party school. We're actually I said nobody goes to class there and this lady is like if you would actually be on campus. You know it's like oh no shit lady the schools monopoly since nineteen twenty-three people are going to class really people are mad about my geography. I'm like what are you people want. Everybody likes to be called a party. School Patrick Mahomes just put you on the map. And by the way they should be up there with Arizona State Party they love to party in Lubbock people just relaxed. I don't understand that being the party. School is great because like their heels roles where you can party schools that are like flat out bad schools but there are play good schools. They get the party reputation and that just raises everything within shots parts. People got some ladies named Karen they're like I don't want my son to go there because of this lazy article I Mike. Welcome to Barstools. Sports Babe or about here Weekend again chicks the officer up next to the back on Monday for twenty five seconds. Long Radio show stay

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