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Episodio 3 de LA BREGA: Una enciclopedia de traicin

Latino Rebels Radio

43:35 min | 7 months ago

Episodio 3 de LA BREGA: Una enciclopedia de traicin

"Hey everybody it's julia. Galore la latino rebels radio. I'm talking in a different type of show voice because it's the bonus podcast show voice. That's right we're gonna give you a treat over the next several weeks. We will be featuring the spanish versions of lab ega podcasts. Which is stories of the puerto rican experience a co-production from wnyc studios and fudo studios of which. I'm a part of part of food. Media is a seven part podcast series that uses narrative storytelling investigative journalism to reflect and reveal. How laboulaye gac has defined so many aspects of life in puerto rico like i said. The episodes are available in english and spanish. Gray al nikki. Haley staff spurlock. Doris moves booty. Guus in life slightly in la. Yes but i sent that alana. Casanova burgess of on the media so she is the host to collective of puerto rican journalists producers musicians and artists from the island diaspora. I'm one of those reporters. We're gonna drop spanish version of nevada. Okay and here is episode three or as they say in spanish episode the race and the title of it is wounded encyclopaedia they thrice on. Let's listen to that listener. Supported w in y. c. studios. Let's go don't know. Smu joe. Chris gregory debate e Doris is a little dino would only own alpha nine son if that won't be down though on a backup it again. Mce bill is when bela vicar. Betas in that it had done in order to make your own goal pessoa mesa copper double room. They're hanging on yet. He sloppily meta in my hangul. Vn element is when people if folder they offer sina but put the rico so significant will be neutral mass basil money left for non michael montero on say look ego getting kinda hinted comforting for monta delegates. When i got paid that is history. He lancia program are illegal. Carol gobierno parapet. Cdl moving into independent developer. Tha rico alwyn off the super meter mowing until they susan issues increasing quinta for him blow bully aca paraiso paul simply actively on their own and pottery regain los achieve asleep state but obama valencia. Dutton the quaranta extending stellar search. Inte- local really sacred della policy. Gareth three oh amass this cintos in quinta mill personas etc extensive. Expedient this nasty ass. He sees me christly. Gullo mutual diem boy yet. Betas is photographer. Espn comments local mental red zone. Havoc dallas Don catala gutless feed us again and killer the you and commissioner you then you. I had to gasoline hinton. Alessia really. he's to sweat on compiler official policy local collaborative chairman. John zarrella policier. Meena not naughty. I'm in the locker. Peter informacion e compelling whose propia chievo sober independent teeth does less achieve narrative Dante christly your him for him. Most ulta milan synthesis anti-seizure aura. Numale say so. Check your aura. Bonsor alumna she took over our. I read that he can for more focused as implicit. And like i say those amelia where we started super the solar outerwear informa- in fire and people the saw from us young complimentary announced via area. It's analysis knock gassing get blue blue santaniello free anti if the program affoil another loss masic stencils that he got a healer through stephanie. Then says you've ottawa. Kabo put su propia galeano. You've got chris when undergoes masterly left. Ama- it Kenya cpr angeles owners. Al assad but alycia forming donald price. Yoenis then throw if amelia's in cameos if they thirty other bahia lands. Yes that myth. Eli concern secretary. Kenya copying borough pius variables got bet the ad or said that at the dc among puerto rico. Christmas coach our bill in the impo. So my load up at the akron anthem. Quando christimas holding either see yoga said full video isa goldman saw appropriate protests seemed brecca. Tomorrow come up at a solid owner. Statistically this labor dear so chris carpathian lay the said well in puerto. Rico sarcoma mattila paseo google. I look the i said chan though but a host of la vida. He says if they know jesus his solo toy mahina sione paranoia thou. I felt google thirty about who allah nina's thirty perez who. Start at munda an anna. Casanova burgess is luis vega but we'll see the photo studios wnyc studios and if you you go more like story other puerto rico. Staten dollas part of this at me. Snowflakes in england old school so photographic lacquer better mean terrassa race young impractical owner gimmes up in son-in-law effected the lobby lancelot societa empathy similarly thirty third saudi arabia by and mutual centerfold. You pretty old via be bothered. Lioness funai marines hookah loyalty escapade less. Maybe you hook the confront temple tripling. I'm going pull nestor escondido. Do economia year tv all polling ninja rico and went off. I'm activity thing tikva. Somali is komo poop from loyal momento bring dependency orlando paying me knowing interesting. Quintin away angle. Su-casa saskia phone quality young entered tall by political e-group tower. Gone up and then seeing the moment for supergrass young wall. Your center is back yemen. Land way while lucia jaw the in home. Port can be bothered. Hey down picked him up here. Nicaragua guarantee and courier said in tunis. The ultra low seminar five in the common salt and parental supervision volley deco in classical daria inside ongoing dependent. Lugo the concern soon young alpha. Dario independencia gonna see kamala. See that yet ideology anya. Ryobi arrest foyer. Mutcherson deal of. Toby is clara barron. Moignan ebony teesta enough opie ada. So i get home and forty hours are you. She not model taranto alias lucianne polling and then seattle by the end of back end. You're gonna send up rotate. But i'm being even whom does it. Our synthetic thing mother coming on which is why traffic. Mr say so mu yameogo compagno get them being committee sola fulbe yet up towels. They grupo soon. Nombre are william stop. You really are gonna be also typically cheat economic datta you our sociological men. Women that i don't wanna talk. Am i over him. Bundy foreign milo child mental brass. You're young team. You are high taffy. Not look you see demand with manta yamagata simonova you. You're not be that easy h. All obama be toying a koto little proto element lillard. 'cause he's the emperor silesia or than me now like i kamala cossack looming. I'm your komo william single on him for me. Rented him is symbolic macho you unlock awesome toffee see elegance bouba elementary particle elder william inclusive them. You know seeing the marina super lobby in santa group. Amigo perriman tower eight. I'll look yesterday to browse. Nicholas andrew. Tom being our internal owners thirty beta. Don't they drop any voice. Put a bubba. In all by buying uganda's it are under iglesia kundal independently tech lereah and to separate your of us army. Do and be seeing that portable without my deep fundamental santos altimonte government payment for eight a cs. Only actually we lost numbers. That all young in tacoma tadahito seemingly weirdo guada- celebrity culpepper. I see us. Komo nico. Conseil australia solo neo. Cnn does the meals never sauna forum catalog out ems lobby lancia. Have you come winter olympics. Through masino i goes fantastic apple therapy seen. Cca you'll get your neck that's young. He's only got going to assume marino so we had become well other than young rowdy on back so fairly a in the way warning when dan illiteracy that any format sport off by this da. Tony de la phobe documenta locker peta nickel-metal hocus yet to the komo rolling moment leprosy obviously to professor plum embassy dorado zeno thumper saw and i really would also personae who better c. Too much of your lasso book on pointing teenager lonzo siasi ongoing humane thing known moment. That impact travel east. Dania hunter our who well. Yes lay their independence. Rico seem bariseel percentile or allah thousand either komo superbia people. Who then will. He's selling metromail or really ended up in anti galley and went up over any my he. Now listen and your financiero. They'll go enough on a case by two thousand ten young month in an upward thirty labor gallo of boston. Ma grandma marina tony and sakhalin mass coming ficarra. Over whatever in minas into center. You know it'd be retold fairy j. Edgar hoover imbue memorandum's hawaiian someone. I said getting potent in durham bill. Progress activities then moignan burnett a cto linguis- their they're standing for muscian. So whereas was w dollars morales. He studied creamy on susa histories. So you susie host so we'd have familial activate our personnel scan. The is th- independencia. See them it all the worry in the referee don't believe thousand dollars on thousand and we're not dania meals and tim. Russert qatar by the rico. Enter independent data lalu independence. So you walk out. And paul tatra demilio political but are in control moignan. Eight adam. Gase grupo catnip on there at deluce mada group of for them to out in our bomba. Equal ohana island represent lacks in alaska. So your grupo seeing embargo in latin casino molter et. really though. When i won't by diane lafond massolo pardon then turn the benetton nathan hlavac wella vehement here in deficient bullock throws russell essentially then the dough terry anti dependent tita a lot of money around so for me for the either for back and go in the august power hitan momentum unit blow by accident better are familiar and thirds of teeny killing policy in korea. Are we planned towel now. You frequently now zeon yet. The leroy low such so ray. Door it down to him northbound claros alaska song for luckily eloquent toy it but i super galeb lupulosa dario see exit theorem either. We don't being cooler. Conglo political influence from la famiglia. My urine men. He lonzo policy. Segreta damian lameda la up reactive mobocracy. Fecal north bulent i've seen on solo poon yang Little meals compels at bill inter seeing embargo ethnic group says down kamla zone pretty mobile society but it will be none are going to until formality. Loopy i'll finish elsa center lama altering campos era in la galaxy yield of by the healthy two thousand. Rotc get it. i grew up vietnam but fuping lay. They collaborative puerto rican. You take sound when i leave. Paulo hit thousand johan olin mundo iraq ripple i seek an william erectile ebi kolmogorov protect salary. They'll comes so there's new tension on the island because people know that the trouble which has been brewing for some time lies deeper than the rotc footer maintenance. I only thirty where students broke windows. There was some looting with only stores owned by stateside. Companies were vandalized several homes displaying pro independence flags or symbols. Burn to the anti-foreign power. The apostle in korean on thirty william lebaron congress isis young. Egon your older. I'm not mean mass. Work soil sonya dot police lia doha to anti can carry it. You'll see foreign asi now henderson. Plus finan la di laura kilometer sooners diarrhea out of data polity confront pacione privy in elaborate since your pc guy laroche. Campus opens armor. Kida book meant professional. Cambio kierra remote. esol sport kc style. Korean rice lower seen anywhere from group to enter. That are when you're in not against any arrest judge but the komo seattle analysis down there embargo medium wells director. Kate pretty marrano york. You're tomorrow now are gonna but our barkley our asiatic delasin. Ps maybe we talk here. C.'mon them on mr nana society. I'm intel salvia but let's boys legua union troncoso thermometer. Our owners compete so many times moignan super beta continual courtesy you so we are in the exit. Ten years who call for up to schedule. Unless i'm tanya and its allies la liga bustling and cetera cambio cool solid career portraying if there were a lot of that rotor secreta fourth singles than tyrod. Show only hinton clear see so migo those two youngest nearest ideals ideals and are our. Yes sort kim sanders throng proposing the do not at all superior illinois. But i'll say about being born a few convince you ought to end paraguana companion on one. But we're not value in sacramento via ellis daria lebanon's internacional economic twenty-fifth nineteen seventy eight mark. The eightieth anniversary of the us invasion of puerto rico. When the value of alabama carmelo il. Monaro rosana soto had been murder. Shot on their knees as they begged for mercy. Kanye montemurro gallo hit to the anti terror attack. Our daughter after marin gallipoli perot in defense levels zero sheila prevents you're stuck on those sports ultra further book goto. Holyoke dr stores the comunicacion. Que yellen on guitar. A hint hint at the failure. You machine nori evidence yet. Mass noida and see the past the hour. Latin deutsche the candle also earning cooling in tomasulo bitel puerto rico away. I noticed that we see us. In betty garcia visa linked. That i will look at tokyo hint in kuwait for upswell to the difficult control. Over policy himbal growl hocine bagel dough mentioned. The weather's obsolete we see now owned independent. The moderate from sarajevo aluna have beg woolen phone elaborate. Zolia companion policy parallel. Shell biddable gila quintal. Forget ethic gondolo this done big nacion gang weakening your well actually appalachia secreta noise intervention dicey other lourdes onto our brahma. Royal sorella hocine this era policy cillizza for doan mundo. Sonic i got better. 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It s unit. Look theresa rubel. the koreatown. Sadia is painting will be an ester nico for pretty narrow. Group unconcealed stunning fermenters. Peta number i can say ghana unnecessary bouba recommend familiar. I ki- nestor asshole. A are we wanna persona more leaving kulon afloat albeit and he loves tuna. Dr mambo he k nine thousand quinn watering format. Sooner we end up you. William top william edward hand de amigo elbow sadullah phobic if whereas style nestor if well by the cia said william up. Yeah but i almost put on a stores. Lavaka demos is does his quijano labrada yasui. Anna's over burgess guantanamo's niff- donna setia throw. All centered okay. Ownerless ghana's movie me and independent tap kenya williamtown s tackle. Our local nepali secreta. Chris gregory veda lauretta malachy and in three weeks thing in the media. Say pol lombardo. Make tolosa william you wwl radio body telehealth potential williams ago law. Your you're by saying keller williams realty mike caro before marina waller we though somebody made you for me and our health or our house posted to the our lady. Monica williams yesterday in monday. Quinta shiva to a professor monte-carlo monte-carlo pan am told a final product to poop experts stance. Getty aggregate get up. Yeah cholera can collaboration area. Forget it and we win again. Challenge united number eight up hitachi photography but it rafi. Would i be ceiling Teesta friday fallow. I'd have an prototype though when she was planet out elegant. These stylish la la famously. Statute us gas amana as per field. They won't allow him for the career to archie will let gen our quite filipina paseo. Santa will also william alabama's in syria raffia yellow the document jaywalking eight different mutual moscow marine for manta see hinting career though a signal by infiltration so familiar egan says you can fancy unfairness dob. Yeah i want those lonzo on this get one any mattis alien. Buna gotta little problem at any. Oh but i won't tell sober william guest house in contests. Terrorists tillerson quite. I who participates young. Excitement sierra leone four-month k. call our color. It real weirdo gomaa. The nfl iraq pulled hours more to wrestle dicillo. Mobile carlo founder. william top lia. Do you have the link candy. You've trauma super feel read. Societa more critic controversy column puerto rico. Yup all your independencia being full too familiar your yourself. So toubon may. I'm christopher gregory tabby eight thousand puerto rico mark. This would implement it longer moment independent data. No sept talks got under three mile of see as storage lula william e that asylum lowering. React megan toss in lugo gil means mondo cane couples and kamalia rally delay labrador accessible facile lower lonzo delete senate moment in lebanon the whole forum for matthew really throw inclusive order Yellow allosaurus hoop. Asami i think if we go and say the only broke down by on call william dobbin branyan toronto. They got data on auto williamtown barking. But under alexis north i would always go galeria that'd listen copier considerable gala either de bruyne sierra but he moved up dementia. Seeing callahan theresa capacity in control are was sorta gay l. Lows are bossom maze. When i i immed- melissa's then get done. Tesoriero eligible big apple sauna. They're like yo you it on dob senegal sending in the hawk compagno time yama lineup episode in north carolina. Does eunuch do well. I mean i don't know if well is the the word i don't know if bob you sa young by some of us on the la montagna center the latoya visit under the postal community. 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Donald like i'll pay that most claris and neither so. When i got older i seek a librarian. Sierra it s hard because thing feud not do boys. Buffy up in guantanamo bay thing for young offense nathan circa one elohim foreign may then you know got better for their william nathan for the bottom pm. Pablo who rely on dog are you hundred osceola. Rotc fd saying. A william lady will go subaru rally. Look while on it. Like william pursue. Maybe who tolman of salvia donna. And don't say tyler h. They got william logan. Leonardo in connex young one won't waste and when your favorite and so rest up. I simply met up landon. Periodical is companion benedetta monteriro morning. Then second. Pioneer policing cargoes l. Passer lost proxima daniels happened on those who castle solo on our on complaints was intense in like said lau geic lasser informatica alycia barbaria daniel associate. Lana sorta the now seeing embargo but our montross l. 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They're gonna celebrate in guantanamo. That selling the oil gone william top newcomer grow. Enter into who. We are not allowed. Ikutiel familiar with all of laura. Take the machala persona gary hilo on fordham hilla being colo alami muscle sierra while europe. Up each child as political party. Kenya in lingerie while. You're these get by there. Are some et sunday. Feazel look realm into korean. Toria la forma ankle platform. That would go in into bingham cultural billion you to pursuant known position hopefully coca the imprint now took them all while i meant the bustle e puzzle mind the the bouba gagging all fulbe. Bill see the whole only backed alamaty cycling. Been timu secretary oil and meal. Nunca won't process parent and they look at us on khumalo. One day or decorator. Dick ghana compared amazon. United police yesica. You'd have to federal to. I personal go. See bay. I wanted to. I would have got on us. But i saw it on the mill persona guys. That's gonna get down. There isn't a solo in iran. Tall are better. I among a lot closer. See my casino. Della alfredo march you wanna see caldera or nabu for phone archie rilo yes lot successively political you knowing that you will complete nor uniform only format headquartered iron ore interpret alto editorial on ten then defended the deputies copy you ought to also like a baton advocacy this via annoy skin. Sample cylindrical. aaron debbie soil. Doria noyce komo's inaba sallow onto him rigo. Saara-maria don't don't to enter pharmacy now on silicon deal graciela ambigous. Yona you beat the televisa. Wound will commercial wrong. It's finally like the london this is. Npr i history laughter. Three through your noble yet not any opinion so look at bustle john. Garang kamal orlando karimun. D'amato vija better so older also since kwa done to send you the boy. Sakamoto dealer went for glory without there. Aren't going to pay dearly komi monitor. 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Yes channel Chris gregory we a full this song. Photographic chris lacquer betas la focal seattle tacoma. But those who we lancia with it hit. They are chris. gregory boondoggle espoon spoonfuls. Say see whether explosives young is centrally. Add the aprons. The nsl thorson marsov. Neil but at la la vega is gopro the wnyc studios escudo studios therapy of whittlesey local security three s and dino e pour me alana casanova burgess combined there mark began for fellow for merlin bishop ian if final. Victoria's in kenya sony though. But i gotta go stephanie. Lebow leah shot damron. Eat alicia youtube shaquille. That does easter lemercier our he nonetheless wickham pushed upward balloon. Investor is the fa lot for yourself wage over fernando not up up all your lovely but elaborate via the john s. and james l. knight foundation e. Jonathan logan family foundation going up. Are these the. Amy lewis immense echinacea's lucy lottery salary joy blanco. Mario roce charlie glitziest. 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