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"danny solter" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Robber Friday, everyone. It's time. It is time for the throwback live to forty five here, the rules of the game, we're gonna play five pop culture, audio clips, the I two identical three correctly wins the throwback live at two forty five calling the Bradley buzzing by yelling out their names coming. Now today. We have a very special twist on our throwback live at two forty five. So all day today. We've had a very special guest in the studio. Danny Solter has been sitting in and he's been involved in cheat day he told us about the Spice Girls Eurovision. It's been a lot of fun. Well today, Danny is going to serve as calling, and Bradley's phone of fun. Yes. No pressure. So what will happen Colleen and Bradley, you will be able to use Danny one time each as a special phone of France. Oh, I like it touts wisely. You're having a friend experience because you'll only get one opportunity to use Danny as a phone a friend. Can we pause for second Terry? How comfortable are you with us? I'm a I'm good. Okay. Like, do you know a lot of stuff? Yes. So, you know. Okay. Gauge how no you are. Yes. Unless it's sports game of thrones. I'm, I'm okay, no sports. No game of thrones today. Do you have a theme today? Holly. Yeah. So today's theme, it's reality stars, who sing, and I use sing in quotation marks, loosely. Now these have all been released all the following five tracks have been released by reality stars of your. By the star, the star the song, you don't have to do whatever, just name the reality star, who is singing in these tracks. So here's our first. Vintage pop culture audio clip. I want you to identify the following reality star. Coli clean. That's Paris Hilton stars are blood. Go.

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