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"danny glover superstrong" Discussed on Black Men Can't Jump

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"danny glover superstrong" Discussed on Black Men Can't Jump

"Literally. Over here. Did you want them to have a fair. I feel to alert them then deserves. He didn't deserve saying, I'm just saying this beginning sequenced, though they try to show us how much of a ban as glove is try. Like. I know y'all got machine guns, but I'm gonna knock down every single one. I don't like what he said. He goes, he goes, I need a bigger, opens his trunk, and he has a bunch of pistols and he's just like, I'm Anita bigger gun and then on top of his trunk. Shocker also his regular handgun. The pets. I think that was the nine thousand like the future is going to have these kinds like I know that such that such a late eighties, early nineties, like action, movie thing, like the souped up pistols with the sites with the laser sights on them like every action movie had those like. What was the point of that? Like. No one knows. Okay. Before we get off this, the problem I have and I think any Glover's. Great actor. It's just like he looks like overworked debt this whole movie. Yeah. So when he's doing brussel, go take a nap man, you you shouldn't be doing this like shirt. The chef would already can't. Even here even start doing anything. He showed up his shirt undone, his in his time is a veteran who's like his vibe is I'm too old for like, that is his vibe, he's honest like to open this, but I've got to do it like can't believe I have to do it. Like here we go. Again, Columbia was really hoping at some point he would say, I'm getting too old for this shit. This move copyright. There were so many opportunities for him to say it. James, that's a whole different friends. It's like that was his entire vibe throughout this over. He like for me worked at the very end. 'cause it's like the deal with these predators. And then when they all show up. Oh, n. line when they also and he goes, all right, who's next? I loved that as what an amazing one liner because it completely fit. Like like, like, come and get it like literally like. Next, like I'm gonna do it. His five and this is like, all right, let's go couldn't handle it. Man. It was too to overly even nothing will. He's not lying. Straight up the lion son when he walks into when he walks into the spaceship, it's just like, this is crazy. There's so much stuff in his movie that just like you don't need to do this. You don't need to be here. You don't need to be doing this. Anyway, when so all predator kills all of the all of these Colombians in this place. He strings. He's strings one of them up. Yeah, the arrests are just dead. They're like, who killed who killed this? Oh, one of the high jumps off a just like gets scared and drops off a Bill or starts shooting, and then Danny Glover off the building. We learn, he scared heights. All of the action. One liners, he said they go, where's where's l. was. Football since stupid name Scorpio, whereas l. Scorpio, he's, he's getting lunch. He's downstairs getting lunch because he went on a picnic table. I was like. Through that a lot of way it's downstairs getting lunch, what the hell's happening over here and they're all like what? The hell's happening here. Two hundred twenty five pounds. Even he goes, even you couldn't even you couldn't carry them strong. It's just. Danny Glover superstrong and his world, baggy clothes. The last movie. Literally, the handshake was arm wrestling contests. We saying Bill Duke head to dueling guns. They there's a scene in predator where they're literally gunning down a job just trying to shoot at him and they mowed down a half the trees, and you're telling me Danny Glover can lift this no came hold up. Hold up. No coda. What? Okay. Hold on just a minute. Okay. They couldn't afford to pay Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patrick Swayze got hurt a right and they put the next. They pick the next best person for the job. You know, that was that was Danny more book glove. They..

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