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"danny gleeson" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Bradley's turn. Jay Ratliff found J. What do we have the FAA clearing the way for perhaps someday soon, supersonic travel across the U. S. Yeah, they think in the next five years, Mike, we could see a return to commercial aviation in the United States. And this week, the FAA loosen some of the guidelines for the private companies that are developing. Supersonic travel. And, of course, we've not had that since the Concorde and there was one U s carrier you and I've discussed that had supersonic travel that was branded that had a Concorde for a brief amount of time, but we'll see if that comes around boom. Supersonic remains one of my favorite companies of all of those and you can check out more on them and supersonic travel on my aviation walk today, which is made possible. Greater Cincinnati, North Kentucky international airports now offering fares to New Orleans went for $76. You can find that hand more that CVG Airport Com. Yeah, maybe who might be unfamiliar when we had supersonic travel? It causes a sonic boom and people didn't want sonic booms over their house. So if you're flying from London to New York Um, it had this. You got to slow down by the time he got to the U. S. Then if you're gonna fly to say l a you couldn't fly to supersonic speed all way across the country because of the boom, new technology is developing planes that don't have a boom. Exactly and the idea of being able to fly 750 miles an hour or faster. It's certainly something that appeals to a lot of the corporate travelers. Of course, we don't know what the post pandemic corporal travel, you know, future's going to be But right now there's ah growing demand. We're told for supersonic hypersonic travel, so we'll see which way things you're going to go and the technology continues to move in that direction. And if it could be cheap enough, Michael, we could see some airlines start to employ a all right what's on the block today? We've just the story on the boom, supersonic and others that you can check out Thanks to Danny Gleeson, Who's loaded that forced here this morning. So we're in good shape. Ready to go. All right, Weather wise. Could have issues late in the day in Atlanta, someone's delays approaching an hour. Ah lot of turbulence if you'll be flying. Keep your seatbelt fastened about you and also fighting some early morning de icing delays. They won't be with us too much longer. All right. Got to thank you might.

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