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"danny alvis" Discussed on Jogo Bonito

"Right now with With full box because our maybe before him that was a limitation of tech mobility. Mixed with incredible floss. Hello well i think marcello mashad fat little bit further toward the hour. So eventually do i think he's moving technician than than pass. You know. I think the players that before that were a hassle. See orientated fluxes. Mom say i think when when danny alvis especially being able to insist did not hear the phase rounded suddenly became an face jordi alba content to the next level book became gosh lot. Look how much fat that goes. Happy not -sition and carnivores the fulford. Again thing i will yeah. There's a lot about elvis. As well from other professional saying that he could have played any position on the pitch. And i think to jimmy's point about making the right back position. Cool don alvarez. Yeah all of a sudden people start. How back shirts and things like that. It was like and when he went to the boss learn. Especially just you know he. He was like you said he paved the way for alberta also be that fullback which was just such an integral part of the team and then look live there now on love the way they're pushing each other without already great interview today in a magazine moves. Trent alexander arnold Chessmaster no that in these like played again some again proper like chess masters. Not chessmaster is really good. Just give us talking chess. Masters certain give a shout to my friend and wife of listen over the call who howson but his wife hailey news plus weaken. She isn't chessmaster choice. He is a chessmaster. Rita very cool. Yeah process so i. I don't have anyone who is just not always a quote here that i'm going to read out from don alvarez elvis donnie love is a said this and so growing up in brazil are played every position Until i found fullback it was phil neville that..

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