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"Living centers have died of covert 19 at county for more than a third of the U. S. A pandemic death toll, Although experts say the vaccination rollout may be contributing to the drop in cases, other factors are likely playing a larger role. They caution that threats they're still looming, including new strains of the virus. California workplace safety regulators say a state prison rocked by one of the nation's worst corona virus outbreaks has been hit with by far its largest pandemic find yet against the employer. The more than $400,000 fine against San Quentin State Prison is several times higher than any others leveled by the division of Occupational Safety and Health. Cal OSHA Announcement comes days after the state's inspector general said corrections officials caused a public health disaster at San Quentin. Tensions are running high and some state capitals over coronavirus precautions After this year's legislative sessions began with an outbreak of covert 19 cases, The Associated Press has tallied at least 40 state lawmakers and roughly one third of the states who already have fallen ill with the virus this year. For the 330. State lawmakers have contract ID covered 19 since the pandemic began. Most of the tensions are in Republican controlled state houses where Democrats have been raising concerns about Republican colleagues. It don't wear masks or practice social distancing. Some Republicans are also pushing back against statehouse restrictions and Democratic led legislatures. Everyone arriving in the United Kingdom from countries identified as coronavirus, hot spots will have to spend 10 days and hotel quarantine. Starting February 15th at their own expense. It's a bid to stop new virus variants from reaching the country only bear reports from London. From February 15th UK residents arriving from a designated list of covert 19 hot spots will face a 10 Day mandatory hotel quarantine at their own cost. Thea position Labor Party is criticizing the government for moving too slowly. The government believes more than 1000 people a day will arrive in England from hot spot locations and need to enter isolation. Danny Altman, a professor of immunology at Imperial College, London, says the future of international travel looks complicated in the short and medium term. Have different people from all over the world. Have you had different vaccines and in different tests, stupid to validate those vaccines and maybe even antibody passports for immunity? Passports that absolutely in different things in different countries. I think there's a long way to go on. I'm freshly well that stuff out Ali Barrett reporting. The French prime minister says 1.7 Million new vaccine appointments will be open to the public and the next few days, with a half million doses becoming available today. John CASS Tech said the AstraZeneca vaccine will become available this weekend. Roth Cullen. Reports from Paris. The government says old care home residents in France would have received their first vaccinations by the end of this week on day Overall, it aims to have four million people first vaccinated by the end of this month. Speaking at his weekly covert 19 news conference, the French prime minister says there will be no new lockdown in mainland France for now, But then you confinement will be reimposed for at least three weeks for the island of my odds. Frances, South East African Overseas Department between Mozambique and Madagascar, Roskill in Paris. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa Del Oro held a press conference today to announce the family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, also known as the Family Act. Legislation would create a permanent national page, family and medical leave program. Much like the Emergency Sick Leave Act, which came into being due to the cove in 19 pandemic. K P phase, Taylan Herdman reports. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa to Loro first introduced the Family and Medical Insurance Leave or Family Act, which protects workers from choosing between a paycheck and personal or family health in 2013. Congresswoman Dolorosa says that the time is ripe now for its passage. We've all listen, Tonto whether it's been a a now outbreak, whether it was Icka whether it was anything else, or, you know, someone would say, Stay home. Stay home. Don't go to work well. People don't have the luxury of doing that. And now that is even more prominent because of the pandemic, so therefore this'll is going to happen. We're gonna work it out so that it happens and we got to support of the administration on making sure we can get it across that finish line. The United States is the on Lee industrialized country in the world without federal paid sick leave protection for workers and families. Is especially impact women and specifically women of color. During the cove in 19 pandemic, This has become an increasingly glaring issue. Women accounted for all of the job losses in the U. S in the month of December. According to the women's Law Center. Women lost 156,000 jobs during December, while men actually gained 16,000 women of color, particularly black and Latino ex women are by far the hardest hit by recent job losses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobless rate for black women age 20 and over Is 25% higher than the national average of all Americans in the same age group. For last you next women, the rate is nearly 50% higher. Joycelyn Tate, the senior policy advisor for Black Women's Roundtable, spoke to the impact that the lack of paid sick leave has on black women in the United States. Black women over index and jobs that are considered front flying jobs during this for all the virus pandemic. This puts us at greater risk of exposure to the Corona virus, and many black women are working in these front line jobs like Home healthcare aide, grocery store workers, janitorial service workers and delivery drivers, and they do not earn a single day of paid leave. Now this forces black women to make the agonizing choice between our health and the health of our families or our economic security. If we are family members gets sick. Hate also said that 68% of black women are the sole breadwinners of their households. This clips black women on the frontline at work and at home. Which makes black women, the least able to afford any portion of Luke of losing our income. So for black women, if illness strikes, we must risk our jobs. And the financial stability of our households if we stay at home or Health and the health of our co workers and our communities. If we go to work while we're sick, Senator Gillibrand said that a version of the Family Act will be part of the cove in 19, released, though That's only the start. What Rosen I everyone was called, are interested in is a permanent paid leave as as a very huge underpinning of economic recovery. This this first introduction has more co sponsors in the Senate, the house that we've ever had, so we are better poised than ever before to actually pass a still The bill is expected to pass in the House where there's a Democratic majority. It will face a much tougher battle in the Senate. I'm Jalen Herdman for KPFK, Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is now fully protected under state law against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Unemployment, housing and public accommodations for Mel Gums reports on Thursday The Florida Commission on Human Relations, which enforces civil rights laws in the state, issued a notice that it will adhere to the U. S. Supreme Court's June ruling in Bostock versus Clayton County, Georgia Case prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Needing Smith with the group Equality Florida says the state white protections make this a monumental victory. The local level, for example, more than 60% of the population of Florida is protected by local ordinances that preceded the Supreme Court decision. That meant 40% of our state had no local laws and the clarity that they could go and file a discrimination complaint has not been there. Until now. Smith and other equal rights advocates had urged the Legislature to pass the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, which Would have made it illegal for an employer to fire someone based on sexual orientation. But the measure has filled in the Republican controlled legislature every year for more than a decade. While the Supreme Court ruling was already the law of the land, Smith believes the Florida Commission on Human Rights Notice is still a significant step. So this is huge. This is significant. This is a breakthrough moment for our state. And in terms of the protections everywhere. That's sex discrimination exists in law that includes sex orientation, gender identity. The ruling also comes after President Joe Biden signed an executive order outlining his administration's intentions to prevent and combat discrimination. Smith also touts support from the business community and polling by Floridians. She says. Both are proof that the ruling was overdue for public news service. I'm tra Mel, Go.

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