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Fresh update on "danny" discussed on WAOK On Air


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Fresh update on "danny" discussed on WAOK On Air

"Percent Friday free market today. Still German, they were like 15 16% premarket today. They're rolling up over $7 a share. Things were going good. And then, like every other thing in about two o'clock today, dead may and its fickle I still Jarvis story about one of the guys I work with his buddy put a call in on Tesla. That he said it would hit $1500 by a certain date. And damn if he wasn't right, made $56,000. 56 green he made on that call about Tesla hitting at 1500 After after Elon Musk said. What? Just about a month or so ago two months ago? Oh, yeah, $700 is too much for Tesla's should be around 400. Now it's almost 1600. God Dang Man. Oh, man. Oh, man, this crazy just crazy How fickle. Some of these things are in And where it's headed all the all the nice gains I made on Friday, and it just got wiped out in just like out couple hours. The second a couple of hours, he was wiped out, but again, scared money. Don't make money. Gotta play for the long term. I get a plate for the long term, You know, that's all you can do out of it. By the way to one of these services like Called Motley Fool They give a lot of stock advice is the fact that you subscribe to this kind of stuff. Jarvis dateless that the five best stocks that are under $4 to buy For July of this year number one was my Bollywood company. Arrows are O s because they just got on Dish Network with about 12,000 movies you can get there. And they just partnered up with another film studio STX to release more stuff and have more content available. They were listed as number one, and I said, You know, I bought that stuff about a buck 70 and it's up close to $4 a share. Was in the three sixties or three seventies. Ah, share I made like 150% or something like that on it already something crazy 135% or something like that, So I felt good about that that I had Already had, you know, an investment a chunk of stock in what was called the best under $4 stock going out there. Man. I just gotta figure out. I gotta figure out how to make this that cash that bred the door. Amy out of all of this very sad story about you see Kelly Preston. It's been a whole bunch of movies I like during twins Remember her. She was one of two sisters and twins that went with Arnold and Danny DeVito tooling around course, you know, also famously known as Mrs John Travolta. Jarvis, can we play that game? Who's the A hole? We play that game again. Are we allowed to in this segment? Okay. All right. Um, Some people would say that that she was John Travolta's wife. Other people would say she was John Travolta's beard. I'm just saying, draw your own conclusions. Based upon some of the things we've heard. I'm just saying that maybe they were married, but they weren't married. You know what I mean? And they are Scientologists. So anything is possible with all that, anyway. Sad story, 50 only 57 years old, died from breast cancer. Just terrible when she was a popular actress, Beautiful woman. Very beautiful. Ah, woman, you know, obviously gorgeous in her younger years is still a very attractive Woman out there And, you know leaves the husband leaves a mother leaves is a mother leaves her son. I think they had the one sun behind. Just sad story way too young to be going in 57 man. I tell you You know, as a guy who's you know, not that terribly far from being you know that 50 range I mean, I'll hit 49 later this year. You start saying yourself the mortality man, you know, my best friend died like 55 years old. You see somebody like this. That you know is kind of You know, not that drastically older than than what I am. You know you start start thinking about you know your own mortality like man. People dying way too young on On all of this so sad story, you know, prayers, the family and you know her husband, John, and I forget what her son's name is. He's got a strange first names, that rumor scout or something like that. I can't remember what they're what they're sons first names that they had with. So, um Jarvis today. And I'll have you. Come on, Eric. This today was national French Friday. So it begs the question. Where do you get the best French fries? What are the best French fries? Now? I'm going to say from my personal from my from my personal satisfaction. Okay. Um, I think five guys French fries are the best. Especially if they're not over salted. They're the best French fries and they give you tons of when you go there. That's my favorite French fry that put him in the peanut World Bank next for me, checkers. No season fries at checkers. Are sometimes when they're hot, and they just come out and give you their almost religious life. I mean, I like that. I like checkers fries, but I mean like I don't know. May I might be on my own on this one. But I think McDonald's fries or Jace, they just for many,.

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Fresh update on "danny" discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

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Fresh update on "danny" discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

"Is Paul Dudley. Jefferson Parish reports rising cases, and parish president Cynthia Lee Hsiang says it's not because of increased testing. It's because more people are infected and that's saying bye. People waiting in line who are not feeling well. I have been told they were exposed as well as the percent positive that we're seeing coming back 20% positive. Now we're seeing out these testing sites so I wanna make sure people understand that. Health officials say that although cases and hospitalizations are rising, it's not threatening the region's healthcare capacity yet, but in order to keep it that way, people need to wear masks and keep their distance from one another Louisiana governor John Bell Edwards, a statewide mask mandate is in effect. The new order comes following the state reporting some of the highest new daily case counts of the pandemic. Opponents, like state lawmaker Danny McCormack aren't happy. Our nation is a republic rights belong to the individual. They don't belong to the government and the government should not meet making Dan mandate. I trust the people, not the government with those right. Last week. McCormick compared mask mandates to the Holocaust. ST. Tammany Parish is pushing back the start of its school year. Jefferson Parish is considering doing the same. ST Tammany will have a staggered start beginning August 11th. Jefferson will consider moving its start date back to August 12. Details online at wwl dot com. Work is getting underway to remove rubble on top of a couple of bodies trapped in the hard rock hotel construction site in New Orleans, officials hope to be able to pull the remains out later this week. Expect to see you getting recovery. Probably 18. New Orleans Mayor's Office spokesman voted well. The site partially collapsed more than nine.

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