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"danko bumgarner" Discussed on FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

"We'll Smith was if Danko Bumgarner for do bond Corbin burns and Travis Shaw. Now, that's something. That's something. We're making moves out here. But we gotta move on. We gotta head over to this is when we say we started to get the bad news. I wanna talk about this one Carlos Martinez not gonna throw for two weeks because of its shoulder. Also makes me sad. Big time longtime Carlos Martinez fan. I just want the best form. But now opening days a little bit in question. There's no structural damage. But it's already starting one thing that I can say given that we like him Justin is that price down. Yeah. Yeah. It was already while you guys are whining about it. This issue. Over you've done like sixty absent gunman five lease. It's like when there's nothing when there's like hardly anything coming out, these moves, get overvalued so much. The new news bits. I should say overvalued so much. I wish there was like an industry draft. That was tonight just to see what would have right on starts Monday. Yeah. I'd just like I wanna see what happens Joel start with you. Because I know how Justin feels but Carlos Martinez. First off let's start with where you were before. This is somebody who liked and where are you? Now that you're hearing about this. And are you concerned that you might be drafting a reliever if you take Carlos Martinez because remember that's where he finished his season last year, albeit as closer. So there was still fantasy value. But how do you feel about Carlos Martinez on the heels of shoulder fatigue putting him down for two weeks? No throwing well, I think first of all he ends up as a reliever he will end up as the closer again. Because I think he's their best option. I think that's also the way to budget his innings the best because you're giving him clean stars two innings. You're giving him, you know, three hours and all this stuff, plus run leans, you're giving him the best situation you possibly can. And you can manage went. What days you're going to use them? If you use them back to back days or not. So to me that's way, better than him being a seventh or eighth inning guy getting up throwing a bunch of times and then sitting down and getting up at throwing again, that's definitely not what you want. So for me. This is great news. He's going to be cheaper. I own them in labor. So I'm in there with I'm in the I'm in the muck with you, boys. Yes. You and I have a bet on him. We do we do you went against him. I while I want against him for fun because I like good theater. But anyway idea with Martinez is he's going to be cheaper now. So if he did love him, this is not a big deal. I don't think if there's no structural damage in the then what's the big deal with two weeks. The first two weeks of the baseball season or joke anyway because of the scheduling so really it's kinda like not having a fifth starter. So I this bothers me zero percent, and I would absolutely be drafting in even more excitability because I feel like now that he's cheaper. It's even better investment. And if we are trending to the point where it becomes a closer. He automatically becomes I think one of those top tier, right? He's one of those guys in the top third of that potential spot as a relievers a closer. And I think that would be these smartest way to make sure you manage him properly to make him healthy and keep them healthy the rest of the time boy that Carlos Martinez becoming the closer. They would blow up some Meyer early stuff where I've got like. I've got Hicks. I got I got some Hicks shares already, and I've even backed it up with some Andrew Miller, and Alex Rae was trying to cut off all the angles there. Yeah. Apparently, I don't know what the hell I'm doing just, and we know how you feel about Carlos Martinez. And and what this does is far as. As far as lowering its price and probably making more interested..

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