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"danielle yellen lindsey" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"Commercial jingle. So. Now, I'm a big kid now Mexican kid now. So we see Danielle Yellen Lindsey in the car. So I had I thought that had been fired. Maybe she was fired. And then rehired either way hill is basically doing single Lindsay from lassie's season. She's basically like, oh, this is my second chance because in the first season. I was on. I was just really quiet and nice. I've decided I'm going to be a reality star this. She was like. Acura, Dan, you know, what I am going to the Hamptons because I'm gonna have some fun. I'm gonna catch some thing. I'm gonna catch on date to like you don't have to sing it that team. Fifty miles jobs data over that. She's like literally tap dancing. No one can see your feet right now. It's just a shot from the chest up. I don't care them committed to this. I'm committed. I am fun. I'm Danielle von bomb. Pump font. See really is. I was talking on the Vander prompt rules recap that she needs to wear sweatshirt says e for effort because she's given it just giving it's a little painful to watch not gonna lie, but maybe find a middle ground between boring Danielle and like trying to potentially get D everyday dead yelich this the middle middle of the road. Yeah. Like, she's basically acting like she's in a commercial for Macy's with like it's ten percent off all weekend long. And she's like dancing around. There was like an umbrella. And like, okay, let's just look refi heavy medium, happy medium. That's what she thinks. She is in her head. But in reality, she's that commercial from Irvine's where there's just a lady waiting morning outside the door tapping all the women going open. Mervyn? I can't believe you knocked her down to Mervyn's. Macy's is already like not even that high. I've always thought of basis is very fancy store in a really terrible cell lives. A nicer store than it. It's nicer what am I trying to say? Like, it looks ugly. It's expensive still. Yeah. I feel like Macy's is Mesa sort of like the Danielle of this show. It's like really trying hard to be blue me's Norstrom and the men's, but it's still just Macy's. Yeah. Pretty much. It's still like friends with food court. Listen, by the way, I'm open. I'm open to having Danielle here. I just feel like for this first episode. She's just like a little bit on ten. Was Lindsay is let's he has new hair boobs know, and she's she's without her friends now. So she's like she's spent the whole season the whole offseason trying to get rid of Kyle. And Amanda, and they all basically Nord them and now instead they got rid of her friends like her side of the house. So now, she's like having to reconfigure, and so she's coming back with new everything and trying to be like super fun too. And she's like, I'm not even crazy. It's like a new like she's still speaks some questions with this little areas. And so she picks up Danielle and Danielle's like, oh my God girl. Why do Do you you look look so so pretty? pretty fab kinda the hamper? And they're like. Oh my gosh. Like the person that both been in a car or something like what is this new thing? All my has all all my God single car. Lindsey lindsay's. Danny watts. I really like God low clo-, but mine she's not on the lane. Bring me down. She brings you about. Yeah. We tend to get each other like we work hard, and we play harder are lesser mess, though..

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