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Survivor 40 Episode 11 Feedback with Aras Baskauskas

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Survivor 40 Episode 11 Feedback with Aras Baskauskas

"Germany live from my apartment hands. Rob Has a podcast. Now here's the guy who's newly inspired to work on a fashion line of plaid shirts for all occasions. I am rob sister Nina Liberty. Welcome back to rob has a podcast. And we're talking on our feedback show. Today we've got a great guest to join US last week. We heard from earlier. This week are as Bush. Gaskets will join us on the feedback. Show to answer some of your questions. Talk about what he's been up to talk about the winners at war and much more with one of the Great. Rha P gassed from way back when our scouts? Here on the PODCAST Yesterday I got the chance to catch up with Rick. Devon's had a ton of fun talking with Rick Devon's we got into everything. Talk a lot of Tony and about what he's doing this week after pulling off that big move at tribal council check out the know. It alls as well and then still to come. We are going to have Antonio Missouri with us on this week in survivor. Plus not to mention the wiggle room as well. Where Josh Wigley? And I gotta get to everything from this week's episode and get into the wand off as well so being looking for that. Also look for too hot to handle finale coverage. I'm going to be with Kirsten McGinnis who's been following the show all week long and our panel tonight looking forward to that with high Haley strong and pujols Inva- Kelly and then of course. Don't forget about Rodney podcast. This weekend family feud is coming your way so stop coming up on. Rob Has a website dot com bribes. Website accomplish itunes for the subscription fee not to mention the BNB and Y. Sophie lost this weekend but before we get to Rs let me take a moment and thank our sponsor those our friends over at noon and look Trying to stay in shape or have different weight loss goals that God can be especially challenging right now so many of us are able to really work on physical fitness right. Now Gyms aren't open to us. 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So there's a science to getting healthier. It's called NEUM. Sign up for a trial today at noon. That's neum no OM DOT com slash. Rob What do you have to lose? Visit NEUM DOT com slash rob to start your child today that's Neum. No Dot com slash. Rob All right. I'm very excited to talk to our guest today. We are very lucky to have here with us. One of the winners who is not at war. One of the winners. Who's very much at peace and here to talk with us. A great friend of the PODCAST. Somebody who I have been podcasting with for many many years dating back to his first appearance back in two thousand twelve. Here is the great winner of survivor. Panama the great our push Cassius ours. How are you doing well rob? Thanks for having me. It's it's good to be back. It's so nice to hear your voice so let's talk to you off from what I understand. You're podcasting from your roof today. Yeah Yeah had to get some privacy. My five and a half year old would not let me have any privacy and then dogs pooped in the meditation room. So we're left with one choice and that was the rough. That's been the challenge to podcast with people over these last couple of weeks is that everybody's kids are around kids. The kids add a new element. I mean it's really great. I'm so grateful to be with the family and spend time with them. Getting work done has definitely a challenge aging. Yeah okay How's everybody doing on your own? Yeah everyone's good. Everyone's doing quite well My father actually got really sick. Not with Cova But he got really sick and and we didn't know what was going on. We moved them into my house and the day that we moved to man he collapsed and lost consciousness. Oh my God. And then he had to be nine one one We called nine one one they asked me to CPR. We got the ambulance and he had to go to the hospital. We couldn't visit him and that was like four days of him being there but he's recovering and we know what's going on and and there's a road to recovery grateful for so that's all good but You know I think everyone's dealing with this time of pause In their own ways. And we're all being asked to compost old ways of being and and let go of things that don't work and kind of grow from this so we're definitely where embracing that as a family albeit not without its challenges. Yeah did you. Save Your Dad's life by doing CPR No I went down to do the CPR any Kiki regained consciousness again. I was really like not confident in my CPR skills but it was pretty intense. The the the the nine one one Call Operator was walking me through it and it was like the kids were asleep. He wanted me yell. My Dad's name and also okay Kids are asleep. He's like do you want your dad delivers a yeah. I do I do so. I yelled his name and it was. It was really intense. Wow that's a wild hope. You Dad is doing Okay now as he's recovering is recovering in grateful for that so it could have been a lot worse. That's for sure are well. I'm really glad that you had some time to talk to us here. During this season it's been a minute since you and I talked. We used to get together all the time. And I know you're so busy with everything going on over at Christiaan But it's been so almost it'll be three years from. I think. Monday was the last April. Twenty eight twenty seven hundred. Almost three years exactly amazing. It's so good to be back. I chose not to go on winters at war just so I could be invited. Back to the PODCAST. Yes you my starwood rise during the season as a potential Guest on the podcast so I figured it was wise not to go on the season. Yes well I think that's something that people would love to hear you talk about Going back to survivor. Was that an option. You said you chose not to go back. Well Listen I. I think it's a little more complicated than that. I did choose. Not they called me does not mean that I would have cast me. I think they probably cast a wide net. I don't know how wide that that but I know that included me and my response immediately was no It's just not gonNa work with the kids and the business doing so. Well I mean they couldn't have paid me enough to go out there and also you know I had my time. I had my time in the sun and and I am so grateful first survivor and I'm so grateful to be watching it from my couch. This season two yeah was part of it the title winners at war that I remember from I. I remember this that I right after you won. I remember seeing photos of you with a stop. Wars t-shirt shirt of Star Wars Font. Yeah Yeah Yeah now the title having to do with it I think reme- rob is that I think you you would say the same thing. Is that people. Don't really understand. Just how intense it is out there. And how depleting it is not only to your body but also to your mind into your soul and and it's a long road recovery and I for me. I have so many wonderful things happening in my life here. That the the cost benefit analysis for me. Just didn't certainly it would be. You know a Lark to go and do that because I I don't know if maybe everybody knows just how much the Christie Don Empire has grown. Can you just give us a quick update on how well Christiaan has done over the years from when we first started talking to you back in twenty twelve you were you know getting Tundra hats off the ground but since then since those days yes your payroll time I think we all can say tender gear was ahead of its time and You know I had your time. You don't always succeed Christian onto done really well It has brought us a lot of abundance and yeah. We're really grateful for it. It has if we were able to perch house and more super grateful for that And we've done a lot of really good work with the company in terms of like how were addressing fashion as an industry and as it relates to the earth and its impact. So we're doing really cool things That I I'm super passionate about. I never thought that my life work related to fashion. You like that to be honest with you. Can you talk a little bit about what you guys have? Been doing with making masks for people. Yeah Yeah Yeah so we have our own factory here in La we have twenty five dress makers and When this thing hit we pivoted we all right. We're going to just make masks and so We we sell a five pack for thirty dollars and we give away five as well to people on the Front Lines. And so yeah. We've just figuring out how how we how we can be helpful and how we can keep you know. The biggest thing for me was really just about keeping our employees employed. Yeah we are team employed and then be helpful and so it was like running to sell these masks. We she probably helped along frontlines as well so that was the choice. We made. Okay well. Let's talk a little bit about survivor. Forty because we want to get your take on everything. That's going on a great week to have you here that we picked a great episode to talk about before. Get into this week. I would love to hear your thoughts on the season overall through eleven weeks of this show. Yeah I think it's been really fun to watch I. I don't know if it's because I'm an old school player or because I think there was probably some free gaming or some thought but it was really a bummer to see them eliminate all the old school players. It just it it. Maybe it's because I know those people better too but those are the people that I wanted to see playing but I I think it's been a great season I think each each person who's won. This game has a unique set of skills Unique personality traits that make them very likeable and That's been really interesting to watch. Because when they when they put this thing together they tried to carve out a villain or they try to carve out a goat and and it's easy as a viewer to get sucked into that but really like each each player really has their own unique gifts and it's been fun to watch that. Yeah so Michael Kimball wants to know from you. that. Who would you be interested in playing with if you were on the winners of war? Who are the people that jump out to you that if you were there that you think you would have had an easy time working with well? I think for sure. I'd probably have a real easy time working with Tyson because every before Kim I. She's so intuitive. It's pretty amazing. I liked nieces. Well I think her game is great poverty because we have a relationship outside of the game. Were friends You know poverty from before she even plate right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Poverty I I Bequeathed the information that Bobby John Bequeathed to me before she left. Yes when be mindful of who sleeping next to who because you typically sleep next to your alliances. Yes so permanent Ethan Yeah those people are the people that I probably would finish in playing with Just just from friendships and denise is really the only one that I don't have a personal relationship with always met once or twice but I I. I like the way she plays the game. I also really. I really like Jeremy. I find him to be very like one. I probably would have found myself wanting to work with them as well so I would love to get your take on The big move that Tony pulled off this week where he ended up pulling out this Move which was four three to vote against Sophie to knock her out of the game and then ultimately Come up with this new group that he walked away from it and I think that the natural comparison that a lot of survivor fans came away from like wow. This is not unlike the Panama. Three to one that you and Sirri and I believe it was Danielle as the third part of the three to one ended up executing did you see parallels between that move and what happened here with Tony Man honestly. I didn't see them when you say it. I you could draw parallel if you really wanted to draw something but there. That was Tony's move is such. I mean we if it was really hard for me to understand why he made that. Move to be perfectly honest with you. Okay because you break it down so tomorrow or next. Wednesday's vote right now. We're four four presumably. The everyone that Tony burned is gonNA turn against him so now. You're either going to rocks. He does have a hidden immediately. Can Play I don't know why if he was gonNA make that move. Why he didn't let Kim and denise now I it would make more sense to keep more allies than to expose yourself as playing really hard. That being said incredible episode for Tony. I mean I love watching Tony. It's really fun to watch I. He's probably much smarter than I am. So he probably sees things You know ten steps ahead. I I don't really understand the move. It feels too aggressive okay. It feels like he's really exposing himself in a game where it appears that everyone is trying to stay with the pack as best. They cannot expose themselves right good. Well let's talk this through. Because I I like that. You're coming in with the contrarian viewpoint because I feel like that I've only really heard positive things I would love to explore this with you so in a way you're sitting and so the three to one actually makes more sense That even though it's not an apples to apples here. Because after three to one after courtney goes home then okay now. There's an odd number of people in the three is the majority here whereas in this four three two now we have eight. And so you're going to have where now denise and Cam and Sarah and Ben are going to be a four. That could be ready to work against that group and maybe that four that. Tony put together isn't especially when it comes together last minute isn't saying hey. I'm going to go rocks for Tony. Tonight and even if Tony places idle than the this could be the beginning of the end for Tony Yeah. It just doesn't seem like what's this. Tell me this like what's the risk in letting Kim Denise in on it like what what's the downside so for me. I think that this started to Come together was that. I think that we know you know how gifted of a player Kim is and I think that she was starting to ingratiate herself more and more with Sarah. There's a great secret seen wear Kim and Sarah were talking and I. I'd actually love to ask you about this where they were discussing. How Sarah? After her season really didn't like how she felt like oh on the bad guy or that she really didn't like feeling like the people made her feel like she was a bad person because she won the game and Kim said that she went through a similar experience. Where she yes she wanted. Us proud game. She played but that really people made her feel like that she was a you know a a bad person because she did what it took to win the game and I would love to know as a winner. Is that something that you ever struggled with? One hundred percent one hundred percent. Yeah I I remember talking to Kim. After she won and helping to call her nerves around that like I think every winter goes through it. There's a guilt you feel right In the game is innately nefarious. And you try your best to play it straight and Try Your best to play in a way that works with your own personal belief system. Some people don't try to play straight at all right at the end of the day play. Musical chairs is only enough for one and even when play musical chairs you can hearken back to like playing when your child there is certainly a part of you that wants to celebrate it but then as part of you like well damn why am. I the only one that gets to have it right. Uh-huh I think that's a pretty natural normal way to feel after winning survivor. Yeah but I think it's an interesting sort of and no pun intended but like survivor's guilt because as somebody who went far into the game and then ultimately didn't win I I don't remember walking away feeling like Oh I feel kind of terrible about what I did I. I might be a unique case but I don't in talking with other people that have gotten far and not one. I don't feel like I've spoken with a lot of people that feel like they really regretted doing the things it took to get them to a place where I felt like they regret that they didn't win. But I feel like that that seems like a maybe a unique thing to people who have actually played a hard game and then one. Yeah I mean the hardest thing is is like the people that you worked with right people that you really did have relationships with who didn't even burn. But they didn't win like that's Kinda hard right like a house with with. For example. Like with Sirri. Right like Serena I worked together. She didn't win. Why do I? I didn't play like some innately better game than three chips just fell in my favor. And that's an IT's I think it kind of relates back to just exactly what you said right. This like survivor's guilt Which all of us have a different levels around different things but with survivor particularly really highlights it because there is one have celebrated winner anchalee rewarded winner and everybody. Lci you get something but You know you're kind of also also ran Versus like that. That Person One survivor. And it's not a silly deserved right. Like me Terry. Danielle Shane Sirri like we. All basically played the same amount of that game But I walk into a room and I won survivor like somehow. I did something so special and we all know people who have won the game. We know it's a lot of luck and we know that To get that far in the game like everyone did quite well to do that. And so just to go back to where started with this that It seems to me like Sarah in Kim seems like that there is a bond there. Even this hour was talking about voting out. Kim Potentially as an idea last week as a secret seen earlier in the season where they seem like they had a real bond about their families and at the point. Where Kim and Denise are jumping on board with Sarah and Sophie and Ben About okay. Now they're also part of our numbers. I think that for Tony. I think that the clown car was getting too full at that point and I think he felt like that. I am not the biggest stakeholder here. It's between Sarah and Sophie. Really calling the shots and now they have other people that that could be used as well. You know votes against me down the road with people that I'm not as close with and why are we getting rid of Jeremy? Who is somebody that I've actually built up a good bond with where even though we were gonNA vote or not? The last time I've actually been able to spin him completely around to think that I'm actually his closest ally not I mean I. I see that argument for sure. I just think it's GonNa be a tough road ahead going that way. Now you're looking at four four and you've you've exposed yourself in to me. That's the most dangerous thing you could do right. But I do see. I see that Sarah Sophie seemed to have a great bond And to be fair. I like watching this. Like a purist. I'm just watching on Wednesdays So that's the only information I'm getting. I'm not getting the secret scenes in that would probably change my perspective of it. Maybe there's been some weeks where we've watched everything and we are pretty clueless about what's going on to and that's the other part is. I recognize that. We're all still clueless. It gets a show and there's probably much on a lot of subtlety. We don't I I gotta say like. I am really impressed with Sarah's game I am I am. I think it's really easy to put Sarah to Pigeonhole Sarah but she has a lot of likeable qualities. That maybe don't come through as much onscreen but you can tell people really like being around Sarah and and and she's smart and she's strong and she's got really good boundaries And I wouldn't be surprised if if Sarah to this whole thing down okay. Well Sarah I think is really the person to watch this week because for me I really want to see. How does she respond to this betrayal from Tony where she is somebody who Tony turned on her in the first game that they played after they had had a bond and then the after all these years they end up rekindling that relationship to the point where they're feeling good they're working with each other cops are us and now we're at this point where this is a real crossroads where? I'm sure Tony is going to double back and say to Sarah. Look I had to do what I had to do. And look we're still good. Cops are us. You're my partner. And what is Sarah going to do? And how does she respond to this? How do you think she ends up handling this? It's so hard to predict how she handles it. I I think I. I'm not sure like how reactive she'll be initially but I I would venture to guess that her response will be that she ends up looking to cut tony whether it be this. Vote ahead. I think she's GonNa recognize. Tony is not only someone you can't trust in Italy but also someone who's now built built a resume rig moves and You know I also thought I also just want to comment. Sorry I know this was in your question. But I- Sophie said in that thing that she was a bottom Tier Win. I don't know at all First of all like I think tearing winners is really not understand the game at all because each game is so unique and And and and how a jury decides to reward is is it if they reward you you. You did a great job but I think he's a great player so I was really impressed. Sophie's going but that being said yeah. Yeah I I think that Sarah will eventually realized she needs to cut Tony. Not only because he's not trustworthy but because he's now building himself quite a resume for everyone to see it's one thing to build a resume and reveal that resume at the finish line of people like. Oh that was you. Oh that was you but at this point. Tony is really put himself out in front. And he's made himself a big target which listen. He won the first season by doing that. I just don't think it's GonNa work amongst these winners. Okay so I WANNA go back to what you're saying with Sophie. Because I wanted to ask you about that because you are somebody who has been at times self deprecating about your win in survivor Panama. And we've seen Selfie talk about this and Michelle and a couple of other people over the course of the season and talk about yes. I'm a winner. But the way that my win is viewed as oh like people. Don't view my win as the same as this person's win and this is something that I carry with myself. That is this a real phenomenon for the winners of survivor phenomenon. Self-deprecation you know in terms of like boy. You Know I. Yeah I one but my win. You know people don't consider my wind to be as good as this other person's win for sure that's for sure. I mean there's definitely in the eyes of the viewer right like there's all this emotional connection to watching it and and when the person you WANNA win wins. It's a different experience and when there's more twists and turns different experience of and certainly I would say like The way that survivor and CBS's chose to market certain players Kind of a in terms of like how the outside world use it Different guys win in in that value system I am certainly bottom. Tier winner That being said I think that that's a really myopic. Way of looking at the game And I think that each game is so unique We tend to WANNA reward the people that make the big moves but someone like in the case of Michelle You know it takes a skill to to win the game. That were the way she won the game And she would never win at the Boston. Rob Won the game but I just want to point out also like the kind of the things that we tend to really value in game. Play has never really worked twice. You know. Let's be honest. Sandra was not considered one of the great winners after her first win And it's only because she won again that people valued it And so I think. That's something for us to marinate on it like being inquiry on is like Boston rob is really unlikely to win. Twice right played. How many times is fifth time playing time playing so that I'll is like it's a really hard way to win the game now? It's really fun to watch but if you choose a style. That's really hard to win. Does that make you the Great? Like a great winner not to say Boston. I think he does have a lot of skills. I will say this Tyson I at our. How do you have a friendship? And he's come over and and vice versa. And we played this game with Brad culpepper. I forget the name of the game. Something about Hitler was in the name of it Secret SECRET HITLER REVERSE AGE and playing that game it was it was like a little bit like playing mafia and I realized during that game like Tyson for example he really does have incredible. Skill set that relates to survivor. More so than I do Really really loves deception. He really loves those things And he does great at it. So you know I I do think like Tyson for me is like someone who's very talented the game but it's hard to say like who's the best one every game so different different different points in each in each game. Yeah and I'm not even asking for you know your rankings of I was interested in you. Know the psychology of Sophie talked about how you know. I felt like not other people felt like I felt like that my win was considered to be a lower your win and I wanted to come back and prove that I could hang with the big dogs. Yeah Yeah I. I don't feel that way personally. I don't know I see myself you felt at Sylvia's a great player And like you know. I obviously had to imagine that they were going to have a winner season and so every time somebody wins you like you think about their game and what it would be like them and I always in my mind thought. Selfish very smart. She'll be a very Should be one to watch like I I you know. I think she's a very good survivor player. Yeah was this idea. Something that you brought with you when you ended up Going back of that. Like Hey I've got a really show people. This time around like my win is not any kind of a fluke. You'll see when I come back there and does that affect the way that a winner prepares for a second season. No but I will say this. Tyson brought up a really good point the second season that I played and He was like look you only one so there was no. There was no mistake that you could look back on same. Damn I would do that differently. There was no pain in your heart. No regret for you to like harp on say. Don't do that and so it was really easy to get more comparable than I should have been really really to to be less aware of kind of the happenings. It camp and for Tyson. Who had been voted out twice before that or that was his third time playing. I believe right third time playing a he had been voted out two times before that we had stings like he was he was vigilant. Tyson didn't sleep. You wouldn't leave camp like these are things I would never even contemplate. It ever played again. I still wouldn't do that but at that being said there were just places maybe blind spots that did not get exposed in my first game. That got exposed second also. I wasn't a fantasy wherever the first time I played by the time I played the game the second time I was a fan so I kind of wanted to play more in my actual like the the reason I feel like successive my first time is because I did not play that much. I come to me and they didn't really show it my second season but like I was in a million alliances and I was playing much harder And so Yeah that came back to bite me in the ASS. Let me ask you a question about what you're talking about From what Tyson has said before i? This is a question from Trevor Shaun. Hey Robin Iris. Or artists or whatever. It's Trevor Shaun from Vancouver. So with eight people left in the game. Three people have been voted out before in the previous games. We'll five have never been voted out before survivor. So someone who's played the game before was one the game and then came back and then got voted out. Do you think this gives an advantage to Sarah? Tony and Jeremy. They've been voted off before and they know what to expect When the signs go the wrong way or is the fearlessness of never losing the game of for never being given edge. Too Bad Kim Denise Nick and Michelle love to hear your thoughts X. Okay so in terms of what you're talking about that should we be looking at the players who have lost the game before Tony Sarah and Jeremy as the players to really watch for here throughout the rest of the season as being people with a leg up on those who are one time players who have never lost the game. Yeah I mean I would definitely say that they have a little bit more seasoning little bit more salt of the Earth with them. That being said Kim Has Been My pick the whole season. Yup early on Kim really she was. You know a baby's breath away from getting voted out And so she kinda got that experience early on she got humbled really quickly by this season so I think she I would also put her in that category just because she was so close being limited me. She was walking around the Allen and no one talked to her without my next question for you. Can you get that experience Having not lost the game where could you be blindsided and have an ally go home or have an idol played in a way the urine expect to learn that lesson without having lost? Yeah I think you absolutely. Can I think you absolutely can? And I think it's important that it happens for those for those winners who have never been voted out and who have never really come close to getting voted out. It's important that it happens early in the season I think too. Yeah because I know that I personally just from my experience just to add to that where I I played one season where everything went my way. You know nothing. That happened surprised me and I went all the way you know as far as I can go until I didn't win the last challenge and then I really was thrown for a loop. When the second time I've played that I had no idea what was going on and I know that it's it's really humbling. Right like Whoa it. It's Yeah I think it just goes to show. I think it's really easy. My guess would be there certain winners out there who have never been voted off. Who have basked in the glory of winning because there is some glory in winning right like you you do get our and Simpson glory in it. And so then like you know you come back to play and you feel like you're the best player in the world you know like maybe a player but I don't know so we have been who are all the people who have not been voted out so nick. Michelle Kim and Denise but the interesting thing about that list with the exception of Kim Ben Nick and Michelle have been considered much like myself in Sophie not top to your winners so there is still a humbleness for them that they A they carry so I mean. It's a complex question. I think it's person to person that's a question that we should probably ask down. When the seasons all over because earn players will find will find ignorance to be bliss and play loosely in a way that they should in some people will play to loosely in get bitten from it are. This is so wonderful to connect with you because that this is a monumental week where we've had so many things come full circle with the survivor and it was a few years ago. I believe was six years ago that you and I actually did a recap of the first episode of survivor. Kagi on do you remember that back in February of twenty fourteen? I don't remember the details of it but I I can't remember. I can't remember who got voted out. Okay well it was. It was a double episode. Where David Samson and Garett Edelstein went out in a two hour episode. And you and I broke it all down back. On February twenty seventh twenty fourteen and one of the highlights of that episode was that we said it had his newcomer on the survivor block. Tony Vlachos and he ended up finding a hidden immunity idol in that episode. And for the very first time we heard. This clip is huge. I do ooh. Is this coming back to you yet? One hundred percent. Yes yes and so. There's some great symmetry here where now this week we get to see Tony. Find his first idol here of season number forty and I wanNA play for you. Tony Finding the idol. And so you can compare to see if the old dog still has it here. Is Tony Finding the idol? This Week I rob behind a big rule and there was little package. I'm grabbed that little package in Iran. Full Force of Tornado spot. When we're safe to look at it as these open it up. I feel it open and sure enough. It's an idol. I am so excited. I really didn't think I was going to nine this season because of the way I was playing. But say hello to my little friend. Okay so Tony Little Bit. More in control oh man. Different editors on L. as a young man's fight with time going he did manage to still Larry's as he also still begging. Yeah Harry's Oh great idol fide from Tony. I think I think we can all come to the conclusion. That size doesn't matter. Yeah yes yes either celebrated now. Have you ever given any thought to what your reaction would be upon finding an idol on survivor? Oh Gosh I have never really thought about it to be honest. The only times I I really think about my time on average usually my dreams and it's usually nightmares. Oh now it's usually jeff saying sorry. We awarded the wrong winner. You have to play again. And I'm like no I don't go that true story. True Story. Yeah Yeah it's I think maybe that will help kind of paint. Why like I I I I actually do not want to go back on survivor. Lades NOT. Let's it's the opposite of most people. I'm like no I don't want to return to that. So can you just walk us through this dream like you get a phone call from Jeff and he says by the? Hey we screwed up. Danielle should have one Panama. Either we need to go back and replay it or do you have the option. Could you just give him the money back? No no no. It's not like that it's like Hey You know what you haven't won yet. There's one or challenge. Yeah usually a life or death challenge. It's really really Harry. Wow and yeah and it just. It's not my thing I I found it to be the hardest thing for me about survivor though Particularly with just the the building relationships with people and then not being able to trust that they were real. That was really hard. And I didn't like that. Yeah I I didn't realize it like you know fresh off the island but then you know as as ideal with my own kind of Process of moving through that. I realized that that was a really big thing for me. Was these these relationships that you had no idea if there was real foundation and you had no idea who to trust. Was that more from the second time that you played or did you have that from both strays enough. It was from both times and I think to go back to what you said about. That guilt is like I remember coming back and like really feeling so proud of the way I played in like Shane who I was pretty close with like I remember how much Shane gave me. A hard time You know about winning and how now such Dick for doing it and As interesting time please. I hope you know I'm not saying that. It wasn't amazing experience. I'm so grateful for anybody's getting that. Yeah I just wouldn't I just don't have any interest in returning to that. It was a hell of the second time was not nearly as much fun. And maybe that's because I don't think I think I think it was just like an in. You can speak to this to rob is like the second time you play. Everybody knows there's Cameras Jon Ward Camera. People are are. It's less about kind of that. Swiss family Robinson Adventure And or about like playing this game and then playing up your character camera. Listen I definitely didn't have as much fun the second time that I played. So you don't need to hear me. You know I have heard this phenomenon. I see this phenomenon where that the cast of the different seasons seem like they're all getting together like on a zoom call and having like these unofficial reunions. Has there been any talk about the survivor. Panama cast having some sort of a virtual reunion. There has not been I mean I. I can't imagine that ever happened with our cast. Neither there are certain people in our cast to get along great but it would be really hard to imagine getting more than four or five people together and it all being copacetic. Yeah Yeah it because it was such a divided season. Yeah I mean divers I could see. Yeah I mean like you just have some really big personalities right. Like chain Courtney and Serena Room together. We'll he's actually a really calming force. You put Shane Courtney and who who else by Bob dog in a room together. And you're going to get you're GONNA get fireworks that gets going to happen. It's going to be great season. Exactly exactly I wonder though because I think that some of these seasons where you know. Oh where like one big happy family this season. Do you think does that have anything to do with is it? The winner is at the conditions. Is it like the the overall twists in the game? Do you think that there's one factor in particularly I do and they actually shared this with me? My second season is that so much of the jury is related to the first person that gets to the jury. Okay at person really sets the tone for like the level of bitterness. The mayor of Ponderosa sets the tone for the season typically. Yes if it's a really bitter jury I'm sorry but you're not getting a zoom meet up in two months after the season hold on now. Does that mean that we are getting a survivor? Blood vs water. Meet up then I I mean I could see that happening. Yes you're the you're the mayor the jury right. Yeah I could see that happening. I think we all all get along pretty well. I just don't think again I just don't think like even in that season I just don't see any of US needing to connect. I love all the people I was out there with. But I don't need to sit with everyone in relive what it was like on the island when we were like intentionally designed to not get along together because this set of personalities will be toxic. And that's the job of casting right like that's what they're supposed to do like figure out how to create a toxic situation Mac drama. It's GonNa be fun to watch. Grab our popcorn. Sit on the couch and think At least at least my life's not like that. Yeah I mean I. It's hard to imagine i. So maybe it's not just the mayor. Maybe it's also like maybe casting did a bad job and that's an maybe like the the the the season that all get along. Maybe it's because casting a bad job. Yeah maybe this gets really well because they all got that family visit like I don't know but I do think that the first person in the jury definitely decides how bitter that jury is going to be. Yeah it makes me a little bummed out that I played on a season. That is not particularly close. Like I I got this more when we went to the ten year anniversary. And we're you there that night for the third and felt like Oh look oh look this whole group of people hanging out together on this group like they had dinner before and we had like four people there Yeah no I felt the same way like when I see the dirty thirty. I'm like man that would be amazing to be really close with with but I'm not I'm not really I don't want to like pretend you know. I am close with certain people on my Casper. Sure but not everyone. Okay let me ask you about this. Extortion advantage which came up This week for came in from the edge of extinction. Did you like seeing something like that in the game ours You know what like at this point yes I I would just like to see them play survivor and see who can play at this. Like the way they've set it up with so many twists and turns. Can you really tell me that? Whoever wins this game cannot say that they directly one from luck and circumstance at this point Like every plan in any of these castaways strategy is foiled by all these strange twists and turns from abuse perspective. It's really fun but the to be out there playing. I mean Jesus it's like he at a certain point you just gotTa surrender and what was so great about this week's episode where that for the first time in. I don't remember how long that we had like a legitimate like big move. That happened in the game that had nothing to do with idols advantages or anything and yes we had the extortion disadvantage for. Tony played but it really ended up just being more of like a character seen for Tony more so than something that directly affected the game play too much and I it was just really really fun to watch how that all came together without any sort of like Trinkets being used in the banks. Yeah it was great. It was a great episode. I mean it was an amazing episode. Also I have a question about this episode that I'm really unclear about yes. How did Tony Play? Repaying his tokens. We don't know we don't know did he did he. Give the Tokens to. I didn't see the problem. I think that his debt with Jeremy Is Square. I think that it wasn't score when they got back to the island from the challenge. Yeah Yeah right so like Tony or or Jeremy. You'll pay up. What is telling you do or like did someone not ask them to pay up right away. Like I'm really curious how that all went down because I feel like that would impact your ability to move to vote. The person that you stole the fire token to Matt's I was thinking I was like. Let's move Sandra exactly. Yeah but I'm curious as to how that played out but I guess we won't know until the end of the season okay. I want to ask you about one of the things that we saw in this week's episode where I think a lot of people wanna hear you away in on. We had our very first ever. I guess they must have known you were coming on the show. This week. The survivor fashion show was here. Let's hear a little bit of a wear a Sarah got the idea for launching her own clothing line. A lot of people think I'm just smart and funny pretty but I'm actually really creative and I can make clothes and with that in mind. Let me bring in a from one of our listeners. Here is a question from the Great Jenny Autumn. Hi Rob Hi. It's Jamie in Canada. Just wanted to say how excited I am to have ours back on the PODCAST Ours Your Voice has been missed a lot over the past few seasons now. I know you've probably got a lot of excellent questions about the strategy of this past episode. But I'm here to ask the question. We are all dying to know. What did you think of the survivor fashion show and did any of Sarah's designs inspire you for any future Kristie dawn collections? Perhaps anyway just want to hear what you thought about it. Thanks and I hope you're doing well by okay now. I don't know how these rank amateurs could compete with what you guys are doing over there at Christie Don ours. But I would love to get your take on the survivor fashion show. Yeah listen I gotta say I am merely the CEO of the company? My wife is the designer so I I don't know if I have the credentials to speak on that but I could have Christie. She's right here. She could weigh in on the fashioned watch. I would love to hear that Kristy. Why don't you come over here and tell them about your thoughts on survivor fashion? Show did you get a little closer. Ira Chrissy how are you? I'm good how are you just so nice to hear from you you too? Yeah was genuinely impressed with the fashion show like the contrast colors the the angles of the skirt. I was like okay. You got a lot of time on their hands. Their heating create about who? You feel like had the it was it all. Sarah's designs do you think I'm INC so I was. Yeah that's what I saw watching it. It took away a fashion show works. It's one designer many models right. Yes well I don't know if other people like the you know also had their own takes on things or if Sarah designed all all of the clothes now Christie was there one of the models that was walking the runway that you thought really had what it took that really was able to. You know that really nailed the exercise of her. Yeah Yeah you know. I thought Kim's walk was really choose. Confident strutting. She wasn't trying too hard like she really. She brought it there as impressed. Yeah Okay Dow. Tony said that he wanted to design some pants that he thought would work. Do you think Tony might have what it takes? Wow those would be epic. I'm imagining some cargo with some slits. The knees you can make them shorts or pants. I don't know it's not really my style but Rhode Island style you know. Yeah Okay Cargo Pant. Oh you will like the cargo paid. I'll okay first things first thing she did when we met with. She threw out all my cargo pants. Such a big thing. It seems like that they're so functional but it seems like that people really hate them. Yeah so they got it. They get a bad rap quarantine thing I think. People are looking more functionality. Tilleke will bring. We'll bring them back. Maybe that'll be the one silver lining from all this. The cargo pants could come back. Yeah maybe you'll be addressed. See we'll we'll say joining thank you. Thank you so much Are Are you like the inclusion of the fashion show because it seemed like that stylistically really went for it. Yeah I did. I thought it was great. I thought it like what I think. They've done a really good job. This is showing the human aspects of it and I think in given the time we are in right now. I think it brought a lot of joy and levity defeat to people's living rooms so I thought it was cool. Yeah I thought that that was really fun so Great Job by Sarah. Lena and we'll see you know. Hey maybe if she can win the game. That's a lot of seed money for this new fashion line. Yeah totally I go for it Sarah. Yeah I do think that it was such a great line from Sarah where she started off that whole segment with you know some people think you know. I'm just like you know pretty and funny and that was very funny. I thought that you like I as much as episode for was was kind of Tony. Vlachos highlight reel. It was also really cemented. Sarah's place as a really talented player in the game and it showed just how likable she was. You know. There's a difference between being likable to the viewer. Which I think she is but more importantly. Are you? Likable to your tribe mates and it's clear that people really like Sarah? That's that's an a necessary quality to win this game. I think that they really do enjoy her company out there. Can you talk a little bit about the you know wild ride? The Tyson has been through this season as somebody who played with Tyson. Good friends with Tyson as well. Outside of the game It's been you know it was. He was down up down again. What'd you make Tyson? Yeah I mean Tyson. I feel like has one. I think Tyson's probably got to be in the top five of all time players. When it comes to challenges I feel like Tyson has a great shot at getting back off the island again like it didn't feel like a fluke that he won that first one to get back in the game that being said it's gotTa be emotionally exhausting for him. I know for me when I got sent to Redemption Island. Yeah my my spirit was broken and Kudos to Tyson for for being able to keep his spirit strong and and you know it's going to be hard to win it again. Not because he doesn't have the scale but just because it's it's anytime you get voted out. It's devastating and touchdown on that because that he talked about this with Wendell and he was basically saying that. Yeah it's it's hard but I mean this is the fourth time that he has been through this. You know he was talking with. Wendell was interesting. That Wendell who was going through this really for the first time Wanted to know how he was doing. Talked about how he didn't think that Adam was doing well Do you think that that makes this an easier pill to swallow for him? Yeah I think like an Tyson said it himself like this is his career like this is what daddy does and our INC for Tyson. It's a it's it's easier to swallow because you recognize this part you know the pitfalls of your career choice. And he he. He's obviously he's been voted as fourth time being voted out so I definitely think he is got the makeup in the in the Moxie to get through it. Obviously it's still a crap shoot like what is that challenging obedient back in the game I would be. I wouldn't be shocked if Adam pulled the flag. I would be perplexed if Tyson did right. Like Tyson's get this thing out all the way through for sure. I think like you know Tyson. Tyson's position where he's old school player. He's got a great reputation as a good player. People don't know Tyson that well like other winners who might not noam they. He's intimidating initially. That was my experience of playing a blood bridgewater. I was like intimidated by Tyson before I met him. I was like who is this guy. He's kind of a he's his own guy. He dances to the tune of zone drummer. And then you meet him. He's really charming and he brings you in and that's actually even scarier because you're like wait. This is a scary person who's really likeable disarming. But I think you know Tyson. He got got got screwed. The first vote vote because they were aiming for the old school players Time around. He just didn't have he just didn't have the allies to get through. I mean she had Kim chosen Tyson to give that idol to be a whole different situation. I guess probably already talked about this. But if Jeremy doesn't leave everyone knows they're going for Jeremy and and they they they survive thing right. Yeah it seems like that. If Kim would've put her on Jeremy Yeah that's the they would've been able to figure that one out. Yeah and then Tyson would still be here get. This just goes to my point and I think any winter that that you talk to would probably say the same thing so much of it is locked so much of it is is is chance right liking. Jerry didn't have that leaves the island thing yearly Drop Council Tyson still in the game no matter what yeah right so yeah. I mean listen. We're cheering on Tyson. I I certainly if I was a betting man which I'm not. I wouldn't put my money on Tyson to win this thing on the shot to get back in the day. It's just it's it's a crap shoot so let me ask you about Tony and Sarah like through this prism of that okay. You played with Tyson and that Tyson ends up being one of the people that votes you out in the game that You has played in blood versus water. And then you guys are able to get past that and have a great friendship outside of the game which I feel like he's not completely dissimilar from Tony and Sarah where now okay. This is my friend but this is also somebody who's a very dangerous player in the game and I would have to think that it's something that's in the back of your head in this hypothetical future season of great. This is my friend and we can work together. But I'm sure Sarah I must have had thoughts. Can I trust Tony in this game? And now he has done that unthinkable thing that she was worried about where now he's completely scuttled her game and so how. How can she move past this? I don't know I mean honestly that was one of the things I thought about like if I were to play again and I were to play with Tyson like I. I would be really really sensitive to and I don't mean emotionally sensitive. I mean like I would be paying attention to like all right. I trust him. Can I trust me as I am? Tyson really is just a game right. Like it's as as you would hope it would be and so that means that like personal allegiances don't really mean anything so am I. Tyson's best choice to go forward with him. It would be hard and if if he did do what Sarah or what. Tony's did this Sarah. If you did that to me I would at that point be like I got to cut ties with him. yeah I it would be such a hard thing to get over because Sarah has seen how Tony operates up close and then he's like okay. I'll give him a chance and then he ended up spending that chance. Yeah exactly exactly so I I. I'm really curious how this thing plays out. I I think as great of a move as it was to watch his fantastic than episode as it was. I think Tony has painted himself into a corner. That's going to be very hard to get out of. What do you think of the edge of extinction you spend time on redemption island in blood versus water? It seems like that in the first time in the edge of extinction it was really treated more as like a place to go. Where for reflection of okay? You go to the edge and it tests you and you learn about yourself on the edge which might be something. That's up your alley but In this season it's really just a more of you know. We're all about the fire tokens and just trying to stick it out to get that chance to get back in the game. Yeah I mean I. I like the fire token twist I think it. It keeps things more interesting for them. Believe me and you know this. Rob Like if you're on the main island there's a ton of time for reflection right like amount of downtown. There's already enough downtime on the main island what. I wouldn't do for a day of downtime on the island. You know what I mean with the kids and everything here but I think at least it gives them something to look forward to not. Everyone wants to be reflective while I would love to be reflective. I don't necessarily think like having twelve people there with nothing to do It doesn't necessarily doesn't make some great. Tv right it's not that fun to watch. At least he gives us some fundings. I mean can anyone argue with Tyson's peanut butter seen or WOULD BOSTON? Rob Finding all those tokens and not telling anybody or even of poverty. And Natalie trying to figure out how to get the bad like these amazing things and even even the the what was it. What what what. What would they call that? The start of the episode that Natalie in poverty did to Tony Dorsett massaging. Yeah that was great TV. So I'm in that if you're going to have if you're going to have the edge of extinction like at least give us annotated. I I do find it entertaining. Also think like. That's the only way they were going to get all the winners to come back. Yard right is like all right. We're going to be two shots coming back. If you get voted out like these are especially all these winters who have kids. That must have been really hard for all of the contestants to go out with their kids. In fact like I'm amazed at amber didn't just hop on that boat with her kids and go home me too me too. Yeah so is that something you know if you went far enough down the road with them and they were talking about okay. You're GONNA come back. It's going to be a winners. Is that something that you would have said like? Hey like if I'm gonNA come all the way out there get like can there be something you would you have pushed for there to be some sort of a second chance for the people after they get sorted out? I mean I think for me I would have. I would have just push for if I get voted out. Either go home or my family comes in gets to come. You know. Maybe that was part of it where I think that I don't know how many of the winners might have said. Hey let me get a chance to get back in the game but I bet most of them said hey and then if I lose like I don't want to stick around the Ponderosa. I'm not going to sit there for you. Know thirty three days and wait for my flight. Rate and production had to know that the big the big characters. We're GONNA begun for early. So they're like. How do I keep Party in Boston? Rob and Sandra. How do I keep them on? Fill out keep them on the screen. Even after they've been voted out in Egede extinction. Kinda does not like Boston. Which really in any other season. We wouldn't have him definitely scratches the ITCH for a lot of people. Was there anything that surprised you from the game? Play of all of the old school people that are out there on the edge of extinction all these people that you've come to know over the years. There was no moves that I was like UH surprised by. I think I think the one thing like overall I was surprised by the amount of time it's taken for people to like settle. Play the game Not that they're not playing but there's just been so much Kind of smoke and mirrors have young. At least that's the way the presenting it. You know it. I I get anxious watching them. Play people really settle down? It doesn't seem like there's really strong relationships. There may be strong alliances that we don't see but like with eight people left. You would think we would have a really clear idea the lines and either. It's a great editing trick or people are just really doing their best to not expose themselves are let me ask you because you're talking about going back out there for the people that have children. Let me bring in a question for you. This is Matt from Toronto. Who has a question for you era longtime listener and longer time ours? Ours was legendary. He's tied with bag for most cast against a winner except ours managed to get there without any hidden nudity adults also for the era when everyone was scared to sit next to that family man or the mall in the final travel council are used the fact that he was dependent honest errands as part of the rationale as to why the Jewish vote for having the end questions for our is given what we've seen from some of his counterparts like Tyson poverty who haven't played since having children because ours believe that he would approached the game differently now that he has children of his own and if so what that would look like because as someone who's at our stage lights first time he played. I'm having a difficult time seeing how that would interfere with my game. Play it all out that the both you stay safe during this Corentin and looking forward to your and your thoughts thanks okay. Have you given any thought to you know if you were to play again? Obviously the last time you played you were not yet apparent now as a father of two would that have changed up the way that you play the game man. I mean it definitely changed the way I play the game like I chose not to play the game of I was largely. You have kids. So yeah I in that sense but I think the truth matters. If I did again I would try to play more like the game. I won. That game. Didn't win and I know. That sounds obvious Specific things like I think I would've been a lot a lot less active in trying to create a strategy. I would have been a lot more passive in like just been present and kind of gone with the flow. The my second season didn't really show so well. I found myself in a position of power that I didn't necessarily want to be in and My first season I was like under the radar like I really wasn't a threat to anybody and we had big bad terry So I think I would I would I would be more trusting more honest and And of course that plays back. It's not I wouldn't do it for my kids but I would certainly WanNa play a game that my kids would watch and say. Oh Daddy did it like that but yeah I think that the reality is. I just wouldn't play again not with my kids at this age and with your kids at this age. I think that leaving call alone with the kids would be like the the hardest part of it whereas just like okay. Well what if like they they need me for stuff like like Nicole like was in like a fender bender like a year ago And I'm like boy if I was like I if I was like what would they do? Like what like I don't even know you know. We don't have family out here or anything like that. So yeah that that part of it would definitely be tricky but then again like that. This is the wrong time to ask me because I would not mind the thirty nine day. Pray that a lot of time right now. A lot of families. I've had a lot of family time. Something funny about that. Like when she was out there she liked promised herself that she would enjoy every moment and now she's in Guantanamo. She's like pulling your yeah. Do you have any favorite activities that you do with the family now that everybody is spending so much time together. We walk down to the park where this little canyon with a really small little park in. It's it's we get to go down. There and river loves baseball so I pitched the balls to river and he wants. He wants to run through drills. I don't really know much about baseball. Run through drills and yeah we we do that to dance a day Whenever I have like an hour to between work meetings two or three times a day. Wow now live wants. He just wants to go to the park and play baseball all the time. That's all he wants to do. Okay all right. Since you're in training Brendan Fitzpatrick. Says really happy to have ours back. It's been so long. How many pull ups can do right now? If if I was lucky I do. The number of Pelosi's I can do push ups so I think too. I think I'm going to push ups. Come on Rob I am. I am not who shops that I need. You know what I need to get that that. That bullet machine you pull up. Pull up machine though the buyer that was over my door. My brother however is fantastic shape. How is vitas doing? He's great he's doing really well. He ran a triathlon is doing great he. He's really his. His life is very full and beautiful. And he's doing great yeah. I mean that we used to joke around about how and then same on beach body on demand. Some of these places is. He's all over you. The Lower Vida want to go back and play survivor again. Yes okay do you think that? Have you given any coaching for how to make that happen? I think The the the jury is out on that the jury is in and he has. He has sullied the production and I don't think he will see a invite. Yeah okay that he could have gone to the edge of extinction now. That would have been good for him if they had that for. Second Chances Right it would've been great. Yeah let me ask you this question. This is from One of our listeners Paulo from Edmonton Opera it Paulo from Edmonson here in Canada. I bought your album back when I was still in high school songs. Like home in sword and stone helps me get through long nights of study. My question is when are you releasing new music or at the very least when you releasing your song on spotify? Thank you okay. New Music in the works. Is that a possibility. Oh man not right now. Dr. Right now I would love for that to be the case I just have. That's one of the casualties of being a parent in running. This business is that I've had my push count just the tax we. We're talking about Kim earlier. That for Kim. Now she's on the wrong side of this vote But it kind of a good thing that ultimately. Sofi didn't seem like that she in Cam were on the same page Jeremy gets to stay. She reluctantly voting out. Running Out Tony in this round. Where where do you think Kim and denise ended up going from here? Do they get back with with Jeremy or do you think the Jeremy six it out with Tony in this new group I think it? All that's all contingent upon their ability to communicate with Jeremy why they flipped because the reality is they flipped his Tony flips right. At least it was made the same now. Gather secret scenes. I haven't seen so I can't speak to that but really the only one was about that. Sarah and Kim have you know a bond over sort of this remorse of people think there bad player because they want orbit brazen right bed person. Exactly so If Kim is able to articulate to Jeremy in a way where she believes him like listen. Tony was gonNA switch so we switched because there was nothing we could do was a hard choice and dead. Tony out of nowhere flipped like this. If she can articulate that I could see Jeremy and coming back or accepting in Kim and denise back in there in a tough position right now but I will say I don't think either of them are are targets. I think gotta be target number one right. Well I think that if I know the Tony Playbook That I feel like that Tony's move is now to go back to Sara and say okay. Great we got out. So-fi sorry I had to do it but now let's let's vote out. Kim. Let's get an and you WANNA to get the band back together and Walter Kim because right now Kim is probably Sarah's tightest Elias but I think she has been she has been so I don't know what the what they're gonNa do but I think his his instinct is to go back to the people he was working with and now vote out somebody from the other side. I'm going to. I'm going to be controversial here. I'm just going to say there's a sisterhood that that Sarah and Kim will form they both were not in the in the know on this vote. N. as great of a player's Bennis. He's not great at communicating certainly. It doesn't seem like he's great communicating in certainly not great at communicating his emotions. But Sarah and Kim are both really good at and so they will be able to further strengthen their bond because they were both not in the know and they will find comfort that both of them didn't know so even if even if Sarah Takes Tony back she's not GonNa flip on Kim this next boat. I just don't see that happening Cut to she on games while we'll see so do you think the move is then. They figure out a way to get to go after Tony but he has an idol right so I guess. Let's go through this this author. If you're Tony who do you want outback's I could see him? Kim I could see him. Okay IF YOU'RE SARAH. Who Do you want out next well? I think Maybe it's Tony. I think that she would want payback. I think she still would want Jeremy Out. What's necessarily changed about that? They've wanted Jeremy out two rounds. I can't imagine why she wouldn't want Jeremy Out. So I think that Jeremy is probably one and then if not Jeremy than Tony or Michelle. Now I may be wrong but WASN. It's Sarah few episodes ago that said we need to get our. She's GonNa come back and she did say that she did. Yeah listen I am. I am not following epic but I do remember the same exact quote attributed to courtney about me around the same time which. Hey maybe maybe their their foreshadowing Akin victory and Sarah knew the whole time but so she did say that about Kim so you can see where Sarah might be incentivized about him out as well. Yup We've also seen Tony talk about how we have brought out germ quite a bit then voted with Jeremy Wright. And and where does Ben Ben? Ben Probably Wants Tony. Out Germany out the most. He seems like that that is was it. Just Mir was jerry staring at Ben as the votes. Read your Jeremy's got a good hate into Ben. Right now And even though Ben wasn't the person voted out. I think that Germany looked at it. Like kind of like an F. You to Ben at this point like oh you thought you thought I was going to get voted out tonight and I didn't but it was still wasn't getting voted out. I do find these exchanges kind of funny right because it's like no one really knows what's going on. Nonni with walk drive in the ship like Jeremy got saved by Tony at the same way that Jeremy would have been voted out by. Tony and Ben would have been saved by Tony. Had he not flipped the no but then but then but then Tony flipped. And he's not so it's like it's funny when they like. When when Jeremy Staring at Benazir really knew what was going on so confident? Right really is job. It's it's but yeah I mean I'm curious to see who wins it. I'm curious to see what comes back. It's been a great season. It's been really fun to watch in very fine. Let me give you one more question. This is from Travis Who has a special requests from you up? I'm just calling because it's my birthday weekend. Always had ours is my favorite survivor winner. Who I played most light and I just wanted to see if I can get birthday shout from Kansas from ours. Thank thank you travis. Okay draft happy birthday brother. I hope for your birthday. You Find Yourself on survivor soon enough to walk you. Through the oddest thing started talking through it okay so my name spelled. Aris in Lithuanian. Which is where my family's from yes out US right and my father my whole winning said calls Miatas and my mother and the other side of the family calls me Rs. And when I started playing music is like cool. What's my name GONNA BE? I should I should have my name be something. People should be what they'd Lithuania pronunciation. My name because it's new people won't be like Oh that's RS and so that's why I went with od us as Asian of my stage. Name and then after working with Iowa's Ska I kinda was like no. You know what there's power in in in sounds and my name is August Lithuanian pronunciation of the word. I'm just GONNA go by August so now even Christie. She calls me hottest still of course respond to rs but off is actually the way my name was mixed view pronounced. Okay all right so so we're back in for on autos. Yeah let's let's try and kind of there's a little joke amongst my friends every time they say. Rsa Office please. And I say it in a real dick headed way Okay well but it's not really meant to defense. I'm I'm just joking but it is out us. Okay well I I want to just be on the right side of wherever you want me to be the right side of history. Really right side of history. Okay all right because I used to really like okay. Like over nunciature amateur is that right and then you know it seemed like the. Tyson's like I just go with ours as and I said okay. It seemed like that when you weren't that it was like we were doing it for the music but now okay now. Everyone calls me out us. Now it's funny. Even my mom is working on it. All right well then. That's that's where I WANNA be Do you have any he? Can you share any of your adventure stories with us before you go and Shit like Iowa Oscar Adventures? Yeah yeah so I don't know. Do you know what I was is? I know a little bit about what it is. Okay so so for those of you who don't know what it is. It's it's a a t but it's a fifty. It's almost like molasses and it's brewed from groupon belief in the CAPI vying which is found in the Amazon rainforest. Yeah and these are not necessarily grow next to each other but when they brew them together. It's like three days at a specific temperature It creates a very powerful drink. And you have basically about a shot glass of it in your deep prayer. Have only done it with Shamans from the Amazon. I drink and it. It's a very confrontational. Call it medicine. It's a very confrontational medicine. It shows you all of the underlying kind of traumas in your life. All the underlying belief structures about support you and it it pulls it out of you and it pulls it adds a You throw up you get diarrhea. It's really confrontational. Challenging can be really physically painful But then typically after after the purge there's usually a vision or some kind of council that you get from the medicine not have it kind of pushes you along in a way in life where you feel like all right I can do. This and life is beautiful. Wow like how to live in harmony with the with all the other beings human and non human of. It's really beautiful stuff in the first time that I did it I was like I'll I'll just try. I'm not a drug user and I think for me like initially I. I associated this with drugs and very quickly. I realized that now. This is not a drug. This is ever released sacred medicine and I started to work with it more closely. It is been really transformational in my life. I feel like I'm happier had more joy In in a lot more president especially in a time like this as we're in this cocoon right now in all of us are being asked to pause to be able to listen more closely to what what majors asking us to do what. I'm super grateful for it but I I highly recommend it is certainly not like drinking your mother's cough Syrup It's really powerful medicine So if anybody has any questions about that kind of stuff they can go to. Finke Ambi Wasi which is where I go. Drink in Columbia and the F. I N. C. A. A. M. B. I W S I dot COM FINKE EBOLA DOT COM. And they were about it but it's really powerful stuff. It's really helpful. It's really healing And I you know. Obviously everyone's got their own view on medicine. What isn't isn't medicine. But it's been really transformational and our whole family. Has benefited from. It has to go to Colombia. Where the SHAMANEE's rats where it served a in America unless you have A native American Permit your there's only one Native American Church that serves it so the new study in the lineage is studying does not have that permit here so I go to Columbia but but there are people who do serve it here. There's a there's a show on Amazon it's called Kentucky Iowa and Kentucky or something like that. Yeah I mean it's it's spreading plant medicine in general spreading all over the world right now and not hard to like put it all together and say wow you know. We're all being asked to cocoon in this plant. Medicine is spreading and there is a conscious it's rising to recognize the interconnectedness of all beings. And I know that might sound a little wild but Yeah it's happening. I encourage people to explore beyond They're known reality in expand into a deeper awareness of connectedness. Okay office where CAN PEOPLE Seymour about everything you guys. Doing over at Christie's dawn losec reverence for almost on here. Do you want to tell people where they can wear? Where can people find stuff that Christie there were waiting? We're should say somebody wants to buy address. From Christiaan they go St John Christie Don Dot Com. That's right see. Eli D. A. W. N. dot com. You WanNa dress or a mask and if you WANNA see river swing. The Baseball Bat will post something on Instagram. Today of him taking a big so yes I mean not a big hit. Like that. Like a big swing. Yeah I got that baseball on the heels Mayawati office. Thank you for making some time to talk about everything. That's going on here in survivor forty. I'm really glad that we got to catch up. I always love our conversations and I it was Sandra who put us in contact all the way back eight years ago. Amazing that's amazing. Yeah she was like. Hey you should talk talk to office that he loves talking about this stuff amazing. I. I'm so glad I remember. You were a little tepid. You're GONNA WANNA talk about this and I didn't know if I was going to like talking about it as much but it's it's great rob. I'm so happy for you. It's amazing to see how you have rivers proud of you to have created such a space of community for the survivor community. And I know all the all the all the contestants we all enjoy listening to you in an I appreciate that because I'm embarrassed because I feel like that you know you've gone on and you do like You know these guys have this amazing business. They are running and then I feel like that when we catch up with like a rob. What are you up to him? I'm doing the same exact thing I haven't left this room. I'm exactly in the same place where you left me three years ago. You bring so much joy to people's lives and this thing really well I mean I think they will say that I if I were you. I would be really proud of myself for what you've done. I'm proud of you as your friend why I appreciate it. Thank you thank you so much and the best to you guys during this crazy time and the thanks for making some time. Yeah of course. Thanks for having me. Thanks everybody out there for listening. Everyone's doing well and in finding some solace in the pause. Okay all right take care out US. Thanks already there. You have it oddest Bush. Gauss KISS back here on the PODCASTS. A great to catch up with an old friend here today on the feedback. Shall we still have a lot coming up for you in the next couple of days? I told you all at the top Antonio on this weekend survivor the family feud coming to Robin Akiva. Need A podcast too. Hot to handle finale coverage the wiggle room and I may also have some more survivor coverage coming your way Before we get to next week so stay tuned for that ROB has com slash itunes here. In the month of April. We have a raised over seventeen thousand dollars for direct relief dot org which is getting P P doctors and nurses on the front lines of the corona virus battle. So if you have become a patron this month we are donating your new contribution to direct relief dot org. I'm making a matching contribution. Plus we also have a go. Fund me at rob whips at a com slash P. P. E. CHARITY. Wear our current patrons and listeners have contributed to that fund as well. We're raising money. All through the month of April here on ROB has a podcast for people on the frontlines. The Corona virus. So thank you so much for listening. Hey care already have a good one I

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