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"danielle mexico" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"Like, okay, no, sir. You don't get to do that. Yeah, I'm pages like, you know, the only open room was Carl's, and he currently is in bed with another girl in another state, so sorry. Yeah. Yeah. I think this is just a blatant FUD Carl, I've been literally playing you. I mean, even if it were a blatant FUD Carl is there anything wrong with that. Care at big lake. Carl deserves an few like every few weeks. Yeah. Well Kyle should guile needs to concentrate. He needs to keep his eye on the ball. She he just heard that his friend is dating someone with zillions of dollars in Carlson, calling his friends for money. So high. Yacht? Maybe, you know, stopping a misogynist and think about your Bank account can't, yeah. Yeah. Loverboy I so. So now Jordan calls, up Erica, I and he's like y'all had a wonderful time, communicating you in a in a thoughtful in an emotional way last night, and my dick a little hard at one point. So I was wondering if we could have dinner in the city sometime this week. And she's like, you know, I'll know my schedule a better once I'm in the city today, and I will most certainly get back to you on that one. Thank you. It was lovely hearing from you buy, like you have an awesome Sunday. I think the passions really evident in between us y'all. I'm not a chemistry Lynn page cross in bed with Hannah, I'm British Dave and she's like, are you watching soccer on your phone, British Dave? That's suppose British thing you've ever brandished. Yeah. And then Hanan day of have, like a moment where they talk about, like they like each other find. And then I'm you know this guy's ready for a relationship because she's like you didn't even bring in extra pair of socks. And he goes, I forgot was like. Yep. That's a husband. That's Mary him. And then there's like this weird moment where, like everyone's like cleaning up in the kitchen. They're doing something and Danielle shows up in the doorway, and they're like, oh, there she is. And she's like have you guys been up all the time? Yeah. I don't know why just like amuses me that she's perpetually to like every scene. And every weekend, you know, Danielle, she's just always on a train. She was like perpetually coming in from Penn station even if it's Sunday afternoon. Ten on train. Home. John Fong, Danny on a plan. That reminds offering. Fring. So I'm speaking of the train, it's time to go back to the city say, so it's the usual like fast time city, city city excitement, blah, blah, blah, blah. And hey. Hey, hey, hey. So we get the little vignettes. So Lindsay is torturing some girl, while she like tours around the office space and girls like to me, this has Hobhouse written all over it. It's disgusting room that no one wants to look at. So are these walls reinforce how much screaming can people here? Is there enough room in here for a committee, because if there is I do not want this. So then Danielle Mexico on the most Bravo date ever to throw hatchets. Yeah. You're don't forget that Carl was trying to hail a taxi. He's on the phone and trying to hell a taxi, and he's like how are you doing? Well, sir. I just need twenty or thirty minutes of your time. Oh, you're a robo. Call never mind that have a good day answer. Big ask twenty or thirty minutes. Okay. Yet, that is a big ask, by the way. Five minutes is like I just need five minutes. Thirty minutes of your time. You say that's like, when people are panhandling, and they've upped their price through, like Jeff five dollars. Excuse you what happened to some spare change? I know Carl's like gents I had a great time in DC I had a really great date and I got past first base. So touched on Karl or score score. Now I need to find a job. So I'm Danielle and Mexico to this axe date. And she's like, oh, it started a strictly physical, but, like, I really like him out like you're acting like David, for six months, like you've done it for five minutes, which is okay and good for you for getting hot max because he has good for ten yell as much as as much as we made fun of Danielle all season long..

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