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"The express jobs app for on express pros dot com for than half a million people. Find work with express each year. I'm Danielle del for talkradio six eighty WCBS hot and humid out here this afternoon. Mostly cloudy skies. We could see a little sunshine mix in at times widely scattered showers and storms possible to Safran into the seeming high around ninety seventy two tonight chance for late day storm Wednesday low nineties bureau, Ken, Boone from the Weather Channel talkradio six eighty. Now, keeping you connected with the latest views. This is talk radio six eighty Telegu CVS and wcbMcom. Good afternoon. Michael Philip Elliott, the six eighty WCBS Maryland new center at the news at three thirty one brought to you by Baltimore. Equitable insurance perpetually. Great homeowners insurance in seventeen ninety four call four ten seventy seven seventeen ninety four Furka forecasters confirming to severe strength tornado touchdowns in the Dayton, Ohio area with more possible. The national weather service says an e f three tornado hit just west of Dayton with another touchdown. Just east of Dayton. A forecaster says it's possible the same tornado touch down a second time. He says several other areas damaged by major storms are being surveyed a New York Times report says it was the national security agency that developed a key component of the ransomware. That's gripping Baltimore City government. The NF as reliable intelligence gathering in counterterrorism tool was leaked online two years ago, city council president. Brandon Scott is ask Larry HOGAN. To seek federal disaster relief funds as a result, the Chesapeake Bay foundation released a report today, again criticizing Pennsylvania, for not doing enough, protect to protect the nation's largest estuary saying the keystone state's plan to reduce pollution was woefully inadequate. The requires Bay's watershed states to fully implement a pollution diet for the Chesapeake by twenty twenty five eighty eight degrees at the harbor in downtown Baltimore eighty six at the airport. Reporting three thirty two. I'm Michael Philip Pelly six eighty WCBS news before the US has.

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