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Croatian police identify woman found with memory loss

AP News Radio

00:51 sec | 10 months ago

Croatian police identify woman found with memory loss

"A mystery woman in Croatia has been identified the woman was found in an area inhabited by bears in a remote area on the northern Adriatic island she had no idea who she was or where she came from after receiving numerous tips the woman was identified as fifty seven year old Danielle Adam Coba from Slovakia a man is a a top psychologist marina credulous as her amnesia is total total amnesia and it might be related to various aspects of her personal history Adam Koebel was reportedly a successful jewelry designer the wanted up being homeless Vladimir apple tech treated her at a local hospital that's too much to support everything he says the person can fully recover depending on what triggered the memory loss and how severe if any brain injury they have suffered police describe Adam called his condition as stable and social services will take over once he is released from the hospital I'm a Donahue

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