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"daniel slacken" Discussed on I Mean... Why Not?!

I Mean... Why Not?!

13:15 min | 10 months ago

"daniel slacken" Discussed on I Mean... Why Not?!

"So I think he's AC come here Zachary. US boyzone I don't know why would you go over here over here. Yes Mike for you okay. Can we talk our podcast. Can we talk about fun night last night and we did where'd you do. I gotcha okay so nice. I came over last night and in help sack with his hair kristen. Tell us what you did. Give us a she's the Jack Jack of all trades over there. Well says Zach you know wanted to be able to do here. Real quick quick and easy just really it's really straight right. Yes Lonzo's Jacks that too and it drives him nuts. It's Dan you'll take like the longest and you guys probably go through the product like nobody's well dear member like wool back win. When you guys were doing your other little toys like Jack having having the straight hair that took him for all I remember having that person ever yeah yeah but so no so jack he doesn't hair super quick too but yeah so I needed to like I wanted to be able to do it in like five minutes and just go out the door and like be now and you wonder years spray volume message wave like curly currently just like some thicken yeah yeah like waves so she came over and she did it and then I was like yeah oh. It actually is so cool because it's it's not like like Jack Ritz curly. It's fairly now. I didn't wound not bounce. I don't know if that's the word really Kinda. WAVY ISH yeah. I feel like what you accomplished is like you have the hair you want without the product now exactly and it's so good. It looks like you can run your fingers but you can't well. I'm glad we're talking about it because you had so many people like when you posted the picture ooh getting it done and people were like freaking out is creating a product kind of wanted to scare everybody. Everybody's like what you're hollering your hair. You're a lot if he wanted to the coloring. You have rods and your hair. What makes you look like it looked like he had just that plastic cab or no there was gonna be three bombs now and then they were people saying what is going on with Zak so many changes because they think because they're like your nose ring and now your hair what is going on Zang's having a crisis but okay so clear it up. Did you get a nose ring. Okay N- it's not real it's not enough but I have it and I I don't see a point and getting a real one fake when put an engineer right. You don't have to have a holy. I know yeah and you can have that. Look whenever you want walk in walked in the House with the nose ring and I like scared mom and dad because guys got cering. What Dad was like no no. That's not really like really WanNa Tattoo yet hearings. He has a tattoo like seriously. It wouldn't have been like that but it was more of like an you didn't tell us I in the end. My mom was like oh well okay. It's just crawls across the medical eighteen line literally. It was like joking like Gosh. He does that all the time like he's like the biggest practical joker and he's always joking. I'm always like why do you always believe like in because but he's always destroy luke if I didn't so I have a question that relates to your hair. Did you kristen down. Get super nervous doing his hair because sometimes Daniel has me cut his hair before like video sued yeah. I mean I am the professional. That's May may your Y. You might be a little bit more nervous that Keren tweets. Omar trying is pressure like it's even my own sunlink when I'm cutting daniels hair and I know like you're going to do what am I video sheet. Which is why I was like. If I screw this put on a hat they are ever going to be on me. She was not nervous at all. I was like very confident about how I felt south. She was like I got this. This is my hair. Obviously I was nervous was I can't go that wrong. It looks great and he's like people do this. It smell so badly and it's now has to stay into her. Sever the only time I've ever get nervous when Jack would ask me to carve into his head like you know that all all in all those Christian asks me to do stuff like that and I'm always like Oh get kristen and I am not like an expert at those a couple of agro. It goes so fast yeah cool a weekly to ensure the my mom used to remember when used to put me in the back the case in the bath the kids in the backyard so let me pose back. I think every parent has every mom has done this every year and has done this their own kids heroic when he and Ryan were asked my boys had an actual game going to go to get it done I mean it was we had like shears and scissors so instead of getting like the whole room dirty I had oversized like hot but the oversize Batta stool and then I would just sit on the edge and cut it and in that way it kept all the hair contained it was all about this wet but then the Harry and Jane no because what I would do is just get it to. Ah I hate. I just remember it not always being the best cut to compare. I'm not asking my what kind of hair I used to cut like. Literally thought is literally stuck bowls on top of their went around. I didn't do that I on I do that. I can show you some straight up like Jenky family pictures of all and I used to cut their hair all of you when you're little balas my my me so like okay. Those were Cube taught me touch it now seventy. No one was I was. I probably third grade where you're like Mike Jacobs now. All the men in my life are asking me for haircut so I think I've improved from the bowl season. Wow I am okay. You're here sometimes acknowledged. Okay Bowl for you. It would be like a bowl again. Luna usually standing between us. Don't you had a Bush Bush on my head like seriously like height when okay if the fans are listening I I had bangs at once in like I remember. There's so many pictures I got got out of me with the banks and meet and greet and stuff. I agree with you guys. I was the worst added that to news. I haven't saved on my phone and I'm like that. At least you know he's like that was the worst cut ever. I got a really bad cut on tour. I tell you so funny because Jack gotta cut and toward and I don't know if you were there for this one and he came home a few days later in the early. I know but like you know you guys. Have you leave like a little a bit of your sideburns. You know now. Oh literally cut his off like you know the eighty s shave. He looked so bad he's like he went to one of those. Chinky kind of okay speaking. I actually don't remember it was speaking of Janke. Remember I were a beanie for the rest of couldn't shave. It was literally like a what do you call white wall like you just a it was like. Oh my strange oh my aw is bad the sued you remember that time when the boys were out in La for like at the beginning and they all wanted to get their hair done and what an appointment Corbin wanted will they didn't really we know of any places here either because it was brand new here and Corbin wanted to get his hair colored and Zach wanted to get a haircut and all the boys wanted to get here and they just picked a hole in the wall of lace. Employers are something anyway that was like the funny thing 'cause they are so particular and they just picked this random alley all dollar haircut in color and you guys were so happy it was that was the. Dow was the worst going right. What he's Jason Got Stylists Yeah Yeah. Do you still have a guy who comes out on the road with you guys and dolls that we news a good guy. I mean or just it's like Chris Chuck Yeah. She's timeshare love that honestly who wants fun. They know all the BOYS BERMS SHOWING IS GONNA have a burn all go blind and all get perms. That's funny. We'll start the trend Zachary thinking about the three of us going to get tattoos together. What do you do. That's cool wait. What are you going to eh. We don't know but we Karen. If you pick a tattoo for your mom whoo ooh that's a good one hard one. I don't know what you should get. Maybe he has to be small and that like a huge. You should get like the biggest one impossible across her forehead. It's a hard one friendship can check what about what about the numbers. You guys always use love you eighteen. That's cool but but you guys would all get it. No no that's between new guy. Oh you just same one we could get lovey thirty about about doing something like that goes with with our little. Arthur tweet us all different kinds of options or just get her own but wanting one if you could think of when I can't think of text you all what my idea is really funny picture from sack-like sitting US eight. What do you want one next like. Do you have in your definitely want. When I want to get like eleven eleven somewhere always every time I seen it's just just like make a wish every time you seven eleven on your phone like you looking at your phone and then you see eleven eleven or make a wish or anywhere like always always tweet like eleven eleven. I'm an exact Karen. Exactly I wish yeah works so then they will meet me. Eventually all they had to do is buy a ticket the meet and greet and you want to get it somewhere on my arm just like a little of that would be. Do you have any others that you WANNA get or is that it you're done. I definitely want to get more do you. I don't want to get on that banana night. No God literally bought a poster like a picture for Daniel's house. It's Eh Eh Banana on. I was there Jack and Daniel and why my banana I don't know I was really there and there were like Jack. You gotta get one. I was like I'm not getting banana on me like this. Phenomena Tattoos rose above the smarter than the other per Jose. I don't Jack Banana. I just tack on his arm. It makes sense. Have you ever seen him. Eating Bananas Likes Bananas. Okay then. Why didn't you just get a watermelon right because when he said he likes watermelons. What's he got so many things on the tour? Is this something different tour even touch. I remember that Oreos down a little bit editors and nuts peanuts motorboaters peanuts. Don't ask for carbon. You guys used to get nutter butters all times. Corbin's oreos Dono is I was peanut thing. We got not about Jack's Akbar's. What's your favorite snack now tour now. I'm trying to eat better We're all working out now. I mean it's very apparent like I like you guys. Have a guy like nope it seriously and I'm sure oh you probably mentally in on towards like we wake up and we're like you know I mean. We got nothing better to do work out. We have so much time. I'm in the mornings your mind it does a good mind feels. That feels so good sure or always like to. I'm glad I worked out today. I feel good. I feel more awake. I'm ready to you guys are the are you still working out while you're home because Daniel Slacken alive going. We'll daniels still going but he said to me last night. He's like it's just like I am sitting in my studio and I forget Eh..

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