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"daniel oppenheim ma" Discussed on Cautionary Tales

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That's two whole monks of unlimited access to thousands of classes. Free get started today by heading to skill share dot com tales to sign up. That's T. A. L. E. S. skill share dot com slash tarheels. You know that feeling of being a tourist in totally totally foreign land. How rich all the tiny details are how densely layered the memories? You can look back on a day and marvel at just how much humanitas pack in whereas a day of your normal routines can be hard to remember tool one of the things that Brian Eno is trying to achieve with his strange cards his that same sense of attention of being alert. The enemy of creative work is boredom. Actually and the friend is alertness. Now I think what makes you heard is to be faced with a situation that is beyond your control so you have to be watching it very carefully to see how it unfolds to be able to stay on top of it. That kind of alertness is exciting. There's nothing like an unfamiliar problem to make you start focusing if things feel out of your control maybe even a little dangerous that gets the adrenaline flowing. In the right circumstances the creative excuses to this attention grabbing affect applies whether we're talking about trying to play a strange instrument navigate a strange place or work together with a strange person. Amman it sounds dramatic it can work its magic to subliminal level. It can be something as subtle as whether the words were reading on a page look. Familiar ord consider a study by the psychologists Connor Diamond Yaman. Daniel Oppenheim Ma and Eric von. They teamed up with high school teachers getting them to reformat the teaching handouts they used half that classes chosen at random got got the original materials in standard fonts such as times new Roman the other half got the same documents reformatted into one of three challenging encompass. The text of Hadden's filer. The cursive flourishes of monotype Cordova or zesty bounce of Comic Sans at Taleh sized raised. These funds are let's be honest distracting and hard to read but the ugly fonts didn't hamper. The students at all students who'd been taught using them ended up scoring higher on their exams. We don't know exactly why but it seems that the strange fonts prompted them to pay attention to slow slow down and to think about what they were reading. If such obstacles make us focus and think harder they may end up not being obstacles tool ooh but secret weapons. There's is a second reason that the oblique strategies may have helped David Bowie. They pushed him to try something. Fresh Brian Eno described to me the tendency Z.. Of highly skilled musicians to end up exploring a narrow territory. Because it's the only place they feel completely comfortable. You get more and more competent at dealing with that place and you'll cliches becoming increasingly cliche. But when you're forced to start from somewhere new the cliches can be replaced with moments of magic. This effect is well understood. Far outside the realm of music computer scientists use algorithms to look for solutions to complex problems and those algorithms often use the tactic of stepping back and adding some randomness partway through search on sort of complex problems. Do I have in mind plenty. Planning efficient routes for fleet of parcel delivery trucks figuring hang out the best layout for a silicon chip. Such problems have so many possible solutions that it's impossible even for a computer to check the ball so computer futa scientists have developed algorithms that try to find a solution that may not be. Perfect is good enough. You'd be surprised. At how many of these algorithms at random shocks and remixes those shocks there to prevent the algorithm getting stuck on a bad solution in the jargon that's called a local optimum but you're I would simply call it a dead end. The random shocks offer a way of backing out of the dead end and trying something else. This might seem a long way from our everyday concerns we musical geniuses. We're not computer algorithms but the same logic is is it play in the most humdrum circumstances such as our daily commute for example in my own longstanding commute across the London Underground. I know exactly where on the platform I should stand when I get on the first tube train to ensure that after riding nine stops including a change of lines in the perfect position to be first on the escalator out of London Bridge Station and thus the front of the line for coffee the monmouth coffeehouse near the tube exit find differences in where I stand on a train platform on one side of the city. Determine how quickly I get my coffee half an hour later on the other side gas. I promised myself ought never become. That person happened anyway. And however you commute you likely have your own little shortcuts and time saving habits. Assuming wingnut is those habits really do save you time because according to the logic. I've been outlining if you commute being forced to change your plans minds they actually help you in the long run. It's the obstacle in your path that forces you to find a better But in what circumstances might the London Underground possibly be disrupted. I hear you ask well. In February. Twenty fourteen to trade unions representing in work on the subway launched a forty eight hour strike which closed well over half the stations on the system. The first day of the strike was wet as well as being cold and dark which will have discouraged people from simply walking or getting on a bike. The trains and buses that day were rammed full of grumpy commuters. Trying to figure out how to get around but disruption after the strike. The economists Ferdinand Roche. Sean Larkham and Tim Williams looked at data Ktar from London's electronic fare card system. Those fare cards work on the subway the buses and the overground trains to row and his colleagues identified people. Well had to change from their regular route during the strike most changed back again when the strike was over. Of course many did not. They realized there's been getting their own commute wrong. All land lives and all it took to prompt them into finding about away with two days of disruption so there are two reasons why obstacle might actually help us solve a problem. I the ugly font effect affect the strange unfamiliar region threatening situation grabs your attention and holds it. Not Checking your phone. You don't daydreaming. You can't can't afford to miss a second. And then there's the tube strike affect the way random disruption forces. You try something. Totally new. Whether by forcing us is to pay attention or by putting us to try something different these obstacles can actually help us find better solutions to the problems we face but this is still still look cautionary tale. Because it's a story of danger. The danger is that we shunned these obstacles. Avoid difficulties flee from problems When in fact we might flourish from facing them head on Keith? Jarrett after all didn't celebrate the appearance of a bad piano on stage his largest ever concert rubbing his hands in glee at the opportunity to have his creativity supercharge. Try The challenge. Of course he didn't he walked away. They wouldn't when faced with the unplayable piano we resist..

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