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"daniel mike glennon" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"daniel mike glennon" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"People basically talking about him like he's a bum. See your fucking curse and just go off. Would Because if I'm Andy, dominant my pants, you know? Damn attention. I'm in the National Football League. I'm the quarterback in Chicago Bears. You can kiss my You know what? But you know that's not what people mental is. Don't It is not because you can't escape it, man. You people who know especially in Charlotte, People were saying stuff to you walking down the street. Do you think about when people say something to you? Or when article pops up about Yuki people like Hey, Do you see article that came up that you can't run away from something's days. Good. You should read it. It's a good That's what I said. Using this fuel is any Dalton in the bottom half like it went to about 32 teams, right. So is he 17 to 32 as far as starting quarterbacks or is he within the top 16? Talent wise. Where would you put him? You get in the middle. I'm just trying. He's like right there. I mean, he's he's like a little middle back metal back in right right down the middle. Right, So it's not a back. He's right back talking. But it's just about Chicago. That's why, Yeah, so many movies that are at the top, and we all know the top guys are right. There's only five of them. The rest of the guys. I kind of just They're right, you know, and in his division Would you put him in seconds? Think about it. See everybody second In that division. Nobody separates they sell. Whether it's Jared Jared golf, So if if I told you were picking teams on, I said to you Right there. Marge is off the board. But he was picked number one. J already took him. You have to take the next quarterback to be your starting quarterback out of that division who you take it. I'm taking care of God. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm taking okay. Can I just go back to a point and going Because we talked about this yesterday, I was gonna make sure reiterated. Bear starting quarterback since the year 2000 when we put up that list that list Oh, my God. Nature Too Risky. Here it is. Nick Foles, ESPN to righties. Daniel Mike Glennon 18 million. My Clinton by the way. Tenor century. I mean, Jay Cutler, I'll take Jacob. Okay. Okay. Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer. Jimmy Clausen, Josh McCown. Jason Campbell. I mean, it's You adjust? McCown and Cade McNown. Something funny about that. Jason Campbell is that that's what I'm saying. Look at the list. It's a longer list. Kordell Stewart started. That's almost a quarter I came to count. How many quarterbacks is that greasy was? No, I know Brian Greasy. Was there, obviously for 56789? Is that not any true I can't say That's a lot of cubes. Exactly. 46 18 that's like almost since 2001.3 quarterbacks per year, Barkley Look at the names on this Christian Lor here. Chris China, Jim Miller. Yeah, them didn't do it all the way before, right? Played against all them dudes like there's definitely a rap lyric there just with crabs with Josh McNeal, Josh McCown in case that that that's a literally one, dude, I mean, all those dudes. Played. They're different ages and stages of the careers, but it's only really one Dude on that list tonight. Rock wit that would be J color the rest of the day. So any dog is just supposed to be the guy right lately. He's the guy QB one right? That's what they say. Let's bring this back from yesterday only because Jay and I just want to see Keyshawn. Just detonate right? And I want people at home to feel what keep here It is to like if you could you on radio. You can't see it. But when you listen to the voice in the explanation I want you to try to picture with Keyshawn is trying to say what he says. That guy is deciding your fate, and I'll be Ryan Pacer. Gee, I'm talking about what the Bears could do it 20, even though they already have two veteran quarterbacks. If we did you have to quarterback I do think it's it's a good room. For sure. I mean, those guys are both have a lot of experience. A lot of different experiences to which I think is good. I think the coaching staff that we have there that position is strong as well. We talked about it earlier with Matt and with laser would slip. It's a It's a strong coaching staff around that position and Get a lot of veteran leadership in that room, too. So it answer the question. Do you think it's that would be a good room for a young player to enter? But again? We're just gonna take the best players throughout this grab c. I can't do it. No, I can't do it. Let it out. I just I can't do it just because you want the letter Rain. It's true. You can't let her rip. No, I'm just saying they Employed him. To be in charge of what they're going to do in the draft. That really bothers you. Well, they have to veterans, and it's a good move for young quarterback. Great Glen in $18 million to be a backup because you eventually drafted moved up to get Mr Biscuit. I just Yeah, That was good, right? Yeah. That was before John Stafford versus something else. Yeah. John Kennedy say ESPN Internet. 79 377 cents. What's gonna David in Wisconsin on the Bears, David. Hey, What's up, guys? Um Yeah, whatever they do with quarterback in the draft because they're going to draft one at some point. I really just hope it's not Mack channels. As long as it's not him. Trade up. I'm fine. Why you don't like Mack Jones Man flavor to my white on Alabama's Mike Jones. Because nowadays You're a pocket passer, young quarterbacks. They don't work. Like all all the pure pocket passing quarterbacks. They're all in their thirties. Really like what goes around comes around. The trends always seem to come back, and I think that I think it's the Bears did that Chicago is gonna start in Chicago. It's sort of like, you know, it's the mullet. You keep it long enough. Eventually, people were wearing moments again. I'm so tired of this excuse in Chicago from fans and we never had a really good has always been our defense. That we win champions. Well, there's a there's a new age. Well, no, that's that's somewhat. I know, but they got you pretty good here. True, Okay. All right, so it's like, well You could make always had a great running game doesn't mean that things can't change for the future doesn't mean that you can't be adaptable and change out was always been and say, Well, things that have always been in relations don't mean it's gonna help new age relationships, like things are different these things, but I think I want you just think about Four minutes O J. When you just go around certain organizations within the letter, it's the weirdest and I don't even know the work that I'm looking for. But you make. Don't do your Duke dictionary and help me. It's a weird thing in organizations and style of play in football. I can point to the Steelers are always gonna be the Steelers. They're gonna run the football to go play defense..

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