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"daniel mcgrady" Discussed on Ante Up Poker Magazine

"The planet. I'm Chris consensus. And I'm Scott walk Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble, how's it going? Turkey day. You know, I always start off this day by rewatching clips of the plane strains and automobiles and that's my favorite one is the rental car. Scene where? The Ferris Bueller secretary. Never saw it. Spoiler alert, please. You've never seen plain streets in that movie? I've seen excerpts of it, you know, like you have you're talking about what you do. Like what you do every Thanksgiving is what I do. You know, what I've seen over my lifetime, I've never actually watched the movie. Comprehend this information. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I saw your little Facebook post about it today, and I thought, yep. I can't really don't know what he's talking about. Trump is me, you're gonna do this, 'cause you come to all this stuff, wait, wait, like making a murderer? Yeah, yeah. That's probably been framed for step in other murders by the time the rest of us have watched. You need to make some time today. I promise you you're going to love it. All right. I'll figure out, you know, I just finished watching the staircase, which is very similar to the making a murderer and another brutal corrupt system that screwed people. But yeah, all right, I'll try to give it a shot. But only three promise to watch. You promise to watch Star Wars. Yeah, okay. The baby owner one I haven't seen that. Yeah, the baby Yoda, The Mandalorian. Watch that one. 'cause I can always subscribe to 18 different streaming services now. Not all get rid of cable things and create idea of folks. Yeah, exactly. 20 times more of her TV now and I have no idea what channel anything's on. Exactly. And you never end up watching TV end up just like looking on your phone because you don't you're too lazy to turn on and try to scroll through the menu to find something alive. I actually watched less TV now because it's so frustrated, Googling, where can I watch a man? Exactly. Exactly. Forget it. I'm just gonna like, you know, read the newspaper. Exactly. All right, let's do poker now. All right, this year's World Series of poker has come to an end and here are our final updates, spinning glazer one event 78 to ten K rats championship for a sports career bracelet. Previously in the series, he had a second third and 9th place finishes. They'll help you made a 6th final table the series, and I can't believe you didn't notice I did. You did it everywhere and I just said screw it. He's doing it to piss me off or he's really stupid. So either way, you know, I don't know, but you're really itchy L button on my laptop is what it is. Constantly putting extra L's where they don't belong. It's like Easter egg hunt for you. Anyway, I feel help me with one out. Actually. One L and Phil, too and help me. You made a 6 final table of the series. Adrian Mateo is one of an 82, the 250 K high roller for his fourth career bracelet in the highest buy in event of the series. Leo Omar gets when event 83 to $1500 closer to become the only woman to win an open event this series. Jeremy Osman is one of N 84 to 50 K PO high roller defeating Phil Helmut one L and NFL. Heads up, helping me set the record for the most final tables in a series with 7 Daniel mcgrady who finished third. Josh aria was 7th, the grand I would go on to finish third in the very next event while aria had a tenth place finish two events later. And Josh Ari is this year's player of the year at 11 cache is two bracelets in two other final tables with 4194.59 points helping me to finish second with 3720.01 points and ten cash is one bracelet. 6 other final tables, while doing your grano, who hasn't won a bracelet since 2013, boy, I would have lost that, but rallied to finish third with 3531.03 points with 18 cashes and three final tables. The World Series of poker started a new series of NFT options, which we don't care about at all. Nope. But if you do, it features famous clips from the series over the years. And finally, well known when Las Vegas tax expert Russ Fox had published his estimates of the tax burden for this year's main event final table. New world champion Cory, elder, a German who lives in Austria, very smartly for tax purposes and two British final table participants won't owe a single penny in taxes based on U.S. tax treaties with those two nations and the fact that neither of those countries not companies. Countries, tax gambling, winnings, the other players who have in the United States Turkey and Argentina will see a good chunk of their winnings going to various governments with high park lives in New Jersey's likely to pay the highest percentage of his winnings. Okay, where to start? The only NFT I'd be interested in is he called me with Jack high. I think that's the one I would get a little bit more for that. Yeah, that's the one I might buy. And maybe the Chris moneymaker, not knowing it's his turn to act and the whole world's looking at him and they all thought that he had a serious decision to make and he's getting ready to fold. Those two, I might consider, you know, put some Cheddar down on, but other than that, yeah, I have no interest in NFTs right now. I tell you Rea. What a remarkable year. I mean, he comes out of nowhere again. Obviously, he's been a player the whole time and all that, but I mean, just to have this massive year. And every time helmets tried to one up, I'm gonna get it back or whatever our AB right there with him finishing right near him or whatever. It was a pretty remarkable year for him. Congratulations, really phenomenal. Yeah, he was definitely a fly in his soup this whole series, right? Thought he was going to catch up and then you follow that over there. Hey, hey, he's had another final table. Well, guess what? Josh Ari just missed the final labels. I don't do much. So yeah, somebody called him an unlikely player of the year. I don't know if that seems like a stretch to me. Obviously, I think some of these other names, people probably would have thought a bit more. But I don't necessarily think it's an unlikely, but one of these great pros gets a good streak and the initial we had three of them. I mean, three of the most fantastic players will oversee finished one two and three and they all had great series. Solidifying our player of the year, you know, professional player going to do well in this World Series stuff. I mean, they really did just rise to the occasion. The other stuff on top of LEGO markets, that's fantastic. You know, a woman winning, it's always always great when that can happen because then it just opens up the field to more women saying, hey, I think I can do this too and getting them out there to play and that's a great thing. Some of these other names I didn't really recognize, but they had multiple bracelets. Again, this week, everybody who want to bracelet seem to have wondered fourth bracelet. It's crazy. And I haven't heard telling you squawking about the player of the year. Here at the end, I'm sure he probably was somewhere. But it's interesting because he talked about when he had his first meltdown over here and it should reward final tables over anything else. So we've got to look at now we kind of know some of the stats, right? So aria made four final tables, he made 7, but aria had two bracelets he only had one, so I don't know. I mean, 11 cashes and ten companies had ten. So, you know, I think between those two, I think we're really splitting hairs now. Would have been interesting if Negro would have cast a couple more times 18 cashes had more than almost as much of those two guys combined. Had he had a couple more cashes and actually been the player of the year and I'm not looking for a appointment to the college football playoff selection committee here by saying it, but I would have a hard time stop eating a player of the year that didn't win a bracelet. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. I mean, still 18 cash is pretty phenomenal. But that's remarkable. Remarkable. I think you meant new granular..

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