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Carolla Classics: Ray and the Ear, Foo Fighters Concert, TiVo Game

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Carolla Classics: Ray and the Ear, Foo Fighters Concert, TiVo Game

"Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one Tommy John Dot COM com slash classics is the only way to support Corolla classics. Hello I'm Chris Geos here too. I'm here and we got an incredible episode for you. We got Some Tivo game to play for you and Adams going to talk about that time. He saw Stevie Nicks Played The foo fighters concert. And we'll get to those in just a moment but first we got to tell you about Tommy John Because because Tommy John doesn't give an f they give three s fabric fit and function. Isn't that right you. It is and I didn't believe is true until I try to myself and I was actually from cutting these clips flips. There's an old Tommy John. Reid animals talking about how life changing the fabric was as if he was right. I couldn't believe it's life. Changing is life changing. I've now washed washed my choice and I followed the instructions perfectly. 'cause I love it so much. And it's like brand new. Every time it comes out of the drier that's right. And as a no way to guarantee comfortable stay put waistbands their luxuriously. Curiously soft feather light. If you don't love your first pair get a full refund with their best pair you'll ever wear or it's free guarantee a double rhyme in that look for or worship in over twelve hundred retail locations around the country like Nordstrom's or but we recommend going online so this is what you do. You want to hurry. Tommy John Dot com slash classics classics for twenty percent. Off Your first order. That's Tommy John Dot com slash classics for twenty percent off. Tommy John Dot com slash classics based on Corolla Classics for January Twenty Fifth. Twenty twenty twenty the show where we highlight the greatest moments of the Adam Corolla show by playing them in clips for you. Yes we give them to you in just a nice little morsels of Great Adam. Cruel show goodness goodness manage Chris. Lacson Monitor the executive that show and with me as always cruel archivist superfan Giovanni as Giovanni yes speaking of bite size. You know. It doesn't sound very delicious but it's actually quite great. I'll eat that Iran tomato. That's why we're GONNA play Ron Tomatoes game right now. This is from twenty. Fourteen eighteen is going to be the fifteenth time. It's ever been played on the cruel show. Yeah picking up where we left off exactly last week. Equal classics feed the Fourteenth Game. Cruel show thirteen thirteen fifteen featuring rick springfield mark. Erica's Majete David Wild Alison Roseman Brian. I the only one dancing. It's not a particularly desolate. AH The fresh real the appeal the old. Aw Aw I can't I love that he gets you. Get Your own on a shadow. I've asked him Chris Brown for five years every time I get him out of trouble. Why don't I get a shout out? Why don't you wrap me something you know? Instead there's that have you seen the song with the rappers who talk about their Jewish lawyers and I said well what about throwing in a token Armenian. It's no fair anyway. Let's play your game all right so in honor of your guest hosting it's all movies about the law. ooh Oh yeah yeah okay so first of all type to kill a mockingbird on this list unfortunately time first up we are going to start with John. grisham movie This one is the nineteen ninety-seven adaptation of the rainmaker. ooh Stars Matt Damon. It's a great movie Jon. voight eight Claire. Danes and the rotten tomatoes scale is from what to what from zero to one hundred percent. The tomato meter measures the percentage. The Joe Positive reviews so you want to guess credit from the regular tomatoes a better reviews rotten tomatoes applied. It doesn't it's counter. I've never said this but every time I look at takes me second to figure out whether the tomato or the like green thing and red is fresh so sixty percent or above fresh yes yeah. We'll like moldy in green. Oh Okay so below sixty it's rotten. Okay so wait can you. Can I have a little hint here. Guidance official team listening to say they really were giving all over the place. Our words it'd be armour's is in the nineties okay. Yes exactly so. His are one hundred percent on the tomatoes tomatoes. It's for Star Wars. I think it's a couple of hundred reviews so it would be seven percent. Think in two hundred. Say what you what you're looking for is to do. The what percentage of critics like okay. God that's that's what you WANNA WANNA do. I WANNA write write it down before we all say it because he gets critics in that the public. That's Oh so that's a that's going to be the lower rating. Okay got it. What's the next time so sad? If I don't and I feel like I might not because of my whole go. So what are we think it is go. Oh except for twenty higher. You're always off like twenty in any direct. Okay I'll start okay. I think that it. It is sixty two based on the fact that I just feel like it might be sixty two. Okay I put six. I had seventy six until you told me it was critics and then I went to sixty fifty seven sixty. Wow we're all in the sixty s all very low eighty two percents just told you twenty percent off. Wow so you exactly eighty two okay. I blew that one. What's the next one next stop Nineteen ninety-two comedy. An excellent exploitation explanation mission of the legal procedures. My cousin vinny all that if that is I use my favorite movie of all time I give that wait wait wait. Yeah and it's not what you think it's what you think critics. Well how many critics like what percentage of the the David Lee Roth comment comment about critics. He says the reason they all like Elvis Costello not him because they look like overs Castelo so based on that I'll give give it less than a hundred. But what do you say Alison say eighty three eighty three ninety two. You've been reading you copying you coming. Offer eighty four percents. I'd may take this up professionally no way that my cousin vinny is only eighty before that just shows out screwed up. The critics are one of the great at utes. Remember to use. But I didn't Wanna where the leather suit which I know you. I love that movie okay. Another one on one thousand nine Hundred Ninety two starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Oh no you can't handle the truth with the critics a love that that's a Gimme. Are we all say ninety. Four Ninety two I said seventy one eighty one percents. How Yeah Rick? I raised sure. No no no but we loved the book gracious by Rick Springfield signed copy of. Yeah would you slamming incredibly tight game winning by one point and you and track at that. Jeez they have they they have a few shows. You Finish School. We must have one percent that makes no sense one of the greatest movies. I would say the ones that don't like predictable. Yeah the big stars you know. Yeah but Jack Nicholson is so great on the witness area that movie. It's unbelievable okay. Next two thousand and one reese witherspoon goes to law. School clue legally blonde. Oh okay legally Blonde Dan. That's a fact critics. Wait wait that right Alison. I feel like they might not hate that one. Okay that I'm gone. Eighty eighty six revolved around a perm. She's a little. Didn't you have the cute little dogs and she went to Harvard. Her Dad was a lawyer. Oh wait a minute. Her Dad was the lawyer in flu was is clueless argues her grade up and her dad's really impressed that she energetic character. Yeah Yes yes well. We've now all right. We all have our scores. I said eighty six. I said eighty seventy one sixty eight percents taking on whatever that means by Rick Springfield Eh. You get another plug book. This is the last movie Ashra third place by the way. HOW FAR OUT AM I? Can I come in third place in fifth place. Your could only by six points. There's there's only separating first and third okay okay nineteen ninety-seven Keanu Reeves Al Pacino Devil's advocate but the critics hate Kiana reeves. But that was a great movie. Wow that's a tough alison. Would you stop talking. Yeah you were sitting in between you guys in somehow. I'm managing them look at both stores. I'm saying seventy eight and I said seventy Sunday because all I could make out with the seven on your page I said sixty sixty six percents guys one that and you said seven seventy eight. I did also just win this contest. Won that round. Oh I came came in second and Rick One came in third. Of course I came in third. But if it's a very close game. Congratulations Rick Springfield. Thank you very much. It's my first time restraint. `Field I get a magnificent vibration here. Sign it to myself. I love your work. Okay let's take a break. We'll come right back and I was Iran tomatoes game back in twenty fourteen. How do we know you played along? And if he didn't play along next time because it's a lot of fun for everybody and there's no way you remember those scores from when we did it so all right. Let's go with another clip of I. I WANNA remind everybody next month February twenty seventh Adams going Cleveland. Doing Adam paroles unprepared and also be in Indianapolis Hapless February Twenty Eighth and twenty ninth at the helium. So Cleveland hilarity and then helium next month to make sure to come out to that and also just announced. Saint Louis Adams coming to your town to check out that arch. Yeah I know it's up April tenth and April eleventh so make sure to come visit Adam at add helium in Saint Louis Missouri. All right this next clip is a listener requests. I'll tell you how to submit that in a moment but I want to read this. This tweeted to us us. Hey Big cruella classics fan would love to hear some totally topical Tivo Trivia on the show sometime soon with a highly underrated game hashtag Kurla classics. And that is from Mr Curtains and I agree. It is a highly underrated game. Yeah that's right Adam Corolla show twenty to eleven featuring Alan Hughes Tina Grand. Brian Bishop December twenty seventeen at the final totally topical Trivia. Game of two thousand seventeen. And there's a funny mypillow commercial riff included as well. Thanks Mister curtains all right. Let's see Alan Hughes is here excited to talk to him Find that commercial. Gary Wally for see Thor Thorpe. I can't I WANNA say Thorpe. But maybe it's Thorp School truckin when that guy talked first off we're living in a world where no one does their own commercials roles really anymore goes miss the local. Do Your own spot. You have no business doing the commercial there. There was a guy that Jewish guy on the planet worked for his his his His company was Zachary. All Zachary all was men's clothing place. There is Lee of Lee Lease Barstools and die nets die net sets. I remember as a kid going who die net. I don't think I can have won rockefellers. WHO has a bar and get their house? I had a friend a partial store on there. What happened early? Excel but cal Worthington to me is the ultimate now. He's the gold but the gold standard have left for people who shouldn't be doing commercials. Like the Larry. Eight Parker brothers. The lawyer pillow guy my pillow guys got a full-size crosswind premise neck. To see where he's is coming from seeing the last the last commercial the one. That's airing right now. People's my mom in his medicine cabinet in their medicine cabinet. So yeah you're the my pillow guy. At the the end of the commercial the man in the commercial is wearing the my pillow guys shirt and he's got to cross the my pillow Lagarde converted. Somebody through the pill to my pillow. Guy Has way too much Grecian formula going on and way too shiny across hanging hanging from his neck familiar when you and you've seen him I don't think he re probably only find him on Fox. I don't think I've seen him minds. MSNBC OR CNN. I don't think he pops up there. I think the giant cross is a giveaway. That he's a little more Tucker Carlson Carlson and a little less Rachel maddow yeah. That's that's because I toggle back and forth all the time and I only see him on the Fox channel and I only hear him on like conservative. Am stuff and never on KCRW or whatever progressive FM talk or whatever Huffington Post talker NPR. Whatever it is so long as we're talking middle aged pitchman? Why does the tra- vago guy so intense hotel room? Where's he from? I don't think he's from farmland. I don't know all right so we'll look for wally. Thorp school at trucking and Eh Pillow Guy. Wait the my pillow Guy Dawson. Are you saying he opened the medicine cabinet saying that this couple who wasn't sleeping very well. They open their own medicine cabinet and inside the medicine cabinet. Is the my pillow guy. Oh well then that's a rip off of the old deodorant commercial. I shall the high guy remember that. One Dawson Gano a proud. Are you talking about. There was an actor. The he was in many many shows in the seventies sixties and seventies He was in most famously in Sydney. Mardi cross far far out space nuts and other pile of crap that they unleashed upon society and when it was a famous deodorant commercial where you'd open the medicine cabinet and he was on the other side of it and he'd go. Hi Guy which would send disconcerted everyone who was on experiencing that that would have night terrors for the rest of their life superstar. Open the medicine cabinet instead of getting up to go back going outside flagging lagging down the Garner. Amelia come in come in. I'll give you ten dollars to open mind. I'm no I'm standing here. I'm going to be outside the doorway shaking. GotTa find the High Guy that was You'll look at this run but you gotta find. It was Yoder in commercial. Yeah Dawson's the high end is the guy. Oh God it's name was right guard yes. Do you ever seen the my pillow guy. Let's see if we don't we don't have a problem with a copyright infringement. Here could be a situation. We're having hair opens. You're not sleeping well. How'd you know making a great form? I felt spray. And I'm here to help you get the size cross. helix the cat and always in their living room bedroom. And it's got the cross cross outside of the collar sexual circle down pillow. What's wrong? I don't trust memory foam. It's a lot of stuff that goes on in my head that I don't want repeat where your comfort level would have never seen this kind of that feels better. Well you've missed out say is opening up like how's this giant cross around us really crass about this guy that way. That's sort of that. Cross has been cold out draped over the Old Lady's time those guys about to get converted will hold its shape shape all night long regardless of your sleep position for the best sleep your life. It feels great to wake up in the morning and feel well. Rested is shocking into me on that life. I make all my pillow's in my home state of Minnesota back then with my sixty day money back guarantee it has a ten year warranty machine washable and dries. There's a lot of things shorten things one of the most important things to your sleep. Call go to mypillow Dot Com now and Mike will wait until we see the convert couple given a lot of free press for the pillow premiums for one low price. You're sleeping better much better. Crossing the blue part of the colts. Yeah that was very three disconcerting. Yeah Hi guy now. I say he's ripped off the right guard guy or is it the band or whatever those the right guard guy from the seventies ooh walks up the guy just right guard my Reich on all heard this formula helps keep you dry and Onofri all say the my pillow guy. I Os company a little. Something something for ripping off pretty. What is An idea that came forty years before his direct. This guy's is exasperated. The my pillow guy was delighted. High Guy Hug guy. Yes now you'd never you never open the medicine cabinet again. You probably have to move. And in just burn. Burn the house down and move honey insurances and ordered good torching this house get out. I'm GonNa Soak my pillow kerosene. We don't fall asleep on smoking my pillow. I mean my pillow pillows I tell them that's right all right Let's see quick call in then. We'll bring the Alan Hughes and Let's see Robert Fifty three everybody Pre thanksgiving greetings to Jeanine Canadian friend. Aaron the Bay area. Oh hello there hi guy I have a question for all three of you know. There's it seems like every day it was a new sex abuse scandal it's almost like a su-nam e it started in the entertainment industry it's spread to the journalism industry spread to my industry the tech industry and Adam Adam you walked and talked about Ellen does not treat her employees very well. I think you've even said a lot of them are scared while there's no perhaps sex-abuse going on these people are not treated. You did well and I'm just wondering if you three things whether or not this wave is going to start pulling down people like Ellen Degeneres for just you know rampant abuse of people but not in a sexual way I feel like yes. Bali is the next exa like he was a bully. If you're female on your lesbian it helps get you off the bully pulpit. Sort of speak that that that you know we don't have such the target on your back. You're on the good side of the stuff. I just experienced fear when I've done ellen in her employees which I which you experience when you do letterman you experience fear versus doing Kimmel. No one's scared everyone's in a good mood over there so I experienced fear which means they're scared of the boss man the boss lady and yeah. I'm guessing there's GONNA be some of this bully trickle down stuff. It's now you know with like John. lasseter it's wide open. I don't uneven hugging too long and doing things like that. I couldn't even get a good read on what he was doing scandal. What was I'm working on a pixar thing right now? I don't want him to go home for six months and just too hot laps Choo train around his property and also when when you live in a stately manor go being forced to sit at home while you're getting full frightened pay huge punishment and sit around on your train all day. A not. Not that bad you know house arrest when you grow up in. My house is a big deal but house arrest. When you're living in Michael Jordan's house no big up up? As a matter of fact I prefer. Yeah but also you know lassiter's just getting video files and making notes all day. It's not like he's sitting on his hands over there. He's probably just making notes on scripts they're sending them files anymore. Done may be knocking on his door. Day Yes but there could definitely be a trickle down in O.. Sort of bully effect and there could definitely be some of the priority is a little bit. It's it's popping up in the tech industry a lot to Robert. I mean the sexual stuff Absolutely you know I think in my business you have you know. Most most people who the star tech companies are males maybe in their teenage years. They're uncomfortable talking to girls and then they discover their good with this thing called the computer. Someone gives them a lot of money and you know they're thirty or forty years old and the power goes to their. Yeah and then it's also it's a weird it's also weird thing for guys. which is your in in charge? And you're doing the hiring and you're surrounded. We used to have this at the man show. It's like you're Septimus is hot. And she's like twenty four as edgy. Probably would go out with you just because she's hot. She's single young. Just twenty four or your. I've had plenty of good looking assistance. Current yeah currently there's seven US know Naomi. Scott Adam Scott's wife was my sister she's hot and she's twenty five and hot and my assistant like I can't do anything it doesn't mean you don't want to think about it you just can't can't come back anytime Adam. Yeah Yeah Sad. She's number twelve on the list. All right so Alan Hughes is out there. We I want to talk about the defiant ones and more by the way Let's play quick round of Totally topical tvos Trivia and then we'll break and we'll bring Alan Alan right on in. Let's play totally topical Trivia Time Today Sensitive Study of a high school senior banking on a football scholarship to escape from a grim Ike. Mike and Pete Pete Sorry Peter or Mike all the right from nineteen eighty-three it is all the ride moon sensitive. Yeah that that gets you off on a weird path which is a sensitive. Has Nothing to do with this movie but yes the threw me off. I was like Yes to unemployed salesman. Land Internships Ryan's Pete. Brian the Inter. nope the intrusion the internship the head of a repressed romance writer is forced into a real life a danger Gina. Well it's one of two is it. Is it romancing the stone from nineteen stone. Forgot the other one of the fun a rape victim. Piece the accuse from nine hundred. The accused was fired. Last no was it was the type IV ruled out all Disney Pixar films narrowed it down to I saw. Wow this movie too young. This really really messed me up very disturbing. I didn't mind right but I used to love pinball and the imagine what it did to you yeah so ruined it for believe me. We both were negatively affected by this move and it could no longer enjoy pinball tilted you tilted my world high guy all right synthetic drugs pete tango and cash give him superhuman powers. Brian this is Lucy from two thousand fourteen. Had No idea what this really was a thousand than commercials for it never knew what it was. It's it's not that old Stupid cliche like we only use seven percent of our brains. She's fifty percent aging and like move walls and Sally Cooper movie. Good movie limitless. Don't you think if you use more your brain you just be more miserable. Yeah more frustrated with social more coffee. mugs thus splash of coffee and it's sitting on counter showing what the Hell's going on. Why aren't people using more of their brain but homer Simpson got crown removed from his brain? He was miserable and say what about back. Yeah all right. What is it two one close game to affable real-life outlaws Bryan Bryan casting the Sundance kid from one thousand nine hundred? Yeah that's good. It's good movie and we should have got that but there's a lot affable I think they're a con artist gets a shot at redemption when his mentor asks him to protect a super powered suit in this High Ryan. Pete Damn suit. I want to say the mask but it's not that Sarma you know what it is. It's ant man from two thousand. I I never saw this rudd. Like he's con man and Hustler or whatever and then Alabama's good thought it's not a former former policeman. Tangles with post apocalyptic mogul of capitalism. This is Brian. This is a book rely and and becomes the reluctant hero to a gang of feral kids but he Also more mustard a duel to the death challenge Gina. Mad Max beyond armed beyond what yes back beyond. Yeah Gary note on your aunt man end of the world which is because there's almost a hundred percent chance that mean Jean. I have no idea. I've never seen that movie. I have no idea what it is will never be able to guess ant man you sumer movies breath pass that on. Because I've never seen that movie no idea I don't remember I don't remember in heavy rotation on NFL right now. Yeah but I don't. We don't watch though but a million dollars not our money. Five children from around the world when Bryant could be one of the one movie. It was a remake the original really walk and the chocolate factory from nineteen. Seventy one to all right. What's Brian got? Four five. Let's it then. And now we have five movies left sweet back in in this farcical sequel and Accomplished Mall Security Pete out how to use Pall Mall Cop two zero enjoyed. This is a fill the graduates to hold on a second. Gary the I will amend this. which is if you say a mall security copper? What are you don't have to see it to know that existed and man? I don't know I won't know what it is. That's my stuff. I now a graduate student is thrust into a violent encounter with a Nazi war criminal APPs student Oh that was an anita. It was the worst. It was the worst it was time. You're both wrong. In New York City effort cash of missing gems. The former Nazi dentist tries to wrath marathon man Brian. Well we just won't pupil for Marathon. Man That's the point. We're not gonNA count that one Brian. Because I want you lose day for you. A war vet now working as a watermelon farmer. Mister Majestic talking about veteran. But there's only one job or a guy worked as a watermelon by. That's the kind of stuff I want to double down on you. Don't Bryan the lead by one. Five to threw only four do fanatical. US General Launch Heat. Law Brian this is the rock launches a nuclear attack. Oh wait I yelled Pete I guess Oh this is all right all right. I'd hold on a second. It's the one he's Ryan the bomb and he's waving ahead. It's not gonNA be the second my second guess which is Stanley? Kubrick's AH clockwork. Orange thing that Gina go ahead Dr Strangelove Dr Strangelove from nineteen sixty four Dr Strangelove from you guys all right computer operator accidentally interfaces with the British espionage agent Pete. Oh it's is it. What what's your name as the didn't get this one? This is this is it a comedy. Thinks I'm so out of a spy spy but it was not quite that our last movie but there's not more not more a computer operator accidentally interfaces with the British espionage agent. The movie is a a wild guess. Wargames that's what I was GONNA guess. Okay it's jumping Jack. Flash from ninety nine. Enjoy this movie as a six year Whoopi Goldberg. Everybody had no idea. That's what it was about looking interacting with all right the manager of struggling Eh Minor League Pete Bull Durham Gino. Major League Hyandi. Ant further win from ninety seven it is yeah. The too many minor league struggling every minor league is struggling. They enjoy that. How more totally topical tvos Trivia Time? Tomorrow all right. We'll bring in Alan in in a second threat. Genie up your gay man. You're picking it up Brian is pretty incredible at this game. And I think I'm the better than average right now. tvos came for twenty seventeen. Thank you Mr for submitting that if you want to submit a clip just like heated. You can do it by tweeting us at Giovanni Giorgio at Chris Locks a monitor. You can also find on Instagram facebook. You can email US classics classics Adam. Corolla Dot Com and let us know what you want to hear. We'll find it and we'll play it right here on this. Show this next clip. Oh man this was pretty legendary. So years ago Adam went and saw the foo fighters live and an incredible ban atom. Loves them but they brought in they Lebron's surprise. Guest ruin the shell. Yeah there was actually a a legend about who the surprise guests might be doing this multiple nights and psycho. You might get Paul. All McCartney remake it this guy you know this video showed up or somebody cool. It's like the Stevie Nicks and got stevie Nicks and so they mock the performance like over the lyrics in the song they chose and just how bad it was for Adams the least Interesting surprise guest. They could have possibly had adam cruel show sixteen sixty five between Rob Cohen Phil Rosenfeld. David Wild they call in before. They're calling Gina Grad and. Brian Bishop is from September of two thousand fifteen. It cuts off right before Adams about to tell the infamous Dave Grohl story which I'll tell a better version of quicker when we come back So I went to the FOO fighters last night. Yeah it's a my wife said. Oh she didn't go now. She was supposed to video video so I thought she might have gone to know. I brought Kevin Hinch comment was did you finally get fed up with Annette and give her the goon hand and I said Because he has the bruise on air she went to the dentist. She had a bone graph above a Blah and look look somewhere between a botched plastic surgery and a botched attempt on her life through a disgruntled ex boyfriend. Oy Friend so certainly not a current husband better to stay home and especially not with me so I took a buddy Kevin hench good guy I worked hard. Need a little break love music. It's great it's good to go to a show with someone dixit and also He's the guy wrote wrote the hammer with and wrote rode hard with and just we don't if one of those we don't get enough time together bro out enough. Yeah so we're able to bro out and and that the forum and I forgot that Dave Grohl broke his ankle and was in a walking boot but not walking but still phil rocking in. That boot built a giant thrown Just went crazy on the guitar from atop the throne own which was adorned with spinning lights and pyrotechnics and stuff and and would go out to the end of the catwalk into the middle of the form floor. And then in the pneumatics pneumatics come back again and then go back out again and it was. It was sort of fun. Yeah it was fun to watch. A Guy just Turley. Guess just rock out on top of a recliner rocks central. Yeah it's rocking and see the position that's like the litmus test for how well you rock the idol gotten that horrible motorcycle whenever it was one thousand nine or something. He went on tour like two months later on a cane and like full on. You know he's building is peak. Billy idol well. This is very very as you watched the show and Enjoy Foo fighters and Pat Smear that guitar player. Pats guy the played with Nevada if you ever watch Nirvana MTV unplugged. See The guy who doesn't look like one or the other plane like the red white and Blue uh-huh Cousteau Qatar that's that's pat with germs and patches. One of these guys. He's just a he's a good guy turns out he and his wife live fairly close to where we live and He's just WANNA. He spends a lot of time on the road and a lot of time on the Rhode Equals reading books of mine and watching movies and things like that so I just get these random emails. You know I've talked to him in two years but like I'm in Australia I've just got done watching. Rode hard loved it. You know Blah Blah Blah. And then you know I do the haven when you back in town you know so invited to a concert. He reached out Yeah we went well beyond the guest. Let's get together. Yeah that's how it works and I'll write another the book so we went out and we went over to his house brought them angry and the wives and the kids and had a nice afternoon. Catching a buzz and enjoying doing enjoying the family and the wives joined the wives. She got a real nice wife and and all that so he invited me and gave me the you know. VIP passes asses and all that kind of parking and all that kind of stuff so it was really nice footnote. The the forms have been like redone. Right isn't like a state of disrepair for many years it hard times. Yes and the Great Western Forum Supply The home that Jack Kent Cooke Belton or I think chick hearn's would say back. Yeah Yeah I think he owned the Lakers four anyway. I don't Jack Kent Cooke John Jack Jack Kente Cook Yeah so Went to the concert. Had that thing that happens at every concert walked in through the sort of form club at the bottom Ryan a bunch of radio folks. I haven't seen a millionaires. had a beer rand no actually the handful of ones I like Kevin Kevin and bean and on now I had this moment. You guys tell me where where you are with this moment it's La it's the foo fighters you know there's GonNa be some special guests coming up on stage. So Kevin of Kevin Bean said. Do you WANNA know who's coming out and at my first impulse is Oh yeah for sure. Tell me and then I thought why why. Why why do I want this? Why do I I? It's like in certain point. Everyone wants to open their presents on Christmas Eve. But you know what's better treating yourself sleep. Wake up go over there in term open in the morning and your little jammies and enjoy it. I wouldn't want to know unless you only the way I would is if it was someone. I wouldn't exactly who it was like. Oh this guy's a really talented Blah Blah from from Europe like. Tell me so I know it's kind of expect but otherwise. I WANNA be surprised prized. Oh yeah you own the redskins. I forgot about that. You know in the kings and the Redskins Kevin Kevin and bean can cook of course check Yes okay yeah. But I knew that wasn't going to happen because no one would say. Do you want to know who it is it is. It can't be the guy I placed from. Bangladesh shoe has nine names. You've never heard of because that doesn't so obviously it's somebody I knew. He sitting on top of a name. And he's dying to tell you that's going that'd be household name me and I did what I've learned to do now and I think fifteen years ago when when fucking tell me but now I just WanNa know I wanna I wanNA know I wanNA enjoy. I want to just experience it and and also it's kind of fun sitting there going one wins this person coming down Jack. Black came out so mm-hmm yeah you should have a song don't play yet but We should have a song. That's cute up Jack Black came. Amount Sung Half a Tom Sawyer and that was fun he's running down the stage and sort of mocking. Dave Grohl who's doing everything with a boot on the big like walking. Yeah and and he was just rocking out now before I tell you this was I the thing I love most about Dave and ran into his mom backstage a little bit uncomfortable. I'll tell you the story there It's the work ethic it. You don't really realize it. I mean what's the difference between him and everybody else and yeah and up and you go. Well he's a real talented musician. Yeah there's lots of real talented musicians and and he's a good songwriter. Good Song Writers and Bubba Bubba. But you know when you listen didn't fighters it's good solid rock and roll songs but knowing you're sitting there mind blown like what no this guy is. Lennon McCartney McCartney knows it's calories part yeah he never stops rocking and he in front of Fifteen thousand people unlike a number of occasions like you could tell he wasn't going to leave until everyone left satisfied. That's the thing that's all. He has his is reputation is all he has. I mean I've seen him on a million award shows. I've seen in a million different venues and I saw him last night. He's not gonNA take his foot off if the accelerator he. Here's Dave Girls. Greatest fear lament and Phobia it's two people bolt walking back to their car in the parking lot and so and go. What did you think that's pretty good? I mean he was Kinda hobbled so maybe it wasn't really only that into it. Or maybe Johnson pain matter. I mean obviously. He's not young anymore is probably get near fifty and Dave Grohl. I mean good show but if you're provider fan but now he will not. He cannot go back to his home and see a tweet. That went six and a half in better mediocre. Can't do it can't do it so he's just going to fucking go and that's all he does. That's all he did so great show. No and then. I'm sitting there waiting for the guests right and I got into Jack. Black Jack by came out early did half a song okay. We're ran off a little sprite off the stage appetizer. The first thing they said Jack Black my mind her Jack White. That's pretty good. That's that's a pretty good game. Yeah blacks ing Tom Sawyer so I am me too so I am sitting there going well half a song now. That's not we're talking. I'm waiting for somebody to come out and I've seen seen all the other on TV. The other concerts in the news and stuff Taylor swift and all the whatever so yeah right down the name. I didn't know all right so I'm sitting there and I'm thinking. Oh we're this. La I mean we could have anybody and Ryan Wilson out here but I'm thinking you know is ah Tom. Petty's Tom. Petty GonNA come out here. Brian Wilson will be a huge get. Dave Grohl Dave Grohl and you play in the forum and when Dave Girls Save when it comes sit sit in a restaurant draft do it and then I'm thinking Oh maybe somebody more interesting like Ben Folds or Robert Cray or something of that nature. Come tear it up and they're gonNA go together on a bad finger song or something that fucking love from the seventies or whatever it is I out onto the stage comes the himes who were came. Ha Yeah the hands. The highest chicks these checks three a nineteen year old checks who works for this generation. Look if view right now to palm springs super high and they're on the radio there Other than that specific scenario though. That's all I ever heard of it all right so here comes the Hames James Times. I've been I've sitting next to Kevin hench and I said WHO and he said they spell it h. e. i. n. whatever and I'm like are himes or their sisters or whatever it is and and he said how do you know and said they open for Taylor swift and he had to take his daughter there. Whatever so okay so far? We're kind of four in the you special guests department again. If you're into Taylor swift you know who they are but for me you don't and then comes Stevie v necks. What was it Stevie Nicks from nine hundred? Seventy two two thousand twenty three doc to pock style. What she did a weird thing the other guy you should feel feel sorry for? Is the Lead Guitar Player for the FOO fighters whose name is escape. Taylor Taylor's the drummer guy. He Awesome Singer and Pat Smear stands on one side. Chris Shifted Chris. Shift to the right and patch me or censor left. She came out wearing sunglasses and a certain point after she was done helping out on one song. Sort of took the sunglasses off and sorta like got. Hey what do I do with the fanny pack or pockets or anything. It's just turn around and handed it to the lead guitar player. Take any Rhody. Yeah later on the. When she left the stage he handed the cordless mic to the same guy? Like Hey Guitar Tech Guy or something. I don't know he's playing guitar in the band standing onstage. He been on the on the cover. The album full two hours playing at that point but he's become the assist in fact Rhody. Yes stevie nicks personal assistant to wear my sunglasses. Take this micro about it was such a great. Hey boy put their sewn. Yes I said I I said the hand she has to fuck and complete the TRIFECTA when at the end of the show she hands him the valet tickets swatting going next. I probably out of the entire fifteen thousand people in the form. They're probably two people that side himself. That no I was just staring if she just turned around and went to take this and then and then when she was done with the songs I got buddy they just put her sunglasses on the stack of aunts. And I don't know what he did with the MIC sir. I'm sure I know what he wanted to do it. Yeah what violate her. But the power move or is just like a dementia move. She gets up there and she sounds okay but she's not moving around too good and it's a little bit sad and not on seventy. She got started early and often but she could be getting close and you know they did a fair bit of drugs back in the day okay and she was having trouble when she I'm famous room. She was doing the video with Tom. Petty Stop Dragonheart around. She didn't remember she record the lyrics take four months earlier. She had no idea with lyrics mumbled our way through this suede. Whatever I wondering because at this point could she does she have the wherewithal the memorize a foo fighter? Sanger chasing one of her song we will get to that. We'll get to that the second Danielle the baby hold on Brian. Play a little intro maker. Omar tag him. We all capture them on twitter. Hey Daniel Gary Love I love Phil and David Gimme another ten minutes. Seems they can hold it for ten Harry Carey Danielle. Now you send us pictures you're at a FOO fighters concert and Georgia core in Washington in Gore. Sorry at the Gorge in George Wash Harasser George Washington. It's great to fuck over yourself Snuck them ingrained a water bottle but we had add to. There's a gate before you get from the campground to the front where they pay all your bottles and cans impossible for two and a half hour period did I. I love it and a anybody Christine mcvie come out there. They didn't bring anybody out. He played for three plus hours. Brought everybody out and it was. It was in the the throne he was. He sat in the whole time. And the but but may I can rock from the sitting position. Yes best show. I've ever seen at Gordon. There's been a lot we should do. They should do a rock concert. Film called Taking a shit with Dave Grohl and he sits on a toilet rocking the rocking the throne taper off. He's fucking never seen Iraq part So no no cameos because you're in Washington but Three hours and just a great show right. It was perfect. Yeah no special guests her breaks or anything. Yeah Gary Clark. Junior opened wrong. It was really awesome. Yeah he's the kind of guy would have liked to see Steph bows eloquence. This you mentioned or did he open for them. No I said Robert Cray his older his uncle yes day and I don't know if they did it with you guys either did at either show. Did they do the under pressure with Taylor Taylor singing. Yup they did under pressure Taylor. Santana was great about them backstage for a little while. Very nice guy very very hard. A lot of calories burning Taylor. I decided as a drummer that is the number one job or you can wear whatever you want like you can. There's a lot of anything anything. Yeah I mean you could go up there and a diaper fairfield if you want it but I mean there's a lot of jobs is Tommy Leans just go yet is a lifeguard. You go all right. Well he just all right but ask to work Bronx or whatever it is or he works at a gas us to wear jeans and a shirt. Drummer is job where you can. You can put a suit and tie on if you're trying to around hermits or you can literally just wear nothing or cutoffs. Are One flip flop. It is really the the one job or nothing. I'm will ever be said or even commented upon good or bad or anything and you should wear whatever you want your immune your Yeah Taylor was great. That was phone. Talk to him and pat his wife backstage for awhile and Sweet Super Sweet Guy. One of the band's really Nice when he's up there waylon on those drums and I mean this in the nicest possible way. He is animal from the muppets. Yeah so visceral. And we're having. Ah Talk backstage but anyway Danielle has an angry treating you. I love it good answer baby I right which you guys can do is that can hashtag. It Ingraham moment name. Len Adult find it and see it and get back to you and and all that good stuff. Thanks Baby I. You love that man narrate or the Japan gets up there and that's fine but does not neither here nor there for for me me. Because I don't know who they are and then stevie takes the stage handing her purse sunglasses candies and everything wildly Qatar player fighters and they do stop dragging my heart around and they do a nice job of it. And it's really. It's hard to fail up there because you have such a Great Wall of rock going on you have a guitar player. There's a guy on the keyboards Dave's doing doing dave and Taylor Taylor and pats doing pad and You don't have to be as in tune sooner as anything. It's just a moment. There's a musical net there right and I. I like that song. I don't love that song. It's not as good song. It's a little not like a little looking for a little more up tempo. And that's that's one song and then we slide into the other song which was the only song stevie basically just did solo and I was in my car. Think about how much I hate this song the other day and never really articulated it. How much like? There's a would ban as fleetwood MAC's goods fan with a handful of songs. I ate some reason those get the spotlight on quite a bit by at this. This is one of those I N Son says with your silver spoon. I can't I hate silver spoon. Anything for songs. But I just I thinking how much which I hate this song. Because let's explain Kevin Hanson really assault. It's just sort of thing. There's not I couldn't even if you gave me a Steno pad and a thousand golf pencils I could come up with this song like when they said when I was Sir Robert Craze coming out or this coming out mode expectations were surging. This song would have been. Oh now do you will find a way. Why would you do that? To a life worth a crescendo. Two hours and ten minutes into a two and a half hour. We're we're at the end. This is it this is this is the big and you have to. She requested this. They didn't ask to sing this song. I would have rather heard row. You're you're bout in the round now. The great news Dave GROHL is Steve. Bacon of rock and roll. Roll fucking rap tastes delicious make chicken liver tastes like fuck in beef tenderloin of some Bacon. Yeah there's nothing. He can't eat trap a little. Dave Grohl Yeah. I don't think the song I heard heard it five percent as often as you I can grow up in the chain like. Oh No it's not. It's not. It's not grating a clawing at annoying I don't you want me baby or some of this. You know one of the Shitty Song. Just Shit Jenner. They saw the Petralli. Taxis push off from the gate idle knowing. I'm not even saying saying this is. This isn't bad if you're smoking weed and you're hanging out with some friends and you guys are having a glass of wine. In your hand but contact Crescendo for blowing the roof off this place. This don't think of a word. This is the crowd the leave to disperse a rowdy crowd. Were telling you this. He's this. Listen listen what the refrain is go. Pick up the beasts. Go Talk Spanning Keys and chapstick believe guitar right now. It's like trying to. I'm trying to keep up here. You know what the equivalent is. I think you know hi. You're always saying Jaman. Worst Bob Marley song ever this is the equivalent gold dust woman is the equivalent jamming. Yeah it just never goes anywhere I take plenty of. I'd rather hear Tusk up there not seeing love Tusk with USC marching on fine. You better start with Max. Dogs Hong Gold Dust Woman. I've just remember hearing I hear I. I have a list of songs. I never stopped complaining about. I never really put it in. My Pantheon of songs said never stopped complaining about and I thought made a mental note like got to put that in there and bad debts in my fate was sealed. I think right there so the show was great. Sounds like a special guest that you didn't know because you still got to live with all that anticipation as supposed true. What about Paul Houser? Never thought gold dust woman in a million years out there. You could have been hoping for the chain a million fleetwood MAC songs that would have been. I love getting a rock version of Gypsy. I really well anyway let's see I went back. Stage saw big CELEB- I hadn't seen in a while I'll tell you about that first. naturebox hundred delectable snacks choose from delivered right to your doorstep change. Hey snack forever. No getting bored new choices every month month. Pistachio power clusters blueberry almonds. Love those we ate them all they they dropped off here and we devour all of them ingredients. You can trust full flavor without any of the junk and they got the smart snack guarantee. There's anything you don't love replace it and just get the next box. 'CAUSE THEY WANNA make you happy over there. Anyway it get your first naturebox and in get it for free naturebox dot com forward slash Adams naturebox DOT com. Get the first pox tasty handpicked. Snacks sent direct your doorstep naturebox dot com forward slash. Oh all right so went backstage Pat Pat and said Hi pat and Taylor. Dave was probably rehydrating with the Ivy Foot in a sling or something. Because I was I was saying this Dr drew earlier some today but I said the number one thing doctors tell you which is always fucking horrible. All is no matter how you injure yourself. They go well no more of that for six months or whatever it is or knock it off you tell you could be professional snowboarder. And they just go. Oh well no more snowboarding. And you're like yeah that's great except for I have to profession. I have to do it. so dave hurt himself rocking out out and the doctor said well. No more rock and for you for a while and the guy probably had presold tens of thousands of tickets and can't can't be exaggerating tens of thousands of tickets many families on. We're counting on that tour. Oh knocked off and taking care of meals like the roadies and the tax and everybody else. It's is an industry and now he cannot take seven weeks convalesce he can but nobody else can. So he got thrown made with the weird kicker for the leg and he went and rocked out that he was rehydrating. I was talking to a pat in Taylor and all that stuff was funny. Funny I was always nice. It's funny when you see a guy. I took a couple of pictures of the concert. Gary which you may have a throw up there. They're not fantastic. Just shots from where we're sitting at just sort of you could see dave out there saying Rain and I'm thinking about you up there you mar and he said if you're coming or not I wanted to know where you were like. Oh it's the I didn't see it before. That's why I didn't want to come in before and bug you thought we'd see after well. I was thinking about yeah. That's Nice I've done. A million shows right went like stepsister and the kids get in this winter. We I guess you'd think about things every once in Own Pat was doing that. And I talking to Taylor and it was all very nice and then I looked across the room and saw young Gal had not seen in a long time and her tall drink. Water for husband and Josh Duhamel Fergal. They're citing. Yeah and and I find that I kept looking and she was looking at me and I was like. Oh she's looking at me for and then I realized we had a little moment at a party. I'm sorry what movie years ago Furby used to being. A band Bamako Wild ORCAS. They used to come on to love line on. MTV TV Years ago we never consummated anything. Now we I've never never even. We shook hands. But there's five at a party where I've seen Lynette at the time enters a little moment where it remember that we're having a conversation the five piece in landed with that Dumol care. Yeah sloppy seconds model. And yes elation doing voice. I washed my memory but Lynette like God in between at some point when I came back. All that's remember it was it was it. It'd been ah witnessed by another another human. It actually happened. Yeah but Super Sweet Josh. Josh is one of the nicest these irregular or did super regular there with his regular dude friends and had nice conversation and She was real sweet and said Nice. Nice time back there and Yeah when you you the pictures that I can show you as one with the thrown out at the end of the catwalk in the middle of everything and then at at would retract and go back to where the stage and everyone else was is wells. And that's a bad picture thrown there and he said you had audio Jack Black. No I somebody Moss Net did. Oh maybe last now. I'm try to take a picture take. I took a picture of him with mean furger just so I could make my daughter cry fastest backstage but I. I really don't want to be one of the people that's holding the camera camera over my head for the show. I usually just shut my phone and put it away. I do realize that there's a certain responsibility for you. Guys that are listening. which is when I'm trying to explain? Hey there's this thrown and it goes to the end of the thing I just. I'll take a picture of it too so you kind of know a calm. But that's that's specifiers. I'm I'm getting people texting and people filming the higher thing. I hate that. 'cause you're supposed to you're there you're fan of the band or the artists or the whatever the music get lost in the music. Don't worry about Oh I gotta get a good shot here. I gotTa make sure to put the phone away from the phone off. Well not only that but you go to these kids events dance and they're doing the player they're doing this. Skip rope competition or whatever it is you have the moms and DADS holding the tablets in front of their face and they I can see the image of what their kid is doing. If it's Lynette. It's on its side but we can see with the kid is doing on the on the tablet and then you realize the only version of this you've ever experienced is via the screen memory is going to be that tablet who will later on you can watch it on your TV at home. But it's still GONNA be. You're watching on a screen you'll never physically there and then it's like well. We're at Texas stadium. Staring up at the big screen watching the winning touchdown don't especially the concert don't did you want whether it's a concert or your kids recital or there don't they wanNA look out into the small auditorium. If it's the kids reside on Daddy preening rather than daddy holding of lunchbox over his head. You know what I'm saying. I and especially. If it's a big concert you might as well throw your phone in a way because you're going to go home and the audio is not going to be as good. The video is not going to be as good. Take a picture. Remember it and watch the show. Why or why do you even need to be there? Just go Do the pay per view and watched the fucking thing filled with eight cameras professionally on your couch. Your couch all right real quick and we'll get to fill and David Wilder on the phone. All right. We're back that was Adam story seen the FOO fighters. There's another rant about this. That's it's even funnier. Waft include later and the story Adam tells US great. It's the story of accidentally offending Dave's girlfriend. which will play a later date As well he's basically flea collar some floozy after seeing are Daves door and he went on love. Line that night and talked about. Go to Dave's house to talk to him but he was really awaken midday. The promise he forgets that previous previous to that story day was dating one of the members of Ruka salt who actually appeared on Love Line multiple times and Adam Brandon backstage. I was like yeah. Whatever Ladies Bluer off unaware that person he knew and then he went to talk today so he's actually two times in a row and then there's a third encounter as well? There's a funny story. Dave's mom to animal is forgets. The first time he did that with the celebrity girlfriend before the future wife of that story and also these things in two or three times it's flooding the repeat themselves chiefs ironic and cruel. Alright if you like the FOO fighters and you're gonNA love my band. Luxy that's right. We're played at Tantalum and Long Beach Wednesdays next month of February fifth twelve and twenty six from six thirty nine thirty so come out on Wednesday night and watch me play some music I will i. I promise you I will not be bringing Stevie Nicks on stage. Play over long. I will play ever long. Yeah if you come and let me know you're there and you heard it on this show. I will play overlong along with bill. Cheers flied out all right. Also I wanNA remind everybody that Adams Book. I'm your emotional support. Animal navigating navigating our all woke no joke cultures available for preorder on Adam Crow Dot Com Amazon Barnes and noble soul pre order. Now that changed their changing. The laws is about the support animals on planes as the books coming out. I know it's just like when Dr drew up the mere fact the book on Narcissism and that like years long study did were guessing love land of Philip forms warms and Annoy Adam. Right as he put it out the DSM was reclassified some is not a personalities or sort of basically removing it from the things tell thanks a lot jerks. Yeah you couldn't do this like five years later two years earlier check it check. What's on the pipeline before you release that eventually you're going to come out with some great study Dr? We're GONNA show you. It's it's not even an illness anymore. Well I don't know I don't know the Robin favors lobby entire end of emotional support animals but it is heading in the right direction and Adam could be more excited. I'm pretty much emotional. Support Animal Anyway. Flying with him goalposts. I feel like he's also responsible for this one. Yeah see he's. He's doing it to himself if he doesn't even realize it all right this last clip. This is a twitter. Dan from Nathan he writes. I want to hear Adam. He impromptu saying about embarrassing time he had had a sing song melody. Sorry not enough details. I think it was involving rain. His mom maybe he was hilarious. This is in the past four years I think he I think he's typing a stream of consciousness of this memory but well I appreciate. It is helpful As much as it could be this is going to be my stream-of-consciousness and finding the clip for him so this may a b what he wanted to sing scientists Kinda does and maybe somebody else. But this is from two thousand fifteen Brian van Ark. You may know from a famous band. They had a song about freshman. And he came on the show with Jeff Abram ore as many fans called him the Dick Spring Cina Grad and Brian. Bishop it's from October 2015 So this may not be the clip. He wants Amtrak's about snacks. Fifth Avenue in Chris he goes over ray has various assaults on various people and really wanted. If not I will find it and I'll play the future date. I'm still searching. But until then Adam Corolla show sixteen eighty seven they so Speaking a honker. There's there's a couple times it was a couple of things first off Vander Ark. Brian Vander the verve pipe. VERB by play. Couple you'll you'll know a couple of their hits from From a while back but Kevin weatherly the greatest program director on the planet so says everyone because he wins a free porsche every year for programming Karachi. Derek Program Director Kerak Literature. Many artists hold me into his office circa nineteen ninety six and a half nineteen ninety-seven and said I want. I want you to listen to the future of music and he played the BURP. This song was huge. The songs hold the freshman out when I was a freshman in college and Deborah back in the nineties. All these songs met something man they were so we show up. I know now songs don't mean any. This is a four and a half minute. Radio single got a debut radio signal. This is Brian get by now to be fair. Ran a singing about her umbrella. Supposed to mean anything. Sing about something that gets between between you and right Poetic Responsible Hotel. Anyone who's ever lived in Portland understands what I'm going through right now. Take you through you. Ever Take a Chore Niagara Falls Within. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Obviously it's not the same but it's still kinda conversation is up your hair suede shoes to three. Remember this. Oh yeah the same age and what. We have the same memories. I'm sure Chin kicks in and keeps going and like I said very good songs also photograph to which is other song half which all I'm doing is recognizing the song but I can't even think what it sounds like right but let me hear photographs doing here. But it's weird so when when when Kevin weatherly says sit down. Won't you listen to the future of music. It's like God is telling us it and I'll be curious because I know they sold records and made a living but they did not become youtube. And I don't hear freshman popping up that much like Nano commercials and movie trailers or whatever. Get it five years. It'll be a class. All the way weird. Yeah remember that not as much. I think it kicks in. I'll take time because I was new to allies in. La here is very much walking around college campus in Kansas. That's fine you can never tell breaks out through everywhere I went and saw this guy's line line. I want us to dinner and stuff but I haven't seen Brian in a million years. Have dinner before the show. There was a cool bands or something like that. They're in town for somewhere and ten pm showtime all right let's You got that part now so We're here to talk a little present with Jeff a couple of callers but speaking of peanut I talked about Hunker Walker I was. We're GONNA talk. Honcker hunger talk again. You're not doing enough podcast. Hunker now. Conquered means Jeff. We'll we'll tackle How much is too much and things like that but windbreaker breakers coming soon the The numbers the I was watching Jay Leno J. J. Very nice guy to me. I don't where everyone loves. Jay Leno but Jay maybe not CONAN. Jay said to me I got an old car. old Paul Newman race car. And I'm putting the whole thing back together and it's It's interesting it sits on a Jig. You know what Gary if you grab my phone. You'll see some pictures. I took over the weekend. You take the thing down no bigotry. Check Yeah you take the thing down to the tube frame. You put it on this very massive heavy contraption which is totally square totally totally level totally plum. So that you're working. It's like when you do aerospace stuff. You have to work from the table. You can't work from your kitchen table. It may lean a little bit this way or that way it is rock solid and this thing gets bolted down to it. And then you rebuild every single part and you're both back onto the thing. Well there's an old timer named named Darrell. Who does that all day? Let's say they'll take him. He won't leave. He won't live to see the finished product he's working on it and I said listen man I said we gotta do some of the sheet metal. Some of the sheet metal. That's on here is no Bueno. And you'll see it. It's the last USC couple of pictures. I took pictures or my kids or anybody else. Take pictures of cars through Sonny's flag football photos and the last I take pictures. Pictures of either cars are things that Piss me off And there's a bunch of sheet metal and it needs to be redone and some of it can be salvaged and some of it can't and so I said I need to get a bender and a sheer cut and a bunch of stuff that shape and bend sheet metal panels the Dashboard. The A lot of stuff is heat shields and stuff. There's just weird bent metal. That's all over the place. And I said Daryl I'm I'M GONNA I'M GONNA have to get all this stuff and you can. He'd redid another it's Paul Newman's GT1. He won the National Championship that GT1 National Championship in one thousand nine hundred eighty five in this car. You see the movie winning the racing life. Paul Newman you'll you'll see it so it's a skeletal. It's a Herculean task. Then then we can look at a few other pictures. It's a super heavy jig that this thing sits on and you'll see all the sheet metal that then gets mocked up and held back in place literally literally every single piece gets put back in right now put their temporarily but he said I don't need all that equipment and I said There's a good shot of. That's the driver side. That's where the driver's seat would go. And that's all the sheet metal that goes around the transmission and the dashboard. And everything else. He said I don't need a shop. I use Leno shop and I said Oh is that cool and he did it on the last car and I said All right right but what he said well. Jay said to call him to make sure it's cool and a call. Jay and I said is this cool. He said you're your shops my shop. Oh wow sweet. So I threw his ass out of there. Hello and I started doing donuts in Duisburg. That's right Tony. Hit the bricks so I'm watching a show and I'm enjoying his Jay Leno's garage gotTA show on CNBC. It's a car show. It's a car guy doing a car show show and it's a good show and I'm watching it and he's in there doing drag race with the Tim Allen and twenty. I saw the episode. I didn't really take much notice of this thing. I'm always. I am obsessed with human beings and how fucking stupid we are. And I'm especially obsessed with the weird. We we do this what we don't do that. Part of being human as I've always said if you watch survivor you can watch guys with their hands. Tied behind their back. Trying to devour is as much monkey carcass hanging from a rope as humanly possible and then spit into a scale. And whoever with their hands behind their back digs into this bloody carcass arcus and then by the way throwing up in between and then jumps the bloody thing into the scale whoever can chew the most raw flash into but when the fucking model title goes up the cargo net in the obstacle course and a little of her ass. Crack peeks out Thailand out. What are we doing here? Does not passed the LASAGNA test. This is on cable. It's a car. Show these guys are about to Burn up a whole bunch of vulcanized rubber in these Dodge supercharge cars. They're mocking each other. I'll describe what happened. It's Tim Allen in one car Jay Leno and the other and they're kind of going back back and forth their health hats. I got seven hundred eight horsepower. Something and they're going back and forth. They're gonNA have a burnout contest going. Yeah your wife looks looks better than that guy comedian taunting before the race and then Jay Leno does a physical gesture to him not the bird not the finger. But it's tile out out but we'll take a look better buckle up little boy settlers once and for all we pulled out to twenty fifteen dodge challenger. `soft left Pelicans. These cars have three hundred horsepower. More than anything ever produced the muscle era. Please explain what I'm looking at. How fucking dumb we are and what the fuck is going on in two thousand fifteen fifteen and this is on cable and please help me and tell me if it lessens the blow pardon the Pun by tiling out all it does is make me WanNa see see it more or stop it or distract me or draw focus Brian? Describe what you're saying. Here's what I'm trying to figure out. What is the? I'm Tanya Gesture. Yes this is Jimmy Kimmel's Rican necessary censorship full circle because they're making it look as though Jay Leno was making a blowjob motion then there tiling out his his his fish shaking towards his mouth. He is doing a blowjob motion. You can't see his. I don't think you can see the bold. She does with the tongue which I still successfully never pulled off the. Oh Yeah I wanted to do that. It's not that great. If you've the dude is really jelly and it can really only are buckle. Yeah really honeymooner size head. They're motion. This gesture takes two elements to be complete a hand and a face and the faces completely. Not I'll out so it's obvious. Show just show the whole thing and let's see if we can figure last two seconds on on on the screen by is they they tiled out not only his fist. But part of the invisible going into was matt can't see his ball Jr -solutely really have we're at the point where we're tiling air motion tiling motion air there is an invisible caucus going into Jay Leno's mouth that we've tiled out the air in front of it. I would argue where the ball's why aren't we tout beloved. There's gotta be some balls. Hey below the trend should be tiled Awsat. ashort should be yeah. I'm mostly SAT. Yes he's about US US UP A hell of a lot more pixels on my sack than you. What am I shall nosecone said before reason? So there's the two middle aged men who are driving seven hundred and seven horsepower. Dodge Hell L. Cats and about to just burn the rubber off the rear wheels on cable. This is a car show for foods. And we're going going to tile out the fist and part of the air that's in front of Leno's mouth because who would write a super angry letter and then if they did should we. You're not track. That person down and sterilize isn't not totally obvious what he's doing with the blur. That's not totally obvious. But they they drop out early with the Blur so they let him finish so you got a little bit of a little satisfaction at the end. Watch this now I let me tell you how fucking can sensors work backwards. That's the beginning their slow on the uptake though they give you an idea before they blurt out. No here's here's here's what happened. Show me show showman to me and real speed one more time and you can go down crawl that common. Look at this just the real speed. Yeah they said luck he simulates oral sex for one point. Seven seconds The the sensors GonNa meet in the middle. We'll let you see what point eight five of a second of actual simulated cock sucking but two seconds is way to tomorrow so we'll let you go What we call bareback or bare fist for the first Seven or eight tenths of a second but then it it has to take over at some feel. Like I'm being hit over the head with this point. One seconds Gary How long is the actual simulated Cox because in less than two seconds. Two seconds in this world that we're living in is kind of a long time to stay on it. It's probably less than two seconds. Somebody said I'll split the difference at the tower. Now gets you from uptight too. Insane you go from uptight too insane. Go from puritanical to just it was our because now you're willing to show the gesture but you're just going to confuse it and draw more focused to it and it's GonNa seem like the camera went out of lent when seemed like the Lens went out of focus or something you did see it or one point six seconds one point six X. It's not like we see a movie where they show some of the guys junk and then tile out like Tyler Tyler. It's announcing a technical problem or the blurring implies that he had something in his hand and was leave African to blur out an object right. See like they're making it much worse by doing the blurring gift from that by by the way. That's Hilarious I I I said once I got I got bleeped when I did a late night. Show Jimmy Jimmy show. I got bleeped saying I don't know what the joke was can't remember. We'll find it one day but I said I'm going to take Hugh Hefner beat them but Jesus out of them and they bleeped Jesus in late night late night format before we had any ratings right away there are four people watching and they beep but Jesus that's ridiculous now they believed it and so it sounded like now I said I was GonNa Take Hugh Hefner beat the fuck out exactly what Aww Shit Shit out of you take a thousand people and have a watch it and say what is lookout. If you're in the audience what Adam say. Well they probably said the shit out of him or Ory said beat the fuck out of or beat the come out of the old man like whatever was he didn't say petits is so now it sounds like I said something really agree GIS about beating up an elderly guy. This is for prospective. Early Jimmy's run by two thousand to two thousand three right after the whole nipple thing super bowl all the sensors freaking out about in anything that we possibly be described. I just offensive. But that's Jesus so it wasn't a religious thing had obviously it's not profane so just because it was the word Jesus budgies you are sounds like jr it is you I. You cannot get to anything close to religious. Yeah that's insane and Jesus was invented so we didn't have addison. Yeah all right anyway. Air is now being titled out at night on Car shows on cable for men and by the way cable. Here's how the hair here's how it works. If you WANNA show nudity or say fuck you. Can that'll be up to you. And your sponsors. And your board of Board of a chairman's your chairman of the Board Your Board of regents whatever it is or directors directors that'll be up to you and there's FCC doesn't care that's not this didn't come down from the FCC. This came fancying south. Police your favorite. Do we get to our central. So all you're doing is taking a joke that a that beloved comedian is doing and shitting on it a little bit this making a little bit confusing music for who and as always say there was. You're the cigarettes like wow if one person's upset fuck one person. What about the million people who want to see see the joke in its purest form statistically insignificant number one person? It's basically saying saying this if Chris Rock plays Madison Madison Square Garden and says Nigger and one person is upset in that Madison Square Garden. Then it shouldn't be and it's like no person should go wrong with after their ten thousand people who WanNa hear his words and you're fucking with those ten thousand people all right or the nine thousand the nine hundred ninety nine people all right. Ironically Jack Threats take a British shopping for the right clothes. Jaren Jack throws right now genius. Let's see that's old. WHOA essential in California? How dare basic go from the teen to the suits down to the jackets? None of that FRU fancy stuff. Good prices. Hi It's an awesome time. Look we can all agree. That milling through the mall is not anything we need to do. Anymore are getting out on finding a place to park and whatever also I guarantee that people go the Mall Walk Around on average twenty six point seven pounds heavier than the average person. Because you walk into the mall and that's like the smell of guy who snacks fifth avenue. What did they open? She's never seen chocolate chip cookies. That big I didn't know you could bake them. I thought they got permit if you bake them that. Two for one not still handing out samples. There's always that thing warm not room temperature. Please tell me. Snacks Avenue is a real thing. Happening I will remind me to tell you about snacks. Fifth Avenue and one moment my buddy Chris work that the Sherman Oaks Mall. This was not the one the Galleria one when they did the fast. Sometimes this is the one that was on like Riverside. Oh Yeah it's a Westfield. Now it's a westfield it used to be an open air mall and and so quite used to be closed on Sundays we used to ride our bikes through and slide around because the cement was real slick but anyway he worked the he snacks. Fifth Avenue Avenue was at the end of the place but again I couldn't go in there and steal food directly from him when he was behind the counter of the snacks Fifth Avenue because does he would get busted but they would send him out with the Little Cart Kiosk in extend him out with the little ice cream car with the chocolate chip cookies and whatnot. And I don't know I you guys tell me like Jeff. You're old enough to remember. But I don't know if you've come from the crazed desperation that the Corolla Rolette came from. But I would fuck in Dr six miles because my buddy Chris would give me one free chocolate chip cookie. Not that wasn't much bigger than a regular one was about four inches around but it was even as an adult. I had a friend who worked at TGI. Fridays in Chatsworth. I would drive from my apartment in Santa Monica my pickup truck because I could order baby back ribs and get a few cold beers and she just give me a ten dollar. She just right ten bucks on the thing and it instead of twenty one bucks ten bucks and it worked drive from Santa. Monica can't get farther away from Chatsworth and Santa Monica Gas was cheap deep then and and so is my time. I was in the same situation as I told you. Last time I grew up a little impoverished I had a friend that worked at Arby's swear to God and I used to drive eight miles to go to Arby's because he's put extra roast beef because they had that little sale. Where wait I just? I'd have to pay for the sandwich. But instead of four ounces I could could see him slicing off seven that extra three ounces was worth it and I mean savor every bit of it has exactly what you're talking about what you're talking about and it's so funny like I went to Kimmel's old house any literally had a Soda Fountain in the House to put the glass right up to the thing and I was like oh I I would get a large root beer for my a buddy Chris and it was like the fucking Fort Knox. Yeah it was like Goodfellas when someone come walking into the half eaten even coca put it back on my mother-in-law break off a piece for the Don because it was the right thing to do in your show some respect I swear to God into places I wouldn't drive to or go to when I worked at McDonalds and they had me throw away the filet of fish because it sat under the heat lamp. Too Long somebody there. We made six of them in four of them need to be chuck is are there for an hour. It's fucking standing by the dumpster. Like a craze Pelican like shoveling might say. When are they going to get nervous? I gotTa Wipe the starter saw Louis Guy by the dumpster just collar screening K rock my buddy. My roommate was worked at a movie theater so only getting free movies which is great for me but at the end of the night if you'd work the night shift throughout all the popcorn all the stale popcorn and he didn't throw away from trash bags Michael Savage. It's been out. There may not have any of these feelings at all that is filled with just sushi exist. There's been at least once or twice. You've told us that. Natalia did not get fro yes she was denied him grow once or twice. She said so insane she said About we consume Froyo and I said about we get some penguins. We get some real ice cream. And she's ice cream shop. We started battling. She was like not feeling it Goshi. It's insane it's totally insane. But the good news is they won't grow Dash Britain angry and we are going to have weird relationship with food. I drove down to snacks. One time snacks without I went to pick up Chris at snacks. Fifth Avenue. Do he ripped us both off to cookies into full. Like big tubs of root beer picked him up and my dad's nineteen seventy-five VW. Rabbit and as we were driving home I picked him up to drive him home to get a free root beer and cookie but to drive home to his shitty apartment. North Hollywood he was about sixteen Start peeing on me. He started peeing. Hang on me from the passenger seat. Oh Yeah Jeanette. It wasn't just Oh no ono. Chris invented and speaking of promise and he invented. It's something called brewing. Oh dear and brewing works and some guys are a little better at it than others. Oh I think but I am telling you right now. You Pinch off the end. Build up a little pressure. Do Your Scoot your hips. Let your backbone slip and let that thing go and then you can hit a ten foot ceiling I. I wish I was exaggerating. I wish I was exaggerating. I am got it is it is quite easily done. I do not recommend it for gents over forty five young. Yeah because literally literally your prostate will come shooting but he could do and when I say on the ceiling. I'm talking high school. You you know how the weird as high school bathroom scenes on a ten twelve feet high unnecessarily high. Why but high ceiling easily so My head was well within striking distance of him. Sitting in the passenger seat. Pete on your head. Oh where's he going to cross the cross the transmission hump onto his leg. I listen I pulled up next to you and seen him throw it out the window into their open window. Oh Yes oh yes a no longer discussing them impressed. Oh you should be. Unfortunately all I had what I was driving a car all I had to defend myself was a massive acids root beer soda. That was I was holding my dad's car I took this root beer and that fucking shut it right at his head and he took his large root beer and chucked it right in my head. And if you want to hear this the pyrrhic victory you would talk about what could be a stickier gooey or mass on the interior of our then two large root beers half a bladder sixteen year old piss. Well that was what was an entire my dad's VW. Rabbit was yea rattlers entirely filled with root beer and piss now. There's only been one tactically. Good or fortuitous tortoise. Move that the corollas ever pulled off and all their annals of their cheapness because the curls are the cheapest people on the planet and you they always said my dad could be found at the store saying to the managers or any bottom Ronna Romney or is it just top middle alert. Bottom Work Karol so just the top stuff. 'cause we don't buy any top anything but that's all they may then it's their generic version. Version of top Roma's if we could buy the bottom of so my dad bought a nineteen seventy five. VW Rabbit. I knew car. He's ever owners. Lives probably forty three final seats vinyl interior and not even carpet on on the the the bottom of the car was yeah like the rubber mats and Vinyl just pulled vinyl just hire car was literally rubber. The one time paid off for him. Yes No fucking no leather no Alcantara no whatever headliner no plush. Nothing got now. The cars built like a little trough. You know comes up for inches where the door rockers are. We'd sloshed home and Then I got into the driveway and I just host the inside of my dad's car but that was snacks with avenue. Wow Yeah yeah I only want to hear snacks avenue stories. I just love that it exists. I'll tell you I'll tell you a new story every day but I'm going to have to stop after about three years. Okay we have about nine hundred after this story now. I'm wondering what body fluid have you had in your ear Don't be disgusting curious Yeah I got I got us in at some point. Somebody with their got excited. No I've not had any any other. I've just I stick to feel matter and semen. I'm old school that way. I can't be said of your friends all right. 'cause Ray with the the phone check on phone or write your Dick Somebody. Oh yeah rated put his cock inside the ear of his mother's Fran around mother's friend. This is a middle-aged woman sitting eight raise MOM's apartment. I was their their names Cathy. She had a Sunday Nick nor she was. Cathy was on the phone using the phone phone back when they were like bolted to the wall and sitting on a chair at the table and ray came by naked as he was apt to do. We'd walk through the house naked. And because she wasn't looking and sitting at the height or her ear was right Talka- high he put his put his cock and friend of the MOM. Your Mom's friend rested cookie. Oh Man now wearing your. What was the reaction? I'll tell you the thing that was funny. I've Seen Liam Fart Strangers Obscene pee on. I've seen him piano guide. Highschool and their reaction is weird. People are so off guard. Yeah the first time it's happened middle-age limited someone talking Pat Week and it was probably Thursday Friday I didn't even happen again The have this Rach you think if it was a movie you'd make it massive rallies are so confused that I I think it's a lot like in movies when a guy gets shoddy blows back fifty you hear about people get shot and they're like I didn't know versus warm burning earnings sensation in my mind that I noticed I was covered. But it's more that they didn't know I had a dick in my ears intellectually. They couldn't process the chickey farted on. He fired it on her head. The ninety matter yelled at him. I don't even know you that wealth and it was funny to me because it's like you guys have gotten to know each other totaling. Now's Adam telling the legendary story of Ray and his MOM's friends ear Dick Spring. Yeah later on Brian. Vander Ark from the verve pipe Joined the episode and it is a really great ones. If you want to hear the full one check out. podcast one premium the home of all all ten plus years of the cruel show. You can hear the entire episode if you WANNA hear the rest of this one I highly recommend is Chris Ed Brian Vander Ark or the verve pipe. Now one hundred percent of the band Joins them after the break and also WANNA remind everybody. If you own or rent your home then I bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with gyco Ako we love GEICO. GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around around your home to go to Geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. GEICO DOT COM. Today that's GEIKO DOT com today. All right that'll do for Corolla classics. But we'll be back tomorrow to make sure to subscribe to the Corolla Classics Feed One here that episode then. My Name's Chris Locks Monitor that superfan Giovanni tomatoes game tomorrow Halloween. Get it on.

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