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"daniel gary love" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"daniel gary love" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"The valet tickets swatting going next. I probably out of the entire fifteen thousand people in the form. They're probably two people that side himself. That no I was just staring if she just turned around and went to take this and then and then when she was done with the songs I got buddy they just put her sunglasses on the stack of aunts. And I don't know what he did with the MIC sir. I'm sure I know what he wanted to do it. Yeah what violate her. But the power move or is just like a dementia move. She gets up there and she sounds okay but she's not moving around too good and it's a little bit sad and not on seventy. She got started early and often but she could be getting close and you know they did a fair bit of drugs back in the day okay and she was having trouble when she I'm famous room. She was doing the video with Tom. Petty Stop Dragonheart around. She didn't remember she record the lyrics take four months earlier. She had no idea with lyrics mumbled our way through this suede. Whatever I wondering because at this point could she does she have the wherewithal the memorize a foo fighter? Sanger chasing one of her song we will get to that. We'll get to that the second Danielle the baby hold on Brian. Play a little intro maker. Omar tag him. We all capture them on twitter. Hey Daniel Gary Love I love Phil and David Gimme another ten minutes. Seems they can hold it for ten Harry Carey Danielle. Now you send us pictures you're at a FOO fighters concert and Georgia core in Washington in Gore. Sorry at the Gorge in George Wash Harasser George Washington. It's great to fuck over yourself Snuck them ingrained a water bottle but we had add to. There's a gate before you get from the campground to the front where they pay all your bottles and cans impossible for two and a half hour period did I. I love it and a anybody Christine mcvie come out there. They didn't bring anybody out. He played for three plus hours. Brought everybody out and it was. It was in the the throne he was. He sat in the whole time. And the but but may I can rock from the sitting position. Yes best show. I've ever seen at Gordon. There's been a lot we should do. They should do a rock concert. Film called Taking a shit with Dave Grohl and he sits on a toilet rocking the rocking the throne taper off. He's fucking never seen Iraq part So no no cameos because you're in Washington but Three hours and just a great show right. It was perfect. Yeah no special guests her breaks or anything. Yeah Gary Clark. Junior opened wrong. It was really awesome. Yeah he's the kind of guy would have liked to see Steph bows eloquence. This you mentioned or did he open for them. No I said Robert Cray his older his uncle yes day and I don't know if they did it with you guys either did at either show. Did they do the under pressure with Taylor Taylor singing. Yup they did under pressure Taylor. Santana was great about them backstage for a little while. Very nice guy very very hard. A lot of calories burning Taylor. I decided as a drummer that is the number one job or you can wear whatever you want like you can. There's a lot of anything anything. Yeah I mean you could go up there and a diaper fairfield if you want it but I mean there's a lot of jobs is Tommy Leans just go yet is a lifeguard. You go all right. Well he just all right but ask to work Bronx or whatever it is or he works at a gas us to wear jeans and a shirt. Drummer is job where you can. You can put a suit and tie on if you're trying to around hermits or you can literally just wear nothing or cutoffs. Are One flip flop. It is really the the one job or nothing. I'm will ever be said or even commented upon good or bad or anything and you should wear whatever you want your immune your Yeah Taylor was great. That was phone. Talk to him and pat his wife backstage for awhile and Sweet Super Sweet Guy. One of the band's really Nice when he's up there waylon on those drums and I mean this in the nicest possible way. He is animal from the muppets. Yeah so visceral. And we're having. Ah Talk backstage but anyway Danielle has an angry treating you. I love it good answer baby I right which you guys can do is that can hashtag. It Ingraham moment name. Len Adult find it and see it and get back to you and and all that good stuff. Thanks Baby I. You love that man narrate or the Japan gets up there and that's fine but does not neither here nor there for for me me. Because I don't know who they are.

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