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"daniel craig schreiber" Discussed on No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish

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"daniel craig schreiber" Discussed on No Such Thing As A Fish

"Yeah. All right on with the show. Okay. It is time for fact, number two. And that is James. Okay. This week is that Alexander Graham Bell taught his dog to say, how are you? Greg, mama. I'm going out on a limb and saying no he didn't. He's so dead. He's absolutely did kind of. If anyone could recall the evidence he could. Where is it? Well, this was before all of the telephone stuff that he did it was when he was quite young. So when he was really young his father, devise a system of transcribing words by just the shape that you make of your mouth. So he would save you make your mouth like this like this like this. It will make these kind of sounds if you make someone's face go wider. It goes more of an e sound if you make it go narrow is more of an sound. And so once he kind of learned this when he got older he decided to try on his Doug. And so first of all he organized so that the dog would growl on command by giving them treats and things like that. And then as the dog would growl, he would kind of move his face and managed to get the dog to say, mama, mama. So he made the lips go down like that. And then he got to say guy. When you put it all together, it sounded a bit like how. God, mama. And this was his potty trick. And he did it all the time and patient dog. He then tried to get the dog to do it without any kind of movements of the lips that just see if he could do it by himself. And he said, even though he took kind of an interest in the experiments. He was never able alone to do anything book growl. Taking an interest in the experiment. Beleza? Boy. Okay. So he was bored Alexander bell. Okay. He didn't have a middle name until he was ten years old. And then he got jealous of his brothers who did have middle names, and the father cannot have a middle name. And it's one of the said, yes, which one would you like he said Graham, and that was his eleventh birthday present. The middle name. I did that when I was twelve I asked for a new middle name because I didn't really have one properly. So my name is Daniel Craig Schreiber, and my everyone else in my family, including my sister has Craig is her middle name, and we'd moved to a stray from Hong Kong said when I go to school I want to have a new middle name. And no one will know that it was never there before. And they said, yes. And I did it. What was it goes full name Daniel, Indiana, Craig Schreiber? I swear to God. That's true. It was on my opening school reports Daniel, Indiana, Craig Schreiber, and then someone pointed out that that was really on cool. And also it spells out decks..

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