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"dane adema" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"dane adema" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"I'm your host turn Armstrong. And today. I am here. To update you on everything that happened yesterday on the big brother candidates seven alive feeds was day. Fifty three in the house, and this is a little more eventful than the day before you've got a little some some things to talk about here. So. Let's let's skip straight into it straight into it. Here. The whole house was recovering from the night before so yesterday as I talked about nothing was really happening. Adam remains the H h Mark and and ST are on the block. And it does look like ST will still be going home. And then yesterday, they had this big party party. And in the morning. They're all struggling to recover from the big party ST was throwing up and people were all all over the place apparently estimate out with Dane the night before they talked about it a little bit. So that happened and Adam set the kitchen shares up in the living room as a prank were talking about that a little bit this morning or yesterday morning. And that was that was a lie and Adam did it so. That happened. But we did get some movement over the course of the day, particularly with Kierra. And then also with setting up again, more of the endgame, and and all of that stuff. So we did get cured talking to the cameras. They feel kind of good against a about their position in the game. They feel like they're going to be taken down toward the end. Because. Nobody nobody respects their game. They feel like a good chance of getting to the end. It's their chance of winning that they're concerned about however, they do feel like they are they feel like they have a better chance against Adam than they do against. Dane, they're starting to think about that yesterday in particular, like if they had the choice, they they would take Adam even though he's one more competitions. They feel like they'd have a better chance of beating Adam than Dane. So cure plans on taking Adam to the final two at this point in time, Dane, talks to Adam. And they talk about getting to the final two together. It'd be legendary generic they might they might be the best final two and big brother Canada history. Think about it first season. Gary and Jillian second season. John and Sabrina third season, Sarah and Godfrey fourth season brothers and that girl fifth season. Karen? Six season, Paris and Kayla. We can do it. We'd be the best final two. And like I want I want to say the wrong, but they're actually probably right? They said that girl, by the way, not me. I know it's Kelsey. So there you go there. There's talking about that they talk about the like the jury votes, and you know, thinking about like probably be pretty close between the two of us. Ultimately, probably it would be Mark. And Anthony that decide the vote if Dane gets SDN Damian Adam gets, you know, Kira and Sam Corey probably goes with either Adam or Dane ADEMA saying that she would go for Dane, and then the the deciding votes would come down to Anthony, and Mark they would kind of decide which one of them wins. And so that's how that's how they feel about that. And they they agree that Anthony was probably easy to be. They think that Anthony would get quarrying in maybe maybe marked. But that's, but that's probably it against one of them. And that Adam goes as far as like, hey, if you're sitting up there. You've got my vote. You've got here is you've got Sam so SD Damian really just selling the case to today that he shouldn't that he shouldn't take Adam. But who knows who knows? But, but there you go they they talk about that here. Cure is going to sorry, Dane is then gonna talk to the cameras and. Deign talks about not wanting to win the next h he's been telling them that he's going to try, but he doesn't really want to win this H. So he can't let them know. But he's going to be throwing yet. Another h h he doesn't want to be the one to put Damian on the block he needs his jury vote. So he's going to be throwing this one..

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