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"dana mba" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

"Fucking dodgers means people know though some guy was just flying overdose j. ratted on them. It's weird that there's fly over an empty stave. Yeah yeah we the cameras. Just going on with that batty. Mom and her son plays arcadian out because a few days after he went on that date with that baddie he was on nikki massages. Instagram live and he was texting her. Like gro you have on your live with you. She's a singer named mia bats. Faulk he was like all she's a baddie she's q. And nicki minaj called out on her life thing. Like go back to your big booty team so if calling him out for like hitting on another girl drink who the fuck donald dodger stadium drake. But i guess it was. It wasn't him be like. Hey i'll pay whatever have a date there. I guess he made a donation to the dodgers. So they if you ever want to have a private dinner here and he was like all right. I'll use it now on this big titty girl. Big every everything she looks. She looks big tall. She's like very tall sons. The number one basketball players. Ucla right he's going to ucla. Drake he jake. Scott pictures of them on his instagram saying jake's help helping out with his financial which used today to nba player. Helping the kid get somewhere address. Just post their. Your new life is gonna cost you. Your old one can live. Let's basically the movie gin gin. That's right on point. god damn it was just. I don't know three cs took. is this you common. Yeah put. I put the asterik input thick but the asterik yup perfect so anyways that kids a senior. This year is it is going to ucla. Ucla baller baller better iran lebron. He's sh- lebron but with different. She's dana mba playoffs some play. I've never heard of she was he was then a of you helping the kid get to. Where he's you know with his basketball desiccated right. The name drake show. That's the kid. yeah tall. And they're clearly dave and buster's so that's just music drake always on that who hookah. They've who got fucking i you can do. Whatever the fuck you joy. He is every fucking levin. I try bringing a hookah in the green room. Like fuck make sense jong board. Dave lewis loved could go that the kids profile. You see his mom. Let's see what you think chance. She super two things i posted. It must be tough as it. It must be tough for that kid. Did it must be really tough for that kid. Because when your mom's a fucking dime and she. She's not like that. Keeps it like a martian where like baggy sweaters. She's alison oh it must be for the whole. Get up yeah. It must be challenging when that your mom. Yeah he'll your boys dog but also he ain't man that drake's key hype. Oh shit thanksgiving my step dad mom. How was that date. It's also awkward though. Yeah nice fine. He's living but it's also your mob so like comes around midnight. Well i thought it was going to see you tomorrow. I'll see utilize dave and buster's. Yeah we were. I'm here to see living at home like a ucla basketball player. He's probably out somewhere else home at midnight with what she's banging no think she's saying you do. Yeah see how old is she old enough to be a mom to of damn near thirty eight. Forty forty four grown. fuck woman. Wolman.

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